July 15th, 2009 (#364)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 15th, 2009:

Plan is Calling for More Shock-and-Awe-ing:
"We've Grown Accustomed to Shock and Awe,
No Horror Response, Wide Mouth, Slack Jaw,
Those Crying 'Terror, Famine, Warming, Plague'
Should All be Tried in the Court of Hague,
Politicians, Big Media, Big Pharma too,
And Many More in the Psychopath Zoo,
All Those Who've Trained Public to be Unconcerned,
Bombarded with Trivia, No Means to Discern
'Tween Events Unfolding vs. Tactical Plan,
Deciding the Future of Child, Woman, Man,
Conspiracy Theory? No, Not Far to Look,
Confirmation in Many a Dusty Old Book,
As They Lead the World Toward the Abattoir,
Leaving Their Prints, Biographical Memoir"
© Alan Watt July 15th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 15th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 15th of July 2009.  There's always newcomers coming into the show, so I advise them to go to cuttingthroughthematrix.com, that's the main website.  And on that front page, you'll see all the other sites I have up there, with different servers and you should bookmark these for future use, in case the main ones are pulled again.  You'll see cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, a very good site, cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, there's also alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca, and alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  The last one is the European site, it also has the audios up there for download, free download, and you can also get some transcripts of some of the talks I've given, written in the various languages of Europe.   If you want to print them up.  Now I always remind people, at the very start of this show, I should really vary it throughout the show, that you bring me to you, You the Listeners, bring me to you.  The advertising you hear, the money from the advertisers to RBN, and that pays for the airtime, that pays for the equipment, their time, their bills, etc, and technicians.  So it's up to you to keep me going.  You'll find out how to do it at the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and remember that personal checks are good from the U.S. to Canada, and there's other methods of payment.  Paypal is one of them.  I have things for sale on the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and all the others.  And you can also donate through paypal if you want to do it that way.  That helps me tick over.  There's lots of people who simply get the discs passed around, and play them on their CD of the shows, so if they want to get in touch with me, you can write [listed above].  And that's that out of the way.  But remember, yeah, I do need your help to keep going.  I don't run this as a business, and what I do put out here is a lot of money, just for what I'm doing, never mind the time to do all this as well. 


And the only reason I'm doing this is we truly are as the Big Boys have said, the Big Futurists as they call themselves, going through the greatest transition, world-wide since the Industrial Revolution.  The Industrial Revolution, remember basically put people off the farms through various laws that came through to get grain dumped across Europe, very, very cheap.  A sort of free trade you might say, that put the farmers out, and they and their families all moved into these new row houses in the big cities that they built to house them.  Where they were all squashed in, ten or twelve to a room.  And they went through hell, for a long, long time working for factories for 16 hours per day, men, women, and children.  And under this transition, this New World Order as they call it themselves from the G20 meeting, that's what Mr Brown called it.  We've had that American Economic Forum recently in Montreal, that's what they called it there too, in fact that's the title of their webpage, I put the site up, the link to the site up on my website.  Look into the archives and you'll find it.  And they called it the New World Order; of course it was a nice Green background because suddenly everything is going Green.  You know, going green at one time meant you were about to throw up.  And believe you me, with all the propaganda that they're spewing out there, to bring in this global system and save the environment and all this stuff in order to control everybody, we feel like doing the latter, don't we?  Just make sure no one is in your way.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And the Matrix really is just the big system that you think is reality and people adapt all through their lives to amazing changes without ever really consciously working through why they're adapting to the changes, or even what's causing the changes, something that's known to planners and strategists at the top of every country.  Old sciences, in fact, that we do adapt to everything so quickly.  And I was just thinking back, today I was talking to someone about a possible TV show, and I realized that they really didn't have much of a background on what's happening in the world, and some people call it 'conspiracies.'  I don't call it conspiracy so much because it's published.  Whatever they want to do with the big foundations and various politicians that come in and out of politics and back to the foundations, they love to write memoirs in books and so on about their plans.  And all academia has been socialized for so long, mainly through all the grants from the foundations that they get, along with it comes their agendas, and their curriculum, etc.  What to teach, what not to teach.  And lots of suggestions, you might say. 


So everyone has really grown up through the Socialized system without really recognizing they were being socialized.  Socialism truly is a system of a small dominant minority who think they know better than you, how you and everyone else should live.  It's a totalitarian type of system run by self-professed experts.  Exactly what Lord Bertrand Russell said they would do, they have done it to the public.  He said they would train the public, train them, so that they couldn't think or do anything for themselves without the advice of an expert, and we're bombarded with experts daily.  If you're sitting watching the TV or whatever, or listen to the radio, regular radio stations, you're bombarded with little tidbits from experts.  So much so, that we put our own intelligence to the side, our own experiences in life, and we listen to them.  And we think they must be correct, because they're experts and I'm not an expert, and therefore I'll sit back and just listen to what they say, and do what they say.  It's a very simple technique of control.  It's not new, because experts can be given in any age, in any country, in any era.


In ancient times the experts were the priests, and everything, your whole reality would come from the religion that you were given.  The experts were the priests, the intercessors between you and the deity.  And because they had an education, then they could put it across very eloquently, a whole bunch of stuff, that would be absolutely real to you, after all, what did you know, down on the bottom there.  What did you know?  And it's not that different today.  It's the same technique that's used, only the white-coated priests are the ones that are being fronted to control the public on behalf of a very, very wealthy conglomerate you might say, of people who used to be called robber barons.  The ones that clawed their way up into multi-national, international corporations, as far back as the 1700s, and then in the 1800s, and then they established their foundations.  The foundations that would be charitable institutions run by these philanthropists, that also kept their hand in their big business.  And they formed a form of parallel government.  Now all politicians need money to run, in every country in democracy.  That's why they gave us democracy.  Just like universities, along with the grants and little things they dole out, the politicians are hand picked, and questioned to see where they'll go, and will they take advice from the guys who fund them.  Many of them are picked young and groomed for their positions.


I've read before, Professor Carroll Quigley's book, Tragedy and Hope, and his other fantastic work called the Anglo-American Establishment, and he wrote as the historian, not just a professor of a university, but also as a man who picked Rhodes scholars, for the scholarship, and sent them off to Oxford in England, like Bill Clinton.  He also worked for the State department.  He advised military on different things because they need the histories of the cultures and so on, of people that you're going to one day take over.  And that's been in the news recently, even on how they have ethnologists and anthropologists and historians working with the military today.  Same thing back in Quigley's day in the 60s, 1960s.  And he said that the parallel government had already been operating for sixty years, and he wrote the book in the 60s.  He said it had been operating and running America, well, since the late 1800s, writing as the historian allowed into their records. Very, very private records in the Harold Pratt building in New York.  And he also of course had access to Chatham House, the British branch of it, the Royal Institute on International Affairs.  In America it would be called the CFR.  Parallel government.  It's interesting that Chatham House was also the headquarters when they suddenly needed an OSS, the precursor to MI6 and CIA.  During WWII they turned it into the intelligence headquarters for the U.S. and Britain through Chatham House in London, or in England.  No one asks, isn't that strange that this official spy agency that they formed would actually be formed within an existing office of a private, not-for-profit organization.  And of course the history of that place was, you see, they were already the spy, the only major spy network internationally there was, because they at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had been called names, different names in the past, such as the Milner, the Lord Alfred Milner group, that were comprised entirely of bankers and their rich sons, and also the Cecil Rhodes foundation that merged together with them.  And that's what became the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Now it was given a Royal Charter to exist. 


You can't say Royal in any British Country without getting a charter from the Crown, you see.  So they're authorized to use that name, which should make people wonder, why is this organization, that boasts about the fact that they're all for the integration of Europe and helped it to happen.  That came out on television in Canada in 2005, when the first open signing of the integration of the Americas took place, and said that they drafted it up for the politicians to sign.  No one asks why this private, not-for-profit, philanthropic organization has its hands across the planet into every country's affairs, directing the shape and future of the world, until you go into the books of course, of Professor Carroll Quigley, who told us why, that they set up the idea for world government.  Run on a Socialist type system, over the masses.  They set it up literally at the end of the 1800s; that was their plan.  Britain was to be the embryo.  The British Empire would be the model that a future world government would take, and of course then they pushed for the League of Nations as a front for themselves, and that became the United Nations.  Quigley went as far as to say he thought the public should now know, and probably would accept the fact that this organization had been responsible for every major event that happened in the last hundred-odd years, internationally.  He's talking about wars and everything.  They're behind it all.  And as I say, this odd relationship, where they have members who are in governments across the world, often at the top.  In fact, Quigley said himself that it didn't matter about the United States, who got in, left or right, he said, because we always have a member at the top.  Top man is always a member, or woman.  Doesn't have to have all the rest of the politicians down below.  They're there to act like trained seals in a circus.  They clap for the leader, for the party, because they want to get up the ladder.  They vote with the party.  You just need to put your people in at the top, and of course the advisors, etc, generally are members too.  It's interesting too that his book, itself, I think it was bought over by Macmillan, and in those days of course, they used the hot press to publish, to print, and they smashed, they told him, they smashed the plates, luckily enough books were already published, or we wouldn't even know that this group was so heavily involved in shaping the destiny of the entire planet.


Many of its members have written books too, and they have offshoots, specialized branches, as I say many of the members of the Fabian Society that Tony Blair belongs to, and the present Prime Minister of Britain, Mr Brown, many of them were members of the Fabian Society as well, you see, and they could go back and forth between these other associated agencies, or foundations, other charitable groups, as they love to call themselves.  And they got the jobs done, and they're also in and out of politics, and back and forth with the foundations; it's like a revolving door.  Same with high-level bureaucrats.  Yet the public have been sold the idea they're living in some kind of a democracy, where the people you represent, represent them, and yet if you lived long enough, you'll see, and you can't help but see left and right doesn't matter.  They're all hell-bent on the same course of complete integration for the planet.  Not just integration, that's not the point.  The point is it's a particular type of society they want to bring out.  At the top of their list of course, is now, now what they're calling, they're hiding behind the Greening agenda to save the planet.  That's the excuse they're giving.  Before they were also using the Eugenics agenda and depopulation.  Well, now they're combining it all into saving the planet; depopulation, sterilization, etc.  And they're on a roll, because they have their own people across the planet, in every so-called democratic country, on board, in consensus with the agenda.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I said earlier today, when I was talking to someone from one of the big regular TV stations, when they were asking about particular topics, I realized that the people themselves didn't have the background, and it's possible that they're younger.  It's also possible that like most people, maybe even more than most people, they float through life always into the now, today, what's happening today, especially when it's news.  And they adapt themselves to all the changes without ever really being conscious of it.  When 9/11 happened for instance, I think it was Rumsfeld or Cheney came on, it was one of the spokesmen that came right on and said, life, and this is at the top, this is from the government, life will never be the same again.  Now that's a little statement that most people hear and it goes through their head and gone, but it's also predictive programming, because so much is said in such a statement, for the very fact that it wasn't qualified after.  It wasn't broken down as to in what respect are you talking.  It meant, life is never going to be the same again.  Since 9/11 we've seen the changes.  The whole world went into action together, because they had signed all these different treaties and agreements long before 9/11 came along.  Meaning we were already international.  It was done through treaties and alliances, they used to call it Leagues at one time.  And remember, when your heads of your governments sign international agreements, that's binding by law.  Never mind the fact, that going as far back as the signing of the San Francisco treaty to do the United Nations all that time ago, literally meant every country was sold out.  Sold out, to lose some of their sovereignty. 


Interesting that John Holdren, who wrote a book called Ecoscience, with Paul Ehrlich and his wife, he says in there, that the first step was to get nations to give up their sovereignty.  They said, part of their sovereignty.  The first step is to give up part of their sovereignty.  See the rest would follow.  If you take down one pillar, the rest are weakened, and they can hit you, and one by one, they go down.  And that's how it's already happened, so when 9/11 happened everyone went into action at the same time, because they all had these international agreements that are all basically Socialist in Nature, every country, and they're all on board.  Now they have foundations that literally fund other foundations, just to go out and get consensus from all governments on particular issues and agendas.  Building consensus.  It means that everyone across the planet at the top is in agreement with something.  That's why they put the people in, the ones they can count on to be in agreement.  To the public, they're still living in a make-believe world, that representatives actually represent them, and that politicians deal with crisis as they pop up. 


Then again, 9/11, every country is now basically, although it's not evident in some yet, but basically you're under a form of martial law.  It will be imposed soon.  You see the signs of it.  It's almost like all the things are waiting in the wings, to be unleashed upon the public.  And we've had these very bleak Futuristic declarations from the Department of Defence.  I've got the 90 pages from the British one, the think tank for Britain and NATO, and the one from the U.S. as well.  It's up on my archives on the website, telling you that the future is bleak and that these forces that have been used since 9/11 will be used on the public, because of food shortages and things like this coming along, and depressions, financial depressions, etc, etc. 


It makes you wonder, are we simply living through shock and awe, is that what it is?  Shock and awe.  We heard it was used on Iraqis, we thought then well that's just for foreigners.  Oh no, no, no, no, no.  Everything is used back home as well.  Shock and awe.  One shock after another.  By this time, all the major media said in the winter, by now, this is July, although here in Canada you'd hardly know it, because it hit 45 degrees last night, Fahrenheit, but July, we're supposed to have riots on the street.  They called it, there'd be a summer of rage.  All the police forces and military across the world were getting fed this stuff, get ready for battle with the public, there's going to be a summer of rage.  Well, where did it go?  We've had financial depressions supposedly, that came out of the blue, supposedly.  Which is utter nonsense.  We've had governments throw billions at banks.  They're still doing it.  We're supposed to all die shortly of a flu that hasn't mutated yet into a killer.  And we're going to be forced to get injections supposedly.  Where's the democracy in any of this, never mind the true science in any of this.  We're going through Shock and Awe, one after another.  And look how people are adapting to it.  People who you'd think even in the media would know better.  But like everyone else they're caught up in day to day and all they want to do is grab news and throw it out there to the public, and it's almost unreal to them.  And news certainly is surrealistic when you look at the main stories, and then you look at all the ads that are around it.  And then you look at all the boob babes you have down the right hand side like they do in the European papers.  Everything is bizarre.  And it's interesting that in the science of torture, they talk about sado-masochism, and how they mix sex with horror.  Well that's how it's presented on the screen to us.  Horror stories with sex all down the right hand side, same technique.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just discussing how we adapt.  We adapt to every major change without really consciously thinking about it, or even reflecting on the recent past, or even the remote past.  And that's what they count on at the top.  And they keep throwing things at us to keep us off balance.  What you're noticing today, and since 9/11, is everything is about obeying authority, whether it's a health authority.  They're authorities, they're not services anymore.  And obeying military, or police, or whatever, or officialdom, it's all about obeyance.  We're being trained to obey through Shock and Awe techniques and fear of our lives.  I always remember, I think it was Göring not Goebbels but Göring himself, who was head of the Luftwaffe in WWII, a very flamboyant psychopath, and he did say it's easy to take over countries, he says, all you do is terrify the public of a threat, and then say that the governments not doing enough to defend the people or protect them, and the people will get you in, they'll even vote you in.  And that's used today.  The only difference being that those in government are waiting for the demands, again by the NGOs, non-governmental organizations, that are funded by the parallel government foundations.  And this is how the system works now.  I notice even when the Greenies get what they wanted to do with sustainability and cutting back on carbon, and rewilding the world and all that stuff, when they get what they want by the politicians, and the politicians say okay, we're going to reduce by 5, 10, 15% emissions, etc, well the Greenies say, they immediately say, well that's not enough, we'll all be dead by then etc.  And this is a technique, but they both work in tandem now.  The government is run on this Soviet system where, people don't realize that Soviet meant rule by councils.  They meant non-governmental organizations to an extent.  So every tradespeople, every group, every specialist had their own spokespeople appointed to them.  They were like non-governmental organizations.  The only difference being that their government, the Politburo, would appoint the leaders of the NGOs, you see, to demand from the government exactly what the government wants to hear. 

That's how it's used across the Western World now, the Soviet system.  The governments, at least at the top as Carroll Quigley said, it's always their boys or girls who are in at the top, CFR in America, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain, and they even have one for the whole of Europe now, international organization from the RIIA, Royal Institute for International Affairs, it's the Royal Institute for European Affairs.  And they demand, they get their NGOs to demand exactly what the governments want to hear.  They can put stuff through.  The public think it's all democratic.  In fact, most of the public, to be honest, don't think at all, about NGOs or the different groups that they hear in the newspaper.  They've already you see acquiesced to the authority of these groups because they've heard about them so often.  And they've been fed the names in the media so often, and spokespeople for these groups so often, they think they're official.  They're private organizations.  We don't vote them in.  They're not responsible to the general public for their agendas or what they're doing.  This is the new democracy, or the post-democratic democracy, they might call it.  We are post-democratic now because we accept authorities, and they're on a roll. 

They used to call it Fascism when Big Business combined with government.  Fascism, that was the term they used.  Now you have Big Pharma dictating what they want to give the public, and the governments sign it into law.  What a deal.  I mean you can't go wrong in the pharma business, can you?  The more plagues you can scare the folk with, real or imaginary, it doesn't matter, as long as government's buying billions of dollars worth of this stuff, the antidotes from you, that might or might not work according to the pharma.  There's no guarantee.  Isn't that a beautiful deal to sell your wares?  Fascism.  And of course there are many other reasons for it too.  And we'll find out about those reasons, once they've given people the shots, you're going to see sickness then alright, and then they'll just say, well, it was the wrong shot, it didn't work with this flu, as you're all suffering or dying off.  Great cover, isn't it?  They actually might be giving you something.  Why not? 

As I say, you have John Holdren, the science czar, appointed science czar for the US government, with the book Ecoscience, where they'll have to cull down the population, and sterilize people, forcibly if need be.  Or even put sterilization agents, chemicals in the water or food.  That's the guy who is the science czar for the US.  Do you think these guys are kidding?  Do you really think they're kidding?  Is it just some sort of strange hobby they've dragged along down through the years, do you think that's what they're all....or do you think maybe, maybe they might mean it?  What do you think, eh?  What do you think?  Is it all surrealistic to you? 


Here's an idea how surrealism works.  It knocks you off kilter, the way things are presented.  This is from Fox News, and it's the Sci-Tech column, or page Sci-Tech.  At the top, it's interesting, because it says, it's got Sonya Sotomayor hearings, that's the drama for the public, right.  Next to it, the space shuttle.  Now the space shuttle is so remote from the public.  Again, it's something that's way out there, like a war way over yonder.  It's remote from us you see.  Then underneath that is Michael Jackson.  This is main news, right.  And underneath it, it says: Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies.  I thought this was a joke at first.  Wednesday, July the 15th 2009.  So from Sonya Sotomayor to Space Shuttle to Michael Jackson to Corpse-Eating Robots.  It says:

It could be a combination of 19th-century mechanics, 21st-century technology -- and a 20th-century horror movie.

A Maryland company under contract to the Pentagon is working on a steam-powered robot that would fuel itself by gobbling up whatever organic material it can find -- grass, wood, old furniture, even dead bodies.

(A: The Greenies will love this one.  Because it tidies everything up again.  It eats all organic matter.)

Robotic Technology Inc.'s Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot — that's right, "EATR" — "can find, ingest, and extract energy from biomass in the environment (and other organically-based energy sources), as well as use conventional and alternative fuels (such as gasoline, heavy fuel, kerosene, diesel, propane, coal, cooking oil, and solar) when suitable," reads the company's Web site.

That "biomass" and "other organically-based energy sources" wouldn't necessarily be limited to plant material — animal and human corpses contain plenty of energy, and they'd be plentiful in a war zone.

(A: You see it's very practical isn't it?  These guys and scientists, that have their little houses and their little homes, maybe a spouse and children, and a little rose garden, and they're nice to their neighbors, this is the stuff they work on for the war-making industry.  And they live with it quite easily.  And they're probably very pleasant people when you talk to them.  Just doing their jobs.  Getting paid extremely well for it, as the government throws out billions for every little gimmick that they want, in a time when we're supposed to be all broke.  And remember something like this can just be pre-programmed remotely, to go for living creatures too.)

EATR will be powered by the Waste Heat Engine developed by Cyclone Power Technology of Pompano Beach, Fla., which uses an "external combustion chamber" burning up fuel to heat up water in a closed loop, generating electricity.
The advantages to the military are that the robot would be extremely flexible in fuel sources and could roam on its own for months, even years, without having to be refueled or serviced.

Upon the EATR platform, the Pentagon could build all sorts of things — a transport, an ambulance, a communications center, even a mobile gunship.

In press materials, Robotic Technology presents EATR as an essentially benign artificial creature that fills its belly through "foraging," despite the obvious military purpose.


And you can download from this page a PDF, many more details of EATR.  I guess that will be the next game on the internet, as it goes round from the sky or whatever and grabs people and licks its lips.  That's the world.  But at the top as I say Sotomayor, Space Shuttle, and Michael Jackson.  You see, surrealism.  Nothing is real anymore to the public. And then as things appear, and because it's real to your subconscious, you're not really shocked, you simply adapt and accept it.  Quite something. 

Then next to that, you get this article here, from yahoo news and AP, Associated Press today, Israeli soldiers said there was no clear lines in the Gaza War.

Israeli soldiers who fought in last winter's Gaza War say the military used Palestinians as human shields, improperly fired incendiary white phosphorous shells over civilian areas and used overwhelming firepower that caused needless deaths and destruction, according to a report released Wednesday.

The testimonies were by far the strongest allegations to come from war veterans that the army used excessive force during the three-week offensive and echoed claims already leveled by Palestinian and human rights groups. The military rebutted the report, saying the accounts were anonymous and impossible to verify.

(A: Mind you, every military in the world always deny, it's not unique.  Anyway, they say that:)

They described demolishing buildings, vandalizing homes and using more than essential firepower, given the relatively light resistance they encountered. One said the army needlessly used white phosphorous,

(A: That's like this stuff that burns everything that comes into contact with it, like flesh. I wonder how that eating machine would deal with these corpses.  Maybe it would melt it inside, or maybe it likes it boiled, I don't know.)

One said the army needlessly used white phosphorous, a masking agent that can cause severe burns,

(A: Not 'can,' it does)

for smokescreens. Others said regulations for opening fire were vague, and that soldiers were expected to do whatever was necessary to protect themselves.


21st Century, eh, and they're on a rush to bring in this Socialist world system and use all force, as required.  Because everything that you see, that's literally affecting us, and that we're adapting too, across the world will come home.  That's why we have a form of martial law.  That's why everyone's getting ID cards.  That's why the major media, in between all the trivia, are feeding you stuff like possible rationing in the future and food shortages, and so on.  And all those pictures of refugees, etc, or people rioting will come back to you, and you'll see it for yourself, but it will be kind of familiar to you.  And you'll adapt again very quickly.  We never know what's really going on at the bottom, except when the big boys publish their memoirs.  Or they declassify something after fifty years, and give us a completely different version of why this or that happened, in a major event across the world.  Sometimes they reclassify it for another fifty years.  Democracy or Republic, says who?  Who is responsible to the public?

I remember Alexander Hamilton in the letters that Jefferson wrote.  Alexander Hamilton that really was up for a Central Bank and all the rest of it, had no time for the general public.  And his heroes according to Jefferson were the big conquerors down through the ages, Alexander the Great and all these guys, as opposed to Jefferson who liked intellectuals and the scientific class etc.  Hamilton, when he was asked about the public, and what would the public think about his views and all, he said he didn't care.  He said, this is what I've often said, that the public sir, or the people sir is a Beast.  That's what he said.  But you know something, I'd rather have an arrogant psychopath tell the truth, than polished actors telling you nothing but lies, written by a bunch of guys you don't elect, the scriptwriters and their advisors.  So I'll put these links up at the end of the night on my website, you should go into them and look out for yourself. 

We're living in really a fantasy, a Fantasia of horror, Shock and Awe, utter trivia, lots of sex, and semi-comedy, augmented by soap operas for a good portion, male and female apparently these days.  And comedy shows on television, and greening documentaries.  We've had about forty, fifty years of greening documentaries, getting us all ready for what's happening now.  Because as I say, the eugenicists said they'd have to have other reasons, or a good excuse to bring it in.  So they stopped saying, just kill all the inferior types, like the eugenicists used to say, or sterilize them by law, and you've got the threat.  You've got the Goring type threat of a war.  A war that's raging between the planet and man.  Man's the enemy and so to save man, we have to take all your rights away and rule you, and sterilize you.  And I've got article after article from mainstream that are talking about sterilizing the public.  There's one that just came out in Britain today, another one, mainstream where a reporter said, yeah, I used to be against all this eugenics, and bringing the population down and stuff, and now he's all for it.  His career is going to really take off from now, I guarantee you.  The big boys will see to that, or whoever paid him off.

And I've always said too, remember that the parallel government never throws out a politician when they've been a very good servant.  They join the parallel government when they leave politics.  And that's what professor Carroll Quigley said.  Maggie Thatcher called it parallel government too.  She said she belonged to it when she left.  And they all know each other, all these top ex- presidents and prime ministers across the world, and top bureaucrats, and they get the jobs done.  Because democracy you see is too cumbersome and slow with too many bickering sides, according to the Club of Rome.  That's why they favored collectivism for the public, in their own book, the First Global Revolution.  Here's Tony Blair, obviously marked.  He did everything he was told.  He went against everybody in his own cabinet in government, and single-handedly cheered this war in the Middle East.  He did everything he was told.  Another Oxford Boy, you see.  Great recruitment place for the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And also a member the Fabian Society, and this is from the mail online.  It's July 15th,

European minister, Glenys Kinnock,

(A: For the European Union, the big sort of fascist parliament that no one, it's so secretive that no one can find out how it really works)

reinforced speculation that Tony Blair wants to be Europe's first president.  The entire government fully supported Mr Blair's candidature but the former prime minister has refused to confirm that he's bidding for the post.


He's a shoe in.  I'll be back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And the time's flying, just before I go on to a caller.  It says here that from this last article to do with Tony Blair, that


Mrs Kinnock who is in the European Parliament in Strasbourg made clear the government would be pushing him, Tony Blair, as the Man to Run Europe for up to five years under new treaty arrangements.


So the British government is pushing Tony Blair.  They're backing him as well, but they never retire these guys.  They're either in the parallel government or they're back up in a spot running a country or countries.  The parallel government.  There's Jeff from New York there, are you there Jeff?


Jeff: Hey Alan, how you doing?


Alan: I'm hanging in here.  Like everybody else. 


Jeff: Well, I wanted to get your take on something.  I recently heard one of your blurbs on culture creation, and the music industry and the Beatles, and them being handled by that German philosopher.  What, because I know music is such a powerful force in the world today as a social...


Alan: It's politicized.  You see, it's completely politicized.  The public don't know it.  They hear the tunes at the end, and sing the songs, but they don't know it. 


Jeff: Now, should we avoid music all together, or are there some bands out there?  I can think of one in particular, Ministry, that has wrote more than a few songs about the New World Order. Are there any other bands that you recommend listening too, or should we just avoid all these big media corporations all together?


Alan:  I haven't really listened to too many of them to be honest with you.  If it's mainstream, and it's in the charts, generally I don't go near them.  I talked to Vince White from the Clash, at the weekend, he was in the Clash, which was a big group.  And he put a book out, it was called The Last Days of the Clash.  It's well worth reading, because he shows you, he's written it from an insider's point of view.  He was not for Socialism, but they were managed, the group and all the rest of it, even when they did the album covers they put all these Socialist messages on, and he objected to it strongly because he felt he was being used, and he was of course.  And so was all the rest of the guys.  But the public have no idea that this goes on.  It's the big boys at the top who come in and take you over, and now they're using you for a particular movement to influence the youth.  At that time, you had to basically preach Socialism, or sing Socialism, or just yell, if you listen to say punk rock and so on, it's like guys just yelling in rage.  That was to get across to the youth they've got to have a change, like change is good, right.  But they didn't realize it was all to bring in this Totalitarian Socialist system, which has nothing to do with what they ever imagined it would be.  It's nothing to do with fairness and helping people at the bottom.  It's to bring in a very small elite of specialists who think they have the right to rule the world, and tell you how to live, and make you live that way, and as I say, sterilize you if need be.  So it's a good book to read from an insider's point of view, Vince White, The Last Days of the Clash.  It's available I think in bookstores.


Jeff:  It's a pretty good bet that if a band is signed to a major label, they are controlled to some extent.


Alan: You will be.  You can't help it, I mean I remember this one guy, he became pretty high up in rap, one of the biggest rap groups, and he got into the drugs and all the rest of it.  He just escaped with his life.  And he admitted afterwards, you know, he says, we went in with a nice song, with the usual thing, boy/girl that kind of stuff.  And the guys who came in to manage them in the studios, changed the words until they're into shooting cops and blah, blah, blah, blah and rebelling.  Totally changed it, but they made it a hit.  You see.  But the public don't realize, they don't know that.  The guys go along with the image.  They want the money.  They get all the girls thrown at them.  They think they're living high on the hog.  They're getting ripped off, even financially, but they're definitely being used for cultural alteration by the culture industry. 


Jeff: Okay, thank you Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And from Hamish and myself, in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night.  And may your god or your gods go with you.



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"Israeli soldiers: 'No clear red lines' in Gaza war" by Steve Weizman, AP (at huffingtonpost.com) - July 15, 2009.

"Government backs Blair as President of Europe" by Tim Shipman (dailymail.co.uk) - July 16, 2009.




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