Aug. 11, 2009 (#383)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 11, 2009:

Sustainability -- Looks Kinda' Like the System in China:

"Social Disapproval is Technique in Use,
Under 'Sky is Falling,' Sustainability Ruse,
Scientific Methods Made People Tame,
If You Want Children, Shame, oh Shame,
To Sustain That Child will Cost a Mint
And Add to Societal Carbon Footprint,
With Laws and Fines, Threats to Imprison,
Training Public to Point with Derision,
Brainwashed Mobs, the Worst Segment
Chasing Women Known to be Pregnant,
Because There'll be Abortion Mandate
For the Greater Good, 'to Save the Planet' "
© Alan Watt Aug. 11, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 11, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks. I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 11th 2009.  Newcomers look into web site where you can download hundreds of hours of talks I’ve given in the past, where I try and cover a lot of areas that are all connected, to show you how history isn’t some happenstance thing that just tumbles down through time and accidents happen and politicians fix things, but rather to show you that history, the future is planned.  In the communist countries, they used to call it ‘planning for historical necessity.’  So they plan the future and do what had to be done including killing people off through famines and stuff like that.  It’s not much different today. 


So go into web site.  You can also bookmark the other sites I have up on the front page for future use when some of the main servers go down.  It happens once in a while.  You’ve got a bunch to choose from.  [listed above]  There’s also which is the European site.  It carries all the audios of my talks but it also has transcripts for print-up written in the various languages of Europe.  I’ve been pushing for more translators to come in because it would be nice to have a lot more done in different languages so that people can read them at their leisure.  Lots of people prefer to read rather than stare at the computer.  I don’t blame them.


Remember too, you keep me going by your donations or purchasing that which I have for sale on my web sites, the books, etc.  You can use personal checks from within Canada and the US.  Or PayPal.  You’ll see the PayPal button on my web sites.  Outside the Americas you can also donate or buy, via PayPal, Money Gram, Western Union.  Some people who are more ingenious just send the cash.  That cuts out the middle man from the transactions, at least on one side of it.  We also have a lot of people who listen from disks that are burned by people with computers.  People who don’t like computers but they play them on their CD players.  If you hear one of my talks, you’ll know how to get in touch with me.  The address is [listed above]. 


I’ve been going on about the strategies that are now coming out openly in the combined media of the planet to do with depopulation.  We’re on a roll now, of course.  It’s been so long in the works, this whole movement of taking over the world.  We’re so used to getting tyrants down through history.  They always give us Adolf Hitler, for some reason, as though he really was the main character and that’s all there was to it.  We forget that most tyrants in history, in the past 100 years or so, do not wear uniforms.  They wear suits and ties.  They’re generally very chubby people who go to a lot of dinner parties and stuff like that.  They make speeches to NGOs and all their supporters.  That’s how tyrants appear today.  They belong to associations, business groups.  They’re CEOs of corporations and they belong to foundations.  They meet internationally and plan our future.  We’ll go into some of that tonight.  I’ll be back with more after the following break. 


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Isn’t it amazing that we’re bombarded, bombarded by all mainstream media with the same topics every day.  Like there’s only one media there, one source of information, and it’s not far from the truth, really.  Reuters and the AP are about the only ones left that stream all media coverage to all the different media outlets.  They just parrot the stuff and pass it on.  It’s a fantastic way of propaganda when one group can just say what’s going to be talked about for the next week or two, and lo and behold, it happens.  There’s no contrary point of view.  There’s no in-depth explanation to the public about anything as to the outcomes of laws, etc that are passed or in the works.  You’re just getting declarations.  This is what’s called governance today.  Governance.  This is all part of governance.


This stuff was the communists’ dream, before they even had the Soviet Union.  ALL of the things that are happening today was the Fabian communists’ dream.  Where they’d have one real source of information and everyone else would just copy it from the top.  Sort of like Pravda.  They’re all on board right now with, ‘oh my God, we’ve got climate change.’  You know, changes in the weather.  They just dropped the global warming, most of them.  They were told to drop it.  I wasn’t panning out.  It wasn’t cooperating.  They had to find another way.  So Climate Change, or changes in the weather, is good enough to change the whole planet and the way we live.  That’s good enough, you see, for them.  Because people really have no memory at all of previous years, they can’t remember what the weather was like.  They think, ‘oh my God… a little thunder storm and oh, my God, it must be that climate change stuff and all that carbon and breath that we breathe out’ and so on. 


This is how you create panic.  You whip up panic amongst people quite easily.  It’s like the flu nonsense… out of nothing.  They’re hyping a nonexistent event into something where, again, we’re all to change our ways and maybe get imprisoned if we don’t take a flu shot… over nothing.  An idea.  Ideas are fantastic, you know, to rule the world.  In ancient times, some very, very good con men thought, how can we make the people serve us and we’ll do nothing; we’ll live like kings?  They came up with the idea that if you didn’t pray for or give these priests special powers and give all your power to the priest and pretty well give all you belongings too, in tribute, then they wouldn’t pray for the sun to come up.  And people believed it.  Before you know it, this priesthood was living high on the hog and strutting around in fine clothing.  Everybody else really thought they were an essential part of the system.  If they weren’t there, well, the sun wouldn’t come up. 


It’s the same technique that was used today with all this fear and panic that’s been created.  You know, if it wasn’t for the swine flu nonsense, really whipped out of nowhere by the media with the urgings of the World Health Organization who keep looking for a plague.  They’ve been looking for a plague for years and years and years.  Again, just like the weather, the plagues haven’t cooperated enough with them.  So they’re desperate to find something to give themselves more authority.  They want to get all these different potions, these magic potions, these voodoo potions into our bodies.  The stuff that’s made by bio-warfare companies.  I hope you realize these ARE bio-warfare companies.  I’ve read some of the history of them before.  How they combined with the military many, many years ago and how the heads of some of them became the CEOs over the corporation that was literally part of the military bacterial warfare department.  Why would you go and build new labs just for the military when you already have laboratories?  …who are into viruses and bacterium?  Already made.  They all came together.  Same thing happened in Britain with Porton Downs.  A lot of the guys at the top of that establishment were also part of the vaccine manufacturers.  That’s what they’ve been pumping in to us all these years… made by the bio-warfare industry. 


What’s happening today with all of this, it’s a big closing agenda.  It’s almost like having the sheep in a circle.  The sheep dogs have managed to get us all into a circle.  The sheep dogs are all the different directions from which we’re being attacked.  We’ve got climate change, they’re calling it.  Climate change, CO2, greenhouse gasses and more and more utter nonsense, all the coming plagues.  Oh, terrorism.  There’s terrorism.  Oh, there’s bank collapses.  It’s one thing after the other isn’t it?  It’s amazing how we… They used to say things came in threes.  Not any more.  Not since 2001 …since the Century of Change kicked in.  These are the changes they were talking about. 


I was looking back to see how China, communist China, introduced its one child policy.  It was dreamed up, again, by guys who worked at the United Nations who admitted that they also later did the anti-smoking campaign ads and made it unpopular.  What they said with abortion in China was, well, you see we Chinese are all in it together.  See, you’re always ‘in it together’ when it comes to these big, utopian ideas.  They said, ‘there’s only so many of us and there’s only so much food to go around.  These capitalist, imperialist countries have all the food.  So we could grow all our own food but there won’t be an awful lot.  Therefore, you’ve got to keep your belts tightened.  Keep your belts tightened.’  So everybody, of course, tightened their belts… until their pants fall down.  There was no hips left to put your belt on.  Then they said, there’s just too many people.  It was anti-communist.  It was ‘anti-social,’ is the term they eventually used, to have more than one child.  That second child was eating the people’s food.  You know they’re using the exact same strategy today?  I hope you realize this.  It’s the exact same strategy. 


It’s the creation of SOCIAL DISAPPROVAL.  For those who say, that will never happen.  Guess what?  I’ll guarantee you.  It takes a little while to kick in with propaganda.  Big NGOs are already into action with this, getting into your school systems - they’re already there - into town hall meetings, meetings across the planet funded by the big foundations... until everyone gets the same politically correct message:  it’s wrong to have more than one child.  In fact, it’s preferable if most of you have none at all.  You will find people in 2, 3 years time, maybe 5 years time, there will be articles in the paper.  They’ll even be letters to the editor; probably all fake but it doesn’t matter.  Yet there will be some real ones that will say, ‘yes it is wrong; that woman had more than one child and she’s robbing the people of food and creating more CO2.’  You see, each time that baby burps, it puts more CO2 in the atmosphere and gasses and so on.  It will take more food to feed that baby.  We must be convinced of this.  It will work just the same way as in China because they know the strategy. 


Everything is a formula.  Like Plato said, anything that’s been done before in history can be repeated again to the people and they will follow the route exactly, IF YOU KNOW THE FORMULA ON HOW TO INTRODUCE IT.  It will always work.  It doesn’t matter the culture and people, it will always work the same way.  That’s what you’re living through right now… techniques.  That, of course, techniques… that’s what they call it in fact, at the top:  technique.  Technique is an interesting thing.  Huxley used it all the time.  Aldous Huxley.  They use revolutions.  See, these are all revolutions.  Remember the Green Revolution?  This is what we’re undergoing right now.  We’ve had sexual revolutions.  Liberation revolutions.  All kind of REVOLUTIONS.  We’re always going around something.  These guys behind this whole world agenda and I’ve gone through their histories who they are and the organizations they formed and the foundations they created and how they funded a parallel government.  They use these techniques all the time. 


One of their servants, was Aldous Huxley with his brother Julian Huxley.  There’s a descendant in Britain now too.  I’ve mentioned him, Crispin and others too, who are still on about too many people.  We’ve got to cull back the populations.  Huxley says, “It seems to me, the nature of the ultimate revolution, with which we are now faced is precisely this.  That WE are in the process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy, who’ve always existed and presumably will always exist, to get people to LOVE their servitude.”


Communism was based on SERVICE TO THE STATE.  The state pretended to represent the people.  They used to say that everything that was manufactured, belongs to the people.  But you had to go through these higher organizations of commissars to get something if you were one of the people.   You’d have to wait 10 years for a phone in the Soviet system.  Stuff like that.  Little things like that.  Maybe 5 years for the part of a car.  The car itself might take you 15 years.   Because the government was in charge of all production.  Everyone was paid by the government.  That’s what they said.  In that kind of system when there’s no incentive, they used to say that the people pretended to work and the government pretended to pay you. 


For the controlling elite, and in socialism, communism, which is the same thing, or Fabianism, same thing.  This technique that’s used on us is Fabianism.  That was again, for the global communist type system to be run by experts, academics and bankers, by the way.  This is the Fabian, slow, incremental system.  Now we’re on a roll because we’ve been prepared for everything that’s happening now.  We’ve had YEARS of propaganda from a thousand sources over the years which your subconscious remembers.  Therefore, all the nonsense that’s coming down the pike now seems kind of familiar to you and almost real.  Almost real.  CO2, greenhouse gases.  Greenhouse gases.  They’re going to cut back your heating and all the rest of it.  Try to tell the Canadians that when you’re freezing your ass off.  Back with more after these messages.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just trying to show you how easily it is that we’re conned.  We’re conned into a preplanned behavior pattern that we’re supposed to all adopt, which will eventually become a form of political correctness. 


You will, down the road, have different groups fighting each other.  They always fall into groups on every topic, never realizing that only the ones at the top of the groups really know the agenda.  They always split us off into this or that, left or right, up or down.  So easy to do, isn’t it?  It works.  It works.  As they’re fighting each other, they don’t really see the main issue or where it’s supposed to go.  Remember too, that the dialectic has to have at least 2 groups fighting each other.  That’s thesis, antithesis and synthesis.  The synthesis is the new paradigm, the end product of the argument and the resolution of the argument; it becomes the start again for a new thesis.  This is the never-ending story that’s part of the big boys belief system.  The dialectic process. You always need a group to fight.  They’re literally fighting head on, head on it appears to be and so, as they’re fighting down below they don’t see that big balloon above them with all the bombs ready to drop on them.  They don’t see that because they’re too busy fighting each other.  That’s why they give you EMOTIVE TOPICS, EMOTIONAL TOPICS.  Very important to get emotion into it. 


When all the peasants eventually sort of backed up the communist revolution…  Actually, I shouldn’t say all of them.  A lot of them didn’t want to go along that way at all.  Lenin had to send out henchmen to slaughter lots of them; hang them on trees until they rotted… to warn all the rest to join.  Rosa Luxemburg too, tried to start off the revolution in Germany about 1917 said, “It’s best the masses don’t know what’s going on at all.  Only the upper intelligentsia of the organization must know the real plan.”  But the masses are left to the last minute and then they tend to go with the winner.  All you have to do is tell them they’re going to have a better life.  That’s all.  You’re life’s going to get better.  They say, oh well it couldn’t get worse than this and they jump in and help.  Then they get shafted again, once they’ve helped this elite get in to power. 


That’s what socialism is.  It’s the domination of an elite - which is hereditary down through time in that system - all supported by the masses.  They live very, very well, high on the hog.  Experts. Under the guise of the scientific age, they can use this technique in the Soviet-socialist-Fabian system.  It’s all the same system.  One simply goes through fast revolution.  Fabianism does it slowly.  Fabianism is the one that’s won.  If anybody wondered who won the Cold War, Fabianism won it.  And we’re all in it now together.  Just like the Reece Commission said, they’re now joining the Soviet system - they’ve joined it actually and using the techniques of Soviet domination - with the West.  The two are merged together.  Again, that’s the synthesis of the two, the thesis and antithesis.  That’s the synthesis.  With the bankers on top.  They now run the foundations, of course.  They own them.  That’s the parallel government that funds all the non-governmental organizations, which they approve of, mind you.  Most of the approved ones were started off by them.  They find people who will start them up, and fund them to the hilt. 


Here’s an emotive topic, you see, comes out of this.  This is part of the strategy.  This is from Yahoo, this article here. 


Gov't insurance would allow coverage for abortion

 Ricardo Alonso-zaldivar, Associated Press Writer  / Wed Aug 5


WASHINGTON – Health care legislation before Congress would allow a new government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortions (Alan:  As soon as you say that, the two factions are up, full of emotions ready to kill each other.), a decision that would affect millions of women and recast federal policy on the divisive issue.


Federal funds for abortions are now restricted to cases involving rape, incest or danger to the life of the mother. Abortion opponents say those restrictions should carry over to any health insurance sold through a new marketplace envisioned under the legislation, an exchange where people would choose private coverage or the public plan.


Abortion rights supporters say that would have the effect of denying coverage for abortion to millions of women who now have it through workplace insurance and are expected to join the exchange.


Advocates on both sides are preparing for a renewed battle over abortion, (A:  It’s nothing to do with them.  I hate to say that.  But it’s nothing to DO with the ones who will be involved at the bottom. This whole thing has nothing to do with them.  This is to get in the new plan where it’s going to lead eventually to COMPULSORY abortion.  I’ve read the articles to you over the last few weeks.   This is where they’re going with all of this.  That’s what it’s really all about.  It’s not about little Mary who can’t afford a child.  It’s nothing about that.  Forget all the emotional stuff.  This is literally about bringing in mandatory abortion.  That’s where it will lead to, mandatory abortion.  You’ll have to get authorized, in fact, to have an offspring.  That’s definitely coming.  I’ve given you the topics covered by the Optimum Population Trust.  I’ve told you about the book that John Holdren wrote in the 1977 called Ecoscience.  He wrote it along with Paul Ehrlich and Paul Ehrlich’s wife and how they wanted to bring… and now, of course, everybody knows that John Holdren is the Science Czar, the main advisor on the scientific topics to this President that’s in right now.  Everything’s in place.  That’s why these characters are all in place there NOW, NOW, not 10 years ago, but NOW.  Because now it the time to do it.  They’re ready for this part of the agenda.  Back with more after these messages.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Talking about this whole big plan to do with depopulation and how babies are now bad.  It’s in all the media.  Babies are bad, and then they give you all the fake stats of how much CO2 they’ll breathe out and how much they’ll consume in their lifetime and all this kind of stuff.  Babies are bad.  Again, the Chinese policy.  Same strategy.  Until people in the streets will turn on you if you have 2 children.  They’ve even made movies about that years ago in sci-fi and so on.  Sci-fi is part of your conditioning to make it familiar to you, the idea. 


In China, they used to send out the local guard and they would.  They’d grab a woman who had a second child and drag her off to the abortion clinic.  When it was done, that was it.  Just dragged them off.  Now, they don’t need to.  The people living around about that house, they’ll turn on the person and THEY literally will get up a little group and THEY will drag her off to the clinic instead of the guard.  They’ve been conditioned with SOCIAL DISAPPROVAL.  That’s what it’s called.  The technique is called social disapproval.  The creation of social disapproval.  Other things that you’re supposed to be all for are SOCIAL APPROVAL.  Social approval and social disapproval.  Designed by guys from the West actually, in New York; Madison Avenue went through the World Health Organization and that’s what they used in China.  The same two guys apparently were writing a book because there was an article in the paper not so long back and they said they used the same technique to create social disapproval over smokers in the Western countries.  It’s so easy to do.  Most people don’t even know it’s what’s happening to them.  They don’t even know where the decisions they think they’re making come from.  They don’t make them at all.  It’s already made for them.  You’re simply conditioned.  Conditioned to behave and react in a certain way. 


Getting back to this article, it says…


Advocates on both sides are preparing for a renewed battle over abortion, which could jeopardize political support for President Barack Obama's health care initiative aimed at covering nearly 50 million uninsured and restraining medical costs. 


Let's jump into that.  A while back I gave a link - if you go into my archive section - by Adam Curtis at the BBC of England who did a great documentary on the British Health Care system and how once it’s socialized - which is communistic - then the CEOs of these hospitals are dictated to by governments.  The government tells them to cut back their costs, etc AND be more efficient at the same time.  What happened in Britain, in the hospitals?  To get more hospital beds, on paper, they filled the corridors with trolleys and they took the wheels off them.  Now that they were stationary, they could classify them as beds.  So they looked great on paper and it was getting sent back to the government.  My God, this Manchester Hospital’s got another 500 beds just like that; see, it’s working, it’s working.  At the same time, the CEOs, what they did, they sent questionnaires out to patients who were down for operations, on the waiting list.  In communist/socialist countries you have to get on massive waiting lists because, after all, you’re just one of the people and the people is everything.  So you can have no favoritism except for the politicians and their families and stuff like that.  Just like the Soviet Union.  Well, in Britain, what they did was send out a questionnaire.  Part of the questionnaire, one of the questions, was when are you proposing to have your holidays this year?  Of course, the schmucks would go and put on it when they were going for a holiday.  And that’s when the hospitals would send out the notice to come in for the operation.  How clever eh? 


The only operations that they turned out to be doing at all, during that whole time - because they could still put on their books they were doing all these operations; we did 500 operations this week - were vasectomies - quick fast vasectomies, - abortions - which are priority, - and they also had tubal ligation for women.  Everything to do with NOT having children had priority.  But the cancers and all the other ailments and so on, gastric operations, the people were on holiday when they got the notice, so that’s when they sent it back to government, so many people on holidays so we couldn’t do them.  And they ended up back on the BOTTOM of the waiting list.  How would you like to be on a waiting list for 5 years?  You’d be dead wouldn’t you?  That’s part of the strategy.  They’re not really there to help you. 


Socialized medicine is a government mandate.  Governments have mandates and priorities to achieve.  Have you looked at all these treaties they’re signing… on the curbing of the greenhouse gases by 80-odd percent by the year 2050?  How do you think they’re going to do that?  …without getting rid of people?  Hmm?  Of course, most of you will say, ‘I won’t be around then so it doesn’t bother me so ha, ha.’  Well, that’s a cop out.  This is from 


Turner's Depopulation Plan: 

(A:  Ted Turner, you know the biggie philanthropist. 

The big philanthropist that goes around the United Nations and so on.)

"We're Too Many People; That's Why we Have Global Warming"

Extremists of his ilk employ cultish fear-mongering

 in order to promote their religious environmentalism

Editorial by John-Henry Westen / Thursday April 3, 2008


NEW YORK, April 3, 2008 ( - In a wide-ranging hour-long interview on PBS, CNN Founder and billionaire environmental extremist Ted Turner let the cat out of the bag on the real goal of climate change extremists - depopulation(A:  He said that depopulation was their actual agenda.  Not climate change, depopulation.)  Pro-life activists who have attended UN environment meetings where such issues were discussed have often been the subject of ridicule and derision for pointing out that the massive movement behind global warming, retooled to 'climate change', works hand in hand with the culture of death with the aim of depopulation.


Speaking on PBS's Charlie Rose program on Tuesday, April 1, Turner stated plainly that next to nuclear disarmament the most pressing world concern is "global climate change" - which he said is caused by too many people.  "We're too many people. That's why we have global warming," explained Turner when Rose questioned his comment that we need to "stabilize the population."  (A:  What do you think stabilizing the population means?  It’s funny how we hear these things and we don’t think further beyond it.  We’re bombarded with more trivia in between and more news tomorrow and you know.  These guys mean it.  They’re doing it.  THEY’RE ACTUALLY DOING IT.)


Turner, a fan of China's one-child policy - despite the brutality of forced abortion and sterilizations which are associated with it - proposed similar limits on family size for all.  (A:  That’s for the Western countries.)  "We've got to stabilize population," he told Rose.  "On a voluntary basis, everybody in the world's got to pledge to themselves that one or two children is it."  (A:  Except for their own families, of course.  That’s how it is in China now.  I read an article not so long ago where yes, the one child per family policy still is mandated for everyone EXCEPT for those who can afford the fees or the fines.  So if you’re wealthy enough, you get a little fine, that’s your little fee, and you can have more than one child.  Which, again, is eugenically based because in eugenics, it’s survival of the fittest and the brightest and the best.  Therefore, if you’ve got more money, you must be better than other people.  That’s the simply way of their logic and how it works.  Very simple.)


Pro-life activists have been pointing to the connection between the radical environmentalist movement and depopulation for over fifteen years(A:  They tried different things in the past until they hit on global warming.  So in other words, to save the planet, we’ve got to start killing ourselves off.  They always need an enemy, a reason for it.  In China, it was the fact that now they were a communist country, Marxist/communist country, then they had to really ‘sustain themselves because the West wouldn’t help them and they couldn’t import foods, etc so everybody had to pull together and eat less, etc, etc and have fewer children.’  They’re using the same technique for the whole world.  Simple stuff, eh?  Simple.  If it works, why change it… if it works?  Why change the system, the technique, if it works?) Already in 1992 Joan Veon, a veteran UN expert, explained what UN policy-makers meant when they use the term "sustainable development."  During the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development Veon observed: "Sustainable development basically says there are too many people on the planet, that we must reduce the population."


Last year China boasted (A:  And it did too.) that its one-child policy, which has been criticized by many nations for including forced abortion and sterilization, had reduced greenhouse gases.  (A:  I guess they weighed it… in scales, I guess that’s how they did it.)  Speaking at a meeting in Oslo on the UN's Kyoto Protocol, Hu Tao of China's State Environmental Protection Administration (A:  See how it all ties together?  The Environmental Protection Administration.) said the one-child population control policy has slowed "global warming" by limiting the population to 1.3 billion.  "This has reduced greenhouse gas emissions," he said.  (A:  And if you don’t give them money, the sun won’t come up tomorrow either.  It’s the same cons.  Same cons with hand waving to describe abstracts which don’t exist at all, except in your head.  But it works.  It will work as long as we sit on our duffs and allow them to carry on like this and legislate us in to sterility.  I hope people understand what I’m saying.  I really do hope.  I really do hope.)


This article here is a bit of a satire on what I’m talking about.  It’s from Wise Up Journal.


Your carbon footprint’s dust in the wind

Wise Up Journal / 11.08.2009 / By Gabriel O’Hara


Could similar data used to create carbon footprints we perceive be applied to other areas of humanity? How easy would it be? The answer is it would be very easy to use all kinds of data including your dusty old skin.


For example:


Wikipedia: “Nearly 1000 dust particles per square centimeter settle on domestic surfaces every hour. Some dust consists of human skin. Scientists estimate that humans shed the entire outer layer of skin every day or two, at a rate of 7 million skin flakes per minute, which corresponds to a mass emission rate of about 20 mg/minute.”


Now let's take that data and multiply it by six billion people and add a dash of Global Warming Al Gore type political speak to it. Six billion people shedding skin at 20 milligrams per minute produces 63 billion kilograms of dust per year. Spewing sixty three billion kilograms of dust into the atmosphere each and every year is not sustainable and could-possibly-maybe-might just at our current level over a few decades limit the effect of the sun’s rays and bury cities under 10 feet of dust. The land level in areas such as Egypt has increased over the last few centuries along with population growth. Ancient Egyptian structures remained under the present land level until fairly recently dug up. Dust entering the high-altitude polar winds, called circumpolar vortex, which sweeps from west to east could be the immediate cause of Africa’s drought. (A:  I hope Al Gore’s listening.  He might be able to use this.  Mind you, it might work too.)  The world needs to come up with a sustainable solution just as important as the carbon foot-print, no less than it’s equal; a dust finger-print. Both carbon and dust taxes can help build a better richer world (for some). Last but not least, a reduction in the common population’s birth numbers is required since it is a man-made problem, in the minds of men.  (A:  Wouldn’t that do?  We could put that forth as well.  They could add that on as well, all the dust we’re shedding.  Mind you, if the sun is the problem and they’re thinking about doing geo-engineering in the world and the skies above us - they’ve already been doing it for years - to deflect the sun’s rays, maybe the more dust we put up there, the more people we bring into the world, the more dust goes up there, and they won’t have to do their geo-engineering.  We can do it for free… just by shedding skin.  How would that do Al?  How is that?  How does that go with your inconvenient nonsense?)


I think there’s a caller on the line from the States.  My screen keeps going down tonight but it’s David from San Francisco.  Are you there David?


David:  How are you Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


David:  I was listening with interest to you because of a couple of different angles that you were going on.  I’m a real history nut and you know, may of these situations, that it’s not just America, but many of the situations that we face today have been repeated thousands and thousands of time throughout history.  There were a lot of recessions and what they called panics before the 1929 depression.  Some of those were as close as 2 years apart.  There were dozens and dozens of them between the 1850 and 1929.  So, the techniques… I pretty much look at it as organized crime.  You know, pulling this stuff off.  As organized crime has gotten richer, they’ve obviously gone out of their way to buy, you know, district attorneys to buy the police chief and to buy the prosecutors.  They’ve gone out of their way as well to create PR firms.  In fact, the whole public relations industry was created virtually to protect these old boys form the massive crimes that they’ve done.  Then the PR firms that go out of their way to see to it that Congress is lobbied.  And lobbying Congress, they write laws that say that not only can they be exempt from the very crimes that they’re committing but that they can use Congress, or they can use government to crush their competition.  So as you probably are aware, there was a great big split in the Republican Party probably starting about the 1970s.  Where the Republican Party before that was pretty much made up of either big business or small business.  Small business because it was larger in quantity, small business could usually out-vote the big business.  Well, because organized crime and these major corporations wanted to crush the small businesses, where they wanted to have a open playing ground, that’s when they started inviting in the religious right who really didn’t have any business acumen.  They were just kind of caught up in a whorl-wind of fear techniques, you know, whatever some preacher was ranting in that given week, they were able to scare people into political changes based upon fear mongering.  So when they got the religious right fighting among the small businesses, they were able to essentially crush small business and that’s why we’re in this situation today where these major corporations are writing bad laws.  Now, the faith-based community, so to speak, are fighting among the rest of the nation about where to take the world.  So, it’s not to come down against the honest religious person but for these Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay type religious people who are nothing more than fronts for organized crime.  They have created as part of this propaganda campaign a master race phrasing.  Much of what you were talking about is essentially the propaganda of a master race… whether or not somebody deserves to live or die.  Whether it’s forced abortions or whatever, who deserves health care, who deserves to have the taxes spent in their neighborhood.  Who deserves to essentially have the normal standards that any society would have.


Alan:  That’s the music coming in and we’ll come back after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just to sort of recap what David was saying, how the religious right’s being manipulated and used.  But they have been since the Scofield Bible, really.  Scofield, really, was a little con man, Sirus Scofield, who was financed heavily to put out this bible version by Sam Gompers and Baruch as well and others.  That changed the whole direction of organized Christianity in the United States especially, to make them think that God’s plan was still ongoing.  It wasn’t just redemption anymore and all the rest of it.  I was much, much more.  It was an ongoing plan.  He used Revelations mightily, you might say, and restructured it to fit into this agenda, this world agenda.  Because Sam Gompers and his boys were all part of the agenda at that particular period of time and as wealthy as some of the top bankers in the world.  There’s no doubt about it.  Even George Bush spent a lot of tax payers’ money to bring in the leaders of these big organizations to make them pro-war against the Middle-East.  They tied in, once again, had these preachers selling it to their congregations, that this was God’s will, this final battle in the Middle-East against the awful, evil Islam, etc.   If you belong to a big group, you’ve already lost it.  You’ve lost your way.  Because all you need to do is put in the right man at the top and millions of minds are now under that control.  It’s that simple.  They stop thinking for themselves when they belong to a big group.  You can’t do it. 


There’s much, much more to it as well.  Even when Thatcher was in, they demolished small business, from the conservative government.  They demolished it by red tape and taxes and so on until you couldn’t run a business.  Your time was spent filling in forms for government.  If you compare that with the Soviet agenda, it’s the same.  In the Soviet system, you’d have one main chain of stores for your groceries, same thing’s here.  Look at the Wal-Mart’s that are authorized to be all over the world and even give you your shots in some of them too, at their pharmacies.  All authorized by government to do so.  They don’t want small business.  That’s out.  And same with farming.  As the UN says, farming was too important to be left to farmers, so you must have these agri-businesses.  The shareholders of the agri-business are all the same people.  It’s not really 5 companies at all.  It’s just one company.  Same with the pharmaceutical industry.  The Rockefellers have the predominant shares in ALL pharma companies across the planet.  Same in all these different spheres.  They don’t want small competition.  Those days are supposed to be over, according to Thatcher when she was in power.  That was the theory of their day.


Now, we’ll go to Gabriel from California.  Are you there Gabriel?


Gabriel:  Hello.  Hey Alan.  I’m giving you a call because along the lines of what you were saying, about how China has this thing set up to where you people now accept the abortion thing.  There’s something similar going on in here in the United States with the family court systems.  It’s amazing that how like if you get divorced or whatever, even if you’re not married, the first thing that they do is legally separate the father from the child.  Legally.  They give the woman 100% custody.  Besides the fact that it’s already well established by any psychologist, child psychologist, whatever, that both parents are important in bringing up the child.  But my point is, that what you were making is that we actually, men, or people, society, actually accepted that.  You accept the fact that you’re legally separated from the child.  Now you have to go back to court to ask the state for permission for what they call visitation.  They legally call you a visitor now.  Men and women have accepted that now.  It’s normal. 


Alan:  Everything is done through courts and laws and so on.  That, again, bypasses all democratic input whatsoever.  There is no democracy.  You see, the plebian vote isn’t given to the people and you just change any constitution by bypassing it through the court system.  And you’re quite right.  Men are totally emasculated now and they world’s accepted this as a new normal.  Now there’s no family unit so they’re really on a roll because nothing will stand up.  No one will stand up for anyone else now.  Men won’t fight; they don’t have a family to fight for.  Simple, isn’t it? 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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