Aug. 13, 2009 (#385)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 13, 2009:

Complaining is Soppy, Time to Lobby:

"Farewell to Apathy, Do What's Right,
Only the Living can Engage in the Fight,
The Ancient Battle 'tween Brother and Brother,
Lust for Power to Dominate the Other,
Today Cartels with Each Big Foundation
Have Monopoly and Authority for Domination
Over the Governments, All Subservient,
By-passing Democracy, Observed by Sentient,
It's Surely Time to Regain Our Rights,
Yet it Won't be Done Without a Fight,
Forget Entertainment or Your Favourite Hobby,
March on Governments, We too can Lobby"
© Alan Watt Aug. 13, 2009


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 13th of August 2009.  13, unlucky for some, they say.  For newcomers, look in to web site.  Bookmark those other sites [listed above] I have up because I truly am getting trouble from certain authorities.  Iíve been getting it for quite some time but now theyíre stepping it up.  I have no satellite service at all after mentioning how poor the quality was on last nightís show.  I mentioned the name Xplornet and bingo, at 9 oíclock, right after the show, down it went.  Iíve gone round in circles all night long with the company and today as well.  Iím trying to find some other way to upload my shows to the site.  So for those who are used to just looking in for the uploads thinking it appears there by magic, not realizing it takes time and energy and an awful lot of your life away doing this kind of stuff, to let you know, the uploads just might not be there when you want them.  If I even get a new satellite system, this oneís not even 2 years old, it would cost me another $1000.  To be honest with you, Iím getting kind of fed up putting out everything for free and having the same handful of people sponsoring me once in a while through PayPal.  Thousands and thousands listen for nothing.  This is MORE than any job.  Itís 24 hours a day.  Itís 7 days a week.  Not a day goes by that thereís not another crisis to deal with.  So just to let you know, if you canít get the recent uploads, itís because itís going to cost a lot of dough, for me.  I donít want to keep using by credit card to bring this news to you.  Thatís how pissed off I am about all of this. 


It also goes to show you that when the authorities want you, they donít have to get guys to knock on your door.  You do what they do here, they just interrupt your phone calls; they drop your phone calls; they give you tapping noises all through your phone calls, sometimesÖ just to irritate you.   Especially at night when the younger staff are on, listening in, the younger spooks that they hire.  Or you just get Hughes Satellite company that really divvies out the shares to companies like Xplornet and with a word to the right person, they simply switch you off and say we donít know whatís wrong.  I had the same problem, remember, only a few weeks back with Yahoo.  They could never find what was wrong.  My sites just couldnít upload at all.  It was amazing.  I was the only person on the planet that had this problem.  They just couldnít tell me what the problem was.  It took them weeks to figure it out.  That was weeks uploading that Iíd have to do once it was fixed.  You know how long that takes?  Öon crappy uploading speed from Xplornet?  24 hours a day for 2 Ĺ weeks, just to let you know. 


This is not a big company here getting funded by advertisers or anybody else.  Itís the only show out there that isnít taking money from advertisers or pushing for you to buy this or buy that.  The ads on the show go straight to RBN.  I have nothing to do with it whatsoever.  That pays RBN for the air time and for their equipment and for their technicians.  But as far as what comes in here, itís almost zilch.  So Iím seriously thinking about doing other things, starting to teach small groups again.  Small groups that pay.  They actually pay a lot of money to hear what I have to say.  Iíll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just to continue with my beef about the latest little attacks Iíve been getting here.  The satellite company just switched me off, even though they take the cash.  They go through the routine of the same as Yahoo went through for about 2 or 3 weeks to find the problem.  In the mean time, Iím supposed to spend about $120 or $150 for a guy to come out and check the satellite dish.  Who no doubt will tell me, you need a whole new system when this one is not even 2 years old.  Certainly, itís not on 24 hours a day, never, ever.  But thatís the little tricks they pull on you. 


Iím fed up even today.  I was up on the roof just before the show, adjusting the dish umpteen different directions to see if it made any difference at all.  Of course it didnít because Iím sure the problem in on their end.  They can switch you off.  They just simply deactivate it.  These things really do happen. 


Most harassment doesnít have to come through guys in uniform at the door.  Most of it really is done through their agencies.  Remember, Hughes Satellite Company deals with the military.  Thatís a vast amount of information that goes through it.  It goes through or from the military.  Thatís their biggest contract.  Theyíre the same satellite boys that run Xplornet.  AndÖ it just takes a phone callÖ to give someone a hassle.  So if youíre out there and youíre independent and youíre not fronting for any particular group or even fronting for any financial institution or anything else, you will get attacked.  Iíve had SO many of them.  So many of themÖ and deal with the frustration day after day, attack after attack as they go through this silly routine, this Laurel and Hardy routine, of saying they donít know what it is but itís going to cost you thousands to find out.  Only to find out it just fixes itself once everythingís renewedÖ and your walletís empty. 


For those who are listening live, at least you got it live.  You should be recording it if you want it while itís up because I canít upload itÖ unless I spend all night doing dial up.  Thatís how last nightís went up, by they way.  Dial up.  I donít think anybody else would put up with this stuffÖ when they donít really have to.  For those out there, who listen to show after show after show from all across the planet, into conspiracy theories, I wish you all the best of luck.  The best of luckÖ because youíll never really catch on that things that you think about are happening are really, REALLY happening. 


The stations and companies that make their living off of conspiracy theories are promoted BY the government AS counter-intelligence. Whereas you simply go on with the bare facts, quoting from the books put out by the big players.  The ones that we KNOW of, the ones that are PRESENTED to the public like the Brzezinskiís, the Maurice Strongís and so on.  The ones that have stuff published about them, BY themselves often.  Thereís nothing conspiratorial about them publishing their own stuff.  You donít have to guess at what theyíre saying.  THEY TELL YOU WHAT THEYíRE GOING TO DO.  So on these shows, you see, they make their money off out-of-body experiences and ghosts and all kinds of new agey, which is just old agey, stuff.  Then the guy that comes on after you is either rehashing the Biblical prophesies which you can interpret a THOUSAND different ways to convince the Christian sects, you see; this is all Godís will.  I went through the history a couple nights ago about how THAT started off with a particular Bible that was put out.  Itís now sort of mandatory through all colleges for Christianity.  Thatís where they get all their eschatological stuff to fit in with end times prophecies and stuff like that.  Then they deal with the other ones, the new agers, by bringing in the UFOs and the aliens and stuff like that, and abductions.  And people making a MINT with fantasy.  Itís okay.  Itís good enough.  Itís a free enterprise system.  They can make a lot of money off fantasy and people just gobble up the fantasy wanting to believe, wanting to believe itís true. 


However, when you go on as I go on, just sticking to the hard facts, the hard facts are whatís happening here that we know of and can prove, you WILL come under attack.   A lot of people canít handle the bad news.  Thatís why they want all this scattered information.  They want the UFOs.  They want the ghosts.  They want the out-of-body experiences.  They want Bigfoot.  They want Biblical end-time prophecy.  Because itís all partially fantasy and fantasy is more exciting.  Itís also a great way outÖ thinking itís all fate or itís karma or itís Biblical prophecy, etc, thereís nothing I can do about it; in fact if I did anything about it, Iíd be fighting Godís plan.  You see.  Thatís how COUNTER-intelligence works.  It DISARMS you.  Disarms you completely from doing anything positiveÖ and standing up and saying enough.  ENOUGH.  ENOUGH. 


I actually was on a show once.  Iím not kidding. The guy that came on after me was selling helmets to stop people from getting abducted by aliens.  So for the listener hearing my voice and then going into that spiel, in their mind, they simply wrap you into the same mishmash of weirdo fantasy and they canít tell the two apart.  Thatís called counter-intelligence.  I could name all the shows that do it.  All of them.  One of the biggest shows out there, I could get back if I just went easy on their other guests.  Thatís what I was told.  I could be on every 2 weeks.  I said, I canít lie to the people.  I donít mind them having the out-of-body experiences and the ghosts and the big foot and all the rest of it.  I donít mind that at all, as long as they donít wrap it around my neck and try to tar me with the same brush.  If I have to say something about it when they ask me about these particular topics, I have to tell them the truthÖ which kind of discredits their other guests. 


And yet if I wanted to make a lot of money, I could tell youÖ I could go WAY beyond it with the occult stuff because Iíve read far, far more and I understand far, far more than what youíre hearing out there.  I could be a real shyster and just let the money pile in.  Plenty of them do.  Thatís whatís in demand.  Therefore, Iím only speaking to the ones that can handle the bad news, who are a bit annoyed by it, at the least; a bit indignant about whatís happening to their lives and whatís going to happen to the lives of their children.  Perhaps thatís the only group that really matters.  Iíve even gone through the articles where theyíve declared at the top, from the likes of Kissinger, what a terrorist is.  A terrorist is someone who wonít go along with the new global system.  So maybe Iím just speaking to the Ďterroristsí out there, the ones that are a bit indignant about getting raped by the banks and the governments while they roll out a whole new agenda under the guise of environmentalism to UTTERLY DOMINATE EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE UNTIL YOU CAN NOT MAKE A SINGLE DECISION FOR YOURSELF.  You can only follow government instructions and government orders and bureaucracy, etc. 


Thatís who Iím talking to, the ones who CARE about that because the rest of it doesnít matter.   If people have been having out-of-body experiences for thousands of years, I havenít seen it change a darned thing.  If people seeing UFOs, since it was created to be popular since the government started testing stuff way back in the 50s and 40s, then good luck to you.  It wonít change a darn thing about whatís happening today.  Not a thing.  If they find Bigfoot tomorrow, they can sing a song to you in the forest, it ainít going to make a damn bit of difference to whatís happening in your lives.  Thatís ALL entertainment.  Thatís why itís called entertainment. 


You have seen a coup take place across the Western world since 2001 and the implementation of a well laid plan, definitely planned YEARS in advance by every Western government to go into action at the same time, with the same coordination, with the same lawsÖ which tells you, weíre completely under ONE systemÖ which also tells you there has to be a HEAD TO THE SYSTEM to keep every country on board, on track, as they say, with consensus on every aspect:  the global warming, the carbon footprints, the new carbon economy and all the rest of the stuff thatís coming down the pike.  There is obviously a head and the United Nations was set up not just to be a forum for discussion to iron out differences, it was set up to BE the embryo and the front for a world government. 


Iíve given you enough evidence from the different talks Iíve given from the sources themselves, including the big thing tanks like The Club of Rome, who dreamt up the idea of global warming and man being at war with the planet, therefore, man was the enemy and ďthat would fit the billĒ for this whole greening agenda.  Which is nothing more than a thinly veiled eugenics program.  Iíll be back with more of this after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just sort of griping off tonight about what really happens in real life.  In real life, as I say, if youíre a genuine and youíre not really fronting for anything, you will get problems in various areas like simple telephone calls that you canít make or they keep dropping on you, or you hear the clicks or other voices on the line sometimes.  Other times they just cut off your means to upload to your own sites.  Information.  Remember, itís an information WAR.  Do you understand that?  This is called an information war.  Thatís what they told us before they gave us the internet, that there would be an information war, so they prepared for the war. 


Harassment, this kind of harassment is standard in warfare.  Iíve had it so many times from the main servers and so on and from the satellite company.  By the way, Xplornet gives you great speed for the first couple of months while you make your mind up if you want to tie yourself in to their plan, and then it plummets.  It plummets because, as I found out last night, 2 years later, 2 years later they do have a roll over, they call it - where if they claim that if through Ďunfair use policyí youíre using it too much and of course, thatís up to their discretion; they canít give you a figure of whatís too much or whatís permissible or allowable - then youíre automatically getting cut back each time you log on.  You get 5 minutes of not bad speed but nowhere near what youíre paying for.  Then it will crawl right down, even downloading, to about 3 times dial up.  Thatís what harassment consists of.  Itís up to their discretion. 


After I mentioned their name of the air last night, bingo, I just have no communication at all.  The modem wonít even pick up their satellite.  Just like that.  As I say, the answer would be to spend another $1000 and get the NEW system in.  The NEW system that theyíre pushing and maybe for a month or two, my problems would be over until they put me back on the rollover and then Iím being played with once more.  No doubt thatís how it will happen.  Iím going to seriously think over this weekend what to do because, as I say, Iím ticked off going into the credit card when I shouldnít even have to ask for money on the air.  Itís true.  Itís like begging.  Itís like begging.  Itís ridiculous.  I donít have to. 


The reason Iím doing this is because someone HAD to come out and change the whole patriot movement from where they were, naval gazing, and show them there was a big, big world out there and showing they why things were happening and who was behind it.  The big corporations in league with governments and so on.  Giving the histories of this and when it was set up to be so.  Sure enough, it caught on like wildfire and everyone followed.  All the other patriot stations followed this technique and stopped staring at their feet or their navel to see the big, big picture.  I was warning them where it was all supposed to go, by using the documentation put out by the big boys themselves and the United Nations.  Itís not just pointing at the front people.  I donít care if you got Obama in, Bush in, or anyone else in, theyíre all the same.  They just fulfill their part of the agenda that NEVER ceases.  It never halts regardless of whoís in, in any country.  As treaty after treaty is signed at the United Nations in a whole RANGE of areas:  food, septic tanks, everything, everythingÖ heat, etc, all energy useÖ is signed every year by high-level bureaucrats that we donít elect.  They know whatís going on.  The politicians just come and go, come and goÖ and humor the public. 


Whatís the point in having politicians, especially the top ones, when they never tell you anything off the cuff?  Everything is from a script.  Everything is from a scriptÖ written by other people.  So what is this person that you elect, you think you elect?  Apart from the fact that theyíre pre-chosen at the Bilderberger meetings by people WE have nothing to do with.  Then they have the script writers that must know the agenda because they have to put down the words that the President or the Prime Ministerís going to say.


We had a farce in Canada where Prime Minister Harper gave the same speech, the EXACT SAME SPEECH that the Prime Minister of Australia had given two weeks prior.  Theyíve got it up on YouTube and they show you in this split page, the two of them side by side giving the exact same speech.  It blew out in the papers here and supposedly the script writer in Canada had panicked, he was overworked, so he borrowed the one that the Prime Minister of Australia has said.  Thatís how farcical the front men are.  I personally would prefer just to pay the script writer and have HIM tell us what heís written.  So donít get caught up in the personalities that we love to hate.  Remember, itís a Punch and Judy show where you throw pies at the guy you hate.  Thatís the whole idea of giving you a front man.  Thatís it. 


The reality is democracy was never given to the people.  Iíve gone through the history of the parallel government.  They never intended to give democracy to the people.  Thatís why they set it up as a parallel government an awful long time agoÖ And they knew exactly where they were going.  Back with more after these messages. 


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just letting off steam tonight because itís amazing to me how people are succumbing to what I call counter-intelligence.  Counter-intelligence where they mix fantasy with the truth.  They give you real entertainment to do with out-of-body experiences and all that kind of stuff.  Stuff that makes you go ooh and aah.  They mix it all together until the vital truth is just in a bigÖ Itís like those lamps they used to sell, those lava lamps with the bubbles going up and down and then they all mush together.  Thatís what happens to the truth when you mix it with stuff like that.  Therefore, the FEW who put out the truth are mixed in with the conspiracy theorists. 


Who gave us the term conspiracy theorist?  The government gave it to us.  Now people are joining groups; they look for groups they want to join.  What TYPE of conspiracy theorist group do they want to join?  See, thereís nothing that comes out of the people from the grass roots ever.  Thatís what Plato said.  Itís all given to you and you simply are given a choice between A, B, C or D.  Most things in life are like that. 


During the 60s, it was the blue jean era.  Blue jeans came out.  Thatís when they were wearing blue outfits in the communist China.  No one connected it.  Denim blue was everywhere.  Later on, they give you a different type of music, after rock, where it was drain pipe pants that were like sprayed on, they were that tight.  Then, they give you the baggy ones to rebel with.  So if you want to rebel, they give you this or that, you see; a couple of choices. You either wear the baggy pants and the squint hats or you get a crew cut or shave your head all together and look tough.  Whatever you do or copy, to belong, means that someone has designed this for you.  It wasnít you.  Wasnít you.  This is the stuff that Bernays was talking about.  The last ones to think that theyíre being manipulated are the ones who copy.  You know why they copy?  They copy so they can BELONG.  They want to belong.  These are the same people who talk about being one


In the 1700s they talked about this oneness thing.  The battle in the 1700s was for the first time, individualityÖ FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, anywhere on the planet, a couple of places were given a chance.  Individuality was given a chance to come to the top for the first time.  Before that there was no such thing as individuality or individual choicesÖ except a certain amount for the elite, small elite ruling class over the serfs and peasants.  Therefore, the battle has been for those who can EMERGE OUT OF THE MASS, coming out of the mass, and becoming true individuals.  The communist backlash that was created by the capitalist bankers was to try and get everybody back in to the oneness idea, the masses, they call it.  The masses.  That is what has been chosen for today.  Thatís why the United Nations said its greatest enemy was the INDIVIDUAL.  Theyíd have to stop INDIVIDUALITY. 


The masses means slavery.  Youíre either part of the masses under the same rules and restrictions and laws, the big boot that Orwell was talking about, or youíre one of the ruling elite.  Thereís nothing in between.  Right down to the outfit you copy, even to the terminology that you pick up on television when you look into certain ongoing soaps or whatever for your age group, you are being downloaded by people who designed the terminology, the dress, the music, everything that goes along with it has been designed by people you will never, every meet or even hear about.  Most folk donít even think beyond buying the thingÖ never mind who designed it or why did they design it.  They just want itÖ so they can belong to the group.  The oneness thing.  The masses. 


Thatís what The Club of Rome said, remember, in their book The First Global Revolution.  After looking at all the systems in the world - remember, they were speaking on behalf of the parallel government or ruling elite  - the one that theyíd chosen to rule over the people was collectivism.  Meaning they looked at the Soviet system and they PREFERRED it to rule the world with.  Therefore, you have the small fascist elite group at the top who truly believe theyíre superior because they have all the dough and theyíve kept a HOLD of all the dough from generation to generation with their scientific helping elite as well, who are also interbred like the Huxleyís.  Julian Huxley admitted that he belonged to, he wasnít just part of the dominant minority, he was also in the category of the SCIENTIFIC group.  Then, down below that, the bureaucracies, etc, thereís just the masses.  Thatís what The Club of Rome said, they preferred collectivism.  The fascists at the top, massive bureaucracies and government agencies ruling the masses in a communistic fashion. 


THAT IS WHATíS COMING DOWN ACROSS THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.  Because the same bunch were at it during and before World War I.  They wrote it into the League of Nations when they formed the League of Nations.  They had different names BEFORE they called it the League of Nations which became the United Nations.  The League of Nations also had down as a priority the REDUCTION OF THE NUMBERS OF POPULATION WORLD WIDE, in 1918.  The United Nations is just the phoenix rising again.  Itís just the reincarnation of the League of Nations with more power, more teeth and itís now rising to its prominence, its proper place, they say, for global goverNANCE. 


There will be technically NO government, technically no government eventually.  Itís goverNANCE:  Decrees though a whole chain of levels FROM the UN all the way down to what theyíll call provinces or regions.  The world is already set up as blocs and regionsÖ through the United Nations.  Every Prime Minister and every President across the Western world who belongs to the United Nations has signed you tighter into these agreements with treaties, yearlyÖ binding treaties.  Thatís why thereís nothing different going on across the planet.  Itís all standardized. 


Under the guise of saving the world, theyíve taken over your food supply; theyíve taken over your energy supply; all minerals, metals, everything.  Theyíve been at that since the days of Cecil Rhodes who was sent out to Africa to start that process.  They sent other guys across the world to do the same thing in other countries.  A handful of corporations with the same majority shareholders OWN THE ENTIRE WORLDíS FOOD SUPPLY.  Weíre now sending over the entire world WATER SUPPLY to it.  Everything that you NEED to exist as an individual living creature is in the hands of these people who are going to use all of it, ALL OF ITÖ and theyíre already using itÖ AS WEAPONS. 


Theyíre past the stage of humoring and just through propaganda getting us to change our ways.  Behavior modification, thatís what itís called.  Theyíre past that.  Now theyíre into the BRUTAL phase of it.  Weíre all little primates at the bottom here.  What do you do with primates, according to people like Pavlov?  You just scare the hell out of them constantlyGet them to live in fear, to get fast compliance and obedience.  That, since 2001, has been ongoing. 


Cameras are being put up everywhere in every major country across the planet to NOT - and theyíve already admitted it does not - cut crime at all.  It does give them more of an income because they can certainly get more petty little things like littering, etc and get you on that and bring cash in to the law system.  But it doesnít cut crime.  Itís to intimidate you.  When you are living under a totalitarian police state where youíre driving a vehicle and itís linked into a national data base system - as in Britain - in all towns and villages are all linked in the same system, you have no peace, no privacy, and you will not behave the same way.  EVER AGAIN.  Youíll be like the Soviet system where you walk around with very dull looking clothing on because you donít want to look conspicuous and youíll have a blank expression on your face as you stare at the side walk.  Itís the safest thing to do as you walk along and drudge along through your dreary lives.  THAT is what weíre coming into. 


Everything thatís implemented in BritainÖ Iíve gone through this story a few weeks ago, where NOW the governmentís implementing cameras, mandating them, in peopleís homes.  Well, what are the rest of the countries doing when they see this going on?  ĎWell, they wonít get round to meíÖ as you go off and play with your conspiracy theories and your fantasy mixed together because itís more enjoyable, rather than facing the stark truth of totalitarian reality.  The agenda IS to get everyone monitored 24 hours a day wherever they goÖ including their homes.  You see, youíre not responsible.  According to the American Psychiatric Association, NO ONE is responsible for themselves.  Theyíre all potential terrorists and potential criminals.  Everyone is a potential wife beater or husband beater or child molester.  Everybodyís got POTENTIAL, you see, for everything.  Thatís straight out of their own writings.  They advocated along with the American Psychological Association in their own magazine years ago that they would like to see the day where cameras were put in everybodyís homes. 


Do you think this is all coincidence?  Everything is just happening by the by, day by day here?  Nothing is by coincidence.  It was all put out there years ago with anyone who could tear their eyes away from fantasy and study what was being put out.  This all ties together.  Under the right conditions, anyone is capable of anything, therefore, everyone must be monitored 24 hours a day.  By whom?  By their betters, by experts, by professionals who can see that grimace on the face and say that person MAY be suffering from anxiety in their home and MAY get angry in a minute.  Theyíll intervene before that happens.  Iím not kidding you.  This is what they want.


Iíll tell you another thing.  Theyíre getting what they want because they have NO organized oppositionÖ at all.  Any opposition out there is always got a spin or a little agenda of their ownÖ or appears to be opposing them, but if you look at the goals, where they come down the road, they actually meet together with the same agenda.  Global socialism, collectivism.  Thatís the reality of life.  Everyone look around to see if anyone else is going to make the first move and go to their city hall, town council, whatever it happens to be and say Ďno more, NO, weíre not having this.í  Everybody looks for someone to make the first move.  Everyone does that. 


People talk about liberty and freedom.  How do you get liberty and freedom?  Do you sit back and wait for others to do it for you?  It think it was one of the founders of the US said that anyone whoís not willing to fight for their freedom doesnít deserve liberty.  The reality is, anyone who doesnít fight for their freedom and their rights isnít going to get it anyway.  Thatís what the elite already know. 


The people have been brow-beaten with economic instability for yearsÖ across Europe especially.  From the US they started taking it down in the 80s big time.  Then with GATT, when ALL the top politicians signed the deals with free trade with China and so on and all the manufacturing moved from North America and Europe to China.  They were ALL selling their own peoples outÖ knowingly.  They knew what they were doing.  They knew it.  The only people who didnít know what was going on were the ordinary citizens.  They didnít know.  They were getting entertained too much, you see, to be bothered with saying wait a minute here.  Hereís all your factoriesÖ hereís another factory going off to China.  Who gave your governments the right for that to happen?  Who have the governments the right to put YOU down as the funder, the tax payer, to pay for all those plants getting put across to China?  Because you did.  You paid for them being shipped, literally, and their tooling and everything, over to China, set up time and all the profit loss theyíd lose for the first few years startup.  YOU paid for all of that.  Thatís democracy? 


The European Union admitted once theyíd set up the Parliament, they showed all the documentation on the implementation of it for the first time to the public ONCE there was no going back.  Theyíd set up the Parliament.  It was now working.  It said, they set it up back in 1948 for TOTAL INTEGRATION, but Ďthe PUBLIC MUST NOT BE TOLD UNTIL IT WAS COMPLETE AND RUNNING.í  Democracy? 


Whatís happening with the Americas?  What do you think that is about?  Think anyoneís going to tell you?  Back in a moment after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  What is the matrix?  The matrix is the reality thatís been given to you, that you were BORN in to, that your parents accepted.  Just like a computer program, it gets updated every so oftenÖ for the newcomers into this world.  Itís standardized.  Thatís why itís updating the entire population of the planet at the same time.  That really is what part of the internet is used for too. 


The schools across the planet use it.  They all BELONG to an association that goes under the United Nations.  Thatís why theyíre all on board with the same curriculums, the same fake histories, the same greening agenda, the same indoctrination process and the same indoctrination techniques.  They actually have what they call tool boxes for teachers.  They can go in to sites there and find them that tell you how to get around and past childrenís objections or problems with getting to accept this whole greening necessity.  Thatís called indoctrination.  Not teaching.  Itís indoctrination.  But thatís okay.  Thatís what the educational system was for, an international education system was for.  To make sure everyone, everyone on the planet gets the same indoctrination and then theyíll all think theyíre in the same Platoís cave.  That way they can ALL talk about the same things regardless of the fact that 90% of what they give them to talk about is nonexistent or utter rubbish.  It doesnít matterÖ as long as they all think itís true. 


Weíre living in an age that an Adolf Hitler or a Lenin or a Stalin could never have dreamt ofÖ with technology and communication across the ENTIRE planet so that the same FEW big organizations can indoctrinate everyone at the same time and update us daily.  Fresh downloads.  Sure enough, like Brzezinski said, Ďshortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves.í  In other words, you give up your right or even your ability to reason for yourselves and expect the media to do it FOR you, to TELL youÖ just conclusions.  To give you conclusions so you donít have to worry your little heads about trying to figure anything out for yourself.  Just accept what the media tells you.  They have already figured it out; hereís the conclusion, accept it.  What a great way to govern people, eh?  No objections.  He said, shortly the public will only be able to talk about what they heard on the previous nightís news.  That will be their topics.  Sure enough, go into any workplace, any town and you bring up the topic from the previous nightís news and theyíll finish the conversation for you because they all get the same updates.  But none of it is real because it NEVER touches on whatís really happening anywhere. 


Youíre not supposed to be involved in a governmental or governance world.  Where itís governance, you donít have to tell the little people whatís really going onÖ under goverNANCE.  Governance is so vague; it doesnít have to tell you what itís doing.  Thatís the point of it.  Collectivism doesnít need your approval for whatever they want to do. 


Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




Transcribed by Diana