Aug. 7, 2009 (#381)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 7, 2009:

The Mind Tricks of Eugenics:

"The Greening Con for Humanity is Detrimental,
Plays with the Mind, Technique environMental,
Same Old Agenda to Reduce Population,
Infertile Seed and Useless Ovulation,
Those Superior Scheduled to Go On,
We're Holding Them Back, They Need Us Gone,
With Psychology and Propaganda They've Reliance,
In Obeyance to Law They're Sure of Compliance,
Meek Inherit the Earth, There's the Blunder,
They'll be Happy When We're Six Feet Under"
© Alan Watt Aug. 7, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 7, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 7th 2009.  Newcomers, I always advise to go in to and on the front page, if you scroll down you’ll see all the other sites I have up.  I advise you to bookmark them because sometimes the main servers go down.  Last night in fact, my satellite went down at midnight and I was stuck with uploading into the next morning, but that’s what happens.  If the main servers go down, you can generally get me and download the latest shows from one of the following sites.  [Listed above]  It’s odd that, because the went down last night as well.  Plus the satellite went down.  Everything just went down last night.  It’s a coincidence I suppose. is the European site.  On that site you can download the same audios of all the shows I’ve done in the past for free but you also have a lot of transcripts you can download for print up, written in the various languages of Europe.  People who want to try their hand at translating, get in touch with me via email [listed above] and we’ll try and fix you up, see how you can do…. give it a try.


I also say at the start of the show and I should really vary it throughout the show because people miss this whole part because it’s to do with keeping me going.  YOU keep me going.  You, the listeners, keep me going.  I don’t go the usual route that hosts do, where they take money from the advertiser directly and then you promote the advertisers.  All the advertising on the show goes straight to the station RBN.  It pays for their time, their staff, their equipment and their bills.  And bills are always going up.  I know that for a fact because I pay them all myself too, here at this house.  So keep me going.  It’s up to you.  You can donate to me.  [Options listed above]  Other inventive people just send cash and that cuts out the middle man which helps everybody.  The banks are too damned greedy as it is.  For those who do not have computers, you can write to me at [listed above].  You can also buy the books and disks that I have for sale too. 


Now we’ll get on with the show.  I hate the first part.  Really, I shouldn’t be asking for money at all, to be honest with you, but you have to in this day and age.  People pay for so many other gadgets and things that they want.  They get so used to having everything for free nowadays.  They think everything’s supposed to be free.  Well, nothing is free.  Even your mainstream news that you think is free isn’t.  It’s there to brainwash you.  That’s what it’s there for, utter brainwashing.  And it works very, very well.  So nothing really is free.  If you want to give some truth into your existence, you have to help out the ones that are trying to put it out to you.  I hear the music coming so I’ll be back with tonight’s topics after these messages.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning before the show that you have to help keep me going.  You donate to so many other shows, there’s no reason why you can’t donate to this one.  I give you this for free.  The way I see it - to be honest with you - is that those who can afford to help out, help a lot of other people out that really can’t afford it.  That’s how it works.  It’s also how information does get passed around.  The more people who hear it, the betterAfter all, we’re all concerned with what’s happening.  We’d better be concerned.  This isn’t a game.  This is for keeps.  This is the real thing.  The reason I’m on the air is because I’ve studied this for so long - this whole system for so long - and gone into the histories of it that I realized that very few people really knew what reality was.  That’s how FAR we’re into this surrealistic system which we think is reality.  That’s how far we’ve gotten into this controlled mechanism that we’ve been brought up in, thinking it’s all quite natural and the governments are just making mandates as they go along sort of willy-nilly; it’s all happenstance, etc.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Nothing whatsoever. 


You find documentation when you go in to the first real inventors that we’re given in Britain; the ones who became well known.  Isaac Newton, for instance, is one of them.  He was one of the founders of the Royal Society.  The Royal Society was a Masonic creation in England.  It still is the premier society for ALL science.  If you want to get ahead in science and get your name in the books, you have to become a member.  And you can’t just apply to be a member.  It’s like all these big organizations that NETWORK together as one and control the world.  You have to be asked in.  They’ll ask you in, just like the Council on Foreign Relations.


When you look at the big players who went in to it, Charles Darwin and all the rest...  In fact, the Royal Society CHOSE Darwin to be the champion for this new theory of evolution.  They could have given it to Wallace or other people but they chose Darwin to give it to because he had better inbreeding.  He was already practicing eugenics.  Eugenics is at the bottom of all of this.  Back then and long before that, they’d always asked themselves at the top – the nobility – WHY they were the nobility.  They had all these different justifications such as better breeding, true bloods and all the rest of it.  That’s why they were noble, you see.  Commoners were common because they bred in common.  They didn’t have their marriages arranged; they were not mated up with a wife from a powerful family, for instance.  They married for all (what they thought were) the wrong reasons at the bottom; whereas the nobility always married into successful families.  success AND material wealth was part of the criteria to be allowed into that club, you might say. 


Then when they formed the Royal Society, they brought in more and more members in as time went along but they also had another branch.  Benjamin Franklin was a member of it, in fact.  Rothschild was a member of it and different people.  Bankers and scientists were members of it.  That was The Full Moon Club that met every month on the full moon.  There they put together what constructed their society, what held it all together; what kind of power was involved.  Again, with this eugenic program, they always said yes, good breeding is one, matching your mate is another part of it, also you were inheriting intelligence in some form or another.  Of course, they compared the ordinary people down below and this was the start of what we call eugenics.  They were in to measuring skulls even back then.  You can even go back into the days of Plato and it’s in certain sculptures.  Plato mentioned it himself.  He said you can see the features on a person’s face.  As they get older, they become fixed and it shows you their personality.  He also hinted that it showed you their particular, what they called, your intelligence quotient; your IQ level. 


This has always been a belief with those who get to the top and hold on to power through many generations of interbreeding.  That they’re superior for different reasons but mainly because they’re specially selecting their mates or someone is.  In Royalty, for instance, at one time priests – the priests from the Vatican – would often arrange the mates, etc before Protestantism came along.  They would go in to their genealogies and marry them up for traits.  We see the same thing today in Sun Myung Moon’s group with the mass weddings.  It’s not just a mass wedding because his team literally will take blood samples and everything from the people, go through their histories - both male and female - and match them up together.  This is eugenics in action.  Ted Heath was a promoter of that particular group. 


You find with the Rockefellers and so on, they’re all in to this.  Why is that?  It’s because they’re multi-generational.  People all came from these associations that I mentioned earlier.  They knew that the people would eventually try and get more and more power.  They saw the Chartists Movements come along, etc so they decided to give them what was called democracy but in reality they would have a parallel government that was ruled by the power of their incredible wealth PLUS the wealthy would all be working along the same agenda to retain that power.  By doing so, they’d keep control of governments.  They could guide governments.  They could order governments.  They would always have what today is called technocrats, specially chosen people to do all the leg work, all the hard work around the world, running across the planet, giving talks to big meetings and so on.  The Maurice Strong’s, the Kissinger’s, the Brzezinski’s, the ones who would do the behind-the-scenes work.  Carroll Quigley talked about them.  He said these are the real controllers of power.  They HAVE the real power.  Presidents and Prime Ministers do not have the real power, Quigley said. 


When you look at this whole movement to cull back the population into what they call a manageable level, they’ve never really given us a definite manageable level.  Some say two-thirds.  Some have published this.  Big players like Jacques Cousteau, in an interview with one of the big magazines said more that two-thirds, I think, would have to go to save the world.  Others have gone much, much further.  Of course, in the Club of Rome, another offshoot of the same society I’m talking about here, talked about using the environmentalism as a club basically, to get their policies - it’s also to do with eugenics - through.  How do you get people to stop breeding, etc?  Not to say it was all to be done through pure propaganda.  They also do believe in direct action.  That’s why so many people in the West have become sterile. 


There’s a real war going on that’s physical and there’s another one which is done through propaganda.  These guys don’t go for war in half measures.  They do it across the board.  There’s so many ways to do it too.  They use little techniques of words.  Words are very, very important.  We think in words.  We actually have more ways to think than just using words but we don’t.  We’re taught to use nothing but words.  Many children… and maybe some of you can remember, when you’re very young, you think in so many pictures… so many pictures.  Intuition alone will often superimpose a picture in your mind over what you’re actually seeing.  That’s your instinct taking over, its intuition becoming involved with what you actually see and superimposing something else on top of it.  These are your defense mechanisms, but we’re taught to disregard them and just use words.  Words.  Why words?  Because words are symbols.  If you think back to the mysteries of ancient times to the present, they always use the language of symbolism.  Symbols can be flashed in front of you with triangles or letter from the alphabet.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s repetition that’s very important and the sequence in which they’re used. 


Everything today suddenly is greening, greening, greening, greening and greening.  It doesn’t matter what article or topic they’re talking about, they always tie greening in to it or put it in the main headlines in the papers.  Going back to the Club of Rome, remember – the same old eugenics boys wanting to cull off a good part of the planet – they were they guys who dreamed up the whole scheme of global warming, etc, etc.  They were not the first ones to talk about the environment.  This cabal, intergenerational cabal that runs the world and they DO run the world.  Any country they haven’t dominated yet is under slaughter right now.  They run the world.  They also wanted to reduce the population to a manageable level and then create a better servant class that wouldn’t need entertainment, easier to keep, cheaper to keep basically. 


Look at all the media that’s out there to keep us entertained.  There’s never been such a slave population in the world’s history that’s had so much incredible entertainment to take their minds off things.  Entertainment itself is used as a scientific weapon for predictive programming.  That’s how we get it all.  It’s all through futuristic-style movies until the realistic part comes along and you say, ‘this part seems very familiar.’  Sure it’s familiar because we’ve seen it in SO many movies in the past that you can hardly remember them on a conscious level but your subconscious does remember.  Therefore, you think it must be quite natural. 


We take so many things for granted.  You’ll never, ever see an article in any newspaper across the planet ever condemning, for instance, NASA and the space platform and all this kind of stuff.  Why are we spending trillions in space to do what we’re never told what they’re actually doing?  It’s not breeding spiders to see if they can have sex in freefall.  It’s nothing to do with that.  It’s to do with things which are beyond our ken.  We’re not allowed in to the big, big secrets.  But what’s it all for?  It’s like religion, you can’t criticize it.  Why is that?  It’s because the media tells you what to criticize and what to leave alone.  I’ll be back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about a society that was preexistent to most of our histories.  It came down through time and lived in different parts of the world, in fact, known by different names and different eras.  They moved on to Britain too.  Through the Royal Society, the Lunar Society is another one too that they belonged to; not the full moon.  Sometimes they called it both but the Lunar Society was one, the Lunar Club.  These were all scientists and rich people.  Rich people who were going to launch the industrial revolution, finance it and the scientists that would work with it… they were all members of it.  They never decided to ever give up power and do one thing and leave it others.  They always made sure that the power would always remain within that society that would continue down through time.  Eventually it was called the parallel government. 


They got around democracy by giving us democracy… if you understand what I’m saying.  They gave us what we thought was democracy and that stopped us from having revolutions and revolting every so often by thinking that we could always vote people in that would speak for us, etc, etc… which they never do, as I hope you’ve all learned by now.  People always vote for the other party and that party says, ‘we’re terribly sorry, we can’t really do what you wish, you the people; we have to vote with the party.’  And people keep voting. 


There’s only one agenda and it’s the one that’s laid down in stone.  It’s an odd religion to an extent but it’s understandable too.  It’s based really on a form of Gnostic belief coupled with Hinduism.  In Hinduism, they believe that humanity, all life, started from slime… and evolved.  Then you have transmigration of souls and things up to higher levels of creatures and all the rest of it.  This is how the early eugenicists looked upon it too.  They decided that, strangely enough just like the Hinduism, that at the end of an age, the inferior types… They all had their place in time.  All inferior types had their place in time, including microbes and all the rest of it that start the soil working so that a seed can get planted, etc, etc.  Everything has its place until that big tree grows and so on.  However, once you’ve served your time, you pass away and something bigger takes over, something better takes over.  That’s the theory they applied to humanity itself or the BULK of humanity or commoners, as they used to call them.  Therefore, when they achieve their goal, they have to get rid of the commoners in one way or another because they DO believe in evolution, the same as in Hindus do. 


In Brahmanism, they’ll tell you that at the end of an age, when Brahma twirls, then all that was disappears EXCEPT the ones that have evolved to the highest level; they come through into the next age.  They can’t ALLOW the inferior types - the old types that served their purpose and were correct for the previous age - they can’t allow them to come through as well because they’ll bring down the higher ones.  That’s the exact same theory as evolution, Charles Darwin’s evolution.  EXACTLY THE SAME.  It’s never, ever changed.  It’s never changed.  It’s never gone off in any direction; it’s always STUCK to this because you see, it’s really a religion, a religion that’s taught all through all schools all across the planet now AS FACT.  Superior types, inferior types. 


Now it’s time, apparently, to get rid of all the inferior types, the ones that have served their purposes in previous ages.  We’ve fought all their wars for them.  We’ve dug the fields for them.  We’ve planted the potatoes and harvested them for them.  We’ve done all that kind of stuff, but they don’t need us all anymore.  We’re post-industrial.  The way they see it is… and under the excuse that we’ll keep using up all their resources… That’s the excuse.  That’s NOT the reason at all.  It’s that they truly believe that we’ll drag them down.  We’re stopping them from rushing ahead into a higher evolution.  That’s what they really claim.  They have the religions taught in school under greening and all the rest of it.  They have different associations even working within schools to pick the particular students that will get brought up to be the future technocrats


You follow these technocrats’ history, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Kissinger, Maurice Strong, whatever, just read their histories.  It’s astonishing.  How they’re picked up by Rockefellers and planted in government and out of government, in charge of oil companies across the planet, back into government again and so on.  Maurice Strong was picked up at 18 years of age and groomed for his position.  He’s been responsible for getting the Earth Charter through and all the rest of it that reduced us all, humanity, down to a lower level than the ants.  You think that’s all quite natural?  Do you?  Were any of YOU asked to attend those meetings and give your say or put your vote in?  No, of course not.  Yet it’s made a treaty across the world through the United Nations, signed into law that that is so.  Where’s the democracy it that?  Well, there ain’t none.  It’s a parallel government. 


Everything that happens has an ulterior purpose.  Mandell House, who was the real boss over President Wilson, and the guy who helped get the Federal Reserve into action.  Mandell House said the same thing, ‘everything that happens in government will always give a good reason to the public but then there’s the REAL reason’ the public are never told.  Never told the real reasons, NEVER.  Astonishing.  That’s the reality of life.  We’re mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed you know what.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just rambling on a bit tonight about that nothing is ever the way it seems to be.  Nothing’s ever the way it’s presented to us, until people catch on to the fact there’s a parallel government.  Part of the parallel government is done through private/public partnerships today.  All governments in the world suddenly took this idea on after Prince Charles announced it quite a few years back.  It blossomed in no time at all… which kind of makes you think that in every country, it was already set up to run, if not already running.  Personally I think it was the latter.  All these private companies now are SPECIALISTS and they advise governments on what to do.  It’s a great way to bypass any idea of democracy.  It’s also a great way out for your local representative to say, ‘well, you see, we’re advised by a special committee’ but they’re actually a private committee.  When you look in to who they are, they all get their funding from the same big foundations.  They’re also for-PROFIT organizations at the same time.   They have so many loopholes that allow them to make massive profits it’s just astonishing and they take money from charity. 


Here’s an article to give you an example of how it is.  Britain is the premier country that starts all the totalitarian movements in this particular part of this time period of the system and everyone follows suit, very quickly.  It used to be within years, now it’s within weeks.  This is from The Times.


Ban sales of poorly insulated homes, says Energy Saving Trust

(Alan:  Now, what is the Energy Saving Trust?  What is it?)

Owners of poorly insulated homes should not be allowed to sell or rent them

until they have invested in energy efficiency measures,

the Government’s advisory body on domestic energy use says.  

(A:  Who voted them into office?  Nobody.  Nobody voted them in to office.  They can demand things from government, the government says we’re only too happy to oblige you, and bypass YOU, all of YOU that pay for everything.)

From The Times  /   August 6, 2009  /  Ben Webster, Environment Editor 

(A:  Every paper now has got an environmental editor.  He’s a greenie.  He’s PAID to be green.  Which is kind of sickly isn’t it?)


The Energy Saving Trust said that the 5.5 million homes in the lowest two bands for energy performance — more than a fifth of all homes — should also be subject to higher council tax bills and additional stamp duty. (A:  Punishment, you see.)  It believes that tough measures will be needed to achieve the Government’s target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from home heating by 29 per cent by 2020 and to “almost zero” by 2050. (A:  Can you believe that?  Never mind the ridiculous targets.  Never mind the excuse or the reason for it because it’s all nonsense anyway.  It’s nonsense.  A fabricated piece of nonsense, all this carbon dioxide stuff.)


The trust estimates that 85 per cent of the homes in bands F and G could be made fit to sell for less than £5,000. (A:  Well, if you’re broke, which most folk are today after getting looted by the banks and taxed out of existence by their governments, where are you going to get £5,000 from?  It’s up to £10,000.) However, owners of the remaining 15 per cent face paying as much as £10,000 to upgrade their homes to a new minimum standard.  (A:  Guess what happens once you’ve completed this minimum standard?  They raise it again.  It’s like everything else they do.  They’re doing it in the rural areas too… across the world.  ‘Well, that septic system is 2 years old.  We’ve upgraded them since then.  Looks like you’ll have to get a new one… OR YOU’RE OUT.’  We’re under totalitarian rule and the people can’t figure it out.  They can’t figure it out.  Who is this particular group anyway?  The Energy Savings Trust that’s now advising governments?  It what why you brought your governments in for, so they’d get advised by a private company?)


(A:  This is in the public sector.  They’ve got a business AND a public sector, this particular group, the Energy Saving Trust.  It says it ‘provides a range of resources to you’re your organization reduce carbon dioxide emissions’.  This is their living.  These guys are living on fresh air.  This section of the web site is aimed at businesses and the public sector.  ‘The building professionals:  Are you professional in the house building industry?  Find out more about free advice to help you achieve higher levels of energy efficiency in new or refurbished projects.’  So here’s this PRIVATE company now demanding that government, and they will if they’ve not already passed it, demand that the public have their houses inspected by these creeps and their inspectors and get paid for it.  Then they slap a bill on you to upgrade by £5,000 to £10,000 pounds, which is $20,000!  …or you can’t sell your hovel, your shack and you can’t sell it.)


You know something?  I have to say this.  There’s an old saying that people get what they deserve.  I’ve watched Britain and the British commonwealth countries for years all going through the same nonsense over and over under different guises, different names, and I have to say to myself, if they keep taking it, they deserve every bit they get.  If they can’t see the writing on the wall that they’re getting pushed with their faces into the mud… and they do nothing about it… then they will get what they deserve, won’t they?  They will.  You all know what I mean.  Everyone out there knows what I mean.


I think Jefferson was quite right.  He said, ‘You have to clean out governments and have a revolution every one or two generations because the corruption becomes so intense.’  It isn’t just corruption; it’s the same bunch that gets in actually.  They’ve been around for an awful long time, very organized.  Maybe the only truly organized group on the whole planet because they have the financing to do it.  They create the non-governmental organizations by the thousands.  They fund them into existence.  These APPROVED non-governmental organizations are actually PRIVATE organizations.  Stop calling them non-governmental.  They’re PRIVATELY-owned organizations.  They don’t speak on behalf of you or me.  They’re funded by the big foundations, the parallel government.  It’s been like that all the way through since at least the 1700s.   


Here’s another article.   This is from The EU Observer.


Catholics alarmed by EU equal rights law

ANDREW RETTMAN  /  04.08.2009


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Atheists could attack galleries for showing religious art and witches could claim the right to use church halls under a draft EU (A:  Economic Union.) equal rights law, the Roman Catholic church has warned.  (A:  They’ve been under the hammer for a long time.  Once the Christian right fulfills their need, they’ll get the same thing too, believe you me.  Everybody’s used and kicked of in this like staging rockets.)


The EU bill aims to curtail discrimination on grounds of religion, disability, age or sexual preference in social situations not covered by existing labour law, such as renting properties.


The directive could enter into force in 2011 if member states give unanimous approval in discussions planned for November by the Swedish EU presidency.


The criticism was put forward in recent days by the Roman Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales as part of a British government consultation procedure.


The bishops' group "commends" the EU effort to protect "the innate dignity of every person."  (A:  That’s a joke.  “innate dignity of every person”  I don’t care who you are or what group you think you belong to.  Look what’s happening to you all.  All of you.  Stop belonging to groups and identifying with groups to be different and look what’s happening to ALL of you.  You’re all being used.)


But it calls for the legal text to soften a clause against creating an "offensive environment" and to add an exemption to let religious organisations "function in accordance with [their] ethos."


"There is a risk that practical implementation may effectively turn the directive into an instrument of oppression against one or other group," the church paper, signed by bishops' conference general secretary Monsignor Andrew Summersgill, says.


"Homosexual groups ...may declare themselves offended by the presentation of the Catholic Church's moral teaching on homosexual acts; Catholics may declare themselves offended by a 'Gay Pride' march; an atheist may be offended by religious pictures in an art gallery."


"It is not clear whether [the bill] would apply to the activities of a Catholic priest, if, as recently occurred, he were to refuse to take a booking for a Church Hall from a group of witches," it adds.  (A:  It did happen that.  [Laughs]  A couple of Wiccan churches wanted to hire the church hall.)


The European Parliament passed the draft law in April by 363 votes against 226. Left-leaning and liberal MEPs championed the bill. But centre-right deputies said it will create too much red tape.


You know what I think everybody should do?  Everybody should walk in to every Masonic lodge across the country and demand to get in and sue them if they won’t.  You know.  Why don’t you all try that?  Guess who’s behind all of this stuff?  Freemasonry has always been an arm of this particular group down through time, under many names.  Their new name is Freemasonry.  Masons are all used too, at the bottom level.  Even their higher-ups admit to that in their own writings.  That’s what everybody should do.  Demand to get into the lodges without going through all the hoopla and swearing oaths and all the rest of it, for things you don’t even really understand.  That’s what they should do.  Quite easy to get over that.  Quite simple.


Apparently in Wiccanism, for instance, there are no real rules. Everybody’s their own leader in a sense.  Well, why don’t the bishops wear their clothes and go and attend these Wiccan functions and see if anybody’s offended.  Technically, they can’t be.  That’s your robe isn’t it?  See how crazy everything gets eventually?  Schizoid isn’t it?  And people think it’s all quite natural.  People get caught up in the squabbles that are intentionally laid out for you to fall in to.  The traps are all laid… and the public never ever figure it out.  They only see the results and the chaos… and they laugh at it.  They never figure out what’s behind it. 


Meanwhile, this organization that the Rockefeller’s and all these boys… the Robber Barons, the guys who are descended form the Robber Barons who were sent over to the Americas with at massive organization to back them up and protect them and allow them to do what they wanted to do and take over the way they wanted to take over.  These guys are funding all of this, all of these alternate lifestyles and so on.  Very fascinating. 


Here’s an article from Politico. 


Obama team mulls new quarantine regulations



The Obama administration is quietly dusting off an effort to impose new federal quarantine regulations, which were vigorously resisted by civil liberties organizations and the airline industry when the rules were first proposed by the Bush administration nearly four years ago.


White House officials aren’t saying what their rules might ultimately require. But the previous administration proposed giving the federal government the authority to order a “provisional quarantine” of three business days — or up to six calendar days — for those suspected of having swine flu or other illnesses listed in a presidential executive order.   (A:  So this goes back to the Bush era before you ever heard of swine flu didn’t it?)


The Bush-era proposal would also have required airlines and cruise lines to store more information about domestic and international passengers, such as e-mail addresses, traveling companions and return flight information. The information would be subject to review by federal officials in a health emergency, though it would be voluntary for passengers to provide the data.


Opponents of the Bush administration’s efforts to enforce the new guidelines insist that they still are a mistake. “It’s not really going to help,” said Wendy Mariner, a professor of law and public health at Boston University. “The proposals to limit liberty represent a dangerous precedent to constitutional theory, particularly when there’s almost no evidence it will matter. ... It wouldn’t surprise me if they try to sneak this past in August, when people are away.”  (A:  You betcha.  You betcha.  There’s a lot of stuff that gets snuck through in August when people are away.)


The White House’s Office of Management and Budget has set a September target date to complete the first major overhaul of the quarantine regulations in about three decades. (A:  Isn’t it amazing how everything comes together in about September? do with the swine flu?)  That would have at least some of the rules in place if swine flu returns with a vengeance later this year, though officials are reluctant to make that link publicly.


“It’s important to public health to move forward with the regulations,” said Christine Pearson, a spokeswoman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We need to update our quarantine regulations, and this final rule is an important step.”


Pearson said CDC had made “changes where appropriate” to the 2005 proposals, but she did not specify those adjustments. 


Don’t you love how freedom works and they tell us all the truth?…  They don’t specify anything to us.  In other words, they’re not going to tell you.  It’s amazing too how people go across the country and even rock stars and so on and tell you how you live in the freest country in the world.  Maybe from where they’re sitting pretty at the top, that may be so.  But for most folk, it simply isn’t.  I can’t believe people sit back and allow all their freedoms to be taken away… through law after law after law after law.  I keep talking about the Devil’s Advocate.  Fantastic movie. Great movie.  The character Al Pacino plays is Satan or Lucifer and he says, ‘I never make you do anything.’  He suggests and so on, he’ll tempt you, but he never makes you do anything.  He says to his son, ‘How do you THINK we’re taking over the world?  We’re churning out thousands and thousands, armies of lawyers.  That’s how we’re doing it.’  That’s how it’s done.  It’s amazing when they say, ‘well, this is the law.’  How suddenly we obey it… once it’s said, this is law, isn’t it?  Isn’t that odd… when you think about it?  People used to have rebellions in the past when their faces kept going into the mud, getting stamped into the mud and they’d had enough.  All you have to say today is ‘it’s the law’.  It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is.  You’re breathing too much CO2 out, whatever it happens to be.  ‘Okay. Okay.  What do I owe you?’  [laughs] 


There’s more coming up in August and definitely in September to do with this flu nonsense.  So here we have bad air and then we’ve got the flu on top of it.  We can’t disprove or prove either of them, basically.  Everything is supposed to come to a head as they get stampeded towards some glorious end.  The Washington Post has got…


 Obama's Battle Against Terrorism To Go Beyond Bombs and Bullets

By Spencer S. Hsu and Joby Warrick  /  Washington Post Staff Writers  /  Thursday, August 6, 2009


(A:  Really, all Obama is doing is continuing the Bush policies.  Has anybody noticed this?  There’s no difference, right and left.  There’s only one agenda.    I’ll read part of this article when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I just said the Washington Post has an article there about ‘Obama's Battle Against Terrorism To Go Beyond Bombs and Bullets.’  Really, all they’re doing is following in he footsteps of Bush using soft weapons, economic, starvations, the usual stuff that Madeline Albright was awful good at; that kind of stuff.  I’ll put that link up on my site at the end of the show and you can look it up for yourself.  I can’t even be bothered reading it to be honest with you.  The media churns out so much repetition today, just filler basically, and to giver you another reality that’s so far from any kind of truth.  They never say what has to be said about anything, but that’s not their job.  Their job is to ‘toe the line’, as they say. 


Now, we’ll go to the callers and there’s Dan from Missouri.  Are you there Dan?


Dan:  Yes.  I’m here.  Good evening to you Alan. 


Alan:  How you doing?


Dan:  Really well.  Pretty good.  This may relate a little bit to health care.  In the Old Testament, Moses and his band were wandering in the desert and they all got sick.  They put a snake up on a cross and prayed to it.  What does that signify?


Alan:  Well, they were going through the valley of the serpents.  It meant they were part of the brotherhood.  Now we’ll go on to Mike from New York.  Are you there Mike?


Mike:  How are you doing Alan?


Alan:  How are you?


Mike:  Fine thanks.  Alan, as you correctly point out, most of these totalitarian control measures are initiated in the UK.  Have you any idea why the British are so docile in the face of these egregious impositions both on their privacy and their wallet?  For instance, I recall a poll tax riot back in the 80s which forced the Thatcher government to back down.  But what’s going down now is 100 times worse and yet there is no dissent.


Alan:  There is no dissent.  I have to admit the British people have, again, people don’t understand this in other countries.  In Britain, the media is way more professional.  The whole system is geared from the top down.  Actually, the communist, the soviet system, radio Moscow copied the BBC in their techniques of propaganda. 


Mike:  It sort of generates a culture of apathy.


Alan:  That’s it.  That’s exactly it.  Apathy.  It’s the technique… that’s what Bertrand Russell talked about.  ‘We have to create apathy if we’re controlling the people.’  There’s no country in the world that’s got the technique more down-pat than Britain.  It’s perfect. 


Mike:  Can you explain why there were riots with the poll taxes in the 80s and now there’s not?


Alan:  Because they already had the 60s and the 70s when they geared people up for change and people started to get a bit of power for the first time.  They actually ran with it thinking we’re getting rights now.  That generation was still around and alive and fit and active when they brought in the poll taxes; since then, they really went to work from the BBC and propagandized them down again. 


Mike:  With a tip of the hat to you, I think it’s no coincidence that the poll tax riots originated in Scotland.


Alan:  That’s right.


Mike:  Because they always had the you-know-what to stand up for themselves.


Alan:  That’s right.  How disgusting to have inspectors come into your home and count the heads in the home and on top of all the other taxes.


Mike:  Now, they can come in to your home.  If you have a decent view of the back garden, you get taxed.  And yet no one’s complaining.


Alan:  I’ll tell you, I think maybe that V movie had something to it that we should think about once again.  [Laughs]  Okay.  Thanks for calling.


Mike:  Alan thanks.  Bye.


Alan:  Bye now.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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"Obama's Battle Against Terrorism To Go Beyond Bombs and Bullets" by Spencer S. Hsu and Joby Warrick ( - Aug. 6, 2009.



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