Aug. 31, 2009 (#397)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 31, 2009:

Change is Good -- Work Gone, No Food:

"Grievances, Past, Present, Endless Litany,
Against Power-Seekers, Manifesting Tyranny,
Under Various Guises, Same Old Game,
Swap Freedom for Safety, Make People Tame,
As Hitler Said in Days Gone By,
When Conning the Public, Make Sure it's BIG Lie,
Terrify Masses, Offer to Protect,
Unroll the Laws, Infinite, Select,
Steroid-Muscled Army, Dying to Flex it,
You're Under Tyranny When Given No Exit"
© Alan Watt Aug. 31, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 31, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 31st 2009.  Newcomers come in all the time so I advise you to go to and look at all the other sites I have up there bookmark them for future use because once in a while the main servers do go down for strange and odd reasons that they can never, ever tell me why.  This way, if you bookmark the other sites, you’ll be able to get the latest shows and download them for free [listed above].  There’s also which is the European site and has all the same audios but it also has a lot of transcripts in the various languages of Europe of these audios, for print up and passing around to your friends.


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The advertising that you hear on this show is paid straight to RBN for the time and for the equipment and the staff.  So it truly is up to you to keep me going.  Things often get to a stage where they’re floundering because of the expenses that’s put out here, never mind the time.  The time is all consuming.  It isn’t just that you go on the radio and talk for an hour, every day I’ve got to check lots of different mail, stories, etc to see what’s genuine, what’s relevant, what is irrelevant, what’s a red herring, and what really matters.   My whole intention here is to tie things together to show you how everything works together in the area of propaganda and media which are all simply PART of the ONE agenda.  They’re really training the public.  So I try and tie them together to show you what the effects are.  If you fall for one thing the government does and what they really WANT FROM YOU DOWN THE ROAD, because you have fallen for the first thing. 


The old story of the Parthenon building is that it has so many pillars, each one is vital to hold the roof up.  If you take one away, there’s a concession; it puts extra strain on all the rest.  It’s easier to knock the next one down and the next one and the next one.  That’s how rights are taken away from the public… through compromise generally.  You can’t compromise with a power, which MANY people before me have said, IT WANTS ABSOLUTE POWER OVER EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING.  They always have been the same in all ages.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix.  Talking about power and how powerful groups a long time ago, actually through many, many centuries, have taken countries over, even in ancient times.  You find that in Rome, every so often you would get a Caesar in there, a King, an Emperor, who would suddenly, when he was losing popularity, losing what he felt was his authoritarian voice, he would declare a national emergency and he’d have troops on the streets.  They did go to town.  They’d do purges much the same as today.  It’s all done with quotas and statistics, etc.  Get so many in and execute them and that’s good enough. 


The Soviet Union we know was excellent at that procedure.  One they’d basically taken over the countries that they planned to take over overtly and then held their position, they had to find enemies within.  That’s how government maintains its totalitarian, martial law types of power. 


Since 9/11 we’ve seen a well-laid plan, a very old plan, it’s not the beginning of a plan, it’s actually just one section of an ongoing plan.  The previous generations didn’t know they were under a great big plan to take over the world and run it in a very similar fashion, at least for one of its phases, as the communist systems were run.  That’s what Professor Carroll Quigley talked about.  Remember he was the official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations.  He said the big foundations and so on were often mistaken for left wing communists because they funded all what appeared to be radical, left wing groups.  In fact, here’s you’re biggest millionaires or billionaires in the US funding what seems to be left wing organizations. 


Remember too, that ‘order out of chaos’ has various levels of meaning.  They’re always talking about order out of chaos.  The pyramid, for instance, on the dollar bill and most Masonic lodges, with the capstone and the light between, is always standing in a wasteland… sparse vegetation and so on.  That’s the general world.  That’s how they see it.  Only the enlightened ones are above it in the pyramid.  However, the rest of the rabble, you might say, the profane people who don’t know what’s going on but they think they do, are the wasteland.  So their job, of course - a long, long time ago and even in ancient times - was to bring order, THEIR ORDER, out of what they saw as a wasteland. 


Free choice and making your own decisions on things at the bottom is a NO-NO.  It’s always been trouble for those who went along with this agenda, this same agenda actually, because every so often down through the ages people riot.  At one time, they could riot successfully.  They’d have revolutions and so on.  Now of course it’s a different story. 


With the rise of science, which has been brought up to the pinnacle with our tax money across the planet, and so many of the sciences… right down to psychological warfare which is constant on all media and entertainment.  You also have sub-frequencies, you might say, HAARP type frequencies being used and ADMITTED TO by people like Brzezinski in his book Between Two Ages.  Where he said that it’s very possible and it will probably come - he says in the 1970s - that this type of technology, E.L.F. waves and so on, will be used on whole populations.  Whole populations… without their knowledge.  They won’t know why they’re docile, they’re laid back or they couldn’t care less when they should be worried about things.  These are all high sciences. 


We all know that under the War on Drugs, really, there’s been nothing more than a massive build-up of police with their equipment, etc to be used very shortly on the general public.  Nothing to do really with the drugs.  Nothing really to do with the drugs at all.  That was an excuse to build up internal armies and massive recruitment of policemen with their helicopters, some of them have armored vehicles and all the rest of it.  We will see all these things used.  There’s no coincidence all these things are up and ready with a multi-jurisdictional task force where police can work over in the Middle-East WITH troops, like Canadian troops, dress like them, kicking in doors and so on and then come back to their outfits back in Canada.  That’s not there by coincidence.  They’re training them for the 30 years of rioting admitted to by the department of Defence in Britain and also the Department of Defense in the US as well.  They are identical reports, 90 page documents on what they see for the future.


How can they be so sure?  It’s because they know.  Those at the very top know what they’re going TO MAKE HAPPEN.  You don’t suddenly have crisis coming out of the blue.  YOU MAKE THEM HAPPEN.  If you’re in power and you keep control of power, generation to generation, you must plan the future and implement that plan, so it’s a planned future at all times.  You can’t ALLOW anything to come out of left field and disrupt your whole plan.  Therefore, every crisis, major crisis, that happens is part of your plan. 


Totalitarianism always moves in under the guise of keeping you safe.  Under that technique and doctrine, they can pick any facet of your life and take your rights away and say they’re trying to keep you safe in this particular area.  It doesn’t matter what area it is.  It’s been used from ancient times to modern.  Always the same.  Even Goering mentioned it in Nazi Germany.  He says the easiest thing to take a country over by a small group of people, you just say there’s a threat from outside somewhere, like terrorism today, you complain the government’s not doing enough to protect the people and the next thing you know the public who are scared witless with propaganda will either vote those people in or they’ll simply move in with no questions asked.  Same techniques over and over and over again.


So here’s 2001 which was the kick-off, the real official kick-off to the century - not the year 2000 - we’ve seen nothing, nothing but crisis after crisis after crisis.  The whole world has been turned upside-down.  Most people haven’t seen the full effects of it yet.  They’re just being familiarized with police in the streets in major cities with machine guns and stuff like that, but they haven’t seen ALL OF THE MACHINERY that’s been put into place to deal with the up and coming crises that are still to happen. 


What kind of governments do the world have?  They have front governments, just like the United Nations itself is a front organization.  Fronting for what?  Well, it’s the rich men, same rich men actually, as your nations front for without their basic governments.  If you had government in any country, how come no country has changed their laws to do with bank crisis?  How come it’s never happened?  How come every bank has got refunded for all the money they blew or lost or gambled or pocketed or whatever from the tax payer?  This UNIFORM technique across the world but nobody’s moved in and said ‘THAT’S ENOUGH of that; this is broken, we’ll fix it.’  No one’s going to fix it.  All they do is reward the same investors and bankers for… it’s what they do once or twice every century.  They let you accumulate and then they plunder you.  This is standard procedure.  The politicians are obviously NOT there to serve the public when they take your money and throw it at the guys who just robbed the world… the entire planet.  That’s who they’re there to protect.  It’s so obvious.  So far I haven’t seen any laws put in place to stop it from happening again.  That tells you all you need to know.  I used to wonder about the last so-called Great Depression.   Supposedly John Maynard Keynes came in to help set up the IMF so as that it would never, ever happen again.  Which is all utter nonsense.  Nothing really changed.  They left it wide open for it to be done again. 


An article by George Soros a few years ago in all the British newspapers, a half-page story where he admitted how he’d sunk the cash of Britain, the Bank of England, by phoning up two of his friends, pumping money into the stock market, creating a panic, and then withdrawing it all creating a bigger panic, and buying it all up for peanuts.  And the British tax payer again was put on the tab because the government went to the same bankers, borrowed billions off them to get the pound floating once more.  And there’s no law against doing that.  He could BOAST about it in the newspapers.  How come no government goes after these guys and makes laws so they can’t do this again?  Because they’re not working for YOU. 


I don’t think there’s a government across the planet today where the top people are not handpicked by the same few.  I very much doubt it.  It isn’t all that coincident that the big players from the East and West sides, both sides - the communist sides that went through the Cold War and even pre-communist - there’s no coincidence that the aristocracy of Britain were writing about the future world they were bringing in.  They were identical to the communists.  Communism was never, ever about the people owing anything because you always had this hereditary elite who spoke on behalf of the people and told them what they were going to get or not get.  ‘The keepers’, you see, it’s an ELITIST organization.  Lenin said it himself.  He says there’s three versions of it.  One for the masses that they will use at the last minute.  One for the managerial class.  One for the ones who really rule it.  Three different formulas.  Three different doctrines. 


Of course, you go back to the West and there’s Bertrand Russell, LORD Bertrand Russell, and a whole bunch of his kin and the Huxley’s, etc.  They’re still at it by their descendants, by the way.  I’ve mentioned who their descendants are today, still up there talking about they must cull off the people and get rid of too many people, etc, etc, survival of the fittest and bring in this socialized system where everyone at the bottom just does what they’re told.  Tidy.  Order out of chaos. 


How can you bring in their kind of order?  Well, you must destroy everything that stopped them from taking over before.  That’s how you must do it.  What did people have in days gone by even from the earliest times?  You had tribalism.  You had a tribal culture.  You would fight and so on.  You had strong families up until the 20th century.  All have been destroyed by design.  Order out of chaos to bring in the new.  Back with more after these messages. 


This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Talking about how tyranny works and how a very old agenda, implemented over a long period of time, Fabian style, has worked very successfully.  We don’t like very fast, rapid, great changes, but we do accept the minor changes and the occasional big one, once in a blue moon.  We’re on a roll today.  We’ve been trained now that everything has changed.  That’s why you heard the slogan during different people’s elections, ‘Change is good’.  No one bothered to say what change are you talking about?  Change is good?  How is poverty for change?  That’s change isn’t it?  Utter poverty?  No one asks the questions.  They just shout the mantras.  Lenin said, ‘WE SHALL WIN BY SLOGANS,’ because the public don’t think.  That’s what George Orwell said too, in Animal Farm where the vast amount of the animals that went along with everything, the sheep, which would say, “four legs good, two legs bad” until one day the pig changed it and they all echoed him without noticing that “two legs were good and four legs were bad”.  That’s - sorry to say it - that’s the general masses.  That’s how they go along. 


Tyranny is sometimes defined and compared with, say, legitimate government.  Legitimate government is where the people are asked if they even want it.  Remember, government is an idea.  Just like a price.  A price is an idea.  There’s nothing fixed in the heavens.  There’s no great word of God coming down hitting us all at the same time and letting us know.  It’s some human being’s idea.  Therefore, human beings always try to usurp power at the very top.  We don’t realize that for the biggest businesses and corporations of our day and for the 20th century they needed the tax payer’s money.  They were so big, these big enterprises, they had to have tax payer’s money to do it.  The biggest money pot in your country is always run by whichever central government is set up with the tax system to get back from YOU all the stuff that they borrow and spend and overspend.  They’re going to get it from you.  You’re down as a guarantor.  You see. 


Under laws that have never been changed, those who owe money are slaves.  Never been changed, that law.  You won’t find it anywhere in democracy that they’ve changed that.  It’s not just that.  When they say that a debt won’t be paid off for 50, 100 years, a particular ONE debt, that means that every child born IS also born into slavery.  That’s what Thomas Jefferson talked about, that no generation should be born in to a system with a preexisting debt that they have to take care of.  That is not freedom.  You’re born as a slave.  We don’t think of these things at all.  We’re taught to think about flag-waving, that’s your emblem, etc and to react the way you’ve been conditioned to react, but not to see and really understand what you’re really seeing.


Tyranny, again, as opposed to say a real democracy - there’s never been one - but a real tyranny is when all of your options are closed.  There is no exit left for you to take.  That’s complete tyranny when you’re FORCED to do something.  No exit. 


Here’s an article here.  From the Times Union, Albany, New York.  That’s for the whole state.  


Flu shot or get fired

About 25,000 Capital Region hospital workers need the state-mandated shield,
and the area's top sites say comply or quit   

By LARRY RULISON, Business writer  /  August 29, 2009


ALBANY -- Workers at Capital Region hospitals are going to have to get a flu shot this year or face losing their jobs.


The requirement is part of a new emergency (Alan:  EMERGENCY.  You can do anything under fake emergencies.) regulation adopted earlier this month by the State Hospital Review and Planning Council that requires that all hospital workers get the flu vaccine -- and that it be a requirement for employment.


Hospitals are quickly trying to assemble new workplace policies to comply with the regulation, and those that have been put in place threaten disciplinary action and even termination if workers, from janitors and food service workers to doctors and nurses, refuse to get the shots. The policy affects about 25,000 people in the region.


Albany Medical Center, the region's leading hospital, sent out announcements to workers earlier this week saying employees had to get flu shots by Oct. 16. Spokesman Gregory McGarry said the hospital may take "corrective action" against employees if they don't comply, although he declined to get into specifics about what type of penalties they would face.


The hospital, which will pay for the vaccine (A:  Pharma’s a great business isn’t it? And government’s there, their lackeys, to put it into law.), is insisting that almost all of its 7,000 employees get the shots, even those who work at off-site buildings such as the finance center in Delmar. McGarry said that even those workers spend time at the main hospital buildings for meetings.


"It's anyone who has contact with patients or providers," McGarry said. "There may be rare exceptions."


As I say, there’s no exit left here.  You’ve got an ultimatum.  What’s always astounded me, always astounded me my whole life, is how WELL the FEW - with their Bernays type psychology and understanding of the masses - how well they understand us all.  Because they also know too that the power really, really is in the hands of the people.  All power is.  They need people’s compliance to get done what they want to get done.  Even if it’s to imprison you all or to make you slaves, THEY’VE GOT TO GET YOU TO COMPLY WITH IT, VOLUNTARILY, at least with a little bit of threat.  That’s all they use, intimidation, generally.  Yet everyone could say, okay we quit or we go on strike.  You’ll see it drop very, very quickly.  But that won’t happen.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Talking about how you’re not only coerced now, you’re basically put into a corner with no exit.  The public have never realized it, whether it was gas prices in the past and different things.  Of course, you’ll never get the cooperation, which the elite know.  People can stop everything themselves by just STOPPING EVERYTHING that day, or for a week, and you will see everything scrambled very, very quick to change things; but that will never happen.  DIVIDE AND CONQUER.  Divide and conquer and that’s why they encourage organizations to come out and speak on your behalf.  That’s generally why they fund them.  They will say all the right things… but nothing will happen.  Nothing will be done.  The public THEMSELVES have to literally hear something from some source and just not go to work that day.  That simple.  Or not buy gas that day.  Or not visit the high-priced, rotten food grocery stores that day.  You will see everything change SO fast.  They need our compliance for every part of their agenda


They also know too, they’ve given us so much entertainment and toys to play with that, again, most folk will say, ‘it’s okay as long as I’m okay.  I don’t care what happens around me as long as I AM okay.  I can switch on that TV, my favorite show is on, and I can play on the internet and play games and so on.’  They understand that mentality as well.  We’ll all suffer for it.  WE ARE SUFFERING FOR IT.  Folk don’t realize what’s coming down the pike. 


When government gives itself the right to stick something in you, they’re telling you that you do not own your body.  The governments have all been telling us and putting it into implementation through various agencies to get people off land, for instance, to abolish private property and so on and so on, there’s nothing left except your body.  When YOU, if you accept, they have the right to do something to you body, it’s not going to stop with jabs.  It’s not going to stop with jabs.  I’ve talked about this agenda so much, you should understand where it’s really going.  Familiarization… that’s how you do everything.  You familiarize people with something.  They chipped the dogs.  They chipped the cats.  Then they want to chip people, then they do it, with Alzheimer’s and so on… to start with.  You say, ‘well they’re already chipping the dogs and cats, so I guess it’s kind of natural that they’d go on to people.’  Or they give us all the shots… and this came out at the World Health Organization in 2006 at their world meeting.  They say that if they can get the public to start, through mandated laws taking inoculations every year, they can continue it every year ALL THROUGH THEIR ADULT LIFE… BY LAW.  In other words, the masses will get USED to the idea, as we always do. 


If you accept the fact the government’s got the right to put anything in your body from PRIVATE, remember, this is from PRIVATE BUSINESSES, these pharmas.  They won’t tell you all of their techniques of making those vaccines because they’re trade secrets, supposedly.  They want to stick it in your body… by law.  Then what’s the next thing they’re going to do with your body?  Haven’t you all been following the fact that the eugenicists are OUT big time in major media?  I’ve read so many articles demanding the population be brought down, mandatory sterilization for certain sections of society to start with, then bring up the scale and so on an so on.  Well once you allow the government that has ultimate, total right over your body, THAT WILL BE THE NEXT STEP. 


Once again, like those pillars holding up the roof, when one’s knocked down, well it’s easier.  ‘Well, they already give us shots by law so what’s the…’  You see.  It’s so much easier to go on to the next step.  This is an understanding that the elite are TAUGHT.  They’re taught this kind of stuff, how it works, these Skinnerian Techniques.  If you want to change society, change something in the environment of the species that you want to change.  Do something, get them to accept them, familiarize them with it.  They will accept it then.  You then move on to the next similar, not the sameness, but similar thing.  Very easy. 


That’s the big mantra today.  CULL DOWN THE WORLD’S POPULATION, got to sterilize people, the unfit and all the rest of it.  The boys at the top, big economists, the real ones, the ones that OWN the banks and OWN the economists, don’t like keeping spare pets around.  They have no time for pets.  Our usefulness, according to them, is over.  We’re POST-industrial.  We’re a SERVICE economy across the Western world.  They planned it that way.  They planned what to do with us before they created GATT and set up China to be the manufacturer of the planet.  China didn’t set itself up.  It was done through years and years of negotiations with the West and putting policies into law and then eventually, the taxpayers of the Western world PAID those corporations - you didn’t know that - through GATT.  It was signed by governments, we paid them to MOVE lock, stock and barrel and set up new plants in China.  We also pay for any losses incurred between the 5 and 10 years during the process. 


What do you do with a service economy?  A service economy is when you buy stuff and then pass it around from hand to hand until the consumer at the bottom gets it.  They don’t believe in that… You see, service economies are NOT productive.  Only the manufacturing countries are PRODUCTIVE, according to the top economists.  The definition of a good world citizen at the United Nations is a good PRODUCER and CONSUMER.  You’re a consumer industry if you’re in a service economy. 


For those that want the government to have charge of their bodies, I wouldn’t stop them if I had the power anyway.  You got to let people do what they want to do.  However, they have to understand, they won’t own their body any more.  It’s unfortunate the actions of others always effect the rest, the ones who don’t go along with something.  Everything always gets into an emotional issue, an emotive topic, TO STOP YOU FROM SEEING THE FOREST for the trees.  Once you’re in emotion, you can’t see the forest, you can’t see the overall, above-looking-down picture of it where anything’s going.  They give you EMOTIVE topics. 


When they brought in abortion they didn’t give a darn about women or poverty or poor women.  They brought it in to get the IDEA in society and the acceptance and familiarization that government eventually, eventually government will be mandating abortions.  That was what they wanted.  That’s what they wanted.  Once you accept, like Huxley said - Julian Huxley, the first CEO of UNESCO at the United Nations - he says we’ve got to DEHUMANIZE THE PUBLIC, get them off this throne that they’re special as being human.  It will take time, he says, and will also be a chaotic time at the end when they’ve destroyed ALL, ALL the realities that kept people together and bound them together, there’d be a time of chaos.  Well that’s why they planned the big armies to take care of the chaos under a guise of terrorism as they bring in coming food shortages, famines. 


Now that 5 agri-businesses own the entire food supply of the planet, they can cut down the resources any time they want.  And they will.  It wasn’t just the banks that a few families went after… with a MASSIVE ORGANIZATION behind them, by the way.  They didn’t do it on their own.  Well protected.  It was ALL THE WORLD’S RESOURCES and out of that they created vast international corporations.  They think that’s the right way to go.  That those who deal with those particular items have the right to decide who gets them and who doesn’t.  Professor Carroll Quigley said that in Tragedy and Hope.  That the coming FEUDAL system that they’re bringing in will be run by the CEOs of VAST international corporations.  Look at the guys in your government.  They’re in and out of corporations and politics like ping-pong balls. 


Their world, the world they are looking at, is just too chaotic.  When people make all their own decisions for themselves, it’s just too much, too untidy.  Too untidy.  They DO, as they’ve always said, they do have fears against what they call as the ‘less-fit’ overpopulating and eventually weakening - by one means or another - the strains of the perfect at the top.  That’s what Charles Galton Darwin wrote in the 1950s in his book, The Next Million Years.  Echoed by another guy in the States at the same time.  The exact same time.  Another physicist.  They both worked on the Manhattan Project.  Their hobby’s always been on how to kill people and profit off it at the same time.  Charles Galton Darwin was a physicist who did work on the Manhattan Project. 


Eugenics has been with us for an awful, awful long time.  Not just eugenics, it was a whole psychology and hundreds and thousands of years of studying humanity.  And how they react once they, again, accept not to barter things but to get this money, this coin; because ‘you need that instead’.  Once that’s done, everything else is easy.  Who ever controls the coin, controls the public.  Very simple. 


In this world of what they call INTERDEPENDENCE… All countries have signed United Nations agreements for INTERDEPENDENCE.  It also means right down to the individual.  You’ll be dependent on the entire system for every single thing you need.  That’s what they mean by that.  Interdependence.  The enemy of tyranny down through the history of the world, the enemy has been INDEPENDENT people, individuals.  Look at what happens when the banks plunder as they always do every 50 years or so, when they plundered the world and then got the tax payers to pay them for it, reward them for it.  Look at the depression of the 1920s.  Now, they’re showing footage that was banned… massive riots in major cities.  Nothing’s happened.  Have you noticed?  Nothing happened here.  Everyone’s chewing the cud as always.  Nothing’s happened.  The TV still works.  Turn it on and there’s still your favorite show.  There’s the comedies.  Everybody’s laughing.  The ads are on.  Everything’s wonderful.  Nothing happened.


What’s happened to the public?  I can’t ever get around the writings by Arthur Koestler and others who were initially financed by MI5 to write novels - like HG Wells was before it was MI5 - to try and persuade the public through fiction to change their ways in a certain, predetermined direction.  Then he eventually went into nonfiction, as they all were told to do as well.  Wells said that the fictional propaganda was taking too long to change the values of society into the new values that they planned you to take.  Entertainment’s a fantastic way to do it.  Again, emotive topics.  You identify with the characters.  The nonfictional Koestler, he talked about ways to lobotomize that part of the brain that they were working on, with the United Nations groups, for world peace.  He said it was essential to do this for world peace. 


What do they mean by world peace?  WHOSE peace?  He said they could use chemical means, viral means, put something in the water, in the food, injections…  to bring world peace.  Remember the definition, by the way, one of the definitions of communism and their definition of peace, I should say, was they defined it as THE ABSENCE OF ALL OPPOSITION.  Don’t get me wrong.  Lots and lots of people LOVE socialism.  Those people, you’ll find, their conditioning has worked PERFECTLY upon them.  They are perpetual children.  They enjoy having their little goodies and their little routines that they come home to and play and so on, go to the bars, whatever they do.  The big minds, they think, above them, the people they never see, the EXPERTS are running everything and dealing with all the big problems for them.  That’s what they really, really believe and they LIKE that time to play themselves.  They don’t want to know the big picture.  They want it all to be taken care of for them.  Has something happened to that part of their brain that gives them their survival instincts?  …would you think? 


People in powerful positions with incredible wealth who take credit often for starting wars… in fact, Quigley said that this GROUP that turned into the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs has been behind every major conflict in the 20th century.  You think it’s stopped today?  Do you think when they talk about depopulation, sterilizing the public YEARS AGO that they just sat on their hands after coming up with the idea?  NO.  These guys believe in action.  They believe in action and they implement it, but they CAN’T TELL THE CHILDREN.  YOU are all the children, according to them.  Everyone who does not know reality is a child.  So YOU ARE THEIR TARGET and yes, they have been doing it as official statistics show.  You don’t get a plummet, a nose dive, in sperm count of the Western male since 1950 onwards through some fluke of nature.  Isn’t it amazing that they all admit that most of the Western men are almost sterile.  There’s never a crisis.  Why isn’t it a crisis?  It’s because it’s been caused by very big powers, that’s why. That’s why it’s not a crisis.  Otherwise it would be a crisis.  Outside their plan, is always a crisis.  That’s the real world. 


If you allow people to start sticking God knows what… and you can’t analyze it.  You’re doctor can’t analyze what’s in there.  The nurses can’t.  The staff can’t.  Then I guarantee you, the next bit, after a few years of repeated shots every year, that’s what the World Health Organization said.  That once they trained them and accept that, ALL adults will get all kinds of shots including boosters for all the OLD inoculations they had in their childhood, ALL their lives long, every year.  That’s their plan.  Once you allow them to start doing all this stuff to you, knowing what you know and what you’ve been taught on this particular show, what do you think is going to happen to you?  What do you think the outcome will be?  They’ll stop sticking things in your body?  Well, how about a simple little vasectomy now?  Hmm?  You’ll see it in the newspapers, ‘Well, thousands line up every year, millions do for their shots now, their mandatory shots.  What’s wrong with…’  That’s exactly how they’ll compare it.


For all the threats of firing people for non-compliance, they should all just walk out.  I guarantee you they’ll all be called back within a couple of hours.  Big change around, very quickly.  That’s all you have to do.  I’ll be back with more after these messages. 


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just talking about how easy it would be if people were COHESIVE.  But they count, at the top, on the ones who would bring an apple to the teacher types and those who are just plain scared and timid, etc not to go along.  Yet if enough folk did it, they’d have to listen.  Simple as that. 


We’ve got a caller there.  Jeff from Massachusetts.  Are you there Jeff?


Jeff:  Oh yes.  I’m right here.  As far as the future’s concerned, I was watching a video on Zimbabwe, Inside a Failed State.  If you want to know the future of America, just go to YouTube and watch it.  It’s 25 minutes long.  It’s an eye opener.  Here is my thought on the Swine flu shot and the future in general.  I really believe this.  One day people are going to be called into their work office and the boss will ask the person, “Do you have your Swine flu shot?  Do you have the mark in the right hand or the forehead?  Also, we’ve heard you say bad things about the government in the bathroom to your coworker.  And another coworker has a portable video camera that recorded your conversation.  Do you want me to read the transcript to you?  Oh, I’m sorry.  We have to put you under arrest and send you to a concentration camp and have you put away.  Oh, and by the way, your wife has a second child.  That second child will cause a carbon footprint so we have to have your wife have a forced abortion.”  You see, it gets more and more terrible. 


Alan:  They’ve said already that China - the United Nations has stated this - China is THE MODEL state for the WORLD to follow. 


Jeff:  Exactly.  And there are variations like Zimbabwe.  When I watched this video, I had to shut it off.  I said, man, this is too much like what Barack Obama wants to do, make the people starving, quivering and depending on government and then he has some thug over the people to make sure they vote the right way. 


Alan:  That’s right.  ALL TYRANNY IS THE SAME.  Again, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. 


Jeff:  Yes.  I just said, I got to shut this off.  This is too much like Barack wants to do.  I mean there is NO food in Zimbabwe.  I believe the only people that survive there are criminals. 


Alan:  The criminals now are all employed spying on the public.  They’re the only ones that get a decent paycheck. 


Jeff:  Yes!  Also if you go down in the YouTube itinerary, there’s a video called Gold for Bread.  So, it’s great to own gold and everything but if you have somebody rob you of your gold, forget about it.  I really think that we’re already gone in this country.  The only way that you can practically stop it is if everybody stops working.  People aren’t going to do that because people are too happy with getting entertained and could care less and guys like us are on the fringe.  Before I go, I really think that what’s holding this country up, to tell you the truth, is 60-year-old men.  That’s it.  Once those 60-year-old men die, that is it.  It is over.  It is finished.


Alan:  That’s right.  When they’re gone, the memory is eradicated.  The techniques to stop or fight something are gone and the new ones are products of the state.  Exactly what Huxley said, they’re products of scientific indoctrination and they love their servitude. 


Jeff:  Have a great night.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Keep those donations coming, folks.  It’s really needed.  I want to get new equipment so that it makes life easier for me.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



(Article: "Flu shot or get fired" [NY Medical Staff] by Larry Rulison - Aug. 29, 2009.)



Transcribed by Diana.


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