July 17th, 2009 (#366)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 17th, 2009:

Black Uniforms Dictate So You'll Go Straight:

"An Interlocking Grid Across the Planet,
Total Information Network, No Privacy, Darn It,
'For Your Own Good, To Keep You Safe,
If You've Nothing to Hide, Don't Misbehave,
Look, the Masses Don't Mind, We've Heard Tell,
Now What's Your Problem, Punk, Rebel?
If You Rouse the Rabble with Facts, Talking,
You'll Find My Cattle-Prod Gun Formidable, Shocking,
And if it Kills You, Our Inquest will Say,
You were Scheduled a Heart Attack that Very Same Day,
And if it's Your Birthday, Don't Feel So Hearty,
G.I. Joes and a Helicopter will Descend on Your Party,
We'll Find Something to Get on You,
Such as Giving Off Carbon from Your Barbeque' "
© Alan Watt July 17th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 17th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Now also, I need more translators for alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, so if you're interested in trying your hand, get in touch with me [listed above] and we'll see what we can do.  It's up to you.  The hardest part is starting off the first transcript.  Most folk are so nervous of getting something wrong, and I tell them, you have to transpose it into your own language.  Nothing directly translates you see, in the different languages.  You have to transpose it in a way that's understandable so the theme isn't lost, the message isn't lost, but you often have to do it in a different sort of way, it's how you lay it out for the public to understand.  So as I say, I don't bite people's heads off.  I try to encourage them, and it's surprising how fast they become as time goes on.  And they get confident too.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I was in town today, the town of Sudbury, which is pretty well the same across the country, these towns are all the same.  Same chain stores, same pharmacies, same grocery stores, same depressed looking people, and they're always tearing up the road.  Every year, when it's supposed to be summer, I say supposed to be summer, the big contracts are given out by the guys on top to their big buddies you see, in their little clubs that they belong to.  And so they're always tearing up the same roads, every summer.  But today I noticed there was a big van there. I was wondering why they were tearing the road up.  Generally it's to widen it, and the next year it's to narrow it, and then back and forth.  And in between, they tear it up across the way, after they've tarmacked the whole thing, maybe a mile or two stretch.  They start cutting it crosswise, and fixing pipes.  They just never thought of fixing them before they started tearing the thing up in the first place.  But these are all contracts, because they all live off government contracts you see.  That's the biggest money in the country, from federal to local.  But today there was a van there, and it was to do with closed circuit television.  And part of the logo said, it's a jungle out there, so it's all to do with law enforcement you see, and how scary society is.  Nothing happens in Sudbury.  Nothing happens, you know, but society is so scary, and that's what the cops have been trained for years, to be paranoid about the public.  And there they go, putting their wires everywhere under the ground to wire up all these hidden cameras all over the place.  And I remember too, when they started the same trick, it's the same trick, because you never get told the truth at the bottom level, the general public are just lied to constantly.  They were going to put these cameras just at major intersections; it would help with traffic accidents and so on.  And we swallow the child story, and before you know it you're getting used to them, and then they're putting up more cameras, and now it's across the whole place you know.  They started all of this off in Britain, and I can remember the company in Britain, the CCTV cameras, that sold the whole idea to the politicians with a lot of help, and lobbying and I'm sure money, came over to Canada and they had a big meeting with the police chiefs in Montreal to sell the same idea across Canada.  Because they knew, you see, at the top, it isn't just a company out for money and business.  They knew at the top of this big roller coaster we call society and progress and change is good that they were going to bring in a totalitarian system back in the 90s.  That's why, you see in Britain, they tried to bring out the ID card for everybody in the late 90s, and the Cold War was over, and nothing was happening.  So people had sort of rampages about it and said no.


Wendy Mesley in Canada does a lot of documentaries, and I think her show is called Undercurrents.  She did a documentary, about 1998 I think it was, on the coming ID card and Big Brother, and so on.  She started off the show by showing you how the Clear Pass was already in use.  I didn't even know that.  Where you have this Clear Pass ID, and you have to go the police and they did all this stuff with your digital imaging, etc, thumb prints, iris scan, and now you're a bonafide, you know, checked, cleared customer for travel.  It was voluntary then, you see.  And I did tape that.  I did tape that show.  It was amazing, because she talked to the big CEOs, you know the big guys, they have no neck, these CEOs you'll notice, they don't have any necks.  Suits and ties with no necks.  And she talked with this guy.  They're well fed though.  You can tell that by their paunch.  And she said, what makes you think the public will take this ID card, and he said then, this is 1998, that they'll be given no option.  That was on the show.  And that's how it is, you see.  We're given no option.  There's a big plan, always from the top, from the pyramid top down.  And they never tell the public.  You don't scare the children at the bottom.  And they treat us like children, and we accept it.  And you see once you accept one little bit of the bait, or whatever they've given you, or thrown at you, you swallow the next bit, and say, well I guess, you know, I'm kind of used to the first bait, so I guess what's the problem with taking the next bait.  You know.  That's how it works.  It's incremental, and you have to accept the first part, before you’ll accept the second part, so you say, well, I'm already doing this, so what's wrong with going the next step.  That's how we kind of go through it in a basic, rational sort of step by step manner.  Most folk don't think through anything. 


About the same time as Wendy Mesley did that show, Allan Rock, he was the head of all law, the Attorney General for Canada.  A lifer, again.  A lifer who was well known at the top.  He's always had a quiet profile, it's sort of lifelong politics, up there doing the real work, you know.  He was so important at one time in fact, that even when the Beatles came over to Canada, they arranged for them to meet him.  That's a bit of pull, especially when it was a young Allan Rock in politics, who was a nobody, but he was obviously known to somebody that put him there.  He worked surreptitiously, quietly for years, and single-handedly as the justice minister, he brought forth a massive omnibus bill, anti-terror bill, by himself in the late 1990s.  Again, nothing is happening.  Cold War is over.  And there were a couple of journalists, and no more, who did say, well what's going on here?  This is martial law this bill here, with indefinite arrest and detainment, etc, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  And that was as far as it went.  It was passed.   Rammed through.  And once he'd finished that job, like the good technocrat he is, he was pulled out and sent off to the United Nations to work at the top office you see.  See, we've been under this United Nations for an awful long time.  Big Socialist agenda, and the UN is completely Socialist.  It's got nothing to do.  It's a private organization.  It's got nothing to do with democracy, but they use Democracy when they go into countries to pretend to spread it.  Actually what they're spreading is their propaganda for their agenda as they divide and conquer, you see.  And then we have Total Information Network after 9/11, the first of many major crises, real or imaginary that we've been hit with on a roller coaster of crisis, crisis, crisis, since 9/11.  Crisis of Terrorism, we're going to get blown up.  We're all going to get dosed with Anthrax, and the stuff that was loose at that time came from Fort Dix apparently or Maryland, and that's been all in the papers too.  And that's never been explained, and regardless. 


And then we have Total Information Network.  Well, we have to monitor every phone call, every fax, every email, and record everything.  And then we've got to watch everybody, etc.  Total Information Network.  And I often say to people, what do you think Total Information Network means?  And they look at you with those lobster eyes, you know.  Straight out of the tank.  Just, nobody home.  It's like looking at an alien.  Because they don't think much.  The general public who are into daily media downloads, that's all it is, downloads, don't think through anything.  In fact, they're not even encouraged to think.  That's the school system in fact, to be honest with you.  You start off then learning not to think for yourself.  You expect, you've been trained to be told everything, and you parrot it.  Just parrot, parrot, parrot.  Total Information Network.  And they weren't kidding were they, worldwide.  Interrelated systems, all integrated with each other for really world government.  And there are no favorite countries by the way under world government.  Don't ever, ever think the person that you elect, that looks kind of like you, has anything in common with you.  Anything in common with you.  That's the big mistake people make.  Never have had anything in common with you. 


Here's an article from Timenauts, from Mark Baard, July the 17th, and I'll put these links up at the end of the show on my website.  It says here:


Boston, Government, Hardware, Massachusetts, Media, muni-wifi, new england, News, police, politics, Privacy, security, technology, Terrorism, universal hub, universalhub, wifi, wireless


(A: Very Important.  It says:)


Universal Hub relays the news that Boston’s languishing municipal Wi-Fi project (A: They're all putting in the Wi-Fi, and you all were told that it's to get fast internet and all that stuff, maybe even free.  Ha, ha.  Yeah, guess who will pay for it.) –that is, its government-run wireless internet service–has been reinvented as an ad-hoc, mesh network: (A: Of course they had no idea it was going to go like this in the first place right?)


The effort initially focused on traditional wireless access points (like the ones you can see on light poles all over Brookline), but organizers realized that would prove impossibly expensive and so are now using a “mesh” approach, in which each subscriber’s computer is essentially equipped to act as an access point through a cheapo router. The result: Free WiFi in parts of the Fenway. (A: And they're doing this all over the place, remember.) via Universal Hub | All Boston, all the time. (A: That's their logo.  It says:)


This is not likely to be good news for individual privacy and security. First, consider the following: Muni Wi-Fi projects in other cities have been marred by conflicts of interest and mishandling. (A: Of data that is) Users in other cities are already being charged for what they were told was going to be “free” access. (A: Well of course, that was a given from the beginning.) Boston is among the cities planning to piggyback police (A: Police, police, right.) and other government communications onto its muni Wi-Fi network. (This “dual use” for the network has the potential to bring Homeland Security dollars into the city’s coffers.)


It's for Total Information Network, all your data that you're going to pay for.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just finishing an article by Mark Baard from Timenauts, and it says here:


Some of the equipment Boston will be using was developed with money from sources with direct ties to the intelligence community.  Ad-hoc networks were not created with privacy and security in-mind. Rather, the technology was first deployed in vineyards and parking lots.  Ad-hoc wireless networks are more prone to unreliable connections and speeds–which means the folks on Mission Hill, and in Boston’s other poor neighborhoods, will be getting less service for their money.


Then it goes on to talk about how it's vulnerable to backdoor hacking, etc, but really, it's designed.  You see it was already designed before they came out with the first nonsense about ‘it's for the public’ to hack the public and monitor them.  They have teams in every town and city just sitting on their jack duffs, scaring at screens and following all your emails, and what sites you're looking at and all the rest of it.  And setting up sting operations.  That's been shown for years on television news.  But to the general public they always follow the bait, it's going to be free, it's going to be free.  They'll sell their souls if it's free.  Whether it's a free supposedly flu shot or anything else they'll run to get it.  What can you do, eh?  What can you do?  Can't stop them. 


Here's one from SFGate to do with California:


Tiburon may install license plate cameras

July 10, 2009

(A: It says:)

Your presence has been noted.

The posh and picturesque town that juts into San Francisco Bay is poised to do something unprecedented: use cameras to record the license plate number of every vehicle that crosses city limits.

Some residents describe the plan as a commonsense way to thwart thieves, most of whom come from out of town. Others see an electronic border gate and worry that the project will only reinforce Tiburon's image of exclusivity and snootiness.

(A: And then it goes on to what the locals think, you know, they don't see any harm in it, and blah, blah, blah.  The man in the street sort of stuff, they always give you that.  And they never bring the one on that says, I don't like it at all, do they?  One does say it does have the taint of Big Brother, no kidding.  This guy has still got a chance.)

Tiburon's camera idea is a marriage of technology, policing and distinct geography.

Situated on a peninsula, Tiburon's hillside homes and waterfront shops are accessible by only two roads, (A: etc, etc) allowing police to point the special cameras known as license plate readers at every lane that leads into and out of the town of 8,800.


Now that's how they started them off in Britain.  And the cops all have these little computers in their cars now there too.  They're told to go out and hunt in packs, in Britain.  They'll take cops from maybe three different areas, bring them all into one city, and they sit there like wolves.  They have all these names, like Attacks, and so on, just like they're in a warfare situation.  They're like Marauders, and blah, blah, blah.  And they can read every license plate going by, by the computer automatically.  As they're doing it automatically, it punches up your insurance to see if you're still up to scratch on your insurance, your various license stickers, your road tax, and all the rest of it.  Everything comes up.  And if something is not quite up to scratch, or you’re a week late in paying something, a red light goes off, and the whole pack chases you.  They love hunting, because they're really predators you see.  And this is what they're putting in there in California and everywhere else, across the world, for this Brave New World.  After all, you see, we're children under socialism and we don't know what's right for us.  We need our betters to keep us all in line and train us, just like Bernays trained generations of people.  They're now training us to simply obey our betters by being electronically monitored everywhere we go.  And I have no doubt at all, you know, when the cloud system comes in for computers and so on, and you'll have no access to data, unless you're allowed to have access to data.  You won't have any hard drive eventually.  Eventually that's where it's going to go.  Remote servers will have all your data.  And you try to send a letter to someone, and you maybe swear in it, just like that Schwarzenegger movie, you know, this little box will pop up, or you say a politically incorrect thing, and it will warn you of all the fines if you go ahead and send it.  And it will say, do you really want to send this?  Do you really want to send this?  And you might be ticked off, and say, yeah, I will send it, and off it goes, and bang, you’re hit with a fine immediately.  That's coming.  Or you'll have no more access to all the data stored in the cloud.  You’ll need access to it for yourself, just to survive.  So they’ll use it as a form of punishment, you see.  Guarantee you.  All this has been discussed, long ago, before you even heard of the internet.  It's quite something. 

I don't know if people ever saw the movie Brazil.  It's a comedy about a future scenario, done years ago, by Terry Gilliam, who did Monty Python.  A guy who was definitely in the know.  Where the biggest department in the world is the Ministry of Information Retrieval, because everything runs on information.  And it's a Socialist system, everywhere you go.  If you needed someone to come in and fix your air conditioner or your heating, they have to sign ten different forms for the government, and so do you.  And all that kind of stuff.  See, that's socialism.  You can't get anything, unless you fill in forms, because government wants to know everything that's going on.  And they have to authorize everything.  Two years ago, maybe three, in Canada, they told the guys who deliver heating oil to your homes that you'd have to hand out an official government form, that you have to fill in, before they're allowed to fill up your oil.  I guess you have to freeze to death.  See that's Socialism, total control.  Back with more, after this break.

This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just mentioning how Socialism, really, really works.  It's always through stealth.  You've got to understand Fabianism and study the Fabianist Society to understand the intergenerational penetration, that's how they wanted to take over and bring in their form of Communism, rather than through a direct revolution.  If you have a direct revolution there are always people with memory who will pass on what really happened and resent the system.  But if you gradually infiltrate and do it intergenerationally, it becomes normal.  And then you get one generation that grows up, and that's all they know.  They think it's normal.  That's happened across the world.  And it came in through the big foundations that are linked to the Fabian Society, which is also linked to the Royal Institute of International Affairs.   They're all linked to one system.  They are one system, collectively you see.  They're specialized areas of it. 

In the movie Brazil, as I say, they give you this future, and it's all here actually, a comedy of the future where bureaucracy runs everything.  And everything has to do with Information Retrieval.  That came from WWII, that whole idea.  Because you see there was a ministry.  Britain has a Ministry of Information.  An actual Ministry of Information for the public.  The information doesn't mean it's true data, it just means that's what they're going to tell the public about different topics.  We really are kept in the dark, all the time, and treated like children.  And in Brazil, because of a mistake over a guy’s name, Buttle and Tuttle, the SWAT Team comes through the roof, as they're watching TV, they cut a hole in the ceiling and whisk this guy off, that's the last they see of him.  And then the movie sort of goes on from there, into this future scenario of farcical government employees and totalitarianism.  Where as I say, you couldn't even get your heating fixed, unless you had forms, and applications, and it all went through the government's Ministry of Information. 

In Canada, yep, they did put out that form, and they refused to allow the tankers to fill up your oil for heating in the winter, unless you had government inspectors in, who would then say what it needed done or didn't need done, generally they'll always find something obviously.  And then you have to go and pay to get whatever they say is up to scratch.  And then you have to pay them to come back in and reinspect it, before you get your heating oil to keep yourself alive. And of course, if you said I need the oil, I've got to heat myself or I'll die this winter, they'll tell you, sorry sir.  Terribly sorry, but that's not our fault.  And you say, well it is your fault, you see, because I could always get the oil before, and I've got the money for the oil, but I can't afford you as well, on top of this oil, and you're okay, and I can't afford any upgrades according to the latest of the latest of the latest, etc.  And I can't afford to bring you back in again to recertify it.  You see.  And they'll say, oh, I can't help that sir.  I can't help that sir.  I'm only doing my job.  So then you'll say, oh, so you are refusing, so I’ve got to die of being frozen here.  Oh, no, we're not saying that sir, if you can just comply with this you can survive.  See, they've got you in a Catch 22.  They don't deny you.  And they will not say, we're going to kill you, and freeze you to death.  They just say, if you can just comply with this, of course you can heat yourself, sir.  That's how government does it, coercion you see, and in circles.  That keeps them legally out of it.  Well, we didn't condemn him to death by freezing.  We gave him an option, you see.  And I guess under eugenics, if you can't afford all that stuff, then, under their way of looking at it, well, the poor should die, shouldn't they?  That makes sense doesn't it?  Eugenics. 

That's how ridiculous it gets, with Tuttle and Buttle, and kidnapping and all the rest of it.  And you also go into the others, the old movies like Fahrenheit 451.  A perfectly controlled society who all come to their doors when the government's van goes round with the tannoys, "Come to Your Doors", and they all empty themselves in their gardens like good little people.  All trained and well behaved.  That's the system we're going into.  Here's an article that falls right in with this you see, falls right in with it, just like Tuttle and Buttle in the movie Brazil. 

Friday the 17th July 2009, from the Telegraph, this is from Britain, this is what happened in Britain, just recently. 

Police close down Facebook barbecue for 15 people

(A: A guy was having a birthday party, right, put it on his facebook for his friends.)

When Andrew Poole organized his 30th birthday party (A: Hardly a youngster, right, 30 years old.) and posted invitations on the social networking site Facebook, he was expecting only 17 guests including family members.

(A: This is 16th of July, 2009)

He was therefore a little surprised when eight police officers, some dressed in body armour, arrived with a riot van and helicopter support. Mr Poole, a coach driver, claimed he was doing little more than lighting a barbecue for a few of his friends to celebrate, however, police (A: Police have to get right in on it, and excuse themselves.) feared it was to turn into a large-scale rave (A: One of these rage parties the teenagers have) prompted by the internet invitations.

The problem with Facebook parties getting out of hand has largely been a problem for the parents of teenagers who have arrived home to find that an invitation to birthday celebrations has been accepted by a few too many guests. Mr Poole had organized the party in a field (A: In a field, right.  Away from everybody) in Sowton, Devon, which was owned by a friend. He said: "It had started to rain so we had gone in under the gazebo and all of a sudden there was this noise in the sky. I honestly could not believe it. The thing (the helicopter) hovered over us for about 25 minutes, watching 15 people eat. They told us to take down the sound system and said everybody has got to leave. It was 4pm (A: They're 30 years old, eh.) It was 4pm and we had not plugged in the music.

(A: It had never been played.  They were told to shut it down, and everyone's got to leave.)

What effectively police did was to stop 15 people eating burgers."

Mr Poole said he spent £800 for the hire of the generator, marquee and food. He added: "The police had full-on camouflage trousers and body armour. It was ridiculous. I told them it was my 30th birthday, that this was a once in a lifetime event, and they should not ruin it. But they kept on insisting I had advertised it as an all-night rave on the internet. I had created an event, and 17 people were confirmed as guests. I did put the time on it as overnight in case people wanted to sleep over." (A: So 17 folk were invited, and the cops interpret that as an all-night rave party.  And then you get the cops' version, well:)

However, police said local residents had tipped them off (A: Nonsense, right) about a possible rave.

(A: You see, they were scouring the internet.  They scour this stuff on facebook.  They've already said they use facebook for information.  Isn't it nice to know you're being watched in case you make a mistake?  They're there to tell you.  They bring helicopters to tell you that you've made a mistake.)

The action by Devon police follows previous concerns about rave parties in other areas being advertised on internet sites. Devon and Cornwall police said the decision to shut down any rave party "was not taken lightly." "When these gatherings are held outside the law they may become dangerous to those attending as fire regulations may be breached and access to such a site for emergency vehicles is limited. (A: They're bringing out the whole book, eh, to cover their asses.  That's what they do, they cover their asses after they've screwed up.)

Loud music playing in the small hours is annoying to people living nearby who will turn to the police to stop this disturbance.


It's in a field, in the middle of nowhere, owned by a farmer, who was a pal of the guy who was having the party.  You see, that's the stretch from Brazil into reality that we're into today.  Where folk are terrified, terrified to even have a party anymore, without guys out sailing down lines from the sky, from helicopters, for a few people having a birthday party and eating hamburgers.  That's what Socialism comes to, always.  It's a totalitarian system.  It's nothing to do about helping the people at the bottom, at all.  It's an elitist system, where a selective few who are all on board with the same eugenics, and grandiose delusions of themselves, they're somehow more perfected than the rest, have the right to rule the lessers.  That's what it really is.  It's what it really is.  I'll put these links up as I say on my site at the end of the show.

Now here's one here.  It's interesting because it ties in with so many phrases.  I've talked about phrases so often.  Slogans, and catch phrases that the elite use amongst themselves and to the public.  It was like Bush with his "Thousand Points of Light" meaning the NGOs and the foundations that back them would run the world.  That's actually been admitted to now, by the way, in a big player's book, but I won't mention it just yet.  I'll read about it on the air next week maybe.  But this article here is from, of all places, it's the Hindu, India's national newspaper.  Last week, I mentioned about the economic forum for the Americas, taking place in Canada here.  Most folk don't know anything about it, and they don't care.  This has all to do with the integration of the Americas.  And I've mentioned too that on that site, it's on my website.  You should go into it and read the whole report, because you'll see things there that will astound you.  How many countries in South or Latin America, they've actually brought in to this Union, that's going to be borderless by the way, and I've actually got the data here from Hillary Clinton, talking about the borderless system.  They always tell their own members one thing.  This is a speech from the CFR, by the way she was giving it.  They always talk about what they're really bringing in, and then they tell the public an opposite story.  So here's from the Hindu, and one of the countries the first countries to come in after Mexico, Canada, Mexico, the US, was Chile.  And in fact in Chile they're making them the breadbasket of the world.  They have been since the free trade negotiations, the precursor of NAFTA.  And the big Monsantos and the Big Boys in ADM, I call them Adam because it's from the earth isn't it, they've taken over the soil, Archer Daniels Midland and company.  They're all down there with their GMO stuff.  So here's the head, the President of Chile giving a speech, over in India, and he goes on about:

The current economic crisis cannot be an excuse to postpone international mobilization of funds (A: That's money.  You see, we're in a crisis and all that.) to halt climate change, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said on Friday.

(A: You'll hear them all saying the same thing.  Mr Brown said the same thing at his speech in the G20, with the New World Order he called it.  That economic forum for the Americas also in the front page it's called the New World Order and it's all in Green, green background, really wonderful.  So here's the Chilean President, all parroting the same stuff.  Regardless of the crises that all coming along with plagues and blah, blah, blah, and economic depressions, he says they cannot stop the funds to halt climate change.  That's got to keep ahead.)

At a meeting organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Dr. Bachelet emphasized the importance of addressing climate change. Listing the economic crisis and global warming as the most pressing challenges today, she said the key to tackle global warming was to change the short-term approaches taken until now.

(A: Now here's the key phrase you see.  You've heard it already from others, from the CFR.)

“The crisis should be seen as an opportunity for a new global environment agreement (A: That's exactly what Hillary said too.  The crisis should be seen as an opportunity.  That's a standard Council on Foreign Relations) for a new global environment agreement that would lay the foundation (A: Oh, foundations) for a low emission global economy that would ensure lasting prosperity. (A: I wonder for whom.)

We will be in a position to make a historical leap towards sustainable human activity,” Dr. Bachelet added.


Standard Council on Foreign Relations prattle, you see.  So regardless how bad it gets, now this is a must-be.  And Hillary said the same thing.  Said the same thing.  With the same thing after 9/11 in a speech to the CFR by John Kerry, I think it was.  And it might be, I think it was John Kerry, but he said the same thing, we must take this disaster, this crisis, and turn it to our advantage.  They're always doing this.  Which makes you wonder if they're behind the crisis in the first place because after all, how do you get to your goal unless something like this happens, you see.  Amazing, isn't it.  Amazing.  Hillary's address was July the 15th, 2009 at the Council on Foreign Relations branch in New York City.  And she goes through her usual stuff, and their congratulating each other and all the rest of it.  And it says here, she goes on about all the crisis:

…And it seemed like a wise admonition, if only it were possible. But the international agenda today is unforgiving: two wars, conflict in the Middle East, ongoing threats of violent extremism and nuclear proliferation, global recession, climate change, hunger and disease, and a widening gap between the rich and the poor.

(A: Well, she'll know all about that, eh.)

All of these challenges affect America’s security and prosperity, and they all threaten global stability and progress.  But they are not reason to despair about the future.


And then she goes on about all the different things and so on, and how these are all challenges.  See, challenges.  It was only about two months ago, she gave a similar speech, and she said the same thing.  We can use this to our advantage to get this through, and that through, and the global warming issue through and so on.  They always use it to their advantage.  Isn't that amazing.  Oh, it's just wonderful, eh.  Just wonderful, but it's ongoing.  And as I say, that speech was given, July the 15th, at the Council on Foreign Relations.  The Council on Foreign Relations is a private, and she even mentions the fact too, we often go, we in government, often go for advice to their policy-making departments.  They make policies for governments.  They are the parallel government for the US.  They always have been.  Professor Carroll Quigley was their official historian, and he said so in his own books.  No one votes them in, folks.  No one votes them in. 

Here's how things start off.  They always start off with a good reason to the public.  It's something, as long as it's at least 3% plausible, they'll believe it, rather than believe, Oh My God, there can't really be nasty people doing this.  3% plausibility.  So there's always a good reason, plausible, and then there's the real reason, as Colonel Mandell House said to President Wilson.

It says:

Is Tougher Airport Screening Going Too Far?

(A: This is July the 2nd, 2009.  It says:)

The Transportation Security Administration has moved beyond just checking for weapons and explosives.

(A: Now that was their official mandate across the world, right, for airports and so on.)

It’s now training airport screeners to spot anything suspicious, and then honoring them when searches lead to arrests for crimes like drug possession and credit-card fraud.

(A: It's gone into all fields, you see.  They check everything about you.)

But two court cases in the past month question whether TSA searches—which the agency says have broadened to allow screeners to use more judgment—have been going too far.

A federal judge in June threw out seizure of three fake passports from a traveler, saying that TSA screeners violated his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. Congress authorizes TSA to search travelers for weapons and explosives; beyond that, the agency is overstepping its bounds, U.S. District Court Judge Algenon L. Marbley said.


So there you go, but they always creep, eh.  Creeping, creeping, creeping.  Always.  Back after this break.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to a caller, I'm going to mention that I'll have to put another link up.  I've read so many articles that get pulled by mainstream, right after I've read them.  There's the one about the EATR, the machine the military's getting made, that can live off all kinds of fuel, and organic material, including people, and bodies, and I still have the original article here [from July 15th, 2009 show], but it's been changed.  And they've actually said all kinds of vegetable matter, so they've skipped that, it's become vegetarian, this military robot, that's suddenly vegetarian, has gone green.  That's what happens after you read these things and draw attention to them, they scurry, and just like Orwell's memory hole, it's gone.  Now we'll go to the phones and there's Jared from New Zealand, there.  Are you there Jared?


Jared: Good Day, how are you?


Alan: Yes.


Jared: There's been some amazing stories on the media this week, but I heard on TV one week, so I noticed that J.P., there's a story about J.P. Morgan and Chase and Co, and the forecast is that they're going to have record profits this year, and another story from Goldman Sachs too, that they're profits have surged this year.


Alan: Yeah, they're handing out I think $9 billion, distributing to the top managers so many millions of dollars each for a bonus.


Jared: Yeah, it's unreal, isn't it?


Alan:  Well, it's business as usual, eh.


Jared: Yeah, they're doing well.


Alan: They never lose.  The public get screwed twice.  You get screwed by all the money vanishing supposedly to money heaven, and then you bail them out, and they're right back at it, dishing out all this loot.


Jared: A few months later. Well that's all I rung to say, anyway.


Alan: Well thanks for calling.  It's astonishing, I've got three or four articles here from various newspapers and the big stink in Britain, was the Royal Bank of Scotland that's actually 70% owned now by the government, and they've just handed the chairman some massive multi-million pound salary, and bonus after they bailed them out.  They love just to, you see at the top it's always been like this.  There's piracy at the top. It's a big club of pirates.  And governments are part of it you see.  They're the intermediary between the public and their bosses.  And their job is to make sure that those at the top are still in command of their ships by having resources of the world at their disposal.  All of the cash, all of the loot, and the politicians simply make, the managerial class do what they're told, implement the order that the big boys at the top have said to put in.  The upgraded order from one age to the next.  And then they have their parallel government working along with them, by the big foundations, also owned by the big bankers, the big captains of industry, the pirates of industry, to make sure that the new system they bring in is the one that they design as well.  Government doesn't make changes in anything.  All government does is soak the public for the taxes to build all this stuff, to make the future happen for the elite.  The elite don't spend their money, bringing in a New World Order.  Never have, never will.  Always use the taxpayer.  That's what they're for.  That's what the herd is for.  Right.  If you have sheep you want to fleece them.  That's what you use sheep for, you fleece the sheep, and then you eat them for mutton, you see.  You eat them.  That's our job.  And we're told fairy stories about reality, and for reasons for things, like putting cameras everywhere and so on.  It's for your safety.  Got to monitor you.  You're just dumb, silly, animals.  Experts will guide you in the future.  A world of experts, Lord Bertrand Russell.  It's happened folks.  From Hamish and myself, in Ontario Canada, where it's been pouring all summer, thanks to all the chemtrails and sprays, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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