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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It's November 7th, 2007.


As I stand back to watch the old world turn, you hear from a distance the war drums beating from the Pentagon and even from the United Nations all about the lead up to the war they've planned to have apparently with Iran. It's hard to tell if they're simply trying to freeze the world into terror so we'll comply along a new direction, or if there's some big game plan at the top that we're not in on, which there always is of course. One way or another, they're on a roll because the war hawks have been given the saddles to ride in and they've been given a full reign to do what they want basically and they want to standardize a world – standardize it in such a way that they'll be no competing systems.


They decided along ago, a couple of hundred years ago in fact, books were published on this very topic, that this particular system, a system that began in Europe, it actually began long, long before in the Middle East and thousands of years ago, but eventually ended up in Europe for a few centuries, that the system would have to be worldwide and there would be no competition. They wanted a new type of secular world order and there's no doubt about it, even the Founding Fathers of the U.S. talked about this Federation of States would be the embryo or the nucleus of a world system which they hoped to bring in one day. Some of them in those days perhaps thought that they could take in other cultures, but the ones who have taken over the reigns today certainly do not. They want it to be their system and their system only; and no wonder, because it's been efficient by controlling the millions and millions of people all across Europe and the British Commonwealth and the U.S. for a long, long time.


Very efficient scientific system and we're all very happy slaves pretty well. We suffer from neurosis. We see therapists. We take tranquilizers. We're given stress programs, how to cope with more and more stress, but we don't complain. We just go ahead and do what we're told and cope with more and more stress. This system is to be brought to the rest of the world in countries where they don't have the same banking system. They don't have the same debt system or usury system. In fact, the Islamic states have a taboo about the usury and of course that's really why this whole fiasco of a war is being drummed up against them.


The bankers are in cahoots with those at the top, always have been, mind you, for thousands of years and it shouldn't surprise anyone that they're on a roll now to take the rest of the world over into their beautiful Brave New World. Then step-by-step hopefully they'll reduce the populations of the whole planet, but not before they use us all to bring about the new system. That's the beauty of how they work and psychopaths certainly do take trouble in going over the details before they launch anything.


We are now hearing about this Avian flu and sure enough, for about 15 years now professionals have been going on about the Avian flu. This bird flu, it's for the birds, it’s going to get us all.  I'll be talking more about this and about what the government is giving out to their own employees after the following messages.


Hi. This is Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about how everything is coming together at this moment, the ongoing wars that are prepared to go in and possibly decimate a whole people because of a few at the top, they claim it is a great thing. You save the people by killing all the people. I've never really ever figured that one out, but then I'm not a psychopath. Back home, of course, they're pulling the rug from the U.S. citizens. I've said it all along. I've said it for years, as the U.S. finishes off its job of standardizing the world, they'll take down the system back home as well financially and that's happening already. Don't ever, ever believe the nonsense they're giving us that they didn't foresee the fact that all the big oil companies (which were part of the whole system) saw them going over to the Euro instead of the dollar. Of course they do. These guys planned all this 50, 100 years ago. They knew exactly what's going on and it's time to take the U.S. citizenry down as well and also bring them into their Brave New World.


Before I go on to our caller, I'd like to into this hype about the Avian flu. Now the Avian flu I've no doubt is a hybrid flu made in laboratories like most flus have been, and bingo, there's stuff coming out all the time and being declassified that they were working on viruses as far back as World War I and no doubt that's where the Spanish Flu came from. It didn't originate in Spain at all, but that's where the troops were coming back through Spain after World War I and they brought all this back home with them. What was amazing at the time, it was all the troops that brought the viruses back with them that had a particular inoculation. That was the little part in the detective story. It's not hard to figure out but they've dug up this particular flu, altered it again and that's been on the CBC television here. They dug up bodies from the permafrost in Northern Canada and they've got live viruses. They were very successful. They've altered it again. I've no doubt it's part of this Avian flu they're going to release one day.


However, the OCC, which is a U.S. governmental department, they authorize this department to take care of banking, has sent out a form to all their employees. It's mainly for the treasury departments and this came out Wednesday, today, the 7th and it says:


             "Protection Against Avian Flu.


             The OCC needs your opinion about your willingness to prepare for and take the antiviral drug Tamiflu in the event of an outbreak of the avian flu caused by the H5N1 virus. The agency is considering a multimillion dollar investment to purchase drug for all employees and their families and to make arrangements for individuals to get the medical evaluations required for the prescription drug to be issued."


Alan:  It goes on about the antiviral effects of this particular flu and the drug. It says:


             "Tamiflu is an antiviral drug that can reduce transmission of the virus or even prevent infection in addition to lessening the impact of the virus after an individual has been infected administered orally, in capsule or liquid form. Being prepared for an outbreak of the avian flu requires the agency to act now and requires OCC employees to understand and support the decision."


Alan:  If you want your job you'll support it of course.


             "This potential OCC investment only makes sense if the majority of the staff agree to get the necessary medical evaluation and obtain the Tamiflu prescription in the coming months and then use it as directed if avian flu strikes."


Alan:  It goes on and on to tell them how to convince their families and all the rest of it and to get it before the end of November if possible. This Office of Comptroller of the Currency was created by the Congress. They “charter national banks to oversee nationwide systems of banking institutions and to ensure the national banks are safe and sound.” That's the OCC that's sending it out to all their employees now.  I have no doubt something probably will come down the way when it's time and all hell will break loose because you'd would have an economic depression. You've got to have some sort of plague breaking out and you'll be at war at the same time. Three things in a row. What's better than that?


Now I think we have Allen from England, are you there?


Allen:  Yes. Hello Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Allen:  I'm fine. How you doing? I spoke to you a few weeks ago. It's always very assuring to hear your voice, Alan, and I did ask you about exo-politics if you remember. You didn't make any comments about that.


Alan:  I understand all the theories of it and so on, but I'll tell you nothing is going to work. Nothing is going to work or change anything until we realize that there are psychopathic types within society, all strata, and this has happened down through thousands of years. We always think we're getting ahead. We knock over tyrants once in a while only to see new ones arise because these characters keep coming up and they go into all sides of politics; they speak for the people too. We saw this even in the Soviet system. It was supposed to be a system for people to voice their concerns and all agree upon where they wanted to go; and the same coterie of psychopaths got to the top in no time at all, shoved out all those that had the old system, or at least their initial values in their minds, they pushed them to the side.


Allen:  It seems to me they've infiltrated just about everything.


Alan:  Everything. You're right.


Allen:  Including things like disclosure projects with secret programs of all sorts. Once again we have this sort of common denominator as you described them quite accurately as a gaggle of psychopaths in control. In your own personal expertise, and I'm sure many people are listening and admire your opinions on history and what you know and what you've learned and you're passing it on, but how do you see that given that there are many shows like yours that are increasing awareness and it's a growing awareness?


Alan:  It is.


Allen:  It is indeed and it's a fantastic thing to be living with in the present, you know? To witness.


Alan:  All we have to do is do exactly to them to everyone who wants to have any power whatsoever over the public to have them tested with the strictest.  We also need to teach in schools how to recognize the psychopathic traits. That's the only want you ever stop them from getting up there because these are cunning people.


Allen:  Maybe that's why there's more and more people doing home schooling perhaps.


Alan:  Yes, that too. There's no doubt whatsoever.


Allen:  That's a statistic that they don't want to tell us about, in America in particular and also in this country.


Alan:  In the U.S. it's no secret that those who are home schooled are grabbed by the universities because they are so far ahead of the regular students that go to usual schools.


Allen:  That's an interesting thought right there, isn't it?


Alan:  It is. 


Allen:  Given that they’re trying to break down the family system.


Alan:  They're trying to break down the family unit, but also that's why they instituted the National Educational Association, which is also the International Educational Association. It was to standardize all views and opinions so there would be no free thought really. It was to create a form of matrix thinking, just like religion did for thousands of years. You would be in the middle of the box and all you would view was the walls of that box. That would be your parameters of thought. It's the same thing with the educational system. They wanted to standardize everything under the one system and then give you a fake reality. I've never heard it discussed in school why we have to be trained through school and given all this nonsensical history and a phony value system, trained to run out into the world to compete and get to the top and then be successful.


Allen:  Stop people from thinking for themselves basically and discovering themselves.


Alan:  Absolutely, like they're supposed to be.


Allen:  You know your show I so admire people like yourself and there are so many of you that I don't have to mention names and anyone who is listening is that these people are doing this for no money and the important thing is that we are all living in communities and we are all just living and human beings.


Alan:  Yes we are.


Allen:  The great service that people like Alan that you are doing, if you don't mind me saying, is to awaken people and it's wonderful and God bless you.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling.  I'll tell you that's really what keeps you going and it certainly does keep you humble because you realize that you're making a difference in this world and hopefully maybe somehow you can even prevent more horrors from happening, not go down as statistics in the history books and especially with the people of Iran. I feel so sorry for these people and families over there that's going to be disseminated if these boys at the top get their way too.


Allen:  Let's pray that that doesn't happen and people can see some sense. It will be an act of complete desperation by the criminals, the ones who started all of this and they're only criminals and psychopaths.


Alan:  They are criminals and psychopaths. I've met plenty in the music business. You get into their homes after a big concerts and stuff and you hear them talking and they laugh and they do stuff that's so debauched. The average person thinks they're civilized and respectable. They'd be completely dumbfounded if they saw.


Allen:  The only thing that worries me, Alan, is that I met a young man because I teach music technology and all that. I think I explained that to you before.  I met one young man who's into all of this green sort of eco-warrior fanaticism kind of paradigm and I pointed out to him, look, the dollar is going to crash and that's all done by design and that's all 1929 all over again and it's all engineered. He said, “Oh, who cares about the Americans.” He’s supposed to be an environmental hippy sort of peaceful Green Party type. You know what I mean? He's supposed to be like that but he doesn’t care if millions of Americans die. I mean what is going on with this double-think?


Alan:  Remember, in all groups and all groups will attract different types that try to get to the top. Hold on and I'll talk to you after these following messages after the break. Hi folks. Alan Watt with Cutting Through the Matrix and I think Allen is still on the line. Are you there, Allen?


Allen:  I sure am. What the hell happened to Leonard Cohen then?


Alan:  Oh well lots of little things in his life.


Allen:  Other people have been using it.


Alan:  I know, I know. It’s just that one verse kept playing. I wanted other verses to play but they couldn't get round to doing that.


Allen:  Really. They just had it on the loop I suppose. They just had it on a .wav file.


Alan:  Yes. I mean all of those verses are very, very poignant and they're relevant to the topics because even the last verse is about the coming plague you know. “Everybody knows it's coming” because the media has been telling us for years.


Allen:  They do tell us. I mean they're very blatant about it. Come on. Everyone saw the Queen the other day with the King of Saudi Arabia. It happened. There it was on television. Now what does it tell you?  But I do sympathize with – excuse my croaky voice. I've been teaching all day, yelling at kids.


Alan:  I thought you were singing at the school there.


Allen:  Both. But I do understand the idea of the psychopathic angle because its endemic, isn't it? You get it everywhere in the society as well.


Alan:  The ones on the lower strata are called the failed psychopaths. Those are the ones who end up in prison, street level, but the other ones who are a bit brighter and born into the right families who have power to start with. You also have hereditary psychopathy, especially with an elite who's inbred with male and female both from wealthy families who got their wealth from slaughtering and so on, then you're guaranteed to have psychopathic offspring and that's what we have today. We have generations of these characters all over the world.


Allen:  That suggests it's like a genetic thing.


Alan:  It's definitely genetic. Plato went into it in "The Republic." He talked about breeding traits in or out of people, just like animals.


Allen:  Don't you think it's an ego thing? It’s also the conditioning that we get through the television and we're not beings. We've been reduced to consumers.


Alan:  Remember Britain – the British history is so important to all of this because it was pretty typical of the whole of Europe.


Allen:  So anyone can be a psychopath. That's what I'm trying to say.


Alan:  Anyone can be one, almost.


Allen:  You've got to watch the Ninja turtles or whatever.


Alan:  They're born without the innate sense of community or empathy. They're born without that and that's baffled people for a long, long time. It simply is not there. Now they're very good at putting a show of it on. They’re the sort of characters that could go to a graveyard and even put a tear out and turn away and laugh at a joke a split second later. We actually saw this happening with Bill Clinton when they went to the Brown funeral. He stood around the grave and then he walked away and someone told him a joke and then he burst out in hysterics, and that's the psychopathic trait there you see. They don't have feeling.


Allen:  That's right but I think it's all over shop.


Alan:  It's highly prevalent.


Allen:  I think that people emulate it. I mean in business they’re predatorial.


Alan:  That's what business is.


Allen:  Banking and whatever, all of these moneymakers, anything to do with profit. They put profit first and service second and they don't realize that if you do it the other way around you will get money if you give service.


Alan:  And the money circulates too.


Allen:  If you do things that work rather than what people perceive to be right and wrong, because we've got to respect that everyone's got their own perceptions.


Alan:  However, again, the problem today is here we are at the end of – I mean this is the 21st century and we kick it off with more wars and it's to be the war of all wars to end all wars to bring the global system in. Then they're going to have a war of terror on the population of the whole world because they need an enemy. This again is the psychopathic thinking. They can't let go of power and that's what we've got to understand. These characters will not let go of their deviant power structure that they've created and you're right. They give us a culture which we then emulate.


Allen:  Without any doubt, Alan, they have demonstrated that they are prepared to do just about anything.


Alan:  That's right, absolutely.


Allen:  Anything.


Alan:  Adolph Hitler in the bunker he said that if the German people failed to take over Europe and win that war then by the Darwinian standards of survival of the fittest they all deserve to perish. That's what he said.


Allen:  He was funded by Wall Street and the Bank of England. We know that.


Alan:  Yes he was.


Allen:  And because they were more scared of Stalin because they took them downstairs in the basement and shot them.


Alan:  Yes I know. And then of course Professor Sutton--


Allen:  I'll get off the line now and let someone else speak.


Alan:  Okay. I'll talk to you again.


Allen:  I'll talk to you again then.


Alan:  Sure.


Allen:  I'll listen to the rest of the show. Nice to talk to you.


Alan:  I'll talk to you again.


Allen:  Bye.


Alan:  Professor Anthony Sutton wrote two great books on this and he was a top man who went into the Congressional Records after wars and so on and he wrote "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution". Who funded the Bolshevik Revolution and became the Soviet Union? It's the same bankers, the same families in the West and then of course, "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler."  Same thing again. It's well worth reading into. These characters have been behind all wars. They've never been prosecuted for them, even though George Bush's grandfather was initially prosecuted but wasn't put in prison for trading with the enemy during World War II. They were all financing the Natzi side and we wonder why we're seeing fascism all over the place. It's the same bunch in control. That's why it's here.


Now I think we have Chris in New Hampshire on the line. Are you there, Chris?


Chris:  Hi. How are you?


Alan:  How are you doing?


Chris:  I'm doing pretty good thank you. I've listened to your podcasts for quite a while. 


Alan:  Hold on a second and we'll talk after the break. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got Chris from New Hampshire who got cutoff just before the break. Are you still there, Chris?


Chris:  I'm here. I hope you can hear me okay. I'm on my cell phone.


Alan:  You’re clear.


Chris:  Thank you. I've listened to you for months now, mostly everyday on my iPod downloading your podcast, and like most of us out there I listen to you for free and I haven't apologized for never buying any of your products, but that's going to change because I want more. Like most of the other listeners I'm sure that given the time and the opportunity we would have hundreds of questions that we would like to ask you. But right now there's only one right now that's pressing on my mind. I drive to work every morning in Massachusetts and every morning I see the planes up above laying down the trails and they are criss-crossing in the sky.  I watched them from my window at work and I watch them start to spread and spread and by early afternoon those trails from the jets have come into a complete cloud cover in the whole area, and frankly, I'm pretty scared to death. I mean you can't drink the water. You can't buy bottled water without getting estrogen. To coin the term that you use, we're being sprayed like bugs. I caught asthma as an adult. I'm in my 30’s. I've never had it before.


Alan:  I'll tell you that's the interesting thing. I've had about five people in about one month, most of them actually 40 and over who have come down with asthma for the first time.


Chris:  My question would be what could I do to protect myself and my family from this aerial spraying in case it's everywhere?


Alan:  That's the problem. You have no idea that it's everywhere. It’s all over the world. I get it from Australia and New Zealand. All over they're doing this spraying and my mind always goes right back to Mr. Rumsfeld on the CBC news when he talked about the aerosolized Prozac and Valium to spray over major cities to calm the people in times of major crisis; and I thought my God they're actually doing it. If you were the boys at the top and you're bringing in this Brave New World with a completely new set of values, completely new duties as a citizen to the world state, new way of living, you would use every weapon in your arsenal. I really have to say I believe they're using it.


Chris:  Yes, I do too. I do feel fatigued all the time and I myself remember the contrails or condensation trails evaporate quickly but these stay up there all day. There are there virtually all day, 10, 12, hours into the nighttime they are still out there.  I've searched the internet and tried to find ways – how can I protect myself, less than wearing a HAZMAT suit, is there anything that we can do?


Alan:  The main thing you can do is in the home there are certain screening types you can get that were used for underground shelters, but there's filters you can actually put over windows and so on, anywhere where you want air coming in to try and keep out whatever is in all this stuff. I know that there's different barium and aluminum oxide because I've had it tested myself. It killed my dog I had about two or three years ago and it was eating snow. It was eating compacted snow at the end of winter and it was highly concentrated spray from the whole winter and the dog died.  I got information at that time that other people’s pets were dying too from the same causes. It's a highly toxic. Definitely try and stop the air coming in through these filters. There's companies that you can buy them and fit them to your windows yourself. Honestly, apart from wearing a respirator outside I have no idea how you'd stop it because it’s everywhere.


Chris:  That's what I thought. I thought that and I hear a lot of guys on the radio harking vitamins the same.


Alan:  Now listen. I never hype fear and then give you something to sell.


Chris:  I know you don’t.  I appreciate that. One other thing, I flew back from Florida and I was coming to LaGuardia Airport and all the TSA were out there in force and I saw them physically patting down this man who happened to be an octogenarian in a wheelchair with his grey-haired wife standing by, patting him down, searching through their stuff while people of Middle Eastern looking are passing clearly through.  I said to myself, this Homeland security thing is nothing but a farce, a lie and a joke, and I am convinced that they are doing that to train us for a police state.


Alan:  There's no doubt that everything that's happening and I've gone through all the laws that have been passed on the U.S. books since 9/11. Now they tried to get them passed before 9/11. Some were passed before 9/11 even happened when the Clinton Administration – that's why they blew up Oklahoma City building and that passed that weekend after that. They tried it the week before and it wouldn't pass, so boom, and bingo, it gets passed.


Chris:  I remember the news announcers – I remember a newscaster saying they're bringing out bombs from the Murrah Building and then they said that there was a big hole in the ground and there wasn't the hole.


Alan:  I've still got the tapes that I recorded at the time from the main newscasters and they did say that that FEMA had an office in the basement and they were bringing out all these bombs.


Chris:  Well Alan, thank you very much. I don't want to monopolize your time even though I'd love to monopolize your time and ask you just dozens and dozens of questions. I thank you and again I apologize for being a free listener all these months.


Alan:  You try and help out because it's the only thing that keeps me going.


Chris:  I do read some of the books that you request. Some of them are very difficult to read because I'm a product of public schools and television and reading is amazingly difficult.


Alan:  It will come. The more you do it the easier it will get.


Chris:  Thank you Alan.


Alan:  You take care. Now I think we also have another New Hampshire caller here. It's Vernon in New Hampshire. Are you there?


Vernon:  Yes I'm here Alan.


Alan:  How are you doing?


Vernon:  Not so bad. How are you doing this evening?


Alan:  I’m just surviving in this cold weather.


Vernon:  Yes, I feel we all are trying to survive in the matrix. I have three things, three topics I'd like you to elaborate on because I heard that the Global Electronic Net which is connected to the HAARP has been tested on us. Another topic is about the economic collapse of the United States and the third one is about that coming pandemic which they're about to leash upon the public of North America, so I would like you to elaborate a lot more on it.


Alan:  There's no doubt about it. They've used the HAARP on the public. In fact, I think it was the people or the government of Maine had taken something out against the U.S. federal government because they were the first ones to at least admittedly to be tested on without their knowledge. They used HAARP technology on them and they were pulsing the scalar weaponry on them. This was back in I think in the early '90’s and all the social services, police departments and hospitals were taking notes of types that were coming in. What was happening to the people and they found that by altering the frequency they can make them very depressed or very anxious. They found that domestic animals were biting their owners for the first time, things like that, so behavior alterations it was causing and that was tested there.


We know also Dr. Nick Begich put a lot of good information on it. There's even been programs with him on television CBC Canada where they visited at least one of the reporters visited the HAARP facility in Alaska and you saw all these antennas arrayed on the ground level, hundreds of them and they are using it. Now you can pick it up on shortwave radio because it beams within the shortwave frequencies and you can pick these shortwave radios up at some of the Radio Shack's and Circuit Cities pretty cheap, but in different frequencies there you'll hear this [vo-vo-vo] sound. Very powerful sound and this is going on 24 hours per day now.


As far as the economic system goes, yes, that's meant to really turn down the whole system into panic. Gradual control panic of course and out of it is to come a new currency. We get trained along a path to accept something until we plead for them to help us, and bingo, they come out with what they wanted to give you in the first place. They always get us to demand what they want to give us and that will come with the new Amero to be given out eventually in the U.S. at the right time, but not before your standard of living plummets for a while.


Then the pandemic, yes, there's no doubt about it. Pandemics are beautiful. I was going to read Thomas Malthus tonight who wrote a book in the 1700’s on population control and what he called the positive factors that help with population control. In amongst the positive factors he had the Black Plague and putting people in swamps to live where you build houses and put them in areas like that, crowded conditions, big cities or towns with crowds of people put in them, he said were all conducive to be positive factors on population reduction. This is an old thing and this came from a member of the British elite, Thomas Malthus. His theories are still used today by those at the top, so we shouldn't be surprised that these psychopathic types are still running the show. The Darwin family was exactly the same through Charles Galton Darwin who wrote his book in the 1950’s, "The Next Million Years".  He backed up Thomas Malthus and all his theories and said why they'd have to kill off so many of the public and so many of the useless eaters and what he called the inferior types. The inferior types being anyone who didn't have noble blood basically; so that's true, it's all coming together at the same time. Very old plan and the only problem they had was to herd us along into this big sheep pen slowly, slowly, slowly through crisis and fear and keep us entertained as we're doing it too.


Vernon:  Okay.  I think I've got one more added to that list. I want to ask you what scenario you see they're planning to use to implement that National ID card which they really want desperately to give the public?


Alan:  It could be done either through the next war, this ongoing war I should say, the next phase of it, for your own safety you understand; or it could even be put out through the pandemic. I know that in Britain they said that the ID card that they brought out already there has the capacity to do all your banking. All your banking is to be done through that one card eventually and your medical health and everything through it. It all ties in together and it's the same company that's made cards for Canada that gets them next year when the states get them too.


Vernon:  Okay. So we're in for like a really, really like hellish time right now coming up now?


Alan:  There's no doubt about it. Up here in Canada you're paying $1.16 per liter. There's almost four liters to the gallon and so we're paying $1.16 per liter and the U.S. gas is way down. It's been kept down artificially. Most of the gas you're using in the U.S. is not from anywhere else except Canada. Alberta produces mostly U.S. gasoline. We're paying more in Canada than you are in the states, so you're being subsidized at the moment, but that will get pulled off eventually.


Vernon:  Actually we're paying $2.92 as of today in New Hampshire for gas.


Alan:  That's still cheap for us.


Vernon:  Worldwide it's getting like really, really screwed up now.


Alan:  That's right.


Vernon:  Okay. I'm going to let you go. It was nice talking to you Alan.


Alan:  Well you take care.


Vernon:  All right. Bye.


Alan:  I think we have Dee in Michigan. Are you still there? Hello.


Dee:  Hello. This is Dee from Detroit and I wanted to just kind of bring to your attention if you weren't aware of the company that makes Tamiflu is not the company that owns the patent to it. I believe Roche Laboratories that makes Tamiflu but the patent is owned by Gilead Pharmaceuticals and Gilead Pharmaceuticals former head went into civil service.


Alan:  Wasn't that Rumsfeld?


Dee:  Yes.


Alan:  Yes. I thought that was him. You do know this world is so full of coincidences though, isn't it?


Dee:  Oh it's just amazing. I think he and Chaney with Halliburton are having a contest.  I mean there's so many people and I was one of them when Bird Flu was first coming out because my great grandmother had died of the Spanish flu.  So I was really following it and being concerned and the second I dug that up a couple of years ago I just laughed and told everybody don't worry about it.


Alan:  I know that Rumsfeld too was the CEO of one of the big GMO companies that pushed for GMO foods as well at one point. He certainly got around and another time he was the head of some of the biowarfare laboratory companies that sold Saddam Hussein all of the weaponry that he eventually supposedly used on the Iranians. That man has been all over the place. He's just got a finger in every pie and he's still tramping on telling us so much lies it's just incredible, incredible.


Dee:  He still is the major stockholder over at Gilead Pharmaceuticals. I guess he wants everybody just to have their prescription of Tamiflu ready. By the way, I got asthma when I was 40 years old too.


Alan:  Really. As I say, lots of people now are getting it for the first time and that never used to happen at all. It never used to happen. You generally had it. It would break out around two years of age and then you know you'd have it – and often you grew out of it at the age of 18 or 20. You'd often grow out of it. Some didn't, some did, but you never had people over even 20 years of age that used to come down with asthma for the first time.


Dee:  I know. It's just really crazy. One other little thing too, and I'm not talking from a heavy Christian bible thumper but trying to live in this world and following the rules that were forced down our throats isn't the way we're going to survive and you used to years ago because I've listened to your old talks and a lot of the early Jackie Patru. I have your MP3s, your old then radio shows and I believe with Hehpsehboah and you touched on that power that's within us that we've forgotten. I know Manley Hall had talked about always the magic number seven because it's always the five and the hidden two. The five of everybody knows but sometimes "y" and "w" and then the five days of the week and the two weekend. But it's the five senses that are over and then the two that we're dumbed down from knowing. When I first started listening to you and you were trying to [inaudible], but until I heard some of your archives where you started to touch on that, I have to say I kind of like listened to you with still kind of a fence around me because of being led down so many dead ends by so many people.  When you've heard that I think it really touches a place with so many of us that are trying to deal with what's happening in this world. I know that that's where a lot of our power lies. I mean that's not to say sit around and go “om” and not act on anything or talk about anything or be proactive. Nonetheless, there's some very true words in the bible to love one another but it's living in the two worlds not serving two masters.


Alan:  Yes. I'll address that when I come back from the break.


Dee:  Right. Thanks a lot.


Alan:  Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just to touch on the last caller's question about what spirit is and so on and religion. See religion really has been controlled from the beginning especially Christianity because it took over – it was taken over by Rome that was already an empire and amalgamated with a ruling empire with vast lands and territories they had stolen and conquered over people and so they blended the two together and we don't know what the truth is anymore as far as who said what, what was written, what wasn't written. We know things have been added and taken out down through many centuries and you can't put a New Testament with its forgiveness next to an Old Testament where you're allowed to buy and own slaves and things like that. You had stoning people to death for what we would call minor offenses or eating the wrong kind of shellfish. I mean that's all so nonsensical and the problem is Christianity was married with a much older system of collectivism, which also thrives on economics and slavery and usury. Christianity was the antithesis, supposedly, but it was quickly taken over by a system that it was already under the system of usury and taxation to pay off the usury and that was Rome and it's never been separated since, unfortunately.


As far as spirit goes, it's that thing within you that drives you. It's something that pushes you onward. They used to call soul separate from spirit. Soul was the motivating force within you that drew you towards something much bigger or higher and it also gave you a connectiveness with other people. As you look around you today, you have to ask the question: Are there simply more psychopaths than ordinary people, or is there simply no spirit in them? That's your moral dilemma. That's your big question. Which one is it and is it really important to differentiate the two because the symptoms are identical. The symptoms of the psychopath in fact in the dominant type, the arrogance, the deviancy of them, the way they lie, cheat and steal and snicker at the public, when you look at all the symptoms they're identical to what used to be called demonic possession for instance.


You're looking at the same symptoms. One described in scientific terminology. One described in religious terminology. We're definitely going through one battle here and only those who have something in them, be it a natural humanity within them or spirit. Call it what you want. Only that's going to get us through. Nothing else will do it and even if we come through this we can't have the same system back again because it's totally corrupt. You can't transplant a part of a healthy organ if the other part of it is cancerous. You can't take the cancer in with you and this system is inhumane from the bottom from the start right to the present. It can only get worse.


We're told we're successful if we get to the top by any means possible; suddenly the people will worship you and that's true. People love to bow down to the ultra-rich no matter what they've done or how they acquired that wealth and that's a sad trait in what we see with human nature. It's not easy for those people who still have conscience to live in this society and see all this and understand it. It's only meant for those who are as I say psychopathic. They can thrive in this system.


I always remember the Rothschild saying a statement when he said, "You make your money when the blood in running in the streets," because he cornered the market on munitions and food and so on. That's how bad it is. Anyway, keep going folks and I'll be back again on Friday.


So from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)