July 22nd, 2009 (#369)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 22nd, 2009:

U.S. Regime's Appliance of Holdren's 'Ecoscience':

"Forced Sterilization, Planetary Regime, Mixed Up in a Cauldron,
Espoused by Science Czar to Obama, Dr. John Holdren,
Using Ecology as a Shield, Depopulate 'til Maintainable,
Then He and Fellow Eugenicists will have a World Sustainable,
Wants Agents in the Food Supply, Also in the Water,
Sterilize All the Boys, Implants for Your Daughter,
Like All Elitists, Holdren has Disdain for the Sheeple,
'For High Quality of Life for All, Must be Fewer People' "
© Alan Watt July 22nd, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 22nd, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on July 22nd 2009.  Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and if you scroll down the front page you'll see all the other sites I have up there, and you should bookmark these for future use in case there's trouble with the main servers as there has been in the past.  You can look at cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, there's also alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca, and alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  The last one has all of the audios, they all have of the previous shows I've given, and you can get this for download for free, and you can also get transcripts from that same site, written in the various languages of Europe.  And remember the listeners bring me to themselves on this show, because I don't ask for money from advertisers.  The money from advertisers goes straight to RBN, that pays for all their time, equipment, their personnel, and their bills, and so on.  So you keep me going, you the listeners keep me going.  This is not a business and the reason I do it is because we're living in an incredible time in history, where so much psychology is being used on the public to bring us into a Brave New World scenario, and unfortunately it's working (from the other side's point of view), that I had no option but to come out and at least share the knowledge that I had gained over my lifetime with the people out there.  So it's up to you to keep me going.  You'll find out how to donate at cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  There's paypal, there's personal checks from the U.S. and Canada, there's Western Union outside of the Americas, there's also money gram, and there's also the smarter ones that use cash, and just send cash, because it's far easier for them, and cheaper for them to get cash and send it, and it's easier for me to change it on this side as well.  The banks take big cuts out of everything else that passes through their hands, so why help them along.  Now there's also those who get discs passed to them.  Lots of discs are passed out there.  And they wonder how to get in touch with me, they play them on C.D. players, not on the computer.  So you can write to me [listed above].  And you can also buy the books and so on I have for sale.  You'll find out what they are, and what they're about on the website. 


We truly are in amazing times.  In some ways they say it's the best of times and it's the worst of times, because there could never be a time really when so much has been done for so long, at least a whole generation, I'm talking about maybe fifty, sixty years, on the minds of a public to prepare them for what's to come.  And those at the top use the Fabian system of slow incremental changes, that way the herd, that's us of course, we don't get spooked.  If they were to give you a whole bunch of big changes at once, you'd have no problem recognizing totalitarian systems, and totalitarianism in itself.  Regardless if you call it fascism or communism or whatever, or any of the other isms, because all systems tend to be fascistic ultimately anyway in the way they're structured from a pyramid cap all the way down to the bottom.  That's basic fascism.  The true definition of fascism is when government is hand in glove with corporations, private business, it's called public/private agreements and partnerships, which we've actually got now.  Back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Discussing all the isms, fascism, communism, socialism, and so on, and technically they're all the same because the same tentacles come out of the same head of the same Hydra, that that's how the whole system is run.  Fabianism which really set up the Socialist system, which was really to take over countries across the whole planet, step by step, very incrementally, intergenerationally, over a hundred years, they thought that they could bring in a form of Communism, not run by the people, but it would be a form of Fascism at the top, intellectual Fascism you might say.  Those scientific elites that had the right to rule and they call themselves the natural aristocracy; however, they'd run the public in a form of Communistic style, using eugenics and training.  Training was a big thing.  They could train the lesser species to at least behave in a more civilized fashion.  Very pompous and arrogant they were at the Fabian Society, and they were founded by some authors, that were prescribed authors, all again, selected for their eugenical ideas, and Darwinistic ideas, on evolution, superior man and inferior man, and so on.  George Bernard Shaw, one of the founders, actually wrote, it was actually part of a book that was called Man and Superman.  The whole idea of Superman came out long before Adolf Hitler, in fact Adolf Hitler copied much of the Fabian system.  Communists really brought in the same kind of system where an elite ruled over the masses, had them working for basically nothing, and they called it Communism, and they do it through revolution.  The problem with that is, everyone remembers a revolution.  Word of mouth can spread a lot of history from generation to generation, and it's passed on; whereas with Fabianism, it's slow and incremental.  So much so, that those who live through it, adapt to it, and don't think about passing anything on, they think it's all quite natural.


So Fabianism wins out in the end, and this is really where we are today, in the last stages of Fabian system, where it was never designed that the people would have a fair say in anything.  In fact the people really are looked down upon as being pretty well an inferior species, and I kid you not when I say species, because those at the top, especially those founders of Fabianism, believed that somehow they must have evolved in a great leap forward, some distant time in the past, and we are the junk that's left over.  We're the junk genes you might say.  Therefore they wanted to bring in a utopia, get the people at the bottom to work towards it, thinking they were going to work for a brighter dawn, and eventually they'd get the public to accept sterilization, and accept the scientific regulations they'd bring out to do with forced abortion and all the rest of it.  That is Fabianism.  And that's also why it's very confusing to people who study the past, when they look at the different systems of isms, they get them all confused.  They don't realize there's a lot of crossover between them all, between even left wing and right wing, and it's because it's primarily from the same system.  In Fascism they have these public private deals where they bring them together, and often the CEOs of corporations go right into politics, get what they want done, pass certain laws to suit their company, and they go back into the same company again.  That kind of stuff.  Back and forth, like musical chairs.  And how can any of them serve the ordinary people when they're doing that?  And they're all the bigwigs.  Plus they're all selected by the Council on Foreign Relations, as Professor Carroll Quigley said, and had been really since the late 1880s.


Sometimes I'll read things on here, I read an article last year from a Science magazine, and I shot it full of holes.  First I pointed out the holes, and I shot it full of holes, and they pulled it off the site overnight.  That's happened to me a few times, and then last week I mentioned the EATR, the machine, that the military was putting all this money into to a corporation in the States, that could live off all kind of organic and waste matter, including it said, human bodies.  Well as soon as I said that, they pulled it off that night.  And they said it was Vegetarian, it became Greenie all of the sudden.  Maybe machines can go Green too, eh?  And there was a big disclaimer at the bottom saying, of course obviously the government had gone on the ball right away too, to cover itself, after this was exposed, and it said it was against the Geneva convention to use corpses, etc, for this kind of thing to fuel their vehicles and their tanks.  But in the article it actually said, they could have all these different functions, you know being a destroyer, etc, but it could also be used as a platform for like a gunship, or else a military ambulance.  Can you imagine being a patient in the ambulance and this thing that runs on organic fuel runs out of fuel, and it's got a brain, eh.  Where do you think it's going to find the fuel to get to the hospital?  Maybe look through the back door, eh?  But that was pulled as I say.  And then the other articles you mention are laughed at by people, until the biggies pick up on it.  And I often wonder, you know, is that why the biggies do pick up on it?  Because they realize this is true, they check it out for themselves, and they make a big thing out of it.  And for all the rest of the scoffers out there, suddenly it's true, suddenly it's true, because the biggies say it.  The big ones say it.  And I mentioned before about John Holdren, how we should be very, very afraid of who is being put in with alongside Obama there.  And I rank them the same, I think they're all put in there, including Obama, and when we see what they're really into.  And remember the whole thing to do with the Greening movement and the sustainability and the Club of Rome agenda as they said, they had to create a new war type scenario, and it would be man against the planet, therefore man was the enemy.  So they were going to bring saving the planet together with depopulation and eugenics, etc, to save the world.  That's when they came out with the big ice age stuff, I call them novels, they actually were supposed to be serious.  They tried to scare us all, and governments at that time, into accepting all of their demands to save us from an Ice Age, but of course they'd have to depopulate the world big time to save what was left of humanity in the process.  Well now it's global warming you see.  And the same guys that are into global warming were churning out the books back in the 70s on the coming ice age, and I've given the links to different articles that appeared back in the 60s and 70s from these same people.  Here's Fox News, coming out with what we've been saying here:


Obama's Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization as Population Growth Solutions


John Holdren, director of the White House's Science and Technology Policy, considered compulsory abortions and other Draconian measures to shrink the human population in a 1977 science textbook.


(Alan: That was Ecoscience, which I mentioned before, last week or the week before.  And it says here, he also talked about)


…the creation of a "Planetary Regime" (A: That's like global government, right. Planetary Regime) that would oversee human population levels and control all natural resources (A: You see, this was back in 1977, eh.) as a means of protecting the planet…


(A: A planetary regime, what do we see today in this so-called globalization?  We've got a planetary regime.  We've got every government on board with anti-terrorism; who are the terrorists?  Every thinking person out there.  Across the planet.  And across the planet too, you've got all these articles coming out on mainstream media.  "We've got to control the population level because of global warming."  And who's behind it?  The same bunch, and same organizations and foundations that funded this character here, all his life through grants and so on, to scare us about the ice age, back in the 70s.  Same boys, using the same tactic, only they changed it from ice to hot air.  Now:)


Holdren, who has degrees from MIT and Stanford and headed a science policy program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for the past 13 years, won the unanimous approval of the Senate as the president's chief science adviser.


He was confirmed with little fanfare on March 19 as director of the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy, a 50-person directorate that advises the president on scientific affairs, focusing on energy independence and global warming.


(A: Amazing, isn't it.  They always get the same guys in.  With the same mantra, freezing or warming, freezing or warming.  Depopulate.)


But many of Holdren's radical ideas on population control were not brought up at his confirmation hearings; it appears that the senators who scrutinized him had no knowledge of the contents of a textbook he co-authored in 1977, "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment," a copy of which was obtained by FOXNews.com.


(A: The mantra of the Rockefellers in other words.)


The 1,000-page course book, (A: It's a course book remember for University and College) which was co-written with environmental activists Paul and Anne Ehrlich, discusses and in one passage seems to advocate totalitarian measures (A: Totalitarian Measures.  I wonder if people really get what I'm saying here.  A planetary regime, right.  And totalitarian measures.) to curb population growth, which it says could cause an environmental catastrophe.


Words are so important.  Words have been heard and dismissed by countless people in the past, who suffered because they ignored what they heard.  Many of the Communistic policies also took into account population sizes.  I've talked about the Soviet Story, a fantastic video which is out for sale out there on the net, which for the first time shows you that whenever the Socialists took over, they did a massive culling program to bring down populations in certain areas.  And everybody heard the words.  Same with Adolf Hitler, they said it all, but nobody would believe them.  We better wake up fast.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article from Fox News on John Holdren, who's the chief science advisor to Obama's administration.  A lifelong advocate of reducing the population.  I'd call him a yes-man to be honest with you, because they've used every means to get the public to believe that they've got to just take over and depopulate us, and so many cons in the past.  As I say, now it's Global Warming, in the past these same characters were on about the coming Ice Age, but the solution to it all was always the same, to reduce the population of, you know, those kinds at the bottom, the wrong sort of people, you see.  We're dealing here with people who are terrified to an extent of people.  And I think that really goes for totalitarians across the board, in all eras.  They're terrified of people.  Insecure, you see.  Especially people that they don't even mix with, or have nothing to do with.  They're terrified of them.  To them, they are an alien race, you see.  It's like when President Bush said to get him advisors in who knew poor people, he says, I have never known or mixed or talked to poor people.  I don't know what they think, he says.  And these characters are the same.  It's the same with H.G. Wells.  H.G. Wells was terrified of the workers that passed the window every day on the way to the factories.  The peasant class he called them.  He was terrified.  Because really you see, he was only a step away from joining them, and he was a snob.  He was a want-to-be.  He wanted to get up there so badly amongst the aristocracy, he'd do anything, or say anything, or write anything, because he was terrified of hitting the bottom.  Terrified of the ordinary people.  As I say, when these characters talk about totalitarian regimes, planetary regimes, etc, and mandatory depopulation, they mean what they say.  They really do mean what they say.  Do you think they're just passing time in an administration at the top of a country?  They're just passing time, you think they're doing, or just bringing their hobby with them?  This is no hobby.  These guys are fanatics.  They have the same ones appointed to every parliament across the planet.  The Optimum Population Trust as well.  Same Mantra.  At least in the Optimum Population Trust it's all these rich white guys with the titles, Sirs and stuff like that, and Lords and so on.  You know, the other type, the other species that's above us all, that come out from special wombs, and they fall on silk, you know.  They mean what they say, but we never believe them do we?  And every time people don't believe them, they suffer.  These nut cases with fixed ideas, and paranoid delusions.  They mean what they say.  And when you get lots of them getting funded by big foundations given power.  In this world, money is power.  And they have all, they have access to all the media, to put out their propaganda, and television, and all their Nature shows, and so on and so on.  Then they can get their way.  Says here that Fox News obtained a copy of that book, Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment.  Says here that:


The three authors summarize their guiding principle in a single sentence: "To provide a high quality of life for all, there must be fewer people."


(A: Now that's been taken up by the United Nations, who put out a statement a couple of years ago, that said, we can either have 7 or 8 billion people all living in poverty, or 1 billion living at the same standard of living that we're living at right now.  So it's the same, it's all the same head that controls all of these characters.  That's why they all say the same things.  It's no coincidence.)


As first reported by FrontPage Magazine, Holdren and his co-authors spend a portion of the book discussing possible government programs that could be used to lower birth rates.


Those plans include forcing single women to abort their babies or put them up for adoption; (A: And be forced to by the way, if you read the book.)


implanting sterilizing capsules in people when they reach puberty; (A: Implanting sterilizing capsules.  Do you realize we're being sterilized now and it's in the water.  Now listen to what it says right here, in the book, so put capsules in them, implant capsules that would sterilize them when they reach puberty.)


and spiking water reserves and staple foods with a chemical that would make people sterile.


What do you think of that, eh?  And I give my mantra every year, people are becoming sterile in the West, have been since the 1950s.  They know what's causing it, and they've admitted to certain things that do cause it, not everything that they do they'll tell us yet.  We know about the bisphenol-A and stuff like that.  And the synthetic estrogens that they put in the food.  And make sure that you get your bottled water from plastic bottles, that give off the stuff.  They put it in the chemicals that go into women's cosmetics.  They alter the male fetus at the age of 8 to 12 weeks, and he'll never be truly a man.  They've known this since the 50s.  So here you are, here, these monsters were talking about this very thing, and I've talked about it before, how they had different teams working on this very problem, and other problems, how to even bring down your IQ and technically lobotomize that part that gives you your self-preservation.  Make you nice and placid, easy going.  Back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just pointing out that these paranoid freaks who have been well paid their entire lives by the big foundations, and are often placed throughout universities, are now into politics at the top levels in all countries.  It's no coincidence they all get put on the boards, certain select boards and committees of governments now with official status.  Now government has to do with policies and social policies and planning.  Why do you think they're on the boards of government when they are known fanatics, for, as far as I'm concerned, genocide.  When they want totalitarianism and compulsory sterilization, and all of this kind of stuff, why are they now suddenly openly in all Western countries advising governments in an official capacity and getting paid by the taxpayer.  It's like Socialized Medicine.  When medicine becomes socialized, run by the government, it's now a political agenda, that's been run throughout medicine.  You better be very scared of that.  Says here a good part:


...of the book discussing possible government programs that could be used to lower birth rates. (A: That was FrontPage Magazine)


Those plans include forcing single women to abort their babies or put them up for adoption; implanting sterilizing capsules in people when they reach puberty; and spiking water reserves and staple foods with a chemical that would make people sterile.


To help achieve those goals, they formulate a "world government scheme" (A: My goodness, they're coming out with it all here.  Mainstream, eh.) they call the Planetary Regime, which would administer the world's resources and human growth,


(A: Well, that's what the United Nations has boasted about for years, it was set up to eventually be in charge of all the world's resources, and food as well, which they'll administer to each nation.  And force you to bring down your population because they will not put up your rations.  That is coming.  And here's these characters, back in the 70s writing about it.  It says:)


and they discuss the development of an "armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force" to which nations would surrender part of their sovereignty.


(A: Oh, it's all out in the open, eh.  But it's always, see, it's always really been out in the open.  It's just that if you ever read or quoted their stuff, at a lower level than mainstream you were laughed and scoffed at.  Sad that people need the mainstream to tell them what to think.  Brzezinski was quite right, wasn't he?)


Holdren's office issued a statement to FOXNews.com denying that the ecologist has ever backed any of the measures discussed in his book, and suggested reading more recent works authored solely by Holdren for a view to his beliefs.


"Straining to conclude otherwise from passages treating controversies of the day in a three-author, 30-year-old textbook is a mistake."


So that's his excuse.  Meanwhile, he's been working for a foundation that's all to do with sustainability, population reduction, and so on, and writing papers for them on how to achieve it.  He's never, ever changed his mind.  So I'll put that up there tonight.  Remember, all these things that I discuss on my talks, I put up on my site at the end of the show.  The links are all there, just scroll down the front page until you see today's show, and you'll see the links there to get to all the different topics I speak about.  I mean, it's amazing.  It's right in your face now, but you know something, people will be distracted so quickly, that they'll be on to some other thing, another Michael Jackson thing or something before you know it, and this will all be forgotten.  And even if he's forced to move to the side, he will still be advising them in some capacity from the backstage. And don't forget, he's not the only one there.  Don't ever forget that.  There's a lot of them there for the same reasons that he was put there.  And these guys mean what they say.  They're doing it.  They have been doing it.  It's quite something, you know.  We're in such vicious times today because, we, as Huxley said himself, to destroy the cultures would bring us to a stage where there was nothing really to hold any law and order together, because culture would become so debased.  However you add that to other authors at the same time, like Bertrand Russell and so on, who wanted to bring culture down to an apathetic stage of demoralization, and degradation, so they'd go quietly through a change into the new system.  Again, the same system that Mr Holdren was advocating, because they all work for the same worldwide organization you see.  All of them. 


At the bottom level you've got people now who've been raised on video games and slaughter, who now wear police uniforms and military uniforms, who have no moralities, no religion of any kind, or even moral religion to fall back on.  It's a psychopathic system we've been given, by psychopaths, and that was explained how that happens in the book Ponerology, Political Ponerology, very, very good book on psychopathy, and how when there's so many at the top, they give you a psychopathic culture that we emulate.  Even if we're not psychopaths at the bottom.  But also it gives power to other psychopaths who are at the bottom, and there's lots of them too.  They're not all at the top, you get low level ones who either become criminals or policemen.  That's generally what they do.  And this shows you how debased we've become as we read article after article about the cattle prods that they now call tasers.  It's just a taser with wires, that will electrocute people, and we're accepting this.  We've used it on cattle and animals all these years, now they're using it on the people which means we're all cattle you see.  See that's the message that your subconscious gets, that we're just cattle.  And this is from Mount Vernon News, the Register.  It's from July 16th, it says:


A federal lawsuit has been filed claiming that two Jefferson County deputies tased three children numerous times and assaulted another last year at the Southern 30 Adolescent Center.


(A: These children were about 11 and 12 years of age.  It says:)


The lawsuit was filed by the guardian of the four


(A: Then it goes on to tell you who they are)


...The lawsuit names Jefferson County, Jefferson County Sheriff Roger Mulch and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies David Bowers and Lonnie Lawler as the defendants.


The incident allegedly happened on July 4, 2008, when law enforcement was called to help staff at the center control two 12-year-olds and an 11-year old — who are not the defendants (A: They were called on some other thing.)  — and in the common area of the center “acting out.” The lawsuit specifies the three defendants were not the youth that prompted the call to police, according to the lawsuit.


“Without any physical provocation and/or physical gestures from R.E., Deputy David Bowers physically pushed R.E. (A: This is one of the children, R.E., they can't tell you their names) towards his bunk and shocked him (A: This is 11 and 12 year olds.)


pushed him towards his bunk and shocked him repeatedly with a taser,” (A: In other words he electrocuted him, right?  It says:)


“R.E. was tased multiple times to multiple locations on his person, including, but not limited to, his neck. Deputy Bowers shouted to B.B. to lie down in his bunk (A: This is another child, B.B.) to lie down in his bunk and physically forced him to lie down. Without physical provocation and/or physical gestures from B.B., Deputy Bowers held B.B. down on his bed and shocked him repeatedly with a taser. While he was tasing B.B., Deputy David Bowers threatened to sodomize B.B.


(A: Isn't that wonderful.  See, this is what you've got now out there.  Do you understand what we're reading here?  This is happening across, I've got articles like this across the world coming in all the time.  The degradation of society has reached the bottom.  And people are now sado-masochistic.  The ones with uniforms tend to be sadists.  They get off on power, that's why they get into the black suits.  That's all they've been playing with as toys is black-clad little toys with big guns who boss the peasants around.  And they don't have a cultural morality to hold them in check.  It's been destroyed.  That was part of the big push that people like Russell and the Huxleys and all these characters and way back to the Wells were pushing for, the destruction of the existing civilization.  This is the result of it.)


As a result of this repeated and excessive tasing, B.B. urinated and defecated himself. Deputy David Bowers was aware that B.B. urinated himself after the tasing.


“Shortly thereafter, Deputy David Bowers and Deputy Lonnie Lawler shouted at Z.P. (A: Another one) to sit on the couches in the common room. Z.P. sat on the couches. Without any physical provocation and/or threatening physical gestures from Z.P., Deputy David Bowers ordered Deputy Lonnie Lawler to handcuff Z.P.


(A: This little child who was doing nothing.)


While Deputy Lonnie Lawler was placing the handcuffs on Z.P., Deputy David Bowers began to shock him repeatedly with the taser. Z.P. was tased multiple times to multiple locations on his person.


Etc, etc.  And it just goes on for about three times the length of what I read so far on this sadistic, getting off, that's what it is you see, they get off on what they're doing to children.


And here's one here from the Mail online:


Man bursts into flames after being Tasered by police


(A: The guy was sniffing gasoline.  But don't worry, he was only an Aboriginal.  You know, he was like a drunk.  That's how they actually pretty well spell it out for you in the article, to dehumanize the victim.  Same technique you use in war.  Dehumanize your enemy.)


A man whose relatives say had been sniffing gasoline burst into flames after a police officer Tasered him as he ran at officials carrying a container of fuel, police said today.


(A: Now the police will always tell you their version.  The always must tell you their version, which must mean they're getting attacked, you see.  To cover their asses.)


The man, identified by his family as 36-year-old Ronald Mitchell, was in critical condition at a Perth hospital Western Australia following the incident yesterday in Warburton, an Aboriginal community northeast of Perth.


(A: And it's common in Canada too here with the same problems, they're so, you see their culture is destroyed.  When a culture is destroyed the people become self-destructive, and they're either sniffing glue or shooting drugs or sniffing gasoline.  The same problems in Canada.  Therefore, they're not productive, so they're looked down upon.  And it's encouraged to look down upon them by the big capitalist society in which we all have to work.)


When police arrived at his mother's house to respond to a complaint, Mr Mitchell is said to have charged at them while holding a can of petrol and a cigarette lighter. (A: They'd have to say that, wouldn't they?)


An officer fired the Taser and the darts struck Mr Mitchell on the bridge of his nose (A: Imagine firing it in his face, in the first place.)  - and he burst into flames.


Police doused the fire, which had engulfed his head, and he was later flown to Perth for treatment to third-degree burns on 20 per cent of his body.


Then they go on and they've got all the higher cops there too, you know the chiefs of police and so on to back up the officer doing the right thing and all that kind of stuff, as they always do.  But the same thing with that diabetic in Britain, about a year ago, who was in a coma in the bus.  And because he couldn't answer the cops, because he was in a coma, they tasered him.  They shocked him with a cattle prod.  And they electrocuted him.  He woke up in a hospital.  He's lucky that he woke up.  This is happening all over the place now.  And then Britain's just given the agreement for thousands of these tasers to be given to nonqualified police officers, kind of like aides, and helpers.  It's really something, isn't it.  It's really something to watch society, and we're allowing it all to happen.  We're allowing all this to happen.  Because the public have forgotten that government is supposed to listen to them.  And they've been deliberately led along that path, to make them forget that government is supposed to work for them.  Now they accept they're being governed, ruled.  Ruled is the word really.  Exactly what they wanted us to believe and wrote about it years ago in very old dusty, books, that aren't read anymore.  Anyway, I'll go to the callers now, and we'll see who's there.  Is Joe there from Arizona?


Joe: Hello?


Alan: Hello.


Joe: This is Joe.  Hey there, how you doing.


Alan: Surviving, yeah.


Joe: I was wanting to let you know, last night, I'm in Phoenix and at 10 o'clock last night on the History Channel, and I don't know if you can trust the History Channel, but they went through and explained how HAARP was in Alaska, in Norway, there was five different locations.  And how they were bulging the ionosphere, and they were back in 1952, they created 90% more rain in some part of Europe, where they actually washed bodies out to sea.  And they were talking about, they were showing actually on TV the planes spraying iodine and regular planes spraying and criss-crossing the sky and showing how they could do earthquakes, they showed the trail of Katrina doing a 90 degree angle into New Orleans, and they were showing this all on TV.  I've been listening to you for probably about 3 and a half years now, and I don't have to listen to you no more because they're telling us now.  It's in your face, you can watch the regular news and they're not scared to say it. 


Alan: They're not scared, you're right, because they know that the public are so dumbed down, and literally, I mean physically brain damaged, deliberately. 


Joe: I was sitting, I went across the street to a friends house who's 70 years old, worked for the Department of Defense, and I showed him the criss-crossing in the sky and in Phoenix it gets very hot, it's a 115, and you know, condensation doesn't just, you know, hang in the sky.  I mean it dissipates.  And he's like, well I don't know if I believe that.  And when I went over and showed him, I said, turn it on to Channel 61, look at this, and he just, his mouth dropped, and he tried to get a hold of his son to tell him to watch the channel, and they, I said, they're not scared to tell us anymore about what they're doing.  They don't care.  They know that we know, and they don't really give a crap. 


Alan: You're right.  Absolutely.  Because they have damaged the public, and the public can't react any more. 


Joe: And they were talking about, if I could hold over.


Alan: Yeah hold over, and we'll come back after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking to Joe from Arizona, about the spraying, and apparently there was a show on the History Channel.


Joe: Right, right.


Alan: Showing the aerial spraying.  By the way, I'll put a link up tonight, to show you an agreement between the U.S. and Canada about it's from a Canadian University to do with weather modification. 


Joe: Weather wars.


Alan: Back in 1975.  This link, I'll put it up from a Canadian University, it's got the agreement that Canada and the U.S. signed to share weather modification, and it's dated 1975. 


Joe: Well, last night they were showing documentation, and they were showing weather war.  They were showing the fact that they were highlighting the areas, there was weather war going on, and that other countries had agreed not to use it against each other.  But what they were doing in Vietnam, they were seeding, cloud seeding the Ho Chi Minh Trail, so all the North Vietnamese could not drive their vehicles down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, because there was so much mud and rain, and the stuff that they showed last night, I wish you could get a clip of it to show on your website.


Alan:  If someone's copied it, maybe they could send me a copy. 


Joe: Yeah.  I didn't get it, but it was unbelievable.  It was in your face.  They went through so much detail.  They showed how exactly the upper jet stream, how it was flowing from West to East and they actually changed it flowing from East to West.


Alan: Yes, and I've seen that happen even on the regular media, in the past five or six years, where suddenly you'll see it going off in these weird tangents it never did before, and no comment made by the guy on television at all.


Joe: Right, nothing.


Alan: And it says actually, in the Weather Warfare Treaty that they signed at the United Nations back in the 70s that they can cause earthquakes, they can cause tsunamis, and they can cause famines, droughts in certain areas, and destroy your farming, all of those things.  It also said they can bring the jet stream right down to ground level if need be or direct it in any direction they wish to, that was something.  It was a done thing and proven.  You don't write it into a treaty unless you've already done that you see.


Joe: Exactly.  At the end of the show, they said, you know whoever controls the weather, controls the world.  What they're doing right now is they're hitting our Mid-West where all our food is being grown.


Alan: And the same in Canada.  You get it at the same time as we get destroyed up here. 


Joe: Right.  And if they can, you know, seed the clouds, or create rain, they can put the fires out in California.


Alan: Of course they can.


Joe: And they don't want to.


Alan: They don't want to, and not only that, in British Columbia they had a fire going there for two or three years solid, and it was started by the Ministry of Forestry Department, as a controlled burn, but they were using HAARP and all the rest of it, and you could actually see thunderbolts coming out of clear skies.  It was so hot, intensely hot over it, and setting fire to the trees, and that was HAARP that was going.  And shortwave enthusiasts could pick it up on their shortwaves as coming.  This has been in news for quite a few years now. 


Joe: Like I said, 1952 they were showing the first use of it, 90% more rain in this area, and it was actually washing bodies out to sea.


Alan: Yes.  And also don't forget the other part of it that's invisible.  And that's what it does to the minds of the people.  They can direct it on the people's minds.  And they've already had reports, I think it was Maine they tested it out to see what would happen, and they found it could actually increase depression and suicide or turn the frequency, a little bit, a different frequency and get aggression even from domestic animals.  They did a complete study on the people there.  This is the technotronic era.


Joe: How do we fight these guys, man?


Alan: I tell you.  It won't work by simply pleading with them. 


Joe: We've got to all get together and do something.


Alan: That's right.


Joe: Alright. Love you brother.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Well from Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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