Sept. 4, 2009 (#401)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 4, 2009:

Compliant Population -- We Will Use the Needle (Lord Bertrand Russell):

"Governments Colluding with Big Fat Pharma,
We're the Guinea Pigs, They're Out to Harm Ya,
Butcher Concoctions in Untried Vaccines,
Nothing in Them Remotely Pristine,
Scary Scenarios Promote the Cause
Of a Piggy Pandemic that Never Was,
So the Sheep while Eating the Grass
Will Roll Up a Sleeve or Bare Their Ass,
Take a Shot of Diseased Concoction,
Monkey Kidneys, Fetal Tissue, Abortion,
Of All Facts in Scientists' Lofty Minds Lurk
The Annual Flu Shot Just Doesn't Work"
© Alan Watt Sept. 4, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 4, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 4th 2009.  For newcomers look in to web site, scroll down the page and bookmark all the other sites [listed above].  If the main servers go down one day or another, which they often do, you can get the shows from one of the other sites., this is the European site and it has all the audio plus it has the benefit of having some of the transcripts of these talks I’ve given, for download, written in the various languages of Europe. 


I’m always asking for more people to try their hand at translations.  They can have the English version to translate from if they wish.  I’m not too heavy on how they word things as long as they get the gist of the talk included.  That’s the main thing.  It’s very difficult to go from one language to another with utter precision.


Remember too, I do depend upon your donations to keep this going.  This is not a job.  It’s not a career.  It’s not an empire building cause.   It’s not a non-governmental organization or trust or any of the usual stuff that you see out there.  I don’t flog things to the people, meaning sell things to the people, except for the books I have on web site, and a few disks.  So it’s up to you to keep me going.  You, the listeners.  You can do it by looking into the web site.  There a different means.  Personal check is good within Canada and the US.  There’s also international money postal orders from the US.  There’s PayPal also, buttons up there, where you can donate or buy the books.  Even though it says by the button ‘donations only’ you can also buy the books through it as well, if you so wish.  For those outside the Americas, you can use Money Gram or Western Union.  Lastly, there’s a lot of people who get disks burned because they don’t use computers and they play them on their CD players.  There’s other generous people out there with computers who burn hundreds and thousands sometimes, of disks and just pass them around at big events.  So if you get the disk passed to you and you want to get in touch with me, you can write to [listed above].  That’s about it for the lead-ins.  I should scatter this throughout the show because they skip over the first 5 minutes. 


This last while I’ve been going on about how government is changing everything.  In fact, on September the 11th, I said that night the fact that the world really will never be the same again.  We heard that statement by it was either Rumsfeld or Cheney right after the 9/11 ‘must be’ fiasco to kick in the whole new world order idea.  An order where a new century was to emerge.  A new, special century where things would never be the same.  That was already being taught in academia for 50 years or more, maybe even 100 years.  They said that the 21st Century would be an age of ultimate reason where science and experts would rule the peasantry, basically.  The unenlightened masses.  I’ll go into that when we come back from this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just listening to that guitar wail a little bit sometimes because we all feel like wailing when we watch what’s going on.  I was talking about how things would never be the same again.  You see, the big boys and all the different scientists and scientific professions into sociology and so on, had really claimed in the 19th and 20th century that the old way of doing things were just left over refuse, if you like, of bygone orders of religion.  Things like marriages and having children and people having the right to decide what they want to do in life, etc was just too untidy.  They wanted to bring in a planned society. 


That really is the reason they brought out Charles Darwin.  They wheeled him out at the right time.  Darwin himself was no genius.  He came from a lineage where his grandfather even had written a book about evolution and the rest of his stuff he simply took from Wallace.  It was the Royal Society, the high Freemasonic society that deals with science, it’s still very big today.  If you want to get anywhere in science you have to be a member and a Masonic member, by the way, because you’re sworn to secrecy.  It was them that picked Darwin to be the champion for this new phase… and it would be a phase.  It was the right time to bring it in to put the last nail in the coffin of religions.  Therefore, the Age of Reason was to truly start to prevail. 


It would also mean that a gap would be left.  A gap with the public, the masses, if you like, had always had some ideal to follow, whether it was religious or it was a philosophic idea.  In religion too, I include Marxism; it was definitely a belief system if you truly understand it.  It came from a man whose father was a Rabbi so he really transposed a very old religion into Marxism, which became Communism.  It’s no coincidence that the exact same GOALS of Communism match up with the goals of the Pope of Freemasonry, Albert Pike.  Albert Pike who trained many people including Mazzini - who took over for him - to start The World Revolutionary party.  After that, it was given to a man called Lenin and we all know what happened there.  All tied together. 


These people truly thought through their philosophies they were ultimately, really ENLIGHTENED.  They were way past this superstition, as they call them, of religions… although they would still USE religion to bring in a new age.  That’s why the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’s magazine was called The New Age back in the 1950s.  They said THEY would bring in, to the public, THE new age, a new religion.  This has been repeated by Gorbachev and others who on the one hand admit they’re atheist but then say, ‘we’re brining in a religion for the public,’ for the WORLD, for the world’s public ‘which would be based on a form of earth worship.’ 


All your environmentalism, the Land Army, as it was called a long time ago, this big GREEN army is PART of this earth type religion.  Comprising of scientists at the top, the white-coated boys, the new priesthood and all their gullible followers at the bottom that live in cities and watch television and think that forests are something you stroll through, like the parks in their cities.  They don’t realize you need a machete to get through something up here and elsewhere.  But everything pretty well has been accomplished.  The nail on so many of the OLD, what they called the vestiges of old societies behind them, and now we’re in the PLANNED society.  All they have to do now is convince the public to allow themselves to be guided and ruled by the experts and all the different departments of government.  That’s the new daddy, you see, and mommy as well. 


Bertrand Russell, LORD Bertrand Russell was given royal assent to start up some of the first educational schools to go beyond what anybody had tried before, because of legal reasons.  He did experiment with children and mixed schools… male and female, at a very young age.  Many of them actually came from orphanages, that way no one would really ask what was going on.  He did try to encourage PRE-pubertal sexual contact between them… before puberty.  They would follow them then on for a few years to see if they could actually BOND for any length of time with another member of the opposite sex.  They found very early on that it was hard for them to bond with a single person from then on.  That’s why the United Nations is the big front for the new world order - it’s got a whole umbrella of fronts, thousands of them, but it’s the big, big front for it - because they keep track of everything and coordinate everything with all the other different groups that are involved and PAID to be involved.  The United Nations is pushing all this strange stuff like teaching children in kindergarten to masturbate in front of everybody else.  That’s no kidding.  That’s no kidding.  I read that article the other night.  That’s what they meant by that.  Not just telling them to masturbate but it’s to be like group masturbation, for the new society.  We’re so enlightened now that all perversions have got a jump up on the old-fashioned ways of having morality and stuff like that, and common sense. 


You must destroy ALL the old - ORDO AB CHAO - to bring in the new.  ALL of the old.  All of the old moralities are simply, as I say, vestiges and taboos of previous civilizations.  We’ve all to allow ourselves to be experimented with.  That’s our purpose now.  It’s to be… the old idea of creating this SUPERMAN began in Britain.  Hitler just copied so much of what was written in Britain, including Lord Halford’s stuff on geo-politics and so on.  The problem with races, that all came from Britain.  It was all designed in London by a very wealthy elite.  We must never think this wealthy elite are somehow stupid.  They portray them in a lot of movies as sort of bungling aristocrats.  They’re anything but stupid.  What they don’t understand, they’ll HIRE the experts to understand for them.  Cash can do that.  Lots of cash can do that… as many think tanks as you wish.


We have one of the founders of the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw, who talked about creating a SUPERMAN.  That humanity was simply imperfect, especially the masses.  He was looking at the masses.  Mind you, he was coming out of an industrial era.  They were literally stunted in growth because of malnourishment and tremendous hours of work, 16 hours a day.  To his mind there seemed to be too many of them.  Just too many of them littering the city, the landscape.  They wanted rid of them. 


So the best way to do it was to create a Socialist society where under the guise of socialism and ‘we’re here to help you, at the bottom,’ that you’d eventually allow these organizations, these HEALTH AUTHORITIES and various other authorities, children’s aid, etc and medical authorities to come IN and start ordering you about and if necessary sterilizing you.  They wanted that right.  That a board would be set up to decide who could mate and who could not mate and who should be sterilized.  That was the beginning of the great Fabian Society that was simply one arm, ONE ARM of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, also called the Council on Foreign Relations. That’s the organization that Prime Ministers and Presidents, when something’s happened that the public are getting wind of or they’ve done something wrong, the Presidents and Prime Ministers MUST GO and explain themselves to before they go and tell the public their lies. 


The world is very, very different from the one that we think of.  Understanding this… this all came out from the Marxist period, the term ‘the masses’… you’re not people anymore, you’re just THE MASSES.  You’re either part of the elite or you’re the masses.  In between you have this white-coated expert area but the rest are all just the masses.  You’re numbers.  Therefore, you’ll get mass treatments for everything.  Under every mass treatment there will always be a certain amount of people who, because they’ve got a different physiology, a slightly different gene type, will have bad reactions to things like inoculations.  They know this.  They even know the quota, roughly, in advance, of who will come down with what.  Who will come down with stuff immediately.  Who will come down with crippling diseases over the years.  Now they’re trying to tell you that if that happens, it’s because you’ve got bad genes.  Not because we’re all different, but you’ve got bad genes.  Nothing to do with the virus and so on. 


We’re really living in an age where the experts rule us all.  Aldous Huxley talked about it and so did Julian, his brother.  His brother was an utter fanatic.  These guys really knew what was going on because they were part of the aristocracy.  They talked in all the big think tanks that planned the future right down to the present and what’s to come up.  As I say, they never change their plans once they’ve made them.  Aldous Huxley said that if there’s going to be a dictatorship, or even a plutocracy, I’d rather it be a scientific dictatorship.  Well, that’s what you’re under now. 


I’ve been talking about the viruses and the fake flu nonsense.  I mentioned too that in 2006 The World Health Organization just talked about ‘scary scenarios’.  That they could really induce the public through fear and so on to accept inoculations and mandatory ones, especially the first time, and that it would be a piece of cake, basically, because that’s how simply we’re trained.  We do it once, ‘well, we got away with that one, so give we can give them another one next year.’  Then 10 the next year.  That’s what they decided upon.  They’re using, by the way, the terrorism bill to push all this stuff through.  The government of Maine has declared a State of Emergency so that everyone must get vaccinations, for instance.  Isn’t it amazing.  And the sheep go baa, baa, baa.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  A world run by experts and authorities.  Even Lenin mentioned that eventually the West would have so many agencies, government agencies, ruling over the public and interfering with their lives that they’d be stepping on each other’s toes… so many of these different agencies each vying for territory and more power.  Well, we’re AT and BEYOND that stage now. 


There’s no doubt about it, there was a world already global and taken over an awful long time ago.  It really started off in its embryonic stage at the United Nations - before it was called that, it was called The League of Nations - but definitely during the United Nations.  THAT’S when every country that singed on LITERALLY SIGNED AWAY ITS SOVEREIGNTY and that all treaties are superseded by UN treaties. The UN was set up to be a world government.  It does have a Department of everything that your federal government has; it has an equivalent one for every department of the federal government.  HUGE, huge place.  It’s all ready to take over the world.  Of course, it also means that it’s in league with organizations, controls organizations right down to local governors and representatives and schools.  Everything goes through the United Nations even UNESCO.  UNESCO’s part of it, again, and the World Health Organization.  I call it Dr. WHO, the W H O, as I say. 


Here’s an article from Dr. Mercola.  His web site.


WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population

 via 'Mock-Up' Vaccines

Posted by: Dr. Mercola  /  September 03 2009


The document on the WHO website linked below states that it is common procedure to release pandemic viruses into the population in order to get a jump ahead of the real pandemic, so as to fast track the vaccine for when it is needed. 


In Europe, some manufacturers have conducted advance studies using a so-called "mock-up" vaccine. Mock-up vaccines contain an active ingredient for an influenza virus that has not circulated recently in human populations and thus mimics the novelty of a pandemic virus.  (Alan:  Have you even wondered why these little Norwalk things break out and stuff like that?  Well, they’re being RELEASED and they take studies on these.  You don’t know they’re conducting studies but they have instant retrieval of ALL medical records everywhere across the Western world and they can tell how it’s working.)


According to the website at World Health Organization, “Such advance studies can greatly expedite regulatory approval.”  (A:  See, they’re hand in glove.  They get a lot of money thrown at them by big pharma too, and there’s a lot of big pockets, deep pockets at the United Nations.)


Dr. Mercola's Comments


On June 11 the World Health Organization (WHO) raised its swine flu pandemic alert from a 5 to a 6. Phase 6 is the highest level alert, and reflects the speed with which a virus is spreading -- not its severity.  (A:  Remember they also dropped, at the World Health Organization, 2 or 3 of the criteria that qualified it as a pandemic.  So they dropped it to allow themselves to call it a pandemic.)


This classification also allows for a vaccine to qualify for a “fast-track” procedure for licensing and approval, and this process is now ongoing for the swine flu vaccine.


What you may not know, however, is that WHO, together with health officials, regulatory authorities and vaccine manufacturers, have been working since 2007 (A:  This is true.) – long before this new “threat” of swine flu emerged – to “explore a broad range of issues surrounding the regulatory approval of pandemic vaccines.”


According to the WHO website:


“Ways were sought to shorten the time between the emergence of a pandemic virus and the availability of safe and effective vaccines.”


One such method used in Europe is to conduct advance studies using a “mock-up” vaccine that contains an active ingredient (A:  A live virus.) for an influenza virus that has not circulated recently in human populations.


When testing these mock-up vaccines, it is very possible to release the novel influenza virus into the population, as its purpose is to “mimic the novelty of a pandemic virus” and “greatly expedite regulatory approval.”  (A:  So remember that when you’re running to the toilet one day, with these sudden little 24-hour deals that you get, that they’re being RELEASED by the World Health Organization.  And when you go to your doctor, well, that’s going to be noted, etc and that goes down as whatever the favorite type is that particular month.  And it goes right to government and it goes to the World Health Organization, so they keep stats on how it’s working.)


Government officials have other tricks up their sleeves to ensure these new, barely tested vaccines easily make it to market as well, such as:


•Labeling the vaccine a “strain change” rather than an entirely “new” vaccine. (A:  That’s so they can fast track it without testing it on the public.  But the difference, really, is like a propeller airplane compared to a jet fighter.  But as long and they both fly, you call them aircraft.  So all the new vaccines, they’ll say ‘well, you see, it’s a strain change,’ rather than an entirely new vaccine.)  This method states the new vaccine has built on technology used to produce vaccines for seasonal influenza, and the change for the pandemic vaccine is similar to a strain change used to produce a new seasonal vaccine each flu season.


In the United States, vaccine manufacturers are required to submit fewer data if they already have a licensed flu vaccine and will use the same manufacturing process for the pandemic vaccine.


•Using a “rolling review procedure.” This allows manufacturers to submit sets of data for regulatory review “as they become available.” In other words, they’re free to distribute the vaccine and then submit the safety data later on.


I gave a link for that 60 Minutes video from the 70s and we’ll talk about that when I get back because the consent form was for a different vaccine than the one they actually gave the public.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix reading from Dr. Mercola’s web site.  It says here…


Would You Want a Fast-Tracked Vaccine Injected Into Your Body?


By very definition, fast-tracked vaccines are those that have received very little safety testing prior to being used. So any time you agree to get one, you are essentially a guinea pig. 


Actually, they’re taking away our ability to even consent anymore.  This is what all this is about today with this trial.  What’s happening is a big trial to get us to agree to mandatory inoculations.  Once you do it once, it’s going to be commonplace of getting all kinds of inoculations; the 2006 meeting at the World Health Organization actually said that.  Once they trained the public through one big scary scenario and make it sort of mandatory or quasi-mandatory and you go along with it.  You’ll think nothing of going each time you’re called in for another one and another one and another one.  They want to give you inoculations every year of your life and not just for the flu.  Boosters for everything. 


Great business to be in this pharma, isn’t it?  Banking and pharma.  The tax payer will pay you and reward you for looting them and big pharma is guaranteed sales through what you think are your elected governments by passing laws that you must take them.  What a great business.  Can you imagine if you were making shovels or spades or something and you got the government to demand that everybody on the planet buy your spade?  What a great business.  They used to call it fascism, corporate fascism.  Fascism is in bed with government, that’s the definition of fascism.  Everybody’s so ignorant today, and all greened out as they come out of school they haven’t a clue of the past at all.  Not a clue. 


Vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline has actually stated:


"Clinical trials will be limited, due to the need to provide the vaccine to governments as quickly as possible. Additional studies will therefore be required and conducted after the vaccine is made available."  (A:  That’s after they’ve given it to you.)


And WHO likewise says:


“Time constraints mean that clinical data at the time when pandemic vaccines are first administered will inevitably be limited. Further testing of safety and effectiveness will need to take place after administration of the vaccine has begun.”  (A:  Isn’t that what we’ve been told this time?  Isn’t it?)


When you go in to the actual World Health Organization’s site on this particular issue… I’ll put the links up on my web site at the end of the show.  It says here…


Safety of pandemic vaccines

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 briefing note 6



(A:  It goes through all the above-mentioned stuff and it says…)


Influenza vaccines have been used for more than 60 years and have an established record of safety in all age groups. (A:  See, anything that’s negative is simply omitted like deaths and strokes and paraplegics and stuff like that.)  While some serious adverse events have been reported, these have been rare.  (A:  There was 4,000-odd serious ones in the last 40 million that were given in the US for the last swine flu.  That doesn’t take in the many, many thousands that came down later in life.  They don’t all hit you at the same time with the effects, you see.)


Nonetheless, special safety issues will inevitably arise during a pandemic when vaccine is administered on a massive scale. For example, adverse events too rare to show up even in a large clinical trial may become apparent when very large numbers of people receive a pandemic vaccine.  (A:  So yeah, it’s AFTER the fact.)


Some adverse (A:  I love how they word it.) events will be coincidental – that is, associated in time with vaccine administration, yet not directly caused by the vaccine. (A:  Maybe helped along then?)  Genuine adverse events directly caused by the vaccine may also occur, but cannot be predicted in advance. (A:  So they can’t tell you in advance it’s going to kill you or even help you.)  Given the safety record of seasonal vaccines, such events are expected to be rare.  (A:  Where’s the quota?  Where’s the stats on that?  They have them but they won’t give them out.)


Time constraints mean that clinical data at the time when pandemic vaccines are first administered will inevitably be limited. Further testing of safety and effectiveness will need to take place after administration of the vaccine has begun.  (A:  Blah, blah, blah.  They keep repeating themselves.)


For these reasons, WHO advises all countries administering pandemic vaccines to conduct intensive monitoring for safety and efficacy, (A:  How can you do intensive monitoring for safety when all the effects are AFTER the shots are given?  How is that safety?  You call that safety?) and many countries have plans in place for doing so. On the positive side, mass vaccination campaigns can generate significant (A:  Cash flow…  I put that in there.  They’re all getting kickbacks.  I hope you realize they’re all getting kickbacks at the World Health Organization.) safety data within a few weeks.


International sharing of data from such post-marketing surveillance will be vital in guiding risk-benefit assessments and determining whether changes in vaccination policies are needed.


It does go down in this particular link and it does admit to putting out these mock-viruses, which are REAL viruses of an older strain of the flu.  Then monitoring the public.  This is from their own web site.  They talk about shortening the time between the emergence of the pandemic and the availability of safe and effective vaccines.  Then they contradict themselves saying they can’t predict it will be safe until we’ve all got it.  [laughs]  Isn’t that beautiful?  Again, it’s going back to buying the shovel and the spade, you know.  You won’t know if it will actually work until we’ve seen if it will break in the first dig.  Maybe it will bend like rubber.  Amazing, eh?  It actually says that.  You have to use pandemic strains, basically, you know like milder strains, older strains and release them into the public and then monitor the effects on the unwitting, stupid public.  World Health Organization, Dr. WHO.  The time lord, hmm?  Quite something. 


Again, this is quite intriguing too.  The Bangor Daily News. 


Gov. Baldacci proclaims civil emergency due to H1N1

(A:  They’re going to use these emergency laws that were passed after 9/11 for everything.)

Schools and health care providers are protected against liability claims

related to vaccine clinics

By Meg Haskell BDN Staff  /    9/2/09


AUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. John Baldacci on Tuesday declared a statewide civil emergency because of the H1N1 influenza virus, paving the way for mass immunization of Maine schoolchildren and other residents(A:  And other residents.  That’s like EVERYONE.)


The emergency designation protects schools and health care providers against liability claims related to their participation in school-based vaccine clinics this fall for both the seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu. “Maine has been proactive (A:  Proactive, all this proactive stuff.  They’re all so proactive.  They can cover so much… effluence.) in its response to this new flu,” Baldacci said in announcing the proclamation. “But as the school year begins, we must continue our vigilance, which will require a responsible and aggressive vaccination and public education campaign. (A:  Do you understand… they call it education… making you take something and think their way, it’s called education… which is just indoctrination, isn’t it?)  It’s our goal that every person in the state has access to vaccines for the seasonal and H1N1 flu.


In accordance with recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, officials in Maine are encouraging public schools to offer on-site immunization clinics for all children, including infants over 6 months and preschoolers as well as children who are home-schooled. Participating schools will offer the seasonal influenza vaccine as soon as possible, and many also will offer the new H1N1 vaccine when it becomes available. 


I don’t know if people realize they want to give you 3 all together.  The whole thing, again, in 2006 at the World Health Organization said they want to, under any guise, get you to take the regular one.  This one is going to be the regular one PLUS this supposed H1N1 and you’ll also get a booster containing incredible adjuvants that are supposed to help really boost these things into total effectiveness.  So, I guarantee you, if you die of anything, it won’t be the flu.  It will be all this poison that they’ve pumped into you.  So they’re using emergency… even though there’s nothing really happening in Maine at the moment.


I wonder how much cash these guys get in back-handers under the table for this?  Utter corruption rules.  UTTER, UTTER CORRUPTION RULES.  Because, believe you me, there WILL be a lot of cash slipped to the right people.  Isn’t it amazing that THEY’VE ALL EXEMPTED THEMSELVES for comeback on any side effects or deaths?  …by simply writing laws.  Put it in law, what you can’t do is… and you can’t sue our pals, pharma. 


That’s where the world is all going.  It’s not going to stop.  It’s not going to stop there.  It’s just going to get worse and worse and worse.  Worse and worse and worse. 


I’ve got a couple of callers here.  I’ll take them before I go on to the next article.  There’s John from Wisconsin there.  Are you there John?


John:  Hi Alan.  You mentioned something yesterday about waking up being like crossing over a mountain and seeing everything really differently.  That’s the way it has been for me.  In fact, during the process I began drinking heavily because my whole world outlook was changing so drastically.  The funny thing to me is… The thing that scared me the most wasn’t so much that there are people that are capable of doing these things and are doing these things… The thing that terrifies me right now is having tried to wake up people and trying various ways…. Just seeing all people literally do not think and it goes beyond that.   They can’t form concepts.   It’s like you said.  I’ve made excuses for people and it just horrifies me that they just… I don’t know.  I can’t even put my finger on it. 


Alan:  Well, they don’t want to know.  That’s just it.  They don’t want to know because, as I say, it’s PERFECT indoctrination.  It’s a perfect indoctrination.  It’s taken completely on them.  Most of them are goners, goners with you. 


John:  You see where I’m coming from Alan?  For me to comprehend that this stuff works on people so well, it’s so simple and stupid; it’s amazing it works on people.


Alan:  That’s why Brzezinski could say with confidence in his own book Between Two Ages that shortly the public, through techniques, he says, will be unable to think or reason for themselves.  They WILL think that the media is there to do their reasoning for them.  Before that, again, Bertrand Russell said the same thing.  He says with scientific indoctrination, which he claimed was perfected by the big think tanks and groups and Tavistock that he worked with in London back in the 1920s and 30s.  It was already PERFECTED back then.  He said very few people will escape their indoctrination. 


John:  Can I ask you one more question then?


Alan:  Yes.


John:  There’s something I’ve been dealing with, a larger issue, than is when you really understand this world and look at it more clearly and believe me, I have a long more way to go before I think I see things better.  It seems to me that evil, for lack of a better word, is SO easy to create and induce in this world… through control.  Whereas good, it seems like - at least in my perception - it’s a more difficult thing to enact on this world.  Do you get my gist there?


Alan:  Absolutely.  What is true too is that if you study - Plato studied this; he knew it too… domesticated animals.  Domesticated animals will stay in what is familiar to them, the surroundings that are familiar.  Even if it’s just a pen or a fenced-off field and even if the grazing gets low, they’ll still stay in that area… because the wildness has been taken out of them through special breeding.  The big boys’ problem was how to do it without making us breed specially.  They came up with the ideas of doing it in the food, injections.  Arthur Koester says they will actually attack their brain through bio-warfare means by injections or putting something in the water or their food.  Well, they’ve been doing all of that plus the heavy indoctrination through schooling.  So most folk don’t have a chance, to be honest with you. 


Those who have woken up generally wake up to only ONE part of it and they can’t go up the ladder.  There’s a different rung for every new part of it.  It isn’t until you’ve read so much and you’ve confirmed what you’ve read and then you say my God, there’s one more step to go and that is WE’RE BEYOND THAT.  Way beyond national or getting the flag back or whatever people think they’re after.  We’re way beyond even getting rights back.  We’ve got to also realize that, yeah, they have been killing us off and they have been sterilizing us all along.  That’s why they have so many problems today in the Western world.  One of the fastest growing industries, apart from injections from pharma, is sterility and fertility clinics.  It’s one of the fastest growing industries because of the massive infertility problems of people living in the West.  That’s not by coincidence.  It’s by a long-term strategy of warfare on the public who obviously you can not tell your target, if you’re doing a covert war, because you would have incredible riots.  We’re seeing the end product of it.  We’re seeing the effects of obesity and the massive diabetes that’s broken out because of the GMO foods and all the oils that they’re taking in, etc.  The body can’t handle them. 


They know this at the top.   They knew this would happen before the stuff was given to the public.  There’s no doubt about it.  It isn’t until you cross that or get up to that last point of the ladder and say they HAVE been doing it, that you have, again, another incredible life-shattering experience of realization… that eureka moment.  And you’re beyond all of the little social groups down below you fighting for different little parts that they want to hang on to.  You get way beyond that.  You realize this is the most horrific, planned, perfected WAR in history and it’s a war against the population of the planet – those who have not risen to that heights of incredible wealth, intergenerationally and that’s what the great economists that work with Britain said.  There were two types.  Those who’d made it and those who are the junk genes basically; that’s all the masses.  This is the time to bring down the masses while we’re still productive, mind you.  They plan it.  They plan on drastically reducing the populations and training them. 


They have been training most of them just to go get their shots and then come down with their crippling diseases because they want us now to die off faster.  That’s what they said.  That’s what Julian Huxley said too.  We’re to stop thinking about health CARE and thinking about DEATH care.  Stopping people from living so long at the bottom because they’re basically useless eaters.  These are their words.  And we’re living through that.  So when you realize that yeah, you’re living in a planned hell and since obviously you’re not up at the top and you’re one of those at the bottom, a casualty, whose life is just irrelevant to those who rule the world… scientifically, as they call it…   Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, this is the worst war, the biggest war that’s ever been planned, long, long-term planning and very insidious.  It’s done by stealth.  They’ve pretty well destroyed that part of the brain that makes you ‘you,’ as Mr. Koestler said himself that they were trying to do with different chemical and viral means.  That’s what the inoculations are designed to do.  And you become domesticated once it’s happened.  That part of the brain is literally destroyed and you’re now a happy little socialist where experts deal with you and dictate policy and you obey


Just before I go on to Mark here, mentioning Mark Baard, he’s got Timenauts up there.  I’ll put the link up on my site.


Infodemiology: Public health at the “granular” level

2009 September 4  /  Mark Baard


Epidemiology used to rely on aggregated data, reports gathered from public health clinics and hospitals, VA hospitals and military bases.


But with individuals so eagerly coughing-up their intimate details to Google and Facebook, scrubbing health data (presuming that’s what government scientists *want* to do) will be impractical, the feds will tell us.  (A:  He’s got the different methods that they hope to employ to collect the data… and you’ll all be helping them without knowing it.)


We’ll go to the Mark and see if you’re there.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  I am, Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  I’ve just managed to fit you in. 


Mark:  Thanks for squeezing me in.  I’m so grateful and boy, I think you are spot on with this business about the H1N1 shot.  You know, so far, if you recall, in the mainstream media we’ve heard that the swine flu is deadly to the already sick, right.  Then we’ve heard it’s deadly to the young and healthy.  Today, on NPR I heard a guy, the President of the American College Health Association - these are the people who are going to do the mass vaccinations of college students this fall for H1N1 - he said that the viruses cases have been mild.  That is, no worse than a common cold.


Alan:  That’s right.  That’s probably these mock ones that they’ve given us, you see.  That’s what they fail to realize.


Mark:  I know.  And so I think you’re absolutely right.  I think the point of all of this is to see if they can get us out there for the shots.  This one, by the way, the H1N1, requires a booster so we’ll be making two, if we’re good, making two visits.  Is that what you think this is all about?  Just getting us conditioned?


Alan:  That’s right out of the 2006 World Health Organization’s annual meeting.  They said that they’ll get them used to not just taking a scary one - so they had to create a scary one - but also the regular one as well, plus a sort of an odd booster.  Yet then they want to train us, it said at that meeting, all adults will take annual shots and boosters for the rest of their lives.  That’s what they want to do to us.  That’s what they’ve said from their own web site.


Mark:  Alan, thanks for making it plain as day.  I appreciate it. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Mark:  You bet.  Bye-bye.


Alan:  You take care. 


That’s how it is folks.  They put out these little live viruses.  They watch how it goes through the public.  They mention it on the news and it keeps us all conscious of something out there in the public.  Then they monitor it all to see how it works because it could eventually be a real pandemic.  Of course, there’s always the danger, they say, that the ones that they put out in these mock ones, these more harmless older flues might mutate into something more deadly.  So they can play with this and all that and that’s okay.  You see. 


We’re being conned and trained again, through terror and fear, to comply with big brother.  How much has changed since 9/11?  There are children NOW who have never known what it was like before 9/11, growing up.  In ten years, they’ll be wearing the black outfits with the machine guns on the streets.  And with the indoctrination they’ve had, you’ll think it’s all quite normal and you’re so… out of it.  You’re too antiquated to know better.  Therefore, you’ll do what you’re told by the butt of the rifle.  That’s how it will be… very shortly.  That’s not by chance either.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada  - keep the donations going - it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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"Infodemiology: Public health at the "granular" level" [Intimate Medical Details freely Given for Govt. and W.H.O. to Monitor] by Mark Baard ( - Sept. 4, 2009.




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