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Hollywood's Devotion, Distort with Emotion:

"Learning by Reading By-passed, Residual,
Modern Technique is Emotive and Visual,
Hollywood's Perfected Since the Era of Gangster,
Humanizing the Deviant, He's a Likeable Prankster,
Colour Scenes Flip by, the Mind's Guard is Sedated,
All Behaviour Accepted, the Bizarre Elevated,
Moral Relativity in a World Visualized,
Download Complete as Light Flickers in Eyes"
© Alan Watt Aug. 14, 2009


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 14th, 2009.  I always suggest for newcomers to go in to web site and you’ll see all the other sites I have up there.  [listed above]  There’s a reason for that.  I have the big, main servers who tend to just whisk me off with strange problems which they can never find out the cause of.  If you bookmark those sites there, hopefully you’ll be able to download shows regardless of what site is up or down.  Somebody, somewhere should be working.  After I mentioned, I think on Wednesday, how terrible Xplornet was - the satellite for uploading - they cut me off at 9pm.  Xplornet simply buys time from Hughes Industries.  They own the big satellites for the military and of course, what’s left over - the waste products you might say - is sold to the average consumer for very awful speed and a high price.  So I mentioned it on the air and kaboom, down it went.  I’m sure it’s someone in high places in the old boys network had a word with the CEO and says, ‘someone’s being a bit of a nuisance; one of your clients on Xplornet, could you do something about it?’  and bingo, they did.  That’s how things work in the real world.  So, I might be behind in getting the shows up to my web site.  You have to bear with me.  Don’t pound me with letters asking me what’s going on.  I’ve got enough to do with it as it is.  I run around like a crazy guy all day trying to fix things and find alternate methods of uploading.  It’s not easy. 


So having got that out of the way, it’s up to you to keep me going in the first place.  I can’t afford a whole brand new satellite system and I’m sure that’s what they’ll come out here and tell me I need.  It’s less that 2 years old and it was $1000 the last time with installation and all the rest of it.  I don’t get in that kind of money.  Therefore, I’m of 2 minds on what to do about it altogether.  I’ve given out so much stuff for free over the years and there’s only a handful of people that bother to support me.  Thousands of people use the information and it ends up on everybody else’s sites across the planet, but their big thank you is to not even mention where they got all their information from, even though much of it is copied verbatim from my site.  That’s the real world as well.  Sometimes it makes you wonder who you’re trying to help in this world doesn’t it?  Now, for those who hear the disks, they have the shows burned by those with the computers and passed to them so they can play in CD players, you can write to me at [listed above].  I do need your help to keep going. 


It’s amazing.  I’ve listened to other people that have the big money drives, etc and bring in thousands and thousands and thousands of bucks.  It’s almost like the circus atmosphere.  It gets people really motivated.  I’m not really in to that kind of show biz type stuff.  I tend to leave it to people to just think for themselves and just cough up some cash… but it doesn’t happen very often.  So as I say, I’m thinking what to do and where to go from here and to see if this is enough all together that I’ve done.  It certainly would be enough for most people a few times over, I can tell you that… even physically.  I’ll be back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  What is the matrix?  The matrix is the artificial world that you think is real with all of its opinions, its dogmas, its systems - especially the systems that preexisted your being born - and how they’re perpetuated throughout your lifetime as they were in your parents’ lifetime too.  Through education and all the reinforcement, they call it - once they get ideas into your head, fake or true it doesn’t matter - they reinforce them by repetition until everyone thinks when they’re having conversations and they’re all talking about the same things, they think they’re all quite sane because they’re talking about the same things with the same opinions, etc, etc.  Very easy to create a culture, hold on to it and then update it when you want to.  It’s very simple when you’ve got mass media.  Everyone’s getting the same news at the same time.  Everyone’s getting the updated education when they go to school, every generation, by generation, and they think everything is all quite normal.  Some of the top communist leaders talked about this and said that society could go off in a thousand directions but those who are born into the system - for instance, that the communists had constructed - made sure that they thought the ONE that they were born in to would be the ONLY one which could have possibly, naturally evolved.  That’s what happened.  We’re always fooled in every age, you might say.  Simply by being born in to it, your parents can’t warn you because they’ve swallowed it all.  They don’t know either. Then you’re born in your lifetime and you accept your parents’ point of view, everything is quite natural.  And if they wanted your first born or second born, that would be quite natural too.  Everything can be made natural you’re born into, if the adults make no stink about it, you accept it quite simply.  


I’ve talked before about Hollywood and how Hollywood is part of the culture creation industry and how it prepares you for things to come, mainly through its fictional portrayals of the future.  They’re always churning out these movies.  Remember too, I’ve read articles in the past where the Pentagon puts VAST sums of money into the making of CERTAIN Hollywood movies.  Vast sums.  Why would the military-industrial complex be interested having YOU get a particular VIEW of things?  It’s very important that they give you THEIR view so that will become YOUR opinion on certain things.  When you see things, dramas… CBC Canada is very good at that.  The government’s paid web site.  They pay for the TV site and radio site, CBC.  It’s the same as the BBC in Britain.  They make sure that everything is always politically correct.  When you see something happening in a docudrama… docudramas, remember, are where they take CERTAIN parts of truth about an event and then they have a drama, an acting - they have actors acting it out - and when you see certain things portrayed in a certain way, the imprinting, especially the emotional imprinting, will stay in your mind.  Whether it’s factual or not, it doesn’t matter.  It’s the emotional imprinting.  We see someone getting beaten up for some reason, it stays in your mind.  That’s how you use propaganda. 


This article here is from The Telegraph. 


Hollywood's distortion of the truth alters history in the eyes of schoolchildren

Hollywood's habit of playing with historical facts is leading schoolchildren to get it wrong too – even if they read the true story in classrooms, a new academic study shows.

 By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent  /  6 Aug 2009


(Alan: In other words, the fictional version with actors will override the truth that they’re given from a book.  That’s what it’s saying.)


Researchers have found that film is an incredibly powerful tool (A:  They just found this out right?  They’ve always known this.) for teaching children about the past which can greatly increase historical knowledge.


However, it is so powerful that if the facts are wrong, pupils are more likely to believe them even if they are told otherwise by text books or teachers, they say.


When films get it right then children benefit enormously and remember much more detail when later questioned, said lead researcher Andrew Butler of Washington University in St Louis. But when they got it wrong, so do the children. Even if they have read the correct version in a textbook they remember what was in the film not what was in their book.


"When information in the film was consistent with information in the text, watching the film clips increased correct recall by about 50 per cent relative to reading the text alone," he said.


"In contrast, when information in the film directly contradicted the text, people often falsely recalled the misinformation portrayed in the film, sometimes as much as 50 per cent of the time."


Mr Butler, who published in the journal Psychological Science, recommends that teachers carry on showing films in classrooms but before it starts make a point of telling the children to look out for particular mistakes.


Hollywood stars from Tom Cruise to Denzel Washington as well as British actors like Anthony Hopkins have made films about historical events with glaring factual errors, it said.


Theses include showing Mozart as a spoiled brat in Amadeus when he was not or the Americans cracking top secret Nazi codes in the film U-571 when really it was the British.  (A:  That’s interesting in itself, just as an offside there.  They make big deals about the codes that they broke in World War II and how supposedly a machine was smuggled out of Germany to help decode what the Nazi code’s actually all about.  It was called, I think, the Venona Codes.  Venona is just a scrambled Novena.  Novena.  They never mention that in the books.)


Another error is made in Shekhar Kapur's 1998 film Elizabeth. Cate Blanchett's ruthless monarch forces her adviser Sir William Cecil into retirement with a peerage when really he stayed at her side until his death. (A:  Well, he had to.  He had to.  He was also the Treasurer.  It was he who advised her that once they defeated the Spanish armada, that they couldn’t afford to pay the sailors, therefore they should anchor the fleet off shore and wait until they starved to death.  That was the wonderful Queen Elizabeth 1st.)


History truly is different isn’t it?  …from the fiction that’s portrayed.  They love to give us stories about the well-to-do.  In fact, history, as we’re given it, is all about the tyrants the conquerors, the kings, those who get to the top by any and all means possible, but you never see stories about the ordinary people.  It’s just too boring isn’t it?  We don’t really count, you might say.  We really don’t count.  Who wants to watch the poverty and misery of people who living in little houses in merry old England, in Elizabeth the 1st day, when the Queen was walking on oak boards, hand sawn, over an inch think, maybe 2 inches thick, standing in front a big, nice fire maybe 10 feet wide… when the little people were working and living in their hovels with straw on the floor covering the mud.  Who wants to do stories about the truth?  It’s not too popular with the upper classes, the dominant minority, as they call them.  This is just the way it goes. 


Mark Baard, I’ve read it before but I’ll read it again.  It follows up on a story I read previously to do with barcodes that can be read at a distance.  It says…


Now it’s barcodes that can be read at a distance

2009 July 28  /   Mark Baard /


Radio frequency identification tags are not fully catching on, thanks to objections from Alan Watt, Katherine Albrecht, and others who have been hammering away for years at RFID’s threats to privacy and civil liberties.


For global corporations and the US Department of Homeland Security, who remain eager to track individuals, that means it’s time to shift their efforts back to barcodes.


MIT scientists last week said they’ve overcome the barcode’s strongest privacy protections–its close read range, and fussy need to be scanned, line-of-sight. Now, using the camera in a mobile phone, a spy, or hacker, will be able to scan the barcode label on any object, or person, at an angle, and up to 60 feet away.  (A:  I’ll bet you it’s a lot more.)


The MIT scientists are working with grants from Nokia, Samsung, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (A:  You know, these foundations that help to get it all working the right way.) –named for its founder, the ruthless auto industry chief that one reporter counts among “Hitler’s carmakers.” Sloan is also a creator–through his strategy of “planned obsolescence”–of our modern, consumerist culture.  (A:  A good friend of Bernays.)


The new barcode labels, called bokodes, can be made “tiny, and imperceptible“–each is about three millimeters in diameter.


Here’s an excerpt from the BBC:


“For traditional barcodes you need to be a foot away from it at most,” said Dr Mohan.


The team has shown its barcodes can be read from a distance of up to 4m (12ft), although they should theoretically work up to 20m (60ft).


“One way of thinking about it is a long-distance barcode.”


There’s more links there you can look at as well.  I read the previous article about two weeks ago on this.  This really will catch on.  There’s no doubt about it.  They’re determined to go step by step to barcode and THEN to chip you.  It’s so obvious.  Isn’t it?  Most folk won’t mind being chipped today.  Most folk really won’t mind.  A lot of them… I heard this years ago by a man who’s dead now.  He was killed by the authorities.  He did say that there’s a lot of people out there who will LOVE socialism.  The ones who don’t like risk taking; the ones who don’t like making decisions; the ones who like the thought that there’s all these safety nets and social workers ready to help them out; they will love socialism right to the trenches… where they’re shot.  I’ll be back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know socialism, Fabian style, planned to take countries over and then blocs and then the entire world a long time ago.  That was the plan.  Anyone who looked into the Fabian history should know that by now, for those who care to look into it.  Their whole idea was to allow some countries to try communist revolutions.  They would fund it because the same boys who worked in the Fabian Society also worked with the communists.  Professor Carroll Quigley admits that too.  That often, for instance, the Council on Foreign Relations was often funding or were part of or included high ranking communist members in the United States and other countries.  He said that ‘we work with everyone’; the Council on Foreign Relations works with everyone, socialist, communist and so on.  Because under the Fabian technique it’s intergenerational, incremental changes until down 100 years, you can literally turn a culture upside-down and introduce little rules and laws along the way, that amount to millions of pages of laws by the end of 100 years.  And because people get a little bit at a time, they accept it, we ADAPT to it.  Adaptation.  So, they would allow the communist side to go ahead and rapidly, through bloodshed, take over whole countries, amalgamate them under a big union and then give them a standardized education… knowing that 70 years down the road they’d start to bring down the wall, etc that wasn’t even built then, when they first started off with the Fabians, and merge the two systems together.  That came out with the Reece Commission that was commissioned by the US Congress.  That the big foundations seemed to be funding what seemed to be communist groups.  Some of them were. 


Fabianism technically is a communist system.  Communism, Socialism, Fabianism, it’s all the same thing.  It’s all the same thing.  Except that Fabianism was going to do things slowly, incrementally, through government and through infiltration of government by generations.  That’s why you’ll see the top Fabians today are generally intergenerational, from the same families, and they’ve been very successful with what they do.  Not only politicians but they had to make sure the Fabians got in to the high offices of the bureaucracies.  High-level bureaucrats, very important.  Across the world now, you have Fabians in place.  So the long haul - like the tortoise - has achieved it; you know, the rabbit has run his race but the tortoise won in the end.  It’s all around us. 


Now, Socialism, Communism, Fabianism is an elitist idea.  It was never born from the people at the bottom, the grassroots, but they knew they had to use the grassroots to help them get there.  So they pretended to be FOR the working man and stuff like that, to give you rights.  They did speak up for the workers over and over and over, but you have to go in to their older records and hear what George Bernard Shaw, for instance, one of the founders of the Fabian Society, said their goal was.  See, they looked at all the poverty, etc and they didn’t say it’s because there’s not enough work, etc.  They said, ‘no, there’s too many poor people’.  They wanted a planned society, how things should really be run… a planned society where government ordered everything, EVERY thing, in life… everybody and everything. 


Since 2001, it’s never become so plain - this particular movement - and come out into the open as it has today.  Tony Blair, for instance, is a member of the Fabian Society, lifelong; so is Mr. Brown, the present Prime Minister of Britain.   You’ll find other members IN the US and across the planet in high-level positions too.  They all belong to it because they have the same goal.  They believe an intelligentsia should rule the world.  They obviously, since they’ve done their apprenticeships through the Fabian Society and parroted all their different plans, etc and even parrot to each other all the same stuff, then naturally, they should be the elite to RUN the ordered system, this communistic system which they now call collectivism, a collectivistic type society.  They also believed they could eventually run the world’s money supply by regulation and treaties through governments and treaties BY governments to other governments, etc.  They would set up the World Bank and the IMF and had no problem with the existing financial elite running those things at all. They have no problems with that at all.  They believe they’ve also earned the right to be leaders in that area.  So the big bankers and Fabians are really all the mixed together.  They’re all one, you see, ‘on board’ with the same thing. 


They want a future where technocrats and the experts run the world.  They’ll run everything to do with LIFE on the planet.  Everybody’s life.  They want a world where... because we’re all so dumb and stupid at the bottom, you can’t choose a career for yourself.  No, you must take the career they will eventually pick for you, at a very early age.  That’s all they’ll train you in.  If they decide you’re going to be a plumber, that’s all you’re going to learn.  You don’t need history, geography; you don’t need to know anything about anything else.  That’s the REAL goal eventually.  The real goal is still to come down, of school-to-work.  Much more efficient, they say, and cost effective.  These guys are nutty about cost effectiveness, as they squander our money, by the billions. 


Here they are getting into… and here’s politics getting into business even in THIS way - these control freaks, you see, again, using an idea that their own members dreamt up - saving the environment to do it.  They are going to tell you how much you can eat and what supermarkets should NOT sell you.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi.  I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just talking about how government now is so cocky and sure about itself.  No wonder.  After all, they’ve put so many laws through since 2001, they’re on a roll and people are accepting them all.  They’re accepting cameras everywhere.  They’re accepting they have no privacy.  They’re accepting that they’re followed everywhere by cameras and helicopters in the sky across Britain.  That integrated circuits of cameras across whole countries, they’re all put together from villages, towns, roadways, everything.  You can’t go anywhere without being watched.  Stuff like that.  That’s what you get under police states.  Let’s not kid ourselves here.  The only places you’ve seen this before in history is under a police state… and it’s worse than any police state across the world than we’ve ever seen in history.  Worse, much, much worse.


Strange too, in an era when we’re supposedly broke.  We’ve just been raped and plundered by the banks and then raped and plundered by the governments to bail out the banks.  The government’s still throwing billions of dollars for more, more, more cameras and security and so on and getting more and more of these buildings built to observe people in every town across, basically, the Western hemisphere, who have groups of people just sitting and watching screens all the time.  If you drop litter, they actually shout at you.  They shout at you, ‘yeah, YOU, YOU, yeah YOU.’  Just like George Orwell’s 1984.  See the black and white version; it’s excellent and made in 1984 itself. 


Here we are with it and people think… it’s what they want to believe.  See people want to believe it’s for their safety.  That’s incredible because you don’t put this kind of intrusion into people’s lives to keep them safe.  You do it because you’re either paranoid of the public or you really want to intimidate them… or both.  Intimidation changes the behavior of everyone when you know you’re being watched.  You can’t be spontaneous on anything because you’re always on camera.  Always. 


Here’s government getting in to private business again.  That’s Fabianism as well. 


Buy-one-get-one-free offers should be scrapped by supermarkets

 to save immense food wastage, say ministers

(A:  That’s politicians.  They call them Ministers over there.)

By Sean Poulter / 11th August 2009


Supermarkets' buy-one-get-one-free offers should be scrapped and replaced with half price offers, ministers have said.


The measure would be one way of slashing the amount of food binned in the UK every year.


So-called BOGOF offers and loss leaders - where supermarkets sell products for less than they pay for them to get customers through their doors - are contributing to an increase in carbon emissions.  (A:  Do you realize we’re going to be like skeletons before these guys are finished?  And it won’t be enough.  We’ve got to be neutered, sterilized skeletons.  And it still won’t be enough until we croak and die.  I hope you believe that because that’s the truth.  That’s truth.  How do you think they’re going to hit their target of 80-odd percent reduction in carbon dioxide in the coming 20-odd years?  How do you think that will be achieved?  They’ve admitted themselves it can only be done by mass culling of the public.  I read an article last week where Ted Turner talked about it the year previously.  They’re not kidding.)


Supermarket offers are being blamed for people throwing away more than 4million tonnes of food a year


It is estimated that cutting out unnecessary wastage would be equivalent to removing one fifth of traffic from the UK's roads.  (A:  See how they work it all out?  They work it all out with all these statistics and stuff.)


Banning such offers and repackaging food in a variety of sizes to cater for single people as well as couples and families would also promote healthy living and improve the nation's diet.


The Government's waste watchdog estimates that 4.1million tonnes of food is thrown away each year, at an average cost of £420 per household.  (A:  No kidding, eh.  No kidding.  Do you know how much stuff rots in the ground every year?  Have you ever gone across the forest, for instance?  Most folk unfortunately live in cities.  A forest to them is the park, their city park.  They think you just stroll through a forest like you do in the park.  They also think that places like Canada are devoid of all forest because of massive cutting.  I tell you one thing, when you come up here, you’ll see you can’t just have a stroll through a forest.  You have to CUT your way through a forest.  It’s so thick.  Most of that stuff can’t rise up.  All these little saplings 6 feet high, 7 feet high, whatever, are competing with other ones to get up to the sun.  They strangle each other; lots of them die.  And they rot, just rot.  How much do you think that gives off as it’s all rotting?  What I’m trying to tell you is all this stuff about food is bullshit.  They have a different agenda, a different agenda all together.  It’s nothing to do with global warming at all.  I wonder if they give them Nazi officer’s uniforms, these characters like Hilary Benn in Britain who speaks on behalf of the government in this area?)


Hilary Benn: Says shoppers should throw away less food.  (A:  I’ll bet he puts away a lot of food.  I’ll bet he’s a nice podgy man himself.  I’ll bet you he has about 10 courses in his meals at the big, fancy meetings he attends all the time.  See it’s nothing to do with the excess food.  They want to bring everything down and down and down because food and water is going to control YOU and make you cower even more and be more subservient to these characters… these sadomasochistic control freaks. 


I think we’ve got Steven in England on the line.  Are you there Steve?


Steve:  Yeah.  Hi Alan. 


Alan:  Hi.


Steve:  How are you doing?


Alan:  I’m hangin’ in under all these different attacks I have.  [laughs]


Steve:  I just wanted to say to members of your audience, here I am in the North East of England, I’ve got almost illegal tires on my car and every month I try sending by mail just 5 quid which is a hell of a lot more than a dollar.  I wish I could send the dollar.  Just send one dollar, please, because you’ve got help this guy out.  He’s the only person out there that really makes sense.  Okay Alan.  That’s really what I wanted to say and just hang in there, mate. 


Alan:  I will do and don’t get caught with those tires whatever you do.  [laughs] You won’t be out for 20 years.  Thanks for calling. 


It’s incredible.  I saw a Panorama disk.  I can’t watch anything here on high speed even though I’m paying for it all the time and now I have no service at all, but someone sent me a disk on Panorama who had done a documentary about Britain as the most spied upon country on the planet, so far, but we’re all catching up.  Everywhere you went, you couldn’t believe these police helicopters where the guys in the black outfits, just like in that movie Blue Thunder, showing you the future to come and how they’re using all this GPS satellite tracking stuff.  They even track the license plates; they lock on to them and track you wherever you go.  At the end, the Panorama reporter was driving along and he saw this little gadget about a foot wide flying on the air beside him, these drones, little square looking things with propeller blades on it and a camera pointing at him.  That’s what they’ve got out there now too.  Road crime… is that the main crime across the country, road crime?  No, that’s the biggest INCOME that they have for the cops and all the guys that split the loot is catching people on the roads.  That to them is the ultimate crime… because it pays well and very quickly.  Most folk don’t ever, never contradict a ticket and go against the ticket for speeding or whatever.  They just pay it.  EASY money, you see, for the court system.  When the cops went on strike in Toronto - they are owned by the city or at least hired by the city - a few years ago, there was chaos at Queens Park.  That’s where the governor lives and the whole thing with all these hangers on; they call them politicians.  They were desperate because they were losing something like $150,000 a week in fines, just for traffic stuff and so on.  They include this coming crime in every budget.  They need it.  They need it.  If there’s not enough money coming in, they create more laws and bylaws and all the rest of it until you can’t help breaking laws.  Money, money, money.  Crime pays for those who make the laws. 


It’s awful.  People don’t know how bad it is in countries like Britain YET… but it’s coming here very, very, very soon.  Believe you me, as I say, they’re going to control you, your calories and so on with your food intake and they WILL come down to HOME VISITS.  They’re already doing that in Britain with some families by law.  When they say they have obese children, they come in and they weight them and they weight the parents because you’re the example to the child, etc.  Nothing to do with the GMO food and all the rest of it and the fact you can’t metabolize the stuff properly.  No. NO. No. It’s your fault for eating so much.  So the government, the nanny state, is going to make sure that you eat what you’re supposed to… something that’s healthy for you and they’ll decide how much is healthy for you.  Just like Orwell’s 1984, you’ll start off in the morning in front of a big screen… I’m not kidding because they’re putting these cameras with screens in in people’s homes, by law, to watch them… bedrooms, everything.  You’ll get up in the morning, exercising in front of some dominatrix who will be telling you to touch your toes and all the rest of it and talking directly to YOU, just like they did in the movie.  Go and see that movie.  It’s coming… if it’s not in fact here.


World Net Daily had this article in it to do with Obama’s environmental czar.  It says he started a group targeting… Anyway, I can’t find the article, but I’ve looked at Obama’s staff and who he’s appointing or at least APPEARS to be appointing.  I’m sure he’s told who to appoint.  But if you want to be afraid of the characters that are now in place, you should be very, very, VERY afraid.  They all have incredible histories.  Incredible histories of belonging to even previous terrorist groups and stuff, in a few days gone by, not too long ago.  Quite something. 


Here we go too, with this hype with the nonexistent flu, this Swine/Avian mixture, supposedly, flu.  The governments are going to incredible lengths to make sure we’re all trained to run off and panic and get them.  They even have the beginnings of the campaigns starting, ‘oh, there might not be enough; get it while you can’.  You’ll see pensioners - like they did with the first free flu shots - punching each other in the queues waiting for them.  That’s how they get panic stricken… ‘me first, me first, I want to live, I want to live’.  You know.  Then they all come down with pneumonia and stuff like that once they get it.  This article is from 


Diseased African Monkeys Used to Make Swine Flu Vaccines;

Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor


(A:  Remember I mentioned before how the actual, the big companies that make the vaccines are PART of the bio-warfare industry.  That’s who the military uses.  After all, they’ve got all the gear and so on.  They’re working with bacterium and viruses of all kinds.  I read the article where that guy in the US, the CDC, had got a hold of the killer flu from 1918 and inserted 3 genes into the common flu from it to find out if they could turn it into a killer.  He was very successful.  That wasn’t a bio-warfare lab down in Fort Dix.  That was actually in one of these big vaccine company’s places.  It says here…)


(NaturalNews) To most people, vaccines sound medically harmless. "They're good for you!" say the doctors and drug companies, but they never really talk about what's in those vaccines. There's a good reason for that: If people knew what was really in those vaccines, they would never allow themselves to be injected with them.


Aside from the dangerous ingredients many people already know about (like squalene or thimerosal), one of the key ingredients used in flu vaccines (including the vaccines being prepared for the swine flu pandemic) is the diseased flesh of African Green Monkeys. This is revealed in U.S. patent No. 5911998 - Method of producing a virus vaccine from an African green monkey kidney cell line. (  (A:  It’s got a lot of data on that.)


There’s a caller from Washington.  David, are you there?


David:  Yeah.  I’m here.  I wanted to mention Brian Gerrish, Common Purpose exposé.  Are you aware of that?  I’m sure you are.


Alan:  Yes.


David:   You talked about it?  I don’t recall it but you’ve made mention of it.  I’ve watched the video, hour and 36 minutes on a web site last night.


Alan:  I had that out months and months ago.  I did that a few times. 


David:  I just got done watching that video and I’m passing it around here in the state where I live.  It was really, he’s very good at his presentation.  I thought it was excellent.  Very thorough.  I just wanted to mention that and see what you thought about it.  Is that your perception as well, of what he tries to…?


Alan:  He’s quite right that Common Purpose came out of nowhere.  It was set up with incredible funding, INCREDIBLE FUNDING, by big foundations.  Its whole object is to bypass the present system and bypass democracy.  It also tells you by the members who come into it - even top ranking members of the military who are not supposed to join any political organization, remember, while you’re IN the military - that therefore they’ve been given the go-ahead from a very high source that this is THE organization to join IF you want to get ahead in life.  They’re given incredible power, this Common Purpose.


David:  Amazing.  I was stunned to see how they’re… you know, we hear about all the other tactics that are being used.  Of course, they’re all used.


Alan:  What they’re doing is also going into the schools.  They’ve trained teachers to choose certain students who are really involved in socialism and train them to be the future leaders that one day they’ll present to us, just like the Politburo used to get presented to the Soviets.  That’s what they’re doing there.  Mind you, they’re also doing the same back here as well and in the US.  There’s other organizations that are doing the exact same thing.


David:  What is the organization here affiliated with Common Purpose?


Alan:  You’ll find them under various systems to do with the foundation grants for scholarships, even the Rhodes Scholarship too.  They pick future leaders like Bill Clinton.  I’ll be back with you after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Is Dave still on the line?  No.  Okay.  Just to finish up with what Dave was saying there.  I think that there’s a lot of organizations there in the States.  If you look under foundations of the USA and look who they support, you’ll see organization after organization, young this, young that and so on.  They supposedly help to educate outside of the school system but also inside it too.  They get IN to the school systems and have been for a long, long time.  I think it was Charlotte Iserbyt who did the book, The Dumbing Down of America, also mentions a bunch of organizations through the major educational system, through the teachers associations, etc that have that.  Don’t forget Obama’s new army, the Youth Army, basically, that he’s mandated, this voluntary sort of work you’re supposed to put in.  He’s expanded it into different age groups as well.  Out of that by teaching IDEOLOGY, a specific ideology, and that’s what it’s for.  I’ve read the articles on air about it.  Teaching an ideology, they will also create and choose future leaders for them to present to the public for you to go through the farce of voting for.  So it will be very much like the Soviet system.  Do you want Politburo number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?  Which face do you fancy the most?  That’s it.  That’s the system they’re bringing in worldwide. 


Remember what they’ve said at the top, that democracy was too cumbersome; they couldn’t get done all the things they wanted to get done and they’d have to bypass it.  What they favored was collectivism.  What they mean is the social system of the Soviet type organization.  That’s what they’re creating right now.  We’re living through it.  We have been for quite some time. It doesn’t matter about right wing, left wing, we’ve been living through it for some time.  Most folk were fooled by the right wing and the left wing nonsense.  This movement has gone on unabated, unabated - even Winston Churchill talked about it - for pretty well 100 years.  Through treaty signing from country to country with the bureaucrats in high-level positions bypassing politicians all together and going to their equivalent partners in other countries through the United Nations.  HG Wells wrote about that in 1919.  He says, now we can bypass the politicians all together.  Bureaucrats can literally go across the water, meet their compatriots in the same positions in other countries and make deals… make deals to bring in world socialism.  It’s been here all along… all along. 


It’s evident in some countries more than others.  Definitely evident, I’d say, in Britain.  It went through the worst of it.  They had a financial depression there forever.  A few years of brief recovery only because they were throwing credit cards at people and then they took them off them again.  That’s all the kept Britain going through the 90s.  All the industry was just gone, shut down.  Margaret Thatcher, this was a right wing, conservative, sunk all the coal mining industry.  The coal miners were the only really powerful union in the country, eventually.  She decided to bust their strike and all the rest of it, their demands, by importing coal from communist Poland at the time.  That’s what she did.  She shut down all the British mines, which tells me that you certainly were not at war with the communists when you’d sink your own coal industry and then import coal from communist Poland.  There is no left wing.  There is no right wing.  There’s only one agenda and the public, most of them, haven’t a clue. 


Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada it’s good night and may your God or your Gods Go with you. 




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