July 10th, 2009 (#361)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 10th, 2009:

Nature a-Quiver as G8 Deliver:
"Charles, Prince of Prophecy, Doing His Part,
Hyping Fear into Everyone's Heart,
Green's on a Roll, Backed by Massive Liquidity,
Want Reduced Neutered Society for Sustainability,
American Economic Forum Gives its View,
With Same Greenie Terms, Good Future for Few,
But We can Sleep Soundly, the G8's Decreed,
They're Saving the Planet, No More Wasteful Greed,
With Fists Shaking Skyward, Stalwart and Storming,
Forbidding Nature and Sun to Cause Global Warming"
© Alan Watt July 10th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 10th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on July the 10th, 2009.  Newcomers should go into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and you'll find there hundreds of talks.  There's over 360 just on RBN alone, talks that I've given in the past, where I try to give you the shortcuts to this big picture of the system that runs the world, and to tell you how it's done, and to show you where it's going.  You can also look into these other sites now, on that page cuttingthroughthematrix.com there's all these other sites which you should bookmark for future use, because I get trouble with the mainstream servers at times, and I expect more in the future.  So, there's cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, then cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, there's also alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca, and finally there's alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  Now the .eu site does have all the audios of the shows I've done as well, plus they have quite a few transcripts written in the various languages of Europe, of these particular talks I've given.  And I should say off the bat too, if there's anybody out there across Europe or the world, who wants to be a translator, please get in touch with me, and you'll find how to do that again, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  The listeners bring this show to themselves, really.  And when there's just a lack of people helping to donate and keep me going, then it will be time for me to move on, and do other things, or teach in private, or whatever.  So it's up to you to keep it going by helping to donate.  You can do it through paypal, a personal check is fine within the U.S. and Canada.  You can also from abroad, you can pay Western Union, or MoneyGram.  There's many ways to do it nowadays which are cheaper then Western Union.  And some people, who know how to bypass the cons out there, just send cash.  Because after all, the banks make money off everything that we do.  Why help them?  And cash is their legal currency, so use it.  And also, as I say, you can order books, or Cds or discs from me, and you'll find out how to do that at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Once again, translators welcome.  Get in touch with me if you have free time.  And some people do get into the swing of it, pretty quickly.  It's hard initially.  Some are terrified to make a mistake, and of course you can't translate directly everything precisely because of the language differences.  Some languages are better actually, they have more words in them, more defined, precise wording in them than English.  So I don't mind, they can certainly.  As long as they convey what I'm saying, that's the main thing, that's the main point, so don't be terrified to put your hand in and try it.  Now there are others out there too who get discs burned and passed around who don't use computers.  They just play it on their CD players, you can get in touch with me [listed above].  That's that out of the way. 


Now, I should maybe tonight, talk a little bit about not just what's happening.  I don't like just jumping at the news that's put out for us to gobble up, but to try and tie it in with how we've been conditioned for the presentations of the news, just at the right time.  People don't realize that we've had years of indoctrination, most of it through fiction, and then through Nature programs to prepare us for the big system which they're bringing in, the brand new system for the New Age.  Back in a moment, after these messages.


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I'm going to talk about how we're conditioned, sometimes over a long period of time, with other things it can be fairly quick, with indoctrination, especially today with the mass media.  Mass means one really, like one conglomerate, just together, stuck tightly as a mass.  They all say the same things to the world at the same time, because they're all controlled by the same few people at the top, who are all not only pally with each other, they have their own particular gang, and gangs have always run the world.  When you look at the different ages, and you must understand, the boys at the top, literally, they bring in professors of philosophy and history.  You'll find that at Rhodes Scholarships too, and at the Royal Institute of International Affairs meetings they bring in these particular philosophers and historians, and the philosophers put their input into how they can literally alter society as a whole for an upcoming age.  That's common with them, that is mainly what philosophers deal with; ages past, ages present, and the ages to come.  And how they can create a planned, controlled society, and how people should behave, and what they should do, and all of these should things, that's decided by what we think are brainy people.  A lot of them are just megalomaniacs, really.  Little men, megalomaniacs, that are just control freaks, however, they're in demand by those who run the world system.  And they are listened to, because of their wild and wacky ideas. 


Just like, as I say we've ran for years through computers.  The whole population of the world went through Rand computers, and a bunch of numbers, we were all given numbers and personalities, and so on, under game theory.  Under game theory.  The idea being that we only did in our lives that which was comfortable and made us happy for ourselves.  A very selfish way of looking at it.  And it was designed by a paranoid schizophrenic, a bonafied, paranoid schizophrenic, who saw the world that way himself, because he was a paranoid schizophrenic.  And like all paranoid schizophrenics, and schizophrenia being a psychosis, you lose, you have a problem with affect, or emotion towards others.  They're sort of cut off from that emotion.  So it was quite easy for him to design a system where he saw everyone else exactly the same as himself, and supposedly that ran, through the Rand computers, the game theory that they played the whole Cold War out on, with continents, made up of millions of people, all working furiously for themselves, in their own little world, where it was all "what can I get for myself from this person here," and you go through this little charade in order to get what you want, and outsmart them, and so on.  Very paranoid.  So they lap up these types of people, and also philosophers, who really have nothing new to say in a sense.  They use old techniques of control, because they study past philosophers.  And all they can do is parrot what other philosophers have really said, sometimes take bits of each philosophy, put them together, that's been done before too, to create a new reality for the world.  Because, as I say, they study ages.  And for every age those in control have always given a reality for everyone to believe in.


A religion was the greatest thing, up until recently.  It still is in some sections of the world, for control, and not only that, religion will still be used for the greening age.  It has been used in fact, they have created a massive Greenies of New Age, almost a hippie type movement, of people who want to be Druids and witches and all the rest of it.  If you witness the annual sunrise at Stonehenge, I can't remember how many thousands turned up with their gowns on, waving stalks of oats about, stuff like that and swords as well.  The police even put a drone up to watch this crowd.  A drone, a pilotless drone to circle overhead and watch these characters as they acted out what they thought, what they hoped was going to be the sunrise ceremony, but it was a very cloudy day, as it often is in Britain, so they just drank their beer and went home. 


But that movement is created, you see, and it's created through from childbirth, for many people who are adults today.  They've had it in their comics, the stories of nature and sustainability, wrapped in, wrapped in there cleverly for a child to understand in a very basic, basic way.  And it's been through cartoons galore for years.  And the adults have had theirs to do with wildlife, and all the wildlife films, put out by the big foundations that all work for this upcoming system.  Predictive programming goes on for years and years, always shaping you for something to come, which when it does come you'll think it's quite natural.  You sort of drifted into it naturally.  That's how you guide people through ages, by those who know what to do, and how to do it.  Sciences basically.  And since we're all getting the same indoctrinations, and most people unfortunately are glued at television sets for so many hours per day, they have an awful lot of stuff that's downloaded into them that's bypassed any reasoning capabilities they had.  And it's true what Brzezinski said, I'm always quoting this, he says, "Shortly the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves.  They'll expect the media to do their reasoning and thinking for them."  In other words, give them their conclusions.  And that's what's been happening, since even before that book was written in the seventies.  You are seeing the perfect outcome of that today. 


Now, I've always said the media is a main arm, and it always been a main arm.  That's why media, since the earliest of times, before the newspapers come out, you had across Europe, you had the town crier.  And the town crier, often didn't belong to the town, he was sent across on horseback to go from village to village, and town to town, proclaiming the news from the king.  So he was authorized by a charter to do this by the king.  Anyone trying this, anyone saying I'll listen to what he says, and I'll pop over to the next village, and I'll do the same, no, they'd hang you, because you were not authorized to tell the news exactly as the way the king wanted it, or his courts wanted it to appear to the public.  And newspapers are all licensed, you see.  They're given a license.  A license means it can be withdrawn at any time.  That's what a license is for, to make sure you, as the masons say, tow the line.  Tow the line.  And you don't go overboard.  The tow rope, which is what the necktie even represents for those who are masons without going through the initiates degrees, as Pike said.  Your tow rope is the circumference of your ability to influence anything, and your reasoning power.  You personally.  So, if you tack that rope down to a stake, you can only go round in that circle.  It's limited, unless you have a much longer tow rope, you see.  And that's for the Big Boys. 


They give us our realities.  And I've read this article, even this week I've read this article, but it's so important to get a point across to people.  This article just wasn't to do with a Bush administration, aides and advisors and scriptwriters work with every president and prime minister across the world.  They always have, in kings and queens, same thing.  Now the aides generally are not elected, they're just appointed there, and the public are often unaware of who they even are.  There was one for Ontario, for many years.  It was in an article in the press, that not one member of the press was able to mention his name in their own media, because they were terrified.  He had so much power.  He had more power then the Premier had.  Because you see the aides, these guys that are put in as advisors, know the whole world agenda.  They work for a higher organization that's been around for a long time, an awful long time.  And they know what their particular part in it is, and how they have to maneuver this president or prime minister and guide them along the proper path, the predetermined path by their masters. 


This is what he said, and this was Scheherazade in the White House, that's from that particular article and it was during Bush's reign, and it's from a journalist who was told by an aide, this is what the aide said, when the journalist was talking about, you know, solutions emerging from the study of reality and things.  And the aide cut him off and says, "That’s not the way the world really works anymore…"  It never really did, he's telling the truth but it's always been that way.  He says, "We're an empire now..."  Now is he talking about national, or international, or world empire, you see.  "We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you..."  So there's from we create our own reality, "And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors… and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”  Boy, ain't that the truth.  Ain't that the truth.  And sure enough, for every age, they give you a reality.  Now for the upcoming greening age and sustainability, we've had years and years of propaganda, most folk can't remember it consciously, but the subconscious does.  Years and years and years of indoctrination, and Gorbachev came out too, years ago, and I read the article from his book.  And he said, we're creating a new world religion, and it must be based on a form of Nature Worship.  It will take that kind of shape, image.  But he says, it must be to do with sustainability and Nature Worship.  So they all knew their part, these guys, before they were made even more famous than they already were.  And yes, people are made famous.  They are made famous.  You don't become, you're made to be famous by those who know how to do it.  That's if they want to bring you up there, if you're of use.


So, here they are, this next article ties right in with that you see.  I can remember when Prince Charles was the poor prince.  The poor prince who had no purpose, and it was all over the media back in the 1970s and 80s.  The poor guy, they wanted everyone to cry for poor Prince Charles, because mummy did everything, and he wasn't given any role to guide the world.  And of course, he does have a role now, and he's going out full tilt to do what he's told.  Back with more, after these messages.


This is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Showing how indoctrination and progression of indoctrination brings us all to a predetermined point of thinking everything is now normal again, after we've left the old normal behind.  Really, this has been crafted by experts over a hundred years or more, this actual stage that we're at today.  In fact, those who brought us massive industry, and the big families, that are in control of it, the Big Barons, Robber Barons, have been guiding us all along.  That's why they run foundations to make sure that they run the real system.  And politicians and prime ministers are basically informed what to do by these same foundations.  And I'm going to read articles about that tonight as well.  Here's Prince Charles, as I say, the poor prince, back in the 70s and 80s had no function, and they had all these write-ups in the paper about the poor soul.  All he could do was go across the world with his pals and play polo and pass the time, you know, and chat about things.  And lo and behold, they picked him up rather quickly once they said that, because they tried to groom him.  Now Prince Charles is not the best person to educate for anything.  He went to Gordonstone, and he couldn't handle the school there, and he was also awful at schoolwork.  Really rather awful, so bad in fact, at times, through his life, they used to get teachers for him, special teachers and coaches, and there'd be bits of articles in the paper that would come out about, he'd now have a new even trumpet player, he was going to have a trumpet player, and that kind of faded away as that.  So they couldn't really find anything he was really good at, so they went into architecture for a while.  You see being a high mason.  And he actually showed that, when he hit his 45th birthday, I think it was.  He went on stage, and he did the cross his arm, right across his chest, and went out to salute, almost like a Nazi salute, and the whole crowd of Lords, all peer groups and so on, exploded into applause.  And that was shown on mainstream television, and of course most folk don't get the point of what they're actually seeing.  Anyway, they've got him here going from architecture and so on into saving the world.  So we've an expert, Prince Charles, an expert, who is pretty awful at education, reading a script.  You see, this is not from his own mouth, just to let people know this, but you need something that the world is taught to somehow respect, a star, someone who's better then you.  And that's what they say, your "better", better in Britain.  From the same people say "Wa-ta, wa-ta," do you want a drink of water (wa-ta).  You must be more special than the lower classes, and they have all these special traits, so we look up to them in a very primitive fashion.  This is from the Independent.  And it's really condensed, what he was on about, or rambling about.  It says,


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Just 96 months to save world, says Prince Charles

(A: So here you have an expert has spoken.)

Capitalism and consumerism have brought the world to the brink of economic and environmental collapse,

(A: Did you realize that that's what it was?  Now think right there.  How many times have I talked about the Reece Commission, the big foundations of the richest people on the planet.  The foundations were to bring the Soviet system, and merge it with that of the West, for the Third Way, you see.  Always remember that, always remember.  So here we hear, it's your fault, mind you.  It's all your fault out there.)

Capitalism and consumerism have brought the world to the brink of economic and environmental collapse, the Prince of Wales has warned in a grandstand speech which set out his concerns for the future of the planet.

(A: Also remember Professor Carroll Quigley who talked, who was a historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute for International Affairs, it's the same thing, and remember the royal part, and he said the new system coming in is to be a new feudal type system, where the CEOs primarily of big international corporations will be the new feudal overlords.  So, what better than to bring out the ones who have experience in feudalism, like Prince Charles here?  And it says:)

The heir to the throne told an audience of industrialists and environmentalists

(A: Well why industrialists and environmentalists?)

at St James's Palace last night that he had calculated that we have just 96 months left to save the world.

And in a searing indictment on capitalist society, Charles said we can no longer afford consumerism and that the "age of in-convenience" was over.


You see. Now where was he talking?  And I'll put these links up, remember, of these topics at the end of the show on my own website, so look in for them.  And you also have tonight's show up there too, before midnight, generally.  And this is from the actual group, it was from the group that held the speech. 

The Richard Dimbleby Lecture, titled “Facing the Future” as delivered by HRH The Prince of Wales, St James’s Palace State Apartments, London

8th July 2009

This is the whole article.  They've only given a little bit, because you're not supposed to know too much.  You simply get the message of fear, and so on, and here's where we're going.  But here's the rest of it here.  And it's written again by an aide, you know the guys who give you realities that we have to study, see.  He goes through this long preamble there, and getting a few chuckles no doubt.  Designed to get chuckles, that's generally how the writer does it for them.  And then he goes into his architecture, or his architectural interests.  And he relates it to other people in his Heritage, going back to Henry VIII, as though he was actually related to him, which he isn't.  But doesn't matter, it doesn't matter when you're given predictive programming.  Back with more after this break.

I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article, written for Prince Charles, for him to read about the future and sustainability and so on, from the Richard Dimbleby Lecture, held at St James's Palace State Apartments in London.  I should also mention too, that it's mentioned in it too, that his close friend and advisor, his advisor is Mr Porritt, you know Mr Porritt, I've mentioned before, read articles about him.  I think he's a Sir or a Lord or something.  And he's the guy from the Optimum Population Trust, another big foundation that came out publicly a few weeks ago, maybe a couple of months ago even, and said that they've got to half the British population, at least half, and we've got to bring in other stricter measures of population control by law, law, to reinforce them all and so on.  So this is the advisor at this particular talk here.  Remember too, Charles' lineage, they're really from Germany or Prussia.  And I've also got articles here, and I've read a couple of them before, where one of his uncles was given his own S.S. uniform by Adolf Hitler.  They were all kind of on board with that.  And it's no mistake that at the end of WWI it was King George that had that big international conference on population reduction.  Right after the war, they hadn't killed enough people off.  Keep that in mind, keep that in mind.  Don't let this dream, magic world utopia that they keep pushing at you actually take you over and fool you.  Eugenics is a big part of it.  It's not that there's too many people, their problem is as Charles Galton Darwin said, it's too many of the wrong sort, according to them you see.  So then he goes on about another previous king, an ancient, old king:

In ordering the building of a great many ships, Henry effectively founded the Royal Navy.

(A: You see King Henry VIII as he was building up this massive navy, cut almost all the trees down, so it was his fault in the first place, to save him and his kind.  Remember, the first law of government, or kingship, or system is its own survivability.  That's what it's all about.  So he says:)

But shipbuilding needed vast amounts of wood and there came a moment when Henry realized that creating his new fleet was putting too much strain on the natural supply of wood, particularly oak

(A: Since they built all their palaces out of it, and everything else.  And the ordinary folk didn't use this, you see.  It says:)

and if something was not done, the country would run out of timber. And so, in 1543, he created a law, “the Preservation of Woods,” which stated that if any number of mature oak trees was cut down, twelve had to be left standing in the same acre, and none could be touched until each of them was of a certain maturity.

(A: A nice little fairy tale because really the preservation of woods meant that no one could go on the king's land.  The king owned everything, and any peasant out poaching, to try and live, getting meat for a change, which most peasants never had.  If you realize too, Malthus, Malthusian principles were in vogue long before Malthus came along.  In the Preservation of Woods, you were also hung in the woods if they caught you.  There was no trial.  In fact they could kill anybody who was a peasant, villeins had no rights, you see.  So that nice little bit of propaganda that leads into this, this thing.  And you've got to remember too, his father, remember Prince Philip, even though he's a Prussian, he was sent over to Greece to fill in an empty spot in the Monarchy.  They didn't have anybody at the time, so they advertised for a monarch, and Philip went there, and the Greeks kicked out Philip.  They threw him out, and I think 80 members of his family, and then they were all dumped on the British taxpayer.  The British found out about this, and the cost to keep them going back in the late 1980s I think it was.  And his father, in charge of the World Wildlife Program, and so on fund, also said in his own book, that if he came back, he'd love to come back as a virus and kill off all the people.  So are we getting the lineage of these particular people, is it penetrating?  Never mind the nice little chuckles written in by the script writer.  So then he goes on to say:)

It is this knowledge that I fear we have lost in our rush to pursue unlimited economic growth

(A: Now who created the consumer society?  We've gone through the history of it with Bernays and others, and all the big moguls that backed them.  The same moguls, mind you, who owned all the oil companies like the Rockefellers.  They were the same guys.  The Rockefellers, the same guys trying to get the cars off the roads, were the same guys who put so many other little oil companies out of business by incredible means.  They were truly called the Robber Barons; they weren't called that for nothing.  But they also sent men across the whole U.S. and bribed all the governors and so on, and officials into getting the tram cars off, so that folk would have to drive the automobiles, and use their oil and gasoline.  Same guys.  But they do love to make us the bad guys.  It's all your fault, so they give you a system, and then they blame all you for it.  That's the technique you see. Beautiful, it always works.  It's worked in the past.  Always blame the victim: so he says:

– a loss that was never more rapid than during the 1960’s and at that time a frenzy of change swept the world in the wave of post-war “Modernism.” There was an eagerness to embark upon a new age of radical experimentation in every area of human experience which caused many traditional ideas to be discarded


No, that was the purpose of the "revolution" at that time.  Most revolutions are bloodless.  They're created by the social engineers at the top, allowed to do what they do, or they'd never get away with it otherwise; they'd be stopped short.  Anything that's not authorized from the top, like Plato said, is not allowed to simply come out to the public.  It might throw the whole plan and the order of things out the window.  So he's trying to say it was just all happenstance.  Then he goes down this article here.  I doubt if Prince Charles even understands Modernism, and again the philosophic writings, or he's probably never read them on Modernism and Post Modernism and so on.  He gets this from his advisors and his script writers, the guys who know what they're doing.  But it's down to saving the world.  They're going to save the world through all costs he says, he's hinting also heavily in reducing the population. 


See, we're post-industrial, they don't need us anymore.  We've conquered the world.  We supplied all the bodies that got full of bullets on the way.  We supplied the tax money and all the machinery that helped some of their big corporations get really stinking rich, all the aircraft companies and munitions experts and so on, and all this stuff.  But they don't need us anymore.  They don't need us all.  So they want to cull the herd, it's good farming practice to not have excess herd.  If the price is down on beef, here you are feeding all this beef, and keeping them around, they want to cull them.  That's what they did with the pigs, in the pig industry, quite a few times over the last fifteen to twenty years.  You cull off the excess.  To them it makes perfect sense. 


So, he's getting in on the act in a big way, and talks about the laws of nature as all the high, the true high masons understand it.  The Green Man, the letter G, you see.  Not just for Gnosis or for Generate and so on, it's also for the Green Man.  The Green Man symbology has been shown in all architecture and cathedrals and churches from the Middle Ages, by the stone masons, written in by the architects as well.  The Green Man, Nature.  Albert Pike says, we never ever apologize for Nature; they're talking about the survival of the fittest, and the right of the predator to rise to the top and be king of the jungle.  Kipling, in the Lion King, that's what the whole thing was about.  All this, son, will be yours, the Lion King, King of the Jungle.  What is the jungle?  It's the wasteland below, the bottom of the pyramid where all the sparse grass grows.  The world of the profane, that's what that is.  The Green Man, Nature. 


Then he goes on to talk about, oh, there won't be enough food, etc, etc to feed everyone, sustainability.  And if they do try to feed all these people, they'll just destroy the planet in the process.  Meanwhile they've put all traditional farming pretty well out the window, through legislation from above and government interference and laws and penalties, etc, while they were building the big corporate farms that will be the corporate farming community for the entire planet.  It already is really.  Five Agri-Businesses, that are really all one, own the entire world's food supply.  And if they haven't been killing us off fast enough with the alterations in the food, with all the inoculations that kill us, and all the rest of it.  Well, they're in a panic, they've got to get it going faster.  They want us through conditioning to go ahead, and it will happen.  They've already had volunteers of young people, coming forth to be sterilized to save the planet.  That's what they want.  They want us not just to cooperate with them, not to fight them, but actually to be on board with it.  The victim must believe it's their fault.  Standard abuse system.  Standard.  So I'll put all of this up, this entire written speech for Mr Charles to go ahead and spout off to the public, for you to read.  And he's on about the major ice caps melting or could soon be melting, even though all the evidence that's out there, as we well know, is to the contrary, but I said a long time ago, it wouldn't matter.  It wouldn't matter if we were up to our eyes in snow.  This is a mandate. 


When the Club of Rome came up with the idea and admitted it.  They admitted it in their own book, the First Global Revolution, written in the 1990s, but they said back in the 70s they were given the task of bringing this world together, with a common cause, under a warfare type of scenario.  And they said, how could they do it?  They looked at all ways of doing it.  What would the people fall for?  What would they believe with enough propaganda prediction and fiction, science fiction?  And they came up with the idea of global warming.  Man was a danger to the planet.  That would fit the bill, that's what they said.  That would fit the bill.  And when they make a plan like that from a premier think-tank, they will never deviate from it.  So, I'll put that one up, and you can read it for yourself.  This is how reality is made for the public, the general public.  Now remember, the general public have floated through changes.  They've floated through NAFTA, through GATT, they've floated through the transfer of factories to China, and then all the stuff in the stores coming from China.  And you know yourselves, the vast majority of the public haven't even noticed it.  Never asked a question, even to themselves.  Not even I wonder, I wonder why everything is suddenly from China now.  Well, was it an act of God or something.  No, they haven't a clue.  They haven't a clue, because they've been trained not to participate in their own destiny.  That's also what Huxley and Russell and Wells, and many others before them, said they would do.  They would get a generation growing up that would accept they were being ruled by experts.  And they would leave it to them, thinking all that affair had nothing to do with them, it was out of their hands, and it wasn't their affair.  Even though it affected all of them.  That's the height of domestication. 


We are domesticated animals, hyper domesticated.  Because, a farmer never goes in and grabs a sheep in front of the other sheep and slaughters it, and roasts it to eat, and then sheers it for the wool to sell.  If he's going to do that, he'll take one quietly out, away from all the rest.  Because the rest must like the farmer, and kind of like him coming around, and he throws certain food their way, and so on.  That's again, how the sheep perceive the farmer.  And that's how we've been conditioned to perceive the expert class, those people who come from special wombs, and have a barrage of letters behind their names.  We're taught that that's somehow superior to ourselves, and we accept it.  So we allow ourselves to be ruled and governed as a domesticated animal is.  Same way.  Quite something. 


And we all know too, that there's big meetings going on, and they're coming up actually, shortly.  I've got one here from one of the United States, I think it's Connecticut, from the governor, but all the states are doing this,


Governor Rell Participates in NIH Conference on H1N1 Influenza Outbreak, Plans for Fall ‘Flu Season’

And who's all there?  You find they are all there, including the Office of Homeland Security, the state's Emergency Operations Center, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  They're really going to go out, all out with this hype and terror to vaccinate everyone, etc.  That's getting sent out.  All the states are doing it.  That's upcoming apparently or it's on right now.  I know there's another one coming up in two weeks time, for the whole of the U.S. and I'm sure it will be in all the media when it's happened, to terrify us all.  But the money that's been thrown out by the Federal Administration, $350 million made available to the states in assistance in preparing for a flu.  The flu season.  Including a nationwide vaccination program.  Amazing, eh?  And these guys are talking about culling us off, openly.  As I say, Prince Charles at that particular Dimbleby meeting, his advisor was Mr. Porritt, who said that openly; he wants to cull most of us off, openly.  In mainstream media, I've read the article on the air.  But they also want us to be safe and well.  Wait a minute, cull us off, sterilize us, have us safe and well, they don't want us getting a flu.  Maybe not a chill even.  So safe and well, versus culling us off.  The wolf wants to keep us safe and well, as he culls us off.  Which one is it?  We should all be hyper-paranoid right now, because these guys are up to an awful lot, an awful lot of no good.  I don't trust them an inch, personally.  And these shots, whatever they want to mandate on everyone, what a great way to cull off lots of people.  Fantastic way to cull off lots.  Because all they have to say is, oh, we got they mix wrong, as they always do.  They always tell you that in March.  They always mix the wrong ones together.  This one they're saying, well it might have a crossover help.  Meaning if it's vaguely similar to a previous flu virus, somehow our bodies will have this magic crossover ability to attack it.  It's never been proven, and there has never been a study to show that it even exists, this crossover technique.  But the good wolf wants to make us happy, well, and fit, while they want to cull us off.  Now something doesn't jive there for me, at all.  Not at all. 


And an even more beautiful one.  Oh, this is beautiful, this is fantastic.  BBC, 9th of July. 

World powers accept warming limit

(A: They've now put, they've mandated that the world can't warm ever by more then 2 centigrade above the 1900 levels.  This is decreed out by the G8 summit that I was talking about yesterday, with the amazing occultic logo there in the picture if you look to the link that I left.  And it says:)

That is the level above which, the UN says, the Earth's climate system would become dangerously unstable.

US President Barack Obama said the countries had made important strides in dealing with climate change.


I'll put this link up too, but there's one more I've got to talk about tonight.  One more, one more.  Very, very important one.  Very important one to show you about the unification of the Americas, and how many countries they've already brought into it.  And we didn't even hear a thing about it.  Back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just to mention too, that if you get an inoculation, what a fantastic way if we all come down with disease and say, well I guess it didn't work.  That's all they have to say.  They won't tell you that maybe the inoculation is what's killing folk.  Always think about that.  They always have a way out, you see.  This article here is from the International Economic Forum of the Americas, held in Montreal.  The 8th to 11th of June, 2009.  Highly publicized, wasn't it?  Did you see it anywhere?  They've already said they didn't have the Summit of the Americas.  I've even heard one politician say that recently, I think even Obama said he hadn't heard anything about it.  The International Economic Forum for the Americas, and I'll put the link up for the whole PDF of what they've given to public at the end of the show.  And you should see all the guys are who are there.  You know, there's your prime minister talking here of Canada, and he's welcomed in other countries who have signed into this amalgamation of the Americas.  That's what it is, to do with economics, and all the countries have come in since the first lot came in.  The last lot that came in were Canada, the State, Mexico, and I think they were getting Chile in at the time.  Harper is in here welcoming in newcomers.  And thousands came to this, not from your type of classes of course.  Thousands of folk attended this particular international meeting, and they had all these big speakers, well known speakers there.  People who have been up, high up in the Council on Foreign Relations, even Dominique Strauss-Kahn who was way up there with them, and who is now the managing director of the International Monetary Fund was there, as well.  But the title of it is Adapting to a New World Order.  What is it Blair said at the G20 meeting, before they had the G8 meeting there?  He said the same thing.  He started up his speech, and it's up on Google, he says the emergence of a New World Order.  We've been saying New World Order for years and getting laughed at by the same media that's now printing this.  So it's okay for one crew to say it, but when we say it, oh no, that's nonsense.  It doesn't exist.  But this is the title put out by them at the International Economic Forum of the Americas.  And they have all their talks, as they rush out all these talks through for the three days in between their wonderful breakfasts and luncheons and drinkie-poohs, after their talks and so on.  By all the right people of course.  And they go through Latin America in the 21st Century, The Era of Migration, in other words, Massive Immigration, etc.  Sustainable Development, of course.  And Psychology Health in the Workplace, psychological health in the workplace.  In other words, more conditioning for you in the workplace, while you're going to be working more for less.  That's what it will be.  And the energy forum, Sustainable Development.  That means reduce population, and they're not going to upgrade the energy resources or even maintain them at the high level.  Maurice Strong said that, back in the late 1980s.  So, it's a rehash of stuff that they already have planned, long ago.  These guys don't plan it really, they just come and go through the motions.  All the planning for this stuff, and every topic they're on about, is handled by separate think-tanks, and all the speeches are written up probably a few years in advance even.  And they go on about The Global Economic Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities.  There's always opportunities for the in-crew.  Go into this PDF, and read the articles there.  Lots to see what's coming up.  They tell you your future, these guys, because they're funded by the biggest foundations on the planet, who are also owned by the biggest international bankers on the planet.  They create your future.  And they think it's their right.  And most folk don't complain.  That's it for tonight.  I tried to get a lot in there of important stuff, to show you how it's done.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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"Governor Rell Participates in NIH Conference on H1N1 Influenza Outbreak, Plans for Fall 'Flu Season' " (ct.gov) - July 9, 2009.

"World powers accept warming limit" (news.bbc.co.uk) - July 9, 2009.

"Adapting to a New World Order - The International Economic Forum of the Americas, Conference of Montreal" [PDF File] - June 8 - 11, 2009.


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