June 26, 2009 (# 351)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 26, 2009:

Out of the Fry Pan, into the ICANN:

"Sounds Like a Movie Directed by Kafka,
ICANN Attempts Estrangement from DARPA,
Really a Division of the NSA,
Monitoring All Communicos and All We All Say,
Pretending it's Non-Governmental Organization
As it Sponges the Internet of All Conversation,
Noting Which Sites Give Unauthorized Utterance,
ICANN's Now Calling for Internet Governance,
With Themselves at the Head, Fair, Altruistic,
Watch Them Censor the Sites Not Communistic"
© Alan Watt June 26, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 26, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 26th, 2009.  Thereís always newcomers coming in, of all age groups, and I advise them to go in to cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  On the front page thereís a whole list of other servers I use.  You should pick your favorite and get used to downloading from them, because I think weíre getting trouble from some of the main servers like Yahoo.  Iíve had it in the past already from them.  This is the second time things have happened.  Iíve got odd things happening with uploads right now where itís not reading even though theyíre uploaded.  I even had one come back reading 2008 for some reason.  So things are working in the background.  Iíve got an echo here for some reason.  I donít know why.  Things are working in the background to give certain people hassles.  You can also go to alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download and print up; theyíre written in the various languages of Europe. 


I swear thereís a show from last night playing as Iím speaking here.  I donít know what is going on but itís not tonightís show thatís playing, coming back in my ear.  Iíll tell you, this is off putting.  Another show of me talking is coming back in by ear, right now, and itís not tonightís show.  Thatís the second night thatís happened.  So Iíll try and continue and see what happens.


Also, remember that my shows are brought to you by YOU, the listener.  You pay, basically, to keep me going.  Believe you me, I donít live on very much at all.  If you could see how I live youíd see for yourselves.  Itís up to you to keep me going by buying the books and discs I have for sale on the web site.  Or you can donate through PayPal or personal check within the US and Canada.  Thatís fine.  Western Union works abroad or you can send cash.  Some people send cash.  Thatís okay too.  It keeps me going.  For those who just get discs burned from people with computers to those who donít and play then on their CD players, you can write to me [listed above].


As I say, I donít ask for money from advertisers.  Thatís how this business - itís a business that the patriot communityís in - thatís how it works.  The advertisements that you hear, pays for the station, the time, the equipment, and the engineers and all the rest of it that goes along with it, never mind the electricity bills which are going up all the time.


Last night I mentioned how geo-politics has been used across the world since ancient times, for those who understand the science, to take over and destabilize nations.  I talked about Iran and Iím going to give some more links concerning previous declarations by governments to destabilize Iran that theyíve given out in the past.  Back with more after this break.


I am Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just before the break I was mentioning the fact that geo-politics is part of war strategy, long-term war strategy.  It takes many forms.  Often before countries will actually invade another country, they send in operatives with lots of money.  Sometimes theyíre teachers for universities and so on.  Their job is to gain a following or to push and create groups that will eventually protest governments and help bring down regimes from within.  Those who follow, technically, are used because even though, for the case of Iran, for instance, the people there who want democracy, they still want a form of nationalistic democracy where they have a say in their own affairs.  Democracy sounds wonderful.  All these thingsÖ Even the Soviet Union - if you read their charter - it sounds absolutely wonderful on paper.  Same with the United Nations charter that modeled after the Soviet Union, it sounds wonderful on paper but in reality it never works that way.  In fact, itís nothing like it whatsoever. 


People are used as PAWNS to bring about something they think they understand but they donít.  Itís like saying, letís give everyone a free coupon to buy an electric car tomorrow, for all the new agers and those who have fallen for global warming.  It would sound wonderful to them ALL until you find that itís a dinky toy.  Itís actually that.  Itís a toy, something you push around on a table.  Thatís really what these charters end up being because thereís another agenda behind it.  But itís important that those people who are used to destabilize from within, THINK theyíre really after some progress.  Theyíre always given the idea that theyíre imagining THE CORRECT type of progress and it never ends up that way.  Never.  Because remember, the system that weíre going into world wide - weíre really under it, in fact - is a new feudal type society.  Feudalism. 


Getting back to last nightís talk on Iran and I gave links there do with the Brzezinski and others who gave talks on Iran.  Also, Iíve read some articles from newspapers from last year, where Bush signed the order to begin the destabilization.  It actually was starting a year prior to that back in 2007.  You can read about this, when it was really starting, from the New Yorker.  Iíll put the links up on my site at the end of the show.  In the New Yorker, Hersh actually talks about it.  Again, he goes back all the way to 2007.  Seymour Hersh talks about the White House and Iran on an audio.  So Iíll put the audio one up.  Seymour Hersh, he gave out quite a lot on that audio to do with the destabilization process and the money going IN to PAY people to begin rioting and disrupting from withinÖ and pay off officials, etc.  Thatís standard operating procedure with the CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc, all the biggies.  Nothing new about that at all. 


Itís amazing how they can publish this stuff and yet the general public still think that CIA is something like the old series Get Smart.  They have no idea what it really is.  Itís something that uses warfare strategies and not just physical but psychological, economic - they use food in economics too - all kinds of methods they use to destabilize countries form within so that they can get a bigger plan through.    We know, we KNOW that weíre not going global.  WE ARE GLOBAL.  WEíVE BEEN GLOBAL FOR SOME TIME.  Those countries that havenít quite caught up to the idea have to be taught their lesson and thatís what theyíre doing right now.  Theyíre standardizing the world, the last few holdouts. 


The world that is coming in will NOT be this wonderful utopia a lot of the new agers think itís going to be.  Remember, itís a planned societyÖ right down to if you even get born or even if you have parents at all, if they can mate so that you are born.  Itís a genetic, eugenicist agenda.  They donít need all of us.  ALL the big foundations and the Department of Population at the United Nations have told us this over and over and over.  But people, especially the new agers, donít want to believe it.  They donít want to believe it.  Why?  Because over the over years psycho-politics was used in the Western world, especially in America and Canada and a little bit more in Britain perhaps.  For 30 years, they were drumming it in to peopleís heads that Unions, like the European Union, were great ideas.  Weíd all share and share alike, etc. 


Meanwhile, weíve watched the banks plunder us over and over ON BEHALF of those who rule us.  Not for our benefit but for another agenda.  Remember, economic war is economic warfare.  What do you do?  You do the same thing they did in the first great depression.  It wasnít the first one at all, by the way.  They had 3 in the late 1800s in the US when Morgan Bank and different ones got together and plundered the economy 3 times.  And Gould.  Gould was another guy involved in that.  They called it the Great Depression.  The Great Depression, what happened then?  Same thing.  One bank went under and the rest of them went down like dominoes, supposedly; thatís what weíre told to believe.  What happened then?  A New Deal came in.


It was a warfare strategy to bring in a NEW system.  A new system.  Thatís whatís happened again.  A NEW systemís come in and governments NOW technically own 50-70% of banks.  That is what the Soviet Union was after.  Strange how weíre following that example, isnít it?† Iíll put these links up on the site, for The New Yorker and the audio as well.  Look in to it.  Itís an eye opener again.  It will make sense to you as to whatís happening in Iran today.  I always tell people, I donít care who you are, what country youíre in, NEVER, EVER FOLLOW LEADERS for their political agendas.  Never do it.  Youíre being used by somebodySomeoneís using youNever do it.  Youíll never understand the big picture.  Youíd never imagine what will come out of it at the end.  It certainly wonít be the world or a nation, even, that you expected to see.  Theyíre completely different. 


I mentioned too, some time back, and I read an article from the mainstream on ICANN.  ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  This is a good little spin on it because youíd never know who set it up, according to this article here.  The ICANN was set up by DARPA and with the National Security Agency, which is international, by the way.  Itís an international security agency.  The biggest electronics eavesdropper on the planet, and itís global.  Now, hereís how the article sets it up. 


EC calls for one world internet governance

by Austin Modine / Global Research, June 25, 2009 / The Register - 2009-06-18


(Alan:  I read this from the mainstream at the time.  It may have been from The Guardian, one of the British papers.  This particular article is a reprint, really, from the Global Research and The Register from this month.)


The European Commission is once again calling for the United States to let go of ICANN and place it under international supervision.  (A:  This is how they play it on the public.)


Echoing an earlier appeal from EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media (A:  Did you know there was a Commissioner for Information Society and Media?  A commissar.), Viviane Reding, the Commission said in a statement today that future internet governance (A:  Like global governance.  Internet governance.  Did you know the whole purpose of the internet was eventually to be GOVERNED?  What does government do?  It has agendas and political ideologies.  Remember that.) "should reflect the key role that global network has come to play for all countries."  (A:  Did you know that there was a KEY ROLE?  What did you think it was all for?  Theyíre saying Ďinternet governanceí.  Thatís government, right?  Saying that the internet has a KEY ROLE to play, for all countries.  What did you think that was?  So you can play?  Öand watch movies?  NO.  Itís a political ideological agenda.)


ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a California-based non-profit group (A:  This is how itís presented.) that oversees the internet's address system. (A:  Right.  Do you know that the same time that ICANN popped up there was a whole bunch of them all over the world?  Popped up at the same time.  One for the Far East Pacific Rim, one is stuck in Holland somewhere, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  Non-profit group just sprung out of nowhere.  Just blossomed like weeds.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Iíve said before that the CIA has more LEGITIMATE, REAL corporations out there making stuff than youíd ever imagineÖ especially in technology.  You couldnít have free independent characters coming out and giving you different versions of different things.  It has to be under SECURITY, therefore, they give you ONE STANDARD VERSION.  Thatís why Bill Gates was put out there with Microsoft.  Who do think is behind it?  Itís not Bill Gates making off.  NO.  Itís the Military-Industrial Complex and ICANN is part of it.  What a great con game.  It should be ICON, really, rather than ICANNÖ because it makes the public think itís just some other, separate, grass-roots movement of just do-gooders, nothing much to do, and they do this in their spare time.  They have BATTERIES of the most sophisticated computers you could ever imagine.  Look at your firewall hits, if you can read them.  Youíll find ICANN hitting you every day, God knows how many times, trying to get through your firewall, watching every site that you go into, monitoring everywhere you go.  Thatís not a non-profit, grass-roots part-time operation.  Remember, it says here, itís got a POLITICAL agenda, governance, right.)


"It is an appropriate time therefore for the EU to review the progress of ICANN to date, and to identify what changes if any may be desirable," the Commission said.


In a communication entitled "Internet governance: the next steps," the EC proposed that ICANN operate under private-sector authority for day-to-day internet management, "but ultimately be properly accountable to the international community as a whole."  (A:  Well, come on.  They were set up outside.  WE, if we are the community - if thatís the community theyíre talking about - no one asked us if they should go ahead and do this, did they?  NO, of course not.  Iíll be back with more on this topic after these messages.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about ICANN, this big internet corporation for assigned names and numbers.  It is not a grass-roots organization.  Itís not just a little bunch of do-gooders passing their time because theyíre bored stiff.  It actually was set up, as I say, by DARPA, the NSA, etc.  Now itís a Trojan horse to get put in to the world because itís eventually going to be the internet GOVERNANCE body for the world.  They had a meeting with members of the US Congress about a month or more ago to demand this, in fact.  Never mind the fact that now the Economic Union, the group, the Parliament there, are also demanding the same thing happen; that ICANN be global.  Go GLOBAL basically and become THE SUPREME GOVERNOR of the internet.  Thatís what it was designed to do in the first place.  Again, itís just a form of geo-politics and psycho-politics on the public, as is the internet itself. 


The Commission didn't follow Reding in directly calling for a "G-12 for internet governance" to oversee ICANN, but the paper does say current arrangements with the US government "need to be replaced with an alternative mechanism to ensure that ICANN has multilateral accountability."


As the Joint Project Agreement is ending now, the Commission believes that ICANN should become universally accountable, not just to one government but to the global internet community," (A:  What is the global internet community?  Did anyone ask youÖ about anything?  Itís like saying, ĎBritain wants to go warí.  The British folk have never been asked if they wanted to go to war in their history.  Same with the Americans.  Do you want to go to war?  NO.  But they use these terms like Britain, America or the INTERNET COMMUNITY.  Suddenly weíre a community.  Did you know that?  As though it was some kind of force behind them of approval of the public.)  the EC stated. "This is particularly relevant given that the next billion internet users will mainly come from the developing world."


The Commission adds that the question needs to be addressed of how to ensure ICANN's incorporation in California doesn't prevent proper account being taken of US government input.  (A:  Ďproper accountíÖ)


It concludes that the EU should begin discussions with the US over making ICANN more open to global input (A:  Well, thatís not the general public.), "which respects the national priorities of the US while at the same time reflecting the legitimate expectations and interests of the international community."


I love how they word stuff.  I do.  I really do.  Itís wonderful.  What they give us, since we are global, you see, they always give us a trial balloon where they start something off in one country, they make sure we all hear about it and we vaguely look at it with interest - some part on TV or something - and the next thing you know, if thereís no outcry or warnings or whatever coming in from the general public to the congressmen or politicians, they then introduce it in to your own country.  Hereís an article here.  Theyíve used Scotland for a purpose here.  Now Scotland, really, supposedly has this quasi-free government.  Itís still under Londonís rule.  Itís still part of the Britain, basically.  They got this titular power theyíve been given.  In other words, to fool the Scots into thinking theyíre free.  If they got this given to them, mind you, they found that they were free inside the confines of the Economic Union.  Theyíd been put into that without being asked either.  So they were free to live inside the European Union and being ruled by the European Parliament.  Thatís wonderful.  Itís like Ireland; same idea.  What a great con. 


MSPs (A:  Members of the Scottish Parliament) get power to fine over climate change

(A:  This is how theyíre going to start it, you see.)

Published Date: 25 June 2009 / By Jenny Haworth / The Scotsman.com


A RAFT of new powers to crack down on wasteful homeowners and businesses were passed yesterday, giving the Scottish Government the tough tools it needs to meet what have been hailed as the world's most ambitious emissions targets.


Measures voted through by Parliament included the power to fine householders and companies if they do not take action to improve the energy efficiency of their houses and buildings.


Charges could be brought in for plastic bags, and businesses may be forced to reduce packaging under the powers granted to ministers in the Climate Change Bill.  (A:  This is all from the United Nations.  Climate Change Bill.)


MSPs approved tough targets to slash greenhouse gas (A:  These vague things that always follow sun spots, or at least solar warming.) emissions by 42 per cent by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050.  (A:  That means that about 80% of the public will have to NOT BE AROUND THEN.  Do you really, really get it?  Do you really get it?  See how it all ties together?)


The legislation, which comes after months of campaigning (A: By whom?), was praised by environmental groups (A:  You know, non-governmental organizations paid by the big foundations and they get grants from governments too.  They get grants to lobby the government, from the government.) and politicians, who said all eyes would now be on Scotland as other countries set their own climate change targets. (A:  What theyíll do is say, ĎWell, theyíre doing it in Scotland, I guess we should do it too.í  Like thatís a reason.  If they were cutting off the heads of the people in Scotland, should we do it?  Should we follow that as well?)  However, ministers acknowledged that the difficult job of meeting the new targets must begin immediately(A:  Now, the folk there are out of work.  Theyíre run off their feet trying to keep some kind of money coming in, maybe 2 or 3 part-time jobs, all this kind of stuff.  Now theyíre going to get FINED, massive fines because their house isnít efficient enough.  Because these old dumps of houses were built long, long ago.  And they canít afford new ones.  So letís punish the victims.  Thereís a good way, punish the victims.  Thatís what theyíre doing.)


Among the powers passed by Parliament to help cut emissions were measures meaning Scots who take steps to curb their homes' energy consumption Ė such as putting in insulation Ė will be awarded a £50 reduction in council tax. (A:  So thereís your little carrot.  You get £50 less or weíll fine you thousandsÖ per day.  Back with more after this break.)


I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Scotsman on them taking the lead over there, supposedly, by the Parliament to reduce emissions.  It mentions the fact that this is to take the lead for the rest of the worldÖ which will follow, it says. 


The bill requires that 80 per cent of the cuts in emissions have to be found in Scotland, with only 20 per cent made up from paying for reductions overseas through international credits.  (A:  In other words, they canít find all the pollution there and so on, so theyíre paying for other peopleís pollution.  Isnít that wonderful, these taxes eh?  Öacross the world.  So theyíre paying for 20% made up from reductions overseas through international credits.  Thatís these carbon credits.  Now theyíre going to hit the public with everything.  That means inspectors coming around ALL private and public housing.  You have no privacy now.  Youíre just a tenant.  Just a tenant.  Just biding your time.  Passing through.  The over-fuehrer is now coming in to your homes to fine you and look through everything to see how youíre wasting energy and give you massive fines.  Punish you, punish you nastily if youíve been a bad boy or girl.)


Mike Robinson, chairman of (A:  Here you goÖ) Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, a coalition (A:  That will be non-governmental organizations paid by the foundations and the government.) representing 60 organisations, said it was "a truly momentous day" and that Scotland was taking a lead that others would follow.  (A:  Remember I read a long time ago the definition of democracy.  I went through some of the history of it by the big writers at the beginning of the 20th century.  They said that democracy would eventually be run by big, powerful groups and if you wanted a say in anything, youíd have to BELONG to these groups.  It was not for the general public.  The general public generally never demand anything, you see.  Havenít you noticed that?  Havenít you noticed?  They moan a lot to each other but they donít demand anything.  So the organized groups, just like Communism was.  They were the most organized outfit on the planet.  Thatís why theyíre using the Communist tactics across the world, the Sovietized, collectivist methodology.  They found that thatís the way you get it through.  So we have all these non-governmental organizations, well funded from the foundations.  The big charitable, FRONT foundations, THOUSANDS OF THEM, and governments too, give them grants TO lobby the governments and demand from the governments what the governments wants them to demand.  ThatĎs how it works.  Itís very simple.) 


About 200 countries will meet in Copenhagen in December to negotiate a successor to the Kyoto Protocol (A:  Thatís the one theyíre living under right now. Obamaís just said heís going to take part in it because he wants it to go MUCH FURTHER than Kyoto.), and Mr Robinson said Scotland would set an example to other nations.


"The Scottish Parliament has voted for legislation that will be held up as a positive example to the world," he said. "We hope other developed nations will hear this call for action and follow Scotland's lead."  (A:  He wants to get up in to the European Union Parliament obviously.)


Itís really on a stampede now.  As I say, the general public will moan and complain but theyíre not organized enough to do anything by themselves.  You should study the techniques of Sovietization, how they worked and how they put people in to the West.  They were called ORGANIZERS.  Their job was to teach the science of organization and how to recruit and train and use techniques of mind control to get fanatical, devoted FOLLOWERS.  Remember too, the Soviet system was called the Ďsecond great experiment,í the US being the first.  Thatís no coincidence that the Ford Foundation admitted to the Reece Commission, their job was to blend, WAS TO BLEND the cultures of the West with the society of the Soviet system.  Iíve got those links up on my site from a long time ago.  Youíll find them in my archives section on Normal Dodd and the Reece CommissionÖ from the 1950s. 


Commutarianism is excellent isnít it?  Hereís another one, you see.  This is how they float it to the public. 


Auto-ban: German town goes car-free

Vauban hopes to forge a model community without that great staple of modern life Ė the car. Now the sound of birdsong has replaced the roar of traffic and children can play in the street  (A:  Sounds wonderful doesnít it?  Theyíve even got a little rainbow in the picture they give you to show how wonderful it is.  Thereís a guy on a bicycle.)

By Tony Paterson / Friday, 26 June 2009 / DANIEL SCHOENEN


The Germans may have given the world the Audi and the autobahn, but they have banished everything with four wheels and an engine from the streets of Vauban Ė a model brave new world of a community in the country's south-west, next to the borders with Switzerland and France.


(A:  Then it goes on to say how wonderful it is with flowers beds and all that.  Theyíre going to give you all flower beds and things.  Yeah, sure.  See how they give you a CON to follow.  They never tell you about the aged and how they get around, or anybody else gets around.  They donít tell you what happens.  They wonít tell you about the folk that have died because theyíre waiting for someone to get them to a hospital or something.  That wonít come in to it.  No.  What you get are rainbows and little flower gardens.  Itís a model town, you see.  The United Nationís MODEL town.)


"If you want to have a car here, you have to pay about Ä20,000 (A:  $40,000) for a space in one of our garages on the outskirts of the district," (A:  So theyíre wealthy.  The very wealthy can do that, you see.  Remember Agenda 21?  Living in these habitat areas.  They wonít be like this little model one, remember, it will be a doss house for the rest of us.  But if youíre very wealthy, you can live in one like this and still have your car in their special garages on the outskirts of town.  They probably have a taxi service to bring you to it with an electric carÖ to deliver you there.  If you can afford Ä20,000 for a space in a garage on the outskirts of town.)


I wonít read the rest of this stuff because itís pure propaganda.  However, it will work with some people.  Thereís a lot of conditioned greenies out there that really, really believe all this stuff.  Remember The First Global Revolution, the guys that came up with the global warming scam said in their own book?  They looked for so many ways to unite the planet in a wartime situation and they said ďthey hit upon the idea of global warming.  THAT WOULD FIT THE BILL.Ē  But you canít use this proof to the brain dead.  Canít do it.  Because propaganda overcomes everything else with them.  They donít have much logic, you see. 


Strange that Brzezinski said the same thing in Between Two Ages.  He said weíre training the public to think on an emotional level.  EMOTIONAL levels.  NOT FACTUAL OR CRITICAL.  It was on EMOTIONAL LEVELS.  When you see this little picture here youíll see this wonderful little town; it could be sunset with the rainbow going over it.  Itís all lovely like a little cartoon idea.  Living in a Walt Disney movieÖ where the animals all talk to each other and talk to you too.  Thatís what theyíre giving you.  This FANTASY.  An EMOTIONAL FANTASY.  NOT A REALITY. 


Following on with this.  Now, I rename a lot of these titles when I look at them.  Because I see that the PR blurbs are handouts to the press.  I try and decipher it and say what it really means because they DO give you legalities.  THEY WILL TELL YOU WHAT THEYíRE UP TO, IF YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THEYíRE SAYING.  Most people donít.  They donít think on a critical level.  They scan headlines and look at the pictures and stuff.  This is from The Washington Post.com. 


Obama Administration:

 White House Says Transportation System Overhaul Must Wait

(A:  Did you know the entire American transportation system was going to get and overhaul?  No.)

By Alec Mac Gillis / Washington Post Staff Writer / Friday, June 26, 2009


After rejecting criticism that it is taking on too much, the Obama administration has identified one area where ambitious reforms will have to wait: overhauling the nation's aging, congested and carbon-emitting transportation system.  (A:  Thatís ALL cars and vehicles.  Overhauling.  Have you looked at what overhauling means?)


The current six-year, $286 billion transportation spending plan (A:  Itís a 6-year plan.  They use these in Sovietization.  6 years for this, 10, 20, 50 for that.) expires in October, and House members have worked for months to produce a 775-page, $500 billion bill that would create a new fund for road repairs, increase funding for rail and public transit and include reforms meant to wean the country from fossil fuels(A:  Get the cars off the road.  Agenda 21.  Is it all connecting now?  In Agenda 21, those who have a brain left and have some patience and donít fall asleep reading stuff, go into Agenda 21.  There is to be NO public transportation in this wonderful utopia.  There will be essential and government vehicles only.  Government, military, police.  to wean the country from fossil fuels.  A $500 billion bill.)


But it became clear at a contentious Senate hearing yesterday that the half-trillion-dollar question is how to pay for the bill. (A:  Well, pay for it the same way you paid for the bank bailouts.  Put the tax payer on the tab.  Thatís the only thing the tax payerís there for.)    The 18.4-cent federal gas tax has not been raised since 1993, and revenue from it falls increasingly short every year because of inflation (A:  Itís also because less folk are driving.  They canít afford it.)  and the shift to more fuel-efficient cars.  (A:  Oh, what rubbish.)


Some in Congress, state governments and even in the freight-trucking industry believe the time has come to consider a greatly expanded revenue source (A:  Sure, the truckers really, really want a greatly expanded revenue source.  What rubbish, eh?  ďeven in the freight-trucking industryĒÖ they donít name them.  They donít tell you who they are.), whether a higher gas tax or more tolls, or a shift to a "vehicle miles traveled" fee (A:  Thatís what theyíre talking about world wide, initially, until they get the cars off the road all together.  THEYíLL charge you per mile that you drive.  "vehicle miles traveled" fee), which drivers would pay based on how much they drive.   (A:  It also means that if you donít have a GPS system in there for them to track you all the time, youíll have to pay to get one put in.)


The White House and some of its Senate allies are letting it be known, though, that this is not a discussion they want to have now (A:  Youíre darned right they donít want to have that now.  They donít want to WHACK the public again.  Even though it will be done to them eventually, SOON.  They donít want to do it RIGHT now, just after all this muddle with the banks and the bailouts and the wars and all that stuff, pandemics coming down and my God, the sky is falling.), in the middle of a recession (A:  Really?  They really care.) and as Washington is consumed with battles over health care (A:  I forgot that one too.  Health Care, yeah.) and energy. Also, polls show that Americans are growing anxious about government spending.  (A:  Theyíre GROWING anxious?  They should have been in an utter panic a long time ago.)


Earlier this year, when they were criticized for not allocating enough stimulus dollars for transportation, administration officials said their transformative plans (A:  Read up, those with dictionaries, transformative plan.) would come in the six-year renewal bill this fall.  (A:  This is when theyíre going to hit you with it.  The NEW one, the post-Kyoto idea that Obamaís going to cheer on for the world.)


Oh boy.  I tell you, I hate even reading this kind of stuff because you have to take the PR blurbs - and thatís what most media is; itís just PR handout blurbs that theyíre given - and decipher for the general public and then tie it together with whatís really happening.  Weíll go to the callers now and thereís Dave from New York.  Are you there Dave?


Dave:  Hello. †I just would like to see what youíre thoughts are on [inaudible] and what do you think on his followings.  You do know [inaudible]?


Alan:  Could you repeat that?  I couldnít make a word out there.


Dave:  Do you know who the Divine Grace [inaudible] is and if you could refer to his followings and if you actually agree with him or not?


Alan:  Did you say Hussein?


Dave:  No.  No.  I said the Divine Grace [inaudible].


Alan:  I havenít really looked into that, so I canít really reply on that.  Maybe you could also email me and spell it out too, because itís very hard to hear what youíre saying on that phone. 


Dave:  Thereís a lot of static?


Alan:  Itís very muffled.


Dave:  Muffled.  Alright.  Not a problem.  I would also like to have another comment.  Can you hear me clearly or not?


Alan:  I can hear you when you speak up a bit.


Dave:  I just recently had a newborn and itís amazing how many times Iíve beenÖ


Alan:  Yeah?  I think heís gone.  Okay.  Weíll take Kyle from Connecticut.  Are you there Kyle?


Kyle:  Hi.† Itís funny that theyíre having this conference in Copenhagen right before 2010 when the new age comes in.


Alan:  Yes.  Isnít it? [laughs]


Kyle:  They got a slogan to go along with it. 


Alan:  They probably have green outfits too.  Theyíll all be wearing green.


Kyle:  Who do you think is giving the Iranians green for their revolution?


Alan:  Oh, thatís from the West as well.  If you notice, they did the same thing in Europe.  In one of the countries there, they gave them orange, you know, for the orange revolution.  Now, theyíre giving out green for there.  Remember too, even the color green, unknown to most people, is really the REAL colorÖ Red is for communist revolution and also for Masonic revolution.  Green is the SACRED color of international socialism.  Thatís their sacred color in their own writings.  It also means the domination by those who understand NATURE over the rest, those in the darkness, the profane.  Thatís what it means.  Madeline Albrightís grandfather was the man who started up the Green Party that would take over and push the collective, integrated communist and western ideas together in a new, political world system run by experts under sustainability.  That was Madeline Albrightís grandfather who worked with Stalin. 


Kyle:  Amazing.  Theyíre getting all this in place because of the big solar maximum thatís coming up in 2010...


Alan:  Oh, hey, I remember when the new agers were pushing the photon belt was coming in, in the early 90s and it didnít quite happen.  They bring the same things back and forth for all the new agers who are the end products of what Gorbachev said.  He said weíre creating a new religion; it must be based on a form of earth worship.  Well thatís sustainability, if you understand it.  They also needed a big new age movement, which they started making an awful long time ago.  As Bertrand Russell says, we shall make them hedonistic, narcissistic.  If you meet new agers, all they talk about is themselves and their past lives and their karma and how theyíre progressing to the high dimensions and so on.  So they give them all this stuff to mind-bomb them.  They sit back thinking everything is always going to be wonderful, even when the countries are going down the tubes.  They sit in utter denial.  If youíve ever seen the movieÖ Itís called Eric the Viking.  Itís a comedy written by the guys from Monte Python.  You find the Vikings go to the land or the Isle of the Blessed.  Everythingís perfect there; itís a utopia.  The only thing is, if a single person drops ONE drop of blood on the land, they lose everything and the island sinks.  Well, naturally with the Vikings there, when they arrive, the island starts to sink.  You see all the leaders in this comical fashion going down, singing their national anthem.  When the Vikings tried to save them from drowning, they say we donít need your help; nothingís happening; everythingís wonderful.  [laughs]  So people should really see Eric the Viking to see how perception can be distorted and people, literally, are conned to go on with their own demise.  Iíll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís astonishing whatís happening.  It truly is.  When people read stuff and they donít analyze anything.  Theyíre the most easilyÖ see, theyíve already been taught a technique of brainwashing.  You just give them their program now.  They read stuff and they take it at face value.  Itís like osmosis; like Jacques Ellul said, they learn by osmosis, not by thinking through anything.  They truly do believe thereís a wonderful new age going to come in and being special people, theyíre going to be saved out of it.


Remember that article I ready by Julian Huxley of UNESCO?  Where he says, LOTS will think they deserve to go on but they will not measure up; but theyíll be used on the way though, mind you, to bring all this in.  Now weíll go to Jeff from Massachusetts.  Are you there Jeff?


Jeff:  You know what funny is?  With the American people especially?  Especially up in the northeast?  Itís all about having a full belly, a roof over your head, food on the plate.  A person will sell their soul for a nice government job.  You see, I think people have sized it up internally, which is, we are now under communism.  The only good jobs out there are government jobs or government related jobs.


Alan:  Right on.


Jeff:  If a person doesnít play ball, theyíll get a government job and you know what?  Thatís going to turn into, if you donít toe the line, you wind up in a concentration camp and get sued of all your goodies.  So if you want your goodies, and you want your wife and you want your kids, a person will do as theyíre told.


Alan:  Youíre right on.  This whole idea, remember, Iíve gone through the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  The guys whole helped to fundÖ they were bankers, remember, thatís who made up the initial top crew.  They funded communism and communism is founded where everyone works for the state.  Now itís the world state.  Theyíre bringing in this voluntary/mandatory service stuff that the Royal Institute and the CFR said, the world that they will bring in will be one of SERVICE.  Everyone will SERVE the worldís community, meaning the world state.  So youíre right on.  Letís call it by what it really is.  Itís called COMMUNISM. 


Jeff:  Yes.  Or a better word, COLLECTIVISM.  Collectivism covers communism, Nazism, and all the other -isms.  Itís being part of the group.  If youíre not part of the group, youíre in a concentration camp.


Alan:  Even the articles Iíve said before, Nazism is just the same branch, the same offspring of communism.  They both came from the same roots.  In the earlier Goebbelsís reports, Iíve even given the links for the videos, youíll see that the propaganda for Hitler actually said that he was equal to Stalin, basically, in his goals and ambitions for the people.  They used the same ads and they even put their faces together in initial propaganda ads.  This is ALL the collectivism or socialism, again, coupled with Darwinism and evolution.


Jeff:  Exactly.  You know what?  Under collectivism, you donít have a free media.  If you look at Iran.  Iran is Americaís future.  Plain and simple.  Mediaís shut off and they just massacre the people and you donít even know about it. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  That was like Pravda.  Pravda ran the Soviet Union.  That was the official voice of the state.


Jeff:  Yes.  Exactly.  Well, it looks like youíre almost out of time and I do thank you for having me on and have a great night.


Alan:  You too.  Thanks for calling.  Iím glad there are people out there who understand.  They donít get confused by the terms that are given BY the media.  They actually know what theyíre seeing and what it really is. 


Just before I go, thereís an article from the UK News.  This is from the Daily Express.  A guy with arthritis, an old man, was in a charity shop - probably buying second-hand clothes - and a bank note fell from his hand.  A £10 note.  The cops fined him £50, on the spot, for dropping litter.  Thatís what the cops are for.  Thatís what the cops are for.  Your friendly policeman.  £50 fine for dropping a £10 bank note.  He had arthritis, he could hardly feel the stuff. 


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




Topics of show covered in following links:


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Audio: "Seymour Hersh describes the latest developments in U.S.-Iran relations and the role of Congress in funding and overseeing the White House's clandestine activities" (newyorker.com) - July 7, 2008.

"EC calls for one world internet governance" by Austin Modine (globalresearch.ca) - June 25, 2009.

"MSPs get power to fine over climate change" by Jenny Haworth (scotsman.com) - June 25, 2009.

"Auto-ban: German town goes car-free" by Tony Paterson (independent.co.uk) - June 26, 2009.

"White House Says Transportation System Overhaul Must Wait" [White House Delays Banning Gasoline Vehicles] by Alec MacGillis (washingtonpost.com) - June 26, 2009.

"FINED £50... FOR DROPPING A TENNER" (express.co.uk) - June 11, 2009.




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