July 21st, 2009 (#368)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 21st, 2009:

Win-Win Situation in Vaccine Creation:

"Conflicting Reports from Gods of Vaccine,
Is Like Watching Athletes on a Trampoline,
May Work, May Not, They Say with a Smirk,
Previous Flu Shots Didn't, is that a Quirk?
Governments Back Pharma, Quite the Deal,
And Terribly Fat from Profits They Steal,
They Create New Fast Vaccine from Human Tissue,
Don't Ask Where it came from, isn't an Issue,
If the Swine Flu goes Killer, it has to Evolve,
And Pharma gets More Cash, the Cure to Resolve,
Endless Crises are in the Works,
Fat Cats Thrive Where Ignorance Lurks"
© Alan Watt July 21st, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 21st, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  It's astonishing how the biggest profits today across the planet have all to do with the fear industry and crisis creation.  I keep mentioning that in case we forget, because we do, we forget everything so quickly because we adapt to everything that comes along so quickly.  We're the most adaptable species on the planet, and that's what the big boys know.  They can give us one reality for twenty years and another one for the next twenty years, completely different realities.  And since 2001, we've been threatened with anthrax poisoning across the planet, terrorism, nuclear bombs may come into New York harbor on ships, and then we have the financial crash, and then, of course we already had the avian flu was going to kill all of us off.  And billions were given to the pharma companies to develop vaccines which didn't seem to emerge, and then we've got the new one, the swine flu thing that's coming along.  May kill billions it says. 


And I mentioned last night, I watched an old CBC docudrama.  That's one of these fictional accounts where they get actors to play the parts of people.  Sometimes they use real people too, and they use both in this particular docudrama.  And they started off by saying this coming avian flu, this was a few years ago, could kill off millions, millions of us.  Then they go through the usual scary disaster type scenario, here's Joe and Jane living here, and here's their child, blah, blah blah.  And watching TV and how they react to it when it's announced.  Oh my God, the plague’s killing millions off.  You know they've done their best to scare us into Hades for years.  But that's where their profits are. 


Look at the massive rewards there are in setting up cameras across the planet.  Every town and city is under the agenda.  It is an agenda, mind you, and it was there before 9/11 came along.  9/11 truly was a necessary thing to happen to kick it all off.  So, it's a massive profit making business.  We're all suspected terrorists now.  Even the big psychological and psychiatric magazines that are out there have been saying that for years.  Anyone can become a criminal or a terrorist, you see.  And they even, even the psychological association for America in their own magazine back in the 80s, I think late 80s, said that they should really have cameras in everybody's rooms and houses to watch them all the time, where they could get intervention teams that could come in, very quickly, a sort of Minority Report type of idea, if you showed an aggressive sign on your face or anything like that, so they'd prevent violence, you see.


And this is all again Darwinian.  It's when science comes up as the scientific dictatorship for the world.  This is all spun off out of sort of Darwin's theory which led to Marxism.  In fact Marx was going to dedication I think his third edition to Darwin, but because Darwin had to play the role of the Conservative for the Royal Society he politely refused.  And it didn't really matter to him, he was made famous anyway.  And that's what you do, you make famous people because we follow stars.  You see, they make them.  It's no different today when they make a star.  They've been at this for a long, long time, giving us stars that we can believe in.  You see.  And they must appear to be geniuses, so they give out all this big palaver and nonsense and create geniuses out of them.  And they have a role for life.  Very well rewarded, mind you. 


You know, as I say, the other big part of the profit making industry is in pretensive.  What if.  What ifs?  What if the flu comes out?  Or what if it mutates?  --Why would it suddenly mutate?  Why would this particular flu, they just know apparently in the fall, is suddenly going to mutate into a real killer, you see?  How would they know that?  There's only two ways.  It's either an outright lie, for profit and to terrify us, and to train us to get annual shots, which is all part of it, or someone is going to release something.  That's the only possible way you'd know.  Because they don't have a crystal ball to see if it mutates, so how else would they know?  Did you know that some of the top CEOs of the big pharma companies go to the Bilderbergers, and have done for the last two or three years.   One of them actually boasted about all the new drugs they're bringing out, and how they expected to get about a billion in profit off each one of them.  Why would they be at the Bilderberger meeting?  And of course they're getting let in on the big panic they're going to create, and they have created.  Because all of those at the Bilderberg meetings go back to nobility basically, the big cheeses.  Nobility that really came from the merchant classes, and then became royal classes across Europe, and really the countries are just corporations, business corporations, when you really look into it, and they're actually down as corporations.  It's like the British East India company was one of the biggest international corporations ever publicized in history books, and everybody in it was a member of royalty, or a cousin, or a third or fourth cousin.  It's all aristocracy.  And the same with the Dutch East India Company.  These companies too, like Hudson Bay's company, that were given large chunks of Canada, even before they really called it Canada, and other parts of the U.S. all belonged to these same corporations.  So Royalty would just simply grant charters for companies which they had big investments in, private investments.  It doesn't change.  So it's not surprising that leaders at the Bilderberger meeting bring in people that they have massive shares with.


I mean what kind of deal is that, when you're guaranteed that your pawn politicians and leaders will pass it into law that you must take vaccinations.  And these same politicians will throw billions at the pharma companies so they can go and investigate and research on how to get a better vaccine to help you.  Even though they admit in official medical books and magazines every spring that the shots they give you for the flu were the wrong combinations, and didn't work.  It's kind of like a gardener.  Every time spring comes around, people buy, you'd have to go and buy, supposing your tools, and it's not far from the truth, the tools you buy from China all collapse after about a few months.  Supposing you have to go buy back every year a spade and a fork to dig up the garden, you know, and you stuck it in the ground and it all flexes like rubber.  Of course you wouldn't want to go buy the same thing again, would you?  But supposing that the government mandated that you have to buy that fork and that shovel.  That's akin to what's happening you see.  I can remember the SARS outbreak in Toronto and really it was so overblown.  And they have part of this big crisis committee team with their white coats on, and their stethoscopes wrapped around their necks, that's a sign you see of a doctor, that's an emblem.  They got that from the TV shows, now they all copy it.  And they'd come on every night on the news and scare the bejesus out of everybody, telling you how this could just rampantly spread.  And I thought, well, if it's coming in from China, how come they haven't stopped any flights coming in from China?  You see, in a true infectious pandemic, or epidemic, you wouldn't allow people who could possibly have the disease to come in.  And during the prodromal phase as they call it with an infection, there are no signs and symptom.  There's no fever.  So all those cameras that we spent millions of dollars for, for airports, to see if you had a temperature, because it would detect thermal changes, were useless.  But big companies made big money. 


It's always the same boys at the top who make the money, and they reap the profits off the people.  As I say, what a sweet deal when you can get governments, your little pawn boys, to pass laws and force the people to accept things, and then use your tax money to throw at supposed research for something that they say may or may not work.  What a deal, eh?  May or may not work.  This is from the Financial Times com, 20th of July:


Some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies are reaping billions of dollars in extra revenue amid global concern about the spread of swine flu.


Analysts expect to see a boost in sales from GlaxoSmithKline, Roche and Sanofi-Aventis when the companies report first-half earnings lifted by government contracts (Alan: See, there's your little pawn boys.) for flu vaccines and antiviral medicines.


The fresh sales – on top of strong results from Novartis of Switzerland and Baxter (A: That's from the guys that sent the live ones, for injection, that killed the ferrets that they injected it with.  It would have killed the people, Baxter.  Baxter, part of the I.G. Farben group in WWII.) of the US, which both also produce vaccines – come as the latest tallies show that more than 740 people have died (A: Really, they should have "may have died," because they're not sure) from the H1N1 virus, and millions have been affected around the world.


(A: Well, you see, they're not really giving them swab tests anymore, to see if they actually have it.  If you have a sniffle, or a bit of hay fever, you're automatically down with swine flu.  And I've read articles before about this.  So, it's an exaggerated push, you see, for a crisis that's not really there.)


GlaxoSmithKline of the UK confirmed it had sold 150m doses of a pandemic flu vaccine – equivalent to its normal sales of seasonal flu vaccine – to countries including the UK, the US, France and Belgium, and was gearing up to boost production.


GSK also produces Relenza, an antiviral medicine that (A: It says here reduces the length, it sounds like an ad this thing, isn't it.) it reduces the length (A: May reduce the length) and severity of the infection, and is preparing to increase manufacturing towards 60m annual doses. (A: Annual Doses.  60 million.)


The UK placed an order for 10m treatments this year.


One beneficiary of the fears about the pandemic has been Roche of Switzerland, which sells Tamiflu, the leading antiviral drug, and has seen a sharp rise in orders from private companies as well as governments.


Back with more on this after this break. 


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article from the financial times .com, to do with the massive sales the big pharma companies are making with all the various vaccines and research and government contracts.  What a deal, what a deal, eh?  To guarantee that the products you make as a private company will be bought by government.  I mean, what a deal.  It's kind of like a substitute for their general wars, rather than tanks and planes, it's simply moved into pharma isn't it, and possible plagues and all that kind of stuff.  It says:


A report last week from JPMorgan, the investment bank, estimated that governments had ordered nearly 600m doses of pandemic vaccine and adjuvant – a chemical that boosts its efficacy (A: So they say) – worth $4.3bn (€3bn, £2.6bn) in sales, and there was potential for 342m more doses worth $2.6bn. (A: I guess their salesmen are working full time lobbying governments.)


It forecast that fresh antiviral sales could boost sales for GSK and Roche by another $1.8bn in the developed world, and potentially up to $1.2bn from the developing world.


But there were also uncertainties for the pharmaceutical manufacturers. With demand likely to outstrip supply, and initial production suggesting that the yield for the pandemic vaccine is relatively low, they may face difficult choices in determining how much to supply to the countries seeking orders.


(A: That's them creating more hype.  Oh My God, the price has gone up, that's what they're really saying there, you see.  It says:)


They are also under pressure to provide more drugs and vaccines for free, or extremely cheaply, to the developing world.


That's not true.  Not true.  Because you see, the big companies as they give loans to the developing world, and then they write them off, and then the taxpayers of the countries that gave the loans out have to pay off, because we're the guarantors, you see.  It's the same thing, we end up paying for it, through various governmental means.  So this is the Organization for Economic Development.  Every country that signed the U.N. has a government department that throws money across the planet.  At least that's what they're supposed to be doing.  Where it really goes, we'll never really know. 


And as they're saying this big rah-rah-rah stuff, because this really is almost like an ad.  Because they don't say may work, etc, which they should do, you see, so it's written to be pro-vaccine, even though it's untested, etc.  How do they test for these drugs?  You know.  How do they test for these drugs? 


There's an article here, remember all the things that I read will be up on my site, all the links etc, for you to check out for yourself at the end of the show.  And this is from Global Research, July 21st, 2009.  It says:


The H1N1 vaccine is going to be tested at the beginning of August in Rochester, New York, (A: You see.) on those people who belong to sections of the community that have been hit especially hard by the economic downturn. (A: In other words, the poor.)


The clinic conducting the trials has asked, specifically for elderly people, black people or children. In return for participating, people will get (A: Listen to this, this is standard.) $50-$100 or the children will get a toy.


(A: It's probably full of bisphenol-A as well, so they can suck on it.  Can you believe that?  There's ads in all papers across the planet.  If you look at these city papers, you'll always see these pharma companies wanting paid volunteers.  They pay you a few bucks, so it's always folk who are totally broke who apply, as a last resort, to get these experimental things.  And they never really generally tell you what it really is you're getting.  They might tell you it's for a cold remedy or something like that, they never really tell you, you know.)


Novartis appears to have paid people in Poland 3 Euros to get them to participate in clinical trials (A: 3 Euros, that's about 4 pounds or something, 8 bucks.) of their lethal bird flu drug last summer, which caused death and injury to hundreds of people.


(A: Novartis.  And that was in all the papers too, definitely European papers.  They try to hush it down in the US.  That's true.  It caused death and injury to hundreds of people.  He says:)


While the doctors and nurses have been put on trial in Poland for their role in this crime, even though it appears they were not properly informed by Novartis of the contents of the “trial” drug, Novartis has not yet had to face legal action.


(A: They're protected.  How is that?  Because they're part of the big establishment.  Look at the names of the big bankers and all of their relatives, and you'll see the same names in all the boards of the big pharma companies.)


Dr. Matthew Davis, the principal investigator of the Rochester trial, said that because the vaccine only uses pieces of the actual virus, there’s no chance volunteer will get infected with the potentially deadly virus, according to a local newspaper.


Well there's an authority for you.  According to a local newspaper, there's no chance, you see, you'd get infected with the potentially deadly.  Now which deadly virus are they talking about?  Because, you see, they're only making a vaccine for the existing swine flu.  It hasn't jumped to the killer that they're expecting will happen through evolution, round about the late fall.  And so they're giving them, just pieces of the actual virus as they call it.  What do you mean pieces of the virus?  The CBC were playing an old movie, a movie they made for television on plagues, and the company releasing it on the public, called The Summit, and I'll talk about what happened in the movie after this break.


This is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just mentioning before the break there that the CBC put out sort of a movie.  It's a two-part movie that first aired last Sunday, and it's on again next Sunday, Part II, to do with a big pharma company that tests various vaccines down in Latin America, South America, somewhere to very, very poor people, who get a buck for each shot, and it ends up they're being used for experimental very dangerous vaccines, and they cause a plague through it.  It's astonishing, only the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, they used to call it the Communist Broadcasting Corporation because it was staffed with Communists.  There was even a defector from Russia, from the Soviet Union who worked for the KGB at one point, who ended up working for the CBC who said the same thing.  He said there are more Communists there than there are in Russia.  Anyway, they did this movie and they had the prime minister of Canada, as being very pristine.  They always dress up Canadian Prime Ministers as sort of above board and awful nice and all that.  If they were born under snow, it must be pristine, white.  And he's more concerned about the labor conditions in Africa than he is about what's happening in Canada, and he wants justice for the Africans, etc.  That's how they paint him.  While the President of the United States is in with the big pharma company, and they're all bad and they assassinate people that might try and bring what they're doing to the world to the light of day.  It's so almost childishly written.  And of course the prime minister's daughter in this movie, the Prime Minister of Canada's daughter, is also a rebel who's fighting in all the big protest meetings.  But it does show you how they phone up the provocateurs and get them to go into action when they want them to start firebombing police cars and stuff so they can get riots going.  They have all the right stuff in there, because they actually do that.  But it was rather surprising to see them coming up with this type of story at this particular time. 


Getting back to this article though, from the Global Research, to do with Novartis basically killing hundreds of people in Poland with a trial drug.  It says here:


Dr. Matthew Davis, the principal investigator of the Rochester trial, said that because the vaccine only uses pieces of the actual virus, there’s no chance volunteer will get infected with the potentially deadly virus, according to a local newspaper. (A: That makes you feel better, eh?  According to a local newspaper.)


So, here we have a doctor admitting that putting whole live attenuated viruses into the “swine flu” H1N1 jab, as Baxter, Novartis and other vaccine companies intend to do, and as WHO has instructed,

(A: You know the ones who also have a Department of Population, which is Depopulation, Control) could lead to an infection with a potentially deadly virus!


(A: It's like made to order, isn't it, for bringing down the population, this whole thing.)


Infection is all the more likely if toxic adjuvants are added: even Baxter scientists state in their own clinical trials that the impact of adjuvants are negative. (A: Really?)  “It’s really as safe, (A: Now here's what they say, it's really as safe) actually if not safer, than the seasonal influenza vaccine that people will get every year,” Davis said.


So that means the stuff we're getting every year is not safe either, eh?  Maybe it's worse?  Amazing contradictions coming out of the same people, eh?  And there's someone you can actually contact here, who I think has got some lawsuits in about the companies, the pharma companies.  I'll also put up the Rochester site, for any nutcases out there that want to volunteer and get a couple of dollars for this particular shot, to show you that it's actually genuine.  They have their own website up,


Rochester Clinical Research has been chosen by the residents of Rochester in a Democrat and Chronicle poll as the best clinical research site in Rochester....


Etc, etc.  All PR stuff.  And they have all the photographs of wonderful smiling people, that certainly didn't come from people who are down-and-out and on welfare, all smiling and grins, and awful healthy and well-fed looking.  PR, PR, PR.  Amazing how they use PR even for this isn't it.  And fake models and all the rest of it.  Do you realize when they'll go to that extent, just to show you a lie.  If you hire models rather than use the actual people, you're actually lying to the public, aren't you?  Aren't you?  Well why would you expect any truth from them on anything at all, when they start off giving you a lie, on their own website, by hiring models that look well-fed and healthy, and so happy.  People who are on welfare and who have to get $5, $10, or $20 bucks for an experimental vaccine, don't have happy faces, they don't, they don't. 


Some people have some sense left, and here's from Northern Ireland, the 8th of July,


Northern Ireland refuses to fund swine flu work


The BMA is 'deeply concerned' by the refusal of Northern Ireland's government (A: They want Northern Ireland) to pay the £55m needed to combat the swine flu pandemic.


BMA Northern Ireland Council chairman Dr Brian Patterson said: 'Tackling the pandemic caused by the H1N1 virus is a major public health challenge for Northern Ireland that requires a united response from the Northern Ireland Assembly leadership.


'We are deeply concerned at the refusal to find additional funding to ensure that Northern Ireland is properly prepared for the predicted rise in flu cases. There is no option but to fund preparations to tackle the pandemic, and the additional funding must be found…'


Everybody is just being raped by the banks here.  Raped.  And then further than that, you're raped by the government again, to pay the banks to keep them going.  Two rapists, two brothers, the government and the banks.  And then they rape us again for the tax money to fund this quackery, for a vaccine that isn't proven to work, and there's no guarantees it will work, there's no guarantees either by the way that you can do anything about it, if it paralyzes you, like the last swine flu nonsense they had years ago.  It paralyzed hundreds of young people.  Because their governments pass laws to protect the pharma companies.  You can't sue anybody.  Boy they're all rapists at the top, aren't they.  Maybe it's because they're so cocksure of themselves these days, because they've dumbed the public down so much, that there's no opposition to their nonsense.  There's none, none at all.  And the public have no rights.  You can't even say, oh by the way, your vaccine paralyzed me.  Or gave me a stroke.  Because the government has written a law to protect the pharmas.  And that's what they do at the top.  They write laws to protect themselves at the top.  And anything that's going to be illegal, according to any constitution, just write another law to make it legal.  And then they sort of thumb their noses at you and say, well, what are you going to do about it?  Nah, Nanna, Nah, Nah.  That's what they do.  All the time.  And people still think they're free.  There are people out there that really do believe yet that they live in some kind of democracy.  Astonishing, eh?  It is astonishing.


You'll find too, in the Wise Up Journal, on the 15th of July, it says:


The True Face Of Global Warming


(A: This ties in with everything we're talking about here, because everyone knows that's got a thinking mind and some memory at all, we've lived through the propaganda coming from the top at the big foundations backing certain movements, we shall say, down through the years.  And I've even mentioned that some of these big movements get their grants not only from the foundations, but they also get grants from the government, so they can lobby the government, meaning the government wants certain things to happen anyway.  And I've also mentioned that the family was the enemy of this New World Order that was planned a long time ago.  And they all wrote about it, that it was to destroy the family unit.  Says here:)


Why more women are only too happy to stay childless…


It’s considered the ultimate taboo for any woman. In this day and age, to admit that you don’t want children is seen as practically the same as saying Adolf Hitler had a point. It’s best to keep your beliefs to yourself. After all, we live in a world where fertility and motherhood can practically elevate you to living sainthood - just ask Angelina Jolie.


(A: And it's true, we follow the stars.  That's why they give you stars.  And by the way, every major one in Hollywood is approached by the big foundations, and no doubt paid by them as well, to be a front for particular agendas, because the people out there at the bottom, gobble up all these rags they see at the checkout counters.  They gobble them up.  And they really elevate these people, who are just actors and actresses, not very good ones, a lot of them too.  And what is an actor?  An actor or actress is someone who plays at being other people.  Who's the real person behind the facade?  They don't know themselves.  They all see psychiatrists and therapists.  Anyway, in the public's mind, they're rich, so they're better than we are.  They're stinking rich, so they're obviously better than we are, so whenever they say something about a political agenda it must be true.  And who are you at the bottom, in all your rags and all that, to disagree with that.  You follow the stars.  People will worship Mammon.  It says:)


But Cameron Diaz doesn’t quite see it that way (A: This is another actress.  I've never heard of her.  Anyway:) and, while publicizing her first movie role as a mother in My Sister’s Keeper, she defended those women who don’t want to have children, saying that there are enough people already on this planet and that we don’t need any more kids.


(A: A kid is a young goat, remember.  Remember what they said in Communism.  They'd have to dehumanize humanity, including children, by altering terminology.  Psycho-linguistics.)


“I think women are afraid to say that they don’t want children because they’re going to get shunned,” the actress said in an interview with Cosmopolitan.


(A: Oh, it's big posh magazine, so it's very important, eh?)


“But I think that’s changing too now. I have more girlfriends who don’t have kids than those that do. And honestly? We don’t need any more kids. We have plenty of people on this planet.”


While there are lots of reasons to not want to procreate, not many people say it’s because children aren’t eco-friendly.


(A: Well, actually they're starting to say that now.  In Australia, they're fining parents now, because of all the potential carbon footprints that they'll create during their lifetime.  What a con, eh?)


But one woman who would agree with the actress is Toni Vernelli. The British woman works for an environmental charity and says she was sterilized at the age of 27 in order to reduce her carbon footprint.


(A: I think some big great Carbon Boot must have fell on her head from the sky, maybe.)


Having accidentally fallen pregnant 10 years earlier, (A: How can you accidentally fall pregnant?  It's like catching a cold.) she had begged the doctor who was performing the termination to sterilize her at the same time.


He refused, but that didn’t stop her hunting for someone who was willing to perform the surgery. Eventually, she found a surgeon who was willing to oblige.


“Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet,” said Toni.


“Every person who is born uses more food, more water, more land, more fossil fuels, more trees and produces more rubbish, more pollution, more greenhouse gases, and adds to the problem of over-population.”


This may be an extremist view, but lots of women are ambivalent about reproducing, especially those who put career ahead of family.


Etc, etc.  And where did someone like Toni there get all this stuff from?  Not to mention who's promoting her by the way, because she'll be promoted by someone, believe you me, a corporation or a foundation.  Where did all this come from?  All these politically correct terms?  Remember what Lenin said, we shall win by slogans.  Twenty years ago people were not talking about water problems, except at the United Nations, where they planned to take over the entire world's food supply back in the 1960s, at a meeting they had in Israel, for the U.N.  People weren't talking about more fossil fuels or trees, and producing more rubbish, more pollution, greenhouse gases and overpopulation; that wasn't on the lips of the Average Joe at the bottom.  It's all been pummeled into their mind through repetition and nature programs, and experts over years and years and years, and in movies, and in soap operas, from a hundred different sources, until they start parroting the words themselves, like Carbon Footprint, another fiction.  What is a footprint to start with?  What's a Carbon Footprint?   It's something the chimney sweep used to leave on your carpet after he'd swept the chimney.   It's a bogus, nonsense thing.  Invisible can't be proven or disproven.  It's perfect.  Perfect.  Isn't it?  And yet as I say, the big banks were already set up by Lord Rothschild to deal with a whole new economy and trading carbon taxes.  And carbon fines and fees, and so on.  Years ago.  So it was a must-be, wasn't it?  It doesn't suddenly just burst into being on its own.  And the EU gave millions of euro in money out to the biggest corporations, free, to get them kicking off the ball for carbon trading.  They were making millions in profit from all this free stuff they were given by the Parliament for Europe.  What a con.


It wasn't so bad in the past, you know.  Generally you had one totalitarian regime, in every country, even in the ancient world, comprising of a priesthood.  So you had one massive con going, but you didn't get all these multiple cons on the go, like they have today, and get governments to endorse it.  And then tax you, and blame you for living.  That's what they're doing, blaming you for breathing.  And they're going to make you pay until you're a servant, because they're bringing in a world of servitude.  And believe you me, there will be more and more Toni's coming along to be sterilized to save Gaea, mother Earth.  Remember Gorbachev with his little Green Flag there, the Knights of Lazarus, that's what that stands for, and he was knighted when he was over in London.  He said himself in one of his own books that he was an atheist, and later on in the book he says, "We are creating a new World Religion, and it must be based on a form of Earth Worship," meaning, combining Earth Worship and Environmentalism with it.  And of course we do know that the new priesthood are the scientists, the ones who are just a new religion at the top, who make their living on this guff.  Guff is G-U-F-F.  Guff.  And they make their entire careers on this guff, you see.  So they've got to be believable, or at least make you believe that they believe in it.  And tell you all this invisible stuff is your fault, and you've got to pay for it.  And it's beautiful, it's kind of like when they used to say, if you don't give us everything you have, we priests won't pray for the sun coming up.  And everybody would say, oh, haw, haw, haw, and then you'd go to your beds, and it would sit and play on your minds, and you'd say, "Oh, My God.  My God, it's dark, it's pitch black.  Will this last for ever?  If we don't pay them, maybe the sun won't come up."  And then you all dash off together and say help us, and you throw all your jewelry at them.  And they do their little dance, and mumbo jumbo, and bingo, the sun comes up.  And they've got you for another couple of hundred years.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I'll try to get a caller in now.  We'll try Ron from Michigan if he's still there.


Ron: Hello, Alan.


Alan: Yes.


Ron: Hi.  You made a, you had a talk around New Years about numeric code that's used by the powers that be, and I think it's the skull and bones code.  I heard reference to it by a caller later, but I did miss the talk that you made.  I was wondering, I was trying to find the lecture that you gave about this numeric coding, used in the stock market, and other things.  I was wondering if you could help me find it. 


Alan: The actual talk that I gave?  You mean the date, you mean?


Ron: No, it was numeric code used for.


Alan: Were you actually looking for the talk itself? 


Ron: Yes, yes, I was.


Alan: I'd have to hunt through and try and find it.  And I've given it before too, even years prior to that.  What was your question, anyway?


Ron: Well, I was trying to find that code.  No other questions.  I heard you had a visit from a professor friend of mine, a few weeks ago.


Alan: Yes, that's right. 


Ron: I'll let the other caller get in.  I think there's another one that's waiting, I think.


Alan: The coding is quite fascinating though because they do use codings, and they always have, I mean from the ancient times, which isn't difficult, especially since you got understand it's only the last couple of hundred years, and actually less than that, the majority of the public had even basic education.  So it was so simple to fool the people for thousands of years by a few educated people with it.  Remember, a number is just a symbol, and they use symbols as a language.  Same with all the stelas in Egypt, etc, there's so much you can write about what's expressed by Egyptologists as what it says.  When you see them in context with other stelas, etc, and hieroglyphs next to them, there's also another story contained within.  And that was a common thing that's accepted by all the supposed professionals today, that they did like their little puns, and their little signs to each other, for those in the know.  So there's nothing, really, really unusual.  And it's been used down through the ages, up to the present time.  It's like the five-pointed star.  Why is it so important, why is it the five pointed star that's all throughout Freemasonry, you know, and then you get your five points of brotherhood, and we see that displayed all the time with leaders, even opposing leaders supposedly.  On television, when they meet together, presidents and prime ministers and dictators, and it's heel to heel, knee to knee or toe to toe.  Knee to knee, and then it's chest to chest, arm to back, cheek to cheek.  They do this stuff in front of us all the time on the world stage.  You don't realize they're actually going through a Masonic ritual rite in front of you.  So everything is a ritualistic symbol.  And it's so interesting too that to read their own documents that even the higher groups of masonry, as today it's called Freemasonry, it's called many things in the past, it changes its name, but they're not allowed to show their higher codes and passwords and signs to the lower degrees as well.  So it's a need-to-know basis you might say.  But you will see things always scattered through the newspapers with little masonic puns in it, that the public are oblivious of all the time.


That's the music coming in.  And from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada where it's supposed to rain again, I think tomorrow, it's Good Night and may your god or gods go with you.



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