July 9th, 2009 (#360)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 9th, 2009:

Sentients Scream Warning at Con of Greens' Warming:
"Public Programming Immersion
Gives Predictable Perception,
False Reality is illusion
As You're Guided to Conclusion,
Only a Few Think it Strange,
All This Hype, Climate Change,
Crowds Move in a Dream,
With Strange Notions, Going Green,
Dissenters, Shunned with Derision
By Disciples of New Religion,
The High-Man Turns the Page,
Sanctifying This NEW AGE,
Gods Say 'Now You'll Pray to Us
In This Dawning of Aquarius' "
© Alan Watt July 9th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 9th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 9th 2009.  For newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  And on the front page you'll see all the other servers and sites that I have.  You should bookmark these for future use, just in case the main one goes down.  The .com goes down because there's a good chance it will in the near future.  I've had trouble before with yahoo, and they are tightening the screws across the world, and most of the public never hear about it.  Once in a while, little things leak out to the press.  They give you an idea that the policing as they say is going on.  And if they can't just simply police you, or get you off the internet legally, they simply intimidate you and give you problems with the service and so on.  And keep you running around in circles for two or three weeks, which is what they did to me the last time.  And they couldn't find out what the problem was in the first place.  So, look into cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, that's one of the main sites.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, there's also alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca, and alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  The alanwattsentientsentinel.eu is the European site, and it also has all the audios of the past talks I've given, plus it has quite a few transcripts of these talks, you can print up, written in the various languages of Europe.  And remember you keep me going, the listeners keep me going, I'm one of the few guys, maybe the only one that does this.  I don't ask the advertisers for money, and that way I've got a free hand to say what I want to say and think what I want to think.  Generally, hosts get money from the advertisers, and that pays their wages, salaries, whatever else they have to do.  The ads you hear on this show go straight to RBN, well I guess the money does, and that pays for airtime, it pays for the staff, engineers, equipment, their bills, and all the rest of it.  So you keep me going by your donations, you can find out how to do it at the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  There's paypal, and there's also personal checks accepted from the U.S. and in Canada, that's fine.  Outside, Western Union or even MoneyGram is fine.  And you can also order the books, dvds, etc, that I have for sale on my website.  That makes things almost, almost tick over.  And things are going up.  Everything is going up, as we all know.  They won't use the word inflation anymore.  They call it quantitative easing, quantitative easing.  Sounds much better then inflation.  But anyone who goes to town, every week or so, will notice the price of everything just escalating.  No one wants to talk about it either, that's pretty standard in today's society.  Those who get discs burned by those who have computers, and they don't like using computers themselves, they get them passed around to them, they play in their CD players, you can write to me [listed above].  And that's out of the way.


What a world we live in isn't it.  I've gone on about how our perceptions of things are always, we're guided to perceptions if you like.  We're guided to conclusions on mostly every major thing that controls our lives.  We think everything is natural, we think we're stumbling down through time, most people truly believe that politicians deal with crisis as they come up out of the blue, and nothing is further from the truth.  And I'm going to go into this in more detail, after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about perceptions and how we're guided to them, we're guided to conclusions always, always the proper conclusions as they say at the top.  It's interesting when you study history, and you study some of the advisors around kings and queens who wrote an awful lot, since their egos were so huge anyway, just like today's ones.  Sometimes they just have to boast to the world, how they do things.  Machiavelli of course is well known, but John Dee was another one, Francis Bacon and others, wrote copiously about their abilities.  They were kind of in love with themselves and like all narcissistic people, they tend to boast.  And psychopaths do that anyway.  Psychopaths are interesting because you'll find that even the lower ones who are into what most folks think of as a psychopath, unfortunately this is how they think of them, the ones like the Hannibal type series of movies or books that go out and do strange sexual things and kill people.  That's only one kind, it's really a sociopath, it's psychopathic, but it has unfortunate consequences for society.  So we all get stuck in there, but really most psychopaths are very successful, unless they're born in the lower classes.  In the lower classes they tend to be con men, street con men, who tend to live pretty well for themselves.  They spend a lot too, they blow a lot of money on their own enjoyment.  But the higher ones, the ones that are born to more powerful families, wield a lot of power, and they all share the same types of personalities.


You'll find in history, when you go down through it, there's been a sort of pattern for every age as they like to call them, ages.  Where we've had different religions running, at least appearing to run this system.  Definitely running the minds of the public at large.  And then we go into this so-called industrial age and a form of democracy, for nobility first of all, and then expanding into the delusion, or hallucination actually that it will get spread to the ordinary people.  A great con trick.  Really, a front group.  Because those in power, and it's really the Mercantile order, they call it the core in their big lectures at the top in university, the core of mercantilism, a sort of super world parliament you might say.  They themselves are in charge of politics and policies, since they're also in charge of economics.  That's where you find the banking system really came from, from the same people who owned the trade groups, the goods that were moving around the world.  They were the merchant bankers, so it's mercantilism as they call it.  And some of the big players who predict the future for the big think tanks, write about them as being the mercantile core.  Regardless of the age, it always gets its way, no matter what front it has running the system for it, whether it's religious, political, or post democratic, as we're really into now.  Now we're into the authoritarian stage, where under the guise of terrorism, from everything except the Martians, including plagues, and coming plagues, and possible plagues, and catastrophes from the weather and all the rest of it, and terrorists, all at the same time, and financial bank collapses and so on, then we're under authority.  It's the only way to save us is by being under tremendous authority.  I think it was Goring who said in WWII, that it was easy to take over a country and get the public to support you.  All you do is terrify the general population that they're going to get attacked by an enemy, and then your party shouts out that the existing in party isn't doing enough to save the people, but you're going to do it, and the people will suddenly vote you in, you see.  That's how Adolf Hitler got in.


So the same technique is used again, terrify the public and in turn the abused victims turn to the abuser for help.  And that's exactly what government wants because they expand their scope to every facet of your life.  Post-democratic authoritarian, and it's really a form of scientific, in a surface form it's Scientific Dictatorship as Huxley said, Aldous Huxley.  Because once again, the scientific dictatorship are just the new high priests that are given to us with all of their theories, which we have to obey.  But it's still the Mercantile Order behind them, because they run all the goods that move across the planet.  Everything runs on economics and they are the gods of economics and the economy.  They're the ones that dish out grants to all these scientists and to every country that goes cap in hand to the World Bank, which they all do.  All of them, every prime minister, every president, whether through an intermediary like the head of the Federal Reserve, or the Bank of Canada, goes to the World Bank.  And the International Bankers really own the World's Resources and everything that shifts across the surface of the planet, that's how it's really run, regardless of the age we live in and the facade they use to control us.


Under the guise of terror and fear and all the rest of it, we always buckle under, because the media is a powerful arm of government.  Any media can close tomorrow if one of the top men in commerce, one of the top people, puts the word out, and all advertising is suddenly pulled.  Kaput, that's it, finished.  I can remember when one of the Rothschilds was found dead a few years ago, and it was the grandma Rothschild apparently that went round some of the newspapers in Fleet Street in London, telling them if they printed any more on this story they'd be closed before the week was out.  Simple as that, simple as that.  And you can yell democracy all you want, it means nothing to those with the power.  They've always used it.  They always will use it.  Aldous Huxley in 1962 at Berkley gave a speech about his books, first his novel Brave New World, and then Brave New World Revisited, the non-fictional work and he basically said the nonfictional work was the truth.  He says it could be made to happen quite easily.  And the whole point remember of this post-democratic system, authoritarian system, is run along the lines on an institute he belonged to, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and his brother belonged to it too.   Which said, they'd bring in a world of servitude.  Your purpose would be to serve the World System, the World State.  Eugenics and depopulation down to the bare minimum of the necessary were also what they talked about.  Always remember that.  But they use the masses to get to that stage, and then they cull the masses off.  And this is what he said at Berkley in 1962, now I have the audio on my site in the archives section, for those folk who want to go in and listen to it.  He says,


It seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution


(Alan: Ultimate revolution.  They admit there have been previous ones, but also they don't tell you that he, and his kin, and predecessors were all part of the previous ones too down through the ages.)


the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques


(A: Techniques are very interesting, you've got to go into it.  I've given talks on techniques alone.)


which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.


(A: To love their servitude.  Look around you at the children who are going through all the propaganda at school to do with the Greening systems etc.  Look at the adults who've all fallen for it, who are running around with their reusable Green bags to the grocers, etc.  And all the Go Green you see in all the stores.  What does Going Green mean?  How do you go Green?  And then there's supermarkets who want you to pay now 5 cents for every plastic bag, which is just a pure profit on top of the fact that you've already paid for it in all the items that you've bought.  Pure profit.  Everybody's cashing in on the con.  Going Green.  I was in the grocery store last week, and the girl says, "You want a plastic bag?"  They never used to ask you that.  And I said to her, knowing darn well, she was going to say, "Well, it's going to cost you 5 cents per bag."  I says well just chuck them in the air, just throw them in the air, and I'll juggle them all the way to the car.  That's what I said.  How stupid can you be, do you want a bag?  But that's how stupid folk are you see.  They can't think for themselves, and they've swallowed reality as it's been presented to them, completely.  They've never had a question in their mind about anything, their entire lives.  Like Brzezinski said, shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves.  They'll expect the media to do their thinking and reasoning for them.  That happened a long time ago.  That's what he said in his book, "Between Two Ages."  It's amazing isn't it.  So we're always given the fear thing for the age, and we've got quite a few fear ones on the go at the same time, right now, all working together.  Generally there's a trinity of fear going on at any one time, they love threes you see.  You see one crisis, and most folk, most folk, even those who are not terribly strong, can cope with one crisis hitting them at a time, personally.  You might, if you're a bit stronger, cope with two major crises happening, but once you get into three or more you start to crack up like Pavlov's dog.  That's something they're taught at the top, they're taught this stuff.  So we have Global Warming, and now they're changing to Climate Change, meaning the weather is always changing.  We've got the coming flu, which is just going to, they know it's going to mutate into a killer.  They knew that with the bird one that never happened either.  And we've got financial collapse, and put terrorism as well on top, just thrown in for luck.  Back with more, after these messages.


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about how our conclusions are reached, and how we're guided to them.  Our perceptions are distorted by techniques as they call them, beautiful techniques that cover many different areas of particular science.  And how most folk never know it's even being used on them.  Huxley and even Russell too, both said that eventually the public would come to conclusions without ever knowing how they reached them.  And that truly happens, they're downloaded.  Mainly by television, it's very easy, through TV.  Everyone's getting this standard, same download every day across the whole planet now.  So the reality is given to them.  Back in the seventies, they'd already gone through the sixties with all the bomb hype, that was the big, big technique for government to make a big grab, ongoing wars, Cold Wars, and you could tax the people like crazy, the big secret organizations, CIA, MI6, and so on, expanded dramatically.  And governments took more power over the people, to keep them safe, mind you.  They'd even been training children in the sixties to go under their desks when they heard the alarms go off, the sirens go off for a coming air raid of atomic weaponry.  At the same time they would show you this one house, they always showed you the same one big building somewhere, and they had a dog tied in this military experiment, a dog tied to a post.  And you see this blast hitting it, and there's nothing left.  Nothing at all, but they're telling the children to go under their desks, right.  That was all fear conditioning.  Fear conditioning you see.  Because those were the generation, in the sixties, that was the generation that was to grow up to be the protesters, which is what they wanted.  They wanted big demonstrations, which would again scare all the viewers, the ones that didn't go, that this was all real and we're going to get annihilated at any time at all. 


Meanwhile, as I say, the Reece Commission, in the fifties, had gone round the big foundations, Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc, to investigate why they seemed to be funding what they thought were Communist factions all throughout the United States and the Western World.  And Senator Norman Dodd was told by the head of I think the Ford one, he says, we take our orders right from the White House, he says our job is to eventually bring the complete system of the Soviets and merge it together with the system of the West, so that it will just blend sort of happily together.  And of course, in other words, they already had the next fifty-odd years planned out.  It's all planned.  Everything is planned way ahead of time, with their fifty and a hundred year plans and all the rest of it.  But they needed the public to go, you see it's the public that must be convinced that it's all real.  And demand from government that we have peace.  And demand that not just peace, but even Communistic style systems allowed into the West.  And of course George Bush Sr came up with the term Communitarianism will be the way of the future, meaning collectivism, which is exactly what the Club of Rome, big think tank, that's connected to all the other big think tanks and foundations came up with in the seventies, when they were told to find a way to unite the world. 


They said, a warfare scenario would have to be.  Because that's when we all buckle under and do what we're told.  Just keep safe, you see.  And they said that global warming would fit the bill.  They looked at all the other techniques, and even tried all the Martian stuff, and Martian invasions.  They put out so many movies out there, so many movies, and television serials like V and the Reptiles that came from outer space, and folk think it's all normal.  They're getting downloaded with these ideas all the time.  Because they were thinking of using holographs and different things at the time to really make the world think we were under attack.  John Dewey was the first person, back in the 1920s, I believe, to say if we were attacked from outer space, people would have to come together as one, under one system to defend themselves.  Ronald Reagan said about ten, fifteen times in speeches the same thing.  But they realized they couldn't con everybody with that one.  Even though they created the big UFO movements, massive movement, put out thousands and thousands of books by hack authors, to create this whole new age.  So Global Warming, and man being the enemy of the planet, was the one that they said they hit on at The Club of Rome.  Who looked at all these other ones, you see.  And in the seventies, just to heighten the pitch of it all, late seventies I think it was.  Televised everywhere across the world at the same time, was a two or three part serial, every week, it was called, I think it was called The Day After.  They loved that, The Day After.  I think there was one out a few years ago called, The Day After Tomorrow, because there's more meanings in the Day After if you're up in the higher echelons of the Hidden you might say in their terminology.  But the Day After was about, it was done in a Spielberg type way, where they go through the boring stuff, then they meet John who works in a silo in the States, and you meet his wife, and all the other ones etc.  And then there's a lot of nasty accidents that happen, and all the missiles are fired across the world at the same time.  And then in the third series, it ends with just all these trails in the sky, and then the Boompf, and that was it.  Terrified the blazes out of everybody.  That's what it was intended to do.  The most widely publicized and it was the first one globally, it was pushed out globally at the same time.  So we'd all get the message, and be very, very scared children.  That's what they do.  And there's another big one coming out soon, about Global Warming.  Big, big, biggie, on NBC.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi, folks I'm Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about perceptions and conclusions, how we reach them.  How we're guided through fear.  Very Pavlovian methods are used.  Very simple stuff, really when you sit back and think about it.  But it's done on such a vast scale, with unlimited financing that it seems so huge to us, that no one would possibly go to all that trouble to kid us on.  But they do.  It's very important that we're fooled.  Very important that we really believe them, because only then can we be guided properly where we're supposed to go.  We must believe properly.  Remember that old saying that Charles Fort said, and others have said.  In every age the proper people saw to it, that the proper religion was created and taught properly to the people.  It was done properly, given properly to the people, and the people believed properly.  That's how simple it is.  So going back as I say, to the 1970s, that Day After was that nuclear annihilation type thing.  That left everybody stunned, going, oh, ah, oh, what will we do?  Then, then of course for this age coming up we had Al Gore, with his Inconvenient Truth, I like the In Con bit, that's an in-house joke, In Con-venient truth.  And this is from the Allegory himself that wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face.  You should see who trained Al Gore, look into his background.  The man who trained him, was a multi-probably-billionaire in the U.S. and also he had an apartment next to first Lenin, and then Stalin.  He was allowed to cross back and forth all the time.  You see all the top communists were multi-millionaires.  Even Pierre Trudeau in Canada, who led the Comintern Meeting in 1952 to Moscow.  That was kept out of all the media in Canada when he ran to be Prime Minister and won.  Everything is a set up.  Because, after all, you've got to have two sides to change the world in the dialectic.  And you get the Third Way coming out of it.  The merger of the two systems, but you've planned both of them, and it's society that must get moved from one field to another.  We don't like moving from our grazing field.  That's how it's done, from one system to the next.


Then there's another one, I think called the Day After something or another Tomorrow, that was put out two or three years ago, by I can't remember if it's Art Bell and a bunch of people, that showed New York under Ice, and all the rest of it.  And then there was another Spielberg movie out too, that showed you the same thing at one point, as we went through these massive changes over millions of years.  And now, we're into Global Warming, we're going to fry to death.  That kind of died down, because they've found and proven now that it's been cooling for ten or fifteen years.  But it doesn't matter, now it's Climate Change.  They can't change their plan you see.  This movie coming up, that's to be shown, and it's really getting hyped big time on NBC, is on July the 26th and August the 2nd, maybe running to August the 2nd.  It's supposedly a fictional, made-for-TV movie where they end up with a Catastrophe at the End to do with the weather, the weather you see.  It also goes into government weather modification, maybe trying to save us all.  Maybe having to bio-engineer the planet, or geo-engineer the atmosphere or something.  To save us all, you see.  Just more predictive programming.  And to make it seem all real.  And they'll give you all these little characters, and try to give them personalities, so you identify with at least one of them in the series.  That's why they always do.  That's why they go through this boring stuff, and here's Gloria, and here's what she likes and so on.  They give you a cast of characters, hoping that your personality will fit one of them, and you'll identify with one of them.  That's why it's so boring for the first two thirds of the movies you see in these catastrophe movies.  That's how they do it, simple technique.  So that will be coming out to terrify the bejesus out of everybody shortly.  And unfortunately it doesn't take much for the general public, who watch nothing but mainstream television, nothing but mainstream. 


Mail Online, and this is the 7th of July, 2009. 


Hysteria is the real threat, not global warming

By Andrew Alexander

(A: And I don't know if people know that Tony Blair is now a member of the parallel government, the one that Quigley talked about, the CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And he's got the same status, and his bodyguards and that, and the British taxpayer all pay, for life.  Now he can work as a technocrat behind politics, away from politics, and not be responsible to the public, you see.  They get the real work done as Quigley said, like Maurice Strong.)

With Tony Blair launching his own plan to save the world (groans), and the G8 leaders also unveiling their thoughts about global warming, this is a big week for environmental fanaticism.

Whatever he or they offer, it will not be enough to quell the warmists' semi-religious fervour.

They are like medieval preachers, proclaiming to baying crowds that the end of the word is nigh.

(A: Then they show you a really beautiful picture of the G8 summit in Italy.  It's got the logo of it.  It's fascinating in its occultism.  Fascinating.  Have a look in it and see, it's just incredible.  It's right in your face.  It says:)

Well, is it? There are two separate climate issues - the extent of global warming and the role that humanity plays in it.

Some facts help. The famous 1996 report by the International Panel on Climate Change

(A: You know with a so-called bunch of experts that's paid to tell us the Fear stuff at the United Nations.  If they say anything else they're kicked off; if they contradict the group, they're kicked out.  Anyway:)

they predicted serious global warming and blamed mankind.

(A: Exactly what the Club of Rome said in their book The First Global Revolution, that they'd thought of the idea back in the seventies.)

But, since then, the world has disobligingly stopped warming. And two years of global cooling

(A: It's been actually quite a few know)

erased nearly 30 years of recorded temperature rises.

What was the worrying rise in temperature - so exciting for those whose computer models used the past to predict a grim future?

Given the margin of error associated with the old-style thermometers which were, until only recently, used to record temperatures,

(A: Do you know the differences in them?  Do you know what the difference is?  It will tell you right here what the difference is.)

it should be stated thus: over the past 100 years, temperature has risen by 0.7C - plus or minus 1.3 degrees!

(A: That's the differences in all the different old glass thermometers across the planet.  It says:)

The only importance the serious scientists can attach to such a figure is that less serious people think it meaningful.

My own science teacher would have kept me in after school for saying this was a valuable figure.

But, as you will have noticed, it worked. The catastrophists piled in - some of whom had previously flourished warnings about global cooling. For some, any figure will do, especially when it gives them a media profile (and grants for research).

(A: You see, these guys live on grants.  You know, I read an article a few weeks back where one of the guys who works at the IPCC at the United Nations, whose job it is to terrify us that it's global warming and so on, was actually working in garbage.  He wasn't a scientist at all.  Well, most folk would probably take that kind of new paycheck, to spout out and agree with the crowd, the group, and just spout out, "warming, warming, warming" at probably a hundred times his salary, his old salary.  It says:)

Those who worry about facts should look at the findings of NASA (see the website), whose up-to-date and sophisticated global surveys throw such doubt on the warmists' claims.

They should also read Heaven And Earth by Ian Plimer, Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at The University of Melbourne and Professor of Mining Geology at The University of Adelaide.

It is the best book on science and scientists I have ever read. Piece by piece, he takes apart the work of the fanatics. Far from denying global warming, he stresses its regularity and occasional abruptness and how humans have had to adapt.

(A: It goes up and down like a yo-yo.  Twenty years of this, twenty years of that.)

A millennium ago, Greenland was warm, with a rich agriculture - not much man-made carbon gas then. Over half of the past six million years, the climate was warmer than it is now.

(A: Remember too, in the Middle Ages, it's not in here, but in the Middle Ages they stopped building fires inside their homes, chimneys for cooking or heating because they didn't need it for two hundred years.  That was around the same period, prior to that, you had the same thing happening, when the Crusades were on, they said it was the hottest century ever.  And they were all off to the Middle East in their armors at the same time, which says I'm right.  It says:)

The finding that human activity influenced global climate involved the deletion of an original passage saying they had no evidence that greenhouse gases played a role and that the best answer was 'we do not know'.

(A: So they just scored it out and said 'we do not know' but now they presume it is.)

There is always a temptation to assume that anyone labeled a scientist thinks scientifically. Learned philosophers have discussed how experiments are regularly conducted to prove a desired conclusion rather than to ascertain truth.

Prof Plimer provides the sharp-end view of this. The use of computer models excites his particular disdain.
He cites 17 areas of science, ranging from tectonics to meteorology, which need to be utilized in analyzing climate change. No computer I have ever heard of can do this meaningfully.

In every area, conclusions, such as they are, are subject to wide margins of error (and often fierce debate).

Simple multiplication demonstrates that even modest margins of error must collectively become magnified into enormous final ones.

As he says: 'If computer models torture the data enough, the data will confess to anything.'

Yet all this leaves a big problem. If the data is really so inconclusive, not to say contradictory, why is the fanatics' message so successful?

(A: Well, we know why on this show because we've gone through the agenda, and its financing, and who's financing it, and the very fact they even put their own boys into politics.  It's a must-be scenario to control us over the next (at least) hundred years.  That's why, that's why.  It's fascinating as I say.)

Now there's a caller there if she's still hanging on.  It's Diana from California, I should really take you before I continue.  Are you there Diana?


Diana: Hi, I have been attempting to read Agenda 21.  I picked it up and put it down four times over the past several months.  Anyway, I finally got into it, I think I got the flow of the bureaucratese, but I have some questions and it's mainly on wording.  When they talk about human settlements, are they referring to settlements for the elite that will be nice and beautiful, or is that a different word for habitat, in their mind?


Alan: It's both actually.  Under their other part of the plan, which is called Communitarianism, and they've published other articles before that last one came out, the Agenda 21.  They want the sustainable community, so they want sort of laboring classes almost like creating their own particular articles for sale across other particular communities across the World, but small communities basically.  Even with handicrafts and all that. 


Diana: Yeah, that's what I thought.  And next question, there's about there, but they should be quick.  In the poverty section, combating poverty it talks about, let me see, it should provide all persons urgently with the opportunity to earn a sustainable livelihood.  Now when they say all persons are they referring to the elites?


Alan: Persons is an amazing word, because it's used in law, and you have to go into the meaning of person in law to get the right meaning of it.  And you can say you're an individual, or you're a human being even.  But if you say a person, you're under a different category all together.  Citizen again puts you under a different category.  It's referring to a particular group.


Diana: Okay, that's that one.  And I can skip that one, sorry...I have so many little notes here.  Oh, you know what I did notice in the demographics section.  They specifically state here, policies and programs should be developed for handling the various types of migrations that result from or induce environmental disruptions.  They're talking about weather control there, right?


Alan: That is one of them, absolutely.  But it also, what they want to do in this Brave New World is to contain, you see the working communities they still want to have around.  Small ones, making their shoes and stuff like that, and building baskets for them, and all that kind of stuff.  You know, nice cozy rosy stuff.  They don't want them moving either from their areas they're under, under this.  H.G. Wells gives you a better scenario, because it was planned a long time ago, and he wrote the book, a Modern Utopia, you should read that book.  Because there's a restriction of travel outside your permitted area, you have to get permission to do it. 


Diana: Right okay, and then I also noticed in the health section, they refer to respiratory infections, and acute respiratory infections like five times.  Now this is written in 1992, so they were anticipating the spray, the chemtrail problems here weren't they?


Alan: They were anticipating it back in the 1960s when Buckminster Fuller first got his picture of the first dome, I think it was Houston, and I gave the links for it before, a couple of weeks ago, you can punch it up and see it for yourself, where he doesn't explain why they want a dome over a good part of the city.  And then others followed suit.  I saw one in the 1980s, early 80s, by an architect, for Toronto, and then we have books coming out now, from guys in the U.N. about the domed cities.  And then you had that dome, do you remember that dome experiment where they hired youngsters to go in there and live there for so many years supposedly.  That was in the States, and they kept given us little bits of how they were doing, and sustaining themselves inside the dome, that was all part of that project as well.


Diana: Yeah, Logan's Run was in a dome also, wasn't it? 


Alan: That's right, sort of an underground dome.


Diana: I think this is my last question here.  It's in the demographics section.  Now they keep, you know how they'll use a whole phrase, like a string of twelve or fifteen words, that they'll use over and over in different paragraphs, but they like to say, anyway, they mention freedom, dignity, and personally held values.  And so I'm reading that thinking, that's all good, but what do they mean? 


Alan: Well remember, freedom, freedom is slavery.  Remember at first I read tonight's show with Huxley, he says, people will come to love their servitude.  Under the new Socialist system, it'll be partly almost like the Chinese model.  You can't complain about government, you must think you're all working together collectively for the good of all and to save the world.  So that's what that really means.


Diana: I hear the music.


Alan: Hold on, we'll go into more of that, when we come back from this break.

This is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking to Diana from California.  Are you still there Diana? 


Diana: Yes, hello.


Alan: Yes, continue.


Diana: Last question.  Throughout all of these chapters I've gone through, they consistently mention women, youth and indigenous people, and women empowering women, giving them jobs, giving them all this.  Is that, because as you said, you know, if they can get the women, the children will follow, and then the men will follow? 


Alan: It's partly that, but you see, here's the strategy that they've used in the United Nations for years, an awful long time.  They send in NGOs first of all, often again, financed by U.S. aid and so on, and the foundations.  And they start to teach women.  It's not just teaching women, first they befriend them.  They go into third world countries, so they're really looked up to, these people who come in.  And they're almost treated, worshiped in a sense, because of their status, and their wealth and all the rest of it.  That's how Third World people see them.  And they want to emulate that.  They're given grants by the U.N., just the women, to start businesses up.  They're given education, just for the women.  That's what Oprah does too in Africa, just for the women.  And the guise, the idea, it's a political maneuver to bypass the male input all together.  Because men tend to stand back and say, what's the con here, what's really going on?  What's the political agenda?  But they bribe the women in a sense to bypass the men.  Now remember that ties in with Kissinger's long-term strategy on Depopulation of the Third World that I read the other night, and when he made it, when he put out that Memorandum.  I read it last night in fact.  For the Third World countries, this is one technique to bypass the future problems, which are the men.  And if the women don't breed, you see, the other thing too is not to have children. 


Diana: Yeah, they go through that quite a bit.


Alan: And to go for material wealth, don't have children, have abortions, and that's supplied to them again by these agencies under the United Nations umbrella, through the NGOs and the foundations, and the government.  Then it's to bring the population down, so they can bypass future problems that will happen in those countries when the U.S., at least those who rule the U.S. want to go in and take their resources.  They won't have the people simply to fight back.  And men, who have nothing to fight for will not fight at all.  They generally fight for their family, you see.


Diana: Okay, lastly do you have any hints or tricks, or words of wisdom on reading bureaucratic? 


Alan: Bureaucratese, it's a fascinating topic. If you can go into the writings of a couple of the founders of the Fabian society, Sidney and Beatrice Webb.  W-E-B-B.  They were the creators of modern bureaucratese language.  And they worked with Shaw and Wells, and others who were the founders along with the big financiers that came in to back them.  They created what we now know as bureaucratese.  And their books are available.  They're very, very boring, believe you me, but they'll often define their terms.  You must also go into preambles of anything that's signed.  In the preamble they will often tell you what particular words will mean in the context of the articles below, which is often very different from what you'd think.


Diana: Yeah, I'm learning that.  I've looked up a lot of words.  Well, thank you very much and have a good night.


Alan: And same to you.


Diana: Thanks.


And there's the music coming in.  I was going to read something from the Reincarnation Bank.  You can actually put money in the bank, and when you come back in another life you can get someone to regress you, and find the codes and claim your money back.  I'll tell you, if this person was born into a powerful family, they'd be way up there with the Rockefellers.  It's called the Reincarnation Bank.  From Hamish and myself, in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Article: "Hysteria is the real threat, not global warming" by Andrew Alexander (dailymail.co.uk) - July 9, 2009.)




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