June 24, 2009 (# 349)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 24, 2009:

Control the Prole Each Stage of Age:

"It's Meant We Believe Society Stumbles
Crisis to Crisis, Each Government Bumbles
As Though Just Being Human They've No Foresight,
Losing Freedom in the Process, as 'They Do What's Right,'
Regardless of Their PR, Machiavellian Versatility,
Nothing is Further From the Truth of Reality,
We're Guided Like Sheep into the Pen
Which the Lions Look Over Aloft in their Den,
The Indoctrination of Each Child, Woman and Man
Constantly Updated, Going to Plan,
Willing Sacrifices, Treated as Children,
Reduced Over Time from Billions to Million"
© Alan Watt June 24, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 24, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 24th, 2009.  I always advise newcomers to look in to cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site but because of troubles Iíve had with Yahoo in the recent past and I think thereís problems coming up in the near future, people should look in to that site at least.  Look at all the other sites I have there from different servers and pick them or save them to your desktop.  If I go off the air from Yahoo, you can always get me on the others hopefully.  They all have the audios of my previous talks on them.  Finally, alanwattsentientsentinel.eu which has all the audios plus it has written transcripts you can download or print up written in the various languages of Europe. 


As always, I always remind the people that this is one of the few shows where the listeners bring me to you because I donít ask for payment from the stations or the advertisers as other talk show hosts do.  Thatís how they make their living.  Thatís how everything works in this system.  Therefore, I depend upon YOU to keep me going through donations.  Youíll find out how to do it on my web sites.  You can also send personal checks within the US and Canada.  Western Union from abroad.  PayPal is fine from everywhere.  Or buy the books and so on that I have for sale on my web site, written by myself, or the video discs or the CDs of previous talks.  Some of these disks have 50 talks or more on them, 50 hours on them, so thatís not a bad price.  You can play them in your car or where ever you want to go.  Now, you can also write to me, for those who just get the disks passed around to them.  Lots of people will burn them and pass them to people who donít have computers.  You can write to me [listed above].


People often ask me when the end will come, as though theyíre already expecting some final cataclysm, some Armageddon to change their world upside down.  I tell them, itís been happening your entire lives, since you were born, since before your parents were born.† Because, you see, this agendaÖ thatís been WELL publicized and written about since long before they even set up the League of Nations which turned in to the United Nations.  The whole agenda was printed in many, many books, from the top, from all those involved, in fact, at least their workers, their front men, they told us where they were going to take us and what kind of society theyíd bring in. 


As Iíve said many times, they talked about bringing in a world where EXPERTS would rule the masses and we just jump to it, jump to attention and obey them.  Bertrand Russell was one of the many who said this.  He said that eventually people would be unable to do anything, anything for themselves, even at home, even change a babyís diaper without the advice of an expert.  Well, all of thatís happened in my lifetime.  All of thatís happened.  All these prenatal courses and so on they go through because they donít even know how to raise a child or look after a baby.  Something that was unheard of, unheard of, when I was born.  Iíll be back with more on this very thing, on reality verses the illusions, after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Now, last night and tonight you probably noticed that the live streaming is breaking up for some reason.  I donít know why but itís not from my end.  Itís from the station RBN or the server, I guess, thatís causing the problems.  For those who email me, just to let you know, I canít answer all the emails but I do know the problem is there.  Last night, too, it certainly kept breaking up every couple of minutes, 5 minutes or so and whole chunks just went missing from the service.  But I try and record at my end as itís done live, from an old-fashioned tape, of course; it doesnít break down.  That takes an extra hour to put back through on to digital and then get it uploaded onto my site.  So you can always get it from my site even if it starts to break up on the server when itís streaming live. 


Getting back to what I was talking about, about ILLUSION verses reality.  What I do is simply use memory and history to show people that life isnít just evolving, society isnít just evolving by happenstance.  It never was, in fact, those in power, if you look back into history books 300 years ago, especially in Britain, they were masters at sending out spies and diplomats that were spies - thatís just another name for spies - across the whole planet where they planned to take over whole continents maybe in 100 years time.  They put a lot of work into building up the system in order to take over a continent.  It could take generations of steady infiltration, setting up networks of subversives in those countries that would serve you well and cause revolutions, etc.  This is ongoing.  Itís always been that way, on behalf of those who control who are the rich, wealthy people who control economics.  Thatís standard. 


Today itís the same thing.  I simply tie things together thatís in the regular media for people, point out what they really mean, and tie different stories that are all related in some way or another for you to show you that things are connected.  Itís not just a group over there that are deciding something in politics for one country and a group over at the other end are doing something, by chance, which happens to be the same.  This is going towards a global plan.  Thatís what my whole point is.  And it has been your entire life, so donít look for a final cataclysm.  Weíve always been going through vast changes, planned changes. 


The planned society was talked about prior to the French Revolution and written about by Voltaire and many, many other front men who were the propagandists for this big movement that was going to bring in a world of what they called the Ďnatural aristocracyí.  What they meant was those people who have the natural ability, intellectual abilities, to rule the world on behalf of the economic system or their masters.  Today we call them Ďexpertsí.  Thatís what weíre taught to obey. 


Itís done, really, through legislation.  These arenít wars primarily or mainly on battlefields.  Weíre trained to think of wars as being two sides on a battlefield facing each other.  Thatís only one small version of what war is all about.  Thereís economic war.  Thereís all kinds of warfare going on all the time and subversion.  Thatís what the job of MI6 and CIA is.  Itís to subvert other countries and bring them IN to the global systemÖ or really, under the domination of the global system.  Thatís what theyíre really for.  Itís ongoingÖ ongoing.  Also, they want a Ďmanagedí population.  Again, before the French Revolution they talked about bringing down the population to a manageable size where theyíd have just enough farmers to adequately feed the ones theyíd have to feed.  Thereíd be no surplus population.  That was all part of it too. 


All this comes under economics.  WE come under economics.  Thatís why in our lifetime, unemployment exchanges went from unemployment exchanges, to employment exchanges, then to manpower, and then to natural resources and human resources.  Weíre part of natural resources.  Weíre self perpetuating.   We can breed each other, breed ourselves, breed the next generation into existence for those to rule.  We are a self-perpetuating species, a natural resource for those who rule the world.  When thereís too many of us, they want to cull us down to a manageable size.  In their own theories, in fact, because they run massive calculations, ongoing forever, through computers with this same kind of stuff.  The Rand Corporation is famous for this.  They literally have a mathematical language and they feed all data or transpose data into mathematics, put it into computers, run it though and out pops the so-called answers which go back in to speech again.  They plan and they advise Presidents and Prime Ministers accordingly as to what they should do with their policies. 


We ran through the whole Cold War with ĎGame Theory.í  Game Theory, an idea of humanity invented by a paranoid schizophrenic, an absolute nutcase, who had no redeeming qualities at all.  You can also be psychopathic, by the way, and paranoid schizophrenic.  I think this guy had both because he saw from his own point of view that people simply were little autonomous beings where the world circled around themselves.  He was describing the psychopath, himself.  So he had nothing else to relate to, you see.  This was fed into the machines that everyone in the world was basically the same as himself.  You would do what would benefit YOU.  You had no natural, altruistic tendencies whatsoever.  In other words, there was no humanity involved in all of this.  It was all for Ďwhat I can get for myself?í  They ran countries; the whole Western world was run on game theory via the Rand Corporation and the supercomputers during the entire Cold War. 


Well, they havenít stopped.  Theyíll take a partial truth and put in to complete cloudburst, basically, out into outer space.  Itís true that people like to do things for themselves but people have also been proven, especially in natural disasters, to help each other, often to the extent of losing their own lives.  Thatís a natural tendency.  The psychopath doesnít have that.  So we are different, you see.  We DO things that are different.  Thereís no doubt whatsoever that the US, for instance, has been known for people who have given to charity, as the most charitable people in the world for helping other people across the planetÖ even though their money is squandered by the established charitable institutions.  That is altruism, you see.   The psychopath doesnít have it.  They can only do what benefits themselves personally. 


Since 2001, this is the century for crisis creation.  Because to stampede a herd from the field they were in - that was the 20th century with the standard ideas, even though theyíd been chopping away at them for over 60 years; we were still in the OLD way, as the communists would say - and for Ďhistorical necessitiesí purpose, they had to stampede us through one crisis after another.  First they had to give themselves complete authority - every country had to give themselves complete authority over the public - in a warfare scenario.  Nothing else would do.  Weíd object.  However, as the Club of Rome said in their own book The First Global Revolution, they favored commutarianism/collectivism to run the world under a global system.  They said themselves it would have to be run under a warfare scenario where people WILL give up their rights for supposed safety - and all work together, do what theyíre told, even though theyíre sacrificing all the time - in order to get this whole agenda through.  Nothing else would do. 


Weíve had that.  Weíve had the banking crisis.  Weíve had the bailouts of the banks.  Weíve had the coming flu pandemics and all the rest of it and ya-da, ya-da, ya.  One crisis after another.  ALL crisis creation.  Thatís by the book.  Weíre going by the book, you see.  Every country is signing on to the same treaties via the United Nations and thatís what the UN was set up to do in the first place: to become the front for a global government.  That was its purpose.  Read the books written at the time, during World War II and published towards the end of World War II, right up to 1946 and the Treaty of San Francisco.   They spelled it out that everybody who signed on was literally giving away their country.  Everyone who signed on was giving away the sovereignty of their country to the IMF, the World Bank and all the other departments of the United Nations.   We were sold out all that time ago


Now, this hype about the flu is quite something.  Remember the articles that I read, I put up on my web site at the end of the show.  You should grab the links and if you want, if youíre interested in the articles, save them. The links do change from these different newspapers, etc.  They do change or drop the links.  If you look at them in one monthís time, two monthís time, they may be gone.  Truly, history is gone just like that.  Now, with the internet, itís so easy.  So quick to change reality, itís instantaneous.  Itís like George Orwellís memory hole; itís there one day, itís gone the next, never to be retrieved again.  People constantly, especially when youíre meeting people and youíre trying to show them whatís happening, you have to have the proof to show them.  Unfortunately, your word isnít good enough.  Your word isnít good enough.  You have to show them the articles from mainstream.  Even then, as you all know Iím sure, you get a battle to get across to them that this is REAL and itís really happening, but youíve got to have the evidence there. 


Hereís an article here.  This is how things are given to us, you see, so quickly.  So quickly.  This is from computerweekly.com, about the internet and how theyíre changing it and itís not by chance.  Back with more after the following break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím going to show you how weíre conditioned, gradually, through gradualism, through little articles that come out from different sources all at the same time, which almost subliminally direct us towards something to come.  So when actual events happen, we think itís all quite normal, especially when itís from governments or big institutions, which really are part of government, anyway.† We throw our hands up and say Ďoh, what could they do; itís not their faultí.  Of course itís their fault.  Things, especially to do with communications, arenít given to the public and allowed to run out of bandwidth, for instance, across the world.  Yet weíre told this is coming.  This is utter nonsense. 


Remember, the computer systems and the internet was used SOLELY and created BY the military-industrial complex during the Cold War, at least and probably before, I think.  What we get at the end is really obsolete stuff, theyíre so far ahead.  Because theyíre always planning ahead, they donít miss something like the internet.  They had it all arranged before they gave it to the public, how long weíd have access to it, at least with the ability to have free communications between each other, before they reined it in.  First youíve got to get them all addicted to it, get all the businesses using it until they canít count anymore or use paper and pencils, and then they canít do without it.  Then you start reining it in and start using it for its true purpose, which is data collection on every individual.  Ongoing, daily data collection.  Thatís a part of it. 


Here they are, you see, putting an idea into our heads, getting us ready for a change.  This is from Computerweekly.com.  As I say, these are what they call little trial balloons.  They get into your mind without really thinking consciously about the article, but it sinks in, in little bits and pieces, or bits and bytes. 


 Internet will become unreliable next year

E Business /  Author: Karl Flinders  /  27 Apr 2009


Unless the network infrastructure of the internet is upgraded, users will experience slower and unreliable connections by next year.  (Alan:  Just like that.  They didnítÖ no one noticed this.  What a joke, eh?)


Growing demand for multimedia content and a growing number of internet users will put pressure on outdated networks and could cause serious problems for businesses.


Websites such as YouTube and the BBC's iPlayer, which use a lot of bandwidth, will make the internet unreliable, new research claims.  (A:  Well, no one, of course, noticed that when the BBC first came out with their iPlayer, right?  No one noticed.  They just noticed it now.  Utter rubbish.)


According to a report in the Sunday Times, US think-tank Nemertes said as demand for bandwidth potentially doubles, computers will regularly start freezing and dropping offline as early as next year.


Nemertes said the growing number of people working from home will also contribute significantly to the increased demand for bandwidth.


Ted Ritter, an analyst at Nemertes, told the Sunday Times that the internet, without network upgrades, will no longer be reliable enough for business users. "For business purposes, such as delivering medical records between hospitals in real time, it is useless."


The internet will become merely an "unreliable toy," he added. 


Remember, too, Iíve talked about this before, the idea is to get us on to the Cloud System, as well.  The Cloud, really, is using remote servers to store all your data.  You wonít even need, eventually, a hard drive, technically.  Thatís the goal of all of this when you put it together.  Itís to get us ready for this massive changeover into the new system where your computer wonít crash anymore.  Everything is held by this ONE system, this one GLOBAL system that has everyoneís data on it.  And how safe it will be.  You wonít have to upgrade your spyware; itís all done for you.  No more downloading programs; itís all done for you.  Everyone will breath a big sigh of relief now that weíre safe again.  Safe to twitter and all that stuff.  So thatís that article there. 


Then, we find in the Times online. 


Beware surfers: cyberspace is filling up

(A:  See how itís put out across in different media at the same time
to get you used to the idea that thereís a crisis coming, a crisis.)

From The Sunday Times April 26, 2009 / John Harlow


Internet users face regular ďbrownoutsĒ (A:  Theyíre using the term brownout.) that will freeze their computers as capacity runs out in cyberspace, according to research to be published later this year.


Experts (A:  Oh, you know those experts that come out of special wombs) predict that consumer demand, already growing at 60 per cent a year, will start to exceed supply from as early as next year because of more people working online and the soaring popularity of bandwidth-hungry websites such as YouTube and services such as the BBCís iPlayer.  (A:  Theyíre all repeating the same stuff.)


It will initially lead to computers being disrupted and going offline for several minutes at a time. From 2012, however, PCs and laptops are likely to operate at a much reduced speed, rendering the internet an ďunreliable toyĒ.  (A:  So, theyíre getting their littleÖ see their little buzz words they put out, the little slogans.  ĎUnreliable toy,í thatís twice itís been used, you see, in different exposures of this story.)


As I say, they donít miss this kind of stuff when they give it to you in the first place that they canít predict.† They have whole think tanks predicting the future, working on the present data and projected occurrences, etc on every part of society.  They didnít miss this.  Donít think theyíd ever miss this kind of stuff.  The intention, eventually, once itís all on Cloud, is to bring on mainstream media, the TV mainstream media, ON to the computer.  Theyíre going to get first grabs at bandwidth.  Thatís what itís for.  Iíve read the articles before about that.  The little guys are going to get pushed out gradually, unless you can really, really pay big, big bucks.  So it will be authorized ones only.  Iíll be back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing the people how little ideas are floated to us.  Remember, that Jacques Ellul said people learn their downloads, they learn and understand their downloads subliminally, in a sense, by osmosis.  We donít think critically through anything.  We just scan stuff with our eyes, but subliminally the idea comes in.  Weíre going to run out of bandwidth eventually, supposedly, and weíre supposed to believe this utter rot, as governments have been pushing nothing but computers and internet for years and years through schools, through everything and telling us the world has to run on it.  They didnít notice this?  This is utter rubbish. 


Itís to get us ready for the NEXT move to the NEXT wave into the NEW system into the NEW internet which will be restricted and policed heavily.  If youíre a bad little person and youíre anti-social in some way, then they simply wonít give you access to all the data that you need even to keep going in your job, for instance, especially if youíre working from home.  Everything is a tool of power if you understand it.  Money is simply that too.  Itís a tool of power.  By convincing whole populations you need money, you change their system until they do need money.  They canít imagine going backÖ they donít even know how to go back to another way of living.  Money is a TOOL by the very wealthy, those who get it printed up for them.  Itís a tool.  Itís the same with everything thatís given to the public. 


It was much better.  You see, even at the beginning, the whole intention was data collection and giving you fun at the same time.  Fun is very important, thatís why they put so much pornography all over the internet.  I never touched it until I thought Iíd go on the air and then Iíd need it, you see.  I knew what its eventual intention was.  I knew it was also going to gradually get phased out into a new system of utter data collection and policing to watch YOU.  They give you everything for free, initially.  Everything is so free.  Everyone grabs all the free stuff and they start using it right away and they get addicted to it.  They shed tears if they start to lose it. 


I can remember when 9/11 happened and they showed a little thing on television of a guy in an airport, I think in Toronto.  Heís standing with his useless cell phone because they cut off all communications in the airports that day, when it happened.  Heís crying, literally in tears because he couldnít use his cell phone.  I looked behind him and thereís all the Bell telephone booths along the wall there.  It hadnít occurred to him to go use one of those.  Thatís how people are.  The get addicted to their little toys and they canít think anymore. 


Hereís an article about this kind of addiction, you see.  From TechRepublic.com.


City wants job applicants to turn over Facebook user names and passwords

Date: June 19th, 2009   /   Author: Toni Bowers


Officials in the city of Bozeman, Montana are asking job applicants to turn over their user names and passwords to social networking sites like Facebook as part of their background checks. 


So thatís what itís really for, eh?  Thatís what itís really for.  People donít even think about that when they grab everything thatís free.  Now itís become mandatory.  Thereís nothing illegal about asking you for this, if you want a job.  Right.  Thatís how itís done.  Mind you, they probably will hand it over quite happily because they give all their data to anybody that asks for it anyway.  Theyíre already trained that way.  Who needs privacy these days, eh?  Who needs it?


Just before I go to the phones, I mentioned the other night about Obama just spending day and night signing every treaty that had been shelved, every treaty from the United Nations.  Heís just going crazy signing these treaties and hereís an article here on the UN Rights of the Child.  Now, the rights of the child sounds wonderful until you find out once itís signed, the parents have no rights at all.  Thatís what itís all about.  Double-speak.  Iíll put this link up on my sites at the end of the show.  Itís from khouse.org. 


The UN's Rights Of The Child Calls To Obama

from the June 23, 2009 eNews issue


The Obama Administration has resurrected the debate over the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and is pushing for the United States to finally join the treaty. (A:  Now, thatís the only thing, in fact, they didnít join it, that has held off once in a while, through different states, the childrenís agencies going in with SWAT teams and grabbing all the children because that treaty wasnít ratified by the US.  Now itís getting rammed through.  Not only rammed through, he wants to update it to go even further.  Just like heís doing with the upgrading and bypassing of Kyoto to even stricter post-Kyoto ratification on the environment.)  Yet, while ratifying the treaty sounds like a great effort to protect children, it would instead offer the UN inroads to dictate to American parents how best to raise their kids.  According to the US Constitution, treaties are binding laws that must be followed by judges, even if those treaties conflict with the laws of the individual states(A:  I never understood how the founding fathers could miss that one.  I donít think they did, did they?  They were looking to the future.  Remember what Franklin said.  He said that he hoped this Federation would be the beginning of a Federation of the World.  What is the World Federalist Society?  An idea.)


Except for the United States and war-torn Somalia, every single country in the world has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, said Monday that the Obama Administration wants to find out "when and how it might be possible to join."


Horrible things are done to children every day around the world. In Uganda last week, children marched through the streets of the capital to raise awareness about the existence of child sacrifice in the country and to urge the government to outlaw the practice. In South Africa, men are selling their younger sisters and nieces into prostitution (A:  IĎd also mention that theyíre doing that in India too, but theyíre an ally right now, they donít want to say these things.), and in Afghanistan, 12-year-old girls are forced to marry grown men. And across the world, millions of children lack basic food, water, sanitation, medical and dental care and educational opportunities.  (A:  So did their parents.  Right.  Letís not lose track of things by the wording.)


Itís interesting that Obamaís ramming this though, because, really, across the world, itís giving ALL power over children directly to the state, to the governmentÖ bypassing all parental rights or input, even input, on what happens to their children


Lastly, an article about Canada and the inoculations.   This is from The Windsor Star.  


Vaccinate Canadians under 40 and natives first: experts

(A:  Thereís those special people again, EXPERTS.  They donít have to say it anymore, just Ďexpertsí.  Weíre trained to jump with the experts, you know.)

  By Sharon Kirkey, Canwest News Service / June 21, 2009


Five-to-40-year-olds and Canada's aboriginal communities should be the first to get vaccinated against human swine flu, experts say as Canadian officials decide who gets priority for the flu shots.


Under Canada's official pandemic plan (A:  Weíve got a pandemic plan.), the entire population would ultimately be immunized against the H1N1 swine flu.  (A:  That means mandatory.)


But the vaccine will become available in batches, meaning the entire population can't be vaccinated at once. It might take four or five months to get all the vaccine we're going to get, during which time a second wave of swine flu may well be underway.  (A:  Well, itís all bogus anyway.  Tonight Iíll put up the old video links to the old videos done with the last Swine flu nonsense, pandemic nonsense, outbreak that happened during, I think it was Ford in at the time in the US, to show you the utter farce of that and never mind all that DIED of the inoculation.  Everyone was dying of the inoculation or becoming paralyzed.  Hundreds and hundreds of youngsters became paraplegic or quadriplegic because of it and had strokes.  The darned thing didnít exist anyway.  It didnít exist.  But thatís the Windsor Star.)


Iíll put these links up at that end of the show including the videos on that Swine flu idea, or the previous stuff up on my site tonight.  You can look into them for yourself.  Weíll go to the phones now and thereís Matt from Boston.  Is Matt there from Boston?


Matt:  Hi.† I was wondering, do you think history would be different if Prince Charles won against the House of Hanover in 1746?


Alan:  If it would have been different? 


Matt:  Yes.


Alan:  Well, weíll never really know.  Iíve read so much pro and against it.  You canít really tell.  I even wonder, to be honest with you, if Prince Charles was part of the whole agenda.  You see, they used that rebellion, remember itís only a handful of Scottish clans joined that rebellion out of many dozens of clans, but the whole country was basically put under marital law.  They deported millions of people abroad.  At the time, they needed immigrants to come to the Americas.  Most of them were sent to Canada and what became the United States.  They needed immigrants.  No one wanted to go to these countries because of the mosquitoes, the swamps, the weather and so on, so they forced millions of people off the land.   That got rid of one massive problem to the London establishment because Scotland was always rebelling.  I went through that whole thing in Culloden Moor, were that battle took place and I couldnít for the life of me understand why Prince Charles would bring his army to a desolate spot like that on a plane, flat battlefield and then he didnít even turn up for the battle.  He vamoosed to save himself and left the guys to get slaughtered.  I think it was a set up. 


Matt:  You could possibly be right Alan.  One more question.  Have you heard of Larry MacDonald on the Korean Airlines flight 83?


Alan:  Vaguely.  I think.  Vaguely. 


Matt:  I think you should look into that.


Alan:  Yes.  I will.  I havenít got the data yet but I just had something come across, but no details. 


Matt:  He was a congressman from Georgia.  He was protesting the CFR, everything andÖ


Alan:  He was shot down by a MIG?


Matt:  Apparently, originally he was landed on an island because there was no evidence of him being shot down and possibly, they said, he might have been taken prisoner because there were no bodies found.  Japanese radio controllers, originally said the plane had landed.  Itís an interesting story.  Great to talk to you. 


Alan:  Okay.† Thanks for calling.  Itís interesting that too because so many peopleÖ today, people whoíll bring down towers with hundreds of people in them to get an agenda underway or get wars started where thousands can get killed to get an agenda underway are capable of incredible things.  To us, the ordinary people, itís incredulous but psychopaths do this kind of thing. 


I know recently two people were brought down in that Air France crash and I often wonder if they were the target of it.  They both worked at the United Nations but they guy was really into stopping a lot of the massive arms trafficking IN to Columbia and places like that for the drug lords.  I do know from a little birdie, that heíd already said himself that the United Nations was utterly corrupt from within.  In other words, he was going to whistle blow and bang, down he goes in a plane with his wife who was also involved in that line and theyíre gone.  It was the same thing with the woman who was in charge of the inquiry of 9/11 on behalf of the victims.  She was going to talk to congress the next day and she went down in New York not so long ago too, with a whole bunch of passengers.  Itís nothing to take down 40, 50, 100, 200 people to get your target.  Itís beautiful because people will think itís just an act of God, a freak of nature.  It works every timeÖ because WE wouldnít do that, so NO ONE would do that right? 


I tell you, the real world is vastly different.  You have subversives working from the CIA, the Mossad, MI6 and other places around the world - other countries around the world - ALL subverting other countries ALL the time.  In Iran, thereís a lot coming out of Iran right now with American involvement, British involvement behind demonstrations and possible upcoming riots and so on.  Thatís how they do it.  They stir them up.  Britain wrote history books on how they literally brought India together.  It was a lot of independent Satrapies and they brought them all together under one nation to rule them.  And they did it by going into one and getting them to fight the guys next door, while they were already getting the guys next door to them to fight them once they conquered them.  It was ongoing like this.  Itís a perfect science. 


You know something, you canít stop them because itís done by subterfuge and lying and deceit and always pulling your hands out of your pocket and saying, see thereís nothing in my hands, Iím clean.  Thatís what they always do.  Always.  Subversion from within.  They can do it to any country, nation or area or locality, because they have all the money in the world, all the training in the world and the communications and systems to back it all up.  You canít stop it. 


Now, weíll go to Ben from California.  Are you there Ben?


Ben:  Hi.  My nameís Ben and Iím from California.  I was wondering if I could ask a few questions in regards to Rudolf Steiner?† Youíre familiar?


Alan:  Yes.


Ben:  For those of your listeners who are arenít familiar, he was a Western esotericist.  He made an interesting prediction which I think has something to do with the symptoms of our times and the things that you discuss on your show.  In various lecture cycles that he gave, he spoke about a being that he called Ahriman, which is the esoteric name for what in Christianity is understood as Satan.  He surprisingly, or pointedly, said that this being was actually going to incarnate in a physical body.


Alan:  Thatís all through all of the esoteric books though, even prior to Steiner.  What he was doing was giving the traditional, same kind of messages about the same thing to come.  Youíve got the same thing in theosophy written in the 1800s with the coming Maitreya.  Maitreya, it really means in the esoteric and high science, a master or a God.  But anybody in the true Hindu tradition can become a master and a God, if they follow the right way, according to Hinduism.  So, thereís nothing new in this.  They keep getting you ready for a new type of human to come.  Thatís what theyíre telling you.  What theyíre also telling you is that some of them are already here, these hidden masters, that didnít have to come back and incarnate again.  Thatís the story.  Theyíre only doing this for pure altruism to guide the planet.  Thatís the nonsense they give us.  It truly is nonsense.  Iíll be back with more on this topic after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll just finish on what I was saying there about Steiner and others.  Thereís no end of mystification and books written about mystification for the new agers, all put out from the same central cores, really.  It doesnít matter which one or which version you read, you end up in the same place.  Thereís something IN humanityÖ remember what Plato said, whatever people have been made to do before - even in ancient times, in HIS day 2300-odd years ago - if you know the sequence of how to introduce it, it can be made to happen again.  Thereís a trait in human nature and I watched this my whole life with various cults that spring up and go - they come and go all the time - thereís no end of people, no end of people who are waiting to worship a human being.  They want to worship a human being. 


Weíve seen this with various gurus that were brought over from India and if you look back in to ancient times, remember, the Pharaoh and the nobility were regarded as Gods by the people.  Thatís what theyíre trying to reintroduce again.  Now, in GnosticismÖ and all of this stuff comes up through the centuries through Gnosticism; it never died away.  Itís called the Perennial Religion.  Never died away.  It always survived in different areas and even in ancient, even in biblical times the Gnostics were heavily on the go involved in even the Samaritan groups; there was branches of them within the Samaritans, for instance.  The whole intent is perfectibility.  Again, that cropped up again in Europe IN the last crusades, was against them.  Thatís why you have big movies made about the last crusade.  Itís a little slap in the face, a little hidden hint of a different, an other last crusade against the Albigensians, Cathars, the Bogomils, etc. 


Different names for the same Gnostic group that were scattered all the way from the Middle East into Europe and it used Cabala, it used philosophy from ancient times to more recent times.  They have churned out most of the philosophers for the last 300 years that weíve read in print.  Itís the same ongoing agenda to have a world run by those who are perfect and theyíve already decided at the top they are perfect.  They call themselves the guardians.  Plato also called them Ďthe guardian classí in his book The Republic, where the world would be run by those who are perfected.  Or, letís say it another way and use Benjamin Franklinís terminology, the Ďnatural aristocracyí.  Itís the same thing.  The same thing. 


So donít get caught up in people who simply rehash.  The different authors weíve mentioned tonight, all rehashed the same esoteric stuff because they were all part of the same base.  Because thereís variations in society, theyíll give you slight variations on how to put it out there to get you IN to their particular group, but you end up with a central group eventually, if you can get up there.  Thatís where it leads to.  The whole idea for the upcoming world, remember through Transhumanism, is to create a race of perfect beings that will have immortality IN this life, physical immortality, which is then coupled with their present, what they claim, as ongoing perfected reincarnations for thousands of years.  This is a real religion.  A real religion that people are falling for.  To top it all off, they put a lot of nonsense out there too.  Remember what Weishaupt said?  The greatest way to get recruits into our movement is to put out great mysteries.  And they do it all the time.  Like this photon belt weíre going to go throughÖ for the last 20 years, and all become enlightened.  Suddenly, weíd all become wise and fight off the evil ones.  Thatís still getting put out there today.  Itís all rubbish.  YOU are your own champion.  Donít look for other people to come and do it for you, like a Maitreya.  Thatís the bottom line. 


From Hamish and myself, from a very warm Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your God GO with you. 




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