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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 25, 2009:

Ecology -- Eugenics Covers for Depopulation Lovers:

"Study the Religion of Ecology,
Masquerading as Science, Makes No Apology,
A Political Movement under Cloak of Green,
The Eugenics Society with Their Dream
Of Culling the Herd Without a Fight,
By Dumbing the Masses, the End's in Sight,
With Their Advisors Over Every Government,
Agenda being Implemented for Furtherment
Towards Their Golden Age when We are Gone,
A World for Elitists, Fittest and Strong"
© Alan Watt Aug. 25, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 25, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 25th 2009.  Newcomers should look in to web site.  Bookmark all the other sites I have up on that front page.  If you scroll down, youíll see them all.  Bookmark them for future use because I get problems with the main servers.  In fact, at the weekend, Yahoo didnít up the limit automatically and I couldnít upload to them.  So we were drawing off the other sites.  If you bookmark these other sites [listed above], then youíll be sure to get the latest shows if the main ones go down. is the European site, this has the same audios as the rest but it also has transcripts of a lot of the talks written in the various languages of Europe.  So you can download them for print up if you so desire.


The listeners bring me to themselves.  The listeners bring me to them by buying that which I have for sale on the sites.  Thereís not much there.  I donít have time to just plug stuff out.  I could churn them out like crazy if I had time, but I donít.  What Iím doing is more important in these particular hard times.  The world is going through a tremendous change.  An old plan is fulfilling its agenda as we live.  Itís not a pretty picture.  Therefore, I depend upon YOU to keep me going by donations, etc.  Youíll find out how to do it on the sites.  You can donate by personal checks from the US and Canada.  You can use PayPal, thereís buttons on the sites.  You can use Western Union outside of the U.S. and Canada.  Money Gram is another one.  Some people just send cash and that gets through okay.  Itís important to keep me going.  I put out quite a bit of cash here, every month, on all the bills I have for just putting the show out in fact.  Even for the satellite, not just the purchasing of satellite equipment but also the rental of the use of it.  You have to pay a lot more for satellite uploading than you do for your regular cable, internet and so on.  Much more expensive.  Even then, the speed isnít that great.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  For those who get the disks burned, you can write to me at [listed above].  A lot of people donít like to use computers and luckily enough, thereís enough people who burn hundreds of disks of the talks and pass them around for people to play on their CD players. 


As I say, weíre going through very, very hard times.  A lot worse to come.  Iíve read the books, Iíve read the sites, Iíve read the university sites that deal with the big changes that are underway right now.  Itís NOT, it really is NOT a good forecast for the general populations of this world.  Weíre all kept today, intentionally, in whatís called ĎThe Now.í  In fact, itís encouraged through all the new age movements which tie in to this whole greening agenda, the conservation agenda that they think it is.  They donít realize what it is.  Itís an EXTERMINATION agenda, in fact.  As I say, you have to go in to the university sites and follow them down through the years, all their publications, and they tell you exactly why things are happening today.  Donít live in the now, youíve got to know whatís coming up.  Thatís the secret of survival.  Back with more after this break.


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just mentioning if you live in the now youíll be hammered by tomorrow.  Youíve got to know whatís coming down the pike.  Most people really donít know whatís coming down.  Theyíve had glimpses of things given to them through TV, which is really programming them to accept changes that will come up in the future, almost subliminally.  Thatís how itís presented to the public.  They donít realize that everything they enjoy, even in the media and entertainment, especially movies, even soaps - Iím going to talk about that later - is meant to condition them.  Condition them along certain ways of thinking.  Itís far easier to have people with their guard down.  When youíre being entertained, your guard is down.  You donít realize that propaganda goes straight in to your head then.  You donít question it because itís presented in a fictional setting or a dramatic setting or a fictional, dramatic setting and it gets embedded in your mind.  You will never consciously think through the topics that have been presented to you.  You simply ACCEPT them when they actually come into reality and start to interfere with your own life.  You accept them as being somehow normal.  Thatís how the simple technique works. 


Even before the days of Charles Darwin, there was an elitist group that moved through the world and through Europe especially, and into Britain.  It made its headquarters in London, often associated with the big international bankers, the merchant bankers.  They owned not just the banks themselves but the mercantile-shipping lines, trade routes and so on across the world. Incredibly wealthy people.  They themselves have a very interesting background.  Iíve gone through some of the history to do with a particular religion, a Gnostic type religion, that survived down through the ages.  Itís gone under many names in the past in the books.  The Cathars, Albigenci, Bogomils, theyíre all the same group actually, in different countries.  They did have rites of perfection.  They believed in perfection, the perfection of manÖ physically.  Physically.  It wasnít just a sort of self-improvement type of club that they belonged to. 


It was through physical, special, selective breeding.  We find this in Charles Darwinís family and we find the same thing in many of the members of the Royal Society that Darwin belonged to.  They were already practicing selective breeding.  Charles Darwin himself was the 4th or 5th generation of Darwinís to be born out of the Darwin and the Wedgwood family.  Thatís the only other family they married in to.  They believed, as Huxley said himselfÖ Huxley is descended from the same groups.  Theyíre all related.  Julian Huxley talked about that and he talked about the special, DOMINANT MINORITY, as his brother Aldous did.  Julian also said there was a scientific elite that also came out of this group.  He believed that he belonged to the scientific group, specially bred for science.  The idea being a very, very old idea going all the way back to Plato and before that, even Pythagoras and before that, back to Egypt even. 


The Egyptians were well into selective breeding, special breeding for Kings and Queens and their offspring.  We donít realize that the same principles of animal husbandry have been applied to elite families long, long ago, thousands of years ago.  Itís never stopped today.  Therefore, if you can also get hereditary Royal families that are intermarried with their cousins across waters - as youíll find all across Europe - then you could also have an hereditary banking, financial, economic elite as well.  The needed a lot of help to get their world in to where itís come today. 


What they did was create what they called Ďsocieties with secretsí to get middle class people on board from other faiths, etc. and Rosicrucianism broke out, later you got Freemasonry.  Even the members themselves generally never knew what they were working towards.  ĎThe Great Workí is more than they think it is, even though most of them have a very vague idea of what that even is itself.  Itís all do with the perfection of the right kind of humans, with the preexisting belief that thereís inferior types that can never be perfected.  They couch it under NATURE.  They often talk about nature and the perfection of nature.  Of course Darwinís job was to help demolish their main opponents which were the big religions that existed that gave some credence and some validity to the RIGHT OF LIFE for everybodyÖ everybody.  That had to be demolished to bring in this new agenda where only the fittest should obviously survive, according to themselves. 


Darwinís theories came out and they took off like wildfire amongst the control freak types that youíll find throughout society and in the scientific circles.  They really didnít have a name for a collective, unified science group at that time, that would coordinate everything together into a political policy.  It was a long time.  I was actually Haeckel that came up with the term Ďecologyí.  Ecology is to do basically, with the economy of nature and how everything plays its part and using the Darwinian principles.  Before a tree can take root in that little bit of ground there, youíve got to get microbes in, fungus in, everything takes its turn and then dies off until finally everythingís prepared for that soil for that particular seed to get in there and then the tree grows.  They use the same principles to humanity itself.  What they mean by this is that everyone whoís now classified as junk genes, you know the masses, as they say, your job is over.  Youíve done all the previous work to get us to this stage; your ancestors did too.  They fought the wars.  Theyíve unified the planet by slaughtering most of the people who objected.  Weíve standardized the planet.  Weíre post-industrial.  So now our job, just like the microbes, is pretty well over, you see. They actually had plans.  This is exactly how they likened this right back in the days of DarwinÖ what the future would be and what the role of the general population would be. 


People donít realize that pretty well all revolutions down through the Western histories were middle class revolutions.  Some of the first ones even back in the days of William the Conqueror and later, we find the Domesday Book, etc came out in England, but it was really the Nobility, the upper Nobility, that wanted a bigger share of the spoils and the rights to make laws and run their own lives.  After that, it became middle class revolutions, basically, which came out of the merchant classes and the banking classesÖ who eventually had to eradicate Royalty along with the religions.  Then nothing would stand in their way for their own particular religion to take shape and manifest itself, legitimately, through politics across the world. 


They set up different techniques for different areas, geopolitical strategies.  Then all those countries that became the Soviet Union were designated to get a FAST revolution, massive kills and achieve a standardized system very quickly.  The Fabian technique was to be used for the West because we adapt incrementally to things.  SlowÖ generation by generationÖ until within a generation - 2, 3 generations - you can turn the whole society and its morals, its behavior upside-down and that becomes the normal because we adapt slowly, by increments. 


If youíve noticed recently for the last few years, weíre moving very fast.  Very fastÖ to the bottom.  You have to destroy ALL that existed to bring in the new.  Otherwise weíd object.  We generally like preexisting ways of living.  We become familiar with them - just like sheep in a field grazing in that familiar field - you get used to the field.  They donít like that at the top so therefore, there would be rapid change.  Rapid change.  Even buildings go up and stand for 5 years, some even less now, and they tear them down again.  So thereís nothing to be familiar with.  You canít go back to the old place and say, this is where I was born and this is where my grandpa walked when he was a boy and that kind of stuff.  They have eradicated the pastÖ pretty well everywhere. 


As people go along down through the years, isnít it amazing how the media - although theyíre used as a tool, a major tool for indoctrination - never tell you the big things that are really happening?  The big shakers and movers that work behind the scenes that teach at universities that get these sort of religious/political movements underway and on the go and in to politics without you even knowing about it.  Or when they do go in to politics, they cover it.  They cover it with another symbol so you donít recognize what they are.  Theyíre very good at that.  Kind of like the Klingons with their ship and their cloak of invisibility.  Thatís how they work.  Iíve always told people, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, itís a duck.  YeahÖ it really is. 


Hereís an obituary, for instance, from the Telegraph, on Teddy Goldsmith.  Someone that most folk have never heard of outside academia. 


Teddy Goldsmith

Teddy Goldsmith, who died on August 21 aged 80, was a champion of conservation and organic farming (Alan:  Sounds nice, right.), the elder brother of the billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, and founder of The Ecologist magazine and the Ecology Party,

 which (A:  merged) later became the Green Party.

 25 Aug 2009


Iíll be back with the story of this after these messages.


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, going in to a little story tonight just to show you how things all tie together.  The big octopus ties together and people donít recognize it.  I mentioned too how down through centuries this group has moved along.  Always the same agenda.  Itís not hard to plan a future when youíre so incredibly wealthy.  In fact, if you run the monies of the world, itís not difficult whatsoever.  You can get anyone in any government to do what you want because they all come to you with cap in hand for borrowing money.  Governments are awfully good at borrowing money.  That was the big stick.  They also used Royalty in what was left of Europe because all the related Royalty of Europe is part of it.  They left them.† Thatís why the British Empire, every law thatís passed must be signed by the Queen.   So whatís the use of your Parliament?  As far as I know, thereís never been anything that the Royaltyís declined to sign into law thatís been given to them through Parliament.  Why is that?  Öif theyíre the protectors of the peoples? 


Basically, the real agenda was to eliminate all opposition.  I has done pretty well that.  It set up itself through academia.  It set up the Communist Party to fast track the system across different parts of the globe.  Then it decided it would also bring that system IN to the West.  Thatís what the Reece Commission was all about that was commissioned by the US Congress to look in to the left-wing parties that were being funded by big foundations.  Why were these foundations funding what appeared to be left-wing communists?  Quigley also talked about this.  That the Council on Foreign Relations was often mistaken for a communist sect because their policies were pretty well identical.  Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller set up the CFR.  They were the first members outside of Britain.  In Britain they called it the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Thatís why the CFR is CFR.  The big guys with the big foundations with incredible, powerful bankers and a system already established behind them to make sure their policies would go ahead. 


Getting back to this article from the Telegraph about Teddy Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist Magazine.  A recent term, really.  I donít even call it a science because itís a political agenda that goes under the guise of nature and being in balance with nature, stemming right from Darwin.  He helped found The Ecologist magazine and the Ecology Party, which it says here later became the Green Party.  Now, what it doesnít say is that Madeline Albright, I think it was her grandfather - either her father or grandfather - was a good friend of Stalin and HE was the one along with Goldsmith, that created the Green Party.  By the way, for people in Britain, you should look into the founders of the Green Party in the different areas of England, youíll be surprised, awfully surprised, at some of the names.  It says hereÖ


Over the years this belief (A: That man could only live on a small-scale, traditional society.) cost him friends and allies as the green movement drifted gradually to the political left. (A:  It only did that because it was told to.)  His stubbornly conservative vision, and his commitment to "stability", "tradition" and the teachings of ancient religions were at odds with the views of "progressive" green proponents of "multiculturalism" and "social justice".   (A:  Thatís all ballyhoo because they needed all of these things to bring in a WORLD society that they would then take orders from a United Nations.)


In 1970, having travelled the world and studied the socio-economics of pre-industrial cultures struggling to survive the pressures of technological progress, Goldsmith launched The Ecologist with money from his brother. The cover of the first issue showed a man suffocating in a pile of rubble. There were articles on Eskimos, the toxicity of foods fed to farm animals, and the population explosion. (A:  That was the real thing behind it.  They always use the cover of nature and wanting to save it.) 


Another commentator, Dominic Lawson, located Teddy Goldsmith on the wilder fringes of the environmentalist movement: "A friend of mine once heard Teddy Goldsmith insist that the optimum population for the planet was 50,000."  (A:  This is what weíre dealing with.  These are guys who lead and have led in the past the ECOLOGY, GREENING, GLOBALIST movement Ė Darwinist.  Itís pure Darwinism.  Öand people have never heard of him, except those involved in the movement.  Thatís quite something else, isnít it?)


When you go in to this, then you ask yourself, why has the press in the last few years especially and definitely in the last year, have been on and on about, and giving so much credence to Sir Crispin Tickell?  Öhead of the Optimum Population Trust.  I should mention too that Goldsmith and these characters Iím about to mention, John Holdren and Harrison Brown, were all friends of each other and friends of Charles Galton Darwin.  They belonged to the International Eugenics Society before they were better known for their ecology and saving the planet and greening.  Back with more after this break. 


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just mentioning that is it kind of odd or is it quite natural that NOW, the last 2 or 3 years and definitely for the last year, weíve had Sir Crispin Tickell, for instanceÖ. Tickell, as I always say, heís not a very funny guy.  Who is again, he admits himself, an upper class white elitist, whoís advising Prince Charles and he runs the Optimum Population Trust, an international organization.  They have branches all through the world.  Again, like all of them, they go under the United Nations.  The United Nations stipulates every government must have one of these boards, íon boardí governments to advise governments.  Now, whereís that written in anybodyís constitution?  Öthat these greenies, eugenicists must be on their boards? 


Now, Tickell in Britain, is one of the main ones for Britain.  Thereís lots of them, mind you, apart from him.  In the US theyíve just appointed John Holdren.  Weíve gone through John Holdren before and his link to the book Ecoscience he helped co-author with Paul Ehrlich.  Where he went right through the need to bring in a totalitarian society because they couldnít bring in their policies of eugenics and depopulation in a society that had a democracy.  So it could only be done under a totalitarian regime.  A WORLD TOTALITARIAN REGIME.  Thatís what the United Nations was set up long ago to be.  Thatís what the UN really is.  I wish people would really see it for what it really, really is. 


Hereís an article here and Iíll put the link up on my web site at the end of the show.  You got to read it because itís one of the best written Iíve seen on the subject by someone whoís done their homework.  It saysÖ

John Holdren and Harrison Brown

Lifelong intellectual infatuation with eugenics-minded futurist
casts shadow over Science Czar Holdren's worldview

[* inserts from web page]


(A:  Whoís Harrison Brown?  Harrison Brown wrote a book in the 50s.  He was a friend of Charles Galton Darwin, belonged to the Eugenicsí Society.  They both knew each other very well.  When Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, was writing his book The Next Million Years where he said theyíd have to depopulate and kill off all the unfit and the inferior types, theyíd outbreed all the superior types.  You find that Harrison Brown was doing the same thing elsewhere.  He was writing his book.  Every country belonging to eugenics was putting out the same book by someone at the same time.  Same type of stuff.  All the same stuff in it.  What was it that Harrison Brown had in common with John Holdren?  He was a kind of a mentor to John Holdren.  TOP eugenicist.  What did he say in the 1950s?  This is just after World War II when people were horrified at what the Nazis had done, with the SAME agenda they got from England, from London.  Thatís where this depopulation, killing off the inferior types and species came from.  So they changed their name over the years.  They went low for a while and now they call themselves BIOETHICISTS.  Itís a more pleasant sounding name.  But they didnít simply wait until now to become bioethicists.  They worked and created the Green Party and save the world by regulating the planet to death.  Thatís the people of the planet to deathÖ literally, to death.  This is what Harrison Brown said in his book.  Thereís also a tribute Iíll read too from John Holdren TO Harrison Brown to show you theyíre both in the same camp.) 


"The feeble-minded, the morons, the dull and backward, and the lower-than-average persons in our society are outbreeding the superior ones at the present time. (A:  Do you thinks itís a coincidence that psychiatry, a big tool of theirs by the way, and psychology, has categorized different people now with different grades of autism, attention deficit disorder, all things that can not be really proven.  Theyíve even got you down if youíre bad at math.  If youíve got a specific problem with math, then thereís a kind of a hereditary problem that you have.  You have an illness.  Do you think thatís all because they like slapping terms?  No.  Itís to CATEGORIZE PEOPLE.  Thatís what itís for.)


*"The feeble-minded, the morons, the dull and backward, and the lower-than-average persons in our society are outbreeding the superior ones (A:  Exactly what Charles Galton Darwin, his pal, was saying at the same time in his book.)  at the present time. ... Is there anything that can be done to prevent the long-range degeneration of human stock?  (A:  You see.  Weíre all degenerates at the bottom.  WEíRE the junk genes.)  Unfortunately, at the present time there is little, other than to prevent breeding in persons who present glaring deficiencies clearly dangerous to society and which are known to be of a hereditary nature(A:  What do you think all this anti-terrorism is about?  Danger to societyÖ)  Thus we could sterilize or in other ways discourage the mating of the feeble-minded. We could go further and systematically attempt to prune (A:  Thatís CUT.) from society, by prohibiting them from breeding, persons suffering from serious inheritable forms of physical defects (A:  Genetics again.), such as congenital deafness, dumbness, blindness, or absence of limbs. ... (A:  dot, dot, dot: that leaves all the REST of the categories still to come, you see, unsaid.)  A broad eugenics program would have to be formulated which would aid in the establishment of policies that would encourage able and healthy persons to have several offspring and discourage the unfit from breeding at excessive rates."

ó Harrison Brown, in The Challenge of Man's Future  (A:  The mentor of John Holdren.)


In China, apart from their one child policy, thatís only for the people at the bottom.  Iíve read the articles recently where theyíre allowing the superior types that are up the class ladder to have more children. 


John Holdren, the Science Czar of the United States, has long expressed an intense admiration ó one that bordered on hero-worship ó of a man named Harrison Brown, a respected scientist from an earlier generation who spent his later years writing about overpopulation and ecological destruction. (A:  Thatís their big stick.  Itís all under the guise of ecology.)  In fact, as Holdren has pointed out several times (including very recently), it was Harrison Brown's most famous book, The Challenge of Man's Future, which transformed the young Holdren's personal philosophy and which inspired him to later embark on a career in science and population policy which in many ways mirrored that of his idol Brown.  (A:  What did Mr. Holdren actually say?  This is his tribute right here.)


*"Harrison Brown's most remarkable book, The Challenge of Man's Future, was published more than three decades ago. By the time I read it as a high school student a few years later, the book had been widely acclaimed.... The Challenge of Man's Future pulled these interests together for me in a way that transformed my thinking about the world and about the sort of career I wanted to pursue. I have always suspected that I am not the only member of my generation whose aspirations and subsequent career were changed by this book of Harrison Brown's.... As a demonstration of the power of (and necessity for) an interdisciplinary approach to global problems (A:  Thatís the whole ecology, save the world stuff, anti-terror is all about, by the way.), the book was a tour de force.... Thirty years after Harrison Brown elaborated these positions, it remains difficult to improve on them as a coherent depiction of the perils and challenges we face. Brown's accomplishment in writing The Challenge of Man's Future, of course, was not simply the construction of this sweeping schema for understanding the human predicament (A:  Thatís what they call it.  They used to call it the Ďhuman problemí, they call it the predicament here.); more remarkable was (and is) the combination of logic, thoroughness, clarity, and force with which he marshalled data and argumentation on every element of the problem and on their interconnections. It is a book, in short, that should have reshaped permanently the perceptions of all serious analysts...."

ó John Holdren, in Earth and the Human Future: Essays in Honor of Harrison Brown  (A:  Thatís the hero, his hero heís talking about, Mr. Harrison Brown.)


Holdren's regard for Brown was so high that in 1986 he edited and co-wrote an homage (A:  Thatís the one Iíve just read.) to Brown entitled Earth and the Human Future: Essays in Honor of Harrison Brown, in which Holdren showers Brown with accolades and unrestrained applause.


At first glance, there's nothing remarkable or amiss with this picture: one respected scientist giving credit to and paying tribute to another. Happens all the time. Except in this case, something is amiss. Grievously amiss. Because Harrison Brown, whatever good qualities Holdren might have seen in him, was also an unapologetic eugenicist who made horrifying recommendations for "sterilizing the feeble-minded" and other "unfit" substandard humans whom he thought should be "pruned from society." (See the quotes from Holdren on the left and Brown on the right for a small sampling of the evidence presented below.)  [*inserted above]


You might think that these opinions would disqualify Brown as someone deserving praise in the modern world; but not to John Holdren, it seems -- perhaps because Brown's views (as Holdren himself has stated many times) were the basis of Holdren's own worldview.


†(A:  Then he goes on and give you little parts of the book, Harrisonís book, further down the page.  Itís fantastic, absolutely fantastic.  Well, well done.)


Donít think for a minute that if you got rid of Holdren, which wonít happen.  Heís there like Mr. Crispin Tickellís on the board for Britainís Parliament.  Holdrenís there because itís TIME for them to all be Ďon boardí with government telling them what to do.  A coup took place a while ago.  The first part was the War on Terror to bring in all the machinery of the totalitarian society and out goes democracy out the window.  Thousands of laws have been put out since thenÖ in EVERY country.  THOUSANDS OF LAWS.  WEíRE GETTING TRAINED THAT MORE AND MORE LAWS WILL COME AND ITíS GOING TO GO RIGHT DOWN TO THE BREEDING POLICIES.  THATíS WHAT THE WHOLE ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT IS ABOUT.  Itís a COVER for eugenics, survival of the fittest, and their old mantra of culling off the unfit and getting rid of the inferior types who will simply hold them back. 


In Darwinism, the two are not compatible.  When the obsolete type has done their job, theyíve got that ground ready for that seed of the tree to be grown, theyíve got to die off or the tree doesnít grow.  THEY are the trees.  You understand?  You understand whatís going on here.  They are the trees.  Your job is over.  Youíve got to be culled and sterilized now to bring in their utopia that they planned for themselves with a reduced population.  VERY OLD AGENDA.  Itís a religion with them, The most FANATICAL RELIGION THATíS EVER EXISTED on this planet.  Thatís already tried and been pretty successful in some revolutions, like the Soviets, The mass killers killed millions off.  The Nazis went, when they were pals together, they went to the Soviets to find out how to do the mass killings and do it efficiently.  Thatís in The Soviet Story.  Get the video.  And here theyíre going again. 


If youíre not scared by now to see that theyíre officially appointed on every governmental board across the planet, then I guess you are the amoebas whose job is over.  You must beÖ if you canít see the danger.  People have got to demand that all of these extra additives and boards that have been put on to government are kicked right outÖ right out.  No pensions, nothing like that.  Just out.  They are a dangerÖ literallyÖ to society.  To all of us.  They are the terrorists. 


Iíll go to the phones now and thereís Lucretia from Oregon.  Are you there Lucretia?


Lucretia:  Good afternoon or evening Alan.  I wanted definitely to also be the 3rd person to say letís all do a money bomb for you on Wednesday.  I have listened to ALL of your programs, all 392 or so now that youíve done and all your blurbs and all your talks with your other shows.  Some of them, 2 or 3 times.  Itís just such incredible information.  I thought, oh gosh, maybe Iíve heard everything and I donít need to buy your books.  As you know, Iíve bought both your books and some of your CDs and those books are worth 10 times, 10 times what youíre asking for.  With all my heart, they are just... the information is just phenomenal.  Itís totally different than what we all hear with all your talks.  The information about just even the meanings of different letters and the meanings of words, I mean, where the word Ďheavení or where the word Ďsiní originally came from.  Thereís so much thatís just so fascinating, you donít even go in to in all these other 390 talks that youíve done.  Itís phenomenal.  I canít more highly recommend them.  You know, the people that are going to donate $20, $50, $100 to you, do that but also buy Alanís books.  You will consider those as your most valuable possession.  They are just amazing.  Just amazing, so I want to encourage everyone not to forget on Wednesday to do the money bomb for Alan and donít just donate, BUY HIS BOOKS.  Even send him some extra because theyíre worth 10 times what heís asking. 


I also had a quick question for you Alan.  You mentioned last week Dr. Scott from Canada, I think it was Stanford, I didnít quite get the name.


Alan:  Itís Donald Scott. 


Lucretia:  Donald Scott from Canada.  Did he write a book or how did youÖ You mentioned the 70s.  He wrote something about how they would take out the 3rd world countries quickly but the West more slowly with crippling diseases. 


Alan:  Yes.  He has 2 or 3 books out in fact.  One of them is called, I think, The Brucellosis Triangle.  How they use brucellosis for bacterial warfare and actually introduced it into the populations of the western world.  He uses declassified information from the Canadian, US and British governments to prove his points.  Heís done a fantastic job on them.  The Brucellosis Triangle is one of them.  It might even be up there on some of the book sites on the net. 


Lucretia:  Okay.  So itís Don Scott.  Heís basically somebody thatís telling about what theyíre doing.  Heís not an insider, part of the plot by concealing their plot.


Alan:  No.  He doesnít know the rest of the story but heís concentrating on a particular area and thatís basically it.  Some people get into a tunnel.  Theyíre very good though, they can explain everything in that tunnel and heís done a lot of research in that area of warfare, bacterial and viral warfare, with the proof that itís been used on the public to prove a lot of the modern diseases were caused on purpose by certain groups. 


Lucretia:  Wow.  If I may just ask you quickly, just an unrelated question.  Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.  What did you think of their work or what do you know of their work?


Alan:  Iím not really sure of that, actually.


Lucretia:  They just talked about gaining consciousness, watching your words, just even not to be such a mechanical being.  I donít know theirÖ


Alan:  Youíre thinking of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky? 


Lucretia:  Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.  My mother really loved them and did a lot of study of them and I was just wondering if you had any idea ofÖ


Alan:  Gurdjieff himselfÖ these guys were all, really, offshoots or sects of Rosicrucianism, the type of Rosicrucianism that broke out in the Ukraine, Soviet areas a long time ago.  It isnít until you get in to Gurdjieff, some of his statements, he also was an elitist who believed there were inferior types of humans.  Itís very well concealed.  Back with more after these messages.  Hold on Lucretia and we might carry on with that. 


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just finishing up about Gurdjieff and so on.  You got to understand that all these sects, these sects were put out there to say a lot of common sense because they studied nature, meaning human nature, for thousands of years.  They can really intrigue the reader by how they present things.  Remember, behind all of these sects, with their initiation rites and so on, thereís always the same agenda of perfection of certain ones of them.  Perfectibility.  Itís out of this whole movement that they moved into science eventually and through science and genetics, they hoped to bring in their perfect society with themselves, of course, alive and all the rest the junk genes, deadÖ goneÖ long buried.  Therefore, Gurdjieff and all these guys, all these guys even general Freemasonry, are guilty of promoting the same idea of perfection. 


Most Freemasons havenít a clue.  They think itís like a self-help thing and you go up the ladder by perfecting yourself.  They donít realize that they donít stop there.  If you look at what the Masons have introduced, who do you think brought you the modern education system which is an indoctrination system?  A brotherhood of man, is that familiar?  A brotherhood of man worldwideÖ  worldwide, the worldwide brotherhood of man?  Trotsky was a Freemason.  He wrote about it in his own book, My Life and how all the other top leaders were as wellÖ in the Trotsky side of it.  Whoís pushing the chip for chipping the children wherever they go?  Itís done through the Freemasonic web sites.  Look them up.  Theyíre the ones who are promoting all of this stuff. 


Itís like a church.  Are you supposed to leave your brain at the door when you enter the hall?  Itís the same with Freemasonry. They should ask themselves that.  Do you leave your brain when you enter the lodge?  Do you just simply do as youíre told and start promoting the things youíre told to promote as an active and operative Mason? 


I donít care if people are trying to perfect themselves in some way or another or reading the thousands of self help books that are out thereÖ but donít, donít go out deciding that you know best how society should be, live and be ordered.  Thatís the problem with all of these characters. 


Hereís another thing too.  Iíve told people about predictive programming through media.  This is from The Population Media Center, the big one for all of the eugenicists.  Where they admit - Iíll put this link up on my site for you to see - they admit that through different times of entertainment, even soap operas, theyíre brainwashing women to have fewer children and various other things and how they came up with it.  They tell you the technique that theyíre using.  Itís quite a fantastic article.  Itís called



August 21st, 2005 |  By Pamela Polston, Seven Days


How theyíre making these soap operas for people in Africa and India and so on and the messages are all EMBEDDED in the stories.  They get caught up in the story.  They forget this is an indoctrination and they donít even know theyíre being indoctrinated, to CHANGE AND MODIFY THEIR BEHAVIOR.  How can they use this?  Because they used this across the West to create massive promiscuity.  They brought on the pill to destroy the family unit.  They brought in abortion and we start to accept OUR OWN BEING KILLED OFF.  Thatís the intention of eugenics.  So Iíll put this one up.  Population Media Center, the big eugenicist site. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




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