June 25, 2009 (# 350)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 25, 2009:

Before Your Eyes -- Destabilize:

"Mr. Brzezinski on TV Unfurls the Plan
Western Intelligence has Made for Iran,
Over a Period of Time Factions Come to Boil,
Each One to be Used to Bloody the Soil,
With Western Agitation Feeding Discontent,
Embedded Media Showing Bereaved in Lament,
Viewers Forget that Only Last Year
Mr. Bush Signed Order to Heighten the Fear,
Giving Order to Destabilize Iran from Within,
Agents to Penetrate with All Kinds of Sin,
Forcing 'Democracy' on a Land Timeless, Static,
By Western Powers Who are Post-Democratic,
World is Now Run by Those Authoritarian,
Bulk of People Don't Know it's Totalitarian"
© Alan Watt June 25, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 25, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 25th of June, 2009.  Newcomers look in to cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  On the front page there you’ll see all the other servers I have and all the other sites I have.  What you can do is pick one of them and make it your favorite.  That helps spread the bandwidth.  It keeps the servers off my back.  Don’t forget alanwattsentientsentinel.eu where you can get the same audios that are on all these other sites but it also has transcripts which you can download for print up written in the various languages of Europe. 


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Now the last couple of nights people haven’t been able to get the live streaming so well.  I think the bandwidth has been having problems when I come on.  If it happens tonight, you’ll know you can always go in to my site the next day and I’ll have the show up on my sites where you can download from. 


I’m going to talk at the start of the show to do with psycho-politics.  Something that the public haven’t a clue even exists because they live in the mainstream media generated world.  Psycho-politics is a very old technique of destabilization of countries over a long period of time.  Not just one country as a target but almost like a domino effect.  Once that country goes down, what will be the changes around that country, who will be next, and so on.  It’s literally a strategy, a warfare strategy where you don’t necessarily have to send troops in.  That can be done in later phases but they prefer to put agents in, provocateurs.  They do it through universities; they do it through student unions and different means to spread ideas to get radical groups protesting.  Often, they’re protesting for what seems to most of the world to be the right things.  It certainly seems that way for those that follow these provocateurs.  Yet they’re all being used for agendas they know nothing about.  That really is the ART of the London economic system that’s been at this game for many, many centuries.  That’s really where it was born and perfected.  There was an excellent old movie made with Marlon Brando and it was called Burn.  You should see it because it shows you how the British used this technique of provocateurs and used country against country back in the 1700s.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Talking about psycho-politics and geo-politics, they both work together.  They use the psychological techniques on the ethnic groups that are there.  They use their religions, their culture and so on.  They have experts going in always to suss-up the cultures before they destabilize the countries to find the BEST WAY to attack.  Often, it’s a bit of everything to do with their culture.  Attack from… like a circle, almost… just nibbling away a bit at a time.  The idea is to destabilize a country from within.  Then, the country that’s backing it up financially, the destabilization, offers aid, etc.  The people who protest or fight think they’re going to get help from the West.  Often, like many people have found in the past, the West lets them down because that was never the goal in the first place.  The West would rather sit back and watch different sides kill off other sides.  That’s less to deal with when the real bosses move in.  That’s how it works.  Very old technique. 


I know that I’m talking to an audience that listens to a lot of alternative media, but we all realize, we all realize, that Joe average out there gets his news from mainstream.  He does NOT connect the dots on anything.  The mainstream’s job is NOT to do that for you.  In fact, the mainstream’s job is to make you think we’re STUMBLING DOWN THROUGH TIME with crisis after crisis and the politicians just deal with it on the spot.  That’s nonsense.  Geo-politics and psycho-politics together work in centuries.  Centuries. 


Remember too, it’s no coincidence that in the 1800s the Cecil Rhodes Foundation talked about bringing in a world government.  A world government with it based on that of the British society, the British Parliamentary system.  Then, they funded into existence that particular institution that became the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  They funded it into existence with the CFR, the League of Nations.  That League of Nations, with the founders, they mentioned it would take 100 years to bring in a world, global system where experts would rule over the people.  Democracy was only a PHASE on the way.  When you look at the writing of Brzezinski and Kissinger and all of these boys that are trained in much higher levels of understandings of the world’s affairs than we are, they talk about the different societies that man’s had in the past.  From Theocracies moving up to the Feudalistic societies, moving up again to basic beginnings of a higher middle class, political democracy and then they go in to Marxism as being an essential move in the right direction towards world government.  That’s in all the teachings in all the universities.  Then, of course, out of that you get this new type of democracy and then we go in to post-democratic societies.  That’s all part of the geo-political warfare that’s on the planet. 


We’ve all heard for a little while about Iran, Iran, Iran.  George Orwell said this in 1984, who are we fighting today?  East-Asia, West-Asia, Eurasia?  Who?  Because they kept changing their sites.  The public never remember.  The public never remember.  They don’t think through.  They don’t remember who we fought last or why.  It’s out of their mind.  That is what the elite count on.  They understand all of this.  Brzezinski has written an awful lot about this in the book Between Two Ages on how the public are trained to think and how you can bring, eventually, a charismatic leader to the people in a post-democratic society and they’ll follow him.  Well guess what you have now in the US?  They’re following the regime. 


The Middle East has been under war, remember, since Gulf War 1.  It never ended.  This is one of the longest running wars we’ve ever had, and the public don’t even know it.  Gulf War 1.  Right down through to 2001, they were still starving the Iraqis into submission with no-flyover zones.  They couldn’t get aid in except for the stuff that the leader of the UN’s son was getting in through the black market and lining his pockets with, the oil-for-food scandal.  Madeline Albright thought it was fine that 500,000 had died.  Iraqis had died.  Men, women and children… because of lack of food and medicine.  Remember, the US destroyed all of their infrastructure.  That’s your ability to make food, to store water, to even get water out of the ground, everything.  Even baby food factories.  That’s real warfare. 


We’re no longer through the Afghanistan conflict that supposedly was at the core of the 9/11 attacks, we were told, and the next thing you knew, they’d swung the American opinion around to think that Saddam Hussein was behind it, even though the President himself came on television in an inquiry and said ‘no, I never said that he had anything to do with it.’  It didn’t matter.  The media helped to create the image.  So they kept swinging their sights from one country to another.  Now it’s Iran, you see.  This is a complete, ongoing war… for those who don’t know it. 


There’s an excellent YouTube video I’m going to give the links to.  You can go into my site at the end of the show and you’ll see the links for the different topics I mention in each show.  This is a YouTube one on Brzezinski giving a talk about the Iranian revolution that’s going on right now.  He talks about it in geo-political and psycho-political terms.  He also says some amazing things.  He can’t help but boast, being the good psychopath.  This man has made his career on subterfuge.  I’ll also put up the link that I’ve put up previously - it’s still in the archives section; I’ll put it up again - where you hear him back in the 70s talking to the leaders in Afghanistan telling them to create the holy war and that God was with them.  This guy, who has no care about any God, tells them that God is with them.  They wanted a holy Jihad because they were fighting the Soviets at that time. 


The CIA created the problem in Afghanistan.  However, with geo-politics, they’d already had it figured out, long before he gave that talk to the Afghanistanis, how long they’d use them for.  They also knew the problem they’d have at the end of it with this organized army.  They also knew they’d have to flatten them as well.  That’s true geo-politics.  You use a group and you dispose of them.  That’s how it really, really does work.  That’s what the CIA and MI6 and Mossad and all these groups do.  That’s what their job is, to go in through subterfuge and destabilized countries.  The person who put this up on YouTube said this.  These are his words. 


The Liberty Channel

June 24, 2009


I added in the videos description my own analysis of Brzezinski’s talk in view of the broader agenda stated by both himself and NATO.  Brzezinski himself states that the supposed revolution is intended to fail.  (Alan:  Then he’s got in brackets…)  with a few useful idiots shedding their blood at it.  (A:  That’s not a cruel statement, that’s the truth because that’s what they call, at the top circuits in intelligence, that’s what they call the people they use, useful idiots… who really think they’re fighting for something that’s good.  He says, ) but that, nonetheless, it should end up producing desired PR effect for the synthesis, (A:  this is what he calls it.) one that will allow the Iranian regime to open to the world.  That is, Westernization and dialogue with NATO while not compromising with the majority of the population that are Nationalists.  (A:  In other words, scamming them and using them while slowing Westernizing the country and participating with NATO in the shredding of Pakistan.)  They put it right in your face.  (A:  That’s what he says.  And they do, in this video.  It’s excellent.  You’ll hear Brzezinski boast about it.  He also, remember too, is a mentor to Obama.)


People have forgotten already that a year ago, under a year ago I think it is, I read on the air articles from mainstream media - 2 or 3 different newspapers in the US - where President Bush, at that time, had given the authorization, he signed the deal for agents to go in and destabilize, from within, Iran.  Do you remember that?  Can any of you out there remember that?  Maybe if I can find the link, I’ll put it up again.  That was the order.  You’re seeing the effects of it now.  People will shed their blood over there thinking, thinking they’re going to bring in democracy.  Here’s the irony of it.  You see, the countries that are funding this and putting in the provocateurs, pushing democracy, are post-democratic.  WE are post-democratic.  We are now under authoritarian regimes.  But they love to use this idea, this ideal of democracy to get other countries to destabilize and alter their systems from within.  Every one is used.  EVERY ONE is used.  Why would we give them democracy when we’ve already changed the meaning of the word in the West?  I hope people think about that over in the Middle East. 


Remember too, as I say, in the higher halls of power where the Brzezinskis and the Kissingers and these boys are trained - these MASTER chess players - they talk about all the different phases of humanity including Marxism, INTO democracy, then post-democratic.  And yet they’re using democracy, while we are POST-democratic in the West.  We’re going in to COMPLETE AUTHORITARIAN regimes as we speak.  We have been for the last few years… and it’s obvious, pretty well to everyone; even the ones that don’t care.  So this link will be up tonight.  You should have a look at it.  I’ll also put another one up of Brzezinski starting to help to push the Jihad in Afghanistan.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just going through some geo-politics and psycho-politics to do with the big power players that have been around longer than I’ve been alive, these same characters - the Kissingers and Brzezinskis and so on - advising every single Presidency since about at least the 70s, the early 70s.  Maybe even before then.  Amazing.  And they’re still going, doing the same thing today and playing the thing that they love to play, which is destabilizing countries and being involved in setting wars up for geo-political strategies and means and reasons.  The general public are oblivious to the true games of anything. 


In the 70s, in Between Two Ages, Brzezinski said himself, in his own book, that for what they had to do to bring in this world system, basically (I’m paraphrasing him), America itself might not go along with it, they’d have to use nothing but military force and they would be tough, etc.  A different image from the PR that they’d given the Americans before.  He said America was too democratic.  That was back in the 70s.  Well, look at what’s happened since 2001.  You see, they have the population now used to being under a sort of martial law, totalitarian regime.  Where you’re just TOLD WHAT TO DO.  When to bend over.  To be searched or to have an injection or what ever else it happens to be.  Do! Do! Do! … or else.  You see, we’re under authoritarianism.  We’re not democratic anymore, so they can go ahead and do this.  You think this is NOT connected?  This is completely connected.  What’s happened since 2001 is completely connected with his statement in the book, that he wrote in the 70s, stating that America was too democratic to use this kind of force across the world.  Everyone, it’s not just abroad, has been worked on with psycho-politics.  EVERYONE in the Western world has been under psycho-politics BY the Brzezinskis of their own counties and they all know each other.  They all work toward the same end. 


When the League of Nations was set up, Wells said this is the greatest thing that ever happened.  This was their long awaited goal, a World Government, the League of Nations, at the end of World War I.  That became the United Nations.  It had all the same departments it has today.  Departments for everything that your national government has.  All the laws that come down the pike that every country signs, comes from the United Nations.  From plumbing codes, to electrical codes, to septic codes, to all other kinds of codes… how to you treat your children, The Rights of the Child, all this kind of stuff… IT ALL COMES FROM THE UNITED NATIONS. 


Wells said, with the League of Nations, NOW we can have appointed politicians that would represent each country bypassing congresses and parliaments and going STRAIGHT to the League of Nations or the United Nations.  Therefore, it all worked together and bypassed ALL governments.  That was its intended goal.  This was clarified with the writings of Hoover and various other ones who were involved in setting up of the United Nations.  Lots of books were written at that time - during World War II, toward the end and right after it - about the purpose of the United Nations.  How they’d have to go through conflict after conflict to bring in this new kind of world society.  The conflicts took all kinds, ALL KINDS of tactics.  That’s tactics on your mind, education…  That’s why UNICEF was set up, to get a standard education - a Plato’s cave - that everyone belonged to, across the whole world and raise generations all getting the same education, media, news and so on.  THAT’S ALL YOU’D EVER KNOW. 


However, it had other goals as well.  One of them was to come out with the World Bank.  We’ve already heard of the World Bank; eventually it’s to dish out the cash for every country across the planet as we go through this supposed sudden, unforeseen crisis of bank collapses.  It’s nonsense.  This is all part of the agenda obviously.  This article is from Accuracy in Media.  This is to do with the coming global taxation. 


U.N. to Emerge as Global IRS

AIM Column  |  By Cliff Kincaid  |  June 23, 2009


If implemented, the document would officially mark the end of the United States as the world’s leading economic power.


While our media sleep, the United Nations is proceeding, with President Obama's acquiescence, to implement a global plan to create a new international socialist order financed by global taxes on the American people.  (A:  It’s on the whole world, actually, the Western world.)


The Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development that begins on Wednesday will consider adoption of a document calling for "new voluntary and innovative sources of financing initiatives to provide additional stable sources of development finance..." (A:  They’re talking about their own departments of economic development across the world under the auspices of the United Nations.)  This is U.N.-speak for global taxes. (A:  They’re already going to get the biggest chuck of the carbon taxes.  They dreamed it up, in fact, the carbon taxes.  The United Nations.)  They are anything but "voluntary" for the people forced to pay them.


The most "popular" proposals, which could generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue for global purposes, involve taxes on greenhouse gas emissions and financial transactions such as stock trades.


I’ll be back with more on this article and related articles after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from Accuracy in Media about the UN, which is really having a meeting right now - as we speak, a 3 day meeting - about global taxes and fleecing the public and the Western countries for more money for their UN scams abroad. 


The conference was postponed from June 1-3 and will now take place June 24-26 at the U.N. in New York. While the "outcome document" has been watered down somewhat from the previous version, it still reaffirms attainment of the U.N.'s Millennium Development Goals (A:  You should have a good look at that.), which would require the payment of $845 billion from U.S. taxpayers. A commitment to the MDGs was a stated objective of the Global Poverty Act, which Barack Obama had introduced as a U.S. senator. It requires the U.S. to devote 0.7 percent of Gross National Income to foreign aid.


Now, as President, Obama can bypass the Congress and simply direct his Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice to approve the U.N. conference document. Then the pressure will be increased on Congress to come up with the money and satisfy our "international commitments."  


I’ll put this up on my site, this link, but also, as I say, there’s other ones here.   There’s the United Nation’s web site itself.  I’ll put that link up too where you can read it in bureaucratese and economicatese.  The UN Conference at the highest level in the world financial economic crisis and its Impact on Development, etc, etc.  That’s from the UN’s site itself.  It’s harder to make through what they’re actually saying but you’ll get the gist of it.  You get the gist of it.  It’s a worldwide thing.  All the so-called developed countries are now going to pay, really, through the nose for everything because it’s a WORLD SOCIALIST system now.  It’s not just over here or over there.  It’s a WORLD socialist system and we must pay for everyone else across the planet, supposedly.  Mind you, it doesn’t get there to them because most money ends up going to abortion clinics and things like that.  That’s really what they’re after in the third world.  I’ve read the articles where they’ve said - from the United Nations - they could NOT allow the third world to emerge into consumer societies like the United States.  And they could not allow, under the Kissinger Plan from the 70s, the third world to keep reproducing.  They want to bring the populations down and they’ve been at it for all that time through the foundations and the non-governmental organizations that work with the United Nations. 


We’re dealing with people at the top who are master strategists who have always worked for a world system and they don’t see - it doesn’t matter what country these people actually preside over or live in - they do not see themselves as belonging to any country.  Their goal is a world society which they dominate.  Not just a society where we can go on as usual, but a society where we’ll be guided from birth to death.  That’s if they allow us to be born, that is, if they need us for the economy.  When we’re born, we’ll be guided all through our lives as to what we must do with ourselves.  That’s only PART of the strategy as they go through cloning and cloning better slaves, etc.  This is all part of it. 


Monsters run the world.  People who plan wars.  As I say, look at these videos with Brzezinski.  Watch him as he talks and tells the people to get the Jihad going in Afghanistan.  Watch this man and listen to him.  A MASTER chess player… who sees the end, the end piece being played, the last piece, before he starts the first one.  All those little squares there and pawns and so on, those are countries and people.  They sleep very well, the guys like Brzezinski.  They sleep without sleeping pills.  They have no conscience.  You’ll hear him boast about his participation too, when they helped to destabilize Poland, for the Soviet system.  He takes a lot of credit in that video for doing so.  He says, his own involvement.  He was up to his ears in it, he said, helping to guide it.  And, he also said, to MANIPULATE it.  Well, he’s a master manipulator.  All psychopaths are.  You’ll hear him say this.  They can’t help boast because they have tremendous egos, you see.  All psychopaths do.  These guys are the guys who sit in the think tanks across the planet that guide your military forces and your governments. 


There’s an article here about, I think there’s a movie coming out.


The genocide Britain hushed up: A new film tells the terrible story of Stalin's own Final Solution - and Churchill's shameful complicity

By Jasper Rees  /  25th June 2009


Well, they missed FDR because he was part of the agreement, as well, the Yalta Agreement.  It goes through how so many people were killed and slaughtered within the Soviet Union throughout World War II and afterwards as well.  They’re talking about Katyn, for instance, and what happened in Poland, where the Russians slaughtered over 4000 Polish prisoners of war, mainly the officer class, to get rid of them.  Again, very practical from their point of view.  They go on in this thing to mention the British and American, not so much the American but America was right up to it because we supplied the Soviet Union during World War II with everything they needed… including the aircraft… and money… and armaments.  I’ll put this link up as well.  You can have a peruse for yourself.  It’s interesting that they have that coming out AFTER, of course, The Soviet Story came out with the actual documentary on it.  It’ll be interesting to see if they follow it and keep pretty close to the first one or if they spin it off. 


It’s interesting, as I say, to look at the scheduling for bringing the populations down.  There’s many ways to bring it down.  They either slaughter them like the Soviets did, just by mass… or the Nazis did, or use other strategies.  Create a system that’s very promiscuous.  Use the technique that Lord Bertrand Russell promoted.  That was to encourage youngsters, who are pre-pubertal, to engage in sex.  He said they’d never stay with a partner from then on.  He meant marriage.  They’d have to destroy the family.  Of course, the fallout would come as well.  How do you deal with it?  You have abortions.  What do they do?  They keep the population down.  Then it becomes almost custom… customary.  This is from a British newspaper.  It says here


Britain to advertise abortion to youngsters (A:  by the clinics.)

Britain - the country with the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe - comes the proposal to advertise abortion providers on TV before 9 p.m.  

(A:  In other words, they’re targeting the young.)

Will the British government ever get it?

Thursday, June 25, 2009 By Carolyn Moynihan


From the country that brought you the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe -- television ads for condoms and abortion. Will the British government never get it? The more “harm reduction” they go in for, the worse the problem gets.  (A:  Well, it’s intended to.)


June 19th saw the end of a three-month consultation by the government’s broadcasting standards watchdog, the BCAP, on a proposal to allow abortion clinics to advertise on TV before 9pm. (A:  The clinics are advertising.  I wonder how they’ll sell that?  …with smiling faces.)  Condom ads, currently confined to one channel, would also be shown in the earlier time slot. (A:  By the way, they’re giving out condoms to 12 year old boys now with little credit card things to go along with them.  This is Britain.)


I’ll put this article up on my site too.  You can have a look at it.  I have another article here that kind of ties in… I try and tie things together to show you how CONTINUOUS everything really is.  This is from the NewsObserver.com


NC remembering victims of sterilization program

By Gary D. Robertson  /  Associated Press Writer / June 22, 2009


RALEIGH, N.C.—North Carolina recalled a regrettable side of its history on Monday by unveiling a roadside marker remembering poor people, mental patients and prisoners who were sterilized against their will by state officials(A:  I’ll interject here to mention another thing.  When you look at the manual for mental illnesses, it’s growing by leaps and bounds every year.  They say now that one in six of you has attention deficit disorder.  If you have a problem with math, you have a mathematical disorder.  And so on.  So when you read stuff like ‘mental patients,’ etc, that’s all part of it NOW.  That could include YOU, many of you out there.  Think about that. “sterilized against their will by state officials.”  You know that was the Rockefeller program and the Cold Spring Harbor one.)


The cast aluminum sign in downtown Raleigh provides a permanent remembrance of the program intended to keep thousands of people considered mentally disabled or otherwise genetically inferior from having children.


"This does represent one of the ugly chapters in North Carolina's history," said the Rev. William Barber, president of the state chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "We have to deal with our past in order to have a better present and a stronger future."


More than 7,600 people were sterilized by "choice or coercion" (A:  This is ONE state in the US.) under the state's so-called eugenics program between 1933 and 1973, according to the marker's text. North Carolina was one of more than two dozen states that ran such programs after social reformers (A:  Reformers… that was the big foundations like Rockefeller leading the charge with Carnegie and so on.  The same Rockefeller that funds abortions across the planet today through the world’s government, the United Nations, and says so.  I’ve even got links up on my site in the archives of him giving talks TODAY about the need to drastically reduce the populations in all these countries.  Still going.) began advocating for the approach a century ago.  (A:  That’s how long they’ve been at it.)


"You did against God's will, because God's will was for us to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth in his image," sterilization victim Elaine Riddick, 55, of Dallas, Ga., said during a ceremony before the sign was revealed. "That's why he gave us such a big world."  (A:  But you wouldn’t know that if you listen to the media.  ‘Oh, my God, we’re just overrun with people.’  UTTER NONSENSE.  Psycho-politics.)


Only about a third of the North Carolina victims still are alive, including some invited to attend the late afternoon ceremony about a block from where the state board that reviewed potential patient cases met.


North Carolina's program targeted the poor (A:  That was the unemployed at the time, you know.  Especially right after the depression.  There was lots of them.) and people living in prisons and state institutions, among others. (A:  Lots were NOT in institutions at all.)  While officials obtained written consent from patients or their guardians, many didn't know what they were signing and were essentially coerced, state historians said.


Riddick, for example, was a rape victim who was sterilized soon after delivering a baby at age 14. She has said she couldn't have given consent because she was so young.


The state Eugenics Commission was abolished in 1977 (A:  Yeah.  It’s called other terms now.  You have to look at the World Population Council at the United Nations to find the big one.) after the Legislature transferred responsibility of the mentally ill to the court system.  (A:  But, mind you, the governors are apologizing for it.  They’re apologizing.  That’s very nice of them.)


How we’re played like suckers.  The SAME agenda by the SAME group, the World Globalists, has been on the go for such a LONG time.  Joe and Jane Average out there haven’t got a clue what’s even happening… by the day.   But, if you ask them what the main trivia was on the news, they’ll talk all day about it.  Psycho-politics.  Psycho. 


Brzezinski also said in Between Two Ages, that the public would be gotten to a stage, through media and entertainment, that they really would not live in a reality whatsoever and therefore they could put forth people with CHARISMATIC personalities to guide them.  What are you seeing today?  Whenever these guys write or speak, you can take it to the real bank, the only one that will ever stand, forever, because they mean it.  They tell you, when you listen to them, they’re telling you TRUTH: Here’s the plan; nothing’s going to change it… and you live to see it happen.  I’ve seen many parts of this plan happen in my own lifetime and I’ve listened to them before and read their stuff before they happen.  You can take it to the bank. 


Now, we’ll go to the callers and there’s Andrea from New York.  Are you there Andrea?


Andrea:  Hi Alan.  I called a few weeks ago about a building in New York City.


Alan:  The Red Square.


Andrea:  Yes.  There was a sign on the building that said Einstein.  There was another one that said Popha.  I was wondering if you could tell me something about him.


Alan:  I’m not so sure about the last one, which Popha he goes on about.  I noticed in all that imagery there was a lot of evolutionary symbology there. 


Andrea:  What do you mean?


Alan:  Through the different creatures and fish and so on, which is all part of the evolutionary theories as to where we were supposed to come from, according to the scientists.  Of course, they go in through… As I said before, Communism is supposed to be - it’s taught in political doctrine today - Communism is almost an essential part of transformation through the systems to the NEW type of democracy, which in reality is post-democratic.  It’s regarded, literally, as a science and each part of it, including Communism, is part of that particular science.  In fact, Brzezinski - again, in Between Two Ages - talks about the necessity of a Sovietized system for a certain period of time.  He actually glorifies Stalin’s role in it, for that period of time.  The mass murderer, Stalin.  When you look at say, Einstein, for instance.  I’ve never fallen for Einstein’s propaganda.  He’s so typical of the ones that suddenly they pull out of nowhere.  A sudden genius, just like with Charles Darwin and many others.  They belonged to the Royal Society… the highest, Masonic, scientific group on the planet. 


Andrea:  Did Einstein?


Alan:  Yes.  Einstein literally was diagnosed… at school he was classed as an idiot, in his school, if you read the biographies on him.  His teachers all said the guy couldn’t learn anything.  They were stunned when years later he became a famous scientist.  But his parents were well connected in Switzerland and they got him a job in the patent office.  The reward, if you work in a… See, patent offices aren’t there to protect people’s patents.  Patent offices are set up to STEAL people’s patents… for their masters.  Because of the good job he did, they made him a famous scientist.  CP Snow and other people who wrote books on him and interviewed Einstein many times said he never talked about science to people.  He always talked politics, but it wasn’t just politics, it was a globalized system he talked about, that was to come.  He referred to it, himself, in CP Snow’s books, as Zionism.  The real meaning of Zionism.  Nothing to do with Israel.  In the high Masonic tradition, of course, they do call it Zionism.  Hold on and I’ll come back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Andrea from New York about the Red Square building down there.  It’s quite a fascinating place, the photographs I’ve seen of it so far anyway.  They had Einstein’s name on the roof, in fact…


Andrea:  And you don’t know who Popha was? 


Alan:  I haven’t had time to go in to that part of it yet, but I’m sure it will be related to the same global type agenda.  See, Einstein believed that experts and scientists should rule the world in a post-democratic society.  He also believed that nationalism had to go.  He used the whole doctrine of the atom bomb to terrify the public.  He came out with his famous statements that the next war will be fought with sticks and stones after the atomic war.  This was all to terrify the people of the world, under the United Nations’ auspices, to give up their sovereignty.  But Einstein himself did NOT invent the atom bomb.  It was invented by an allegiance. 


Andrea:  What about his theory of relativity? 


Alan:  Even his theories… you got to understand, they’ve done this before even with Charles Darwin.  Charles Darwin did NOT come up with the Origin of Species.  His grandfather published a book very similar to that before him.  It was in the family.  Most of the stuff - if you look into the history books, especially the stuff that’s taught today, under the Freedom of Information Act when they disclose stuff 100-odd years later - they admit that Wallace was the guy that supplied most of the information that Charles Darwin used in his supposed book, the Origin of Species.  It was the Royal Society of London, this high institution authorized by the Crown, that chose Darwin to be the front man to push evolution.  It was the same thing with this other present guy.  They always give you a leader.  They give them roles to play.  As I say, Einstein’s role was primarily political.   He couldn’t say much at all about science without a few notes in front of him… in any speech. 


Andrea:  Do you think the same is more or less true with Tesla?


Alan:  I’m pretty sure.  Tesla did NOT… when you look at what he supposedly invented, he had to first invent different components to get the main invention working.  You couldn’t do that when you understand how components work in electronics without having an understanding of what you’d have to do in the first place.  Science can only progress from something that’s already discovered.  Then you discover it and you say, what can we do with this now?  Then you try different things and someone somewhere will come up with some good use for it.  Yet, we’re told that Tesla just happened to know how to make forms of capacitors and this, that and the other.  Things that they hadn’t done up until then.  And he just did it all by himself, by intuition.  That’s impossible.  They guy was trained somewhere… See, sciences are very, very old.  What the public are given at this level, at school and university, is a lower order of science.  We are literally living in the past, in a sense, when it comes to medicine, physics and biology and chemistry.  That’s the lowest order.  They have two orders above that.  The higher orders get weaponry in the higher echelons, even above CIA, the secret services.  The ones at the very top have the real stuff that really, really works.  Literally, they’re YEARS ahead of anything that the public are ever told about.


Andrea:  Just one more question about Red Square.  Did you notice the trapezoids?  There were a couple.


Alan:  Yes.  I did.  I did.  The situation, even the way it faces, south, that’s because the sun, of course, is highest at noon in the south.  That’s why it’s really in the south, not because this revolution started there.  And the Grand Master always sits in the East where the sun rises.  That’s highly Masonic.  That’s what it is. 


Andrea:  Alright.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in.  We don’t really have time to go in to that too much tonight.  For Dave in Arizona, Dave in New York, and Kyle in Connecticut, phone in again tomorrow. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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