Aug. 26, 2009 (#394)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 26, 2009:

Ecology -- Religious Nutters, Lots of Bread and Butter:

"The New World Order will Affect You,
Sentient or Slumbering, There's been a Coup,
TV People Mesmerized, Almost had Their Lot,
Chameleon Took the World, Without a Single Shot,
Fabians, Globalists, Ecologists the Same,
Under the Eugenics Banner, What's in a Name?
Using New 'Governance,' Rule by Ruthless Order,
Spiderweb of Tyranny, Crossing Every Border"
© Alan Watt Aug. 26, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 26, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 26th 2009.  For newcomers, look in to web site to download all the latest and all of the older shows I’ve put up there for free.  You can also bookmark all the other sites I have that are listed on the front page of [listed above].  Even at the weekend, Yahoo, one of the main servers, went down on Saturday and I had to transfer everything over to the jenkness site.  There is also which is the European site.  You can download the same audios PLUS you can get transcripts of these audios for print up.  They’re written in the various languages of Europe.   It’s really handy to have because if you find stickiness when you’re trying to download, it just sticks there and won’t go through, it’s because so many people are going in to the main site (.com) all at once.  If you pick other sites, you’ll find it’s much, much easier to get through.


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It’s amazing how things go in a whole series of… mishaps, you might say.  I had problems uploading with Yahoo again even though I’m on the unlimited plan; there’s no limitation to what I put up there.  I don’t put an awful lot up compared to most people.  I don’t put videos up all the time and stuff like that.  They just don’t roll over and give me higher bandwidth when they’re supposed to and I have to go through a rigmarole with them.  The last time that happened, it took about 2 or 3 weeks before they found out what the problem was, supposedly.  What it was, of course, is someone gave someone else the nod from one other security office, obviously, to give me a hard time.  They could never find out WHY.  Me and the whole planet, just ME, they couldn’t find out why they couldn’t expand the bandwidth.  It’s a strange phenomena.  Tonight, just before the show, the power went out, so I’ve got a battery backup and I don’t know how long that will last.  We’ll try and get through it.  It’s just one thing after another.  The week before last it was the satellite that went kaput on me.  That’s the wonders of modern technology. 


NOTHING is made to last very long now.  Everything is pretty well junk.  Pretty well everything that’s out there is junk.  Most of the consumers have accepted that.  They think NEW is good.  That’s all they have to say now in advertising, the latest is the best.  The people just go for it and what they’re buying is cheap junk; things that can’t be fixed, in other words, and they’re always expensive to replace.  But that’s going to change.  That’s going to change very soon.  We’ll get in to that tonight after these messages.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I should say before I go on that I THANK those who have donated today.  Someone suggested a sort of money bomb thing and I’ve had quite a few new people coming in with donations.  It doesn’t matter, remember, what size donation it is because it all adds up.  Generally, as I say, there’s only a few people will donate time after time.  When you think about it, there’s thousands and thousands of people that listen to the show.  There’s also hundreds of guys who take the info of this stuff and use it in their own material or their books, of course without mentioning you.  You never hear from them.  It’s just the same dedicated bunch that keep you going.  It’s a shame but that’s the nature of humanity today.  The few have to keep the information going out there for all the rest that are just takers.  The takers, of course, have no affinity for their fellow humans.  When all hell breaks lose at the end, they’ll be in utter chaos because they think of themselves only.  They don’t realize to survive what’s coming down, you need to know people and you need to be able to cooperate with them.  So if they can’t help you keep going and getting this information out and so on, which helps to change so much.  It really does. 


The big boys watch this stuff.  They listen to the shows.  They can find… I’ve had so many web sites I’ve mentioned and put links up to government sites and so on, and right after I’ve mentioned it on the air, they get pulled off.  Even the last one.  It was an ad for the military, for military police and prison officers and internment officers.  I had that up.  I still got it saved on the desktop.  Sure enough, before the morning came along, they’d pulled that one down.  There’s another one, a science magazine, one of the biggies.  I took their article and shot it full of holes with other science that they didn’t mention and that was pulled off by the morning too.  This happens, so people do listen and take notes.  The big boys take notes. 


Everything they’ve done in this system has been by STEALTH and LYING, just blatant lying, but the greatest coup in history has happened.  It’s completely over, really, because it’s taken a hundred years not only to infiltrate governments across the world, but actually to completely take them over and even educate the entire bureaucratic classes that work - the governing class they call themselves - into the same agenda.  They never mentioned they were doing all of this.  They kept it all quiet. 


Now they’re coming out under the guise of greening and ecology.  Ecology takes in ‘sustainability’ of the planet.  What it really is, is a front for eugenics and for depopulation of the earth.  That’s all it is.  Yet it’s being taught as a religion in the schools now, today.  It has been for quite a few years.  Now the public, for those who are aware, are starting to realize that everything’s been taken over.  When they tell you, for instance, that you’re going to have to live more simply - that’s the mantra of ecology and from all governments down to the public under this new system of governance (not government, but governance) - it means you’re going to be made poor.  That’s what it means.  We’re going to be poor.  The fanatics at the top of this religion and they ARE utter fanatics, plus there’s a lot of sell-out prostitutes, basically, intellectual prostitutes that got ‘on board’ for an easy life, as authors and reporters for newspapers under the greening columns and all that. 


These fanatics at the very, very top MEAN BUSINESS.  They don’t just talk about depopulation, they’ve been already at it for an awful long time and of course, they couldn’t tell the children, you know, the unwashed masses, those who are ‘unenlightened’ living in the darkness.  They call them the profane.  So they went ahead and did it through inoculations and various other means.  I’ve given so much information out from their OWN articles, books and so on about this very thing.  Even John Holdren… I read yesterday his great hero Harrison Brown also was into eugenics and depopulating the world down to 50,000 of the elites.  That’s what HE wanted.  That’s what’s really running the governments now, this philosophy. 


Harrison, by the way, knew Charles Galton Darwin.  They were both physicists.  They worked on the Manhattan Project.  That’s where they all met together to create the Atom Bomb.  These people are really in to LIFE, as you’ve noticed.  That’s what they mean by sustainability.  They’re into life big time.  I kid you not.  Everyone should be awfully worried today because their agenda is being pushed through EVERY ORGAN OF GOVERNMENT, right down to policing.  If you’ve noticed, police today are out to just boss you around or taser you or lock you up or whatever.  They’re not the old police at all.  They look upon the public as prey.  They are predators looking upon their prey.  That’s how they see the public but they also really feel they have the authority; they don’t realize they’re supposed to be servants.  They’re now BEINGS of authority, to be obeyed instantly.  That’s happening worldwide. 


The scary thing is that every government of the planet is under this particular regime that’s been at it for an awful long time, over 100 years to infiltrate and take over completely and now their agenda’s underway.  It’s the SCIENTIFIC DICTATORSHIP that Huxley talked about.  He said himself it would be brutal.  Then he followed it by saying that if it was going to be a dictatorship, ‘I’d rather it be a scientific one’.  That’s what it’s all about. 


Getting back, before I carry on here, to the donations and so on.  Thanks to those who have donated.  I’ve got lots of money to put out in the next couple of weeks to printers and various other things and it goes very quickly.  So people should really keep it coming.  Someone told me, you can also put a PayPal button up for automatic monthly donations.  I’m looking into that as well, for those who get absent minded or distracted into other things.  But it’s got to come in to keep going.  All the equipment and gear I have here is old stuff and it needs a lot of maintenance and an awful lot of time to restart computers from scratch, that kind of stuff.   They don’t do too well. 


The New World Order… is now openly declared.  Brown mentioned it at the G20 Summit.  He led off his speech and called it, The New World Order.  People have been mentioning it for years.  I’ve been mentioning it for years.  Of course, you were laughed at by both the public and the politicians who pooh-poohed it as some ridiculous idea they’d never even heard of.  That’s how things are.  Brzezinski was quite right, if it’s NOT on the mainstream, it doesn’t exist.  If it IS on the mainstream, it suddenly exists.  You’ll find the people that you’re trying to educate and who ignored you will never, ever say you were right.  It doesn’t happen that way.  Then you go on to tell them the next part of the agenda and they’ll pooh-pooh that just as much… until it’s on the news.  Then it’s all quite natural to them.  That’s the system we live in. 


The indoctrination process has been so complete and it IS a scientific indoctrination.  There’s nothing you can look at today and there hasn’t been for years, any movie whatsoever that isn’t FULL of predictive programming messages.  It’s done on purpose.  Yesterday I gave a link to a site from, again, ecology and the ecologist movement.  This site admits that even in soap operas they advise how to write them, hoping the public will identify with the characters and then they put in the politically correct stuff. 


What they’re trying to do in Africa, in fact, is to get women separated totally from the men by aiming at them.  Whenever you hear the big boys, the new world order, saying they want to liberate women, etc, what they’re talking about is they don’t want breeding from women.  That’s it.  They don’t care about women.  They simply don’t want them to be breeding.  That’s the whole point of it.  So they try and tempt them with trinkets and goodies and materialism instead of having children… and encourage the radial feminist movements that really turns into a hatred of men.  That’s being taught across the third world countries by design.  There’s no doubt about it, if you look at most of these characters at the very, very top, they’re all perverts.  They have no interest whatsoever, whatsoever, in women… apart from how they can use them.  That’s it. 


We’re run by them.  They’re the deviant creation.  We’re run by them. I’ve read enough on the show - I could read a lot more - about big, big characters on the mainstream news but I don’t.  These characters are in charge.  You’ll find common traits between the Huxleys, the Darwins, and even Harrison Brown and of course, this character who’s now on board with the US government, Holdren.  They have their boards on every government across the Western world and in fact, the Eastern world, right to Australia.  They’ve put their same characters in.  They’ve got their Paul Ehrlich types, their John Holdren types all in place today because NOW we’re being brought down gradually to a third world status. 


Today I was reading an article from a site.  I looked into the site because a woman was on the BBC - I’ll put the link up too - and the BBC interviewed her.  You don’t just walk into the BBC as a nobody and get an interview.  It doesn’t happen that way.  You’re brought it.  The BBC is an organ, it’s an official taxpayer-funded organ by the British government.  She was pushing this notion, being an ecologist, etc, a little rich girl who travels across the world.  She used to work for Nature Magazine and she knows where her bread is buttered.  She said WE should start eating insects… like they do in Africa… because of the coming food shortages that’s she’s just so sure is going to happen.  She’s gone off again to see how it’s working out in those third world countries after her boyfriend has his final crown done.   Of course, he had all his teeth crowned and capped and set… they’re very, very rich, you see, these people who live OFF political correctness at the top.  Anybody who sees these characters coming in to their country better realize that they’re studying ways to take you down… in the third world countries.  That’s what they’re there for.  What you need, how you survive… and find ways to counter how you survive.  Back with more after these messages. 


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  For those listeners who also really look around the world for news, you’ll find it’s all the same.  It’s no coincidence that what appears to be a sudden propaganda movement through all media to do with sustainability… it just came out of the blue.  Of course, it was planned that way and it’s part of how they shock and awe you, basically, until it becomes normal to read these kind of articles and to hear it talked about and discussed about on news programs and so on.  That’s all to get you familiar with what you’re supposed to be thinking about and how to think about it.  They leave you with your opinions, you see.  The world’s been taken over by STEALTH. 


We can go way back into the 1800s even and even further but in the 1800s they certainly WROTE about their agenda.  They had the eugenics societies already in operation in the late 1800s and long before.   Even Darwin was intermarried 5 generations, only with one other family, the Wedgwoods.  Today, you have in politics in Britain and every government for years - all my life, in fact - we’ve had the Benn families, Wedgwood, Benn.  They’re also related to Darwin… and they’re all Lords, by the way.  People think it’s communists that are bringing this in.  No.  Quigley was quite correct.  He said the foundations are all often mistaken as communists because they fund all these radical left-wing movements.  Radical left-wing movements and the foundations ALL WORK FOR THIS, the present, global government.  They have all along.  They’ve done it Fabian style because they’re Fabian Socialists. 


Fabian Socialists, if you really want to know what they are, you have to see the clip on The Soviet Story where you’ll hear one of the founders, George Bernard Shaw say - and you’ll see him do a little, old video clip - the public, YOU, will have to come to US, meaning the scientific elite, to explain why they should allow you to stay alive.  In their wonderful world you’ll have to serve their system.  A world of SERVICE is what they’ve always said through the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It’s also all throughout the Council on Foreign Relations, the American branch of the same outfit.  They have branches across the entire planet.  They also have the Royal Institute of International Affairs set up, as well, for the new European Union.  So they run that completely.   They run that completely… and they run every country the same way.  Long-term stealth infiltration, intergenerational and we adapt and adapt and they have turned our lifestyle upside-down, culture wise and many other ways since the 60s onwards.  That’s all it took them to turn everything upside-down. 


Plato, remember, is someone they ALL admire.  They ALL say they’ve read Plato, his book The Republic, written 2300-odd years ago.  He advocated the very same thing.  A world run by the ‘guardian class’.  You know, the better types who had better brains and intellect than the commoners.  The better type, of course, were mated up with women for special qualities and men with special qualities so that their offspring would have the same qualities.  Plato talked about the idea that intelligence, really, was hereditary.  The ones down below, the ‘ITs’ as he called them, were just there to SERVE those with the brains.  Well that hasn’t changed at all.  It’s couched in different language but not very, very different, in fact, when you look through all the articles that these people have been putting out. 


Now, no one’s voted any green outfits and sustainability outfits into ANY government, congress or parliament.  The public haven’t had a say anywhere across the world in this.  And yet here’s this Fabian bunch who REALLY HATE HUMANITY and who mean it, by every means possible, to DEPOPULATE THIS PLANET to bring in their lovely utopia so that they and their better offspring will have a world to play in in the future.  These guys mean it.  As I say, no one’s voted ANY of them in.  They just simply are suddenly there and no one asks why.  To be honest with you, you can’t fight this, the way it’s going, you can’t fight it simply by information.  Because, look around you, every country has been turned into an absolute police state under the guise, the con, of terrorism.  That’s why they’re watching all of YOU and ME and EVERYONE ELSE.  This is all preparation for this Century of Change, as the Fabians have called this, for an awful long time. 


The 21st century was the Century of Change.  Well, welcome to it.  As I say, you won’t change it by simply complaining about it.  These guys mean business.  We don’t have any redress in governments any more.  We are as far from government, really, as the flying bee is to the ant hill… today.  We’re so far removed.  It’s going its own path, this predetermined path, and they don’t even bother with the public anymore.  That’s goverNANCE.  Governance is simply a Soviet style system where dictates come from the top and are passed all the way down to the bottom… and you obey.  You obey.  It’s not going to be pleasant.  You can’t fix something that’s totally corrupt and broken.  This Tower of Babel has so many band-aids holding together, and superglue, to be honest with you, you can’t keep it going.  Even to change it, you can’t.  You can’t change something that’s crooked and corrupt from its very foundation.  So one way or another it will have to fall.  The problem is they want rid of most of us and they’ll deal with that problem in the future.  Quite something isn’t it?  It’s not pleasant.  It’s not pleasant.  I could talk about out-of-body experiences and UFOs but that’d be entertainment then, wouldn’t it?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’m sitting in the dark here because the power went out.  Of course, they say it might be back on by 9 but isn’t that amazing, it goes out just before the show and then maybe starts after the show.  That’s how it goes.  Everything I had to read to you is gone because the computer simply crashed.  What I do have is a good site people should look in to.  It gives you a bunch of these organizations that are incredibly well funded both by your tax money and the foundations, the big foundations that are a parallel government.  The parallel government TELLS the governments now what to do.  Why is that?  Well, the main foundations are run and owned by the international banking families… who LEND to Prime Ministers and Presidents.  That’s why they tell governments what to do.  They’re rather open about it today.  In fact, they’re completely interchangeable, governments and the foundations, because the governments are all following the foundations’ policies. 


This site is called Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population.  It goes through some of the different organizations to do with population CONTROL across the world.  ALL INCREDIBLY WELL FUNDED and their staff, oh, you wouldn’t believe the salaries these guys get.


Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population

 - National or Global Population Stabilization


Population Media Center (PMC) (


(Alan:  They always at the end say…)  The emphasis of the organization's work is to educate people about the benefits of small families, encourage the use of effective family planning methods  (A:  They generally mean abortion.  Now here’s the laughter here…), elevate women's status and promote gender equity(A:  What they mean is to separate completely the females from the men.  That’s what it always was about.  Always.  They don’t give a darn about women.  I’ve got so many quotes here from the top people involved in all these big groups with statements about women.  You would not believe what they really say about them.  Mind you, the little glinting jewels that they put in front of the women’s faces works; they go for it.  They go for it in these third world countries.)


Growth Education Movement (


(A:  Here’s another one here.  It gives you who starts them up and so on.  You can also get links to all the different foundations that fund them - and your tax money as well.)


Optimum Population Trust ( 


(A:  I’ve mentioned that.  Based in Britain but they have ones across the world.  They’re all to do with ecology, stabilization, sustainability and population reduction.  That’s the same thing all over.  That one’s run by Sir Crispin Tickell, again, a descendant of Darwin and the Huxleys.  There’s a whole bunch.)


CASSE [Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy] (


(A:  See, they’re not just in to… ecology takes IN, entirely, the economy, completely.  The economy has to go along the way of sustainability.  They’re always talking about how their whole goal is to EDUCATE citizens.  What it means is to brainwash you and give you the RIGHT opinions so you’ll actually ACCEPT the fact you’re being killed off.  That’s what it is.  It makes sense to you the way they’ll put to you.)


The Sustainable Scale Project (


NPG [Negative Population Growth] (


(A:  This is an interesting one.  It used to be called ZERO population grown.  ZERO POPULATION GROWTH.  It says…)


At one time the radical population organization in America was ZPG [Zero Population Growth], founded in 1968. In the 1990’s ZPG – like the national Sierra Club more recently – started to fear (A:  Started to FEAR…) that any talk of limiting migration into the USA would sound xenophobic and scare away big donors. (A:  This is their words, BIG DONORS, right…) To shed ZPG’s radical reputation, (A:  This also tells you that The Sierra Club and all these big organizations, the World Wildlife Fund, they’re ALL INTERWOVEN.  They’re all really funded from the same sources and Prince Phillip of course, is up there with all these particular organizations.  This is your supposed left-wing, for those who don’t really get it, that sustainability and ecology Is run by the richest PEOPLE on the planet.)  leaders in 2002 renamed the organization “Population Connection,” (A:  I sounds nicer than Zero Population Growth.) and it now focuses almost exclusively on fertility regulation at a national and global level. NPG, formed in 1972, is now one of the cutting-edge national-level anti-growth outfit. Though NPG has expressed little interest in growth at the local community level, it has long examined the concept of optimal population size (see, for example, the 1989 article “How to Get There From Here: (A:  It’s all planned out.)   The Demographic Route to Optimal Population Size” by Leon F. Bouvier (  (A: Don’t forget, optimum is BEYOND JUST STABILIZING THE POPULATION.  It’s believe it.  That’s where they’re going.)


Sierrans for U.S. Population Stabilization [SUSPS] (


(A:  Isn’t it amazing all these wildlife clubs, etc, their real goal all along was to reduce population of humans?  Isn’t that rather amazing, eh?  Isn’t it amazing.)


Since 1996, leaders of the Sierra Club have refused to admit that immigration driven, rapid U.S. population growth causes massive environmental problems, a position that SUSPS argues is a sop to a super rich donor who demanded this position in return for huge donations. SUSPS is a splinter group of Sierra Club activist who advocate a return to traditional (1970-1996) Sierra Club population policy which included both birth rates and immigration levels as needed to achieve U.S. population stabilization as quickly as possible.  (A:  Do you know that the Sierra Club, you know, World Wildlife Fund, was all involved in the birth rate of humans and immigration levels.  That’s who brought in the multi-culturalism.  It’s they, the rich men of the world, not any little grass roots tin can pushers.  Quite amazing, eh? For all those who are still trying to, you know, dream about the movies and Free Willy and all the Disney movies you’ve watched.  That’s what they were all for… to humanize the animals and make you feel all bad and guilty.)


The Population Coalition (


Started in 1994 within local chapters of the League of Women Voters (A:  Amazing too how they split everybody up into genders and so on isn’t it?), this nationwide grassroots organization promotes awareness of population pressures and overconsumption on a sustainable future. In their statement of core beliefs, “population stabilization” is listed as one of the three most significant issues facing the human race today. Nearly all of its focus is on global and US national-level population issues. (A:  Did YOU vote any of these characters… have you HEARD of them?  Well your politicians have.  The guys that make the policies have all heard of them and they get lobbied by them.)


It’s just one after the other.  It’s all population, population, population organization after organization.  That’s, literally, what we’re going to hear from now on from all shows, soap operas, movies, and even in comedy.  That’s what you’re going to hear from now on.


It’s interesting too, that I’ve said for years the internet, like Brzezinski said, would be given to the public.  They’d get hooked on it and gradually they’d tighten the reins and give its real reason.  The mainstream would also come out there.  Sure enough, now you find that they’re starting off with what they call ‘illegal downloaders’.  This is from The Mail Online. 


Mandy waves the cutlass:

Government threat to shut off internet access in bid to curb online piracy

Parents whose children illegally download music, games and films could have their internet access cut off under plans to tackle online piracy.

By Ian Drury  /  26th August 2009


(A:  Lord Mandelson, this character is one, aahh, you could go on about his preferences and stuff like that… down the line.  He’s been fired from so many jobs and he’s always put in higher jobs when he gets fired.  He’s presently filling the position his father and grandfather filled in the British government.  He’s an hereditary Lord, you see.  He also recently met with Soros and they went over to see one of the families of the Rothschilds and is going to change an awful lot of the internet on BEHALF of the big boys.)


Lord Mandelson ordered the crackdown on illegal file-sharing after dining with the multimillionaire Hollywood mogul David Geffen during his holiday in Corfu.


The timing of the move will spark fresh accusations that the Business Secretary likes to do favours for his rich friends.  (A:  Of course they do.  Some of the favors you’d better not ask about.)


Deal on downloaders: Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Business, leaves his home near Regents Park, North London.


Under the proposals, individuals whose computers are persistently used for illegal file-sharing face having their internet connections suspended - even if they are not the ones doing the doing the downloading. (A:  I’ve told you that before, they’d use it as a weapon as well, and a way of social punishment.  They’ll take your internet away until you comply and you’re good again.  That’s how it’s going to be used.  Social approval, social disapproval.)


Critics branded it 'unworkable lunacy' that risked criminalising seven million Britons - one in 12 of the population - whose equipment is used for illicit downloading.


Parents who rely on the internet for everything from banking to business could have their connection severed if their children are caught secretly downloading music tracks illegally.  (A:  There’s the stupidity of all the people who’d sell their soul for convenience and do everything on the internet now.  It’s going to be used as a weapon against you… if you misbehave.  Maybe even if you don’t misbehave.)


Mandelson met with Hollywood mogul David Geffen during his holiday on the Greek island of Corfu.


And individuals could also be blamed if unscrupulous neighbours tap into their unprotected Wi-Fi wireless internet connections to download copyrighted content without permission.  (A:  So it doesn’t matter if you haven’t done it.  Someone tapping in to Wi-Fi - that’s everywhere, in fact it’s the main projects by Brown, the Prime Minister, to get the whole of Britain under Wi-Fi - it’s almost impossible to keep people out that know how to do it.  It’s not that hard to get in and use someone else’s Wi-Fi.  So if they do, it’s your account number that goes down and you’re the guy who has your internet cut off.)


Only two months ago, Gordon Brown described internet access as 'an essential service as indispensible as electricity, gas and water'.


He spoke out after Lord Carter published the Digital Britain report, which recommended restricting only the speed of the worst offenders' broadband internet connections - making it difficult for them to download files.  (A:  I think I’ve got that.  I get an awful time by Xplornet who give me a time uploading my own stuff to them.  Every night I have to restart the satellite maybe 3 times because it just grinds to a halt.  That’s what they do to you.  But they’ve been doing it all along.)


But in a U-turn yesterday, ministers set out measures to suspend wholly the internet accounts of users who persistently download music, films and TV programmes for nothing.


Lord Mandelson is said to have ordered officials to draw up the new regulations days after dinner with Mr Geffen, a long-time campaigner against internet piracy in the U.S.


I can remember when Mr. Mandelson, Lord Mandelson, was in Tony Blair’s cabinet and they had up and coming 2000 Fair all built in a big building built in London, of course by the tax payers.  Mandelson was in charge of a project.  It was one of his, you know, strange friends to come in - a supposed artist - who started covering the wall with feces.  No kidding.  Human feces as art.  Again, it cost thousands of pounds for it all to be cleaned off after members of the public that still had some common sense complained about it.  That’s the character Mandelson is.  He likes to rub your face in it, you might say.  Quite something eh? 


Now all this flu nonsense is a big technique of The World Health Organization to terrify the public into compliance with ANNUAL shots, not just for flu, for the rest of their lives.  I’ve got the .PDF from the 2006 World Health Organization meeting and that’s what they said.  Basically, when the next big scare comes along, they start training the public into going to get annual boosters for various things and new inoculations for different things you’ve never heard of before.  It’s all training, training, training PLUS, of course, you know it’s going to sterilize whoever is left that’s virile.  It will also give you a quicker death down the road.  As Huxley said, Julian Huxley, it’s not just birth control we have to look at, it’s the medical profession and death control.  In other words, they want you to die earlier too.  That’s what’s going on. 


Here’s an article here from The Telegraph. 


Dead girl's family misdiagnosed with swine flu start petition against telephone diagnosis

The family of Charlotte Hartey, a teenage girl who was misdiagnosed with swine flu and later died, have started a petition against "call centre health care".

16 Aug 2009


(A:  See, Britain is a socialized medicinal system and it’s much worse than the old Soviet Union had, in fact.  When government gets involved in health care, it’s all to do with budgets and money and cutbacks.  Of course, you can get fast vasectomies or tubal ligations or abortions, but everything else is a massive waiting list.  This whole Swine flu thing, you see, under the World Health Organization’s orders, they’re not testing these people with the nasal swabs and so on to find out if they really have Swine flu.  They’re just diagnosing everybody with Swine flu and treating it as such.  A lot of these folk getting treated for Swine flu are dying of other things.  This girl had meningitis.)


Charlotte Hartey: A post-mortem examination found Charlotte died of natural causes, and was not suffering from swine flu.  (A:  So I guess meningitis… tonsillitis it said too… is a NATURAL cause.)


Charlotte, 16, died on July 31 from complications that arose from tonsillitis.


Her family, from Oswestry, Shropshire, said the teenager was prescribed Tamiflu after she was misdiagnosed with swine flu in a telephone consultation.  (A:  That’s what they give you, these nurses on the telephones and that’s socialized medicine, folks.  Here’s another one…  This is a related article…)


Girl with appendicitis misdiagnosed with swine flu. She was rushed to hospital after she deteriorated and later developed blood poisoning, her family said.


A post-mortem examination found Charlotte died of natural causes, and was not suffering from swine flu.


So, you’ve got all these Facebook petitions going up to do with other people who have lost adults or children to misdiagnosis of Swine flu.  You see, I don’t really personally think there really is a Swine flu.  I think whatever folk are getting, if there’s any flu at all, is just one of the regular flues.  The World Health Organization could ONLY put it up to a level 5 or 6 pandemic when they drop 3 or 4 of the criteria that they had always used to label something as a pandemic.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  All to terrify the public… and get us to accept MANDATORY inoculations.  As I’ve said, you can not accept mandatory inoculations.  YOU CAN’T DO IT.  The last bastion in this world, because they’re already in to your minds - believe it or not - making composites of you in an ethereal world to make sure you’re very predictable.  The last bastion is your body.  When they say they can do what they want with your body while you’re living…  It’s bad enough after you’re dead, mandating in Canada, especially in Ontario, if you go into a hospital and die in the hospital, they want you to sign a form accepting the fact they’re going to use your organs or just practice for medical students, on your corpse.  But when you’re alive and you allow them to do what they want, IT’S GAME OVER.  You see, under tyranny… One of the definitions of tyranny is when coercion and blackmail, etc leave you no escape, no way out.  That’s tyranny.  We’re under complete tyranny.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, as I say, we’re all being trained today to simply obey.  There’s many ways to make you obey.  Laws are passed.  Law is any dictate put down by anyone.  It doesn’t matter if it’s tyrant, dictator or whatever or what we call governments.  They also have another way of getting you to obey and that’s the power of the purse.  It’s economics.  The law, especially to do with fines, fees and all the rest of it.  That’s how they push you along a certain path.  So, coercion, which is basically blackmail in a sense, is always used.  They generally don’t say, you can’t do this, a certain thing that’s really vital.  They just simply make it impossible for you to do it unless you can afford it. 


The world they’re going to bring in is going to be one of the fittest, survival of the fittest, type class and those who’ve got more money.  That’s how pretty well they judge survival of the fittest… by their economic status and standing in the world.  And they have their scientific class to help them, all the prostitutes that work in bacterial warfare, viral warfare and all the rest of it.  That’s the scientific dictatorship that we see coming into place today.  It’s actually in place today. 


We’re also taught by police.  All these articles that come out to do with them using cattle prods on people, they call them tasers, is not by accident.  They’re meant to horrify the general public and to get you to be afraid of the guys in the black outfits.  That’s the new type of governance that we’ve got.  Here’s an article here.


Homeless man bursts into flames after being Tasered by U.S. police

By Paul Thompson  /  26th August 2009


(A:  I read one a few weeks ago where a guy in Australia, the same thing happened.  This is the US they’re admitting.  I bet it’s more that one.)


Daniel Wood burst into flames after police tried to subdue him with a Taser gun. He had been sniffing from an aerosol can.  (A:  By the way, I’ll also put a link up to show you the latest gadget they’ve got.  It’s a wireless cattle prod.  It doesn’t need wires and it’s a rifle.  It can hit you from 100 feet away.  It fires a sort of capacitor bullet at you, with quite a high velocity and gives you so many thousands of volts for 20 seconds.  That’s a long time.  So if it doesn’t kill you, it will probably go through your throat or something.  You’ll hear a lot of people getting shot through the throat with it and stuff like that because that’s quite a velocity to fire something.  As I say, it doesn’t need wires.  That’s how sophisticated they’re getting.  And it’s going to get worse.  There’s even another one come out that can fire 3 at the same time for crowd control.  I’ve no doubt they have ones out there like Gatling Guns for ultimate crowd control.)


Daniel Wood burst into flames after police tried to subdue him with a Taser gun. He had been sniffing from an aerosol can.  (A:  You’ve seen different guys sniffing from aerosol cans.  They’re generally of no problem to anybody but themselves.)


A homeless man caught fire after U.S. police shocked him with a Taser gun, it has been revealed.


Daniel Wood, 31, was allegedly sniffing gas from an aerosol can as he ran through traffic when he was chased by two officers in Lancaster, Ohio.  (A:  Why were they chasing him?  Remember that little girl that was shot in the head and the thing went through her skull?  …I read a few weeks back.  Chasing her through traffic.  Well, when you’re getting chased by these guys waving something that’s going to electrocute you, I think you’d run as well.)


One officer caught Wood and got him on the ground, where Wood continued to resist, (A:  Can you imagine a guy stoned out of his skull, on glue, that can hardly move.)  according to the police report.


(A:  So they tasered him.  What happens?)  Wood immediately burst into flames that covered his torso.  (A:  He was burned from the waist right up to his face and all the rest of it.)


That’s the new policing, folks.  That’s our new society.  Obey or…… we cremate you.  These guys, these sons of the fire, love to use it.  We saw that at Waco. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada thanks very much for those who are sending donations.  Please keep them coming.  It keeps me on the go.  From Hamish, the dog, and myself, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




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