July 1st, 2009 #354
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 1st, 2009:

Colours Ominous in Full Spectrum Dominance:

"Tactics of War Becoming Ominous,
Intel Services Use 'Full Spectrum Dominance,'
An Organized Army of NGOs
Helping Pentagon's Plan for Way World Goes,
Passive Viewers Watching TVs,
Oblivious to the Planning of What Each Sees,
Reality's a Stage Directed by Media,
Seeding Your Mind, Images They Leave in Ya,
Critical Thinking is All Subverted,
The Mass is One, Propaganda Converted,
The Individual Should Feel No Shame
On Leaving the Masses, Timid and Tame"
© Alan Watt July 1st, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 1st, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 1st, 2009.  For newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and you'll see all the other servers I have, the other sites I have up on that front page.  People should really take one of them as their favorite and bookmark it, because eventually some of the bigger ones will probably be pulled again, and this way too it spreads the bandwidth.  Sometimes people get problems going into the one site, the .com site, and they all go in at once trying to download.  And thousands and thousands of people do it, therefore of course that upsets yahoo, and they let me know by giving me problems on my end.  Therefore, as I say, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and choose one of the other ones if you have to, or bookmark them as well.  You have a good choice to pick from.  There's cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca.  And also, there's a European site that also carries all the same audio, plus it has transcripts which you can download for print up of these talks that I've given, in the past, and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  Now, I'm probably the only show out there, where the people who listen make it possible for me to come to you by buying that which I have for sale on my website, the books, and CDs, discs, etc, or else, donating to me.  Now, remember too that personal checks are fine within the US and Canada, and you can use PayPal.  Some people even use Money Grams for abroad, as well.  Or Western Union for abroad.  So, there's many ways you can get the money to me to keep going.  And it is expensive doing what I do, plus it's seven days a week and it's more than 12 hours per day, by the time this is uploaded to satellite.  And for those who get the discs passed around, you can write to me [listed above].


Now, I've done so many talks in the past about the big system and the big foundations that work together, they're really all one.  I don't care what they call themselves.  They have the exact same agenda, therefore they're all on board on the same path.  And eugenics was their big thing.  At the turn of the 1900s, they were open about the fact that the world that they planned to bring in for the entire, the entire planet, would be one where the better types would come through, and the inferior types of humans would simply die off.  We've had this pushed on us again many times in the past few months, and over the past few years even, by organizations like the Optimum Population Trust, another big foundation with many Lords and Sirs as members from Britain.  They're worldwide.  And they also get the ears of the politicians.  No one ever asks, how come these foundations get to speak to the big politicians and the world leaders?  Why are they more important than the average citizen?  Well, you'll find that in the parallel government idea that Carroll Quigley was talking about, they are the parallel government, these big foundations, and these foundations are funded by the biggest bankers on the planet.  Some of them are owned by the biggest bankers on the planet.  And they also front many, many other foundations.  You have to go through so many to find out where their funding comes from.  And you can trace them all back to a handful. 


This is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Discussing how the big foundations all work together on the same agenda, not just to do with eugenics, but literally, from their very inception, at least from the Cecil Rhodes foundation, they were on the go certainly before that, but they came out openly about taking over the world's resources, too.  And that the world resources were just too important to be left in basically common, private hands.  Therefore themselves being the natural elite who had proven it by acquiring incredible wealth over many, many centuries, and keeping a hold of it, not having their offspring squander it, because mainly they married into their own families, and kept the money together.  That was a good part of the reason.  In fact, they married their nieces, if you look at the biggest bankers, and they still do.  They decided as I say, that no, you couldn't have even farming, or natural resources in the hands of the lesser private people.  Therefore, throughout the 20th century, and we've seen it definitely after World War II, there was a roll on, a roll to basically persecute small businesses and put them all under.  And we saw the rise, the big rise of international corporations.  That's what Margaret Thatcher said was the agenda, that international corporations would be part of this New World Order.  And she gave speeches on the World Order.  That was the title of her speeches after she left politics.  She said she belonged to the parallel government for this New World Order, and so did all the other ex-prime ministers and presidents.  They never stop working.  In fact, they can get more done behind the scenes, because they're not answerable to the public.


Getting back to one of their main causes of concern, it's about people.  You see, they say in their own basic belief system, that in a post industrial society, in a post even technological society, since everything is manufactured technological wise, pretty well in China, what use do we have?  What use do we have for them?  And because they're based on economics, remember.  Banks run on economics.  There's no human emotion involved in economics.  It's just numbers.  Therefore, there's too many useless eaters.  And apparently according to Bertrand Russell and many other front people for these big foundations, we will become a problem one day.  Therefore they have to take care of it.  That's why infertility has been increasing at a skyrocketing rate since the 1950s, since in fact the first polio injections were made mandatory in most countries.  Well, here's an article here, it's from the Telegraph, and I'm going to show you how they word it.  Partly humorous to start it off.  That's how they disarm you, with humor.  And it says here:


Genetic 'MoT' for disease free babies


(Alan: An MoT is the Ministry of Transportation Test that they give Europeans, mainly Britain, their auto test every year, looking for pinholes to fine you on and stuff like that.  So they liken it to, well, an annual, normal thing.  Then it says:)


A “genetic MOT” which can help IVF couples (A: In-Vitro Fertilization couples.  Now why would it only be for IVF couples?  Well, see, it's to help the poor souls.  That's why.  They always give you this, to help the poor souls.  That's how most laws come in.  It's to help this and to help that.  Until it spreads across the board and we're all under a whole bunch of new laws.  So they're trying to say it's going to help in-vitro fertilization couples) screen embryos (A: To screen them.  Now, they're already screening embryos, pretty well everybody's embryo for downs syndrome and all the rest of it, and I've read articles where many healthy babies have been aborted by mistakes, when they've given false readings.  But it says here.) to screen embryos for hereditary diseases (A: Hereditary diseases) and have healthy babies could be available in the UK within a year.


(A: Now this is going to happen all over.  Whatever happens in Britain, Britain takes the lead in all of this, because this is International Socialism or Collectivism.  That's the way the whole planet is to be run eventually.  Now, remember, to have healthy babies, I've already read articles from big institutions, where they're already considering, including the American Department of Psychology or Association of Psychologists, where they've gone into the mental health of people too, according to their hereditary characteristics.  Was daddy a troublemaker?  Did daddy every break the law?  Did granddaddy ever do it?  Or grandma?  You see, that comes into it too. And we must never, ever forget that, because at the beginning as I say, of the 20th Century, the big foundations openly had their own magazines out on eugenics, called eugenics societies, with their perfect American families and so on.  And they discussed without a qualm all those unhealthy low IQ types down at the bottom, the ones that were prone to be criminals because they had a poverty gene in them.  Well, that hasn't changed.  That hasn't changed.  So, here's how they sell this idea to the people.)


Scientific trials are set to begin on the groundbreaking technique, which has been developed by British researchers and which they believe could eventually even eradicate some inherited conditions like Huntington’s Disease.


(A: Now it's a screening method.  How can you eradicate something when you're screening it, unless you simply abort?)


But the move will spark fears that the technology is moving towards creating “designer babies”, because it could theoretically be used to screen out non-serious conditions or help couples have babies with “designer” traits such as blue eyes.


(A: So they've already taken us through a little maze there to throw us off track.)


However, its use would be heavily regulated in Britain (A: Well, we've seen how they heavily regulate stuff, and how it simply expands in the other areas, eh?) and is likely to be limited to extremely serious inherited diseases.


(A: So, likely to be limited.  Not definitely.  Likely to be limited to extremely serious inherited diseases?  What if you have an asthma attack or something like that?  Or you have allergies?)


The £2,500 procedure removes the need for geneticists to spend months developing a test for a specific gene mutation, a technique called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).


Last year the first child in Britain was born free from (A: Now they haven't proven this yet.) a breast cancer gene (A: There's different breast cancers, different genes involved, but this is how they can mislead the public.) Last year the first child in Britain was born free from a breast cancer gene which raises the lifetime chance of developing the disease to 80 per cent, after doctors used PGD.


But only around two per cent of 1,500 inherited diseases can be identified in this way.


The new test compares defects in a couples’ genes (A: Defects.  Now you've got defects.  You're all going to get classified with defective genes.) in a couples' genes with that of their embryo, and scientists believe that it can identify almost all known genetic diseases.  (A: Absolute nonsense and bunkum.  This is going to be used as a political tool.  Because who runs it?  Geneticists run it?  What do they get taught, right off the bat in genetics?  It's all about eugenics.  They now call themselves bioethicists, instead of eugenicists, because Hitler gave them a bad name.  It says:)


Developed at the Bridge Centre in London, scientists have successfully proven that the test can identify 100 per cent of embryos with cystic fibrosis, clearing the way for clinical trials to begin later this year.


And that's how.  They always give you the positive intro as they're launching something, be it a new pill that's a miracle cure, or whatever.  That's how they do it.  It's a PR rah-rah-rah thing.  Nothing but good, good, good, good.  But what it really is, is a method of increasing the abortion rate.  Amongst what class?  Guess what it will be, at the end.  You got it.  That's what it will be.


It's so interesting how sure they are on certain things.  Do you remember when they launched Prozac?  Prozac was going to be the miracle cure for all depressions and all mental problems, until we found out the people who were on it had these violent attacks at times.  And mothers started shooting their families and children, etc.  But when they launched it, none of that was mentioned; it was the most safest, perfect medication ever devised.  Here's another one just to show you.  We all know what Merck is.  Merck, the big pharma corporation.  It says:


Merck not sure why trial AIDS vaccine failed in volunteers


(A: We're not sure.  Right?  I thought these guys were always certain.  When they're promoting stuff they're always certain, aren't they?  Last updated Nov 8th, 2007.  2007 this came, by the Associated Press.)


New data on an experimental AIDS vaccine that failed to work (A: It failed to work) shows volunteers who got the shots were far more likely to get infected with HIV through sex or other risky behaviour than those who got dummy injections.


(A: What?  How can that be?  Those who got this new vaccine, for HIV prevention, had more chance getting HIV than those who got the dummy injections, the placebos.  Well, how would that be?  It says:)


The new details, released Wednesday by drugmaker Merck & Co., don't answer the crucial question of whether the vaccine's failure also spells doom for many similar AIDS vaccines now in testing.


(A: Did they give these people AIDS in the vaccine?  Because the people with the dummy injections didn't get the problem.  It says:)


And researchers weren't sure why more of the vaccinated volunteers wound up getting HIV than those who got dummy shots.


Merck, based in Whitehouse Station, N.J., announced Sept. 21 that it was stopping the study because the vaccine didn't work. It was a stunning setback in the push to develop an AIDS vaccine.


Amazing how they're so positive on things when they want.  See, they didn't put enough PR and publicity into fudging the figures for this one.  I'll be back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  The matrix is an incredible place to be because we're constantly given our reality from a billion sources every day that generally all get their same sources from the one source, AP or Reuters or something like that.  And it goes across the whole world as though it was just fact.  It's astonishing how this works.  And we know too that techniques of PR use repetition.  We found that with the weapons of mass destruction, and some of the policy advisors on the president's board actually admitted that.  They go into these meetings.  They tell everybody involved to use these particular terms or phrases when they're talking to the media, and it just comes into the consciousness of the public through osmosis.  We don't think it through.  Weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction, stuff like that, you see.  It's psycholinguistics.  It works very, very well and repetition.


I've talked before though, about the big foundations and their thousand points of light.  Their thousand points of light, you see, are the non-governmental organizations that are funded by the big foundations.  That's what Bush Sr. was talking about when he gave his New World Order speech on Sept 11th 1990, and then on Sept 11th, 1991.  They do love their dates. 


Well, you see, part of the destabilization process of other countries is to send in NGOs.  I read recently an article about where Putin in Russia was actually throwing out various NGO groups that had come in from the West, because he knew what they were all about, destabilization, alteration.  And we have seen this over the last couple of years across Europe, the ex-Soviet countries, where we saw the Orange Revolution, and the Green Revolution, and stuff like that.  Well, these are organized and funded by your tax money generally, with money as well from the big foundations, and run as covert warfare operations.  In the Department of Defence's 90-page report, they talk about the use of what they call hard force and soft force.  Under soft force comes the NGOs, the well organized, and that's the key to it, organization, the well organized NGO groups, who will go into countries and destabilize from within.  We're seeing it too happen in Iran right now.  They've been there for over two years, now.  And, also an American copycat version for their Department of Defense, the US, which was right on par with what they see for the next thirty, forty, fifty years happening, as the British one and NATO.  They also talked about the use of soft force.  Well, that's the NGOs.  Well, here's an article about it from Global Research, 2009.


In his new book, “Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order,” F. William Engdahl explained a new form of US covert warfare - first played out in Belgrade, Serbia in 2000. What appeared to be “a spontaneous and genuine political ‘movement,’ (in fact) was the product of techniques” developed in America over decades.


In the 1990s, RAND Corporation (A: That's one amazing corporation.) strategists developed the concept of “swarming” to explain “communication patterns and movement of” bees and other insects which they applied to military conflict by other means.


In Belgrade, key organizations were involved, (A: And you saw the demonstrations.) including the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Republican Institute (IRI), and National Democratic Institute.  (A: There was a few other ones as well.  US Aid is a big one in it.)  Posing as independent NGOS (A: Non-governmental organizations), they’re, in fact, US-funded organizations charged with disruptively subverting democracy and instigating regime changes through non-violent strikes, mass street protests, major media agitprop (A: And that's what they call it, agitprop, agitation), and whatever else it takes short of military conflict.


(A: That's what you call soft force.  But they're well funded, well organized.  They're given all these flags, their colors and so on to make it look from us in the West as though it's an in-house thing that's happening, an in-country conflict, and these people, these young people must really want this.  This is all designed by the West.)


Engdahl cited Washington Post writer Michael Dobbs’ first-hand account of how the Clinton administration engineered Slobodan Milosevic’s removal after he survived the 1990s Balkan wars, 78 days of NATO bombing in 1999, and major street uprisings against him. A $41 million campaign was run out of American ambassador Richard Miles’ office. It involved “US-funded consultants” handling everything, including popularity polls, “training thousands of opposition activists and helping to organize a vitally important parallel vote count.”


(A: That was in the papers.)


Thousands of spray paint cans were used “by student activists to scrawl anti-Milosevic graffiti on walls across Serbia,” and throughout the country around 2.5 million stickers featured the slogan “Gotov Je,” meaning “He’s Finished.”


Preparations included opposition leader training in nonviolent resistance techniques at a Budapest, Hungary seminar - on matters like “organiz(ing) strike(s), communicat(ing) with symbols...(A: A very important one)….overcom(ing) fear, (and) undermin(ing) the authority of a dictatorial regime.” US experts were in charge, incorporating RAND Corporation “swarming” concepts.


GPS satellite images were used to direct (A: What appeared to be) “spontaneous hit-and-run protests (able to) elude the police or military. Meanwhile, CNN (was) carefully pre-positioned to project images around the world of these youthful non-violent ‘protesters.’ ”


More, after the following break.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article about what's called the Color Revolution.  They love to give them colors, like the Orange Revolution, etc., but they're actually highly specialized, well organized, and heavily funded parts of warfare.  It's called soft force, soft force.  It says here in this article, that:


Milosevic was deposed by a successful high-tech coup that became “the hallmark of the US Defense policies under (Rumsfeld) at the Pentagon.” It became the civilian counterpart to his “Revolution in Military Affairs” doctrine using “highly mobile, weaponized small groups directed by ‘real time’ intelligence and communications.”


(A: I don't know if people know it.  They've got a part of the Pentagon basically, it's called Revolutionary Democracy, where they go in, using these techniques and using authorized NGO groups, who are highly trained, and well funded to disrupt from within.  And that's what they call Revolutionary Democracy.  Now, it's not the democracy that we think of either, because they don't want national democracy across the world anywhere.  It's International Socialism, is really what they're pushing.  It says here too:)


Especially new was the use of the Internet, including “chat rooms, instant messaging, and blog sites” as well as cell phone verbal and SMS text-messaging, technologies only available since the mid-1990s.


(A: Now, it's okay when governments use civilian NGOs to go in and do this and create terror, and so on, but God help you if you say the wrong thing on the internet.  It's amazing the hypocrisy, isn't it?  Amazing.  It says here:)


In 2003, Georgia’s bloodless “Rose Revolution” (A: Remember that one?  It's not that long ago.) replaced Edouard Shevardnadze with Mikhail Saakashvili, a US-installed stooge whom Engdahl calls a “ruthless and corrupt totalitarian who is tied (not only to) NATO (but also) the Israeli military and intelligence establishment.” Shevardnadze became a liability when he began dealing with Russia on energy pipelines and privatizations. Efforts to replace him played out as follows, and note the similarities to events in Iran after claims of electoral fraud.


Georgia held parliamentary elections on November 2. Without evidence, pro-western international observers called them unfair. Saakashvili claimed he won. He and the united opposition called for protests and civil disobedience.  (A: Remember that?) It began in mid-November in the capital Tbilisi, then spread throughout the country. They peaked on November 22, parliament’s scheduled opening day. While it met, Saakashvili-led supporters placed “roses” in the barrels of soldiers’ rifles, seized the parliament building, interrupted Shevardnadze’s speech, and forced him to flee for his safety.


Saakashvili declared a state of emergency, mobilized troops and police, met with Shevardnadze and Zurab Zhvania (the former parliament speaker and choice for new prime minister), and apparently convinced the Georgian president to resign. Celebrations erupted. A temporary president was installed. Georgia’s Supreme Court annulled the elections, and on January 4, 2004, Saakashvili was elected and inaugurated president on January 25.


New parliamentary elections were held on March 28. Saakashvili’s supporters used heavy-handed tactics to gain full control with strong US backing in plotting and executing his rise to power. US-funded NGOs were also involved, including George Soros’ Open Society Georgia Foundation, Freedom House, NED, others tied to the Washington establishment, and Richard Miles after leaving his Belgrade post to serve first as ambassador to Bulgaria from 1999 - 2002, then Georgia from 2002 - 2005 to perform the same service there as against Milosevic.


Ukraine’s (A: Do you remember the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine?) followed a similar pattern to Georgia and now Iran. After Viktor Yanukovych won the November 21, 2004 run-off election against Viktor Yushchenko, it erupted following unsubstantiated claims of fraud.  (A: It's always unsubstantiated, you see.) Yanukovych favored openness to the West but represented a pro-Russian constituency and was cool towards joining NATO. Washington backed Yushchenko, a former governor of Ukraine’s Central Bank whose wife was a US citizen and former official in the Reagan and GHW Bush administrations. He favored NATO and EU membership and waged a campaign with the color orange prominently featured.


(A: Well, guess who supplied all the orange stuff.)


The media picked up on it and touted his “Orange Revolution” against the country’s Moscow-backed old guard. Mass street protests were organized as well as civil disobedience, sit-ins and general strikes. They succeeded when Ukraine’s Supreme Court annulled the run-off result and ordered a new election for December 26, 2004. Yushchenko won and was inaugurated on January 23, 2005.


So, there's a book out now on how it's all orchestrated, and these big United Nations backed and approved NGOs, non-governmental organizations, are also working for the Pentagon.  That's why the real grassroots guys don't even get acknowledged by the United Nations.  They're all working towards this Socialist, Collectivist, World System, run by a fascist elite at the top, but run on Communistic lines for all those down below with masses of levels of bureaucrats running our lives from birth to death.  And they have unlimited financing.  Both our tax money backing them, and the big foundations, the parallel governments.  That's how it really, really works in the real world.  But to the viewers back home, we're all sitting confused, thinking, well I guess these people really, really want this guy to get in.  And they have no idea, none at all what's really, really going on. 


I remember reading an article from I think it was the Boston Globe, but it went through all major US media at the time, when an advisor to President Bush was talking to the media, and he said, he said, we'll give you your reality.  He says, and when we change reality for you, you'll follow that reality and you'll write about it too.  And then we'll change it again, and you'll all follow the new reality.  He says, reality is whatever we say it is, whatever we give you.  That's how we're all treated, the same way.  And sure enough, they do, give the majority of people what they think is reality, and it's all illusion and camera shots, and PR, and repetition. 


Now, I'll go to the phones now, and we've got Laura from Illinois.  Is Laura there?


Laura: Hi, Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Laura: In regards to, just to add to this, as far as the illusion is created, a really excellent movie to watch, a documentary, it's called Control Room, about Al Jazeera.  And this thing, it covers a lot of things, but in there, you'll see them actually, they'll be sitting in the newsroom, and you'll see them all watching the broadcast come out from America, CNN, about the troops coming in, and also, pulling down the statue in Baghdad.


Alan: That's right.


Laura: And they're all sitting there going, they're looking out on the roads, there's no troops.  And then when they hit the statue, the first comments coming out are, those aren't Iraqis.  Where did they get these people?


Alan: And then they panned back, years afterwards, and show you the US tanks with chains pulling it down.


Laura: Yeah.  It's all staged.  There's another real good one, and I can't remember the name of it.  It's down in Venezuela when, what's his name, they tried to overthrow him, yeah, Hugo Chavez, when they tried to overthrow him.  And it will show the media coming out and the propaganda.  And now, it's much cruder than what we get here in the States, but you'll recognize it, and it's just, it's a real good eye opener to people who don't really realize, don't really get a full grasp of the fact that it's just all staged, all of it.


Alan: Yes.  Even the fact that they put in embedded reporters.  What does embedded mean?  If one reporter was embedded with the military, and he was writing articles about atrocities of the military, he'd be dead.  These guys are all on board with the agenda.  (Chuckle)


Laura: Some of them didn't go that way in the very beginning.  I have a comment about that AIDS vaccine article.  I think it went perfectly for them.  I don't think were worried about botching numbers at all.  I think it was a staged thing to say that we tried to make a vaccine.


Alan: After getting billions of dollars, that's right.


Laura: Yeah, right.  But it just didn't work.  And what they probably did, and this is just my mind, because I just, is they probably perfected it.  And now that stuff will be slipped into the other things.


Alan: You could be right on.  I mean, here we are reading about the subterfuge that goes on in everyday life, across the world, and of course they couldn't do it in that area?  Of course they do it in that area too.  Of course they would.


Laura: I'm sure.  And two bangs for the buck, if not even more.  And then one last thing, if I can, the Global Warming Scare.  I'm seeing this not, you know, down here in the fields, everybody is, you're always around people who just don't get it.  Okay?  And you've got your left and your right and they're still pointing fingers and playing this silly game.  And nobody believes in it.  And I'm wondering if they're going to step back and go to a second thing to try to get a scare.   Because I'm starting to see a lot of weird stuff out about the alien.


Alan: Oh, yeah.


Laura: Yeah, if they don't fall back to that one.


Alan: Or the photon belt.  We're going to pass through a photon belt and suddenly become gods, and all the evil people will perish.  That's been the New Age stuff for years. 


Laura: I bet you they pull that rabbit out of the hat.


Alan: I know, it's monotonous isn't it?


Laura: I know, I know.  Alright, I'll let you go.  Thanks.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Another good movie to watch too, is Wag the Dog.  That's an excellent exposé on what they actually did eventually with Yugoslavia and Bosnia, and they even had the right names and the right countries involved before the war began, and they played it out, just the way it was played out in reality, a year or so later.  Wag the Dog.  Definitely see that.  Also for the genetic testing and enhancement, etc, look at the movie Gattaca, where they create a new class, a superior class of those that are genetically enhanced, etc, who get all the jobs.  This is not science fiction, really.  This is all, in fact, it's been discussed in universities after the movie came out, Gattaca.  Well worth seeing.  And now we'll go back to the phones, and who do we have here.  We've got Debra in Baltimore.  Hello, Debra.


Debra: Hi, Alan.  How are you?


Alan: Not so bad.


Debra: It's unreal.  Now you've got the CEO of the lovely Rupert Murdoch, saying that bloggers should all be jailed.  I mean, how do you not crack up entirely reading this man's words.  It's because, bloggers, my God, they might actually expose them.


Alan: Oh God, God forbid, you know, and that's the whole key.  These guys literally have told so many lies.  And the beauty of it so far is that just like the king has no clothes, it takes a child or someone to say something simply with facts behind it, and very short and simple, and you can break the spell.  And they hate that.  They hate that, people breaking the spell.


Debra: And so, I'm wondering how that's all going to kind of like fold.  Is that going to fold into the Hate Crime Bill?  How does that all kind of, you know, bloggers, oh my God, they're a threat.


Alan: Well, they're already calling it low-level terrorism, officially.


Debra: But anybody who disagrees with the so-called government on anything, whether you disagree on the global warming scam or you disagree on the official 9/11 story, you're all terrorists, now.


Alan: That's correct, and that's the only way they can go now.  It's the only way they can go, is to make examples.  Terrify people by long jail sentences or stuff like that, to quieten them down. Because either it will continue, speaking the truth, or they will just come down on us.  They have no other option. 


Debra: No, and just, you know, but just on the face of it.  How ridiculous is that?  You know, any sane or thinking person, is going to say, well, you take whatever you read/see/hear with a grain of salt.  Not everything on the internet is 100% factual.  You have to understand that there are government paid agents out there.


Alan: I've read the articles where they have teams of specialists that go in and get chatty to people in chat rooms and then infiltrate, and then get a following, and use them to bombard people with hate mail and stuff.  But it's government agents that are doing it. 


Debra: Right.  And you know, what I've always said to people is, you know, be an individual.  You are an individual.  You're a sovereign person.  You don't need to belong to Group A, Group B, Group C, whatever.  You have.


Alan: Yep.  You mean you don't get a fancy cap for the gang?


Debra: (Giggle) I don't need a gang.  I don't need a following.  You know, and nobody does.  And as long as people maintain that individual status, you know, this is what they can't fight.  They can't fight that you're a sovereign individual.


Alan: And they hate it.  They have said at the United Nations openly that the cause of all wars is individuality.  I'm not kidding.  And therefore, the enemy of their perfect Utopia for the world peace is individuality.  It must be destroyed.


Debra: That would make me an individual enemy of the world.


Alan: Yeah.  That's right.


Debra: And I'm proud of it.


Alan: That's where they've gone with it, and they're going to go a lot further.  And it will, I mean, we're already living in fantasy land when you listen to the guys at the top, with their declarations, as they keep piling laws and rules on us all.  What to say, how to behave, what to eat, what not to eat.


Debra: Oh, it's crazy.


Alan: How heavy you should be, how light you should be.  How your child should be.  What color eyes.  You know.


Debra: And now they're blaming, oh, you've got all these fat people. Well, my God.  You know, they can't afford anything else but the dollar menu at McDonald's.


Alan: And also the stuff they've been forced with the GMO and plus all the stuff they put in the animals.  But it's mainly the oils now.  They cannot tolerate it.  It gets stored as fat and you cannot take it off.  The scientists at the top know this.  They've bio-engineered the people.  We're seeing the end product of it.  And also, don't forget that the United Nations who got all the countries to sign, I mean sign, after the War on Smoking, which the UN declared, the War on Obesity.  So it's from the United Nations, again, this whole PR spin on obesity.


Debra: And it's just, it's horrible, because it's the people that have no money and no hope.


Alan: But it's also designed to stigmatize another segment of society, you see, and create fear within people and so on, and give government more regulation over personal lives, right down to what you eat and how much you weigh and so on.


Debra: Yeah, and it's horrific, because these are the people that are going to be targeted.  At least in the area that I live, they have nothing.  They have nothing.  They're just barely eking by.  You know, so yeah, they're eating whatever fills them up, potatoes.


Alan: And what's cheap.  All the stuff that you buy nowadays, if you're buying processed stuff and all the rest of it, contains these oils.  The body cannot, it will store them as fat, it can't reconvert them.  And once you're thirty pounds over, you never get it off.  And that's from the top guys.  They've tried and tried.  This is bioengineering, absolutely.  But there's the break coming, so I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now we'll go to Dan from Tennessee. 


Dan: Hi, Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Dan: Did you make reference to this article from UPI from, I kind of caught your show mid-broadcast, about Netanyahu attacking Iran with television?


Alan: I think I have in the past.


Dan: Well, let me tell you this.  This is from 2002, UPI.  It says a former Israeli prime minister Thursday called upon the United States to effect regime change in both Iraq and Iran for ascribing a military invasion to topple the government in Baghdad and the transmission of ribald television programming via satellite into Persia, where he said the influx of pop culture would prove subversive to the conservative Islamic regime.  Citing the hundreds of thousands satellite television dishes in Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu.


Alan: Yeah, I know all that, but the thing is too, that was even in the US military's own magazine.  I read that on the air. They said that they would bring in subversive culture, actually what they said was, one of the lowest subversive cultures into the rest of the world, because they said the rest of the world wants it.  They were talking about the American low culture that's been given to the public here, and use that across the world.


Dan: There's a good movie, if you haven't seen it.  It's called Nose: Iranian Style.  And it's about the epidemic of nose jobs in Iran.


Alan: I don't know about that.  I know what they had in Iran is a service going on right now where they'll give you sex changes.  That was on public broadcasting just a few nights ago.


Dan: Right, it's like apparently plastic surgery is a big thing in Iran right now, to change, you know, the way even Iranians look to try to look more Western.


Alan: Iran is not the country that people think it is.  Iran is, apart from the actual smaller religious groups that are in Iran, most people in Iran are almost atheistic, you know.  And they're all for grabbing what they think is democracy.  They have no idea what democracy really is.  We've been losing, if we ever had it, if we ever had it, we've been losing it all along.  But these people over there don't know that. 


Dan: You know, just kind of as an aside, I haven't heard a lot of people talk about this, but I remember back in like the late '70s after Bonn Scott from AC/DC died, his sister was interviewed on Westwood 1.  Her name is Adelaire Kinear, and she was trying to put to rest a rumor that AC/DC the acronym stood for Anti-Christ, Devil's Child.  And she said her brother, who died of an alcohol overdose told her that it was called Aleister Crowley Death Cult.  That's what AC/DC stood for.


Alan: Well, I tell you, I don't know if it was or not, but all through that era, almost every group that there was, and right up to the present day, were definitely into Crowley.  It's even on the Beatles album, Sergeant Pepper.  You'll see it on the front page, all their heroes, and Aleister Crowley's there, along with Marx and Lenin and so on.  Amazing, but they do put it right in your face, and they all join the OTO, that's the big movement for the New Age Masonic movement.  Thanks for calling.  That's the music for tonight.  So, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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