Aug. 20, 2009 (#390)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 20, 2009:

'Tis the Season to Lose All Reason:

"Told to Obey Science with All its Theories,
No Room Given for Citizens' Queries,
Ordered to Comply with Big Pharma's Lab
And All Their Minions Who Want to Stab
Untried Poisons into Our Bodies,
Where are All the Protest Lobbies?
While UN Screams Too Many People,
These Jabs May Kill or Render Feeble,
There's No Doubt within the Thinking Few,
Something's Rotten in This Story of Flu"
© Alan Watt Aug. 20, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 20, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 20th of August, 2009.  I always suggest that newcomers look in to web site.  On the front page, if you scroll down, youíll see all the other sites I have up there.  You should always bookmark them in case anything happens to the main servers.  Itís happened in the past.  This way youíll always have another site you can go to and download the latest shows.   Thereís a whole bunch to choose from.  In fact, itís a good policy, actually, to try and pick different ones on different nights to download from, especially if you find your program sticking when youíre trying to download.  All the people go in to at the same time.  Thatís often what happens.  Thereís thousands and thousands will just go in at the same time.  So if you pick other ones and try them, youíll find youíll often get right through.  [Sites listed above.]  Thereís also and this site is the European site which has all the same audios PLUS it has written transcripts for print up in the various languages of Europe.  So thatís really handy for a lot of people.  For those who want to try their hand at translating, you can get in touch with me [listed above] and weíll see what we can do.  Thereís a lot of people out there across the planet and itís great, itís great when the word starts spreading, even to little villages in some places, in South America, where they donít have the internet and so on.  Itís amazing that transcripts end up getting passed to them and you hear back from people eventually.  Quite something. 


Remember, this is probably the only show thatís brought to the people by the people themselves.  Those that listen, at least for a small portion of those that listen who donate, the rest are just the freeloaders that love to surf all over the place and mind-boggle themselves with incredible useless data.  The same people tend to support me all the time.  Thereís not so many, so I appreciate them.  Itís tremendous what they do.  Theyíre very faithful followers of the program.  It still means they have minds of their own, of course.  However, for those who havenít tried donating, pass a few cents this way now and then because that keeps me going.  I donít get paid by the advertisers.  ALL advertisements on the show are paid by the advertisers straight to the RBN station.  That pays for their time and their staff and equipment, etc, also bills involved. 


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Thatís that out of the way as well, but donít just dismiss what Iíve said.  I need your support to keep going because the cash flows out faster often than it comes in.  Iím going to go in to some stories which you can check the links at the end of the show on my site.  Iíll be back after these messages.


This is Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I keep reminding people in case theyíve forgotten and lots of people already have, since we adapt so quickly to everything, reallyÖ Thatís a human quality thatís been known for thousands of years.  Weíre the most adaptable species on the planet.  We can get adapted into any kind of social structure by those who PLAN the structure and plan the outcome and it works very, very well. 


Everything, of course, has been hurt since 9/11.  Thatís the intention of it.  It combines with the global warming scam and the overpopulation scam and all the other scams together.  These are ALL parts of the same scam to bring in a controlled world societyÖ the way it should be, you see, by those who designed it.  They decided long ago that people making their own decisions, having children and so on, was just too untidy and messy.  They like order.  They love order.  Therefore, they dreamed up scary scenarios, as they called them themselves in their own writings, a long time ago.  Theyíve been implementing them steadily from 2001 onwards. 


Weíve had so many crises, itís amazing weíre not all biting our nails and becoming neurotic.  Of course, psychiatry is ready for that too with all their various anti-depressants and happy pills.  This is a time that SCIENCE is supposed to come to the fore.  The Century of Change, they call it.  The culmination of the revolutions that started off in the 18th century with the Age of Reason.  This is supposed to be the culmination of it now, when the most reasonable ones, the most educated ones, the ones who donít believe in silly Ďsuperstitions,í as they call religion, have the right to rule the rest of the people using science.  SCIENCE, the REAL God, the natural God, according to them.  Weíre all supposed to obey.  Unfortunately, it will work because they understand the techniques of controlling mass society and how we DO adapt into pretty well anything. 


It says here, from the Wall Street Journal, about the Canada/US border and how tradeís been effected since they changed over all the guards, you see, with the paranoid types, a new genre, a new breed, you might say, who are not the old friendly, smiling faces that would wave you through and have a nice day.  These new ones are very abrupt.  They copy what the actors do on television on these border movies that they have.  I think Canadaís got a whole series of them.  They copy the actors and they wear the black outfits and stuff.  Theyíre looking for everything, you see.  Everybodyís a suspect.  EVERYBODY.  Just like in the television and the movies.  Itís become a reality for people driving through, getting searched and talked to as though they were some kind of sub-human species.  Therefore, not so many people are driving across the borders.  So from The Wall Street Journal it says here



At Canada Border, Businesses Take a Hit .



Many U.S. businesses along the Canadian border say they are being hurt by a new law that requires travelers to show more than just a driver's license to cross into America.  (Alan:  Thatís all you needed at one time, before 9/11.  Thatís all you needed.)


Businesses already reeling from the recession say the new rules, which require Canadians to show a passport or other internationally recognized documentation when entering the U.S. by land or sea, have resulted in a sharp drop in free-spending tourists crossing the border.


In June, the first month of the new policy, the 11 busiest U.S.-Canada bridges drew about 2.6 million vehicles -- a nearly 23% drop from the same time last year, according to the Public Border Operators Association. July's numbers were slightly better, but still off 17% from a year ago.


Experts say the law is hurting businesses because security along the U.S.-Canada border has historically been lenient. In the past, Canadians were sometimes allowed to enter without showing any documentation.


In contrast, along the U.S. border with Mexico, documentation requirements have long been stringent because of concerns about drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Mexicans have always had to show a passport and a visa to enter the U.S. The new policy requires additional documentation for Americans returning from Mexico.


Drew Schmidt, owner of Victoria San Juan Cruises, a ferry company in Bellingham, Wash., said his business has been hammered. Though domestic ferry riders are actually up about 2% from a year ago, visitors crossing into Canada -- who now must show passports or other documents -- are down 27% from last year, he said.


So business is being hurt too.  Itís the same thing, too, there used to be a lot of shoppers coming from the Canadian side going in to the US side and spending a day there.  Lots of money passed hands in the stores, on both sides of the border, but itís not a pleasant thing now to just take a trip across.  Itís a trial, if youíve been through it.  Itís a trial youíre going through, basically.  Thatís put a lot of people off. 


It will be interesting to see how long they keep the border there because under the Free Trade Negotiation deal, eventually the borders are supposed to come down completely.  Meanwhile, of course, they must get everybody IDíd in all the countries involved and all the POTENTIAL countries to come into yet.  They must get them all IDíd, the SAME ID and then the borders will simply disappear and weíre under one continental government.  Thatís what the plan is, in their own writings.  They even talked about making Montreal the Capital of the Americas when they discussed it at the Free Trade Negotiations, before NAFTA.  Everyoneís hurting in so many different ways from whatís going on. 


Another topic to touch on tooÖ It ties in again, with science.  Science is the new God.  Those who have the most rationality, supposedly, are the right ones to rule over the unwashed masses who live in silly superstition and all that kind of stuff, according to those a the top.  Thatís all part of the Fabian Socialist mentality.  Remember, the Fabian Socialists are a very important branch of the planning, mainly the bureaucratic side of the planners for the future, bureaucrats that will run the whole world.  Theyíre in touch with ALL departments at the United Nations.  Many of their members are also part of the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  The Royal Institute for International Affairs, again, is an umbrella group with special areas, the Fabian Society being ONE of them.  Science is the king.  Thatís the one whoís to rule over us and being an untidy lot at the bottom, the unwashed masses, we need people to tell us what to do, you see.  Theyíve got it all planned out.  Theyíre already doing it and have been doing it for a long time. 


Theyíve been giving us awful educations, which really is a form of conditioning for the rest of your life into what youíll believe is real and what is unreal, etc.  Standardization is the key to it.  When you all get taught the same indoctrination, then you can have as many conversations as you want between each other but youíll always be talking inside the box, the designed boxÖ or what you might say is Platoís cave.  Same thing.  Thatís the reason for education.  NOT because they like us to readÖ in fact, they donít like us reading too much actually.  Thatís why they give us so much junk on the internet to keep us happy.  UFOs, aliens, and all that kind of stuff.  Stuff that amuses and entertain us because, after all, we are silly and superstitious.  They gave us education in the first place to standardize countries first of all and to get us work in their factories reading basic instructions. 


Now, of course, education has plummeted.  Everybodyís been dumbed-down to an incredible extent.  They canít even count without a calculator or computer; they canít do it.  Again, the experts at the top of the education system said they donít have to; itís unnecessary in this day and age.  Whatís really important, apparently, according to the education experts, is that they all AGREE in CONSENSUS on every topic in the classroom.  Thatís very important, the socialization process, where they all agree and come to the same conclusions.  They come to the same consensus on every topic.  Then theyíre well adjusted, potential citizens.  Thatís what school is for. 


Science is on a roll now because itís been elevated, as I say, to its PROPER place, as they keep telling us in their books at the top.  Itís proper place.  They have science advisory boards on ALL governments now, telling them what to do.  Remember, in this new Fabian Society - this world system weíre in, socialism - weíre treated AS THE MASS MAN.  Under Democracy and Socialism, they always say that the Ďgreatest good for the greatest amount of peopleí.  Thatís how they often phrase things. 


Thatís how the MEDICAL industry goes too.  They know for every vaccine they put out there or drug or whatever, that a certain percentage of the population will have incredible, awful side effects with it, including death or paralysis, etc.  Different things like that.  Thatís included in all their studies before the drugs and the vaccines are released.  They know this.  Itís called Ďacceptable riskí.  So if they say 20% of the population, because of their gene differences, will have abnormal reactions to this.  Itís not abnormal.  You can not say genes are right or wrong.  Itís just a variation of genes, but the mass amount of people will come under one grouping, you see.  If youíre outside that grouping, itís just tough luck.  ĎGreater good for the most amount.í  Thatís basically what it is.  Youíre just a statistic then.  Youíre one of the unfortunate ones that had the wrong genes.  They will tell you that.  Theyíll tell you that now if your child comes down with autism AFTER inoculations, itís because of the wrong genes.  The right genes are the genes that would adapt to this drug or vaccine that the pharma gives you; thatís the right genes. 


Gardasil, everyoneís heard of Gardasil because itís been so heavily promoted by media, which really is advertising; when they do stories on it, theyíre really advertising it.  People donít realize that.  Itís all in the wording and promoting it and how wonderful it will be, etc.  How people can sort of forage around like bunnies and have no consequences.  Thatís what the whole idea is about.  They donít want people mating up for life.  So the more promiscuous we are, as little children, the less chance there is weíll fall into permanent relationships with anybody.  Then the government runs you and rules you.  That way theyíll be the ONLY boss, you see.  And you must listen to them.  Back with more of this after this break. 


I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about science and how itís the new God.  How itís really at the top, the very, very top, above the communist bureaucratic level, itís a Fascist type system.  In fascism, government comes together with big, big business and they run the world the way they want to.  Thatís really what fascism is.  And the public simply OBEY.  This is from The Daily Telegraph. 


Anti-cancer Gardasil drug causes illness, study shows

By Kate Sikora and Carly Crawford /  From: The Daily Telegraph August 20, 2009


(A:  I love the wording in it.  ITíS HOW THINGS ARE WORDED, sometimes you have to have a good chuckle because you can actually put yourself in the position of the journalist whoís trying not to upset people.  Journalists never know when they write a story if the big shareholders in Gardasil or the pharma company or whatever maybe or often, theyíre very often into many, many other companies.  Some of them might advertise in their papers. Theyíre always scared of being fired.  If they lose a client in the newspaper business, theyíre out on the street.  So they have to be very careful.  In other words, theyíre bought and soldÖ paid for, basically.  Thatís what it means.  Thereís no free speechÖ You canít say what you want to as a journalist.)


ANTI-CANCER drug Gardasil, which has been given to millions of Australians, has caused fainting, nausea, dizziness and blood clots among thousands of US women, a major study has found.  (A:  Itís caused strokes and everything else.)


A safety review published in the latest Journal Of The American Medical Association said 12,424 Gardasil vaccine recipients in America had suffered a number of side effects and even death since June 2006.


Of those recorded cases, the study found 772 were considered serious and 1900 involved fainting.


But Australian doctors have warned women not to panic, with the number of reactions still low compared with the millions who receive the vaccine each year.  (A:  They canít tell us how many millions.  See how they come out with these statements?  They can tell you how many were damagedÖ and believe you me, thatís not them all.  Most - I have to say this - most doctors often misdiagnose things and they wonít even know they were on Gardasil when they have these little attacks and so onÖ or little clots or strokes, etc.  They have you put down as basically as thrombosis or something like that.  Cerebral thrombosis.  That goes on the certificate and thatís the end of it.  It isnít until someone mentions, oh, by the way, they were on Gardasil, that they might put it together.  So these are the ones that have been diagnosed and where theyíve been asked, are they on Gardasil.  Thatís what I mean.  So here he goes with warn women not to panic, with the number of reactions still low compared with the millions who receive the vaccine each year. The greatest good again, you see, for the greatest amount of people.)


Thatís the standardization of socialism.  If youíre in the 20% or whatever, with a different gene type, slightly different physiology, then tough luck.  Thatís ACCEPTABLE RISK.  Thatís what they call it, acceptable risk.  When they put up nuclear plants in an area, and this happened in Pickering down by Toronto.  I knew the chief engineer there.  Once he got to know me, he told me, because Iíd mentioned the different leaks where theyíd pumped water, thousands of gallons into Lake Ontario, during a reactor crisis, according to newspapers.  Heís say well it wasnít just that.  Heíd tell me what really happened.  This stuff, of course, is contaminated.  But he told me too, when they even set up, the economists set up with the boards of management BEFORE they build the plant, they look in to the population density around them and they look in to acceptable death figures from that industry.  Thereís an ACCEPTABLE DEATH FIGURE because they know thereís going to be radiation, etc.  Sure enough, lots of people around those plants get different kinds of cancers, but thatís already put down as acceptable risk factor. 


Well itís the same in the socialized, fascist, pharma business with government approval.  If, as I say, 80% donít show initially any side effectsÖ that doesnít mean they arenít going to get side effects down the road and different complications down the road.  But the ones who come down with them rather quickly, thereís 20%, theyíll say well thatísÖ the greater good, 80% seem to be alright, just now, at the moment.  Thatís how it works.  So it says here,


Invented by Australian scientist Professor Ian Frazer, Gardasil protects against two strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) (A:  Hereís how itís worded againÖ which is wrong; itís misleading.) that cause 70 per cent of recorded cervical cancer cases.  (A:  Now, the way itís written, it says two strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causeÖ  The human papillomaviruses CAUSE 70%, not the particular two strains that theyíre giving you in Gardasil.  See how they can really mislead you?  Because thereís many other ones that do the same thingÖ thatís not in this HPV shot, this Gardasil shot.  Itís all in the wording, you see.)


Since the vaccination program for females aged between 12 and 26 was rolled out two years ago, more than five million doses have been distributed in Australia.


Women are given three shots but some have reported side effects including nausea, temporary blindness (A:  Thatís all.  Itís a good risk, temporary blindness.) and paralysis (A:  Well thatís okay isnít it?).


In Australia, there have been 1304 adverse reactions reported.


Family Planning (A:  Again, hereís your family planning, you knowÖ) NSW director of research Dr Edith Weisberg said every vaccine came with side effects.  (A:  EVERY VACCINE, of course it does.)


"It's a very safe vaccine and very important because it's one of only two that has any effect on cancer," she said. (A:  Now, we havenít got the dataÖ Itís only been given for the last couple of years so we donít KNOW if this is going to prevent cancer or not.  Itís wonderful the propaganda of the people behind it, isnít it?  Öwho are getting awfully well paid to GIVE you that propaganda.  Back with more after this break.) 


I am Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about, amongst other things, Gardasil and how they WORD things in their different reports for the public to lap up.  To continue with this report here it saysÖ


The study found that 32 women who received Gardasil (A:  This is in Australia.) had died but could not find a specific link between the women's deaths and the drug.  (A:  I bet you theyíre not looking very hard either.  They love this stuff.)


(You know ALL medicine, supposedly, and socialized medicine, to cut costs, etc, is all promoting PREVENTATIVE disease.  PREVENTATIVE DISEASE, you know.  The no smoking, this, that and the other, blah, blah, blah, BLAH, BLAH.  Except in the area of sexual activity because, you see, itís COMPLETELY COMBINED WITH A POLITICAL AGENDAÖ that everyone must be incredibly promiscuous.  As I say, thereís no bonding that takes place.  The whole idea was to separate the emotional aspect from the sexual act itself.  Once you get people conditioned to that, they will never bond.  When no one bonds, then everyoneís on their own.  When everyoneís on their own, THEN GOVERNMENT CAN SPEAK DIRECTLY TO YOU.  That will be your only boss.  Youíll have no one to come up and help you.  The destruction of the family unit, remember, is one of the most important things that they want.  The guys who wrote the books in the early 1900s harped on and on and on about the destruction of the family unit.  It was necessary for big government to come in and manage the people the PROPER way and make us live the PROPER way, you see.)


Doctors are now being urged to keep recipients in their office for observation for about 15 minutes (A:  Thatís awful big of them.  15 minutes is nothing.) after receiving the vaccine.


But some suspected side effects have occurred after three months of receiving Gardasil.


"It is one of the most complained (about) vaccines that we receive," Vaccination Information Service's Bronwyn Hancock said. "Doctors don't like to admit there are side effects. (A:  Well, thatís a fact.  Thatís a fact.)  This is what happens when you put poison into your body."  (A:  Yeah.  So there you go.) 


The most common side effects reported to Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration have been headaches and skin sensitivity from the injection.


Fortunately for Sue Kemp, her daughter Stephanie never suffered a reaction. "I started Stephanie on it before the Government rolled it out in schools," she said.


"Any protection against cancer has to help."  (A:  REALLY?  It isnít any protection whatsoever.  The study hasnít been done yet.  We donít know.  What we do know is it KILLS PEOPLE.  It gives you strokes and paralysis.  Just little side effects like that.  Thatís all.)


Alan:  Now, thereís callers here.  I think Iíll try and grab them because I tend to go on a bit.  Thereís Aaron from Pennsylvania.  Are you there Aaron?


Aaron:  Yes I am, Alan.  Itís great talking to you again.  Iím just calling to let all your listeners know, next Wednesday, I would like everybody to have a money donation for you, since you will never ask for one yourself.  Itís not your style.  Everybody out there, if they could just donate $1, $5, $10, whatever.  We just need to help this man out of this sticky situation with the satellite problems that heís having.  I want everybody to listen out there.  THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER ALAN WATT OUT THERE.  THIS GUY TELLS THE TRUTH.  HE IS SINCERE AND HE CARES ABOUT THE PEOPLE.  Itís unfortunate, in this day and age, that most people take advantage of guys like that or people like that.  So, Iím just calling everyone out to help next Wednesday.  Just donate what you can.  I will be supporting you and thatís all I have to say Alan.  Thanks a lot. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling in and thanks very much indeed.  I think I might try and hire you to speak for me because youíre right.  I donít say enough myself.  I donít and I shouldÖ but Iím not in to the show biz aspects of it at all.  Itís true enough, you need the cash to keep this thing going.  And itís a crisis every night.  Even tonight the satellite went out just before the show again.  I called down to Toronto where their main base is, for Xplornet, and they said theyíve got tornadoes and funnels clouds, ya-da, ya-da.  Oh my God, everything except earthquakes.  This is quite the company, Iím telling you.  They also run the military-industrial complex because NORAD goes through these satellites, Hughes Satellites, you see.  Well I canít imagine EVER that they go down.  It would be wide open, supposedly, from attacks from, you know, Eskimos and things like that.  But it doesnít happen.  It doesnít happen.  Just Xplornet.  Theyíve always got amazing excuses for why theyíre down.


Alan:  Now thereís Diana in California.  Are you there Diana?


Diana:  Yes.  Hi.† First thing, EVERYBODY DONATE.  Second thing, I have a comment.  I just finished reading Agenda 21 and Iíve got to tell you, outside of the other 2 huge documents you have on there, itís got to be one of the most horrifying things Iíve ever read.  But, Iím glad that I know it.  Lastly, the question that I have for you is you talk about getting organized.  We need to get organized.  My biggest conundrum is HOW when I canít even talk to anybody in my life about even a miniscule portion of this.  HOW do we connect?  How do we get together?


Alan:  I think, really, in the past many people have - that I know - have even hired little halls and places and put leaflets across, with a topic on it, if youíre interested in this topic, attend, you know, whatever.  You charge even just the cost to get in, just the cost of the rental of the hall.  If you can even get 10 people showing up the first time and you start to discuss the topic, etc and your fears about certain things, and give the information out.  Now youíve got 10 people who could start to build on it and bring more people in.  Thatís how everything starts off.  Now, again, Iíll be the first to tell you, you will get infiltrated.  Thereís no doubt about it.


Diana:  I know.


Alan:  You will get hecklers sent from government agencies and different agencies to come in and heckle you.  That happens too.† So itís always a good idea if you can get someone whoís got a bit of muscle or is a part-time bouncer, to be near the door.  Iíve seen it all.   The fact is, weíve no option.  We have no option but TO TRY, no matter how small it seems at the time or how insurmountable this mountain seems, WEíVE GOT TO TRY.  Weíve no choice.  Itís either being slowly killed off, the way weíre dying right now with diseases and so onÖ thatís manufactured.  With government wanting to pump all kinds of toxins and poisons into us after, as you say, releasing Agenda 21, the depopulation programs, all that stuff is out in the open


Weíve no choice.  We either say, okay you have the right to kill us off or we have the right to not only live, but we have the right to decide how we want to live ourselves.  Weíve got to start taking our rights back.  The first part is to stop being APATHETIC.  Everyone is so apathetic.  Again, itís a conditioned response weíve had pumped into us.  Russell talked about it, how theyíd make the public apathetic NATIONWIDE, NATION TO NATION.  Thatís intentional.  WEíVE GOT TO GET OVER THIS APATHY AND WEíVE GOT TO REALIZE THAT WE CAN NOT ALLOW GOVERNMENT TO GO INTO AUTHORITARIANISM.  THEYíVE GOT TO GO BACK TO BEING SERVANTS, every single department of them.  In fact, what we have to do is scrap MOST of the government agencies out there.  MOST of them have to be scrapped completely and put the people back in charge. 


It goes down to cops and everything else.  Cops should be a voted in by committees of people from the citizenry and they shouldnít be a big, big brotherhood like they are today.  That way, theyíll be answerable to the people.   At one time, cops were answerable to the towns and the villages that they patrolled.  If the people didnít like them, they fired them.  Theyíve become authorities and armies today and we got to stop it.  We got to stop it because this is worse than the Soviet Union ever got its stages to with total surveillance.  Itís worse than any Nazi regime.  Weíve nothing to compare this to, in fact.  Itís much, much worse. 


We have no option but to fight for ourselves and for the children YET to come who have the RIGHT to come, by the way.  People havenít stopped to even think about that one major thing.  Iíve had a lot of selfish people - again, the ego-centric ones that were conditioned to BE so, like Russell and others said - who said yeah, we should stop the population now.  They donít realize that life truly is a gift.  Weíve all had a gift given to us if we want to use it.  It should not be a nightmare, like theyíre turning it in to.  It should not be a nightmare.  Itís also a gift for those who are yet unborn to come in to this world and get it too.  What a selfish idea to think, NO, we can stop it right here and weíll just live and enjoy ourselves.  Thatís what the elite say.  They think they can - with their anti-aging and all the rest of it, and their incredible advances in to gene configurations, etc - they can stop the time clock and they themselves can live forever.  This is the dream of these fanatics, these madmen and psychopaths at the top. † NO, weíve all got as much right to live as everyone else on this planet, so the elite have no special rights to decide whoís going to die here.  Weíve got to fight this. 


Diana:  Thank you and Iíll let you go to the next caller. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  As I said, itís easier said than done.  It takes the first move.  It takes the first step.  You get like-minded people and the more support you get the better.  I know people whoíve gone around halls.  I know one guy who I have contact with who gets 10 in here, 10 in there and heíll spend 2-3 hours with them.  Out of that 10 he might get 3 of each group that will come back again.  Then it grows very slowly.  Now you have more and more people who are willing to protest and go to councilors, go to so called elected officials, etc and DEMAND things.  Just the demanding lets them know at the top that weíre aware of them.  Weíre ON to them.  Weíre ON to them. 


If nothing else, they have to delay their tactics or change their tactics because they have to deal with us ALL.  People donít realize that there are think tanks at the top dealing with strategies for whole populations and they take constant data, like the pulse of the people, EVERY DAY FROM THE TOTAL INFORMATION NETWORK.  They keep adjusting it according to the MOODS of the people.  So, yeah, we can really get them running in circles, etc and thatís what we have to do.  WE HAVE TO KEEP REMINDING THEM, WEíRE ON TO THEM.  WE ARE ON TO THEM. 


When anyone tells you that the state has the right to do an intrusive operation, by the way, AN INJECTION IS CALLED AN INTRUSIVE OPERATION.  So is sticking a dagger into someoneís stomach.  See, if youíre sticking anything into someoneís body, thatís an intrusive operation.  If they say they have the right to do it without your consent, YOU CANíT ALLOW THEM TO CROSS THAT BARRIER.  THAT MEANS THEY COULD DISEMBOWEL YOU IF THEY WANT TO.  THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO DEMAND, UNDER ANY PRETENSE, THAT THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO STICK POISON INTO YOUR BODY.  Especially when theyíve taken away any guarantee of compensation or lawsuits against them or the pharma companies that theyíre fronting for.  We canít allow that to happen.  If we allow them to do that, Iíll guarantee you, thereíll be 10 new inoculations next year.  Weíre bad enough now, weíre almost the walking dead.  Itís going to get worse if we allow it to happen.  The whole point is donít allow something to START.  Once itís started, it becomes routine, we adapt, and then itís normal.  Even the folks round about you will think youíre strange if you donít go along with the rest of the herd.  Sad truth. 


Alan:  Now, weíll go to Antonio in Toronto.  Are you there Antonio?


Antonio:  Hello, Alan.† Just having done some study, the one thing I just question is even though they could get rid of us with a neutron bomb, itís more than that.  These guys are really twisted and get turned on by us suffering slowly.  Is that not correct?


Alan:  Absolutely.  In fact, I donít know if people realize this and Dr. Scott from Sudbury, Ontario, has a lot of documentation in his books.  Iíve talked to him personally a few times and Iíve got his books here.  He documents the declassified stuff from governments, etc and the UN.  Way back in the 60s, they talked about the ways to depopulate the world.  Fast for the third world countries, definitely Africa.  That was priority.  They also said theyíd take down the West slowly, SLOWLY, with crippling diseasesÖ because if we came down too quickly with sudden deaths across the western world - weíd been better educated, be able to ask questions, etc - we might clue in to whatís happening, so they decided SLOW disabling diseases would stop people from becoming good marital partners and then they wouldnít have children.  This was all discussed way back then by the world boys.


Antonio:  So, really, we haveÖ even though in the end I know one of their plans is if we storm them, that theyíre going to neutron bomb us.  I think itíd just be better to just fight for what youíve got.  Give it all youíve got because at least that would be a little more of a humane death than what they have planned for us now.


Alan:  Youíre right.  Youíre right to an extent because the further you allow them to prepare and they have for years, for whatís coming, for what they plan to come, then yeah, itís like being fish in a barrel.  You just put more and more fish into the barrel and then you shoot them all at the same time.  Youíre right.  Theyíve set up a whole agenda.  Itís out in the open from their own think tanks from the military that this is what THEY see coming.  They see it coming because they know each step of what theyíre going to do, including food reduction and eventually starvation.  Thatís in their own reports.  So, youíre right.  The longer we allow it to go on, the more theyíre recruiting and training to deal with the outcome and the problems.  The problem with people is as long as they can have enough entertainment and as long as they can go on with their little routines that they have after work, etc, the boys at the top - and theyíve discussed this and published this in big psychology magazines - they can really push you to the wall.  Itís only when they interrupt you personally, in your routine, that you start to become a little bit indignant. 


Antonio:  That is so true.  Iíve seen that.  That is very true.  I notice that theyíre still plugged in to their TV, their American Idol, their football games or whateverÖ just can not leave.  Youíre right. 


Alan:  They actually call these things in psychology, they have their routines and sub-routines.  Thatís why in information networkÖ Iíve even read some of the data put out BY the big boys who are recording all this data from cell phones and so on FOR the authorities.


Antonio:  Twitter, Facebook, exactly.  When it breaks down, they donít know why.


Alan:  Yes.  All your personality profile, your habits, your acquaintances.  On a Thursday, theyíll phone so-and-so whoís into this and hereís the commonality between them, etc.


Antonio:  Thatís right.  Michael Jackson will happen.  Theyíll collect all the information on Twitter and then theyíll move onto another event.  Theyíll collect all the information on Twitter again and then theyíll just war game it in their big computers and strategize.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Iíll tell you another thing too.  If this carries on, they know themselvesÖ theyíve said that in 10 years time OR LESS, if your routine varies from what you should be doing in that routine, they will have government agencies come in to see whatís up with you.  They donít like someone whoís unpredictable.  All of this stuff is to make sure that you are PREDICTABLE.  If youíre predictable, youíre safe.


Antonio:  Thank you, Alan, for answering my question. 


Alan:  Youíre right.† We canít wait until the end.  Itís always too late at the end.  Itís like that documentary Iíve mentioned, The Soviet Story.  Youíll see people getting shot and then falling into mass graves and stuff.  Same with the Nazis.  Same as with other wars.  Iíve always said this.  Right to the end, those people who ran to line up in the graves, knowing what theyíve seen before - the previous line getting shot down - they run to their death thinking, THIS can not be happening TO ME.  Right to the last split second.  Guess what, it does.  Stop it before it happens.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, itís true enough, isnít it, that every day that goes by - every day, every week, every month - that things get worse and worse.  Not only that.  They keep telling us in the newspapers whatís coming.  There could be food shortages.  There could be plagues coming.  Thereís all this kind of stuff.  Weíre told of mass vaccinations ordered by government, etc of UNTESTED vaccines, even though the last lot they tried with the same idea with the Swine flu ended up paralyzing people all over the place.  Weíve got to say, whatís the real intention of this?  Whatís the real INTENT of it?  What is it?  They even estimate that the common flu will kill about 100 people, children, in the US alone.  This Swine flu, even if it really got bad, might kill from 150 to 200 people.  So why would you want to inoculate MILLIONS of children with something that we know is going to paralyze maybe THOUSANDS?  Öand have worse side effects down the road, later in life?  It doesnít make sense, you see.  It doesnít make sense. 


Thereís another agenda at work here.  Thereís no doubt about this at all.  I wasnít kidding when I said that this is an INTRUSIVE OPERATION, even under law.  Under law, and in medicine, anything puncturing the skin, from a stab wound by a knife, to a NEEDLE, is classified as an INTRUSIVE OPERATION.  It breaks the outer layers, it carries bacterium and so on IN to the tissue.  Here they are, squirting stuff into your tissue that they say themselves is unproven.  You canít prove a drug by doing a fast study that hasnít completed yet and then wait 2 weeks and say itís okay.  You donít know until years have gone by, YEARS.  Thatís what happens.  People react at different rates because of the differences in their physiology and their gene types and so on to the same things.  It will take them, some years, some days, some weeks, some months.  Some wonít come down with something until 30 years later.  We know, for instance, the polio vaccine, Salkís polio vaccine, and I have the video, by the way, of the main character who worked on them for the company saying that yeah, we knew.  In fact, it was HIM, this particular guy - Iíll try and get that link up in a couple of days - youíll hear him say himself that he had to go to the pharma company after he looked at this stuff and tested it.  He said this will GIVE cancers to the people because it has the various cancer viruses in here, especially the simian 40 virus, which ONLY, its only functions seems to be to CAUSE CANCER.  They know this.  Some people will develop the cancer in an earlier phase than others.  Some it might be 10 years down the road, some 5, some 3, and in different places in the body, again, according to your physiology. 


So something stinks.  Something utterly stinks here.  Again, because every countryís on board with the same agenda at the same time, IT SHOULD MAKE US ALL EVEN MORE SUSPICIOUS OF IT.  When government starts to COMMAND the public, COMMAND YOU, and say theyíre going to pump you full of poisonsÖ literally, itís blended green monkey kidneys.  Thatís what this injection is going to be comprised of, and squalene that will destroy your joints, in a good percentage of the people who get it.  Permanent rheumatoid arthritis.  Think about it.  Think about it.  They want to help you?  GIVE YOU THE CHOICE.  YOU SHOULD HAVE THE CHOICE if you want the help or not.  Thatís what health services are for.  INFORMED CONSENT.  If you donít have INFORMED CONSENT, then youíre a slave.  Youíre a slave and your master can do what they want with you.  The choice is yours. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.





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Transcribed by Diana