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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 9, 2009:

Plan of Action Working to Elites' Satisfaction:

"You'd Think the Public were All Sedated,
A Society that's been Medicated,
The Dream of Huxley's 'Brave New World'
Where We Run to Pharma to be Pilled,
Lord Bertrand Russell also Predicted
A Society by Needle and Pills Addicted,
Where People Ruled by Few Who Manage,
While Excess Population Vanish,
By Darwin's Laws, Inferiors Eradicated,
Chosen Worthies Leap Forward, All Elated"
© Alan Watt Sept. 9, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 9, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 9th of September 2009.  Newcomers look in to web site.  Scroll down there, you’ll see all the other sites I have up and bookmark them for future use in case the big servers - as they frequently do - go down.  That way you can always pull one of the sites up for the latest shows which are always uploaded at night… for free.  There’s a whole bunch to choose from.  [listed above]  There’s also which is the European site.  It has all the same audios but it also has the addition of transcripts that you can print up, written in the various languages of Europe and Scandinavia.  We have Finish translators in now as well.  If you want to try your hand at translating, get in touch with me [listed above] and we’ll see what we can do.  I know it’s very difficult to translate directly from one language to another.  You often have to add certain words, etc to try and get the same emotion or impetus behind things IN to the phrase.  That’s okay.  I give leeway for you to do it.  I don’t bite anyone’s heads off for any kind of grammatical mistakes and so on like that. 


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It’s essential that you do help me out because, believe you me, this is full time.  What I do here is full time.  It’s most of the time.  There’s just a little bit left for sleeping.  Every night there’s emergencies.  I’ve gone through some of them with the web sites not expanding my bandwidth, etc and I have to contact them.  Even though I’m on unlimited, I have to contact them to remind them to up the bandwidth.  It’s supposed to be done automatically but I’m the only person on the planet, apparently, it doesn’t apply to.  Then I’ve got the same problems with Xplornet, the great satellite company that rents space from Hughes Industrial, military-industrial complex, and they’re cutting me back.  Even though I’m paying the same amount of money, I’m getting less and less and less service.  They punish me, in fact.  They actually punish me by putting me on a rollover thing that cuts me off because they say I’m using too much, even though they can’t tell you what the limit is.  It’s just a big mystery.  You can’t find anybody in the whole company to tell me what my limit is.  It’s like a rubber band.  So you have problems all the time but I fight through it all.  But it’s up to you to help me and keep me going.  Back after this break. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I was mentioning about Xplornet, it’s amazing these big companies now… Everything is public/private.  It’s almost like everything’s a world socialist system.  Exactly what Carroll Quigley said would happen eventually.  Where corporations merge literally with government and they’ve been doing it for an awful long time.  Most politicians at the top of the ladder, of all parties, have been CEOs of big international corporations.  They do this sort of musical chairs in and out of politics and back as CEOs and they’ve got it all tied up.  Even the FDA in the States is completely comprised of people who’ve worked for the big pharma companies, top spokespeople and propagandists, and here they are, supposedly, regulating your food and your drugs, etc and then they’re back in as the CEO of a pharma company or a food company.  That’s exactly what’s happened.  It’s the same with all other business too. 


In socialized systems, it doesn’t matter if you call it socialist, fascist, it’s all the same.  Remember, Mussolini ran the Italian… This is where fascism first came from, applied to Mussolini’s system.  He was the editor of the socialist newspaper for Italy before it became the grand commander of the whole country.  It’s all the same thing.  It’s basically a massive bureaucratic system that runs all the masses underneath them.  In socialized systems, we’re finding it all the time, when you complain anywhere, about anything, they come down on you like a ton of bricks.  Kaboom.  If you complain about anything, that’s it.  You’re a nuisance if you complain. 


Yesterday I read an article where a woman had her child taken away, a young girl who had got one of the Gardasil type inoculations.  They keep changing the name once it gets a bad name.  Like Ritalin, they changed it to a different name.  She got on of these injections and ended up paralyzed.  They’re trying to say it’s all in her mind because she’s trying to please her mommy in some strange way.  Social workers love to grab new psychiatric terms and they just suddenly see it everywhere they look.  Actually, the headline in the paper was ‘don’t complain or agencies will retaliate,’ they’ll come for you.  They’re doing it, you see. 


It’s the same with Xplornet.  You start off at a certain speed.  You could actually watch a 3-minute video initially, for the first two months, and now you can’t.  They punish you because you’re taking up their bandwidth.  Mind you, you’re paying for it.  They take your money every month but they just don’t want you using it.  So you’re becoming a nuisance.  That’s exactly how the whole system is becoming now.  It will get worse and worse, believe you me.  Really, in socialist countries, like Canada, if you stand in a checkout counter queue, and you ask why the one next to you is lying vacant, there’s no one there, they’ll all look at you.  Even the people in the queue will look at you like, ah, oh, you spoke… you spoke.  Like it’s a no-no.  You just don’t ruffle feathers in socialist systems.  Everyone’s being trained right now NOT to do it.  You’re supposed to be ultra polite at all times. 


When people like Xplornet say, well, you see, you’ve been naughty; you’ve used excess bandwidth here.  Then you ask them a really naughty question, that’s really GALL when you ask them a naughty question like, what is my bandwidth and how much am I allowed?  We can’t tell you that.  Why?  Because no one knows.  You see, you’re marked down as a nuisance.  You complain, ah, and they cut you off, which they actually did one night after I mentioned it on the air.  Then they blamed my system, my satellite system, which cost me lots of dough to get a guy to come out here and go through it all and replace parts that didn’t need it, obviously.  Sure enough, once it started working again, I was getting cut back down.  Until Megan at Xplornet the other night, for the first time admitted, Yes, you do get cut back; you are on the list.  Haahh.  I am naughty.  I complained… in a socialist system.  Haahh.  Terrible person, isn’t it. 


That’s the whole thing about socialism.  It truly is a system that is completely INTOLERANT of anyone who complains.  Intolerant.  You are a troublemaker if you complain.  It’s all part of training you in to this new world order scenario where they’ve envisaged, at the top, a world of the masses at the bottom all just doing what they’re told to do.  That’s what they call utopia… when you just do what you’re told to do by all those in authority and you worship all the green stuff and you make sacrifices, like becoming poor, really.  That’s what it’s all about.  You’re all poor at the bottom but you just tighten your belt and then thank your masters for knowing what’s best for you.  That’s really what’s coming in with the new world order. 


It’s everywhere.  It took about 100 years to PLAN it all.  All these phases we’re going through now took 100 years to plan.  How can we con them?  How can we cut down their numbers?  They called themselves the Eugenics Society.  Now they call themselves Bioethics Committees.  They’re appointed to all governments… and they’re still eugenicists.  How do we get them to cull themselves down to a manageable level?  They’ve thought of all these ways and they came up with the beautiful scam of CARBON DIOXIDE.  Haahh.  Carbon dioxide.  It’s been around forever and nothing would live without it.  But… there’s too much carbon dioxide and people are the problem. 


The propaganda is absolutely incredible as they convince the public - and it does not take much to convince the public of anything these days - that they are the problem.  You’ll hear it from ALL sources, YOU ARE the problem.  YOU… YOU… are the problem.  Isn’t it amazing that these big philanthropists, the big guys who own the big foundations, who really run the world… and they really run the world.  They’re richer than any federal banks.  They are federal bankers as well, you’ll find.  They are WORLD bankers.  They run this parallel government that they’ve planned and they put their own boys IN to government.  They OWN the Council on Foreign Relations.  They OWN the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They were all set up at the same time, under the same umbrella.  They’ve got it all planned out how to get it done and it’s massive propaganda.  It will work wonders as people suddenly go green.  It just… apparently it hits you over night.  I mentioned that last night.  You wake up in the morning and your spouse has a slight tinge of green on their cheeks, you know.  Then they start hugging trees and stuff and kneeling in front of shrubs.  Yeah.  Then they cut all meat out of their diet.  Then they want to walk everywhere and jog.  Although personally, I think jogging would make you emit more CO2.  They’ll probably tax you more on that in the future, but you should be grateful that you’re paying for it… in to the carbon taxes. 


This is how ridiculous this whole new economy has been designed to be.  YET people will take it seriously.  Neighbors will turn in neighbors if they think, you know, ‘they’re not paying enough; they’re using/emitting more carbon than the rest of us on this whole street.’  Yeah.  I’m not kidding you.  This is how silly people are at the bottom.  Remember the majority of the people ARE really IN the matrix.  They’re really IN the matrix.  Remember the practice matrix where NEO is taken in to by Morpheus?  The guy who changes all the time, Morpheus.  Morpheus reminds him, he says, everyone you see, these ordinary people are your enemies just as much as the agents are, unless they wake up to reality.  Their whole reality has been given to them and it’s FAKE.  You’d be surprised the average person has never thought anything through at all.  They truly, truly listen to that TV and their mainstream news and they believe everything that they’re told.  They can’t imagine anyone telling them such massive, whopping lies.  They can’t imagine it because they would never do it.  And who would possibly go to such incredible, scheming lengths to con the whole world?  No one would do that.  That’s how they think.  That’s simply how they think.  Amazing, eh?


Now, of course, we’re watching the plans of the Huxleys and the different ones and the Bertrand Russells that said, it would be lovely to use pharmacology and DRUG THE PUBLIC.  Make it mandatory.  We’ve watched it with the children.  It started with the children, mandating drugs for children that ask questions.  Oh, they’re hyper…. they ASK the teacher questions.  You know it’s mainly boys because they don’t act like girls.  They don’t sit quietly.  They shuffle about and jump up and down, so they’ve got to get drugged, they’re hyper.  It shrinks their brain and all that, they know all this stuff, but they don’t want future leaders in this world.  Future leaders are a problem.  That’s what Bertrand Russell says.  Bertrand Russell says if we can’t win them over to our side by big scholarships and big money, getting them into the inside and getting them cut off from their relatives, he says, WE’LL HAVE TO ELIMINATE THEM.  Because with a brain and information, those people can literally go out into the street and get through to the masses; they become a problem. 


We’re going along a planned course here.  Can’t you see that?  What’s amazing too it the general population, when you show them evidence of this and you say, well, isn’t is kind of strange that this guy who was the head of the big think tanks, etc, said that this is what they want to do and here’s what they’re doing today?  You show them evidence of what they’re doing today.  Isn’t it amazing they’re both the same?  They’ve actually done this, this and this.  They’ll still think it’s all coincidence.  Their whole life is just one big coincidence after another.  And there’s no point wasting your time on them.  Those are people who are called ‘the dead’.  They’ve never been awake in their lives.  They’re nice, decent people.  They care about others that fall in the street and they’ll help them up and so on.  However, they’re completely oblivious of any reality.  And they’re DANGEROUS because they turn each other in. 


This article here is from The Huffington Post. 


   From FDA to GSK:

The Dangerous Partnership between Government and Big Pharma

(Alan:  Exactly what I was talking about.)

Dr. Peter Breggin  /  Posted: July 26, 2008


Go to and click on "Latest Press Releases" and then click on "Dan Troy appointed Senior Vice President and General Counsel for GlaxoSmithKline." It's dated July 22, 2008.


I’ll read what’s happening because they’re putting all these pharma boys on the boards of governments.  I’ll read this after I come back from this break.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Huffington Post and it’s from 2008, July 26th.  It’s talking about big pharma being in bed with government.  They’re really joined at the hip as they want to drug all the populace though mandatory laws, etc and you have to take these pills and you have to take these shots and you have to, have to, have to and all the rest of it.  Where is this written in anybody’s constitution that we have to do what PRIVATE, INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS that are out for profit, say?  It’s nowhere, of course, but you see, we’re now under governance.  New world order, United Nations GOVERNANCE.  This talking back stuff to your masters is going out.  The new system is IN.  It says here…


Go to and click on "Latest Press Releases" and then click on "Dan Troy appointed Senior Vice President and General Counsel for GlaxoSmithKline." It's dated July 22, 2008. Above the press release you'll see an ad with four people dancing ecstatically with their legs and arms flailing in all directions -- presumably because GSK makes joyful drugs. (A:  psychotropic drugs.)  Really, it's a picture of GSK executives in a rite of greed celebrating the inclusion of attorney Dan Troy into their inner circle. The press release explains the reason for such a celebration at the pharmaceutical giant: "Dan was formerly Chief Counsel for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (A:  another coincidence), where he served as a primary liaison to the White House ... "


Right now GSK is being bombarbed with product liability suits, many claiming that the company hid data on Paxil causing suicide. As I described in an earlier blog, the FDA has been going to court on behalf of drug companies like GSK to claim preemption -- the principle that a company cannot be sued for negligence in the development of a product if the product has been approved by the FDA. (A:  See how they got through that?  They put their own boys in the FDA.  [laughs]  It’s beautiful isn’t it?)  The principle will soon be tested in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. If the court upholds preemption, it will become impossible to hold drug companies responsible for their rampant negligence in the developing and marketing of their products.


Isn’t that a wonderful thing for a private company to be able to do?  Just walk into government, sit on a seat on a board, preempt yourself from any lawsuits and then go back to your company and you have that big joyful celebration they just said at the top of the page.  Isn’t it wonderful.  Again, the average person who lives in the land of the dead and watches soaps and things and drama movies about authorities out catching terrorism and they can’t sleep at night because the bad guys are out.  They don’t realize that the system is ENTIRELY different.  IT RUNS ON CORRUPTION.  It’s called corruption.  That’s been like that for an awful long time.  Absolute corruption. 


Old Sam Bronfman got the politicians in the US and all the big Christian organizations to bring in prohibition.  No more boozing.  Everybody was going to be nice and sober all the time.  Of course, Bronfman, the family, was living in Canada at the time.  They’d already set up the routes to bring in the homemade, smuggled booze.  The stuff that was making folks go blind.  They used to put car battery acid in barrels that they brought over from Scotland from Seagram’s and he’d leach out the whiskey and ¾ of it was battery acid.  This is how he made his fortune starting off.  When his brother was caught because he killed a cop out Calgary way, he said he’ll get off with it, good old Sam.  He says, because I put every politician in Parliament.  Every politician in Parliament in Canada.  The federal government was put there by Bronfman.  It’s always been corrupt.  That’s the real world and folk can’t believe it because they watch all these fictional series on television.


Remember what Jacques Ellul said.  He says everything on television or in novels to do with police, the military, or medicine, like hospitals and dramas, he says all that is propaganda.  And people don’t realize it.  It’s ALL propaganda to give you a fake version of reality.  I remember when Brian Mulroney was the Prime Minister of Canada and the air bus scandal to do with a contract, a massive contract, blew open because bribes were handed out all over the place.  One guy was honest enough, and he was severely punished for it.  He said, this is the normal way of doing business; it’s always been like this.  Massive bribes are offered hoping that you’d get the contract.  This is STANDARD business procedure. 


Russo did the movie Loose Change, I think it was called.  Russo is up on Google, I heard.  I can’t watch it because I get punished by Xplornet.  He said when he started up a night club, like a restaurant/night club and all the rest of it, in Chicago.  He was like that. He was one of the dead… until he got raided by the cops.  He was kind of brutally put into the police van.  The guy behind him had his head smashed by a baton.  About 2 or 3 weeks after this raid on his club, 2 detectives approached him one day and gave him the bottom line.  There’s 3 plans.  A, B or C.  There’s premium and so on.  3 plans of pay-offs.  He took the premium one.  It was $2000 a month.  For the $2000 a month one, they’d still have to raid his shop but they’d always warn him in advance, to make it look real, to keep the politicians happy and the public happy that the cops were doing their job.  But nobody would get brutalized and they’d be let go.  There’d be no more fines.  His $2000 a month was the premium policy, basically.  That’s the real world.  And it stills goes on everywhere.  That’s the real world we live in, folks. 


It’s nothing like the TV.  It’s nothing like these people chasing terrorists across the border and they can’t sleep because they got to get them and all that stuff.  That’s not how life works.  That’s not how anything, even your local council, works.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just talking about how the world is really run and how it’s always really been run this way.  You can go into history and you can find yourself the banking deals and how they’ve taken over countries.  Astonishing history is there.  Massive history.  Nothing changes.  They don’t change anything, even to stop depressions because they need to basically pillage you once or twice every century.  They allow you to accumulate.  If this is the period of accumulation, they throw credit cards at you and the government passes… that’s approved.  They bring up shallow mortgage companies that give easy mortgages and the government passes them and money passes hands all over the place.  Then, when it’s time, they pull the plug and they steal everything that you have.  So you have a period of accumulation, then they rob you of the whole lot.  This has gone on down through the centuries.  This is standard procedure.  This is what we’re for, you see, to build up and allow ourselves to be plundered.  Government’s job is to make sure you are plundered because they always stand up on behalf of the guys who do the plundering and to make sure nothing happens to change the laws so they can plunder you again.  It’s that simple.  It’s that simple.  Believe you me, after one great depression - they had quite a few in the 1800s, in fact; never mind the so-called Great Depression - they haven’t changed a darn thing, really, really, to stop it from happening. 


Now, some of the 9/11 Truth Movements are still going across the countries, the US and Canada and elsewhere.  Some have changed their names and gone into other aspects of what happening.  Rather than just get stuck on the one thing, which is good to start off, initiate something.  You know what happened on 9/11, that type of stuff.  But they’ve gone further.  They realize that we have to fight things that are happening every day and not just try and convince some people of the event that happened in 2001.  There’s one in Toronto.  It’s called Toronto Truth Seekers, for those who are interested.  They’re heavily involved right now in going grass-roots.  They’re not paid or anything.  Again, it’s great.  I don’t like guys that are paid and funded.  These guys are really grass-roots.  It’s their own cash and so on.  They’re out trying to inform people, printing up flyers and so on, NOT to take these flu shots, etc.  So if you want to have a look at their web site, maybe even help them out - there’s stuff that you can download for your own flyers - and start passing them around.  It’s got the data, information, things you have to know about these inoculations.  You can get it from this web site.  So I’ll put the link up on my web sites tonight at the end of the show or any of the other ones related to it.  You’ll get these links to Toronto Truth Seekers and you can find out how to download these flyers.  It’s organized by Mark Savary.  He goes out in the street, I believe, and passes them around.  There’s also Black Krishna.  I was on his radio show.  So look into that.  These people have put a lot of information out for you to download, print up and pass around.  Time is running short.


Last night, I know - I DO know this; it’s not heresy - of a doctor in a hospital in New York who got her H1N1 flu shot and about halfway through the day, she looked really, really sick.  The glands in her neck were swollen, her eyes running and she was sneezing, coughing and all the rest of it.  Full-blown symptoms of the flu.  That’s didn’t take long, just a few hours after the shot, to materialize.  What happens, you understand, once… They grow these viruses, etc, in LIVING BEINGS.  Then they kill the living being and then they harvest the kidneys or whatever they want to take off the viruses from.  Generally the kidneys in the green monkey, etc.  Then they mush it up into a goo and take away the redness because they don’t like red things, it’s unpleasant.  They give it fancy names and stick it in you.  So, we’ve got to realize that YOU BECOME THE BREEDER.  You’re the NEXT breeder.  The monkey was the first breeder.  Now, you’ve got the virus and now IT’S BREEDING INSIDE OF YOU and YOU’RE SHEDDING THAT ALL AROUND YOU.  I personally think we should get petitions up to STOP the people who’ve had inoculations.  I think they should be quarantined until they’re no longer sneezing and spluttering all over all the rest of the public who had the common sense NOT to get the injections because they are the fast breeders.  Everywhere they go, they shed them.


Do you know when you get a polio shot, you’re told - you should be told, by the way - not to go near anyone who’s immuno-compromised because you can literally give them POLIO.  Pharmacies print these things up too because certain medications you can take, some of the corticosteroids, since everyone’s got arthritis these days… you’ll see these things thrown in the trash cans, piles of them.  Because everyone’s got rheumatoid arthritis because of the previous shots, because of the squalene, they tell you that if you’re on cortisone because your joints are kaput, thanks to the life-saving inoculations you got, then stay away from people who just had polio shots.  You might get polio from them.  That’s from the pharmacy. 


The people with the shots become the fast breeders.  These viruses multiply by the billions in them and then they start spreading it wherever they go.  We should quarantine the people who get the shots.  How is that for their logic?  How is that for logic?  The logic they’re giving us is utter nonsense.  Utter nonsense.  They try to SHAME people, by the way, working in hospitals, in some states that haven’t gone along to take the shots.  What they’ve ordered them to do is to wear face masks to stigmatize them, you see, to try and shame you.  In fact, the guy at the head of the United Nations says, well, shame is working.  The shame ads that they put out on television is working better.  ‘Oh, if you don’t get your flu shot, you’re putting everyone at risk.’  ooohhhh.  And all fingers are pointing at you.   Why not a little gold star?  A little star of David.  Stick it on you, just like they did in the camps?  How about that?  It’s the same technique they’re using. 


People don’t realize what’s being done to them.  They should object to everything.  They really should OBJECT TO EVERYTHING.  Don’t allow yourself to be stigmatized.  Because technically, anyway, if you’re the only person in a group of 1000 who hasn’t had the flu shot and they’ve all had their flu shots by the experts, made by experts, blah, blah, blah… they should all be perfectly safe.  Shouldn’t they?  Shouldn’t they?  …by this logic.  So why are they trying to shame the one person who won’t take the shot?  You see.  This is intimidation, Pavlovian, Skinnerian intimidation and WE SHOULDN’T HAVE ANY OF IT.  Apart from that, no one has the right to stick anything into your body.  NO ONE!  That’s invasive procedures.  No different than surgery.  That’s sticking something right into your body.  When governments say they have the right to do with your body as they wish, believe you me, you’re under the most incredible tyranny that’s ever existed.  All you have is your right to your body.  They’re already into your mind.  They’ve already tampered with your mind since birth to make sure you’re totally brain-washed.  Scientific indoctrination as Russell called it. 


Now, remember the big picture is to get all the CATTLE, you know those people down at the bottom, the useless eaters - as Russell and others called them - out of the picture.  Stop breeding the useless eaters; they’re going to outbreed all the geniuses.  Encourage the better families who can prove they can support themselves by plundering the populations for billions.  That’s proves they have the survival of the fittest genes in them.  However, all the ones who don’t do that, you know the easygoing people who don’t like ripping other people off.  The ones at the bottom, the junk genes, they’ve got to STOP breeding.  How do we get them do stop?  Well, you either sterilize them and that wouldn’t be very pleasant if they knew.  So you do it without them knowing.  You put Bisphenol A and different things into their food and all that.  Even in the baby food, by the way.  I’ve done lectures on that in the past to prove it, if anybody wants proof.  They also do it through inoculations and different means, water and food, etc. 


However, it’s not enough.  We’re not DYING FAST ENOUGH.  It’s bad enough that most people are almost sterile in the Western countries, that have been here for a few generations.  They want you to die faster.  This is what this greening thing is all about too.  YOU’RE the problem. Everybody is the problem.  You’re just plundering the planet’s resources and so on and so on.  This article is from The Telegraph. 


'Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change'

Contraception is almost five times cheaper as a means of preventing climate change

 than conventional green technologies,

according to research by the (A:  the infamous…) London School of Economics.

By Richard Pindar  (A:  Interesting name when you look into the meaning in Hinduism.) /  9 Sep 2009


Every £4 (A:  That’s about $8 or so.) spent on family planning over the next four decades would reduce global CO2 emissions by more than a ton (A:  It’s amazing how they can just pick that out of thin air eh?  That’s where CO2 is.), whereas a minimum of £19 would have to be spent on low-carbon technologies to achieve the same result, the research says.


The report, Fewer Emitter, Lower Emissions, Less Cost, concludes that family planning should be seen as one of the primary methods of emissions reduction. (A:  You see how all the laws are going to come on this?  Do you get it?)  The UN (A:  ooohhh… The ONE, eh? [the French word for one is un.]) estimates that 40 per cent of all pregnancies worldwide are unintended.  (A:  Those folk at the United Nations should know because they are a bunch of BAR stewards.  I did say BAR stewards, folks, so I’ve broken no laws here.)


If these basic family planning needs were met, 34 gigatons (billion tonnes) of CO2 would be saved (A:  It’s amazing with all those statistics and the graphs… they’ve been using this since Malthus and he was wrong on everything, but they still pull out graphs.  It’s very, very impressive when you see graphs.)– equivalent to nearly 6 times the annual emissions of the US and almost 60 times the UK’s annual total.


Roger Martin, chairman of the Optimum Population Trust (A:  That’s the bunch that want us to be reduced by more than 2/3rds.) at the LSE, said: “It’s always been obviously that total emissions depend on the number of emitters as well as their individual emissions – the carbon tonnage can’t shoot down as we want, while the population keeps shooting up.”   (A:  Remember, this is the same group that Prince Charles is advised by.  They have one of their head men on the British government.  NOT elected by anybody.  That’s not how governments run now.  It’s APPOINTEES for these special groups.  These SELECTED, foundation run, non-governmental organizations made up of rich, white men.  That’s in their own statement.  They’re RICH, WHITE MEN.  ‘Well, we are the successors, you know, of generations of Darwinian better gene types and we have the right to decide what the rest should be doing.’  So they want everyone else just to have abortions.  That’s what they want because that’s what they mean by it.  If you look at the histories of these very wealthy families, they’re always in whorehouses and places of various types… depending on their preferences.  Believe you me, THEY emit a lot of CO2 while they’re in these whorehouses.  They have a history of it.  Some of them are quite proud of it.  You can actually find history books on them.  Quite a bunch.  Quite the bunch.  The OPT.   Hmm.)


UN data suggests that meeting unmet need for family planning would reduce unintended births by 72 per cent, reducing projected world population in 2050 by half a billion to 8.64 million.


The research is published on the day that the Government’s climate change advisers, the Climate Change Committee (A:  Another UNelected bunch.), warned households and industry that a planned 80 per cent reduction in emissions are likely to prove insufficient. 


So it doesn’t matter what you do to try and please them, they come in with a phase 2 and phase 3 and phase 4 until you’re phased out of existence.  It’s got nothing to do with what they say. 


Eugenics, remember, has been on the go for a long time.  They call themselves The Eugenics Society.  Julian Huxley was a top member of it; so was [Margaret] Sanger that brought in all the abortion clinics.  You should read her books.  By God, she would put Hitler to shame.  No kidding.  She called children weeds.  Of course, she was talking about the wrong kind of weeds, because after all, the elite type with the better genes don’t have weeds.  NO.  They have prize roses.  Everyone else is weeds. 


How would they get women to go along with it?  Well, they’d champion what they thought was women’s rights… and they would fall for it at the bottom thinking they were going to get rights, but it was to get them used to going to the clinic.  This happened in the Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union was run by abortion clinics.  Not the pill.  It was cheaper to give them abortions.  Some of the women had 8-10 abortions over a 10-15-20 year period.  They don’t care about women.  They don’t care at all. 


Eugenics has always been about the masses.  Too much in the masses.  They said at the beginning of the 20th century, in their own writings at the Eugenics Society, that in the future, the world that they wanted to bring in would be only the better type.  Those that have proven, by merits, the right to exist.  Remember one of the founders of the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw?  Funded by the Lord Astor family.  He said that YOU will have to come to US when we’re in charge.  When WE are in charge, you’ll have to come to us and tell us why we should allow YOU to exist… and be alive.  Because your job will be to serve them.  SERVE.  A world of service. 


Read the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR’s own reports, their early ones too, to bring in a world of SERVICE.  Look what’s happening now with these plans to bring in CHILDREN, first of all, then the adults into a life of SERVICE.  Clink, clink, clink.  Remember the old cash registers and it would ring up at the end?  Bbbrrrriiiinnnnngggggg…. and the door would shoot open?   …and it got the message.  This is how the world really is.  Is it clinking together for you out there?  I hope so. 


Until you start asserting your own rights… no one, no one on this planet, no one at all on this planet, no human being has the right to tell you what YOU must do with your body.  NO ONE, AT ALL.  They go to the toilet the same way as you do.  They drop their pants and sit on that toilet the same as you do.  There’s nothing Godlike about them.  It’s just the impression they’ve put in your heads through class systems, etc.  This is the ultimate class war.  Believe it or not, this is what this is.  It’s the ultimate class war.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, Fascism or Communism, it’s just the top class war.  Same old class war as always.  The elite believe it’s their time to get rid of most of you.  They don’t need you anymore.   I’ll be back after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  We’re going to Brandon from Florida.  Are you there Brandon?


Brandon:  Yes. I am.  I wanted to ask about a personal question.  I was diagnosed with depression a while ago and I got sucked into that trap of going to the psychiatrist and getting on some Prozac.  I know that once you go off of it you’re never the same.  So I got back on it and I’m taking it right now.  I don’t know what I should do.  I’m still questioning whether I should stay on it.  I know I’m just sucked into this trap right now. 


Alan:  I know people who are off it.  They did have to go through a little bit of a struggle.  It really does interfere with so many processes in your brain biochemically.  I think your serotonin level is affected.  It really gets in to that.  You can get off it if you want to.  You might get sweats and little cramps or even convulsive movements in your arms here and there, twitches you might say, until it’s over with, but you can certainly do it.  Then you come to accept the fact that there’s a darn good reason you’ll be depressed at times.  We’re not supposed to go through life happy, happy, manically happy like the ads on television say.  You’re taking life seriously.  There’s so much to learn.  It’s not terribly pleasant.  What you have to learn is how to HANDLE bad news.  That’s really what you have to learn.  Always give yourself the hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The fact is if you understand what’s going on at all, that means that they haven’t conquered you totally, you understand.  Don’t worry about the depression.  You’ll eventually find ways to cope and it won’t come back.  There are coping mechanisms we have in ourselves.  Purpose, believe you me, PURPOSE overrides everything else.  When you find purpose, that’s it.  Most folk go into their depression because they feel helpless and they feel hopeless and they feel they are without purpose.  You got to find purpose.  That will knock out and clean away any depression, believe you me, once you start doing something positive.  I know people who are not making money but they are really out there in the streets doing things, passing things out and so on… even to start.  Life is hard for them.  Yet for the first time in their lives, they start to feel they’re actually doing something that really does matter.  That’s so important.


Brandon:  So when you get older, you actually… Do you ever stop, do you ever come to terms… how complete this system is and how evil it is?  It’s just horrible. 


Alan:  It is.  Absolutely.  What you’ve got to realize too is it’s been here for an awful, awful long time.  You just don’t change it overnight because you understand that it’s bad and it should be changed.  what you do is just start.  You do your bit in it.  People have done this, in previous generations, they’ve fought this as well.  The information that’s our there today wouldn’t be available if it wasn’t for people from previous generations.  So we’re building up gradually, gradually too.  There will be a calling one day.  The shots will be called.  When they’re confronted with all this evidence and so on, they really - like the king has no clothes - have nothing to stand on and they have nothing to cover up themselves with.  THEN it will be decision time.  That is coming along the road.  That is coming.  That’s how you got to handle it: a long-term battle.  It’s been going on for ages.  Generations before us have done their bit.  Always the small group but getting bigger in every generation and leaving this wealth of information to fight back with.  That’s so important. 


Brandon:  Yeah.  I know they’re trying to do their best to switch gears now and zooming into another stage, so…


Alan:  They have to.  They have to because we’ve got so much dope on them, you might say, that they have to move fast now, but we don’t have to go along with them. That’s the trick to it.  Thanks for calling. 


Brandon:  Thank you.


That’s about it for tonight so from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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