Sept. 2, 2009 (#399)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 2, 2009:

Spook the Herd to Make Them Scared:

"Blackmail by Biowarfare Co. who Make Disease,
They Offer the Antidote for Big Fat Fees,
Their Green Monkey Mix should be Flushed Down the Lavatory
Instead of Corrupt Politicos Making it Mandatory,
Terrifying the Public with Scary Predictions
So You'll Run to Your Doctor for Jabs and Prescriptions,
The W.H.O. hopes to Train You for Annual Injections
So You'll Take Your Injection without Reflection"
© Alan Watt Sept. 2, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 2, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 2nd 2009.  For newcomers, look into web site.  Scroll down, see all the other sites I have up and bookmark them for future use in case the big ones go down again.  That way you’ll get the latest audios from one of the other sites.  Plus, if you find that you’re having problems downloading from the .com site, it’s a good idea to try one of the other ones.  Thousands of folk go into the .com at the same time and that’s generally the problem.  There’s a lot of variety to choose from, all the other sites I have.  There’s [listed above].  There’s also  This one being the European site which has all the same audios plus the advantage of having a lot of transcripts of these talks I’ve given, written in the various languages of Europe. 


Remember, that you the listeners bring me to you by buying the books, etc that I have for sale on my site.  If you look into it, you’ll see how to do it.  There’s DVD disks and so on.  You can use PayPal for order as well, by the way.  Personal check is good within Canada and the US.  Some people in the US send INTERNATIONAL postal money orders.  You can get them from the post offices.  Outside of the Americas, you can use PayPal, Western Union, or Money Gram.  Some people send cash.  For those who just get the disks burned and passed around at events, etc and they don’t have computers themselves, they play it on their CD players, you can write to me at [listed above]. 


I need your donations too, to keep me going because I don’t have much to sell at all and I don’t have the time to do anything else.  Believe you me, every day is just more and more problems.  I peddle backwards half the time.  I could certainly be rolling out the books if I had nothing else to do and just bringing in the money.  So it’s up to you to keep me going.  You can donate through PayPal or other means and look into the sites as to how to do it. 


The audience here is probably better educated after listening for a long time to what I’ve had to say than the rest of the general population.  I said the other night about how the perfectly conditioned, which is the majority of the public, are in a completely different, scientifically designed reality.  They think that everything that they hear off the mainstream is really true.  They truly believe that.  They don’t question it.  All you need is a person who’s called an ‘expert’ to come on television and they’ll go under the spell immediately.  They’ll question nothing.  That’s the general population.  It’s more than just naivety or simplicity even.  It’s because their indoctrination has taken perfectly. 


For thousands of years rulers talked about ways to totally control the public.  Even in ancient times the high priests of different countries accumulated incredible wisdom and knowledge on HOW to do just that.  How to control mass peoples by using not just religion but a lot of other things that go along with the techniques of introduction of religion.  I’ll be back with more after these messages. 


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Talking about how the knowledge of controlling nations of people and empires of people, is very, very old indeed and very precise too.  It’s all based on formula.  Whatever the people have been made to do in the past, if you know the formula you can make them do it exactly the same way again.  That’s something that Plato even knew in his day.  Therefore, we’re managed so well. 


However, in the 18th and into the 19th and definitely the 20th century, there was a particular movement to delve into the mind.  Eventually it was called psychology down the road.  This was an old art.  Certain people were taught it in certain societies, like Mr. Bernays and his family the Freuds, were taught these kinds of things in a previous century.  They didn’t make it up themselves.  They knew how to literally manipulate the minds of millions of people.  Bernays of course, got the fame for bringing in consumerism, mass consumerism and making people want things that they’d never thought about before.  They knew all the ways to MAKE people want things.  How to advertise.  How to sell it across to them based on their unconscious or subconscious emotional states, etc.  It’s a perfected science. 


Politicians also have been interested in this particular science because their main problem and they discussed this at the League of Nations when they set it up; the precursor of the United Nations.  To control a whole world full of people, they don’t want rebels, etc especially when it was a eugenical type society they were going to bring in to being, where SCIENCE WOULD BE THE NEW GOD and everything had to go under science and be run by science.  They knew a lot of people would object.  They talked about getting ways to control the minds of people.  It was people like Bertrand Russell that came up with, at least he put it out to the public for the first time, the technique to be used would be scientific indoctrination; a type of indoctrination where the person who’s being indoctrinated WILL NEVER KNOW THAT THEY HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED at all.  Perfect indoctrination. 


Government wanted to create a media that the public would truly believe.  Before television came out people were very skeptical of newspapers because of all the con men and the rich banking types who owned the papers and who constantly put out disinformation, lies and deceit and so on.  When television came in, it was used to the maximum by all governments.  The BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation that was set up for propaganda purposes.  Before it was televised, it was just radio in World War I.  That was the reason it was set up for propaganda purposes.  It never stopped.  Every British Commonwealth country has its version of the BBC.  They call it your cultural television station, as they keep giving you an upgraded culture which is always communistically, politically correct.  You can’t enjoy anything on them because there are just messages all through their programming.


Unfortunately, people really do, most folk do believe the mainstream media… all the time, ALL the time, on every topic.  Especially when they’ve been brought up with these same anchor people who are paid VAST sums of money to stay there for their whole lives long because they seem like father figures to the people and daddy wouldn’t lie to you


Don’t forget, the world they’re bringing in is to be a scientifically dominated society.  No matter how ridiculous the science or how crazy their mandates because of science become, we’re all supposed to just obey and go along with them.  They call this reason, The Age of Reason.  Those most reasonable or the most knowledgeable have the right to rule over the lessers and guide the destiny of the planet rather than allow it to happen willy-nilly and happenstance by itself.  The planned society.  A big part of it that Julian Huxley and many others have talked about and it’s been talked about recently by the World Health Organization, they’ve got to stop thinking so much about helping, giving health care and they have to think about giving DEATH care, death care.  In other words, they don’t want people living too long. 


Ideally, your life span should be a very quick education, into the work force to be a good producer and consumer and you should basically kick the bucket before you’re retireable, just about the time of retirement.  That way you’re not a BURDEN on society and governments have all your pension schemes into their own pockets or to spend on other things.  That would the IDEAL society for them.  We’re just creatures now, you see; we’re not humans.  We have been brought down off our pedestals as Huxley advocated.  They have trained us to be that way, to see ourselves as nothing but just ants, basically… ants. 


Back in the 80s, one of the technocrats – as Professor Carroll Quigley called them – Maurice Strong, a guy that was plucked by Rockefeller himself, at a college age… and he never completed college.  He was made one of the most famous men, at the right circles at least, in the world.  The man is a mover and a shaker.  He was given a good part of the Green Agenda back then.  He was brought over from the United Nations, plunked into Ontario, Canada for about 1 year while he privatized the taxpayer-owned electrical supply system for the whole of Ontario.  At that time, he said too, that they’d put big generators into remaining factories and big office complexes and so on.  They didn’t say why this sudden rush to do all these emergency power generators, etc.  However, 2 weeks later, after the first announcement he said that the world was going to change very quickly.  He said the people are going to be taught to use less energy, to consume less energy and they’ll be forced to do it.  This is back in the 80s.  Maurice Strong has never been elected by any government on the planet and yet here he is not just predicting the future but saying it with authority because he does have authority under the United Nations.  All this greening stuff and cutting back on energy that you’re hearing today was planned an awful long time ago and there were guys like Strong talking about it publicly, in the newspapers back in the 1980s.  Nothing happens just by chance and by its own immediacy at the time.  It’s all planned that way. 


In the US, they’re bringing in what they think is a national health care system.  I’ve already gone through the façade of national health care because it’s a political agenda, not a health agenda.  You can not involve politics and governments with their agendas with health care.  You can’t do it.  Especially when you realize that mandates of all governments today – and they’re all on board together; all the pirates are on board – are into depopulation and having fewer children, etc as we go along this path to ultimate eugenics and a eugenically created society.  In the mean time, we have to go through the long parts, all the teaching parts while we all get used to it. 


I’ve read the articles before in Britain where, yes, you can get vasectomies very quickly.  You can get tubal ligations very quickly.  You can get abortions very quickly.  Because it’s all politically correct; that’s part of the ultimate mandate to reduce population.  You can’t get in if you’ve got something like cancer.  You might wait 6 months to a year… or longer.  Like Canada here, it’s the same thing.  You’re dead before you see them.  That’s intentional.  It’s intentional.  It saves them money and you die anyway.  You might have lived, mind you, if you got proper treatment, but that’s not really what it’s there for.  Here’s an article from The Telegraph. 


Sentenced to death on the NHS (Alan:  National Health Service)

Patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help end their lives, leading doctors have warned.

By Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent  /  2 Sep 2009


In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, a group of experts who care for the terminally ill claim that some patients are being wrongly judged as close to death.  (A:  This is what happens when you deal with the mass management of people, the factory type management of the National Health Service.  You’re all classified the same.  Well, you look ill to me, I guess you’re going to die, ha, ha.  And that’s it.  You’re on the list.)


Under NHS guidance introduced across England to help doctors and medical staff deal with dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away.  (A:  So, they starve you of food and water and they just drug you until you’re dead.)


But this approach can also mask the signs that their condition is improving, the experts warn.  (A:  It’s kind of hard to see improving, you see, when you’re high on opium.  You’re off in a fog somewhere.)


As a result the scheme is causing a “national crisis” in patient care, the letter states. It has been signed palliative care experts including Professor Peter Millard, Emeritus Professor of Geriatrics, University of London, Dr Peter Hargreaves, a consultant in Palliative Medicine at St Luke’s cancer centre in Guildford, and four others.


“Forecasting death is an inexact science,” they say. (A:  And it is.  It is.)  Patients are being diagnosed as being close to death “without regard to the fact that the diagnosis could be wrong.  (A:  As it often is.)


“As a result a national wave of discontent is building up, as family and friends witness the denial of fluids and food to patients."  (A:  That gets rid of them quickly, you see.  It saves cash for the National Health Service… which is the government.  Back with more after these messages.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the wonders of National Health Service care.  I hope articles like these will be a warning to those who think they’re going to get some beautiful system in the United States of America.  You’re IN a new world order.  A new world order where they’ll use many different techniques to reduce the population.  Believe you me, that’s going to be the PRIORITY of a national health service in the US.  That’s how it is everywhere else where they have one.  That’s what it is. 


Most of Canada, like where I live here, you can’t get a doctor at all… under the National Health Service system we have here.  They don’t train enough, for one thing.  Once that comes in, it’s the government that decides how many doctors they want.  They decide how many they’re going to train for 5 years, 10 years down the road.  So they always make sure there’s a shortage of them… to discourage people from going to see them.  That’s the idea behind it.  Simple isn’t it?  What they give you are clinics that you walk in to and you take a number… big numbers too, about 4 inches high and you sit there like a cow - they generally have them on their ears, you know, cows.  You wait for your number getting called and then you give them your data.  You’ll be asked what you want to see the doctor about.  You’ve got to explain everything in front of a room full of patients that can all hear you.  Then you’ll sit and wait for 3, 4, 5 hours and if the doctor doesn’t get called off to a hospital or something, you might get to see them.  It will be a different one every time.  They don’t know your history.  They probably won’t see you again because they keep rotating them.  All they want is you out the door as fast as they can.  That’s the system of flying doctors, they call them.  You just fly in and you fly out… with a little piece of paper in your hand, if you’re lucky, and if the doctor’s called away, you have to come back the next day and go through the big card system again and sitting and waiting and maybe you’ll see someone.  If they diagnose something where they need an operation, well, don’t count on it.  You’ll probably be dead long before your number comes up to come into the hospital.  That’s National Health Service. 


Governments are all about POLITICAL AGENDAS.  We know what their political agendas are.  The new world order’s told the world over and over again, there’s too many people; we’ve got to reduce people, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It’s not there to help you.  Governments can never get enough money… I don’t care if it rained cash from the sky tomorrow all over Parliament and Congresses across the planet, and it buried them, it wouldn’t make any difference.  They never have enough money to do all the wonderful things they want to do.  Therefore, don’t expect much money to go into a national health service… at all.  It doesn’t.  It gets pulled out of it. 


Under the United Nations World Health Organization, it stipulates that every citizen in the world is going to get, GOING TO GET, the minimal care possible.  That’s what national health care service care is all about.  They’re doing the same across the entire planet.  All from the United Nations.  That’s what you’re going to get… for all you guys that think, ‘oh, isn’t is wonderful, we’re going to be able see doctors now.’  Well, you might for a vasectomy or an abortion.  Everything else though, good luck… and a lot of bribery.  That’s what you get in communist countries.  Lots of bribery.  That’s how it was in all the Soviet countries.  You had to bribe the receptionist to make an appointment.  You had to bribe the doctor to see you.  You had to bribe to get a prescription.  Everything was bribery.  That’s what you get in socialized, communist systems.  Quite something eh?  


For Canadians, Canadians have been talking about getting this compulsory inoculation.  Once again, we’re always fooled and lied to.  It isn’t until you look into the laws, etc that you find there’s so many lies told by politicians just to make you go along with what they want you to go along with.  This is from Vaccination Risk Awareness Network, this particular site.  It goes in to the exemptions, etc of the vaccines.  It says,


Exemptions from vaccinations


Vaccinations are NOT mandatory in Canada. “Unlike some countries, immunization is not mandatory in Canada; it cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution. Three provinces require proof of immunization for school entrance: Ontario and New Brunswick for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella immunization; Manitoba for measles. But, exceptions are permitted on medical or religious grounds and reasons of conscience; legislation and regulations must not be interpreted to imply compulsory immunization.” (Immunization in Canada; May, 1997; Vol 23S4 and Canadian National Report on Immunization; 1996).


This means that nobody in Canada can be forced to receive a vaccination. In some cases, nursery schools, daycares, and other schools which are privately owned and operated can demand vaccination for enrollment. But publically-funded schools and daycares cannot.


Furthermore, Canadian Medical Law clearly states that healthcare recipients must be informed of all significant risks posed by any invasive medical procedure that carries a risk of injury or death. Vaccination is such a procedure…


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading from Vaccination Risk Awareness Network to do with Canadians and how they can get exempt from the big boys and their mandates on immunization. 


Furthermore, Canadian Medical Law clearly states that healthcare recipients must be informed of all significant risks posed by any invasive medical procedure (A:  Now, when you stick IN an injection… that’s an invasive medical procedure, by the way.  That needs a consent form.) that carries a risk of injury or death. Vaccination is such a procedure; every Canadian must have received and understood all the information that is pertinent to the vaccination(s) to which they consent. 


Legal Exemptions & Forms
Note that in Ontario, exemption forms must be notarized by one of: a notary public, a lawyer, or a commissioner of oath (the latter is usually accessible at any municipal building).   (A:  The provinces have forms you can get to sign to exclude yourself.  There’s a bunch of links here to give you more information on the medical laws as far as Canada goes.  There’s also links to other articles to do with vaccination, etc.)


These things are very important.  I noticed in the States too, that Obama’s administration has exempted all the usual people, I mean there’s no exemptions to the vaccination: diabetics, the people with auto immune problems.  Everybody’s supposedly just supposed to take it… because they’ve ordered it so.  It’s amazing too, they’ve exempted government and the big pharma from lawsuits because of the last fiasco with the swine flu nonsense where thousands of people came down paralyzed after it and hundreds died of it as well.


I’ll put a link up to an old 60 Minutes interview that was banned for 20 years.  It’s out now again.  I’ve already shown it before - a few months ago I mentioned it - and a link that you’ll hear that guy, when they talked to the CDC, denied knowledge of everything, basically; he didn’t know anything.  He didn’t know that it would be dangerous.  He didn’t know there’d be severe side effects.  This is the top guy, even though his staff that worked for him are also on the same documentary saying, yeah, he was informed of all this stuff.  They knew there would be neurological damage and various other problems that would come out of that swine flu vaccine the last time.  So, I’ll put that up for you to see again.  It’s well worth going through.  You’ll see a woman there, one of the many who were paralyzed; she became quadriplegic after the shots and it took years before she could even walk and even then with the use of braces.  THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN… for those that take it. 


Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda – The Devastation,

The Victims Who Took The Shots Back In 1976


Here is the link for the soon-to-be-famous 1979 CBS 60 Minutes episode concerning the 1976 swine flu pandemic in USA and the massive vaccination that followed. Note that this episode was banned after its first showing on television. It is now being released publicly on the internet for the first time, after 20 years!!!


There’s an article from Wise Up Journal in the September/October Issue, Page 12.  It’s about derivatives, a very well written piece about derivatives.  We’ve heard about the stock market and everything else, but all of us down at the bottom here are kept in the dark about what really goes on with all these hedge funds and derivatives and all the rest of it.  There’s a good article here about how THIS big bubble runs and what will happen if that goes down.  Apparently, it’s…

The $531 Trillion Dollar Derivatives Time Bomb

Wise Up Journal / Sovereign Independent - Sept/Oct issue, page 12

01.09.2009  /  By Gabriel O’Hara


(A:  $531 Trillion Dollars and there’s only a handful of people who actually control it.  They have the controlling shares.  A handful… literally about 5 people… for the whole planet.  I’ll put that link up and you can look into that for yourselves.)


There’s also another Wise Up Journal here,


Vaccines Far More Dangerous Than Swine Flu Itself

Sovereign Independent - Sept/Oct issue, page 12

02.09.2009  /  By Christian Massey


With the media hype about the swine flu pandemic increasing, and the vaccines near ready to ship across the world, I decided to take a closer look at the vaccines and more importantly the company behind them.


After a few e-mails to the Department of Health and Children with no response, I decided to start phoning and eventually got put through to Lorcan Donovan in Public Health. To my relief Lorcan was able to reassure me that the vaccine will currently not be mandatory in Ireland. However he did confirm my worst fear. Baxter is one of the companies supplying Ireland.  (A:  Baxter’s the company, remember, that a few months ago sent out contaminated, actually, it was a mixture of one of the usual common flues and the H1N1 virus as well.  When one of the countries that sent it to – this is for inoculations – tested it on animals… the animals all died.  This is Baxter.  Baxter too, remember, was part of IG Farben Group in World War II; all of these groups were involved in bacterial and viral warfare.)




Baxter has recently been associated with two deadly scandals. The first event occurred in the 1980’s when haemophiliac components were contaminated with HIV virus and injected in tens of thousands of people, including thousands of children. Baxter continued to release the HIV contaminated vaccine even after the contamination was known(A:  That’s a fact as well.)


The second event occurred even more recently when it was discovered in February this year that Baxter had released a seasonal flu vaccine containing the bird flu virus, which could have produced a real world pandemic in 18 countries. Baxter flu vaccines contaminated with H5N1 – otherwise known as the human form of avian flu, one of the most deadly biological weapons on earth (A:  supposedly), with a 60% kill rate – were received in 18 European countries including the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovenia. Fortunately, astute lab workers in the Czech Republic discovered the deadly combination and blew the whistle before a worldwide disaster was unleashed.


The implications of this mammoth mistake cannot be stressed enough. Surely Baxter would not then be employed to supply a vaccine for a pandemic that was caused by their contaminated flu vaccine? Would you feel confident injecting their product into a family member? My guess is NO. Yet the World Health Organization continues to contract Baxter to supply pandemic vaccines for Ireland and the world. Our government has ordered 7.2 million doses for our 4.1 million population and will have to pay somewhere in the region of a billion to rollout the nationwide program.


It’s quite something.  It’s quite something, though… that this is going on.  When you see that 60 Minutes interview with the heads of the CDC and people who suffered from the effects of the last swine flu fiasco… and it was just that.  One soldier died, remember.  He was taken out of his sick bed and put on a force march and then he died.  It probably wasn’t that he had at all, that killed him.  Even the 4 other people they tested who tested positive for this particular virus that they were on about at the time, recovered quite normally.  They only had mild symptoms, like a cold.  But 40 million people got these poisonous shots… before it was all over.  40 million.  The only reason they called the rest of it off was because people were coming down with sudden death, for instance, sudden death and paraplegia, quadriplegia, and various other problems.  And here they go again. 


This whole swine flu thing is an utter farce.  It has as much validity as the Nile virus had, the West Nile virus.  It’s got zilch validity.  This is an attempt to get the world stampeding to get shots because the World Health Organization’s MANDATE is to get us all taking annual shots for everything they deem fit that we have.  That’s what they said at their 2006 meeting.  That’s what they were set up to do: To be the world’s leaders in all health matters.  Even when they were called the League of Nations, and they had the same department for the World Health Organization, apart from depopulation, by the way, which was on the cards even then.  They also WANTED the right to mandatorily vaccinate everybody across the planet.  In 2006 at that meeting when they said that THEY WOULD TRAIN THE PUBLIC THROUGH A BIG SCARE…  Now this whole thing is about a big scare, big fear tactic, once you’re IN to it, you’re going to get about 10 shots a year, for the rest of your life.  That’s what they’re saying.  And booster shots from all the previous vaccinations you’ve had before.  Every year.  That’s what they want. 


You know the best way to stop things from happening?  That’s it.  YOU STOP IT.  YOU DON’T GO ALONG WITH THE FIRST STEP OF IT.  THAT’S HOW YOU STOP IT.  That’s how you stop it. 


When I was talking about Maurice Strong, for instance, Maurice Strong, a technocrat.  A man with more power than Prime Ministers.  A man with more power than dozens of Prime Ministers or Presidents, as Quigley said.  They’re the real parliaments, run by foundations that order governments what to do.  Maurice Strong helped to set up the whole greening agenda.  All the ground work was laid down by he and his cohorts.  In fact, they called themselves the First Earth Army.  Back in the 80s, it was basically formed when they set up all their propaganda institutions and their NGOs and trained them for what’s happening NOW.  He also mentioned about power cuts, etc to come down the road in 10, 20 years time.  Here’s an article.  It’s from The Mail Online.


Green zealots and muddled ministers are leading Britain to blackouts

By Christopher Booker  / 3rd September 2009


Power-cut Britain, to anyone who remembers it, will seem utterly antediluvian. It predated home computers and mobile phones, and colour televisions were only then beginning to appear.


Those who were young in the early Seventies will remember poring over their homework by candlelight, and there was a clear division between people who liked the reek of paraffin lamps and people who didn’t.


Then, along with the three-day week and crippling industrial disputes, powercut Britain disappeared into the past, never to return. That is, until now.


Once again we are being warned that within a few years this country could be facing its worst wave of power blackouts since those far-off days more than three decades ago — and that even the Government itself now admits these might be inevitable.  (A:  It’s inevitable because it’s the agenda.  Maurice Strong said in the 80s, they would not be repairing or up-keeping say, nuclear facilities and so on and they would be building NO new ways to take over from that.  Plus they’d be eliminating coal plants as well.  The whole idea is to reduce and reduce and reduce until we’re all living in a state of misery.)


For seven years it has been glaringly obvious to energy experts that Britain will soon be facing a colossal energy gap, as the ageing power stations which currently supply 40 percent of our electricity are forced to close down.


Eight of our nine nuclear power plants are coming to the end of their life. And half of our coal and oil-fired power stations are rapidly running out of the hours they are allowed to keep running under the EU’s Large Combustion Plants directive, designed to stop the pollution blamed for acid rain.  (A:  So you can’t even use the ones that work very often because of the EU’s ruling on pollution.)


By 2015, or even earlier, we shall thus begin to lose two-fifths of our present electricity supply, and the question energy experts are asking is: how do we propose to fill this yawning gap?


(A:  Then he goes through all the things that they’re talking about, the windmill generators and so on and what a farce they are.)


In reality this is just make believe. The 2,300 turbines so far built in Britain supply barely 1 per cent of our power, (A:  They cost a fortune.) less than a single medium-sized conventional power station.  (A:  Combined… 2300 of them.)


The Government talks about spending £100 billion on building 10,000 more windmills to meet our EU target that within ten years we must generate 32 per cent of our electricity from ‘renewables’ (A:  I don’t know what that means.). But, first, there is not the remotest chance that we could build three turbines a day between now and 2020.


And, second, even if there were, they would do virtually nothing to close our energy gap, not least because we would need to build a dozen or more conventional power stations just to provide back-up for when the wind is not blowing.


Almost the only politician who realised this was John Hutton, the former energy minister, who last year reversed Government policy by announcing that we needed at least a dozen new nuclear and coal-fired power stations to fill the gap.


(A:  So guess what they did to this particular politician who advocated nuclear and coal-fired power stations?  He was moved.)


As he starkly declared to the 2008 Labour conference: ‘No coal and no nuclear means no power, no future.’


Two weeks later, however, Hutton was moved to another department, and Britain’s energy policy was handed over to Ed Miliband, a ‘green’ zealot in charge of a new ministry ominously named the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).  (A:  There you go.  They’ve linked your Department of Energy now to Climate Change.  It’s a political agenda.  A control agenda.)


Mr Miliband still makes noises about allowing the French and German companies which now dominate our electricity supply industry to build a new generation of nuclear power plants.  (A:  A new generation of power plants.)


But under EU rules they cannot, unlike the wind industry, expect any subsidies, and the chances that any new nuclear plants could be built before 2020 are virtually non-existent.


As for new coal-fired power stations, he has decreed that these cannot be built without so called ‘carbon capture’, piping off their CO2 to bury it in holes in the ground.


Do you realize the world they’re bringing in is going to be a very unpleasant world in which to live?  It’s going to be a very, very COLD world for those who are on the bottom end who can’t AFFORD whatever expensive fuel they come up with.  Not because we’re short of anything, it’s because it’s POLICY by the big foundations to reduce ALL energy consumption and reduce the population of the planet along with it.  I hope people really realize what it’s TRULY all about.  I wonder if they do.  I wonder if they do. 


The world we live in is a vastly different world than the one that’s portrayed on television.  Certainly the reasons for things are completely different from what’s mentioned on television. 


There’s a caller.  It’s Deborah from Maryland.  Is Debra there?


Debra:  I am.  How are you doing today Alan?


Alan:  I’m hanging in here.


Debra:  Yeah.  When you were talking about the flu shots and all that nonsense, the Governor of Maryland, O’Malley, has said, today, that taking the flu shot was patriotic. 


Alan:  Patriotic?  Maybe the serum comes from American chickens.  Hold on and I’ll be back after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Talking to Debra from Maryland about how patriotic it’s going to be to take their shot apparently… until I remembered it’s actually been made from green monkeys and human tissue, apparently.  They haven’t specified if that’s going to be patriotic or not… if it’s from Africa.  Unless we’re a global society, I guess; maybe that’s what it means.  You still there Debra?


Debra:  Yeah.  I’m still here.  That’s correct.  It does have tissue of green monkey in it.  What’s interesting also to note is that The Swine Flu Summit was held in July at the National Institutes of Health here. 


Alan:  That’s right.  I noticed that and found an article on that.  What’s amazing too, it’s kind of leaking out from the CDC that they had this planned back in 2007, BEFORE the swine flu outbreak was even heard of, or the swine flu itself. 


Debra:  Correct.  The drug company, and I want to say GlaxoSmithKline - it might have been another involved - had applied for the patent back in 2007.  Which is interesting to note that, how are you going to apply for a patent for a flu that doesn’t exist at that present time? 


Alan:  Exactly.


Debra:  Which leads me to believe that Wayne Madsen had a little bit of credibility, in my mind, when he said, you know, Russia Today television, this was man made.  This was done in a closed setting taking the 1918 flu and cross breeding, if that’s the correct term, it with other strains of flu.


Alan:  I read the article in fact, from the guy who did it for the CDC.  It was a Japanese name.  He said they took 3 genes, added them from the Spanish flu, added it to the common flu and it created a killer.  Then he said at the end of it, I hope this swine flu doesn’t mutate along this path.  So here they have created it and they just hope that nature doesn’t follow suit and create the same thing. 


Debra:  What’s curious to me and I think a lot of people are maybe questioning this, is that as far as I know, it takes at least 2 years to develop a so-called flu vaccine against one particular strain of flu.


Alan:  That’s right.


Debra:  Isn’t it interesting that they have this 2 years before this so-called avian/pigs-fly flu was introduced to the public?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anybody that’s been affected by it. 


Alan:  No I haven’t either.  I talk to people from all over the world, lots of people in Britain.  They don’t anybody either that’s had it. 


Debra:  So I don’t even know that it exists.


Alan:  Exactly.  I think this is exactly what they said they’d do, present scary scenarios to the public to make them obey.  I think this is exactly what they’re doing.  They’ve already said at the World Health Organization in 2006, if they can just bring in mandatory inoculations they’ll get the public trained to go in every year to get mandatory shots.  Not just for flu but for boosters and other inoculations down the road for the rest of their lives.


Debra:  What better way to poison the whole public then.


Alan:  That’s the intention.  That is the intention.  We’ve had all the stuff to do with the cancer viruses they put in the polio and so on.  That’s all acknowledged facts now.  These guys are the same eugenics plants as far as I’m concerned.


Debra:  I love you Alan.  People… buy his books please.


Alan:  Yeah.  Thanks for calling.  Yes, it’s eugenics folks and your life is in your own hands, YOUR OWN HANDS, NO ONE ELSE’S AND YOU MUST KEEP IT IN YOUR OWN HANDS.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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Transcribed by Diana