July 3, 2009 #356

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 3, 2009:

Masters -- Future's Theirs, Scything the Tares:

"Some Accusations True, Others Wild,
Concerning Ongoing Empire of Lords Rothschild,
Which in Each Generation Produces a Sage
In Control of Economy from Age to Age,
The Present Lord Steps Out from Complacency
To Set Up 'World Environment Agency,'
Where Heavy Taxation Extracted from Mass,
Under Guise of Reducing CO2 Gas,
Will Find its Way (and Rothschild will Thank)
To Switzerland, in Care of Rothschild Bank,
Taxing Procreation, Each Child You Make,
Producing, Consuming, Each Breath You Take"
© Alan Watt July 3, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 3, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on July the 3rd 2009.  I always advise the newcomers to go into my cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and on the front page you’ll see all the other sites that I have.  It’s a good idea to bookmark these because I do get trouble with some of the main servers once in a while, and I expect more in the future.  Therefore you can take your pick of the sites you see.  It’s often a good idea if you get problems downloading because there are so many thousands going into the .com site at once.  So you can spread the bandwidth using one of the other sites and get the same download much easier.  [Sites listed above.]  There's my European site, alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, that has all the same audios, plus you can download translated transcripts from many of these talks written in the various languages of Europe.


You the listeners keep me going because, as you know, I don’t accept money from advertisers.  The ads you hear during the show breaks pay directly the station RBN for their time, equipment and engineers, maintenance, bills and all the rest of it.  You can keep me going by buying that which I have for sale on my websites, the books, DVDs, CDs and so on; or you can donate to me.  [Methods and mailing address listed above.] 


We're living through the greatest time really, the greatest changes I should say, in history since at least the beginning of the industrial revolution. That's what they said it'd be called at the top, they said this themselves in their own publications. I'm talking about the big institutes and foundations that plan and shape and direct the course of the world. We find the same people for instance, who set up the Lord Milner Group and coupled it with the Cecil Rhodes foundation.  Now the Milner group was made up of bankers, the wealthiest bankers of London, the City of London.  They all went to All Soul's Collage, Oxford. And so did the members of the Cecil Rhodes Society; they formed together the new group, which they called The Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Their own historian, professor Carroll Quigley who was given access to all their histories and documents, said that they had so much to do with the history of over a hundred years for the whole world, that it was time that their name was recognised.


They had helped foment wars from the very beginning to get a new world society under way, beginning with South Africa and the Jameson raid. I'm going to go into some of the descendants of  these same people and what they're doing today, after this break.



Hi folks, I am Alan Watt. We're cutting through the matrix.

Just talking about one of the big institutions, that wasn't the first one that these boys and their predecessors had run, but it's one that is well documented, and that is The Royal Institutes of International Affairs and its foreign counterpart, The Council on Foreign Relations.  They are in every single country across the planet today and they've even got an Institute for the European Union, for all of the countries of the European Union.  And the CFR came out openly... this descendant remember of Cecil Rhodes, Lord Milner and Rothschild; that's what they are, they're descendants of this one organisation ...And the CFR came out openly in 2005 on Canadian television, on national CBC Television as themselves for the first time, not as spokesmen or advisors to politicians, but actually as their own private organisation and boasting that they had drafted up the agreements that the president of the US, the prime ministers of Mexico and Canada were signing,  as the first open part of complete integration under the United Americas, or NAFTA [ North American Free Trade Agreement]. The last one is to take place in 2010 and then we're completely all one.


Winston Churchill even remarked on this particular group because he was only prime minister you see and he had been left out of the loop. I've read this on the air as a statement from one of his speeches, where he lambasted this group in parliament.  He said, “The power that a secret group of people had in this country," where they could even, because of their incredible wealth, hire authors to write books on British history, even recent history, and cover up their own parts in the formulation of the direction of Britain and the world was “simply unthinkable”, he said, “it could not be allowed to continue”. Well it was allowed to continue, and up to the present time.


As I say, the Milner Group, that worked in the late 1800's into the early 1900's and through into the thirties and beyond, as others took over, and they called it The Royal Institute of International Affairs / CFR, according to Professor Carroll Quigley had been behind all the major wars. All the wars you see, help to amalgamate, cause crisis, change societies on all sides, comes to treaty agreements and then you amalgamate everything into a “United Nations” body, as an embryo of a world government. That was always their ambition.  But remember, the bankers set it up in the first place.


Cecil Rhodes left his will to Lord Rothschild, who was a member of course of the group. Cecil Rhodes in fact was sent all over Africa for his part in trying to take over from the Boers. They created the Boer war in fact, as I say, they blamed it on the Boers by creating a raid, the  “Jameson raid” it was called. They even had their own reporter for London who wrote back with factual stories, saying that it was the Boers that attacked British settlements when it was the other way around.  The Jameson boys / the Cecil Rhodes boys had actually gone in and started killing off Boers. Then the British government got involved saying 'well we've got an excuse to go in now ', and 'we must protect the settlers ', in they went and took over, created Rhodesia and took over South Africa. That's how they start wars. Always by intrigue.


Lord Rothschild was in it, on this, from the beginning. Why not you see because the Rothschild's had already been running the affairs of Britain since they had taken over The Bank of England. They also had other brothers taking over the central banks of other countries at the same time. That's incredible planning and a massive organisation outside of the family, obviously, to protect them and enable them to come into being.  And I've often said it's completely... not just unusual, but it's impossible for the average father to have sons continuously, generation to generation, where they don't deviate from some particular role, the same role, down through history. When you see how active the Rothschild's were, not only in taking over the central banks of countries, the organisation as I say, and obviously a big organisation behind them to allow it to happen, and protect them.  Then you can see, there's something else behind this. They already had a plan, obviously, for not just taking over Europe and its financial system, but taking over a world and a world system, because economists deal with populations and history. They're the ones who've records and archives of histories of peoples going back into ancient times... How civilisations rise and fall... and they always make sure of course they project the populations, to pay off debt and all that. You have to know, even through census, what the breeding rate is, how many children there will be in the future to pay off debts etc. etc. etc. They're always involved in the same agenda.  They never deviate and say 'Oh daddy, I want to go off and be an engineer or something.' No, they always end up in the banking, and not only in the banking but heavily involved in politics.  Remember, the International Monetary Fund that comes into countries when you're bankrupt and directs your policies, its main job is to make sure that you pay back the private bankers—the Rothschild's being one of them—that lent you the money in the first place. That's their main job. So they have an affair in politics, a big hand to play in politics.


Now they're going of course for the world, and we know about The Club of Rome and all their other offspring, all these lesser organisations that sprung off as specialised departments, but they're all still specialised departments of the same one organisation that was in the open as I say, under Cecil Rhodes / Lord Milner and then The Royal Institutes for International Affairs / CFR. They're all specialised branches. It's only natural as they come into a post-industrial society, even post-technological, that they create a system to take over from that. And it must be a system that is a substitute for war because only in a war scenario do we give up all our rights. You see? That's what The Club of Rome decided. And they came up with the idea that global warming would fit the bill. That's what they said in their book, “The First Global Revolution”. That was back in the 1970's they came up with that idea.


Out of it too, was to come a new economy to take over from the economy gone, the industrial economy, the manufacturing economy. So lo and behold what do we have today ? We have... 'out comes Mr. Rothschild again '. He's been coming out for years. They're busy taking over the world's resources, as they always have been. They're taking over the vast farmlands of India right now. It's been on national television. Resources you see ?.. that's how you control people.


A few days ago I gave a link to George Hunt who attends environment meetings. The big ones where Maurice Strong and even Rothschild has spoken, and you can hear Rothschild for yourself, still involved in this new system of grabbing balloons of fictional carbon taxes or carbon to trade to each other for this new economy, you see, that's going to reduce everyone on the planet to serfdom. That's the idea of it. It's going to make sure... it's actually going to come out and tell you eventually that you can't have any children at all unless you're specially authorised. Of the 'right stock' of course.  That's all going to come out of this, under the guise of saving the world. And you're going to pay for everything you buy, ten hundred times over, for all the supposed carbon that went into making that particular item.  It's slavery.


We must get used to using our own judgements and not grabbing the media's perceptions that they trade off to us. Don't take the media-perception. That's already pre-made. It's a 'one suit fits all' idea. You've got to come to it by your own sensibilities and study.


Here's an article about Mr. Rothschild, from The Telegraph, the 31st of January 2008.  Now, going back to George Hunt, I think it was in the early 1990's, you see Rothschild there on the video. I'll put up that link by the way on CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com, where you'll hear Rothschild talking of the need to set up an “eco-bank” to trade in all this carbon etc. back in the 90's. And of course the one he suggested was that it would come through his own private bank in Switzerland. You know how much they'd make overnight ? With billions and billions going through that bank per night ? Do you know how much they'd make personally ? But here he is, involved in the politics of it all, because he must bring it into being. And remember going back to Cecil Rhodes' day, there's the great grandfather of Rothschild's, helping to start off a British Empire system that they said would “be the nucleus for a world government”.  That's what you saw with the European Union, the North American Union, the Pacific Rim. The Royal Institute for International Affairs set up each department for this integration.


Getting back to the Telegraph, 31st of January 2008,


“Simon Linnett, Executive Vice-Chairman of Rothschild, has called for a new international body, the World Environment Agency, to regulate carbon trading. In a recently published paper, Trading Emissions, for the Social Market Foundation,.. ”


Another foundation, you see ?


“ ...Mr Linnett argues that the International problem of climate change demands an international solution. ”


And he's speaking remember, on behalf of his boss, Rothschild,


“ Unless governments cede some of their sovereignty to a new world body, he says, a global carbon trading scheme cannot be enforced and regulated. ”


So, there's the threat you see.

Now, these are from your international bankers who run the IMF [International Monetary Fund]...

 “Unless governments cede some of their sovereignty to a new world body, he says, a global carbon trading scheme cannot be enforced and regulated”.


You think your governments really matter ? Governments are a tool, that's all, of these bankers, these foundation people.

Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt. We're cutting through the matrix.

Reading an article to do with Rothschild's, pushing to make sure that his descendants will be running the world again for the next hundred or two hundred years under the carbon tax scam and 'saving the environment '. But why not ? They've pulled incredible cons before to run the world for hundreds of years; this is just the latest one.  It's not just the Rothschild's, it's a coterie of them, and there's lots of them in fact, descendants of them and other family names and so on, all throughout the aristocracy, and in through governments, with titles, and Barons, and Lordships and Sirs. 


This article as I say is from The Telegraph. On that page you'll also find the full paper link to Social Market Foundation it's called. Underneath it, it says,


“An urgent global response." This was how Nicolas Stern described the problem of carbon dioxide emissions, in his recent review of the economics of climate change.”


They're calling it that now rather than “global warming” because that kind of fell flat. It's been cooling for years,


“The sense of an impending crisis infuses our all debates on this issue.”


And it's true, you see they have their committees, their appointed committees; you don't elect them on every parliamentary seat or bench in every country. You see they're appointed to them. You also have your panels now, inter-party panels appointed to every congress and parliament, to make sure this goes through.


As I say, why not, why shouldn't these guys control the world for another couple of hundred years ?…and direct it into their perfect utopia.  And now that they can start culling us off, they don't need us to manufacture any more, they don't need us to go off and fight all the wars they've planned. They're almost finished with the wars. Now the war is against the general population of the whole planet, overpopulation they claim, which is nonsense, but what they really mean is the “useless eaters”.


You see economists don't believe in keeping pets around, and that's what we are now, we're just pets, spoiled pets supposedly, that are “eating all the resources”, and using the resources of their families, the elite's families, those who have evolved more. It's for those families to survive in the future; and here we are, we're not producing anymore, we're just basically patting things around in a service economy and using up all their resources that their great-grandchildren should be using one day for themselves. That's what it's all about.


Slavery is slavery and do you know, if you go into Charles Galton Darwin's book (grandson of Charles Darwin), it's called “The Next Million Years”, a massive boast of culling off “the useless eaters” again, and how the elite should come through, and how the servant class should be basically lobotomised, to make them obedient and not too bright. While he said himself that the ruling body who are guiding the world, 'the captains of the ship', they won't have lobotomies or anything done to their bodies to make them stupid. Because “you must retain your survival capabilities” to run the ship... called planet earth. Arrogance. Incredible arrogance, but not just arrogance... They have the power, financial and organisation wise, to do so. And they have been doing it, by the way. Incredible.


This article here is from the big man himself who is obviously going to be in charge of the World Environment Agency. At least all the money for the world in carbon trading will go through his family bank in Switzerland. Isn't that a nice little arrangement ?  Democracy's wonderful, isn't it ? And that's all it is you see ?... Governments are just a tool for the real government, the unelected one, to use. Because they use law and then they force us by law to go along with it. “...well it's the law”. “You breathed 10 breaths more than usual today because you were jogging. “ We've got to tax you on that... Slave.”  Charles Galton Darwin said, “there's always been slavery in one form or another”. Well true enough, right through the feudal system, into the 1800's in some parts of Britain you had serfs. Serfdom. That's a slave. You're bought and sold with the land.


Then they gave us a thing called democracy, where we're allowed to work for this odd thing called money.


And it's much better you see, it's more efficient to have the slave buy his own clothes, buy his own food, pay for his own rent and so on / accommodation. Rather than having all these guys going around throwing rags at you. “More efficient” and that's what he said.  Charles Galton Darwin says,


“There's always been slavery in one form or another and we are in the process...”


This is in the 1950's,


“...we are in the process now of creating a more sophisticated slavery.”


You couldn't get more sophisticated than carbon trading and carbon taxes. It's very sophisticated. It's so out of it that the average mind can't get around it. That's why they picked this idea. Because no one can prove or disprove it. Beautiful.


The Swine flu pandemic. My God it's one crisis after another. And we've heard so much rubbish about the Swine flu since the media hyped it all up out of all proportion. I've read so many articles that have gone against all their reporting of it, including the fact that Scotland was reporting everybody with a sniffle as having Swine flu. And many countries were reporting by phone only, and getting put down on numbers, and many of the folk who said they might have had it had the mildest... what they felt might have been a head cold for a day or two.  But you never get this impression if you read the media because, again, it's a must-be scenario to get the whole world stampeding into accepting inoculations, which I don't truly believe have anything to do with what they say.

I'll be back with more on this topic after this break.


I'm Alan watt. We're cutting through the matrix.

Talking about swine flu now and how they're hyping this out of all proportion and how they're using fudged and fake numbers to justify a “pandemic” and all the rest of it. And how we all must suddenly get in on the action and accept... three shots they want to give every one. Three shots. One of the common flu mixes, which is a triple mix actually, and then couple it with the swine flu, which is the last thing you'd want to do, because you become the breeder as it mixes in your body like a test tube and produces the inevitable, eventually; out of the population, someone will have an odd set of genes that'll make it the 'killer flu'. So, that's what they want to do is, make us the breeders and get it going. Right now it's nothing. It's a mild thing that comes and goes.  The very elderly etc. who've died with it so far were already dying with other complications. The babies and so on they are using... they tell you months afterwards that they were born 3 months premature and probably wouldn't have lived anyway. This is how they fudge the figures, by omission, because they want to create panic and they want compliance. In fact if you read the articles given to doctors and nurses right now through all the hospitals, they give them courses in the magazines on how to gain compliance of the general public. Not just approval or cooperation but compliance. It's a must-be.



And this article here is from The Mail Online, 30th June 2009...


“ The swine flu pandemic may have been caused... ”


This is quite a story,


“ ...may have been caused by an accidental leak from a laboratory three decades ago, scientists have claimed.  An investigation into the genetic make-up of flu viruses claims the pandemic may not have occurred, had it not been for the accidental release of the same strain of influenza virus from a research lab in 1977. ”


This is the latest story to cover up the fact that it was recently released.  What they found, and I'm interjecting here, was that this supposed strain of the virus, the “swine” flu, has the swine itself, the pig part of the gene make up of it, is from a Eurasian pig. It's not from a South American pig. It's not from Mexico. So here they come out with a quick cover story. Like this one... It says,


 “ The Independent reported that researchers believe this strain of the virus had been extinct in the human population for more than 20 years until it was unwittingly reintroduced by scientists. The study in The New England Journal of Medicine said: 'Careful study of the genetic origin of the (1977) virus showed that it was closely related to a 1950 strain, but dissimilar to influenza 'A' (H1N1) strains from both 1947 and 1957. 'This finding suggested that the 1977 outbreak strain has been preserved since 1950. ” 


Boy, if you're not getting confused now, you will be by the time you're finished it,


“ The re-emergence was probably... ”


I like 'may' and 'probably'.


“ ...an accidental release from a laboratory source.' The strain is thought to be behind the pandemic in 1977 which began in Russia and China.”


So, that's the latest nonsense about it.  What I've heard though, if you get the swine flu, the first symptoms are your nose gets kinda runny, then blocked... then you start sort of grunting like a pig. Then you have an insatiable desire, to run off into the forest and dig for truffles. That's the only sure way you'll know you've got it.



And here's from the BBC, Thursday, 2nd of July, 2009.

Listen to this one. You see they just can't get the figures to justify what they're pushing right now,


“ Swine Flu cannot be contained... ”


Oh my goodness ! Now they've been sending school children home and everyone else home supposedly with the flu, rather than quarantine them. Now what would you expect ? Normally it would spread to the rest of the family and neighbours and the rest of it. That's how seriously they've been treating it up until now, they've been sending everyone home or telling them to 'stay at home and have a couple of days rest'. So now that after doing all this for months now, they say, “swine flu cannot be contained... ”. They never tried to contain it.

It says,


Andy Burnham: “ We could see over 100,000 cases per day by the end of August. ”


He says,


The rising numbers of swine flu cases mean trying to contain the virus is no longer an option, the government says. Ministers... ”


That's politicians,


“... said the emergency response would now move to a new "treatment" phase across the UK as there may soon be 100,000 new cases a day. ”


I love how... The crystal balls are amazing, aren't they ?


“ It means anti-flu drugs will no longer be given to the close contacts of those infected... ”


Well, they haven't been doing it so far,


“ ...nor will lab testing be done to confirm cases. ”


Do you understand, everybody with a sniffle who phones the doctor will be put down as having the swine flu ? That's what they want. Or hay fever.


“ The move has been made to relieve the pressure on the health service. ”


So they won't even give them nasal tests or anything else or a swab test,


“ The announcement, which comes into effect immediately, has long been expected. It does not mean the pandemic virus is becoming more deadly, just that it can no longer be contained. ”


Who tried to contain it ?


“ When people are displaying symptoms, they should contact the NHS by phone, the government said. ”


I love how they said, “the government”... It's like 'the God' ,


“If doctors believe the person is suffering from swine flu they will be told to stay at home and be given a voucher which a friend or family member can take to a drug collection point, such as a pharmacy. But GP's will have the discretion not to prescribe anti-viral drugs. Some experts...”


You know, the experts again... The age of expert rule ?


“ ...believe the drugs should just be targeted at the most vulnerable as the virus is quite mild and overuse can lead to resistance. ”


So in other words the virus is intelligent, it's kind of gone into its own little war ! 'Aah, there's anti-viral drugs out there, “let's mutate and become invincible”. I guess that's evolution in practice eh?

But that's the rubbish were fed. All the time



This article here, is from The Telegraph. I'll put the links up at the end of the show as I say anyway. It's from The Telegraph. 3rd of July 2009. And it's a scare article. Probably a handout. To get you used to being scared, really. That's what cameras are up for also, at traffic lights and stuff. To put fear into you. 'You're being watched'. It's all to make you feel nervous so that you can't relax or really feel free.  It's training you not to be free.



“ Big brother is watching: The technologies that keep track of you ”

“ CCTV, RFID tags and GPS enabled phones are among the technologies that can be used to keep track of your movements. ”


It says,


“ The furore around the Chinese government’s Green Dam software has raised the issue of the way modern technology is used to monitor our daily lives. Here, we list seven of the technologies that can be used to keep track of your movements. ”


And then they list them all.



“ Closed-circuit television cameras were first used in Germany in 1942 to remotely monitor the launch of V2 rockets. Since then, CCTVs have become one of the most contentious pieces of technology in public use. The government and law enforcement agencies claim the use of video monitoring technology can help reduce crime and improve public safety;... ”


Even they disclose at the end of every year that crime has gone up and the cameras haven't helped at all,


“...critics argue that the cameras serve only to displace crime to unmonitored areas, and do not act as a deterrent. With more than four million CCTV units in the UK, the network of cameras captures the average person around 25 times a day.


RFID tags:

Radio frequency identification chips are already widely used in supermarkets and shops for the purpose of stock control, but some people fear their use could be widened to monitor the habits and behaviour of ordinary citizens. ”


Well, of course they've been using it for that. For a long time.


“ At the moment, these tags, which are little bigger than a grain of sand, are embedded into pints of milk and library books. When paired with an RFID reader, the tags can help to provide detailed information about items, such as their location, or how many there are. Although most people are happy... ”


“ ...most people are happy... ” (chuckles),


“ ...for RFID tags to be used in stores to monitor stock levels, they’re less happy about the idea of the chips still sending out a signal once they leave the shop. On a benign level, such tracking capabilities would mean a store would know that people in Hertfordshire prefer blue cashmere jumpers, while those in Aberdeen favour the brown versions. But on a more sinister level, it could also enable them to glean an unprecedented insight into our personal lives, and target their brands to us accordingly. To those people who fear a “surveillance culture”,.. ”


Like, we shouldn't ? Are normal people the ones who don't fear a surveillance culture ?


“ To those people who fear a “surveillance culture”, the ability to tag and track everything from our food to our clothes would be the next step on an already slippery slope. ”


Then they go through Telecoms Technology and various other things that are used now and are coming in, in the future. It's just astonishing really. He goes through the email monitoring software, and all the organisations that are watching everything that you do... for this “Brave New World” as I say, where we're going to be reduced to utter slavery.



Now, many people try to be good in every age and they obey all the laws, and as laws get wickeder and nastier they keep bowing down lower and lower saying “I'm good, I'm good, I follow all the social rules” and they hope to be left alone. Well, no one in this 'New World Order', that's being implemented now, is going to be 'left alone'. Ever. So get used to the reality of it. Hunkering down, and “being good” is not going to save you. That's not the intention.



Years ago, I read articles in newspapers in Canada, the States and in Britain, all the same articles. It was amazing to travel the world and see the same laws being introduced across the planet at the same time, but never mentioning the fact it was international laws. Every country thought it was their own governments, just putting these laws through. All coming from the United Nations, and from the IMF and  the big money boys.


Many articles were written, as far back as the 70's, about all the pensions that had been set up, all the pension funds and unemployment insurance, and how, as soon as the money went into government, it was used on other purposes and that “one day” there'd be a day of reckoning. But I knew at the time you know, they've given one generation, only one generation, that's all really, a pension that they could start to almost live on. Especially in the European countries. And I realised by the reports coming out from the economists and all that, it was not intended to keep it going in subsequent populations and generations.


So how are they getting round all of the pay-offs since they spent it ? Governments are always spending things on other... By the way, too I mentioned value added tax the other day. In Canada they called it the GST, General Sales Tax, because it was voted out of the VAT so they brought it back as General Sales Tax. And Brian Mulroney [18th Prime Minister of Canada] who was the big pusher of that time, said it would be spent, and go towards... every penny would go towards paying the national debt. When he left office he was asked the question, “have we paid off the national debt?”, he said, “Not one penny of it went to the national debt.”  Well it's the same with your pensions you see.


So now, they're finding ways not to pay you. How do you do that ? You've got read things like this... or see the movie “The Sting” ...

Stuff like that to see how the mindset of these people really works at the top.


This is from the BBC. 2nd of July 2009.


“ Pension view 'not radical enough'. ” By Lord Turner: "Raise state pension age to 70".


Knowing that most folk will die before they hit 70. The guys will you see. They know this,


“ The author of an influential report into the future of pensions now believes that his proposals were not radical enough.  Lord Turner told the BBC he would now argue that the age at which people received a state pension should be raised more quickly. ”


Now this will happen across the whole commonwealth. Canada will get it; the States always follows Britain as well. So that will be there shortly,


“ He also suggested public sector workers should move to more flexible pensions, rather than a final salary scheme.

His commission's proposals four years ago moulded government pensions policy.

[Pension age]

The age at which people start to receive the state pension is getting later in the coming decades, close to the recommendations made by Lord Turner's Pensions Commission. People can still retire...”


Now here you go,


“ People can still retire at a younger age, but will not be paid a state pension until they reached the "pension age". ”


70 !? What, so you can retire at 60 and starve till you're 70 ?


“ The state pension age for men and women will rise to 66 in 2 thousand... ”


They even got it worked out but you know it's going to be a lot sooner than what they give you here. This is floating the trial balloon to get you used to the idea,


“ ...will rise to 66 in 2024, to 67 in 2034 and 68 in 2044. Each rise will be phased-in over two years.

Lord Turner told the BBC that there were arguments made during his review that the pension age go up to 70 by as early as 2030.”


They'll bring it in before the next 10 years are out.

He says,


“ "If I was redoing my report I would be more radical, arguing for an even faster increase in the state pension age," he said. ”


Do you realise the British politicians and the House of Lords just voted themselves one of the largest pay increases and cost-of-living pensions ever in the British history ? But here they are, living off the sweat of others, as always, slapping all the ones below that pay all of their big fat pensions,


“ A number of other recommendations from the commission became pension policy and law.

They included the view that increases in the state pension age should be linked to rising life expectancy,.. ”


Ha ha ha [mock laugh], We're all dying of cancers. Because of the food we're eating that's laced with a mass of killer pesticide.


“ that the state pension be linked to average wages and not prices, and the introduction of a "personal accounts" for those without access to company schemes.


Recession factor:

The economic downturn has brought the health of company and public sector pension schemes into sharp focus.

With deficits mounting, a number of household name-companies have closed their final salary schemes, not only to new members but also to existing members. ”


So what do they do ? Well you just hit the masses again. And say tough luck. But if you can make it till you're 70 you might get a year or two of getting some of the money back that you paid in. And that the government invested elsewhere, or used for other purposes. Or voted for their own pay increases at the top. That's the reality of the world we live in. It's amazing what we take, isn't it ? I mean isn't it amazing. Amazing what we take?


It's true what they say... The people's backs will be to the wall and they'll be starving but they'll never ever... because of the incredible micro-management of their minds through media and television and entertainment. This strange surrealistic milieu. Where fact is mixed with fiction. Horror mixed with laughter. They're out of the picture. They're like punch-drunk zombies. They'll never stand up and say 'we've had enough of your utter corruption. For too long'.


From the article here, it's interesting to see how they really push. Monsanto's been getting hit with a lot of bad publicity, so they're bringing on board one of the biggest players... family players. International, long-time family players, the Dole family. Monsanto's bringing them on board. And the Dole's are heavily involved with CIA and always have been.

Back with more after this break.


I'm Alan Watt. We're cutting through the matrix.

I'm reading another article about the GMO food industry and Monsanto's teaming up with another giant you see? And the headline here is,


“ Monsanto & Dole Team Up to Force-Feed Consumers Genetically Engineered Fruits & Veggies. ”


That's the title from The Organic Consumers Association.

It says here,


“ Monsanto & Dole Team Up to Force-Feed Consumers Genetically Engineered Fruits & Veggies:

Dole, Monsanto enter into innovation agreement.

By Eric Schroeder

Food Business News, June 23, 2009.


It's got the link too, for the whole story.


“MONTEREY, CALIF. - Dole Fresh Vegetables,...”


They also have the massive fruit industry where they sell stuff abroad too in cans,


“... Inc. and Monsanto Co. have entered into an agreement to develop new products that will "enhance consumer vegetable choices," according to the companies. The five-year agreement will focus... ”


So they're going after all the other stuff, not just the grain now,


“ ...on broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and spinach. ”


And there'll be other ones too,


“ Any new products developed through the agreement will be commercialized by Dole in North America. Plant breeding techniques will be used to improve the nutrition, flavour, colour, texture, taste and aroma of the vegetables. Monsanto's role in the collaboration will be to improve... “


That means GMO [genetically modified organisms],


“ ...the development of new and beneficial vegetable characteristics. Their efforts will be guided by Dole's knowledge of consumer needs and marketing. ”


As I say, go into the Dole family because you see, they're also big players. You see, it's not just banking you're into, it's everything humans need to live on. And Dole, they were out for, to take over the world's resources remember. That includes food supplies as well. You look into the big names, the Heinz's and so on, they've been taking over the world's food supplies. That's what they were doing. And the Dole family have been in and out of politics and the CIA for generations. Big players. Not just “owners of resources”, but human resources that you'll need to live. That's how it really is run.


Now, I think there is a caller there. He's 'pay day Monsanto', Philly


Philly: How you doing there, great show.  I just want to be brief. I didn't want to come too late... I just want to commend you again, it's been a while since I called, for taking us deep down the rabbit hole, I see a cartoon of you just coming out of a rabbit hole and somebody looking down you know, indicating like wow  [laughs]. But there's something you said on another show that really took me by surprise and I looked into it a little bit and I could see how it could be, but I was wondering if you could maybe direct one towards a place where we could see what you saw...  Bristow and Zündel .


Alan: That was in the Toronto Sun, and Grant Bristow's brother-in-law came out and sold the story to the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star, and exposed Grant Bristow as the right hand man of Ernst Zündel, who supplied money to Zündel. Even the skinheads were suspicious of this guy Bristow because he had all this money and equipment for debugging, there was obviously bugging going on in Zündel's office, and then it broke out and he said 'yes' he was also employed by Canadian security intelligence service (CSIS).


Philly: That's breakthrough information. 


Alan: He was also Jewish, he attended the synagogue in Toronto. And after the story broke they moved him... The papers found him in Alberta. The government had bought him a brand new house, a nice big van / SUV and so on. And now he's back in the role, hunting down supposedly anti-Semitics. But he's employed by the Canadian government. He also handed out all the private numbers of top Jewish people in Toronto, gave them to the skinheads to get a harassment campaign going. So, here's a Jew, working for the Canadian secret intelligence security service, harassing Jews to create anti-Semitism and getting paid by the government to do it. Quite the thing.

From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



Transcribed by Liam.



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