June 23, 2009 (# 348)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 23, 2009:

Here's the Plan, Dan:

"The Old Agenda has ne'er a Swerve,
21st Century's Marked Down to Serve,
Written Back When Capitalists Hurled
Debit and Credit 'cross a Free-Market World,
Debt was to Climb, Hard to Stack it,
Wise Men Saw End of Their Free Market
And Planned to Create New Feudal Society,
Everything Standardized, No Great Variety,
On Behalf of Elites, Scientists would Manage
The Great World Society out of the Carnage,
If People Understood, There'd be a Stink,
That's if They Turned Off TV and Let Themselves Think"
© Alan Watt June 23, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 23, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 23rd of June, 2009.  Newcomers look in to cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  On the front page you’ll see all the other sites I have.  Newcomers should pick their favorite one and that spreads the bandwidth across all these different servers.  It gives them less opportunity to come back at me and complain.  Also, in the future, some of these sites will probably get dropped once more by the servers and it’s good to have a list of them for future use.  And alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, that’s the European one and on this site, as well as getting the audios you can get the transcripts of these talks which are written up in the various languages of Europe. 


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Remember, and everyone skips this part because they know what comes, you bring me to you.  You, the listeners, bring me to you.  I don’t ask for money from the stations or the advertisers.  If I did, I’d have to go along with certain protocols and this gives me a free hand to talk about other things.  So it’s up to you the listeners to keep me going by donating.  You’ll find out how at cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and on all the sites, in fact.  You can also buy the books I have for sale.  Personal check is fine within the US and Canada.  PayPal is fine.  Western Union is fine from abroad and even MoneyGram is accepted here now in Canada, so that’s okay too. 


We are going into a world which is vastly changing into, really, the designed goal of an old plan.  An old plan set up and published in the writings of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It was also written about in the 1800s, as far back as that, in London, England, when Cecil Rhodes started up his own organization.  Actually, it wasn’t his own.  He was in it with Lord Rothschild.  They set up what eventually became known as the Rhodes Foundation.  They joined with the Milner Foundation.  The Milner Foundation were all bankers that ran the establishment of London.  The two joined together and became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It’s a PRIVATE organization.  It sounds very officious and very official but it’s a PRIVATE organization, but it does speak on behalf of the parallel government that I’ve talked about often, so has Professor Carroll Quigley and so did Margaret Thatcher when she admitted to being a member of this parallel government. 


They talked about bringing in a world society, a post-industrial society too, but definitely a new kind of society.  A society where people would be trained from birth to SERVE THE SYSTEM.  A world of service.  As I say, it’s ALL through their writings, this coming world of service.  Lo and behold, we have watched this compulsory volunteerism being pushed not only in Britain but in the United States and apparently there’s one taking off in Canada as well.  It’s an organized event across the world.  It’s even in South Africa, in fact.  All coming out at the SAME TIME to bring in this new century of changes.  This is the 21st century, the century of changes, as every person in academia - certainly at the higher levels - have known for the last 50 years.  Now it’s here and we have to go through these changes, transforming society into the new society.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the changes for this 21st century.  Remember, we have to go through Agenda 21 throughout this century and that means getting people out of the urban areas as well as the rural areas and concentrated into the big cities while they demolish all the old rural areas, at least the houses and farms and also the external suburbs of the cities.  They say they no longer need them because we’re living in a time when manufacturing is gone.  People have often wondered how they would replace this system where you worked for yourself, at least you thought you did.  In reality, we all work for government, as people at the top of the Feds have told me themselves:  everyone works for government.  The idea, of course, was that we did work for ourselves.  That was the idea, the con behind it.  We were left to have enough to play with and that kept us all pretty well happy.  The system The Council on Foreign Relations or the Royal Institute for International Affairs dreamed up is one where we’ll serve the world system.  This is supposed to be instructed to children from as early as kindergarten onwards. 


It’s no accident that we’ve had this preplanned crash, with the banks.  Everybody knew it would happen.  Even Alan Greenspan talked about that years ago; it would happen he said.  They encouraged the bubbles to keep going.  That’s all the stock market was run on was bubbles and enthusiasm and a lot of conology.  They pulled it because it suits them to pull it at this time.  When you watch the last of the big manufacturers, especially the car plants, move over to China… don’t forget, they were already setting up in China before this happened and they were all ready setting up in Russia too, the factory plants to turn out cars over there.  So it’s no surprise to the ones at the top.  It never is a surprise.  The ones at the top are always IN on the agenda. 


What replaces all of this?  It’s to be a world where you don’t work for your own income, basically.  It’s to be a world where you’ll eventually, eventually, be dished out credits from government.  If we look at how government has gone in hand-and-hand with the banks after this crash and how they’re even going into the housing industry - the government’s got private/public corporation idea behind this kind of stuff - you find that we’re really going in to the Soviet system.  Remember when Gorbachev talked about the end of the Soviet system to the Politburo and it was published in newspapers across the world at the time.  He said, don’t believe that communism is dead; we’re moving into the next phase of it


You couple that with the Reece Commission from the 1950s where the big foundations were funding all the left wing NGOs, the big ones, the ones that everyone thought were Communist, in fact.  Their job was to blend the Soviet system with that of Capitalism.  In between, you’d have a third way.  A third way.  This IS the third way.  It’s the emergence or the merging together of Capitalism and its antithesis, a commutarian or Communist type, collectivist society.  That’s what they meant by the system they’d bring in for the Century of Change.  That’s what they’re talking about. 


Here’s a letter that’s been sent around to a lot of American citizens from the White House recently. 


Man with Fat Paycheck has got a Nerve Asking You to Serve

(Obama's Email to the Nation Requiring Volunteerism)

From: President Barack Obama

Subject: Time to roll up your sleeves

Dear Friend,


Last week, I announced United We Serve – a nationwide call to service challenging you and all Americans to volunteer this summer and be part of building a new foundation (Alan:  A new foundation.) for America.  (A:  That means the old foundation’s gone, you see, in Masonic parlance… and this is from Obama.)


And when I say “all,” I mean everyone – young and old, from every background, all across the country. We need individuals, community organizations, corporations, foundations, and our government to be part of this effort.


Today, for the official kick off of United We Serve, members of my administration have fanned out across America to participate in service events and encourage all Americans to join them.


The First Lady is rolling up her sleeves and getting to work too. (A:  Oh really?)  But before she headed out today, she asked me to share this message with you.  (A:  Then they have a message from the First Lady.  It’s a little video.)


Our nation faces some of the greatest challenges it has in generations and we know it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get us back on track.  (A:  Well, we’re not going back, you see.)


While Michelle and I are calling on every American to participate in United We Serve, the call to service doesn’t end this fall. We need to stay involved in our towns and communities for a long time to come. After all, America’s new foundation will be built one neighborhood at a time – and that starts with you.


Thank you,

President Barack Obama


You think about it.  Is this what you thought was coming in?  …where you’re going to be brought to a world of servitude?  Servitude.  Remember what Professor Carroll Quigley said.  He was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, the official historian for them, in his book Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  He said, the new system will be run on a feudal basis, like a feudal society.  Now, in feudal times, remember, they had serfs.  The majority of the public were serfs, which were servants.  You were actually a slave because you were bought and sold with the land.  That’s what they’re bringing in.  He said that the new CEOs of this feudal system will be the feudal overlords.  That’s what we have here already.  A world of service.  So, it comes from America where you used to be told to stand straight, to now you just bend over and bow the knee.  SERVE.  That’s what it’s about.  Service.  The new system. 


Everyone wondered how are we going to replace the old economy?  Well, they’re not going to replace the old economy. This is a SERVICE economy that followed the European Union.  The countries there were being deindustrialized since World War II, quietly… speeding up through the 60s and 70s and 80s in preparation for all of this as well.  


This coincides, of course, with another big NGO group.  It’s to do with volunteerism where you volunteer for your city.  What is City Year?


City Year

What We Do:

City Year unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service, giving them the skills and opportunities to change the world.


 (A:  I’ll put these links up on my site at the end of the show and you can look in to them.  See who’s funding them.  The big foundations again. They talk about the ‘corps experience’, like the corps, like a military corps.  It’s a corps experience.  It says




Are you ready to change the world?


Once again, all you need is one generation brought up with this as they iron out the creases here and there and smooth it out and it all will be quite normal after that.  It will all be quite normal.  This ties in with City Year, South Africa.  It’s all over the world right now.  People don’t realize that this is a worldwide event going on.  It’s under, of course, the auspices of the United Nations.  This is City Year South Africa. 




City Year South Africa is a non-profit organisation registered with the National Youth Service Unit (A:  They used to call it ‘national service’ in Britain when they called you up for the military.), a unit set up by the South African Government to promote youth service in the country.  


All across the world this is happening.  People don’t know it… even those involved in it in their own little local area; they don’t know.  It’s a world wide EVENT, pushed from the top. 


Now, in this wonderful world of service, remember, they’ll promote it as ‘we’re all in it together’.  We’re fighting terrorism.  We’re fighting inflation.  We’re fighting financial depression.  We’re fighting all these things together.  That’s wonderful, you see, for those who control warfare and strategies because this is a strategy of warfare.  That’s what it is.  … and getting us all to serve.  But there will be a CLASS system in this system we all serve, believe you me.  There will be extra credits for those at the top and all the ones all the way down.  There’ll be a lot of hoopla as they tell you and give you big speeches about the ones at the bottom, the masses, and how they’re all pulling together. 


Did you ever watch how the Soviet Union was put together?  Did you ever read George Orwell’s Animal Farm?  Animal Farm had the pigs.  The pigs were the ones who had taken over as the leaders, the wily pigs, of the animals that rebelled against the people, the humans.  At the end, the animals, they’re all starving and all the rest of it after having slaved to bring in this wonderful world, this utopia.  But looking though the window of the farm house and there’s the pigs in there wining and dining with the best of food and booze with the humans.  The humans congratulate the pigs and said, “My God.  We’ve been trying to get them to work for nothing forever and you’ve managed it.”  That really was what Sovietism was all about.


They’re calling it commutarianism here now.  Communitarianism.  That was first expressed nationally and internationally to the public by Mr. Bush Sr. when he was President.  That’s what the Club of Rome said they favored.  The system they favored the most was based on collectivism, which is commutarianism.  I used to joke in the past, I says at one time, with these new community events, if you don’t turn up at certain community events in the park or whatever is on - if it’s clown day or whatever it happens to be - they’ll ask you if you’re anti-social, maybe you should come and have a check up.  They have pills and regimes to fix that for you to make you more social.  This is all coming down.  It’s all coming down. 


I used to watch this farce as the U.S. used to put out little feints towards the United Nations and pretend not to go along with certain things… as they always were the main FUNDERS of the United Nations.  The United Nations is in New York.  It’s not somewhere else.  It’s in New York.  I’m going to go in to this con game after these messages to show you how far it’s going. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning that the US, its Presidents, always sort of gave this pooh-pooh to the UN.  In reality, they were always funding it to the hilt and pretending they were protecting their own people back home.  I always waited for the day when a President would be put in who would rapidly, I mean RAPIDLY, sign all the UN treaties that had been shelved by all the other Presidents before him.  It’s happening right now.  It’s been happening since Obama got in.  In fact, that’s why they put him in now.  It’s time to go ahead and come out into the open and bring America into the globalist-domination society which they’ve been working on for so long.  This is an article from The Irish Times.


Major shift in US climate policy sparks hope for global treaty

Saturday, June 13, 2009

FRANK McDONALD, Environment Editor, in Bonn


THE UNITED States is no longer insisting that China and other large developing countries must make cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions under proposals tabled by the Obama administration for a new global treaty to combat climate change.  (A:  It’s not good enough to have the old ones that they haven’t signed.  See, they just jump right over it and do a new one… even more extreme.)


In a major shift in US policy, reflecting the views of President Obama, Dr Jonathan Pershing – who was in Beijing this week for talks with Chinese officials – made it clear that this would not require countries such as China to make cuts, merely to carry out “actions”.  (A:  In other words, see, under ‘the most favored trading nation’ status, especially when they’re coming out of a so-called third world status, they don’t have to make the same restrictions on carbon and all this kind of nonsense as we’re supposed to do.  The US has made it quite clear that China doesn’t have to, just take up some actions, don’t make cuts.  What does that mean?  What on earth does that mean?)


Dr Pershing, who is head of the US delegation at the UN climate talks in Bonn, said yesterday that the large “emerging economies” would be required to take actions aimed at curtailing the growth in their emissions, rather than having to make actual cuts.  (A:  That’s beautiful political double-speak.)


The US proposals, which call for the adoption of a new legal instrument under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to supplement or even supplant any agreement to extend the Kyoto Protocol, are being studied closely by the EU.  (A:  So the US has put forward a proposal that’s going to be more extreme than all the Kyoto Agreements that the US hadn’t signed in the past.)


“The US is of the view that we need a new agreement, to frame what comes next,” Dr Pershing said.


“This would call for all countries to take action, but the US and other developed countries would take additional action in line with their historical responsibility and capacity.”  (A:  So it’s going to be even worse in the US… with carbon credits and personal carbon taxes and all the rest of it.  But it ties in with the NEW century of change doesn’t it?  …as we all get taught to be servants.  Maybe we can get servants in the White House.  Maybe we can all be servants for the White House and take turns putting coal on their fire to keep them nice and warm in the winter.)


Under the US proposals, a legally binding “implementing agreement” (A:  legally binding)– in effect, a new treaty – all developed countries would have to make “significant and substantial reductions” in their emissions, while large developing countries undertook commitments to change course.


Dr Pershing said the US expectation was that large emerging economies, including India and Brazil, would take actions that would be quantified, measured and reported.


This was “not the same thing as saying that the outcome is binding”.  (A:  …for these countries.)


Dr Pershing said he anticipated that this would be enough to satisfy sceptical US senators, who have insisted that China in particular should make a “comparable effort” to reduce its carbon footprint.


“Our intention is to get an agreement we can bring home and have ratified, and we’re pretty optimistic about that,” he said. “US engagement has changed the dynamic of the conversation here. That’s the kind of shift the world community has been waiting for.” 


In other words, the US has taken the lead in cutting back on fuel and emissions and all the rest of it… and carbon.  And it’s going to be pretty tough back home.  But don’t forget under this whole darned thing, they’ve got every life that comes into being on this planet down as a consumer and also someone who creates carbon dioxide.  We CONSUME things that are made and everything gives off carbon dioxide in the process, they claim.   Things gives off carbon, they claim, in the process for everything you buy.  So every person less that doesn’t come into this world, they’re actually saving carbon credits.  Think about that too.  Think about that too.


Remember, the whole idea of government is to keep us in the dark.  That’s traditional.  I think it was Francis Bacon who wrote a whole bunch of stuff to King James - very Machiavellian - on little tips.  He was hoping to get employed, like a Machiavellian character, to the King as an advisor.  He said that it’s best that the public never know the real intentions of government policy.  That’s what he said.  Well, that’s never changed.  That’s never, ever changed. 


There’s a new book out.  It’s called Global Warming and Other Bollocks.  Bollocks is similar to bullocks, you might say, if you’re in the farming areas. 


‘Global Warming And Other Bollocks:

The Truth About All Those Science Scare Stories’

By Ian Dempsey / Breakfast Blog

June 23, 2009


Professor Stanley Feldman spoke to Ian about his new book ‘Global Warming And Other Bollocks: The Truth About All Those Science Scare Stories’.  (A:  I’ll read some of them after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, going to read some pieces from a new book that was recently put out by a couple of professors to do with global warming and other nonsense. 


The book, co-written by Professor Stanley Feldman and Professor Vincent Marks, is in the shops from 8th July.


The professors look at the evidence and present their arguments against common theories.


Some of the theories dismissed in the book include:


•THE SUN IS BEHIND GLOBAL WARMING : The Earth warmed up more during medieval times than during the 20th century, and it cooled down considerably during the Little Ice Age of the 16th and 17th centuries - without any manmade event that would have affected CO2 output. Temperatures also dipped between 1940 and 1975 - a period of intense industrial activity.   (A:  In other words, they’re pointing out it should have gone way up then but it didn’t.  It dropped.)


•THE MALDIVES AREN'T SINKIN: So confident are property owners in the Maldives that the sea is receding, they are building a flurry of lavish seafront hotels.  (A:  We all see this hype from the UN that, oh my God, these islands are just sinking and sinking and there’s three foot, every year and so on.  Utter nonsense.)


•CO2 LEVELS ARE NOT AT UNPRECEDENTED HIGHS: In the Earth's past, carbon dioxide levels have often been as much as ten times higher than they are today. For example, during the Cretaceous era, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, CO2 levels were five to ten times what they are today. 


•POLAR BEARS ARE NOT DYING OUT: (A:  They’re always saying, oh my God, they’re all dying out and they show you these little clips on TV.  They don’t tell you they can swim for hundreds of miles.  They don’t tell you that do they?)  Despite the (limited) melting seen in the Arctic ice cap over the past 50 years, polar bear numbers have more than doubled since 1950  -  and that's despite the fact that 50 to 100 bears are now shot every year.  (A:  They now have a shoot, there’s so many of them.)


•...NOR ARE THE PENGUINS: Although some Antarctic penguin colonies, especially those near human bases, have decreased in size, overall, penguin numbers are steady or increasing. 



•THE GULF STREAM IS NOT UNDER THREAT: (A:  Then they go on about the gulf stream.  They say, oh my God, the gulf stream’s all changing.  It’s all changing.  It’s getting cooler.)  The Gulf Stream is as strong as ever - and is getting warmer, not colder. Nor is it changing direction.  (A:  We heard all this stuff is going to change direction.)


•GLOBAL WARMING MIGHT EVEN BE GOOD FOR US: A warmer climate and an increase in CO2 will be a boon for farming and agriculture in general. One can even envisage returning to the warmer landscape of Roman times, (A:  We forget this part, don’t we?) when vineyards were common in England.  (A:  They were.)


•THERE'S NO NEED TO CUT BACK ON SALT: Salt is an essential food. Without it, we would die. Land-based mammals-such as humans control their body temperature by sweating and panting. Sweating is impossible without sufficient salt. In fact, strenuous exercise in a person depleted of salt causes overheating and death.


(A:  Here’s a beauty, the con they went through with heart disease, starting with ‘eat margarine’ and use oils for cooking.  We watched all the diseases break out afterwards, from this goo, this synthetic goo they sell us now and that they brought their children with.  I’ve talked to a top heart surgeon in the Mayo Clinic, heart transplant surgeon, and he said he and all his friends know that cholesterol, it’s all a lot of bunkum, he said.  Absolute bunkum.)


•WE DON'T KNOW WHAT CAUSES HEART DISEASE: The medical (and social) consensus is that cardiovascular disease is caused by being overweight, by having a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet and by unhealthy activities such as smoking. The lowest levels (A:  Now, here’s the thing.) of cholesterol and arterial sclerosis (A:  Where do you think they’d find it?  The lowest levels…) are to be found in populations such as the Inuit (A:  That’s up here in Canada.) and Siberian hunter-gatherers, who live on a diet which is incredibly high in saturated fat.  (A:  They’ve got the lowest levels of cholesterol and arterial sclerosis.)


And it goes on and on and on.  I’ll put these links up, as I say, on my site at the end of the show.  But it’s a ‘must be’ isn’t it?  …to go completely vegetarian and use all vegetarian technologies and so on and resources.  That’s the mandate, a vegetarian society.  Toffler said that and Newt Gingrich backed him up with his book when he gave it to every member of Congress, on the steps.  The Third Wave, it was called. 


Here’s an article here to do with Britain and their GM crops. 


Ministers accused of trying to bring GM crops to Britain 'by the back door'

By Sean Poulter / The Mail Online

17th June 2009


Ministers (A:  That’s politicians.) were yesterday accused of trying to bring GM crops to the UK 'by the back door'.


The Government has decided to support the cultivation of two new types of genetically modified maize or sweetcorn which contain a toxin that kills certain pests.  (A:  I wonder if he means humans.)


It will vote in favour of approving the crops in the EU, making Britain the chief supporter of the controversial technology in Europe.


Once a crop is approved at the EU level, a British farmer will be permitted to grow it here.


Labour (A:  government) has routinely supported the U.S. government in its efforts to bring GM crops to Europe and the rest of the world.  (A:  It was interesting when Tony Blair was really pushing it, he made an exception so the politicians wouldn’t have to eat this stuff.  They’d bring organic stuff into their massive cafeteria for Parliament.  Remember, I read that article from Monsanto.  It was one of their biggest bases in the US where the workers there wouldn’t eat the GM stuff either.  They got caterers in who only brought in organic stuff.  They wouldn’t eat anything GM.  And here’s the guys who make it wouldn’t eat their own stuff.  Why?)


UK ministers have voted to approve some GM crops despite concerns in other member states about their safety for the environment, wildlife and human health.


In the past, the UK also tried - and failed - to kill off attempts to label GM ingredients on food products.   (A:  We can’t even get that in Canada here.  We can’t get it… they won’t label them here, but we were the guinea pigs for 10 years anyway.  I guess they guess we won’t last that long to complain.)


Yesterday, the Government pushed through its intention to support the growing of GM maize crops in Britain and Europe without a House of Commons debate.  (A:  That’s like the Congress.  No debate.  [laughs])


The two maize crops involved are BT11, developed by Syngenta, and 1507.


Both contain a toxin that kills the corn borer pest - a severe problem in maize-growing areas in southern Europe and the U.S. but not in the UK.


Several European countries, including Germany and France, have recently banned other types of GM corn on the basis of suspected dangers to health and the environment.   (A:  It’s not so much suspected, they know what’s going on there.  The same is killing off the bees too.)


Chairman of the all party environment group, Lib Dem MP Norman Baker, condemned how the Government's position had been pushed through the Commons without debate.


'This is bringing in GM crops by the back door,' he said.


'The public will be very concerned by this sleight of hand. It shows the cavalier way the Government treats the environment.'   (A:  Well, how about the people?  What about the people?  It’s amazing how the environment’s been… don’t you get it?  We go down with the environment, but I guess the environment is higher than the people because everything in the environment EXCEPT people was elevated to a higher level when they did the Earth/Rio Summit, the Rio Summit debate.  Everything was given rights and a status in the food chain but man was nowhere to be seen.  WE DON’T HAVE RIGHTS.)


That’s that article there.  Now, also, here’s a little article from Britain to do with what France is doing with mosquitoes.  They’ve got a plague of mosquitoes in France that are getting closer and closer to Britain so they’re trying to kill them off.  I like the French because they don’t mess around.  They don’t care what other people say or do, they just do their own thing.


French helicopters spray mosquitos threatening to swamp Britain

Helicopters are being deployed to spray poison in the skies above northern France to wipe out swarms of mosquitoes that are threatening to cross the Channel into Britain.

 By Henry Samuel in Paris

The Telegraph / 19 Jun 2009


French officials launched the commando operation after insect experts warned that as many as six billion mosquito larvae had started hatching in swampland near the France-Belgium border – less than 100 miles from the south coast of England.  (A:  I tell you, I wish they’d come over here and spray this place because there’s billions of them here.  We’ve had nothing but rain up until this week.  Weeks and weeks of rain… and they’re just laughing outside my screen, on the window.)


Unusually warm, damp weather has brought on the mass hatching.


Experts are particularly concerned about the potential arrival of the Asian tiger mosquito – a striped monster almost twice the size of the average mosquito, and which can carry the chikungunya fever, which has already infected people in northern Italy.  (A:  By the way, they have them in the US and Canada now as well.  They’ve had them for years now.  They claim they were brought in by disused tires that were being brought back from the Far East to be remolded back in the US.  That’s what they claim but I don’t quite believe them.  It can also carry other kinds of diseases, as well.  It’s a big guy.)


Corn coated with bacteria that is harmless to man but lethal to mosquitoes was sprinkled over the area this week.


A local authority spokesman said the operation had been successful but had not eradicated the insects. "We need to remain vigilant to avoid an new outbreak," he said.


It’s amazing too, as we watched over the many, many years as they tried to bring back swamp lands.  Swamp lands.  Again, the nature lovers, really funded by the big foundations, again, wanted to bring back these swamp lands - wetlands, they called them; they’re actually swamps - for the ducks and the geese and all that.  Well, there’s no lack of duck and geese where I am, believe you me, because there’s thousands of lakes.  However, the last thing you want are swamps everywhere, especially near human habitat.  That’s what generations of people have been doing, getting rid of these things to get rid of the mosquitoes, for the last 200 years or more, in the Americas, because they’re lethal to man eventually.  They’re LETHAL to man when they build up to those numbers.  But they know what they’re doing at the top, don’t they?  They want wetlands.  They want mosquitoes.  It’s part of the agenda.  Read Malthus.  He talked about that too.  Put the poor, he said, in houses built on swampy areas, marshy areas, unhealthy areas, to bring down the population.  That’s what really is going on. 


There’s Rick from Virginia there.  I’ll take Rick from Virginia if he’s still on the line. 


Rick:  Hi Alan.  I maybe a little off topic but I was wondering why no one ever talks about the draconian law that’s been passed in the US and I believe it’s been passed in many countries around the world having to do with dead-beat dads.  Basically, it’s a huge… it’s putting millions of guys into trouble with the law, to the point where you can be jailed for owing back money on this child support law.  In the United States it’s called The Bradley Amendment.  Nobody seems to talk about it.  I had hopes before I started listening to your show that it would eventually be repealed when people came to their senses, but now I know better. 


Alan:  It’s also, again, a UN mandate.  They’ve had it across Europe and European countries for maybe 15 years now.   They have whole departments set up in government that do nothing but try and track these guys where ever they are across the whole planet.  They make sure too, that they’re doing this.  You got to understand that the whole idea is that… how do you discourage marriage?  You make sure that it’s not a very good enterprise.  It’s not terribly appealing for most men to enter into these days, especially when you see the law literally is all one sided, on every occasion, to do with divorces.  That’s like the standard now.  That’s not by chance either.  It’s to make sure that guys DO get the message that this is not a good contractual thing to do anymore.  So most people don’t bother getting married at all.  But you’re right.  They do hunt down what they call dead-beat dads.  I do know some people and I have known some in the past that literally were living in tiny little rooms, forking out all their money and they had to go in front of a judge every month.  In fact, in one case, the judge got his paycheck, the court got his paycheck and they dished out what was left to him and it was never enough to pay his own rent.  He was working double shifts trying to make up for it.  His wife had left him, with the children.  She was living with another guy.  She had another income, but she sent the children to the most expensive ballet schools and different things to bring in more money from the ex-husband.  He had a 20-year sentence slapped on him, basically.  20 years… he’s going to have to keep paying this off.  He told me, he says, I’ll probably commit suicide before that’s over.  I think he probably did, actually, the way he was going.  That’s pretty standard. 


Rick:  There’s also nowhere to hide.  No matter, you can be completely destitute.  Your credit is ruined.  Your driver’s license is revoked.  Your passport is revoked.  Any professional licenses you might have carried are also revoked as soon as you get behind more than, I think, in the United States it’s $2500.  So, you’re hemmed in and you’re going downhill no matter what you do. 


Alan:  Yes, because for every penny that you make, they want most of that penny, each and every penny, so there’s no incentive to try and get ahead because it’s all being taken away from you again.  It’s amazing too that they say you’ve got to keep her in a standard of luxury she was accustomed to.  After she’s left the husband, by the time that she’s put down all the courses her children are supposed to be taking and all the rest of it, she’s living at 3 times the cost was to keep her in the first place, when she was married.  So you can’t keep up with it.  That’s what the guys have all told me. 


Rick:  I guess this is to further their depopulation goal.


Alan:  It’s working.  What young guy today doesn’t know someone, probably a few of his friends, that are divorced and going through this very thing.  Same with the lawyers too.  They’re so unscrupulous.  They tell every woman who comes in, regardless of what the case is, just say he was molesting the children or whatever.  This is standard procedure.  The guy can’t win at all, in any situation, so he’s a goner.  They all know this.  All young guys know this and so they don’t get married.  What’s the point?


Rick:  Alan, thank you for being there.  I can’t afford to give you a donation.


Alan:  That’s okay.  That’s okay.  I’ll be back after these messages.  


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  From the Times Colonist, this is from Canada, they’re going a step further for stopping motorists.  Now, they’re already started stopping motorists quite a few years back with the Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  It was interesting because the one who started this up for Ontario eventually was given an honorary seat on the directorship on the Ontario LIQUOR board.  Quite a nice income isn’t it?  Not bad at all for getting this started, giving cops the right to just stop whole lines of motorists in all kinds of highways to go through this farce as they stuck their head through the window, in a very threatening gesture.  Which is threatening.  That’s what animals do.  You don’t go near an animal’s face unless you want it bitten off.  This is all to get you cowed and trained to be submissive.  They’re going a step further and it says


Police should be allowed to do random breath tests for drunk driving: Mps

(A:  According to the Members of parliament.)

  By Andrew Mayeda, Canwest News Service / June 18, 2009


OTTAWA — A parliamentary committee has recommended that police officers be given the power to conduct random roadside breath tests on drivers, a change that would remove the legal requirement for officers to have a "reasonable" suspicion that drivers are drunk.  (A:  In other words, they’re going to stop you for everything now.  This is going to give them a great pretense.)


Under current provincial and federal law, police can stop a vehicle to check the condition of the driver, including his or her sobriety. (A:  That was because of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.)  Police cannot request a breath sample unless they reasonably suspect that a driver is drunk.  (A:  Well, not any more.)


The Commons justice committee recommended in a report released Thursday that police be able to request a breath test at any time, regardless of whether the driver smells of alcohol or shows signs of impairment.


Committee chairman Ed Fast conceded that such an amendment would likely be challenged under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which protects individuals against unreasonable search or seizure. He said, however, the committee concluded that random testing is the most "effective deterrent" available to police. 


Can you hear that nonsense?  You know, if you were to turn on television to watch the news or the weather or something like that, you get God knows how many ads for booze.  It’s the most widely advertised thing on television.  Booze.  Booze.  Booze.  Sports.  Sports.  Booze.  Booze.  Sports.  That’s all you see.  It’s the most pushed DRUG on the planet.  The government enjoys these massive organizations, sports and booze, because they draw in an awful lot of taxes for them. 


It’s amazing to watch these ads, you see, it’s always aimed at the young people.  Young people who don’t have much wisdom.  There’s one on now, in fact, where a bus drives up to these young guys and all these beautiful boob babes get off, you see.  So, I guess the booze bring a bus full of boob babes to you.  That’s what it does to you.  That box of booze there is going to do that for you.   This is the nonsense they’ve sold youngsters for God knows how long. 


Why not cut back on their advertising for booze?  Why not tell them the truth about booze?  … and the problems it causes… across the board?  Never mind it’s one of the harshest drugs out there… on your whole system.  No.  They won’t do that.  Because, you see, you can’t keep hiring more and more police if there’s less and less crime.  You’ve got to create crime so you can hire the police.  That’s what that’s about.  Same with the marijuana and all this stuff.  It’s been the greatest boom to hiring cops they’ve ever had in the last 40 years or so.  They’ll never, ever get rid of that.  They need crime. 


Well that’s it for tonight.  So from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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