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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. For those who have listened to me for a long time on other shows and followed by talks on the internet, continue to do so looking into the blurbs or educational talks at and also you can also look at the European site, which is


All the email I get and the written mail too, of course, I can't keep up with either. I get so many questions to do with the system we live in. Most people when they wake up panic and they're looking for some sort of safety really. They're panicking when everything they thought was normal is really not normal at all, including who they previously were before they wake up. They were going through the emotions of being human in a conditioned response form the way we've all been trained – trained by the system from birth. A training which was discussed back in the 1920’s at huge think tanks sponsored by the U.S. and England under the guidance of The Royal Institute for International Affairs on the coming future society and how it should be formed and shaped.


This same institute in the 1960’s formed another committee to do with culture creation, and MI6 and the CIA ran what you think of as your culture. The music industry, the art industry, drama, fashion et cetera and guided us to where we are today, coupled with science and technology, which was to make us think it was a natural development towards a specific ending, a road that was on its own. There could be no other road you could go down. It was a natural evolution. That's why they gave us the computer and then of course the handheld gizmo coupled with the cell phone, which leads us to the next step – the brain chip, which was the purpose and the end of the road that they planned in the first place. That's how they get to their particular endings. They give us a beginning and let us follow along thinking it's all for our entertainment and fun, until people now can hardly write on a letter. They can't even imagine that people only 40 years ago and less, 30 years ago or 20 in stores did their inventory with pencil and paper and wrote out receipts and so on. It's unthinkable. They think the world would collapse tomorrow if the computers went down; and that's of course the big lie.


Our reality is fabricated and it's marketed to us from a thousand sources. A thousand sources really all come back to the same capstone, because they are prime marketing companies and think tanks which decide what all the other ones will market right into your head.  It’s old stuff.  I'll explain more about it after these messages which are coming up now.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, discussing how culture is created.  In the old builders, the high Masonic tradition from ancient times to the present they built cultures, and when they built the culture they build a brand new structure – New Tower of Babel you might say. That's what society is with all the different generations being the different floors on the way up, knowing eventually that they'd reach a pinnacle where they couldn't keep the structures sound anymore because of its height, and they build a parallel one from scratch that would takeover when the old one is ready to fall. That's what the allegories mean.


Today, we're at the end of an age where those who have been in charge since the creation of money, armies, debt, compound interest and all the tricks and taxations that they use have come to the end of the road. They plan to bring a new society in. Much discussed over the last 100 years and more because they know they can't really handle the con-game for too long. The goal was always to take over the entire planet and rebuild man himself, at least the workers into more perfect human beings.


During the Cold War, I was surprised to find out the Soviet departments and the politburo had departments of culture creation.  Then I looked around Britain and found that Britain also had a Department of Culture and all the Commonwealth countries had Departments of Culture that our taxpayer money funded.  I wondered why would we need a Department of Culture if we the people are the culture? We portray the culture, we create – until I went into the histories of it and found that Plato was quite right. All culture that's authorized comes from the top down to the people and it's marketed to the people. We mimic and copy and eventually even think it's our own. It's seems quite natural to us.


Why would they take over or give you a Department of Culture in all these countries?  The U.S. was no exception because now the CIA have disclosed, as they always do 40 or 50 years after the fact, that they led the whole Department of Culture for the United States. The types of music that would be popular, the fashions, the topics that you would speak about on a daily basis, even right up to even the divorce rate, because when you pump out sex all the time on television, then the people mimic what they see. They mimic the affairs. They have them and the family gets put in the back drawer; and that was the intent, of course, was to destroy the family for the New Age. Families are the last vestige of what used to be called a tribe.


George Orwell described this in "1984" where the government could dictate right to the individual with no one else standing up for that individual. No one else in the way. That's where we are today and that's also one of the functions of the computer. That's also the reason they want you to have your little camera in your house in every room, so they can eventually put screens in every room (which you will pay for, of course) and they will dictate right to you, just like they did to Winston in "1984." Everything was planned out this way.  It didn’t happen by chance and that's what freaks people out when they realize they're living through a script. A script which they didn't even participate in creating. That's what they think is reality for most people.


Your topics of conversation, like Brzezinski said in his book "Between Two Ages," are given to you. They're marketed right into your head on a daily basis. All the gossip, all the sex scandals, all the nonsense that you eat up and guzzle just like fast-food hamburgers is marketed to you by experts. Original thinking is not encouraged in this society. In fact, an original thought is a tremendous weapon and they recognize this at the top and that's why they try to screen everyone going into school for certain personality types to try and catch them very early.  That's why also they decided back in the 1930’s that eventually they'd start drugging the youth especially the young men when they're at school. They now call them problem children, hyperactive, attention deficit and a whole bunch of brand new terms, which, as long as we parrot often enough, become concretized from the abstract into reality. That's how it's done, repetition.


Those who have leadership qualities were to be eliminated, because the time is coming up now, beginning 2001 going onwards, was to be the time of great changes in society towards what they call "the planned society."  We know what “planned parenthood” was, a nice fuzzy term. We like planning because we're logical people, so planning is a nice word and family is a nice word but it actually means abortion. That's what it boils down to. When you have “societal planning” you should start worrying. Society is a nice word and planning is a nice word. What does it really mean?  It means the reduction of the populations down to what they claim at the top are more factual, realistic manageable levels, levels which they can really take care of without the odd person standing up here or there and taking over and shouting to the rest of the people to wake up. That's what they mean by it.


The people at the top have always been terrified of the general public. Why? It's because they live like parasites off the general populace. We can go into the theories of economics and find out that the people at the top who introduced money in 800 BC in coin form that is. Before that they weighed it, but this all planned out, then how they'd take over countries through the creation of debt. Lending and debt and compound interest, interest which could never be paid back.  They knew that the elite within every country would desert their own people and join them as long as they were living higher than the average person, because money really does simply represent labor. So many hours of labor which are then taken back from you.


Where I live now in Ontario they had a taxation system in the early 1900’s which worked all over the British Commonwealth, where people used to put in so many weeks out of the year and work for the government building roads and stuff. That's how they used to do it. Now they simply demand money from you. Call it taxes rather than extortion. If the mafia go around the stores demanding money for protection and you say protection from whom? They say “from us,” then you know it's called "extortion."  When the government sends their man out, he calls it “taxation.”  When someone is leaning on you and threatening you with having no home or stealing your home, which they call "confiscating" – they steal your home; it's extortion. It's the same thing. Perceptions are warped by the use of words and we go along with it.


If the parents don't know to tell you, you'll think it's quite natural that you give up a good percentage of your income to keep all these people at the top living very, very well and luxuriously above you. Perceptions are bent through culture creation experts. Have you ever wondered why so much is on television, so many dramas and fictional works on cops and detectives?  It's propaganda to give you a completely false idea of what fighting crime is all about. Add to that all the hospital dramas you see and doctors dramas. It’s more fictional work to elevate a profession above other professions, to elevate it above you, because those professions are going to dominate your lives. That's why you get so much of it and given your little human story to intrigue you. Little scandals with sex and murder and you forget you're being programmed. You don't know you're being programmed right to the end. The idea is to elevate professions into authorities which you obey. Nothing new in what I'm saying. It's not said very often to the general public.


Jacques Ellul, excellent philosopher and sociologist, describes this in his various works that all fiction as marketed is actually in reality propaganda. We have been studied like rats in a laboratory for thousands of years. How do you get the public to stare at a stage for a few hours? You give them very beautiful people. You give them idealistically visible people with perfect features that people would all like to be or that partners would love to have. You write in a story of romance, love, deception, death, murder, all these things and then you wrap it around the real story, which is to elevate particular professions above you which you then obey. Simple as that. Go into the video stores, look at all the drama sections and look at the guys on the front of the covers with the big gun and the blonde hair hanging over his shoulder. That's all you really need to know. Same stuff, they never change it when it works. It's a good formula.


We find the same in all other types of fictional work, but science fiction is the best predictive programming because the World Futurist Society brings in the big authors that you know are the ones who are coming up and to be made famous.  They tell them to write a story around this topic or that topic to make the idea familiar with you, then they bring it into reality and you think it's natural. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and I believe we have Cameron from Missouri on the line. Are you there? Hello. Are you there, Cameron?


Cameron:  Yes I am. How you doing Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Cameron:  Of course you don't know how elated I am to be able to get the chance to express my gratitude. I've been listening to you for about the past year and a half since I heard you on Coast To Coast and it's been nothing short of a blessing and an inspiration to hear you and personally your care and concern really come through.  I just really appreciate all that you've done for us.


Alan:  Thank you for saying so. That's the reward I get.


Cameron:  Yes. I don't know if this question is a little off topic. I don’t know if this would be the platform you'd feel comfortable answering it in, but I'm one of those ones since I was like four or five years old just knowing even growing up with a grandfather for a pastor in a Christian church and things like that, that things just weren't right.  So it's been a lifelong search until I heard you like I said again on Coast to Coast last April. My question is this. In your travels as a musician, I'm sure you've gotten to meet a lot of people. How often do you run into people who have just kind of been awake but have been searching for quite some time? I know it's a tough question.


Alan:  Yes. You do find them across the world in your travels and you have small meetings when you can with people. You bring them in. You find just how far they understand things and they all have the same story. They've always been conscious as you say of something being wrong, never really knowing what it was but suspecting – always knowing they were being lied to by the big politicians and media, and the feeling of aloneness probably is what stands out the most even amongst their own peer group. They know they just don't quite fit in because there's always something in the back of their mind that there's something artificial in the system and that's just it. They're quite correct. The system is artificial.


Cameron:  Well I appreciate it. That's most definitely what I've felt most of my life, but I have so many more questions. I'll probably call in some more times now that you've got a Monday, Wednesday, Friday format. I know there's plenty of people waiting to speak to you as well, so thanks a lot and I appreciate everything you've done and keep up the great work.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Cameron:  All right.


Alan:  Now there's Mark from Pennsylvania I believe. Is Mark there?


Mark:  Of course I'm here, Alan. You're the best.


Alan:  How are you?


Mark:  How are you?


Alan:  Not bad.


Mark:  Quick question. I'll give another unusual one. I married a Catholic and I was born a Jew. I'm no longer that and it goes against everything that we've learned especially from you that they want to kill us and they want to break up our families. So what's with the contradiction? You've got Catholics who want us to be married and want us to have children.


Alan:  Yes. It really doesn't matter because, as you see, everyone's getting the same culture as you noticed. It doesn't matter of you're Catholic or Jewish or charismatic this or whatever, they're all getting the same culture and you find the same problems are existing in all families and with the children too.  Regardless of what they pretend they're all about and what their premise is for existing, they're adopting the same culture and they have the same fallouts within themselves. Some of them stick together in hell, rather than separate because of their teachings or even social criticism. I know that in Quebec, for instance, I've talked to a few people there who have been basically exorcised from the community for not going along with the church, and so their life is hell and they're shunned in fact even by shopkeepers if the bishop says so. You're blacklisted. However, it doesn’t really matter, as I say, the statistics show that the same amount of breakups in marriages and divorces and affairs are happening throughout all strata of society, regardless of the culture of origin or the people or creed of origin. They're all breaking up because this is the same culture being promoted worldwide now.


Mark:  That makes sense, but the children part I'm most baffled by. If it's in China, it's the one child rule. Why is it the opposite with the Catholics saying have 16 children? Actually they say kids. Of course, we won't say kids.


Alan:  The Catholic Church, because it does rule so many people and lead so many people, will have its way until everything is complete in the new society, and then things will change.  It's very possible even the Catholic Church is the spearhead into the New Age, because it does have all the symbols of the previous religions from all ages prior to its existence.  I think it will be completely changed once the whole world is under its rule; and all they have to do is alter it within a generation very slowly and it will become the norm.


Mark:  So it's just a temporary situation?


Alan:  It's temporary because they lead so many people.


Mark:  One last question and I'll let you run. On Montebello, have you followed what happened in Montebello with the three cops that were pretending to be protestors?


Alan:  No I hadn't. I expected them to be there though, the ‘three unworthy craftsmen.’


Mark:  Yes, they were. I'll talk to you next week. Thank you.


Alan:  Okay. I'll be back after these messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and I think Don from North Carolina is on the line. Are you there, Don?


Don:  Yes, Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Don:  Good. I wanted to bring some information up for also people that are listening in, if you will go to Google and type in BEN LONG ART because inside the Bank of America corporate headquarters in North Carolina, and I've seen these personally, are three of the largest secular frescos in the world.  What you can actually do is you can go to the fresco on the left hand side of the page, you click on frescos, scroll down to the Bank of America corporate center and what you can do is you can point your mouse on these frescos then click on them and then zoom in and out and drag the image back and forth. But what's interesting is if you look at the center panel the main figure is a man in a biological radioactive suit. What you see is the whole world in chaos. You see people being persecuted and there's also another soldier. He's very difficult to see, but when you zoom in he's also in a gasmask goggles and like a fascist cap and he's dressed in brown. But what you see all of this ORDO OF CHAO symbology. It’s right in the Bank of America corporate center. What I'd like to do is ask if you could maybe look at these images and then maybe on Monday or your next radio program go to these images and comment on them.


Alan:  I could look at that.


Don:  Ben Long Arts and the Bank of America, I guess it's the largest bank in the U.S.


Alan:  Yes.


Don:  There's some pretty graphic images in here. You can see boys dressed in Nazi trench coats straddling a Masonic checkerboard.


Alan:  Yes that's common.


Don:  You could see the eclipse of the sun, the pyramid, the burning bush of Moses. You see the Jacob's ladder disappearing up into the sky.


Alan:  They're all freemasons in the banking rule. It's almost mandatory to be so.  You'll find that as I say go back to Winchester Cathedral where they do the Crown coronations there for queens and kings. Look at the floorboard there. Look at the Egyptian obelisks on the sidewalls. It's all there. This is an ancient system that's come down through time to where we are today.  As Rothschild's said, “those who control the money control the world,” and those who control the money (other peoples’ money) will not complain when they catch on that the whole thing is a scam, because they're getting the biggest reward from it. Therefore, they use all of this: The nature of man, the black and the white of the chessboard. It's the serpent and the spirit, the same old thing and all the little jokes that they have amongst themselves when they control the profane, meaning the general public – those in the dark. Those who've accepted the world as they at the top have presented it to them, that's what they mean by all of that. Of course, with the gasmasks and so on, it's for a future that's almost here when they plan to use all of these biological weapons on the public and bring in a new system, as they climb up Jacob's ladder to the next one.


Don:  You can see the Popes in this image in the center panel. You can see the moon. It's like the dark side of the moon is rising on the horizon. One of the images that's very odd that maybe you know what it means, but there's naked men and women and they're kind of intermingled together and their twirling out of the sky in a ball of fire, and there's a net below them as if the nets going to catch them.


Alan:  Yes that's right. They even had musicals on stage a couple of years ago in Canada on River Dance and Fire Dance. It's the same symbology. What they're showing you is the new man to come. The new Mark 4 or Mark 5 Adam and Eve, basically, is what they're referring to tongue-in-cheek for the five previous ages.


Don:  That makes sense. Yes, if you could just--


Alan:  I will do.


Don:  Because there's three panels--


Alan:  I know, but we've been over that and we can go on forever about describing them. It's best that people just look into them and I'll check into it myself.


Don:  Okay, great.


Alan:  Okay.


Don:  Thanks very much.


Alan:  There's a Jim in Texas. Are you there, Jim? Hello.


Jim:  Yes, I'm here. You've done a wonderful job of describing what these same groups of people have done to us over thousands of years, but you do not name them quite as much as you should. It's the same ethnic group that started in Egypt or even before Egypt and how to control a country. How to dominate everything that transpires in the country and it's the same ethic group. It's the group that the Red Sea was parted for so they could escape according to their terminology, okay?


Alan:  It depends how you want to view something here. If you go back long before Egypt, you'll find the same systems existing in Sumer and prior to Sumer you had the Hurrian population and before that you've got the seven ages of previous ages in India going back millions of years.  They always have front groups or front populations who don’t know what their function is. It's no different from Britain in the 1800’s. In the 1700’s, the upper middle class of Britain really did believe they were the chosen people and these were not Jewish people. That's what you’re referring to.


Jim:  No, but they were infiltrated and controlled by the Jewish people since Cromwell. Hello. He let them back in and once you let them in they control. That's the name of the game.


Alan:  The gold and the money was there long before Cromwell.


Jim:  Yes the gold and the money but they threw him out in the 13th century.


Alan:  Then they always brought in the same money-lenders. Look at the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church forbid any body else to go in for usury, except Jews, because that took the heat off the kings and the queens that wanted taxation from money, and the Vatican itself, and all the heat was transferred to the guys themselves who handled the money, who were the Jews. It was the law that only the Jews could be tax collectors, even in Britain at one time.


Jim:  Absolutely.


Alan:  It took the heat off the king and the queen that everybody “loved.”


Jim:  They were thrown out of every country in Europe for exactly the same thing.


Alan: It also took the heat off the Vatican.


Jim:  They control the royalty.


Alan:  I've heard all this before, but the fact is all these royalty and so on need the people with the money. All down through history they do this. They always have a front group who are willing to do it; and what you need is a particular species to hate.


Jim:  I don't need to hate anybody. I need to state what a fact is a fact regardless of whether you hate or love them.


Alan:  How many Jews do you know who own banks?


Jim:  There's a good deal.


Alan:  How many do you know, personally, who own banks?


Jim:  How many recent chairmen of the Federal Reserve have been Jewish? That goes back at least I know to 1955 at least everyone of them--


Alan:  Why do you think they always pick a Jew for it?


Jim:  Because they're the ones who control everything. That's why they pick a Jew for it. Hello.


Alan:  Why they pick a Jew is so people like you can hate them.


Jim:  That I can hate them? I merely state what they do.


Alan:  They could pick anybody they wanted to. They could pick a Chinaman for that matter if they wanted to target the Chinese.


Jim:  You're using the Jewish argument against me okay? The Jewish argument is if I say anything in the slightest bit detrimental about a Jew I hate them. I'm merely stating facts.


Alan:  No. The thing is all you will talk about is something you truly want to believe. You cannot see that they will always give you a target for hundreds of years if need be, and change the target to someone else when they want to when it suits them, and so, as I say, if they wanted you to hate the Chinese--


Jim:  Excuse me, Mr. Alan Watt. How many other ethic groups have been thrown out of every country in Europe, 79 countries. How many other ethic groups have been thrown out of these countries?


Alan:  Do you know the histories behind this?


Jim:  No, no. Answer the question. Don't say do you know.


Alan:  Have you ever looked at this history behind it, because the debt got so much at the Royal Court for borrowing they'd rather kick them out than pay it off.


Jim:  And who did they borrow from?


Alan:  It's the same old scam, the only ones they were authorized by the Vatican to borrow from.


Jim:  If you want to argue facts you have to answer questions. Who did the royalty borrow from?


Alan:  A person like you is never going to be satisfied until I agree with you.


Jim:  I don't care if you agree with me or not. I'll let the listening audience -- who did the royalty borrow from?


Alan:  Who did the Vatican authorize the only people that you could borrow from to be?


Jim:  You will not answer the question because the answer to the question--


Alan:  I'm telling you to think for yourself.


Jim:  Hey, I think for myself. I've always thought for myself.


Alan:  Why did the Vatican authorize one group of people to be the money-lenders for the whole of Europe?


Jim:  Because they were the people with the money. They were the people that infiltrated the Vatican. Listen the Catholic Church is--


Alan:  What we’ll do here – I'm not going to go in to your silly little game here – we’ll go on to the next caller because you'll go on about this forever and ramble into the fact that someone authorized a certain people to take the heat for a monied system, for a monied system, okay? Now that's what I mean about people who want to target someone simply to hate. It's no different than in wartime when they suddenly make a person over at the other side of the world your enemy. They demonize them. Give you a whole bunch of history to justify it so you'll hate them and it's much easier to go off and kill them. Personally, I will treat a person from any race, creed, background on a one to one basis; and to say it's "the Jews" or "the British" or "the American" is a very bigoted person. That's how a bigoted person thinks. It's not “the anything.” How many Jewish people actually own their own banks? Very few, and when you look at who's behind them, there's very few too.


Look at the histories of the Rothschild's. Do you think the Rothschild's just walked into Britain, took over the Bank of England and had strolls through the dark alley ways of London all on a Jack Todd? He'd have been killed right away. He was brought in by the elite to control the money of Britain. He was better at it. That's why it was done and that's why he was left alone. The British nobility were fantastic. They had whole armies of assassins working for them, which they didn't hesitate to use so for one little guy to walk in and take over what seemed to be the wealth of the country and get away with it – it meant he had permission to do so. You have to think for yourself in this world and thinking is the only way you'll come through.


I also know there's organizations funded by the CIA which churn out books and books and books blaming the Jews. I know that for a fact because they cater to every segment of society; and as long as we're all fighting each other, here's how it goes. The world is one massive whirlpool with a big hole at the bottom that's sucking us down and each person is grabbing the person next to them and choking them to death, as you all go round and round in this whirlpool. You don't see the hole at the bottom and that's what they want at the top. The elite at the top of every culture, every country, happens to be one giant club. One giant club that controls the finances and resources of the entire planet. They see themselves as a separate, more evolved species, ala Darwin basically, Social Darwinism.  That goes for the top in the Japanese, the top in the Chinese, the top in every other culture. It's one giant club and they believe they can interbreed with superior genes and that's going to be the new elite for the future, as they do interbred at the top.  All the old theories for the old age will go down that whirlpool where it belongs and down the drain hole with all of the old stuff which had served its purpose very well. That's where we are with it. Now I think there's a Tony in Canada. Hello. 


Tony:  Hello.


Alan:  Yes, Tony.


Tony:  Hi. You can hear me now great. I'm glad to get on. I had one question. It's sort of a two-pronged question. I know you're not a conspiracy theorist and I guess I am a little bit of one. Although I like to think of it more as a reality theorist. It pertains to the Cassini probe that NASA launched in 1997. Now I wanted to know if you could to speak to two issues surrounding this. One was the launch that we kind of callous on the part of NASA to launch what some professors or scientists at the time said it was like the equivalent of 20 nuclear power plants into outer space without taking too many precautions as to what could happen. I mean there's a lot of plutonium on board, plus they sling-shotted it around Venus and it once again came flying next to Earth and then out to Saturn.  So one thing I wanted to speak to was how NASA sort of treats the kind of earthlings, but the second part of the question is that next year they're going to be running it into the southern pole of Saturn, which is basically a ball of highly dense and hot hydrogen. So there's some concern -- I haven't really heard it from any mainstream sources or any obscure scientists or anything as to what is their agenda? Bill Cooper talked about this sort of Galileo Project igniting either Jupiter, so if you could speak to those two issues?


Alan:  We do know that in the high occult they talk about doing something miraculous when they really found the beginning – openly found it, the foundations for the New Age; and in Arthur C. Clarke's movie "2010" a new sun is born in the sky, where they ignite basically a whole planet. The same idea: As above, so below – meaning illumined above and that would be the illumined on earth and vice versa, so it's occultic to an extent and they play with this idea of a great marker for the official part of the beginning of their New Age or their new building. The sacrifice of something has to be done. At one time, it used to be people. They used to actually kill babies and put them in the foundation stones in the Canaanite lands; and we know now, of course.  The killing you see of a king is a big thing, so Saturn is the old Cronos [Kronos], the father of all Gods or ages. That's what it really means. Each god is an age, and Jupiter is the one who took over from Cronos, so it's really the killing of a king to bring in a new age, in a symbolic form. That's what they mean by it.


Tony:  There's also the aspect of this sort of stardust being formed and the risk to our own planet in terms of the ozone layer being compromised as a result of this massive explosion. I mean if it happens – it's a big if. I'm wondering if you have ever given it some thought, because I haven't really heard many researchers like yourself.


Alan:  I'll be back.  Hi folks. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just to finish up on that last question. The elite will never do anything to harm themselves. What is true is that even from the 1970’s onwards they were dumping lead glass-encased uranium and plutonium in lochs in Scotland; and this is well documented and admitted to in the newspapers. They said it was to dispose of depleted uranium and plutonium, but I don't think it was. I think it really is for a future society which they themselves hope to run by this power method of they need to; so I don't really worry too much about a lot of the rumors they put out themselves, which are really occultic allegories.


Now there's also Paul in Delaware. There's also John in Georgia. Could you bring one of them up there?  Hello, how are you?


Unidentified Caller:  How you doing Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Unidentified Caller:  It's been a long, long time. I was listening to you way back when people didn't even know who you were for the most part, but, yes, I'm glad to see that we are along the same lines of thinking and that you're at a level of intelligence where we can get past this waste of time we've been on, on these radio stations. The most important thing that I would like to hear you speak more about and it was one of your callers that was talking about the Jews. All I can say about the Jews are that me and that caller could probably agree on is that when it comes to racist groups, I have found that Jews are the most racist of all of skinheads, everyone but I haven't met all the races in the world.  But other than that, as far as them owing the world?  Like you had said, Alan, this is who you're supposed to look at. If the Jews are this really small minority group that is in all the positions of power and everyone fully recognizes, that says something about the individuals. If these people are actually running things, how come they haven't stopped them as of yet?  That's what we're dealing with. We're dealing with cult members is what I've found. 


Alan:  What you'll find at the top is that all of these characters—who give the heat, again, to one group of people—belong to the Jewish Sect of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. They all belong to the B'nai Brith and that's what it is. It's the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the Jewish wing. They take their orders from the main lodge that takes in people in from all over the world from all creeds, going all the way back to the Knights Templars who ran the money system a thousand years ago.  This is how they con the planet. The guys that we see who you think are the top, or the Jewish, will wear any cap at all. They don't believe in the religions of the people beneath them. They're way above that. They have their own religion at the top. It's a universal religion, has been here for thousands of years, they belong to a Masonic organizations at the top.


Unidentified Caller:  I'm loving your show and I hope that you stay here. I hope that the people are at a level where they can actually comprehend and understand why it's important. But I want to tell you about a Google video search.


Alan:  We're just cutting out now for the end of the show. Call in next week or email me and I'll talk to you then. From Alan Watt and Hamish the dog, bye for now. It's good night and may your god or your gods go with you. I'll talk to you on Monday.



(Transcribed by Linda)