July 7th, 2009 (#358)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 7th, 2009:

Media's Cattle-Prod Shocking -- Gods are-a-Mocking:

"Dialectic of News, Utopian and Dystopian,
Has Us Shocked Like Dogs, Tortured Pavlovian,
Socialist Agendas Rotten to Core,
Scary Scenarios by Front-man Al Gore
Pushing the 'Facts' of Selected Science,
Elevating Further This Unholy Alliance
Of Money-Masters, Strategists, Political Whores,
Mass-Murdering Psychopaths Love Dirtiest Chores,
Anything at All to Acquire More Fame,
Go Down in History Book of World Chess-Game,
To Reach This Utopia Requires Mass Slaughter,
No Conscience This Demiurge, Scarlet His Daughter"
© Alan Watt July 7th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 7th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on July the 7th, 2009.  Newcomers, I advise to go into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, where you can download for free, hundreds and hundreds of talks I've given in the past, where I try and give you the shortcuts to the big, big picture.  And help you break out of the Matrix, the so-called Matrix, the reality that's been foisted upon you from birth.  And on the front page too of the .com site, you can see all the other sites I have up there, you should bookmark these because in the future there will be problems with the main servers, and you can always get all of these shows, hopefully from the alternate sites I have.  There's cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, which is very dependable.  There's also cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, there's alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca, and lastly there's alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, which is the European site, which also has all the audio shows on it, plus it has some written transcripts which you can print up for download, and pass around for your friends.  And they're written in the various languages of Europe.  I always go into this little spiel right now, I don't break it up throughout the show, I should, because people tend to skip over it, but nothing in this world lives on fresh air, regardless of what the climatologists say, and as long as we are in this system, and forced to be in it, we all live on those pennies that come in.  Which are soon gone again.  They're taken from us rather quickly by various means.  So you have to keep me going, by donating.  You'll find out how to do it on the front page of the website.  Through paypal, through personal check, US and Canada.  There's Western Union for abroad.  There's Money Grams, there's all kinds of methods these days.  And some people even just send a $5.00 here and there in cash.  And it's up to you.  Or you can buy the books I have for sale, I've written them, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or the discs, the DVD, or CDs as well.  That keeps me going, it helps me tick over, because the ads you here on this show, or any of the shows I'm on, go right to the station.  I have nothing to do with it.  That pays for the station's time.  It pays for the engineers, equipment and their bills.  And all the rest of it.  So it's up to you to keep me going.  Now those who simply get disks passed around, and lots of people are doing this today.  Once in a while I'll get people saying, how do I get in touch with you, I've heard you on disc, but you never say your address, well, the address to write to [listed above].  And that's over and done with for now. 


As I say, I never really prepare talks.  I sometimes have something rambling through my head, towards the beginning of the show, but it's generally to do with what's been given out for information to the public by the mainstream media.  Much of it is trivia.  Much of it is irrelevant.  Others are really a form of predictive programming, in a sense.  Even exposés can be predictive programming, because the more we prattle on about something, and get tied up in it.  You see, it's not important to give people truth from the media's point of view.  It's important that we get tied up in the pros and cons of the topics which they throw at us.  And I try not to do that.  I try to go around them, and show or add to the story, to get the complete picture, and show you where they're going, and I'm going to go into this and read some stuff after I come back from this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Sometimes I let that little bit run on so the guitar can howl.  Sometimes you feel like howling in this world, when we find out how we're really being conned at every step of the game.  And the game in fact is so far ahead of anything that we can imagine, that it's almost impossible to even stumble your way through it.  Until you get into the history books of the big, big foundations, into the beginnings of the Darwinist policies that set up the basics for Socialization, social movements, the Fabian System, Communism, the Nazi system.  These are all socialist type of collectivist movements, because Darwin you see was an elitist himself.  There's much more to Darwin then has been exposed to the general public, and his family as I've mentioned before.  They were already into special breeding, long before he published his particular book that made him famous.  And there was a massive organization already in existence to make him famous.  They could have made his grandfather famous because he'd already written a similar book, prior to Charles, on the same topic.  We know too, now they've declassified some of their information, over 100 years later, that the Royal Society to which Darwin belonged, they could have picked from half a dozen different people to bring forth this particular theory of evolution, that Wallace was one of the main ones, in fact Darwin used a lot of Wallace's stuff, who also belonged to the Royal Society.  But for some reason or other, Charles, maybe because he was more inbred than the rest of them, who knows, or perhaps his father deserved a favor, they threw Charles out in front and gave him the honor of starting this new step into a new way of thinking.  A new way of thinking that was projected, number one, to knock out all the old religions.  That was the main reason for it.  That was the prime reason for it.  Then at the turn of the century with Freud coming out to add to that, you see.


And from Darwin, Freud and even from the writings of other people who are into this idea, this new idea of elitist guidance, expert guidance of the world, or world planners you might call them, we find they created the massive social movements.  As I say, like Communism, collectivism, etc.  All designed to bring in a planned society, the way they thought it should be run.  It was simply too untidy, too untidy, the way it was.  They also knew, being the big builders.  The big builders of societies, and worlds you might say, realities, that no private business could possibly afford the massive projects that they wanted to bring into being.  If you look into the books by H.G. Wells, and he belonged to the Fabian society, he was given the topics in which to include in his novels to write fantastic stories about around them, to bring in possibility thinking, or predictive programming to familiarize people with the idea.  If you look at say for instance, the Shape of Things to Come, towards the end, and look at the black and white movie too, it's very interesting, they made on that movie.  You'll see they had these massive building projects, planetary wide planned.  No private company you see could possibly afford that.  Therefore the idea was, under the guise as "for the people," they would get all the people under Socialism working towards things and creating say water systems across their countries, through their tax money.  Gas.  First it was coal gas, massive tanks outside every city and town.  So the taxpayers built this up, and it was all "the people's," they called it "the people's".  And you didn't mind so much, oh I guess they have to tax us to build this stuff that we need.  Massive road projects and highways, etc.  That's what they had planned, 100 years ago.  Only through Socialization policies could they possibly do it.  However, it was never intended to leave all this structure in the hands of supposedly "the people".  We've seen this game down through the years, where the left wing gets in and socializes something, collectivizes it.  In other words the government takes it over and pays for it to get either built or updated.  Once that's happened, in comes the next party, the right wing and their game is to say, "Oh look.  These Social things are simply not cost-effective, and we're going to privatize it."  And they do this ping-pong game back and forth, down through about a hundred years.  The left wing gets back in again, and then they update it, and fix and repair it with tax money, and then it's privatized once more.  This goes back and forth forever.  That's how you plan big projects.  And the public never really catch on to this, this con game.


Even with NAFTA and GATT and so on, people don't even realize.  A lot of people today lived through the transfer of all the factories to China.  And they lived through the period where everything started to appear in the stores as made in China, and they never really consciously thought about it.  The only ones who consciously thought, and probably forgot afterwards were those who got laid off when the factories closed down.  But the taxpayers again, under this World Socialist System, and we didn't know this at the time either, because it had all been done over many, many years of incremental changes through policies and legalistic meetings of bureaucrats traveling back and forth across the world, all in secrecy basically.  That the taxpayers would fund and pay for all the losses incurred to these big corporations while they moved and set up shop, and we had also to pay for any losses during the first few years, once they were up and running.  We're still paying today for them.  World Socialism, you see.


The great thing is, the public is always punch drunk.  We're kept in a punch drunk situation where information is hammered at us, crisis after crisis comes to us, and you know, not one of these crises that they hand to us, or throw at us, can be solved by us independently.  It's all out of our hands, which in a Pavlovian response makes us freak out, or just simply sit down in the middle of the room, where the cattle prod is not touching you, and you shake and shiver.  And when you're like that, you're easily led by experts.  See?  See Pavlov used to shock the dog.  He'd put the food in the corner, he'd go and pat the dog.  And this would go on for a week or two, and the dog would feel very comfortable and get into this particular little cell, go to its food, eat the food.  Along would come Pavlov, the nice man with the white coat, and then after about two weeks he'd ram this cattle prod into it, and shock it.  So next time he went in with the food, the dog wouldn't go near it.  So then he'd put it in another corner, and then for another week or so, he'd pat the dog, and let it eat the food, everyday, and then he'd shock it there, you see, until all four corners of the room had been tried, and eventually the dog had nowhere else to go.  It was hungry.  It knew if it went into any corner it would get shocked.  And so it would sit in the middle and shiver.  That's a breakdown.  It's called a breakdown.  You're trying to use logic to escape something that's harmful, and there's no escape.  So you simply sit there, and you break down.  You will see the same situation in old clips of Vietnam, where the troops were going through.  Where you'll see the peasants hunkered down, hunkered down with their hands on their heads, and you'll see them literally shaking and sometimes they soil themselves.  That's where there's nothing you can do to help yourself, that's it.  There's nothing.  You can't plead.  The guys can shoot you anyway.  There's nowhere to run.  They'll kill you if you run away. 


In Pavlovian style you've been shocked into immobility.  These techniques are used by those who run the world.  They use it through all psychological programs.  They do it with information as they throw all this information at you, about, oh, Global Warming.  Ah, Terrorist Strikes.  Oh, Bank Crashes.  Oh Bank Bailouts.  Oh, Homelessness.  Everything they're handing to you is done by people you'll never meet.  Never meet.  You'll never meet them or mix with them socially.  Once in a while you'll get a few of their names thrown at you.  Like the person in charge of the Federal Reserve this time or last time or to come or something.  Things like that.  It's all vague and distant.  And most of the things happening across the world again are so far out of your reach that they're almost surrealistic.  As you watch bombs getting dropped here or there.  Or read the occasional article about the military going into kill zones.  That's what they were doing for a while through Iraq.  They were told, okay, you'll target this town today.  You'll kill everything that's in there.  The message gets out to the rest of them.  It terrifies everyone in the area.  And then you'll move on to another village, next week, and wipe them out too.  It's surrealistic, outside of your ken, because it's not happening to you.  And you always say, well it could never happen to us because we live in a really first-class civilization.  That's the same mentality that allowed the Soviets first of all, for years to slaughter all the malcontents as they called them, those who wouldn't go along with the Socialist system.  And then they sent their advisors to Adolf Hitler at the beginning because they had such experience in wiping out vast amounts of people and disposing of them.  The logistical problem.  How do you dispose of so many bodies when you want to kill so many quickly?  They had to get the Soviets in, and that's in The Soviet Story of course.  Excellent movie to get.  I'm going to go into this in a bit more depth when I come back from this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and that was that howling guitar again, because sometimes you feel like howling at all that's going on.  I've mentioned so many times that regardless of what the media feeds us, and remember most media, almost all media, gets its sources from only two places.  One of them is owned by the Rothschild family, has been for years, Routers or Reuters, I call it Routers because they route the news to everyone else you see.  Everyone else simply down the line copies it, because that's politically correct.  It doesn't matter what topic it is.  If it's from there, it's kind of authorized, so it's safe to reprint, you see.  And they all go into action, and then we all get the same news at the same time.  You've noticed that too with television, you can flick through, if you have cable, you can flick through and watch news stations, one after the other at news time, and often they're all talking about this, almost the same format, this topic then onto that topic, and on and on.  From them all.  To make sure again, you're all getting the same Plato's Cave information.  You're all in the same cave.  Like Brzezinski said, he said, "Shortly the public will be unable to think or reason for themselves.  They'll expect the media to do it for them."  And their talk the next day will be about what they've been given by the previous night's news.  That's how it is.  And even when you're fighting something because you know it's baloney, you tend to get caught up, often people get caught up in trying to use logic, rather than know from the very beginning it's a con.  If you catch on to these things being cons in the beginning, you don't trust, well why are they doing this, why, why are they?  Then they go into this loop as they try to use logic.  You don't use logic for it, you don't use logic to fight the con.  You must recognize it is a con.  That's what you have to do.  Rather than take sides on a debate or an issue.  They love for you to take sides.  That's why they give you generally a two party system.  People will pick sides.  It's no different you see, from such a long time ago as they watched school fights, and half will be cheering for this guy, and half for that guy.  That's it.  Simple as that.  That's how people behave.  We have to go beyond all of that to know what's really, really going on.  Once in a blue moon, once in a blue moon, the media again will give you a little tidbit, and they'll let you run with it, but sometimes it can also leave you depressed because you realize that nothing much is going to alter anything.  In other words, why are they giving you a bit of truth sometimes?  What's the effect of it on you and other people? 


Here's a little example here.  Now I've mentioned before how this whole idea of climate change, which is really global warming, they've altered it to climate change, which just means the changes in the weather, you know, which has always changed, was dreamed up by the premier think tank for Futurism, and Futuristic policies for government.  Remember, that's policies.  They were given the task of finding a way, the Club of Rome, to unite the planet under a warfare scenario, that's what they say in their own book, The First Global Revolution, printed in the 1990s.  The founders in it said, they looked at all possible ways to get people together, and the only way that they'd found in the past was a wartime type of scenario.  An enemy, a common enemy to fight, because we'd give up our freedoms, you see for protection.  We work together toward what we think is a common cause, and we're taxed to death to fight it, so there's a lot of profit to be made at the same time for those in control.  And we do what we're told, we're very obedient, you see.  You tie that in with Professor Carroll Quigley who said there are different functions for having a war; one is always economic, of course.  And the next function is societal change.  All participating countries in a long, drawn out war, will have their government expanded vastly until this new bureaucracy is into every part of the social strata, over farming, over private business, over so many things.  So that's a plus again for Socialism you see.  They love wars.


Getting back to an example of the media giving you a little tidbit, and you're left, you're left really thinking, well, and this is true, this is a Must Be scenario, this climate change.  We're all fighting really to save the world because we are, man is the enemy of the planet, according to the Club of Rome.  So we are the enemy, and they come up with this idea of global warming, and out of that, and probably at around the same time, or maybe even before, it could have been long before the seventies, they had to find a substitute too for an economy that wouldn't be there.  Post-industrial, you see, because they planned to de-industrialize the West, even during WWII.  So what replaces the economy?  Well, you want a world of servitude, remember, under Socialism.  Money is a means to an end.  It's something the public must be trained to work for, and that way too, those controllers can tax it back from you, which is just your labor going back to them.  And with that which comes back to them, they can then pay other institutions to then work for them.  And factories to work, and military-industrial complexes to work for them.  We all work for them you see, because we believe in the money they give us.  The guys at the top don't need money.  They want our labor and our brains and our sweat.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just mentioning about the big building projects, and how they plan at the top strategies, long-term world strategies.  Go into the United Nations and look at their ten-year plans for different areas.  Five-year plans for others.  Fifty-year plans for others. A Hundred-year plans for others.  And then go into the Soviet system, you'll find it's a copy, because that's how they started off too with their long-range plans.  It's the same in the West, why? because you see the West and those who already ruled the West were using it, and still are using it. Therefore when you get a Must Be as I call it, a Must Be scenario, like a Whole New Economy based on Hot Air is going to be launched, whether we like it or not.  The evidence is out there.  Once in a while the media will leak a little bit out to you, and you wonder why they even leaked this to you.  As though they're on the side of something, or they're standing up for the little guy that's been stepped on or a whistleblower or something like that.  Generally it's to let you know that nothing is going to stop this particular agenda.  It's a must be scenario.  And as I say, it definitely is must be when you have people like Rothschild going around personally, around along with his favorites like Mr Maurice Strong to environment meetings, talking about the necessity of setting up World Banks, New World Banks, under all subcategories that will bank through his own private bank in Switzerland to save the world, and carbon credits will go through his bank.  Do you know how much he's going to make overnight to transfer billions and maybe even trillions overnight?  Because that's how the big companies like Merrill Lynch were making their money for a long time.  They can move their money three, four times a day and night to whoever's got the highest interest rate and make billions overnight.  Billions just with interest.  Is that what it's about?  Is it Rothschild that's scared of not managing the future that he has to make sure it all goes through his bank? or are these guys dedicated fanatics to some other organization or religion, to which we know nothing, or very little?


Here's how you know it's a Must Be, and this article is the Wall Street Journal.  It's also out in British Papers as well, there are three different articles out on the same thing almost copies of each other.  And it's July the 6th, 2009.

The EPA Silences a Climate Skeptic

(A: That's Environment Protection Agency.  I love how, it brings me back to Socrates.  Socrates said, in his own day, it's not enough that the intellectuals are making laws and rules on nature, meaning the early scientists with all their theories.  He says, now they're trying to make laws on heaven.  And this brings me back to the EPA.  We have an Environmental Protection Agency.  An official organization, at least that's what we think, because everything government creates is therefore official. It's just another priesthood you see, for political purposes.  Remember, remember what the advisors around President Wilson said, "For everything that happens and is given to the public, there's always a very plausible and good reason.  And then there's the real reason."  Well everything is like that you see.  It says:)

Wherever Jim Hansen is right now -- whatever speech the "censored"

(A: And it's in quotation marks, meaning, it's a bit of a con, which they know.)

NASA scientist is giving -- perhaps he'll find time to mention the plight of Alan Carlin. Though don't count on it.

Mr. Hansen,

(A: This is the guy from NASA)

as everyone in this solar system knows, is the director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Starting in 2004, he launched a campaign against the Bush administration, claiming it was censoring his global-warming thoughts and fiddling with the science. It was all a bit of a hoot, given Mr. Hansen was already a world-famous devotee of the theory of man-made global warming, a reputation earned with some 1,400 speeches he'd given, many while working for Mr. Bush. But it gave Democrats a fun talking point, one the Obama team later picked up.

So much so that one of President Barack Obama's first acts was a memo to agencies demanding new transparency in government, and science.

(A: You see science now is really the new priesthood.  It's been elevated to the top.  And we're supposed to jump at all their theories.  Remember that we've got to do this, and we've got to do that.  But it's political agendas.)

The nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lisa Jackson, joined in, exclaiming, "As administrator, I will ensure EPA's efforts to address the environmental crises of today are rooted in three fundamental values: science-based policies and program, adherence to the rule of law, and overwhelming transparency." In case anyone missed the point, Mr. Obama took another shot at his predecessors in April, vowing that "the days of science taking a backseat to ideology are over."

(A: Now remember, the Socialists said a long, long, long time ago, well over a hundred years ago, that eventually the scientists would be the scientific dictatorship.  We'd all have to jump at whatever theory they were all on board with.  And it's all political agendas though.  Any theory can be stretched to the max into outer space, and they do, for political purposes.   It says:)

Except, that is, when it comes to Mr. Carlin, a senior analyst in the EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics and a 35-year veteran of the agency. In March, the Obama EPA prepared to engage the global-warming debate in an astounding new way, by issuing an "endangerment" finding on carbon. It establishes that carbon is a pollutant

(A: They've redefined it as a pollutant, even though it's always in the atmosphere, and especially carbon dioxide, and plants need it, by the way)

and thereby gives the EPA

(A: The EPA is now god over all the gases in the air, even the natural ones.  So they've got:)

the authority to regulate it -- even if Congress doesn't act.

(A: Science, again under Socialism, is elevated above the people; even though they, the people that are supposed to represent us, don't, the congressmen.)

Around this time, Mr. Carlin and a colleague presented a 98-page analysis arguing the agency should take another look, as the science behind man-made global warming is inconclusive at best. The analysis noted that global temperatures were on a downward trend. It pointed out problems with climate models. It highlighted new research that contradicts apocalyptic scenarios. "We believe our concerns and reservations are sufficiently important to warrant a serious review of the science by EPA," the report read.

The response to Mr. Carlin was an email from his boss, Al McGartland, forbidding him

(A: Forbidding him, forbidding him.  This is a guy that worked, now remember, Carlin worked for the EPA.)

forbidding from "any direct communication" with anyone outside of his office with regard to his analysis.

(A: It wasn't just his, remember.  It was teams working on this.)

When Mr. Carlin tried again to disseminate his analysis, Mr. McGartland decreed

(A: Decreed)

"The administrator and the administration have decided to move forward on endangerment, and your comments do not help the legal or policy case

(A: So it's a policy case)

for this decision.

(A: A policy case for the decision.)

. . . I can only see one impact of your comments given where we are in the process, and that would be a very negative impact on our office."

(A: Meaning the project.)

Mr. McGartland blasted yet another email: "With the endangerment finding nearly final, you need to move on to other issues and subjects. I don't want you to spend any additional EPA time on climate change. No papers, no research etc, at least until we see what EPA is going to do with Climate." Ideology? Nope, not here. Just us science folk. Honest.

The emails were unearthed by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Republican officials are calling for an investigation; House Energy Committee ranking member Joe Barton sent a letter with pointed questions to Mrs. Jackson, which she's yet to answer. The EPA has issued defensive statements, claiming Mr. Carlin wasn't ignored. But there is no getting around that the Obama administration has flouted its own promises of transparency.


There's no transparency because this is a policy as I say, that at least one organization, one big think tank came up with back in the 1970s in The First Global Revolution, the book, written by the founders of the Club of Rome.  They can't change their plans, you see.  Even if we're up to our eyeballs in snow, it's going to be Climate Change, Global Warming and Carbon.  Because that's going to be the new means of controlling us for who knows when.  Remember the whole idea is to get in a world of servitude, and Huxley, Aldous Huxley, the brother of Julian Huxley, both trained from the same sources.  In his speech at Berkley said that he couldn't see any reason why, given the sciences at their command, massive psychology, drugs if need be, pharmacology, different techniques, he said, he didn't see any reason why the public would not come to love their servitude.  What are we getting now?  Oh, a world of service.  Voluntary, mandatory service.  Do you think it's all coincidence?  Do you?


Go into Socialism and study the ideology of Socialism, and do it from about the 1800s onwards, you'll start to catch on that we've never left their Great Plan for The Great Work.  And unfortunately they're quite correct, in many ways.  Many people will love, or come to love, their servitude.  They will.  There's so many organizations set up on this pyramid socialist structure.  Private organizations too, from the Boy Scouts all on, that's trained them for this.  And schools trained them for this.  We're all in it together.  And the hierarchy is somehow official, and always right.  You simply obey, you see, the masters.  And the masters always know best.  The fastest way to get it done, was a revolution, and that was called bringing in Communism through revolution.  Stalin, and Lenin before him said that Communism was only Socialism in a Hurry.  And it's true.  Fabian Socialism was to take place over 50 to a hundred years, and that was the best way they say, because gradual infiltration plus indoctrination of the public to accept Socialism intergenerationally would have a lasting effect.  In fact the people wouldn't notice it.  You kind of notice a Revolution.  You know you've been taken over.  You know who the bosses are.  When it's done intergenerationally, you'll think it's always been this way.  It's quite the psychological trick.  It works very well.  Yeah, Communism was just Socialism in a hurry.  I think that's why they picked Russia, because they're Russian (if you get my pun).  Anyway, I'll go to the callers now and there's Kyle from Connecticut there.  Are you there Kyle?


Kyle: Hi Alan.


Alan: Hi.


Kyle: Yeah, they are rushin'.


Alan: That's right.


Kyle: I recommend that everybody go to your site, and download that Huxley talk at Berkeley (in the archives section) and buy your books, because you don't plug yourself at the end of the show.


Alan: That's right, I'm always carried away on some topic.


Kyle: But, you're really on a roll.  Just like them.  Each show is getting better, and the predictive programming, you know, I notice more and more of it everyday.  I remember those movies, Bio-Dome, where those, you remember that?


Alan: Yes.


Kyle: Now they're talking about cities under domes. 


Alan: Yes, as I say too, they had books out back in the 50s and 60s, or magazine articles, in the 50s and 60s.  I think I put them up, some links up, about Buckminster Fuller, his ideas on dome cities.  And it was pushed from the top, and I even met some, a Lord, a British Lord who was also an Architect, who also owns hundreds of companies throughout the States, the U.S., Canada, and Britain, and he showed me his drawings of at least Toronto.  He had other ones too, with a big dome over it.  It was a much smaller Toronto.  And I asked him why, and he said, well when this is up it will be a much smaller Toronto.  And all the traffic he says will be underground.  It'll all be done by tube stations and so on.  There will be no private vehicles.  And that was about '82 or '83.


Kyle: It's like they couldn't pull off the whole War of the Worlds thing with a threat from outer space, and UFOs and Crop circles.


Alan: That's right.


Kyle: So this global warming thing has to work, it's a last resort.


Alan: Yes, and I'm not kidding you.  These guys will be ruthless to push it through.  Nothing is going to stop them.  Because that is to become the new economy, and we all become slaves, basically working to save the world, the planet, and eventually everything is taxed from you, until the state is issuing you your credits or whatever they give you as a substitute for money.


Kyle: Yeah, and their slogan you're either with us or against us. 


Alan: Yes, and they're all ready, they've got brainwashed youngsters, and ready for new armies, Green Armies to save the world, and slave to save the world and mother nature and all the rest of it.  I always think back to what George Orwell said.  He said, "Some are more equal than others in such Utopias."  And of course, that's just it.  We're not all going to be the same, just like Communism.  There'll be this hierarchy who live in luxury, and have all the benefits, and all the food, and they'll get their coffee, and we can't get that kind of stuff anymore.  Some are more equal than others in such Utopias.  That's always going to be the Truth. 


Kyle: And there's always a double meaning between everything you know.  They used to call them Secret Police, and now they call them Security Police, and they walk around with their shirts on, and Amtrak has their own police, the State Park Rangers are now Environmental Police. 


Alan: And Park Rangers now are fully armed and dressed in black, and could get pulled off in fact for any war, if need be. They're all trained for it now.  They're all interchangeable.  That's the multi-jurisdictional task force that was set up years ago where they allowed police in different organizations to all work together in the military, and then go back to their units. 


Kyle: They're blockheads.  Very level-headed.


Alan: Yes, yes.  They're all level-headed.  Keep them square as they say.


Kyle: They've been pounded a little too much.  Well, thanks Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And there' s Dave from Arizona.  Are you there Dave?  Hello Dave?


Dave: A question on Albert Pike if I could.  Albert Pike wrote a letter to an Italian Freemason named Mazzini


Alan: It said that he trained him in fact, and that Mazzini took over from him.  Remember too that Pike was also involved with the World Revolutionary Party, that eventually became the Communist Party.


Dave: The question was, he talked about Three World Wars.  And he said that at the end of the Third World War, which interesting, dealt with Islam and Terrorism, that it would be at the end of the war would be the end of Atheism and Christianity.  Now he said that the pure doctrine of Luciferian would come into view.  Is that Satanism?


Alan: It's above even Satanism, and I'll come back after this break and try to do a little on it, but there's not much time.  We'll try and touch on it, hold on. 


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, with a question to see if Luciferianism is the same as Satanism.  You've got to understand the concept of both, it's the dialectic because of course, back in Ancient Egypt they had it really worked out well.  They used the sun god Ra, and sometimes they said the hidden god behind all of that that you could see; they used symbols for what you could see.  And the sun represented light, of course, and Horus was the offspring of Osiris. The offspring is often called the Son of Light, the Light Bringer, or the Morning Star is another term they use for it as well in other writings.  In Jewish or Hebrew religion or mythology, Satan worked for God.  He was sent out like a prosecutor to tempt you and then like a sting operation, and then report you. 


Dave: That's why he was an angel right?


Alan: That's right.  Now Lucifer on the other hand, supposedly was the creation of the deity that literally did rebel, believing that he had Superior Intellect, and he had the right to be God himself.  And the boast was he would rise higher then all the gods that had ever been, through his pure intellect and the understanding of nature, which really means the breaking down of things into science, understanding science.  Pure intellect.  So Lucifer is always a symbol of Masonry or Theosophy or the previous names of all the same movements we've had down through the ages for pure intellect.  Pure intellect, above all the darkness.  The profane means those who live in the darkness, they're base people, they have little understanding.  And so they're in darkness.  They're not in the knowing. 


Dave: So Luciferian is just the sun?


Alan: It's a symbol only for these top people of pure logic, intellect, and intellect combined.  That's why they use that symbol of the light.  The light has always symbolized understanding.  Therefore those who understand, they believe, have the right, are gods.  What is a god?  Break down what a god is.  A god is someone with incredible power over others.  You rise to the top through cunning and skill.  Even Darwinism, to the top.  So you're proving you're an ultimate survivor.  You can manipulate others to get to the top and then rule them.  You have the power then over life and death of people.  Who gets born, who will not get born.  Who will die.  How many people will die.  Whole nations can die.  That's called raw, physical power.  You can command anything to be done, physically, and it will be done.  So you understand, there are many ways of viewing a god.  You can have a stone image, in some tribes and that's a god.  Or you can have literally a combination of men who have risen to the top, with a massive organization backing them, who now command, they're now the captains of industry for the entire planet.  Some of them own the entire food supply of the world.  They're godlike in their powers, and they believe they're illumined because they're the only ones who are truly in on the agenda.  The rest of us, who are outside, are kind of groping in the darkness and going up towards the dawn as they say, the in-between stage of understanding.  Whereas they're the only ones, since they make the agenda, they give us our realities, they give us our media, they're the only ones who really do know what's going on.  We're given substitutes or excuses, or, as I say, partial truths, but never the whole truth.  Never the whole truth.


Dave: Thanks, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And I'm sorry to Sam and Leo in Massachusetts, I'll try to get you the next time you call in.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you. 



[Contrary Evidence to Climate Change is Verboten -- Obama Admin. Policy]

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"EPA May Have Suppressed Report Skeptical Of Global Warming" by Declan McCullagh (cbsnews.com) - June 26, 2009.




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