July 14th, 2009 (#363)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 14th, 2009:

"New Gods of Taser-Cattle-Prods:
"All Systems Go, Tasers on Stun,
Shooting High Voltage from Cattle-Prod Gun,
14-Year Tucumcari Girl Shot in the Head,
Then Fried with High Voltage, Almost Dead,
Cop Fired on the Run, Took Hasty Aim,
Dart Went through Skull into Her Brain,
'Could have been Worse,' Cop Story Persistent,
He Had to Shoot, Her Act was 'Delinquent,'
We're being Trained in This New Normality,
Obey or Be Fried, the Latter's Formality"
© Alan Watt July 14th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 14th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 14th of July, 2009.  Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, where you can look at all the previous shows I've done in various means, there's some TV ones there as well.  And you can download them for free.  And you can also see on the front page of cuttingthroughthematrix.com all the other servers and sites that I have there.  You should bookmark these for future use in case anything happens to the main servers.  There's been problems in the past, I don't see why there won't be problems in the future.  And also too, when so many people come in to listen to a particular show, it's good when they spread out to different servers, or take from different sites, because the bandwidth will spread, and it's easier to download for you.  Sometimes people will get back to me and say that it was sticking on their download or something.  That's because so many people are going into the same site to download at the same time.  So if you experience that problem, try one of the other sites that I have.  There's cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca, and alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, that last one is the European site, which also has all the audios, but it also has a lot of written transcripts for print up of these audios, written in the various languages of Europe, so that's a good one as well to be using, and a dependable server too.  Now you bring me to you, you the listeners bring me to you.  Remember the advertising that you hear on this show goes to the station, directly, and that pays for time, it pays for their staff, their equipment, their bills and all the rest of it.  So it's up to you to keep me going by buying that which I have for sale.  I don't have a whole lot up for sale, because I'm always doing shows, otherwise I'd be writing all the time, and you'll find that at cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and there's also DVDs there, and even CDs, some of them.  Some of the CDs have 50 shows on them, or more.  You can purchase them there.  Or you can donate through paypal, or personal check for the U.S. and Canada.  At abroad, Western Union, Money Gram, there's a whole bunch of different methods.  Western Union tends to be the more expensive, so look for the alternatives.  And remember too that you do keep me going as I say.  You keep me going by your contributions when they trickle in.  That pays for the bills that I have here, because the bills do mount up as inflation, or what they're calling quantitative easing goes on.  Because everything is being inflated as the dollar loses its value, and all the other currencies, along with them. 


Now, on alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, you'll find that there's different translators.  They take the English translation generally, and then they go into their own country's dialect, or dialog, or whatever language, and I do need more people to try their hands at it.  Try your hand at this if you live in another country, and you want to transpose something into your own language.  Try your hand at it.  Let me know when you try to do, so no two people are doing the same thing at the same time.  Sometimes I've had three people send me the same transcript.  So if you get in touch with me, you want to try your hand, I can give you the one to try, and no one else will be doing it.  And you'll find as I say, the first one takes a bit long, you want to be perfect, and it's very difficult to try and be perfect when languages don't even have the same explanations often in the wording, or the phraseology.  To get a point across you have to use your ad-lib to an extent, to get the message across, that's the main part.  So don't be scared to try your hand, and put it into your own words, that people understand.  Get in touch with me.  I'll be back with more after the following break. 


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Satire, satire.  What is satire?  Satire is where you take something that should be obvious to the public, you exaggerate it, and you hopefully get your point across.  And generally it's very comical, it's something you laugh at, in hindsight.  And down through time there's been some famous people who have been great satirists as they call them.  Like Mark Twain.  Mark Twain wrote a really long story, a spoof, a satire on Christian Science.  And he goes into traveling through the, I think the Alps or somewhere, and he falls off a mountain, breaks every bone in his body, and the only person he finds to help him out was a Christian Scientist.  This is in the late 1800s, when it first came out.  So this Christian Scientist tried to use her powers on him, persuade him that nothing was real, and that all physical ailments were just in your mind, and he goes into all this long comedy of how he felt his bones unstretch, and his legs untangle themselves from around his neck, but the next morning he was back to broken bones and so on, but she kept coming to him.  It's a great humorous thing to see the point.


Sometimes we have to have satire to get a point.  And last night I mentioned the Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayor, talking about castrating white males.  That was a satire.  A satire put out by Carbolic Smoke Ball.  And the odd thing is, only a couple of people noticed it or checked it out.  Which maybe tells us we're more jaded then we think, because these kinds of statements about castrating people don't really affect us anymore.  We've had so many years of people coming out and attacking different groups, all groups have been attacked.  The genders have been attacked, both of them, as well.  But no one really looks into it.  And the satire, really, what she really did say, wasn't about castrating white males, it said here: "the point of the spoof was to lampoon a controversial remark Sotomayor actually did make in 2001."  Right now, she's having, I think the Republicans go after her for different things she'd said over the years, and Obama is standing up for her.  What she actually said, in 2001, one of the things she said was mainly, a judge's life experiences and ethnic background would play a role in their decision making.  And she says, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life," she said in a speech delivered at the UC Berkeley School of Law.   So, as I say, we're not really surprised by anything now.  Now, someone who did advocate pretty well the eradication of the white males came out about a year ago, and I read the article, and it was from a university, I think, maybe in Texas to a group of population control activists and so on.  And he was a professor and he got a standing ovation, and he pretty well did say that.  So, you see, nothing does surprise us, and when we hear satire, it doesn't have much of an impact anymore, because even if she didn't say castrate white males, it really wouldn't affect us that much if she had.  We're so jaded with what's been happening, since about the 1960s onwards, with various attacks on different groups.  And of course the Feminist Lobby have made lots of remarks just like that, anyway, so it doesn't really matter.  And one guy, I pointed it out to today, says he was so used to it because his wife's been threatening to do that to him for the last twenty years.  So that's satire.  And as far as I say, for an expert on satire, we should look into Mark Twain, because he was probably the sharpest guy of his time.  And even I would say, I don't think anyone surpassed him today.  If there was a con going on, he'd see it.  If politicians or people in power were getting away with different things or conning the public, he would see through it right away.  He had the gift to put it out to the public in terms they understood very quickly, easily.  Very, very sharp.  Sharp person. 


As I say, isn't it amazing that nothing today, because we've been through all these shocks and awes since 2001 especially, with coming plagues, and this and that and the other, and government coming into every sphere of your life, that nothing really surprises us.  Mandatory inoculations from the top, and the whole, things that would have had riots going in the streets back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, we just accept now, like a beaten down public, as government rises up to its, as some would say, as the Fabians would say, it's rising up to its proper position of total control.  That's what Socialism truly is.  People who are into Socialism, really still think at the bottom level, it was like Marxism, at the bottom level they think somehow people up there represent them, and only them.  And they feel their pain, and all that kind of stuff.  They never question why multi-millionaires or how multi-millionaires would have anything in common with you.  At all.  And now it can be so bad that lots of people, lots of people, are going to be fooled further and longer, until they catch on that Mr Obama is just one of the authorized boys.  It will take longer, but eventually, eventually, when a lot of things have been introduced that they don't really want, have happened, then they'll catch on.  Maybe towards the end of his term. 


I knew people in Britain, adults when I was a youngster, who believed in Marxism.  These were all working class people, some of them were miners, and they could spout off the common terms they'd heard, and when I'd ask them, do you know what Marxism and Communism is really all about, they couldn't go very far at all.  They still, oh, it's for the working people, it's for fairness, it's for this, it's for that, and of course when I went into the books at school, I found no.  And I did the history of Fabianism, and Socialism; it's about total control with no interference of family or anything, because they want to eradicate family.  Anyone who can stand up for you will be out of the way.  You'll be on your own, and government will be talking directly down to you, Number So and So.  Like George Orwell's 1984 black and white movie, that was made in tribute to him.  In 1984 they made the movie, and the television camera talks right down to him.  There's no one.  No neighbor, no friend, no relative to stand up on his behalf around him, to support you.  That's what Socialism is.  And government will control everything.  The proper way as they say, the proper way of running a world, and running all life on the planet.  Proper way.  That's what it's all about.  And it's unfortunate that today people even have to use satire, and it's even more unfortunate that people can't catch on to it because it's like the, I think it was MAD magazine.  MAD, when they closed it down, they said that life had become so bizarre that you couldn't really lampoon anything anymore, because so many bizarre things were actually happening.  So many amazing statements were made by government officials that at one time only existed in satire or lampooning.  Not today.  When that professor stood up, and talked about getting rid of all the white males, he got a standing ovation, and that is mainstream.  They don't react.  Something has happened to people, we don't react. 


Now I expected to see this a long time ago.  I did see it a long time ago in the European countries that are very old countries, very old systems, where they've never ever had a constitution giving them individual rights.  In fact, the individual really is not mentioned much at all.  So the U.S. was the last place where individuality was pushed.  The rights of the individual.  And people exercised them.  Everyone knew them.  And at one time, if a cop stopped you for no reason, you'd tell him that.  And you knew your rights.  And he would know, and he'd walk away too if you were in the right.  But not now.  Now it's jump, and do, and obey, or we'll taser you at the very least.  And we're not fazed by it.  We're not fazed by all the horrific stories we're given on tasering and what's happened.  Nothing bothers.  Maybe that's why they call it taser, it's close to fazer, nothing fazes us anymore. 


Do you know what a taser is?  Again I go into perception, how you perceive things.  Do you know what a taser is?  A taser is a cattle prod on wires.  They're using cattle prods on the general public, and they're electrocuting them.  It's a cattle prod.  Something they've used for years and years and years to coerce animals along a certain path of behavior.  So that's what a taser is.  It's a cattle prod with wires, but it's still a cattle prod.  And guess who they're using them on?  You.  What does that mean that you are?  It's all how you perceive things.  And it's also being used for compliance, you see.  What did they do before they had something to make you comply?  They'd have to simply grab you.  They used to grab people.  They were trained how to grab people without hurting them, before the days where they'd get you on the ground, face down and dislocate your neck with the knee in the back of the neck.  Which they really enjoy now, you see it in so many videos now, but that doesn't faze us either.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix, where we try to show you other ways to perceive things.  And to show you why we're taught new words that really cover, amazingly cover, what you really should be seeing.  Like the tasering for instance.  This article here, it's amazing how far, again, nothing fazes us, nothing, nothing does.  And this is from New Mexico, by Chelle Delaney.

Tucumcari police chief Tasers 14-year-old

(Alan: It's a girl.) 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A 14-year-old Tucumcari girl is recovering at an Albuquerque hospital after being shot in the head with a Taser dart by Tucumcari Police Chief Roger Hatcher.

(A: Quite a name, eh, Hatcher?)

Now, her parents say they want the police department to review its policies for using the Taser.

The girl was hit in the head Thursday by one of two darts fired simultaneously as she was fleeing, Hatcher said.

The other dart lodged in her hip.

Hatcher said be believed he had no other option.

(A: There's no option.  The other one by the way, went into her brain.)

“There’s a lot of issues,”

(A: He had no option.  He was on the run, chasing her, even though she hadn't been charged with anything, in fact the complaint hadn't really been officially registered.  And all she had was a fight with her mom.  But Hatcher said he believed he had no other option, right, than to shoot her.)

“There’s a lot of issues,” Hatcher said. “She committed a delinquent act.

(A: Now I grew up, like everybody else grew up, and we've all gone through different stages in adolescence and to the teenage years and so on, and I don't know anybody that did not at some time do something really crazy.  And do some kind of delinquent act, whether it's stealing apples from an orchard, or whatever it happened to be, you've done something, somewhere.  But you never got shot in the head for it.  Or you never had a cattle prod electrocute you for doing....)

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through the Matrix.  We got cut off there, and it's odd, because I heard the click, like someone just switched it off, and so did the guy on the board at RBN.  Just a click like someone had hung us up, and that was it, we're off the air.  That happens to me quite often, at night.  It's usually later on.  It's the first time for a while I've had that during the show.  I've been talking about tasering, which is just using a cattle prod, and about how a policeman in Tucumcari tasered a girl, Albuquerque way, and shot her basically in the head, then the hip.  The one in the head went into her brain.  Because he said that she'd committed a delinquent act.  Maybe it's because the act of running from a policeman, maybe if you don't even know you're being chased, is a delinquent act.  So they can actually shoot you in the brain.  And with a cattle prod on wires, and electrocute you.  So the cop says:

he chased her, ordered her to stop and “then did what I had to do.”

Her mother, Stacy Akin, said her daughter underwent surgery Friday morning at University of New Mexico hospital in Albuquerque.

(A: She's got about a four and a half inch scar here, and a shaven skull, they had to shave part of her skull, and the stitches right down it, plus the side of it, which meant they had to open it up to see if there's a depressed fracture as well.)

“One of the darts entered her skull,” said Akin, interviewed by telephone.

After a CAT scan, a hospital resident told her the dart was “in her brain a little bit, but not much,” Akin said.

(A: So that mean's it's okay.  It's just a little bit in your brain.)

She was in pediatric intensive care following the surgery, Akin said. “She seems OK, but she she’s in a lot of pain. Her head is hurting her real bad.”

(A: No kidding.  Imagine getting all those thousands of volts, and right in your brain with a cattle prod on wires.  It says here:)

Police were trying help Akin

(A: Help, God help us if we need help from the cops.  You see.  I've read this sort of thing quite a few times recently, where the police say they were trying to help.  They shot a guy that they thought was going to commit suicide, so they electrocuted him to death, I think.)

Police were trying help Akin because she and her daughter had been fighting, Akin said.

(A: How many, how many young girls are fighting with their moms?  They all go through it.)

Akin said while she could understand the use of a Taser on an adult, it shouldn’t be used on a child.

(A: Well, to be honest with you, a cattle prod, shooting thousands of volts into people, who are not charged with a criminal offense, I don't see it should be used on adults.  And this poor girl had epilepsy as well.  I bet it's worse now.  Back with more after this break.)

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article about the cattle prods, the taser guns, and that's all they are.  Cattle prods with wires, that they've been using on cattle for a long, long time.  Now they're using them on people.  They changed the term and the public are fooled.  They don't see that it's still the same thing. We're now the cattle that are getting electrocuted.  That's what they do, they electrocute you, you see.  And how a young girl, who was epileptic, who had a fight with her mom, 14 years old, had a couple of darts fired by a cop on the run after her.  And all she had was a fight with her mom, and one of them went into her brain.  One of these darts, and 50,000 volts into her brain.  It's amazing she's still living.  But I'll tell you, it must have killed a lot of cells off.  It must have killed a lot of cells off.  And the cop is justifying what he did, and they've got to justify whatever they do, it doesn't matter what; that's a psychopath.  A psychopath will have to rationalize whatever they did, first of all to suit their own ego, but cops will do it routinely, obviously, to save their skin and their job, and all the rest of it.  So they always rationalize what they do.  And he said that she had an argument with her mom in front of the police headquarters that her mom drove to.  In front of the headquarters, her daughter just walked away from the car, so he got a call, and he was at another call.  And he found her at a park, Molinas Park, got out of the vehicle, called to her, and she ran in front of his patrol car, across Monroe Street, without looking for traffic.  Do they taser everybody that doesn't look where they're going?  Do they?  It says:

Both were in a dead run when the Taser was fired, Hatcher said.

(A: Well, why was he firing this on a dead run to start with?  Why?  You see, they're into this hunting mode.  Cops are into hunting.  They hunt in packs generally, but it truly is a hunting thing to get their target.  Hunt.  And they get all excited, like on a hunt.  And they even talk about how they did it, how they catch people, and it's just like catching the prey, you see.  That's how a predator talks, and how he acts.  So yeah, he was so excited, he shot on the run.  Who else he could have hit, and done it to, who knows?  And his excuse was too, because he was running he didn't know where she'd go to, because they were new in town.  What a feeble excuse.  He says:)

if he had not stopped her the consequences might have been worse.

Well what could have been worse then having 50,000 volts right into your brain?  Huh, worse?  Arghh.  Anyway, we're getting gradually trained to accept more and more and more of this kind of stuff, as they turn this kind of weaponry loose on a modern police, that have grown up with video games, and they want to be hunters, and wear black uniforms just like the military special forces, and we're seeing the effects of it.  And they're training the public now with more and more instances of this, where nothing happens to the police.  This is the new normal.  You obey police.  It doesn't matter what it's about, you just obey, Obey.  Sad, isn't it.  Sad, sad, sad. 

And talking about the lampooning and satire as I started this show.  There's nothing satirical about things now, because Obama did appoint John Holdren, the Science Czar as they call him, in charge of all the science projects for the U.S.  That also means having to do with you know his favorite topic, because Holdren wrote Ecoscience, along with Paul Ehrlich and his wife, in the seventies, where he said they could put sterilizing agents in the water or food to bring populations down.  This is the Science Czar for the whole of the U.S.  In a political party, politics, agendas, social policies, that's what it's about isn't it?  And then you have Emanuel appointed to that comparative effectiveness group who are going to run the country, trying to find cheaper ways of health care.  Cheaper ways of health care legally means if you break a bone, rather than give you morphine, they could give you an aspirin.  Technically they've treated you with a painkiller.  But the people at the bottom think it's going to be wonderful.  They have no idea what Socialized medicine is.  Socialized medicine is used for political purposes, not for your health.  It's political purposes.  As I say, it's got so bizarre, you can't lampoon.  Even if Sotomayor had actually gone out and really, really said something, like sterilize all white males, we wouldn't even be shocked.  But she didn't.  It was a satire.  Nothing shocks us anymore. And Britain has now, apparently, just ordered another 10,000 tasers for the cops, and it's to increase.  Remember last year I read an article where a guy who was in a coma, a diabetic coma on a bus in Britain, woke up in a hospital, because the cops couldn't get a response out of him, and they just decided to taser him.  Well, if you're unconscious, how can you respond to them?  Or are they just so itching to use these tasers, these cattle prods with wires?  Hmm?  What a society.  What a society. 

You know, years ago, I've read articles years ago, those in the Fabian societies, like H.G. Wells and other ones, and the Huxleys too talked about the need to break down families and destroy them completely.  And that has been pretty well accomplished.  Bertrand Russell said that if you could get the children young enough with scientific indoctrination, say from kindergarten, that parents would be unable to pass on their contaminated old ideas to the children, their moralities.  Old contaminated moralities to the children.  That's been pretty well successful.  The state now gives them the culture, backed by the media, and entertainment industry, all working together.  And I've talked about before, where they said if they could get children, through experimentation, they knew this as far back as the 1920s and 30s through special schools they were trying different things out on.  They knew if they could get children into pre-pubertal sex, and sexual relationships, there's a good chance they thought, that they would never bond with any one person, and get married and have children.  They'd just go from person to person.  And of course, it's always pooh-poohed by all the so-called left-wingers who are often not left-wing at all, they're really Fabians.  Or they're groups, big NGO groups working, and paid by the foundations that fund all the left-wing, and all the right-wing, and all the other wings, groups.  See how far they're getting to go now, this is from the Mail Online.  It says here:

Pupils told they have a 'right' to a good sex life: That's the advice for youngsters from the NHS

(A: That's the National Health Service for the whole of Britain.  This is what Obama wants to bring in.)

The NHS is telling school pupils they have a 'right' to an enjoyable sex life and that it is good for their health.

A Health Service leaflet says experts concentrate too much on the need for safe sex and loving relationships, and not enough on the pleasure it can bring.

(A: You see.)

But family campaigners last night condemned the guidance, saying it encouraged underage sex and could increase rates of sexually-transmitted diseases.

Under the heading 'an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away',

(A: This is for children)

the leaflet says: 'Health promotion experts advocate five portions of fruit and veg a day and 30 minutes physical activity three times a week. What about sex or masturbation twice a week?'

The advice, which also claims regular sex is good for cardiovascular health, has been circulated to parents, teachers and youth workers.

It came to light just a week after it emerged that teenagers who took part in a £6million Government initiative

(A: They can spend our money like water, eh?)

to reduce teenage pregnancies were more than twice as likely

(A: So the children who attended the initiatives, that went to these courses, to reduce teenage pregnancies, were more then twice as likely)

to fall pregnant as other girls.

(A: The ones who took government courses were more than twice as likely to get pregnant as other girls.  What does that tell you?  Because they're promoting sexual behavior, that's why.  That's the purpose of it.  What do you think that is, they're telling them to have an orgasm a day.  It says:)

The NHS leaflet has been drawn up by Sheffield primary care trust and is entitled Pleasure.

(A: But they'll never tell you the whole story, and what their real intentions are.  It says:)

Its author, Steve Slack, director of the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health at NHS Sheffield, defended it by saying the advice could encourage young people to delay losing their virginity until they are sure they will enjoy the experience.


(Laughter) You see, you could make satire out of that one too.  So darned easy.  You take what they say, and you exaggerate it until it's very evident what they're really, really saying.  Amazing, isn't it.  Nothing shocks us any more.  Nothing at all.  Nothing at all.

July the 13th, 2009.  It's from the Telegraph.  It says:


(A: The same one that's telling children to have orgasms and sex)

The NHS is preparing to vaccinate the entire population against swine flu.

(A: Really?)

It comes after an Essex man was confirmed on Friday as the first person without underlying health problems to have died from the virus.

(A: He had to have underlying health problems.)

Ministers have secured up to 90 million doses

(A: So they'll use a person, we don't even know if 'a person' existed, 'a man'.  Any excuse will do, because it's a must-be mandate. 

90 million doses of the vaccine, which is expected to arrive in Britain in the next few weeks, and the rest of the population is likely to be offered vaccinations next year.

Offered it, really?  Because there are articles out there too about them going to mandate it.  Here's the thing with viruses and vaccines.  Every year, as I say, about spring they tell you the shots you got for the flu in the fall, last fall, were the wrong combinations.  Generally they pick about three common flus, and speculate that these are the ones that are going to be prevalent next year.  So they tell you this every single year, it was the wrong combination.  And those that often get, more often than not, get the injection, get the flu.  If they're going to give you the present swine flu, which is a mild infection that lasts a couple of days, right?  It's not going to be the one that they're talking about, that would mutate into the killer.  It hasn't happened yet we're told.  And only that one, that was killing people then, rampaging.  The one that was altered, that jumped to be a killer, only that vaccination would be the one that theoretically would work.  Not the one that was previous to it.  Otherwise, if you had one flu in your life, and this supposed crossover that they hope might give you crossover protection, if it ever worked at all, if you ever had one flu in your life, that means you would now be immune to every flu that ever mutated from then on. I'm not kidding, these are the theories that they run this science by.  Full of contradictions.  But boy, do they want the public, do they want the public to get this vaccination.  Badly.  It's amazing.  I mean, technically speaking, if there were such a thing as crossover, meaning the last virus was kind of similar, and hopefully your blood cells will evolve to hit the new one, because it's got some similarity to it, none of us would ever get the flu again after getting it once in our lifetime.  So crossover is bogus, it's nonsense.  Therefore, taking the present swine flu and making vaccinations, since it's not the killer one that they're expecting to come along and evolve, then it's going to be absolutely useless anyway.  You would need the one that was actually doing the killing.  Not the occasional person out of many, many, many thousands, but the one that's actually killing many of its victims, that's what they're talking about.

There's so much going on, the European Union, and many people have mentioned this, many of the people at the top themselves, is not a democratic institution.  So much so, that all the front politicians that get well paid to attend it, have admitted themselves that they only get about 30 to 40 seconds a year to say anything.  Per year.  And even when they say something, they can't force anything through.  They have no powers. It's done up higher, in a kind of strange, secretive, executive branch.  It's not democratic, it's post-democratic.  It still has the front of democracy by putting parliamentarians there from different countries to represent the countries, so the show of being represented is there, but they don't actually do it.  Now, it says:


Federalists accused of 'hijacking' European Parliament opening

(A: When they open Parliament.  You know, the end of holidays or whatever.  It says here:)

Federalists have been accused of hijacking the official opening of the new European Parliament session after soldiers

(A: And these are EU soldiers, they're not from Britain, they're EU, their little army, they've got it started.)

raised the EU flag to the tune of Europe's official anthem

(A: This little anthem they wrote for it called:)

Ode to Joy.

(A: Ode to Joy.  And this was from the 13th of July, 2009.  It shows you the:

Soldiers of the Eurocorps detachment raise a European Union flag to mark the inaugural European Parliament session

Critics accused them of using the event to uphold the flag and anthem symbols of European Union statehood

(A: Statehood, that's total sovereignty over the countries)

that were officially dropped after French and Dutch referendum rejections threw out Europe's Constitution in 2005.

(A: Well so has Ireland, and they're still going through the battle. It says:)

Leading the ceremony in Strasbourg, a detachment of combat troops

(A: This is European combat troops for the European army)

marched to the overture of The Force of Destiny by Verdi, before raising an EU flag twice the size of the national flags around it to a military bugle call.

(A: So that's a bad omen.  It's militarized to start with.  It's a European army, that has its allegiance to this strange Parliament.  It's not a country, it's a Parliament.  And that ties in with the way things have to go, as the futurists keep telling us how the future is lining up.  Where the government will eventually privatize everything with its quasi-official private organizations, and the private organizations have the official status of government.  That's what they're talking about.  That's what this is, this kind of army as well.  Serving an abstract thing, because government is an abstract thing, remember.  It's abstract, it's not real, it's like the dollar.  It only works as long as the people believe in it, and give it power by that belief, and acceptance.  Remember government is an idea.  But here's this strange idea of really this big massive complex of buildings, that these soldiers are giving their allegiance to, and they raise this flag at the opening of this new, sovereign world, it's not even a state, it's a place.  A little place.  Back with more, after this break.)

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I'll put up that link again to a video where you'll see Mr Emanuel with that comparative study they were doing on health care and so on, where you see him getting up and walk away, he suddenly has to leave when a reporter there, one from the Executive Intelligence Review, asked him about a few things of the past, including the fact that he belonged to a foundation, and had written papers on it, to do with bringing the populations down.  He gets up, and suddenly has to leave.  You'll hear him making excuses etc, and trying to contradict that, but he's written papers on that apparently, on bringing the populations down.  This is a political agenda.  We should be terrified at what we're seeing.  Now I'll go to the callers, and there's Jeff from Massachusetts there.  Are you there Jeff?


Jeff: Oh yes, I'm right here. 


Alan: Yes.


Jeff: Well, I'll tell you what.  As far as that girl getting tasered is concerned, if I was a cop, I would never taser a young child.  I mean...


Alan: Yep.  On the run too.  And he didn't even know why he was chasing her, because she hadn't been charged with anything.  When they stopped at the police station, she just walked off from the car, and no one had spoken to her.


Jeff: Well, you know what's funny is, I mean, you know that's just plain wrong.  And you know what's funny is, I mean cops, police, people like that, I mean cops are trained in how to de-escalation of violence, de-escalation of the use of force.  I mean this is universal.  I mean universal.  And you know what's scary, is that you were talking about the European Union military if I'm not mistaken.  I'm saying to myself, you know what, if we do, if we go into the lockdown of martial law, I would not be surprised if you have something like that in this country, running the show, and they won't have any mercy on us, whether it's U.N. foreign troops or people like that. 


Alan: You're right.  Absolutely.  When they first came out, and they let the public know, as a trial balloon to get us used to the idea, when Blackwater first came out hiring mercenaries from across the world, special force guys, and the whole thing.  I think they've changed their name now, but it's the same group, a massive group, an army of International Mercenaries that go and their boss is their paymaster.  That's it, they do what they're told.  They have this strange, quasi-legal authority.  Even the U.S. government is using them in Iraq. 


Jeff: Exactly.  Like the Hessians of old.  You see, people don't study history.  And I know what Marxism is.  Marxism is a total system of plunder.  Rape, plunder, and robbery that only benefits the top elite, and anybody that's a hang-a-long.  I mean, if you look at Marxist countries.  I mean, to be stopped at a checkpoint and have everything robbed out of your car, is nothing in a Marxist country.  Being tasered, that's nothing.  In China, that's just par for the course in these countries.  To be tortured, and so forth.  And people in America don't know what that means. 


Alan: They haven't a clue.  I just saw a video where the police in I think it was Beijing are given authorities to go out as a gang, with truncheons.  They knock down and beat up and put unconscious different street venders that don't have permits.  I mean they just walk up to them and whack them, you know.  And the venders themselves say the only way they're safe is to pay off the cops to leave them alone.


Jeff: Exactly, and that's what you're dealing with.  Well, I hear the music, and I thank you for having me on your show.  Have a great night.


Thanks for calling.  That's how all the systems work there.  It's scary.  It's scary, and yet that's the system that's been designed for the whole world, because the pirates at the top love this kind of system.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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