July 16th, 2009 (#365)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 16th, 2009:

Manipulation of Motivation:

"Years After Plan's Worked, There's Revelations,
How Bernays et al Trained Whole Nations
To Just Go Out and Buy Lots of,
Items They'd Never have Thought of,
Attaching Success with Subconscious Drive
And Those Who Accumulate Thrive,
With Credit the People would Pay Dear,
Attempting Escape from Unknown Fear,
Bernays Knew it was Easy to Tame Them,
Said All You Need to do is Train Them,
Today Politicians have Perfect Reliance
On Advisors All Schooled in This Science,
Now They're Training the Public it's Over,
Serve the System, Go Green, Eat Clover"
© Alan Watt July 16th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 16th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 16th of July, 2009.  To newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and on the website, on the front page, you'll see all the other sites I have.  Bookmark them for future use because I might have trouble in the future with the main servers.  I've had it in the past.  And you can bookmark cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, you'll see that there.  And the whole bunch is called cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca, and the European site which is alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  The last site, apart from having all the regular audios of the previous talks I've given, also has a lot of transcripts for print up written in the various languages of Europe.  And I should mention right off the bat too, if you fancy your hand at translating, get in touch with me [listed above] and we'll see what we can do.  Now you bring you to you, you are the listeners, you bring me to you.  It's one of the few shows out there that doesn't survive by getting paid through advertising and so on.  The ads on the show pay for the time, it pays for the staff at RBN, and the advertisers deal directly with RBN.  Therefore I don't get anything from that.  I don't ask for anything from that.  I could go the other way and take advertising.  It's very lucrative.  And I'd have to bring guests on once in a while, and really give you an hour ad with a guest on, who will sell you something at the end.  I try to stay out of that side of it, because this is not a business.  This is a very serious thing I'm doing, and I'm doing it because we truly are up against an incredible wall, a wall of silence as to the truth, and we have to dig very hard with shovels and picks to find, to get through that wall, to find what truth even is today, as the whole world is being managed towards a particular designed new system into it.  Now, you can also write to me.  And that's that off my back.  That's enough of tooting my own horn here. 


I was thinking today about topics I've mentioned before, and how whole cultures are created by those who understand the science.  And it's not a guess.  It's not a conspiracy theory.  The fact is it's taught, it's taught in marketing, the history of marketing is taught to those who go into marketing on the higher levels, at university in colleges and so on.  And they always come up with the same names of their heroes, those guys who were the builders of their system of making you want things that you never even thought about before.  They were the experts that Lord Bertrand Russell said they'd have to bring on board, Madison Avenue.  Those who understood what motivates people and those who understood especially what motivates them on a subconscious level, all the drives they have inside of them.  Bernays is one of the big heroes, the nephew of Freud, Sigmund Freud.  I've got so much to say really, and I can't cram it all into an hour, or even in this one talk today about this system that it's kind of mind boggling how it's done, but I'll try to get some of the information out in the next hour or so, of how this technique works.  Back after this break. 


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Tonight we're talking about how culture is not only created, but controlled and updated.  It truly is updated, just like computers, when you update your spyware for instance, or a program, you'll see the end of it will often delete files from the previous program, the old one, because it's giving you a new update.  And today, because we're on this incredible universal education system, with the same propaganda, people don't know what propaganda is.  It can be mixed in you see with the education, very much so in fact, until eventually all you're getting is Socialist propaganda, that's not meant to serve the people of the world.  It's of course always to serve the dominant minority who ran the last age as they come into the new age.  They design all this ahead of time.  People think that's impossible to do but it's not, because as they say in marketing, you can see the techniques of Bernays.  And I'll put a link up, I've used it before, of an Adam Curtis Investigative Talk into Bernays and how the American Culture was designed by first of all, this man, and taken up by all the following subsequent students of marketing.  And on the video you'll hear Bernays talking.  He's a very elderly fellow.  These guys live for a very long time.  It's amazing, they're just like the Brzezinskis and so on.  And he tells, he says on this exposé, he says his job was to train the American people, train them.  Remember that word, train.  You're talking about training a population.  Men, women, children, and children who haven't been born yet to be consumers, ultra-hyper consumers.  And then of course, it says in the same documentary that the techniques were then picked up by all the politicians and advisors, because they're all trained in the same subjects of mass psychology and sociology, etc.   They're trained, all the top advisors in these subjects.  And they're trained too in marketing strategies, how ideas can be put across to the people, implanted or embedded you might say, subliminally almost into the public.  The simplest way is rather overt.  It' simply repetition.  And all politicians, when they're up to no good, and they've just had a meeting, and they come out to face the press, you'll hear them all, regardless of which one is being interviewed, from the meeting, they'll all have the same catch phrases, like weapons of mass destruction.  They're all told to say that you see, repetition.  And because so many folk are saying it at the top, we think it must be true.  That's simple.  That's simple, primitive type, just basic repetition.  That's also what Bertrand Russell mentioned about using Madison Avenue; through repetitive advertising they could literally get the people to obey, obey whatever they wanted them to do. 


Bernays claimed that he learned this by simply leafing through a couple of books by his Uncle Freud, which is utter nonsense.  Utter, utter nonsense.  Because you can leaf through all the books of Freud and you'll never get the mechanism to do this.  It's not there.  But if you go back further in history, and into the 1800s, you will find there were books put out by other observers of society, to do with propaganda, especially.  Now right up into Bernays’ day, and you'll hear him say this himself, it was called propaganda, and he coined the term even to make it more acceptable and digestible to the public, he said it's now public relations.  It's still propaganda, but it sounds much better, it's public relations.  Every government, right down to your local government, and even the police forces use P.R. specialists to #1, legally protect them from anything coming back at whatever they say or has happened or they've done, and also to give a completely kind of whitewashed, socially acceptable view out to the public, by using the right terms, and putting it across in a certain way.  Fudging it if you like.  Fabricating it to be acceptable to the public, but it's still propaganda.  Now education is full of propaganda, and all we get now, really from all media, including all the entertainment is propaganda.  It can hide behind so many things, especially those things which you like, and that's what Bernays goes into. 


Bernays looked at the sexual drives in people for instance.  He understood perfectly well, in fact, by the way, he also hated the general public because they were so easy to manipulate.  You'll find this with all of those at the top.  The more, the easier it is to manipulate the public, the more they will hate you.  And that's why they call you various names, which are not quite human.  But he looked at the drives.  He looked at the fact that everyone lives in a little mental sphere of themselves, and how they want to be noticed by others, and he had it all worked out, through obviously being taught this technique from predecessors that you can manipulate every age group if you target them directly.  Because we change from five years old to ten years old to twelve, hormones are kicking in and so on, etc.  So you can target each age group perfectly.  Look at the ads on television near Christmas.  They're aimed at five year olds for a particular toy or whatever and ten year olds, etc.  It's perfect. 


Even in the music industry, it's probably more perfected there because they've always understood this.  Read Plato when he talks about culture.  Read what he says about drama, and how important it was for the elite to bring in certain drama.  Traveling drama teams, stage actors, with their plays, because the public would emulate what they saw on stage.  They'd dress in the fashions that they saw the women wearing, and the guys too.  They would also emulate their heroes on stage.  And coupled with music as Plato said, music itself was such a very powerful tool because it doesn't just use auditory.  It uses visualization along with this other thing, the music, the muse, it comes from the muse, you have to look at the Greek Muses to understand the techniques.  Behind all ancient stories and mythologies there's techniques being shown to you, if you understand what you're looking at.  So look at the Muses.  If you understand the Muses you can control society and many people down through the ages came to understand that same thing.  And Bernays definitely was taught in these techniques.  Music is so powerful that Plato wanted to license musicians because of the effect they could have on the youth.  They could cause rebellions if they wanted to.  Well once you understand that, you can also get students and young people to rebel at what you want them to rebel about.  See that's the real technique of it.  Most of those things which we rebel about are given to us, and the government is only so happy to start parroting those points of views back to you.  Back to you.  So you feel even more powerful, like they're listening.  But if the government is listening to you, and parroting it back to you like the whole global warming agenda, save the planet, go Green and so on, put out there by the big NGOs, then it's because the government wants you to do that.  That's why.  You're demanding what they want you to demand.  So who gave this idea to you in the first place?  It's never a simple grass roots person.  Never, ever, ever.  None of them are at the top of these NGOs, and they're all funded as I say by the big foundations.


Bernays, as I say, was taught this kind of stuff and so he advocated creating and training, in his own words, training a whole society.  And he didn't see the problem of doing it, or even the difficulty of doing it.  Then when you look at who was backing him, the big GM companies, and all the big manufacturers were backing him to the hilt.  In other words, the establishment, those who already were the captains of industry, were all behind him.  And unlimited financing.  Easy to do.  Easy to do. Therefore the people who gave you the consumer society, the hyper-consumerism, they knew exactly how to train a whole population, and upcoming generations to be the same way, the same people are behind the opposite now.  You've got to cut back on everything.  You're overconsuming.  Your sustainability, we'll run out of everything.  Look at who funds all of these so-called grassroots movements.  I've mentioned the Rockefellers so many times, because they have a finger in so many thousands of pies.  Why would the guys who started off the big industrial era in the U.S. and controlled it up to this time, also be funding to the hilt, and doing talks across the planet to various groups, the United Nations, etc, governments, why would these same Big Boys, the real captains, some call them the pirates of industry, because that's what they are, why would they be also funding what seems to be their antithesis, their opposite?  It's because they will also run the next phase of society.  They've already got it drawn up, what the next economy is to be.  It's to drive you into servitude.  It's all this global warming, and carbon taxes, and they've been selling and trading, countries and big corporations have been selling and making profits off these carbon taxes, refunds, before we even heard about it, so it was a must-be priority set up behind the scenes, already, already set up and functioning.  The E.U. gave out so many millions or billions of dollars worth of these trading cards, or whatever it is, loaded supposedly with credit units for carbon footprints, and they've been making, there's articles in the paper where they've made profits on it.  They've paid nothing in, but they've all made profits off it, off what the taxpayer gave them, via the government.  Incredible, isn't it.  But why?  Why, oh why, would the big corporations, be funding to the hilt a political agenda, worldwide, which you would think would put them out of business?  It's not going to put them out of business.  They'll be much, much bigger pirates by the time it's finished.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix, discussing how whole populations have had their cultures manufactured for them, for an awful long time, and updated, just like a computer.  And as they update, they delete the old files, until you think it's always been this new way.  We adapt so quickly you see.  Most folk don't have much memory, because especially today they're bombarded with data.  Most data is totally irrelevant.  It's just data.  It's meaningless really, but inside some of it are the important things that are embedded there, that you will remember, because they are always repeated, many, many times, through posters, through advertising, through government messages.  Go Green, Go Green, etc.  All that kind of stuff, repetition.  And it works, so therefore you all get the same download at the same time, and everyone thinks they're on board.  Now remember, that's the key to it, being on board.  The Club of Rome, when they came up with the scam of global warming, and they basically admit to it, when they looked for methods to unite the public, across the world remember, it's to be a world government that they're after, a world system where the elite have the right to rule, but they have to get you to be a good servant first, willingly, obey the experts, but they also said how can we do it?  And they looked at all the possible things that had happened before, and they decided that only under warfare scenarios do the public give away their rights to government and allow themselves to be manipulated and given ration cards or ID cards and checkpoints and all this kind of stuff.  We give up our freedom for security.  That was what you heard after 9/11.  That's why they used that tactic then too you see, right up to the present time.  “We can't keep you safe and secure and free at the same time.  We've got to take something away to give you security.”  If you have no freedom, you have no security.  Ask any totalitarian survivor of any state. 


It works every time.  As the Club of Rome said, getting the world on board as though they're working towards something, you see, is the key to it all.  We're all in it together, as the wars' slogans go.  We're all in it together.  That's always repetitive in all wars.  We're all in the same boat, going the same direction.  We've got a direction to go, there's a cause now, a purpose, you see.  And that's what the idea that the Club of Rome came up with, to use that very technique of purpose, cause, they'll give you the direction to save us all, because man was the enemy of the planet.  To save some of men and women and children, they'd have to take over all, take away all your rights basically to do it for you, and allow the experts to guide you.  They said themselves, they favored the collectivist idea, more than any other system.  Which is a good way of saying Socialism or Communism.


It's fantastic as I say to realize that people know this science.  Not only know it, but they have, there's a power there of a dominant minority who can make it happen.  Because everything runs on this thing called money which the dominant minority have and control.  They also have real estate as opposed to fake estate.  You see, money is fake estate.  That's why they call the other stuff real estate.  If you don't have masses of land, you're nothing.  We don't have masses of land or even little plots of land, even when you think you own your house, because the government can take it away from you, which means you didn't own it in the first place.  Because if you really owned it, they couldn't steal it from you because of back taxes.  You either own it outright, or you don't own it outright.  Interesting to see how the CFR took responsibility and credit, for bringing in the death duties taxes, so you couldn't pass it on to your offspring.  And they also brought in the income tax, and the property tax, they put it forward in bills, their members did.  That's in their own writings.  We've got them to thank for that.  Again, Cecil Rhodes, Milner, the Royal Institute on International Affairs, CFR, same thing.  So Quigley wasn't kidding when he said these guys have been responsible for every major change, including all the wars you've had in the last hundred years.  And they haven't stopped. 


Now how they do it too, is they give you what appears to be a genius, every so often.  And I caught on to that a long time ago, when I looked at the ones who were given to us as geniuses, that changed society, like Charles Darwin.  And Charles Darwin did not have much going for him, apart from the fact he's about the fifth generation of interbreeding with one other family, the Wedgwoods.  But he was well connected with the Royal Society.  If you want to get anywhere in science, you've got to belong to the Royal Society.  They mandate things to governments.  And his grandfather, and his father had also put out stuff on evolution before him.  And the Royal Society picked Charles over the other competitors to bring this forward, guys like Wallace, and they made him the hero.  Now instantly, when the press go into action in a certain way, you make an instant star.  That's how they do it.  So a guy is suddenly a genius, whatever he says on any issue is going to be believed, especially on politics and so on.  The same happened with Einstein, classed as a dummy at school.  Nothing happens for a long time, he's working in the patent office in Switzerland, helping to steal patents for his bosses, and he's rewarded by, “we'll make you a genius.  You will come out with this, this, and this.  Things that no one can prove.  And then you will go around the world, talking about politics and the need for international Socialism.”  And people listen.  Some have pointed out in the past, well what more right does an Einstein have to discuss and promote a certain brand of politics than the plumber or the carpenter?  Because after all, that wasn't their speciality, was it?  You see, we follow the stars, and they give them to us.  Back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Every so often, they get a genius for us you see, and what happens when you're told this person is a genius, and all the media is just creating a star instantly, someone you've never heard of, they do the same with prime ministers and presidents, and suddenly they're a genius on the world stage.  And what you do, in front of a genius is to sit back.  Your mind takes a backseat, thinking this guy is so incredibly intelligent that I could never even imagine how he thinks, and therefore you switch off and listen.  You switch off your own ability to reason, or to critically analyze.  The next thing you know, this genius who is the inventor of this or that, or whatever we're told, you see is into politics, and telling us how the world has to go in a social direction.   And all this kind of stuff, and that cause becomes a real cause for everyone, and the public don't recognize they're being guided, crafted in a sense by those behind the scenes, those behind the person put up front as a genius.  This technique was mentioned even by Adam Weishaupt.  He said that we shall create philanthropists.  Big, wealthy philanthropists, big foundations.  That happened.  Albert Pike also talked about the need to acquire incredible, vast amounts of money.  He even said by the stock market, by cunning, etc.  He even hinted at any means possible, and then we shall become masters over the masters of the world.  And bingo, you have all these people popping up across the world, the top bankers suddenly are there, their fingers in every pie, owning mines across the planet.  You have the Rockefellers owning the resources of oil, the oil industry.  And you should really look into the history of how they acquired a lot of those oil wells too.  There was anything but fair play when they had competitors.  Anything but.  It was grab at all costs.  But the next thing you know, after the Ludlow Massacre, they brought in specialists to give him a different image, and he becomes a philanthropist.  The old man that told the militia to get out, and he told governors what to do, get your militias out and get rid of those people.  And they were machine-gunned in their tents, the strikers.  With the help of two people, one a Canadian, who was sent down, a specialist in public relations or propaganda.  They gave him a brand new image, as a philanthropist, and suddenly a massive foundation is there.  Suddenly, suddenly mind you, there's a massive staff dealing with all of these NGOs and causes they were funding and other foundations they were funding. 


This is the parallel government that Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, said it was.  He said, it's a parallel government.  It's not responsible to the public.  No one elects them.  And yet they have power in every government, because they have many members in every government.  He said himself, they put the top people in as presidents and prime ministers as members.  It doesn't matter what party you vote in.  It's always theirs.  And they give you as I say, geniuses every so often, that we believe are.  I can remember when Rosanne Barr did this comedy series.  The next thing you know she was out there advocating different social movements and firearm restrictions, and things like that.  Now if it was someone in the street, no one would take any notice of her, but because she's up there on the screen, you see, people will listen more intently as to what she has to say.  Old techniques, they all know that at the top, the ones who put these people out there, and give them their roles to play. 


The same thing goes with Bill Gates.  All this hype about, oh My God, he was a child genius, and just did all this himself, and yadda, yadda, ya, until you go into the records of how Microsoft literally took various patents of different groups, got away with it, no one ever came down on them and charged them.  In other words, doors were opened and the word was out to leave them alone, and they got right up there, front organization.  That's how you create it.  They're real organizations, but they're fronts.  After all, as I said during the Cold War, you couldn't allow really free competition in technology, because technology was going to win it.  Whoever had the best, therefore you put your own ones out.  They're real companies all right, but they're all intertwined completely with the military-industrial-Pentagon-CIA-complex.  So Bill Gates comes out, and after all these billions are made, suddenly he's a philanthropist, you see, in with all the big shots, and rubbing shoulders with all, it's amazing to me too how you never get a philanthropist appearing on the scene who's in disagreement with the other philanthropists on any particular topic.  They're all in complete agreement on every topic, you see.  We've got to bring in a world system run by experts.  We've got to bring in a Socialist World System.  We've got to get rid of so many people to save the world.  And we've got to start sterilizing the public, eventually down the road as well.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  They're all on board with this whole agenda.  They immediately parrot the line, sustainability, sustainability, go green, and all that kind of stuff.  And at first they give you a little buttering up, by saying, well Bill Gates is going to use modified mosquitoes like little syringes to immunize people in Africa against malaria.  Rot, rubbish.  Now the next farce that comes out, is can Bill Gates control the weather?  They've been controlling the weather for years.  But they're getting you into thinking this man is a giant amongst giants.  Giant amongst giants.  He's a demigod.  He's way up beyond anything we can imagine.  We can't even imagine how he thinks.  He's such a genius, you see.  Can Bill Gates Control the Weather?  that's from today at PC World.  I'll put this link up on my site at the end of the show.  Then he gives this odd smile, he looks like John Denver when he smiles here. 


Can Bill Gates Control the Weather?

Brennon Slattery, PC World

Jul 16, 2009

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is a man with a permanent light bulb over his head.

(Alan: So there you are, they've already told you he's a genius, you see.  So you put your reason back, and you say, well little old me can't compete with this, I'll just sit back and read it, and believe it.)

His latest idea? (A: What a joke.) Controlling the weather. Sounds insane, but in a patent application recently released to the public, Gates and several co-inventors (A: You know, co-inventors.) have concocted a scheme to kill hurricanes over the ocean before they wreak havoc on land.


Now go into the United Nations Weather Warfare Treaty, written up in the 1970s where they said they could already do all that stuff.  That's why you have a treaty, you see, so that you won't use it against each other.  Mind you, in U.N. treaties, you're allowed to use everything that's banned, on your own people. I don't know if you know that out there.  So that's how they put him up there as the front man, and give him role after role as a big philanthropist and a benefactor of men.  They have their own term for these people at the top by the way.  And it's so odd, because we've all heard of trans-humanism as we’re going to all evolve through technology and be part cyborg, and eventually even be a different kind of species, but these guys there at the top already, already in their own publications, call each other trans-humanists, because they are the highest thing to gods.  The nearest thing to gods.  That's what they mean by it at the top, the Big Boys.  Not the little wannabes down below, that want to get artificial arms or be like Schwarzenegger or something in a movie.  They believe they are the enlightened masters, you see, the hidden masters that are out in the open.  The benefactors of mankind.  That's what they call them, transhumanists.  They call each other that.  They're not waiting for something, they're already doing it.  You see. 


Getting back to what I'm saying, how propaganda is peddled every day, from children's comic books, to their cartoons on television, look at all the Greening stuff they're getting brainwashed with.  And how adults are bad, they ruined the planet for us, through their little school books they get when they start.  You're looking at the creation of totally indoctrinated for political purposes children.  Totally, absolutely, 100% indoctrinated, because they must be on board with one agenda, and it wasn't one that any of them dreamed up.  It was all done by much older people that were alive before these children were even born or thought of.


Remember what Huxley said, in his speech at Berkley, 1962.  And see if it will tie in with what you've been hearing recently.


It seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this:


(A: The Ultimate Revolution, right.  These guys have been behind all the revolutions down through time.  He says:)


That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.


Servitude.  Service.  A world of service.  Remember what you'll find by Carroll Quigley in his own books, with the Cecil Rhodes foundation.  Bring in a world of service.  Same thing as when they transformed into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a World of Service.  The Council on Foreign Relations, the American Branch, a World of Service.  In service to the World State you see.  Which is run by a controlling oligarchy.  That fits in with what Orwell said, "In such Utopias, some are more equal than others."  Definitely at their standard of living, you see.  It's astonishing as I say, astonishing how it works, it's so perfect, it's all pervasive, it's all around out, it's daily, you've had it since you were a child.  In fact for what's happening today we've had probably forty years of preparation for the Greening movement, and the sustainability stuff.  It's in all the Nature shows, it's in cartoons, and so on, and Disney, where animals talk to each other in English, with American accents.  And it's just astonishing how much programming we've all had.  Technically, none of us should be awake to anything.  We should all be in massive groups, all with banners, demanding that governments do what the governments want us to demand.  We should all be doing that, belonging to massive groups.  This is the age of groupthink you see, where we all do it together.  And as I say, it's all through everything.  Arts, entertainment, music.  Look at all the messages, and even comedies.  I've talked before about the censorship committees, international.  Everyone thought it was there to keep the culture and preserve it and not to get too far into blasphemy and all that kind of stuff, or to stuff that was just too out there to be tasteful.  And then you find out, no, their job is to see how far the public can be pushed with the next barrage of sitcoms and so on, along social policy lines, political lines.  That's what it's about.


It's the same too, with all books.  Going back to George Orwell, he was the darling of the Socialist movement before he went off to the Spanish Civil War, thinking he was fighting to bring in a wonderful World Socialism, where everyone would be equal and they'd all have what they needed and so on.  And that was in the days before we had the Bernays pushing out really, the American culture to its maximum with consumerism.  And when he came back, and he'd met the Communists and so on, and met many other big players, he realized that they were all in on it together.  He realized that the ones who even picked him at university, the professors, standard procedure, were all part of this big oligarchy at the top, or at least working for them.  So were the heads of the Communists.  And he realized too, the danger of this Socialist-Communist movement, because it was so apparent to him what was going to happen in Britain and Europe and elsewhere.  So when he came back he did his walking tours around the Socialist enclaves, giving speeches, and when he gave them the bad news, and he says, look, we've got to be careful here, this is not what we thought it was.  They turned their backs on him.  The crowd don't like to be told anything contrary to what they want to believe.  They don't like that, they get nasty.  And they turned their backs on him.  He tried to put it into book forms, like Animal Farm to show you at the end of the revolution, the Animals' Revolution against the humans, there's the pigs, the leaders of the animals, having a great party with the humans in the house.  All the animals are looking through the window in the cold and the rain, and they're boozing it up inside and having a great feast.  And the humans say to the leaders, the pigs, he says, "Congratulations.  You've been able to do what we've been trying to do forever with the animals.  Get them to work for nothing."  World of service.  World of service.  But Orwell had a heck of a job getting his books out.  Because all the publishing houses, he realized really, all boiled down to, under this spiderweb of publishing houses because you have the illusion of competition, it doesn't exist, publishing houses are not there to get your books out, they're there to censor what gets out, and decide what does get out for the public to listen too, and believe in.  You see.


Last night I mentioned Vince White from The Clash, who has got a book out, and it's called The Last Days of the Clash, Out of Control: The Last Days of the Clash. And he tells you from the book, and he's got an ability to actually write it as though you're living through it because he remembers how he was going through it; a young, naive guy full of pep and vinegar as we say, and the sky's the limit, optimistic, etc, into something big, and then you see the gradual disillusionment as he realizes that there's bigger forces, it isn't just going out and making songs, and having a good time and making people happy with their music.  There's much, much more.  It's political, completely political.  And you can actually read his book, he sells it direct, vincewhite.com.  You'll find it there, Out of Control: The Last Days of the Clash.  It shows you the route that most young guys go through who get into that field, how they're taken over by the professionals, how the next thing you know they're being used for political purposes, but he also, trying to get the book out, he came across the same thing as Orwell did.  He says, he was shocked.  He says, when he looked at the publishing houses and the mainstream literature in Britain, he said, all the familiar brand names like Penguin, Granada, etc, had all been bought out.  There's also Virgin publishing, he contacted them once, or a couple of times, but none of them would take him up on his book.  So he went ahead anyway, in 2005, and banged the thing out in one go, and still nobody would take it.  Then he could have gone the route of small, independent publishers and got it on shelves, but they've got little distribution, you see.  And you only end up with a couple of pennies on the dollar for your book.  And then Amazon's left, right?  Amazon takes 60% of the end price.  So you work, and get your book out, and all the rest of it.  You put all that time into it, you sweat over the photoshops etc, for the cover, you argue with the printers, it costs 2 pounds a book, and you have to pay to ship it to Amazon's warehouse, so on a 15 pound book, they take 9 pounds.  And you're lucky to see a return of a pound or two on each one.  See, that's how it's really set up.  When you see masses, when you see masses of books put out across the planet on major bookshelves by people who are unknown to begin with, especially pushing the whole new age stuff, there's a bigger power behind it.  This guy had a lot to say, and he had to put the book out himself.  Because there’s a reason, and I'll mention what the reason is, that they won't let it out there, after this break.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just discussing how the Culture Industry is a Vital Arm, along with the media of controlling the minds of millions and billions even of people.  And how Vince White had an awful job of getting out something that was contrary to what the Big Boys wanted people to remember of a particular band, like many bands who were out there supposedly protesting and yelling about all the things that were wrong in the world.  And that's what they were doing, they were yelling, you see, because they were trying to drum up a social movement amongst the youth.  And the youth would never really know where they were being led, they never know where they're being led.  Never.  All they hear is what they want to hear, and that's yell, yell, yell, this is wrong, that's wrong.  Things they can all see and agree upon.  And things are very black and white.  There's no grey areas when you're young.  And you get very emotional, and uptight about things.  So they use that energy, and they use it for a social movement.  This is what he says on page 4 of that book, he says:


I imagined when I was leaping around near the stage as a teenager was that The Clash were humanitarians, who believed in equality, and justice, and freedom and rights.  The voices of people like me, people who got pissed off with the world.  Individuals, angry and indignant, tired of being pushed around and told what to do, and think by the State.  What I found, when I actually joined the band, was a smug, joyless, and oppressive totalitarian dictatorship that would have shocked Stalin.


(A: He's talking about the boys that control it all.  It's interesting too at the bottom, this one is a lesson they all learn, all the guys that are used, believe you me.  I know that even the Bay City Rollers have still got lawsuits in trying to get money back; they got nothing.  He says:)


But don't worry, in this story, I don't complain about my useless employment.  I could jack it in forever, any night.  I shut my mouth, pretend to enjoy it, thinking of all the money I never got.


They’re all ripped off silly by the sharks you see who control the entire industry.  And use them, as I say, for social movements that they're not even aware of.  They don't even know where it's going, or even that it's being directed towards a particular area.  We're all in it together they say, right.  We're all on board together.  And you get all the youth on board together, for what?  For change.  Change is good.  They've been saying this in academies for years, before we heard the term put out by the slogan makers.  Because we're all on board to this greening sustainable planet, where they depopulate, bring down the population, and eventually get to love your servitude, and come forward as volunteers for voluntary sterilization, so they won't have to do it the insidious way.  Through inoculations, as they have in the past, and bisphenol-A in your food, or in baby food, or in your bottled water.  Or in anything else.  You know, the stealth way, you see.  But as I say, it's worth a read, look into www.vincewhite.com, and you can order the book direct, and bypass all these big shots, that wouldn't let him put it out there.  They won't, see, once you've got a name out there, a big name, they can refill positions with different people, and they live on the name as a social reformist band you see.  That's more important.  And they don't want the public knowing the truth of what goes on inside.  But at least he went ahead.  He still had that fire, that we all have, when we're yelling and screaming about all the injustices. And it hasn't left him, and that's good, so he's got it out there for people to read for themselves.  Great for the young ones too, who are thinking of even getting into this mess they call the music industry, this complete illusion of tinsel and flashing lights.  From Hamish and myself, in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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