July 29th, 2009 (#374)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 29th, 2009:

Avian Swine Swings When Pigs have Wings:

"Fear-Mongering at UN Seems Systemic,
W.H.O. Hypes Hysteria at Coming Pandemic,
Look What These Experts Plan for You,
Untested Vaccine for Mythical Flu,
Their Predictions Proven Wrong in All Their History,
Yet Swine Flu's to Evolve, How? it's a Mystery,
If After the Shot We All Get Sick,
Will They Then Turn to Part Two of the Trick,
Say 'You've Got Flu, Shot was Ineffective,
Did the Best We Could with Time Directive,'
For the Dead, Grief and Ritual, Mourning and Show,
The Shot was the Killer, Some Living will Know"
© Alan Watt July 29th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 29th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 29th of July, 2009.  Newcomers look into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and scroll down, you'll see all the other sites I have up there.  Bookmark them for future use because sometimes the main servers go down, and if you bookmark them you can always pull me up on other sites, and get your downloads, your free downloads of audios.  And you'll see on that front page, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, you'll see cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, cuttingthroughthematrix.net, .us, .ca, alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca, and you'll also see alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  Now that last one has all the same audios of previous shows, but it also has transcripts for print up written in the various languages of Europe.  That's transcripts of these talks that I give.  And by the way, anyone who wants to try their hand at translating, get in touch with me [listed above].  And remember, you bring me to you, you are the listeners, and I don't get paid.  I don't ask for pay or payment from the advertisers or the stations that I go on.  I depend upon you to keep me going, and this is more then a job, it's more then any, it's not a business, it's a kind of vocation you might say, because it's the only real game in town.  Nothing else matters when you understand what's happening, and when you have knowledge to share, you have to get it out.  You can't hold it in.  And that's why I'm doing this, but I do need support to keep going, so you can get in touch with me by donating, and you'll see how to do it on the website.  Paypal is fine.  Personal check is good from the U.S. and Canada.  You've got Western Union outside of the Americas, or Money Gram.  And some people are innovative, they just send cash.  And you can order what I have for sale on cuttingthroughthematrix.com, on the website as well.  Now some of these even, these CDs I have, have over 50 talks on them.  50 hours, so have a look in there and see what there is for sale, and the books I have as well.  I give you the shortcuts to the big, big picture, because we truly have been conned for an awful long time.  An awful long time.  Right through the language, through everything, because we work like computers, and the big boys understand how to work us.  They play us like fish.  You can also write to me [listed above].  And I'll get back in touch with you if you do. 


You know it's when the towers went down in 2001, I knew that was the kickoff to the big Totalitarian state, the World State, it was so obvious.  And I said that night, I believe it was, on the radio show, I said the hardest thing to hold onto in the future will be your sanity.  Because I knew they wanted a complete war type scenario.  That means ration cards eventually, ID cards, checkpoints, all of that stuff.  Even refugees on the roads if need be.  Complete war scenario.  Because I'd read the books by the Big Boys, like The Club or Rome, where they outlined the idea that they came up with the idea Global Warming and that man was an enemy to the planet, therefore there was a war between the planet and man.  They said that would fit the bill, to unite the whole world under a sort of top-heavy system of experts that would guide us and tell us what to do.  This is what all this is about.  All of this is about that.  The changeover from what they call silly superstitious religion to a world run by experts and scientists.  I'll be back with more on this very topic, after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Discussing the fact that the Big Boys publish what they want to do with the world, and where they want to take the world and what kind of society they want in the future, right down to the population numbers and figures in their ideal world.  They've got a big playhouse called the world, and these guys used to play with dolls when they were young.  And they see the world as just a big doll's house where they can reorder things and rearrange things the way you know it should be, nice and clean and tidy.  None of this sort of individual rights stuff, that seems to be an awful problem for governments.  That's why they kicked it off with 9/11 on 2001.  And everybody, everybody I think on the planet saw the two towers go down like any other controlled demolition.  I don't care what they say, you've seen this so many times with controlled demolitions on television that this was unmistakable.  Why would planes hitting high up, up above, bring the whole lot down like that?  And we've heard all the nonsense, the nonsensical answers that's been given to the public.  But the fact was, this was a must-be, a must-be to kick off the century, the Century of Change.  Remember what they said themselves after Y2K, they said the real century doesn't start until 2001, not the year 2000.  These guys are fanatical about dates and times and numbers.  And last year on September the 10th, in the Independent, the Science part of the paper, this was their excuse because people were asking so many questions, right.


Scientists can finally explain why the Twin Towers collapsed on September 11, despite the temperature of the fires being well below the 1,500C melting point of the steel girders holding up the buildings.

The discovery that unusual magnetic forces within the girders made them weak at temperatures of about 500C explains away the conspiracy theories that have spread like wildfire since the disaster.

(Alan: So here they are telling you that only it rose to about 500C, but it would take 1,500C to melt the steel girders.  So they've come up with this new idea of magnetic disturbances in the girders because of the low heat.)

Sergei Dudarev, of the UK Atomic Energy Agency, found that steel loses its strength above 500C because its molecules undergo a physical transition from one state to another due to magnetic fluctuations. "The steel didn't melt, it just became soft.

(A: This is the excuse they're giving.  Like steel's been around for an awful long time.  They use it in big heavy Howitzer guns on the battlefields and stuff like that.  They fire very hot projectiles through them and so on, but they don't fall apart and melt do they?  But this is the excuse they're giving the public.  He says:)

It is an unusual state and the temperatures in the Twin Towers were high enough to cause it because the thermal insulation was knocked off the girders through the impact with the aircraft,"


Well, that doesn't explain the towers collapsing just like a deck of cards, does it?  Because the fire was not all down through the building.  That's the rubbish that's been fed to the public, as they desperately try to hold up this farce that a bunch of hijackers just, you know, managed to fly an aircraft, a commercial aircraft, and they've never done it before, but they did it this time, and hit their targets.  And it was all from a guy, a cave man, a cave man somewhere in Afghanistan who dreamed it up, supposedly.  And the cave man just happens to belong to the Laden family, the business partners of the Bushs.  What's the odds of that coming together in this planet of what 8 1/2 billion people or something?  What's the odds of that?  And the bin Laden/Bush family consortium build these towers, they build these bombproof structures, that's their main business project across the planet.  They build all these things across the world to hold up to attacks from well, things like bombs, and planes going into them.  You know when the first practice went on at the twin towers before that, a few years before, when they had those little bombs going off there, they had to inspect both towers completely from top to bottom, and refurbish parts and so on, and reinforce parts.  Guess who got the contract?  It was the Laden family.  The Bush/Laden family got the contract to make that even more bombproof.  What's the odds in that?  What's the odds?  It's impossible.  This is contrived.  So they jump at all these different silly theories to try to prove the point, even though they shipped all the stuff off to China as fast as they could to get melted down, so that no one could examine it.  Which makes you wonder how this guy got some metal to examine.  But then truth doesn't matter when it comes to agendas, does it?  And these are agendas.  These truly are agendas. 


For a long time we've had the same group at the top hammering away about the population.  There's too many people, too many people.  We had it from Prince Phillip, who keeps opening his mouth about things that he knows nothing about.  He's done that his whole life.  And then we have the Optimum Population Trust, backing up Prince Charles with the same stuff.  Too many people, too many people, etc, etc.  We have the Royal Institute of International Affairs that has so many departments within it working on full-time projects, one of them is the coming food shortages.  They've been working on this for fifteen years.  Every possible crisis that they're going to create, they're working on, you see.  And this wonderful anti-terrorism war supposedly.  I said that too in 2001, this vague terrorism thing can cover anything and everything, and it does.  And Bush apparently signed a deal back in 2006 which gives him complete authority to go around injecting people under anti-terrorism and bio-warfare etc.  So here it comes.  You sit here and just wait for what you know is always coming when you follow their books, etc, and their publications.  And this is from CNN.com.  It says:


Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

(A: I think this was from yesterday, or last night)

The U.S. military wants to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials.

(A: This is astonishing.  This is the first time in history that the scientists supposedly are just able to predict this virus, which if it even exists, if it even exists, is going to mutate into a deadly killer in the fall.  How on earth would they know that?  Unless they're going to release something, or simply use it as an excuse to pump something into our bodies, which of course they are.  It's a toss up, which one you want to pick.  Because according to all their own science, and all their own knowledge, they can't predict when something is going to mutate.  They can't do it.  It's impossible.  So how can they predict this is definitely going to mutate in the fall?  Something is up, and it stinks.  It says:)

The proposal is awaiting final approval from Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

(A: Now remember, I think it was last year, there was a bunch of troops, U.S. troops that came back into the U.S. and they were going to be assigned to civilian oversight within the United States for possible terrorism and so on.  It was the first time; this is all a build up to what they're really going to be doing when they bring them back.  Going round the doors, holding you down and shooting you up with foreign particles and cells from humans and animals and stuff like that.  It says:)

The officials would not be identified because the proposal from U.S. Northern Command's Gen. Victor Renuart has not been approved by the secretary.

The plan calls for military task forces to work in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. There is no final decision on how the military effort would be manned, but one source said it would likely include personnel from all branches of the military.

(A: All branches, eh.)

It has yet to be determined how many troops would be needed and whether they would come from the active duty or the National Guard and Reserve forces.

Civilian authorities would lead any relief efforts in the event of a major outbreak, the official said. The military, as they would for a natural disaster or other significant emergency situation, could provide support and fulfill any tasks that civilian authorities could not, such as air transport or testing of large numbers of viral samples from infected patients.

(A: Troops could test?)

As a first step, Gates is being asked to sign a so-called "execution order"

(A: That sounds awful ominous doesn't it.  This is on CNN.)

that would authorize the military to begin to conduct the detailed planning to execute the proposed plan.

Orders to deploy actual forces would be reviewed later, depending on how much of a health threat the flu poses this fall, the officials said.


Quite something, eh?  And here's from Reuters, I call it Routers because you see there's only two main agencies on the planet now that give you all your news and Reuters is one of them.  Reuters is owned by the Rothschild family.  Gives everybody their news, the authorized version.  And this one here is July the 29th, 2009.


US experts set rules for swine flu vaccines

U.S. securing vaccine supply ahead of immunizations

* Pregnant women, health workers likely get first shots

* CDC presumes vaccination to start mid-October

(A: By the way, if I remember, and I do put these links on my site at the end of the show for you to see for yourself, but I'll try to remember to put up a link, I think it was about AIDS.  It gives you a little peek inside the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, and what was astonishing, and you hear the guy saying this on the video, he says, if you look at these people here, they're all dressed in military uniform at the top.  The CDC is a military department.  It's a military organization.  The Center for Disease Control.  That's who will be running this.  Back with more after this break)

This is Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Going through an article from Reuters, from July the 29th on this so-called swine flu, it says:

The U.S. government has taken delivery of 20 million doses of a vaccine against the new pandemic H1N1 swine flu, and should be ready to start an immunization campaign in October, officials said on Wednesday.

(A: Now #1 the present swine flu, as I say, if it even exists to be honest with you, is not the killer one yet.  So this flu vaccine is supposedly made on the existing one.  That will not be the one that they're predicting is going to come out.  That will be different.  It will have other genes in it, as a mutation you see.  But never mind the facts of the case.  It says here:)

Vaccine advisers meeting in Atlanta may follow World Health Organization guidelines that put health care workers, pregnant women and patients with asthma and diabetes at the front of the line to get vaccinated.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices may also examine ways to manage a complicated U.S. flu season, with people getting seasonal influenza immunizations alongside swine flu vaccines.

(A: They want to give you about three shots here, and make you a walking, you know, a walking carrier basically.  People don't realize you shed this stuff off, you know.  These vaccines are not quite dead, in some people too they can be activated and plus out of every so many batches, they admit there's always a certain batch where they have live viruses in them.)

Robin Robinson of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services told the meeting the government has contracted to buy around 200 million doses of vaccine and that 20 million have been delivered.

Dr. Anne Schuchat of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (A: That's a military organization)and Prevention said it still was not clear when vaccination could begin. But she told the meeting, "We want people to plan as though we will be able to go in mid-October."

(A: Okay, so they want mid-October as the date.  And when you scroll down it tells you here that the first surveys of the testing, the human testing of this vaccine won't be ready until about mid-September.  And even that's nothing.  A few weeks of testing is nothing at all.  It's hopeless.  It says:)

H1N1 swine flu is now so widespread (A: This is amazing.) that the World Health Organization has stopped counting individual cases.

(A: It's bologna.  Because I've read articles here, where even in Scotland, anyone with a sniffle or hay fever or an utter neurotic listening to the news media, that had maybe a cough coming on, or pretended, has been diagnosed as having swine flu, without any swab tests or anything.  That's what most of them have been doing.  And when you ask anybody across the planet if they know anyone that's had swine flu, they all say no.  It seems that the whole pandemic is all in the ether world, or in the media somewhere, the electronic ether world of computers and paper newspapers.  But they're really hyping it up, aren't they?  It says:)

Five companies are making H1N1 vaccine for the U.S. market -- AstraZeneca's (AZN.L) MedImmune unit, Australia's CSL Ltd (CSL.AX), GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK.L), (A: The Big One) Novartis AG (NOVN.VX) and Sanofi-Aventis SA (SASY.PA).


Now who are the experts for these things?  Even with medications and vaccines, the experts are all the people who work for these companies, these corporations.  Did you know that?  When they always say experts say, that's who they're talking about, they're referring to.  They all work for these corporations.  That's what government takes on board.  That's why often many of them get two paychecks, one from the government and one from the corporation they work for.  Quite something, eh.  Quite something.


In the London Evening Standard, it's interesting this.  It has this to say.  Now remember the World Health Organization has been pushing for years to get total authority for all health issues across the planet.  That's their prime mandate under the United Nations.  And they've even almost begged people to find more of the Bird Flu over the last few years because they had egg on their face when people weren't keeling over in droves across the planet, dying of bird flu.  So now they're off the wall with this one, you see, hoping this one's going to be a real gore, and give them some real authority and teeth for a change.  And yet, here's your doublespeak, as they drive the world towards this with their pandemic declarations and red alerts and all that stuff, they're trying to give themselves a way out as well.   They're so legalistic, and yeah, they do have banks of lawyers, all these departments have banks of lawyers, even at the United Nations, and P.R. managers, which is propaganda managers. 


Vaccine for swine flu may be unsafe warns WHO

(A: Here they are pushing it, right, but here's how they can get out of it if anyone brings it up in the future.)

27th of July

Plans to fast-track the swine flu vaccine in Britain came under fire from World Health Organisation chiefs today.

The Department of Health plans to make the vaccine available at least two months earlier than in America.

(A: Now, they haven't done human testing on this stuff, right.)

More than 132million doses have been ordered with the first batch due to arrive next month.

However, Dr Keiji Fukuda, the WHO's flu chief, (A: They've got a flu chief.) today warned about the potential dangers of the untested vaccine: "There are certain areas where you simply do not try to make any economies. One of the things which cannot be compromised is the safety of vaccines."

The European Medicines Agency, the drug regulatory body for the EU, (A: The parliament in Britain, this monolith that rules Europe now) is accelerating the approval process for the vaccine,

(A: Without being tested.  Back with more after this break.)


I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, trying to get through all the incredible confusion that's purposely been put out there to stampede people into just taking the flu and accepting it, and don't think too much as they give you contradicting information about it.  You see, this is all part of the technique of making you punch drunk, so you'll just obey and comply, and give up your own sensibilities.  And reading from the Evening Standard here, it says here, the WHO is putting out their warning that it's not tested yet, this vaccine, and they're condemning Britain and other countries for going to go ahead with it regardless, you see.  That's a way out for the WHO, that secretly wants this flu to emerge, so they can become for the first time, the true, again, Totalitarian body that they truly are.  That's what they're set up to be.  They're set up to be the ultimate health authority for the whole planet, and they want all governments to come to them on all issues.  That's what the U.N. does.  It makes you all sign treaties on all these different organizations within it, or departments within it.  But so far, they haven't had something real to contend with.  The bird flu kind of fizzled out, so along comes the pig to oblige it, and they've jumped on this one, you see.  They've given themselves a back door as well, in case anything happens.  Which it will happen.  There's no doubt about it.  And what they say here is:


The European Medicines Agency, the drug regulatory body for the EU, is accelerating the approval process for the vaccine, allowing firms (A: That's corporations) to bypass large-scale human trials and instead test a vaccine based on bird flu.


(A: That hasn't been proven on humans.  Amazing.  That's what hype and terror can do, you know.  Just stick it in them.  You should look at some of the videos up on google to see how they make vaccines.  It's quite amazing.  There's anything but science in it, as they stir up all this mush, once they basically put creatures in blenders and stuff, after they've used them as incubators for diseases, and just mush the stuff up.  Basically that's it.  Hocus pocus, you see.  And they want to give it to people without testing, at all.  And all these other things that are added to the vaccines, to supposedly make it more potent, can be actually lethal.  Some folk come down with shock with it.  They close right down and die, just with the additives to it.  Adjuvants they call them.  And it says:)


Countries including Britain, Greece, France and Sweden plan to start using it as soon as it is cleared. (A: By this, but not by testing.  Just cleared by the Parliament.)


The Department of Health said it was "extremely irresponsible" to suggest Britain would use an unsafe vaccine. (A: Really?)


 A spokesman said: "Over 40,000 doses of the vaccine which the swine flu vaccines are based on have been given without any safety concerns."


(A: That's true.  They have been given without any safety concerns.  (Laughter.)  They have no concern at all, have they?  And this vaccine they're putting out, it says is one that's based on bird flu, not the swine flu.  It says:) 


The plan comes amid growing public concern over the outbreak. (A: If there's any concern in the public, it's purely media created.  It says:)


A cruise ship packed with 160 British tourists and hit by swine flu was briefly "impounded" by Italian authorities.  The Princess, carrying 3,393 (A: I like all these threes and multiples of.) passengers and 1,196 crew, docked in Venice and was surrounded by coastguards yesterday. After a medical examination passengers, except seven confirmed cases of H1N1, were allowed off the boat.


They must have had an awful fast way of testing it.  An awfully fast way of testing it.  But there you go, they all give themselves a way out, a disclaimer.  And here's another site I'm going to put up.  You should look into this site, because it gives you a lot of data to do with vaccines and so on, and it's called pandemic flu online.  And it talks about the fast track swine flu vaccine under fire, 20th of July, 2009.  And then there's a whole PDF for it too you can download on all this stuff that's been fast tracked, etc.  There's a letter, it was sent to the government authorities by this institute, Institute of Science in Society it's called, it says:


Dear Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Ms. Christine Walsh, and Professor Sir Liam Donaldson

I write on behalf of the Institute of Science in Society, a not for profit organization founded in 1999, dedicated to providing reliable and accessible scientific information to the public and to promoting social accountability and sustainability in science.

We are very concerned over the stockpile of experimental vaccines that appear to be intended for mass vaccination. Please allow me to submit the enclosed report, also pasted below, which summaries existing evidence on why mass vaccinations especially of school children should not be undertaken. The vaccines are likely to be ineffective, and the side effects worse than the disease they are supposed to prevent. The vaccines have not been fully tested for safety and the intended adjuvants include ingredients well known to be toxic.

(A: And it's signed too...)

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Director, Institute of Science in Society

(A: And it's in London, UK.  It said:)

A swine flu outbreak occurred in Mexico and the United States in April 2009 and spread rapidly.... (A: And so on.  It said:)

The new type A H1N1 influenza virus is unlike any that had been previously isolated

(A: Then they go into the fact that even some of the top scientists have made comments in mainstream newspapers.  I've read some on the air here, that they believe that this was created in a laboratory, because of the composition of it, the genes that were in it actually come from a laboratory.  Some think they've been released by accident.  Some have even suggested that it was a bio-warfare weapon.  It says:)

But what worries the public most is the mass vaccination programmes governments are putting in place to combat the emerging pandemic, which could well be worse than the pandemic itself.

The US government is intending to vaccinate all children in September when school re-opens, and the country’s vaccine watchdog National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has called on the Obama Administration and all state Governors to provide evidence that the move is “necessary and safe”, demanding “strong mechanisms for vaccine safety screening, recording, monitoring, reporting and vaccine injury compensation.

The US Departments of Health and Homeland Security had declared a national public health emergency in April soon after the swine flu outbreak.

(A: And that's true.  Right away, it was just a, oh my God, we've got a pandemic here.)

As a result, some schools were closed, people quarantined, and drug companies were given contracts worth $7billon to make vaccines (A: It's not bad being in that business.  You're given money from the taxpayer, and then you sell the stuff that you make back to the government.) that are being fast tracked by the Food and Drugs Administration. That means they will only be tested for a few weeks on several hundred children and adult volunteers before being given to all school children this fall.

Furthermore, under federal legislation passed by Congress since 2001, an Emergency Use Authorization allows drug companies, health officials and anyone administering experimental vaccines to Americans during a declared public health emergency to be protected from liability if people get injured. US Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has granted vaccine makers total legal immunity from any lawsuits that may result from any new swine flu vaccine. And some states may make the vaccination mandatory by law.


And then it goes on about demanding parents be given written information about the vaccine benefits and risks, that's called consent, you either consent or you say no. “Keeping a record of which vaccines the children get.”  See, the thing is too, there's always bad lots in everything, even if this is a real vaccine.  If it is a real vaccine, there's always bad lots in every bunch that come through, and people come down with awful, awful diseases, or they come down with death.  And what they're saying here is that people are not, if they do this in schools and so on, who's going to record this, who's going to record the batch numbers and who got the certain batches, etc, etc, etc.  Well, they don't want that recorded, because they don't want anybody coming back later on and pointing to the company that made the stuff, that made them sick or killed them.  And it goes on and on and on.  There's so much information in this particular site, Pandemic Flu Online, and I'll put this link up for you to check out.  There's a lot of stuff that's PDF that you can download too, so you can get some information and make your own minds up as to how you're going to respond to all of this.  It's very important.

And here's from Global Research, June 10th 2009. 

At least three US federal laws should concern all Americans and suggest what may be coming - mandatory vaccinations for hyped, non-existent threats, like H1N1 (Swine Flu). Vaccines and drugs like Tamiflu endanger human health but are hugely profitable to drug company manufacturers.

The Project BioShield Act of 2004 became law on July 21, 2004

(A: That's S.15, it was called, the bill.)

"to provide protections and countermeasures against chemical, radiological, or nuclear agents that may be used in a terrorist attack against the United States by giving the National Institutes of Health contracting flexibility, (A: I love how lawyers word things.) infrastructure improvements, and expediting the scientific peer review process, and streamlining the Food and Drug Administration approval process of countermeasures."

In other words, the FDA may now recklessly approve inadequately tested, potentially dangerous vaccines and other drugs if ever the Secretaries of Health and Human Services (HHS) or Defense (DOD) declare a national emergency, whether or not one exists and regardless of whether treatments available are safe and effective. Around $6 billion or more will be spent to develop, produce, and stockpile vaccines and other drugs to counteract claimed bioterror agents.

(A: So they went as far back as 2004 to basically set this up, you see, back then.  So all they're going through now is the routine.  These guys once they've set something down on paper will never change their ways.  They'll go it step by step, right through the whole thing.  It says:)

The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act slipped under the radar when George Bush signed it into law as part of the 2006 Defense Appropriations Act (HR 2863). It lets the HHS Secretary declare any disease an epidemic or national emergency requiring mandatory vaccinations.

(A: Isn't that beautiful, eh.  The Land of the Free?)

Nothing in the Act lists criteria that warrant a threat. Also potential penalties aren't specified for those who balk, but very likely they'd include quarantine and possible fines.


So, we're really, really on a roll, as I say, going through a formula, a predetermined formula, and these guys have all set it down in stages, and I don't know what would knock them off the pathway.  I'll try and find the links to do with the last phony swine flu epidemic that never happened, when they gave so many people the shots and hundreds of young people came down with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, paralysis, and destroyed neurons, attacked the nervous system.  Often, as I say it's these adjuvants that they put into it, to supposedly speed up their process of your own immune system taking over and emulating or creating an antibody to this particular virus.  That's how it's supposed to work.  So these things, they supposedly speed it up.  What they do, is attract more blood to the site where you've been injected, under the theory that more antibodies will come, find the other type, in this case it's going to be the flu that's along with it, the H1N1, and then copy that as well.  The problem is, as they found before, when they're using squalene, at one point, I don't know if they still are, they could very well be.  Squalene has molecules in it, which emulate molecules you have in your body, but only in certain joints in your body.  So when your antibodies are finished off killing off the squalene in your body, it looks for more.  Where does it find it?  Inside the synovial joints.  And you come down with rheumatoid arthritis, and it attacks those joints for life.  They don't like to tell you this stuff, do they?  They really, really don't.  There's aluminum oxide in it too.  There's a whole bunch of stuff they use for this.  Never mind the fact they're using fetal tissue and all the rest of it.  That used to be called cannibalism, taking someone else's, it doesn't matter if you eat it or inject it, it's still cannibalism.  And all the experts, as I say, work for these big corporations.  What a sweet deal.  And they're on the boards of governments, getting two paychecks, like the one I read yesterday, last night, for Britain.  It's really something, isn't it?

And don't forget, that we should all be paranoid, because we've had the bigwigs on mainstream media for a long time now, demanding to bring the populations down.  Paranoia?  You're darn right.  You're damn right.

There's an article here I wanted to get to as well, to show you just how far these characters always go.  And this article was back on July 15th, 2009, Mail Online from Britain.  For those who still have a memory and remember Dr. Kelly, who was going to come out and expose a lot about the nonsense of Britain going to war with Iraq, because of inside information, he worked inside government departments.  He worked in the bacterial warfare department, in a joint project with Israel, Israel and Britain, where they worked on ethnic specific diseases.  And they found him supposedly with slashes on his arms in a forest.  He predicted that would happen.  He said, you'll find me in a forest, before the trial hearing came up, the big one came up.  And he was right.  They did, they found him. 

Dr Kelly did not commit suicide insist 13 doctors.

A group of doctors has demanded an inquest into the death of government scientist David Kelly – saying the verdict of suicide should be overturned.

It comes as a documentary to be screened later this week claims Dr Kelly may have been killed because he knew about secret germ warfare plans.

(A: Well, he did, that did come out in the media at the time.  He was going to say exactly what it was.  Then he was killed.  Then a whole bunch of biowarfare scientists were suddenly committing suicide all over the planet.  It says:)

His body was found six years ago this week in woods near his Oxfordshire home, only days after it emerged he was the source of a BBC story which claimed evidence against Iraq had been ‘sexed up’ to justify invasion.

No coroner’s inquest was held into his death and the results of a post-mortem (A: That's an autopsy) examination were never made public.

(A: It's wonderful, eh?  They never make them public.)

But the Hutton inquiry commissioned by Tony Blair concluded that the 59-year-old scientist died of blood loss after cutting his wrist with a blunt gardening knife.

Now a team of 13 specialist doctors has questioned that verdict. They say a cut to the wrist’s small and hard-to-access ulnar artery could not have caused death. Their 12-page dossier concludes: ‘The bleeding from Dr Kelly’s ulnar artery is highly unlikely to have been so voluminous and rapid that it was the cause of death.

We advise the instructing solicitors to obtain the autopsy reports so that the concerns of a group of properly interested medical specialists can be answered.

(A: You see, in the real world, if you know too much, at that guy's level, he did know too much, and he was going to talk on mainstream, and in court.  That's what they do.  They just kill you.  They just kill you.  Now they want to kill maybe millions.  Back with more after this break.)

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  In this big world where we have an agenda on the go, a big agenda, that kicked off really in 2001, in this phase of it at least, to go into this New World Order that they keep talking about from the top, like Tony Blair talked about, and Mr Brown talked about, they're all calling it the New World Order, where it's going to be an ordered society, a planned society with much reduced of a population across the world of course.  I wonder how they'll achieve that apart from sterilizing us, which is already happening.

Now I'll go to the phones now, and there's Derrick from New Hampshire there, are you there Derrick?


Derrick:  Alan?  Hi, how are you?


Alan: I'm hanging in here.  (Laughter)


Derrick: It's funny how they're never really quite satisfied with what they've already done to us.  They need to up it every step of the way. 


Alan: They do.  You see, they're on a time table, and I'm not kidding, they have their world meetings, all these different world meetings they have in exotic faraway places, and stuff like that, and sometimes they'll publish their stuff, what they want, including reducing the population, and they're always going on about too many people, and projected populations, in this country and that country.  They also know that we are being sterilized.  They have those figures as well.  But we're not dying fast enough for them.  You see, they want to start upping the quota, and bringing us down fast, the way it should be, because it's a planned society, and we're just animals anyway according to them at the top.  And they truly do believe that they have evolved, and we're just the junk genes that have left behind.  We're okay for industrial eras, but we're post-industrial, they don't need us anymore, so it's time to just get rid of us.


Derrick: Yeah, and they'll use all hogwash to do it too.


Alan: Yes. 


Derrick: What you're talking about, it reminds me of an article I read back in October of 2007, back in Arizona, they were having a vaccination drill.  It was a drive-through vaccination drill, where they were giving away a thousand free flu shots, and people were lining up to get their drive-through shot.  And you know, that's a pretty easy way to do it.  You know, we all travel by road.  You know, if we get out of hand and don't gladly take our shots, which I'm sure many will.


Alan: Oh yeah, and they were giving you free candy too I think, weren't they?


Derrick: Oh, I don't know what they were.  There's an article.  You can find it pretty easily if you just type in Arizona, 2006.


Alan: I think I even read it on the air, at the time, because I remember they were giving out free candy and so on like that, if you took your shot.  And they had these pictures of smiling families in the car and so on.


Derrick: Oh, that's great.


Alan: It's astonishing, and they have been training the public for years now to just go and get your flu shot.  That last site, as I say, if you look into the site with the PDFs, it tells you the statistics and so on, that literally every flu shot that's ever been given, when it's been studied and looked back on, and they've got all their figures there, it's never done a bit of good, at all.  In fact it's caused a lot of harm.  It's done no good.  It hasn't prevented anybody from getting the flu.  So this stuff is junk.  I'm more concerned of what it does do to you, outside of the flu realm, what does it really do to you, and I know what it does to you.  It does give you crippling diseases.  Certain people will come down faster than others, according to your gene type.  And they know this at the top as well.


Derrick: Oh yeah.  And we know it too.  Yeah, and they've got the HDTV to probably help it along as well. 


Alan: Yes, oh yeah.  Everything is working now.  It's their world.  It's their world and they just train the public.  That's what so many of the different authors I've quoted say.  We train the public. And they do, they train the public, and unfortunately it works.


Derrick: Nice talking to you Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


And from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, where I had the first sunny day the whole summer.  I think it's to rain tomorrow.  So it's Good Night from Hamish and myself, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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