Sept. 10, 2009 (#405)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 10, 2009:

Fear and Trepidation of New Reality Creation:

"How Can You be Jaded, Say You Lack Sensation,
You're Living through Exciting Bit, Reality Creation,
Past Reality is becoming a Mere Hazy Dream,
As New One is Sustainable, We're All Going Green,
Taxing Your Very Breathing, Exhaling CO2,
Never has Such a Con been Pulled on Me and You,
Taxed Down into Poverty, Head Down in the Dirt,
They'll Come for Your Body Parts, Steal Your Ragged Shirt,
We're Suffering for a Cause, Bright Future is the Lure,
Bringing in Equality, We'll All be Equally Poor"
© Alan Watt Sept. 10, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 10, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 10th of September 2009.  For newcomers, I always advise that you go to web site, scroll down, see all the other sites I have up there and bookmark them for future use.  Once in a while the big servers go down and I think there’s more of that to come, in the near political future.  So if you bookmark those, you’ll find that you can always get the latest shows and download them for free.  You’ll see there’s a whole bunch to choose from.  [listed above], this is the European site.  It has all the same audios as the other sites but it also has the addition of transcripts of some of these talks that I’ve given which you can download for print up and they’re written in the various languages of Europe.  There’s more translators coming in all the time.  If you want to try your hand at translating, email me [listed above] and we’ll set you up with something to try.  I don’t bite people’s heads off for using different kind of wording.  It’s very hard to translate directly from one language to another.  As long as the main message gets out there for people to understand in the other languages, that’s what’s important.  I’m quite easygoing that way. 


Remember too, that the show is brought to you, the listeners.  I need your help to keep going all the time.  It’s expensive doing what I do.  I don’t have corporate backing.  I’m not out to set up an empire or create a career for myself in these troubled times.   What I’m doing is just an important thing to do.  I say it’s the only game in town.  When you understand what’s going on and what we’re really living through, there’s nothing else… there’s nothing else left.  So, I need your help to keep going.  You can see on my web site how to either buy the books and so on that I have for sale and the disks, etc or you can donate to me.  You can use PayPal for donations or for purchasing.  Personal checks within Canada and the US.  Outside the Americas, there’s Western Union and Money Gram.  Some people sometimes just send cash.  That cuts out the little fat pudgy guy with the triple chins.  That’s what I do.  I do something that’s necessary in these troubled times.  Many people get disks burned and passed to them at meetings and so on.  They don’t use computers so you can get in touch with me at [listed above]. 


Reality.   Reality’s quite something.  I’ve been thinking about it today on and off between different things like getting wheel bearings off my vehicle and smashing them out and putting new ones in.  Stuff like that.  Odd ideas go through your head.  Especially when you’ve been doing this sort of thing for years, all your own stuff, and you see the quality of everything going down and down and down each time you do it.  It’s quite amazing when they keep going on about sustainability and yet at the same time the big boys who are the bosses of sustainability generally have the largest shares in the big companies that make the junk that they sell you.  Nothing’s meant to last very long.  Of course, they’re hypocrites but what else is new?  Getting back to reality, we’ll talk about that when I come back from this break. 


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Reality.  It’s astonishing, really.  I’ve mentioned many, many times when you think about REALITY and ask people’s definitions of it.  Generally they’re the same.  It’s what is, is.  In other words, whatever they’ve been brought up in to, what society they are born in to and brought up in, is reality.  It’s the normal way things could be.  They can’t imagine it being any other way.  They truly have been taught and they believe this.  It’s an easy thing to want to believe.  It’s the lazy way out.  That we just sort of go through life and centuries even, stumbling along some dark pathway, and the occasional guiding light pulls them in a different direction.  That’s what they think. 


They think things are actually happening not by plan, but always by accident, you might say, and sudden discoveries and sudden inventions and things like that.  They don’t realize that those in power NEVER - Plato said this - could NEVER allow anything to start, at the bottom level of society that wasn’t planned because it could upset the whole system of control.  Therefore, those in control and have been in control for an awful long time always plan the centuries.  It’s taught in economics, in fact, that long-term investment strategy for corporations and companies… you plan it out in 50 years and 100 years, where you want to be in 50 or 100 years.  Step by step, you hope to achieve certain goals by 10 years, 15, 20 and so on. 


The United Nations does the same thing.  They really use the same system as the Soviet, or the Communist system, where they had 5-year plans for one certain aspect, 10 for another, 15, 50 for another, etc, and 100-year plans for another ones.  THAT’S how society really is run.  When they’re changing you from one reality into another reality, they have to go almost in a war type mode.  In fact, it is a war type mode.  A war on your MIND.  Everyone must start believing the same things at the same time.  Even though it starts with a little sort of faint glow, like brush taking off with a spark and starting to sort of smoke a little bit and then it gradually comes into fire until it’s normal.  That’s how it goes through society.  Most folk don’t really consciously go and inquire as to see if news is even true… is there any factuality at all.  They really believe the news is genuine.  Even though people 50 years ago were very suspicious because they knew their histories and corporations that ran news media were just that, They were PRIVATE corporations with their own agenda


Now we’re in these days where we’ve got equal propaganda.  You have left-wing and you have right-wing propaganda.  They both are run by wealthy people on both sides.  Really it’s one side that really runs them all.  They always say the left-wing and the right-wing are attached to the same bird.  The body of the bird is always hidden behind a shield.  You’ll find that, you see.  So the public can’t see it or who they are.  When you have a bunch of millionaires and lawyers on one side and you have a bunch of millionaires and lawyers on the other side, how on earth can they possibly speak for the people?  Especially that type… who’ve literally psychopathically clawed their way up to the top into CEO positions of corporations, etc.  You need to be a psychopath to do that.  If you have any feeling at all, your own guilt would bring you down.  You wouldn’t be able to stab the next person in the back to get above them.  But these people have no shame whatsoever.  THEY ARE PSYCHOPATHIC. 


Many articles have been written about it in the last few years and thank goodness because it’s about time we realize psychopaths aren’t just the guys at the bottom level; the inadequate types, that simply want to get drunk or they see something in a shop window, they smash the window and grab the item.  They have no ability to hold back frustration.  If they want something they’ve got to get it.  The intelligent psychopath at the top, especially if he’s born in to families of power with a psychopathic culture anyway, will use the system.  They’ll go to the right granite stone universities.  They’ll go through the right channels to get to the top.  Then they’ll really start fighting from then on to get even higher because THEY ARE ADDICTED TO POWER.  All sides, it doesn’t matter who they are. 


Since about the 1900s, I’d say, they brought science in, in a big, big way - all these power groups, you see - to aid them.  We saw the transformation of one type of system into another type of system into what was eventually called the Soviet system.  People lived through that era, going from one reality to another, completely other reality.  Where upside was downside and downside was upside and everything was literally turned upside-down.  You HAD to learn what was the new reality or YOU COULD BE KILLED FOR STATING THE OLD REALITY.  No kidding.  You could be killed for doing that, or locked up as having mental illness.  Lots of them were… for saying what used to be.  You weren’t allowed to remember how things used to be.  That was forbidden.  If you did publicly state how things used to be, you’d have to say, it was terrible; it was all just terrible, fascist, etc, etc, etc, capitalist bad guys who were running the world.  You had to learn very, very quickly or you could be killed.  Different reality and you lived through it.


We’re living through the greatest change, planned change.  Planned a long time ago.  Since that happened with the revolution in Russian, we’re getting a whole new reality, bombarded at us - every day from the media, non stop - being taught now in schools to make sure an up-and-coming generation are completely propagandized and totally indoctrinated into a new ideology.  One day, you will be locked up if you mention in front of one of these people - when they’re about 20 and wearing a black uniform - something that’s politically incorrect, or you’ve got a memory of a good steak - a good, juicy steak, something like that - they’ll lock you up.  It will be taboo.  You’re able to say, oh, that meat eating, oh, it was terrible, awful, awful stuff.  That would be okay.  You get a slap on the back and called comrade.  If you actually say you can remember what a juicy steak tasted like, it will be taboo.  I’m not kidding you. 


We’re going to go through and we ARE going through an organized madness, but there’s METHOD to the madness because it’s planned.  The whole system is planned.  Remember, those who give you reality can never give you the TRUTH of anything they tell you.  In fact, it’s taboo to give you any truth whatsoever.  You must always be told rampant lies.  You’re also to be told it’s for the good of the people.  That’s always used.  They can never tell you the real agenda. 


It’s like the socialized health care.  There are no people out there at the top that want to help the people at the bottom.  It’s never been that way.  It has NEVER been that way.  It never will be that way.  There’s a SHOW of it, mind you.  There’s always a show of it and there’s a few token things put out like, well, Canada’s got them.  They’re run-down old clinics you walk in to and you take this big number off a wall and you sit there.  They don’t give you a little clip to put on your ear so it can hang there like a cow, but you can hold it in front of you if you want to.  Then, eventually, your number’s called up.  That’s factory medicine.  That’s socialized medicine.  Mind you, the politicians and their own class, etc from all sides - left-wing, right-wing, upside and downside - they have a different system for themselves. 


People don’t realize that in Canada, I think it was in the 80s - it was in the time of Preston Manning, when he was in or he was running - there was a document signed.  All the politicians signed it to give themselves special care, medical care, for themselves and their families in TOP military hospitals.  The socialized system of hospitals and walk-in clinics wasn’t good enough for them.  I think the US did the same thing at the same time.  I think it went across the whole Western world at the same time.  Everything happens at the same time because they’ve been in cahoots for an awful long time together.  Therefore, there’s always a reason for it. 


Meanwhile, Canada’s great at propaganda.  Canada gives out fantastic propaganda to the outside world.   They keep telling even the Canadians they’ve got the best health care system in the world… as you take your little card and stick it in front of you and wait for your number to get called up.  You might wait there all day.  Just before your turn, if the doc who’s managing the clinic is called off to the hospital, you’ll be asked to come back the next day and try your luck again.  You have to start from scratch obviously and take another number.  That’s how it is here.  Although, if you really need an abortion, quickly, or if you need a vasectomy quickly, or a tubal ligation, it’s fast.  You see, when government runs medicine, THERE’S A POLITICAL AGENDA behind it.  We all know the hype these days because it’s part of the new reality.  There’s too many peopleThere’s too many people.  As the United Nations ITSELF gives you the statistics every year that we’re just plummeting through sterility in the West.  The only reason there seems to be ‘too many people’ in the Western countries is because the same governments that are saying ‘there’s too many people’ have floodgates opened to immigration.  The same governments have been doing this for 20-30 years now… to give you the IMPRESSION of overpopulation in your own countries. 


We’re global now.  We’re global.  After World War I - I have the books going way back - they were talking about too many people still being alive after World War I.  It hadn’t killed enough people off, from Britain.  Mind you, there were whole villages throughout Britain - where you see that Masonic tombstone there with all the names on it of the guys that got killed - that didn’t have any men left at all.  It still wasn’t good enough.  Then they put in the program of ‘don’t have any more than 2 children’; most obeyed.  Then they still tell you, there’s too many of you.  They opened the floodgates to immigration.  Back with more after this break. 


I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just mentioning there that you can’t please your masters because it’s not meant that you please them in that way.  They have another agenda.  There’s always another reason, another agenda at work at the same time as you’re still working on the bottom agenda that you think is reality.  So you can’t please them.  You can have one or two children per family for 20, 30, 40, 60 years and then they still turn around and say there’s too many.  Then they open the floodgates to immigration.  Then they watch everybody rush into the country.  Crime escalates.  The cops love it because they can hire like crazy, which gives them more control of the state over the public.  You see how things really are done and the reasons why they’re really done?  It all works together that way.  They know what they’re doing at the top.  They’re not stupid at all.   They’re not stupid at all


Sometimes the only way you can get through to people in times of massive bombardment of propaganda is to use satire.  Satire can cut through and even teach people who are totally in the land of the blind and the land of the dead.  Sometimes you get a chuckle out of them that starts off a little glimmer of hope, you know, somewhere deep inside them.  You certainly, if you see a glimmer of hope in someone you thought was dead… but it might burst into flames through satire.  They understand satire and comedy, you see. 


This article here explains, as it goes along, really what satire is.  It’s called  Really, it sums up all the rubbish we’re hearing today, this massive blitz of propaganda we’re getting from all directions of sustainability and CO2 and flu outbreaks everywhere and yada-yada-ya.  The only flu outbreaks are in the media.  That’s where it is.  It will be like the last one too.  When they stop talking about it, it will be gone.  This is called 


Global "Media Flu" Pandemic Worsens       

By May Kit-Allup (Timbuctoo)


July 17 2009 – Worldwide - Observers are concerned that a rampant virulent infection has taken hold of almost all media outlets all over the world.


Prof Ed Woodburners of the Institute of Propaganda Studies has said "We have been working for years to shape the media to report what needs reporting, but even we have been surprised at how this 'media flu' has taken hold."


Dr Joseph Gerbils of the University of Misrepresentation has challenged what many are stating as fact, "We question whether there is really such a thing as 'media flu' at all - we actually think that what we're seeing is a result of corporate policies being implemented behind everyone's backs - the outcome being something which looks like one illness but is actually another. What is really happening is that powerful corporate groups – such as those controlling the energy, military, pharmaceutical and financial sectors are dictating what news media output should be."


Symptoms of media flu include hysterical front page headlines, not naming people involved in stories being reported, purposeful exaggeration of certain features of a story (the desire caused by virus is very strong). More serious symptoms include failure to report important facts, such as legal action taken by some media figures to expose the media flu for what it really is.


A person in the street (Alan:  That’s how it really is in television isn’t it?) said "This media flu is very real - I've really noticed it since they've been going on and on and on about this swine flu trash - trying to scare us into getting vaccinated or take tamiflu or some such thing."


Many are worried that there is no cure for media flu. Alternative media figures, largely unaffected by media flu, are nevertheless worried about the rampant infection. An anonymous alternative media spokesperson (who cannot be named because that might allow people to actually check out the validity of the story more easily) said, "There seems to be no cure for media flu - all those who question the nature and cause of this infection are censored, ridiculed or ostracised. Now that media flu really has taken hold, there is no justification that the news media has a reason to exist. I think the presence of media flu explains the trend seen in print news media in recent years - they now give away free magazines, vouchers and DVDs of movies - and they seem to have to use other gimmicks to get people to buy them - they have basically given up reporting or investigating the most important news stories."


Mr Tom Markson of the British Brainwashing Corporation said, “We are being very careful that any Media Flu infection does not inhibit our usual activities - we will be making sure that we always report child abuse stories, CO2-based climate change stories, cancer and health scare stories (especially when celebrities are involved), credit crunch stories and the like. We will continue to make sure that any important and valid information - which challenges assumptions we make and gives people real hope that a different world could be had – goes unreported. After all, we have to protect the interests of the relatively small but very powerful group of people who tell us what to do.”


Then it goes on and on and on.  That’s satire.  That’s what you need, sometimes, to get through to those who are really down there in the land of the blind.  You can get a good chuckle out of it.  It kind of resonates because there’s something in the back of their mind and outside of their consciousness just wavering around there that they can connect with through laughter and what’s really happening in the world around them today. 


Getting back in, again, to this reality which goes along the same lines.  After reading that satire… we’re living satire now, if you understand that.  I said ages ago, INTERDEPENDENCE.  Global interdependence.  A term put out there YEARS AGO by a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Back in the 50s even.  It’s been parroted ever since.  Now it’s on a roll.  Global INTERdependence where you MUST be interdependent.  I said it will come down to the INDIVIDUAL PERSON.  Wait till you see what happens.  Back with more reality after this break.


This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Going from satire to…. satire, really, because when you understand the big agenda NOTHING surprises you.  You know what to expect.  I’ve talked about interdependence and how it’s tied in with all you’re hearing:  it’s all your fault, there’s too many people all consuming, etc, sustainability, CO2, global warming - then it’s climate change - and on and on it goes.  They’re trying to tell you something.  People don’t really get it.  It doesn’t matter how much they comply… and they will.  They’ll comply and they’ll bend over until the last bend, until their spine cracks and they still won’t get it.  The message is they don’t want you around.  They don’t want you around.  As they plan their next 30, 50 years, they plan to take you down.  That’s why folk are becoming sterile rather quickly and dropping dead of cancers all over the place… of all age groups now.  They don’t want you around. 


They’ve already planned that maybe in 50 years time… look at the Department of Defence’s 90-page booklet it put out, - it’s up on my web site in the archives section - the US one is exactly the same.  The big think tanks for the military have projected the next 50 years and more… WITH A SHARP DROP IN POPULATION IN ABOUT 30 YEARS TIME after all the coming riots that they expect to happen.  This is their own words, their own writings.  In the meantime, they’ve got to shape us and get us to go along with it, and getting us all ready for it as we start all going down the tubes. 


Interdependence is a term they keep using.  Countries just thought it means countries were interdependent.  IT MEANS YOU’RE GOING TO BE DEPENDENT FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SURVIVE PERSONALLY.  That’s what it means.  They’re using the same old techniques they’ve always used.  They’ve updated them.  Money was a con from the beginning.  It’s always been a con game, absolute con game.  They’re using the same techniques of the money con game and going into the carbon trading and carbon rationing con game.  First it starts with countries and then big corporations, then it goes down to the individual.  I’ve said this would come.  Eventually, you won’t sell your house unless it’s been certified and checked out to be eco-proof, etc, eco-rated.  There will be people on the streets like refugees because we are in an ongoing now, ongoing war situation.  I said that at 9/11, the night that it happened.  Everything you see in a warfare situation, rationing of all kinds, people traveling from place to place with wheelbarrows, that will come.  I kid you not.  It will come.  If you think it’s getting crazy now, it’s nothing, nothing to what it’s planned to be. 


Here’s an article here.  It’s from yesterday from ITN and Yahoo News. 


Carbon-rationing proposed

The Government is being warned it may need to introduce "carbon-rationing" to cut pollution from everyday activities, such as filling up the car with petrol.

Wednesday, September 9


(A:  This came out in the UK but it’s to happen across the planet.)


A report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) (A:  Again, that PRIVATE, big foundation that we don’t elect, that advises government.) has said that personal quotas for emissions may be needed if current policies fail to cut greenhouse gases.  (A:  You know, that OTHER big farce.)


These proposed "credits" would be used to buy gas and electricity for powering homes, fuel for cars and plane tickets for holidays.


People who did not use up their allocation (A:  So there’s going to be rationing, you see.) could sell the excess to people who used more fossil fuels for their vehicles or vacations.  (A:  Guess who wins here?  The WEALTHY, the stinking rich win in this one.  See they don’t want a middle class either… for all the lefties out there.  They don’t want a middle class at all.  It’s all been eradicated now as it is.)


The quotas would shrink over time in order to reduce carbon emissions.


The IPPR admits the scheme could cost around £1.4 billion a year, would be difficult to implement and likely to be unpopular.  (A:  No kidding.  This is a whole layer of bureaucracy now.  A whole new layer of bureaucracy to deal with YOU and your personal carbon usage and output.)


However, the think-tank's report says if at the end of the UK's first carbon budget in 2012, (A:  It’s based on the same con as economics.) emissions were not being reduced, the Government may have to consider rationing as a "plan B".


The five-year carbon budgets were brought in as part of attempts to meet legally-binding targets to cut emissions by at least 24 per cent by 2020, and at least 80 per cent by 2050 across the UK economy as a whole.


Do you understand that we’re talking… this should be in satire.  This is the sort of stuff that they introduced into the Soviet regime.  A WHOLE NEW REALITY.  We’re getting our new reality… and we’re living through it.  We’re living through it.  We are the proof.  That’s why it’s going to be dangerous for those with memories to survive very long.  That’s generally what they do.  They have to get rid of those with memory.  Most folk go along with everything and can’t remember.  They kind of a sleepwalk through life.  Personal carbon budgets.  Personal carbon budgets. 


AND… what should be in satire.  As I say, there’s no pleasing them is there?  They start off with a certain quota of something.  Then you fulfill that quota and you’re a good little boy and girl.  Then they punish you again and reduce it and reduce it until your rations are about the size of a sugar cube. 


The Mail Online. 


Age of the 'bonsai' bin:

Families will be forced to cram their rubbish into mini wheelies

By Steve Doughty  /  10th September 2009


(A:  Mini containers.  Now, they’re all paying taxes and double and triple taxes.  We went through all that stuff before.  Remember, you’re supposed to get taxation with representation.  In other words, if you’re going to get taxed for something, you’re supposed to get something out of it.  That was supposed to be the democratic deal that was made a long time ago.  So they tax you for disposing your garbage, etc.  Then they started to tax you again on each bag on top of that.  You’re doubly taxed and triply taxed, etc.  Then they cut how much you can put out there but still charge you and up your taxes, still charge you as though you’re putting out about 10 bags a week or something and you’re only putting out one.  People don’t really get it.  They’re just being fleeced and fleeced into the grave here.  You try to please your masters and you don’t quite get why you can’t please them.  It’s a different agenda at work.  They don’t want you around.)


Families are to be issued with 'bonsai bins' to make homeowners reduce the amount of rubbish they throw away.  (A:  Now, we were given a consumer society.  The governments themselves… remember 9/11 happened and one of the top guys in the US went on as the same time as Allan Rock went on in Canada, the same day, and told everybody to get out their credit cards and spend, spend, spend, buy, buy, buy.   Keep the economy going.  Right.  Keep the economy going.  It’s so important to keep the economy going.  Meanwhile, if you stop taking things home, there’s no economy.  There’s no economy and you stop buying things, then people are out of work.  Everything that they make is covered in this plastic rubbish.  You almost have to take a chainsaw to it to get this stuff off it.  Way over-packaged.  Everything is way over-packaged.  But they don’t tell the business to stop over-packaging stuff do they?  No.  It’s YOU, the guy who buys at the bottom that gets the blame for everything.  So, they’re going to give you smaller bins to put your garbage in.  Now, Britain’s bad.  They’ve got a police state over there and of course, it’s everywhere else but it’s really enforced in Britain.  It’s more EVIDENT.  They have guys going around checking your garbage bins and you get massive FINES if the lid isn’t on properly and stuff like that.  They’re training the children to go and squeal on people.  And people accept this.  It’s astonishing.)


The scheme will see one city's standard-sized 240-litre wheelie bins, used by more than 150,000 homes, removed and replaced by smaller versions.


It means that a family of five could be forced to squeeze all their non-recyclable rubbish into a meagre 180-litre container.  (A:  Now, your taxes won’t go down if you’re putting out less garbage.  Why isn’t that?  How come your taxes just keep going up and up and up?)


The scheme is being introduced in Bristol, where the Liberal Democrat council is hoping to cut the amount of rubbish it sends to landfill and 'encourage' households to put out less waste that cannot be recycled.


But the pattern looks likely to be copied across the country. (A:  Of course it will.  They put a trial balloon up somewhere and they get everybody used to the idea and they just bring it in.)  The city is one of the first to operate the Government's favoured model for future rubbish services - a weekly collection of food waste with other rubbish picked up by binmen once a fortnight.


Council leaders will vote on whether to reduce the size of the city's bins next week. 


Can you believe they’re getting paid to debate this stuff?  They’re taking your money to debate this stuff.  Astonishing.  And get a massive fine if you overdo it.  MASSIVE, MASSIVE FINE.  So if you get a massive fine, how can you consume and keep the economy going?  You see how they’re creating mental illness everywhere?  That’s what you’d have to be, mentally ill… If you could understand in double-think and accept the two concepts, then you’d be mentally ill, obviously… obviously.  It’s astonishing, really, what’s happening. 


Then you go in to how we’re supposed to be bankrupt.  We’re bankrupt and bankrupt but money, again, it’s a con game isn’t it?  The banks looted the countries of the world AGAIN.  Then they were rewarded for it.  We’re supposedly been utterly bankrupted again because they take the tax money and put it all to paying off the bankers who said that the money all vanished in their bubbles and went to money heaven.  I wonder who’s got the keys to money heaven?  I know they’ll be somewhere.  Here’s Homeland Security. 


Ground broken on $3.4 billion Homeland Security complex

By Mike M. Ahlers  /  CNN  /  September 9, 2009


(A:  It’s no coincidence it’s happening NOW.

  Right now.  This month.  No coincidence at all.) 


       •It's biggest federal building project in D.C. area since Pentagon 68 years ago


       •Complex to be on campus of historic buildings in long-neglected part of D.C.


       •Project to gather more than 15,000 employees now scattered in 35 offices


       •First new building: Coast Guard headquarters, costing about $435 million


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Washington notables broke ground on the future home of the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday, symbolically starting construction on the biggest federal building project in the Washington area since the Pentagon 68 years ago.


The project will bring together more than 15,000 employees now scattered in 35 offices in the region, placing them on a 176-acre campus strewn with historic buildings in a long-neglected corner of Washington, five miles from the Capitol building.


Department leaders hope the $3.4 billion (A:  You know it’s going to cost more that than.  They never, ever… I haven’t heard one country in any government give the right figure… It’s always about 10 times more… at least… by the time they’re finished.) consolidation will help the department fulfill its core mission -- protecting the homeland -- in ways big and small.


"It will help us hold meetings," (A:  So it’s a 3.4 billion dollar meeting place.) Secretary Janet Napolitano said. "It will help us build that culture of 'One DHS.'"  (A:  One culture.  That’s scary eh?  To build that culture of ONE Department of Homeland Security.  We’re Sovietized.)


At the groundbreaking, political leaders shoveled dirt with care (A:  I bet they did because they didn’t want it on their beautiful shoes.  Very careful.), but pitched historical references and metaphors with abandon.


"I do have a kind of paternalistic feeling towards DHS," said Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut, an early advocate for creating the department. "I feel like we've finally given a home to this child we've created, which is finally reaching maturity."  (A:  That’s scary too.)


Lieberman likened the creation of the department's headquarters to the creation of the Pentagon. (A:  Now listen to this…) Ground was broken on the Pentagon on September 11, 1941, (A:  It’s always September the 11th.) exactly 60 years before the 2001 terrorist attacks, he noted.  (A:  What a coincidence.  And here they are in September, the same date again, doing this.  Of course if you draw this together and say, isn’t that like a pattern here?  Oohhh, you’re paranoid and one of these conspiracy nuts aren’t you?)


President Franklin Roosevelt planned the defense consolidation, Lieberman said, because he knew war was imminent and felt it could be coordinated more efficiently from one location. The Department of Homeland Security also will benefit by consolidation, Lieberman said.


The site today has the appearance of a sprawling college campus -- although one stuck in time. Established by Congress in 1855 as the Government Hospital for the Insane (A:  That’s a good place for them.) and later renamed St. Elizabeths, the campus has 62 buildings built between the 1850s and 1940.


So, there you go.  They can spend like crazy, spend like crazy on something that really started with Richard Nixon when he really signed the bill for FEMA to start up.  It’s been snowballing since then.  Nixon just did what he was told as well.  He really did what he was told.  He was rewarded.  People think he left in disgrace but NO, he was promoted.  Then he became a technocrat.  The public, nobody knew that he wasn’t out fishing or weeping in his suds or something all those years.  We found out when he died that he’d been the MAIN negotiator for setting up China to be the industrial leader of the world.  All those years, we never knew that.  We never knew that.  He was actually promoted. 


We’re going through this incredible WAR.  It’s a war that most folk don’t understand.  They think it’s vaguely about the Middle-East somewhere or Afghanistan maybe or something like that, or vaguely Muslim.  They don’t realize THAT THIS IS A WAR TO CHANGE THE ENTIRE WORLD AND EVERYBODY IN IT AND HOW YOU LIVE OR DIE… OR EVEN IF YOU WILL LIVE.  I’m not kidding about that.  Hell is coming down.  They’re using the Soviet techniques.  The Soviet techniques were not developed in the Soviet Union.  They were written about and discussed 100 years prior to that in London, England, by big foundations run by very rich people.  In fact, the richest people on the planet.  They used experts in behavioral psychology, as we call it today, of that era to plan how they were going to create a new reality.  They’ve got MORE information on how to do it today and we’re going through the craziness now. 


Always remember too, I’ve always said when they abuse the public and they always ABUSE THE PUBLIC.  We’re just numbers down at the bottom.  See, you’ve either made it to the top or you’re nothing… in their reality at the top.  If you’re not one of them, you’re nothing.  They’ve already decided a long time ago that the middle classes that they helped build up to help them run a system during an industrial age, would have to be eliminated, once we’re post-industrial, into this new utopia where those who have used the Darwin agenda by special breeding, getting stinking rich, surviving through many generations, proving you’re fit to survive, will go on into the future.  They don’t need the middle classes emulating them.  Back with more after this break. 


This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Remember these articles, I will put the links up on my site tonight after the show and you can check them out for yourself.  There’s one last one before we go to a caller.  That’s to do with the BBC.  Where Alan Greenspan had a rare interview with the BBC and he blamed the crash all on the public.  He blamed the public, basically, for the crash.  Plus he says there will be another one to come up.  He’s in the know, of course.  They plan the crashes because after all, they plan that the money goes to money heaven where they can lock it up securely… and only they have the keys and the combination.  But that’s another story altogether.


Market crisis 'will happen again' 

Alan Greenspan: 'This will happen again'

8 September 2009


Now we’ll go to Brandon from Florida if he’s on the line. 


Brandon:  Hey Alan.  It’s amazing how much people put up with, how much they can take.  I was taking a class on economics in college.  It talks about the prisoner’s dilemma where you can either rat out your accomplice or both agree not to rat on each other.  It reminds me of things we just go along with because we’re not united in any one stand.  Like if everyone just said, I don’t want to go to work anymore or I don’t want to use money.  You could collapse the whole thing. 


Alan:  You would collapse the whole thing.  They always need our cooperation for everything they want to do to us.  They go along with the conclusion and the hope - of course, the informed hope because they’ve got people watching the population at all times - that the people, ALL the people won’t go along with the same idea at the same time.  We’re divided and conquered.  That’s what they hope.  That’s how they hope it will stay because they need our compliance to do everything TO us.  Most folk will go along with it too if their neighbors are getting pulled out of the house in the middle of the night.  It’s okay, it’s not them.  It’s only when it comes to them, their door, that they get upset about it.  If folk would just stand together and say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, enough of this nonsense, this Sovietized, elitist system… and it is a Soviet system, collectivist system that they’re using.  They’re using all of the same techniques of brain-washing and mind control.  it’s run by the same people who ran the Soviet system and set it up.  It was run from London, basically.  They’ve been running this for a long, long time. 


Brandon:  That’s pretty scary.  I had an ex-girlfriend and she has a dog and she had a dog appointment at Petsmart to get her dog groomed.  She missed the appointment.  I told her we’ll just go another time.  She said they are going to charge me for that.  I’m just thinking what in the world….  What kind of place are we living in?  They’re charging for missed appointments to get a dog groomed.


Alan:  You’re getting punished.  The new system is a perpetual childhood and since we’re always children regardless of our age, we’re going to get punished for everything.  This is how they do it.  Governments do the same thing too with fines and fees and all the rest of it.  Punishment.  That’s what children understand and that’s what we get.  It’s no surprise to me that business is now copying it because government’s been doing this for an awful long time. 


Brandon:  I don’t think I’ll ever get comfortable with that. 


Alan:  Well, you’ve been naughty, awfully naughty.  I get it too from the guys that I use for satellite uploading, Xplornet.  If I use Xplornet, they punish me by cutting by bandwidth until it’s crawling, dial-up speed.  But they take my money every month, that’s okay. 


Brandon:  I guess you got to go along with them… they’re leading you along.


Alan:  Yes.  You see, they’re the bosses and you’re the peasant and they punish you for using their system and a very flexible bandwidth that they have there.  Thanks for calling.


Brandon:  I appreciate it.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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