Sept. 15, 2009 (#408)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 15, 2009:

Play the Clown as We're Going Down:

"The Human Agenda, Vastly Detailed Plan,
Entails Dehumanization of Every Man,
The Destruction of All That Went Before,
Into Complete Immorality, Blood and Gore,
Times of Mayhem, Crisis and Strife,
The Desanctification of Human Life,
Corpses Hanging on Wires, Copulating,
Freak Art by Freaks, Authorized, Degrading,
Young Murdered for Body Parts, Utterly Disgusting,
Arranged by a Priestly Class, Pious and Trusting,
The Wise do Watch and the Wise do Know,
Malevolence is Manifest, Not Far to Go"
© Alan Watt Sept. 15, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 15, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 15th 2009.  Newcomers should look in to web site.  I always advise them at the start of every show.  Bookmark all the other sites you’ll see I have up there on the front page because there will be problems with some of the main servers in the future.  It happens once in a while.  So if you bookmark these other sites you’ll always have one of them to draw from and get the latest shows.  [listed above]  There’s, the European site.  This site has all the audios but it also has the addition of transcripts of some of the talks that I’ve give which are downloadable for print up and they’re in the various languages of Europe. 


Remember, you the listeners bring me to you.  I don’t get paid for doing what I do.  I could be.  I’ve gotten all the offers to get paid for it but that means you’re under someone’s authority, which limits you to certain things that you can or can not say.  The ads that you hear on the show are paid directly to RBN from the advertisers.  That pays for the air time, the staff, the equipment and their bills.  So it’s up to you to keep me going by buying that which I have for sale.  On the web sites you’ll find out how to do it.  You can also donate as well [options listed above].  Some people just send cash; that seems to get through okay.  For those who get disks passed to them to play on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address listed above]. 


I’ve been talking about reality for some time now.  A little bit here and there, just to sort of break us all into it.  We’re not living in a reality.  We’re living in a planned system and pretty well everything of any major event that happens to effect your life and the lives of others in any way at all was planned long ago… long, long ago.  It’s amazing, really, that if you look at all the revolutions in the 1800s into the 1900s, there were lots of books written at that time about a world society.  They were all funded, these revolutions, by very rich people.  The richest people on the planet.  In fact, the big bankers were right in there.  Once all the big revolutions took place, such as Russia and the Soviet Union which it became - and all the Soviet countries - the big bankers had their deal already made with their big corporations because they actually owned a lot of the big corporations as well.  The profited mightily all through the so-called Cold War on ALL sides because all governments went to the banks and asked for money to buy or create the big weaponry, the machinery - the new missiles that they were churning out, new types of missiles: Mark 1, 2, 3, ad infinitum - forever.  It was tremendously lucrative.  They also were using the technology they were gaining to get ready for this new world order which we’re at now, a post-Soviet era.  They wrote about this system back in the 1800s.  It’s all coming to pass in our lifetime.  Back with more after this break. 


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The hardest thing, I said on September the 11th 2001, would be to hang on to your sanity as you go through the whole agenda.  They were gradually preparing it for 40, 50 years in the Western world, piece by piece, mainly through negotiations and treaties from the top of governments.  Bureaucrats were flying all over the world dealing with their counterparts in other countries and at the United Nations that helped to coordinate them all.  Here we are.  We’re in to this brave new world order. 


Going back into the 1800s, they talked about bringing in this orderly society where science - you know, the Age of Reason - scientists would rule the world, on behalf of their masters, mind you, because every scientist doesn’t get to be a famous scientist unless they’re MADE to be famous by certain clubs, like the Royal Society.  They need the backing of the big financiers for grants.  That’s what they live on.  They would run the world, be told how to run it, what their masters wanted and they’d implement an orderly, planned society… post-industrial.  It wouldn’t be just for the Western countries, it would be for the WHOLE WORLD.  The world is what the prize is and everybody and everything on it.  Under the guise of environmentalism, that’s what they came up with to save the world.  It’s always to save something they take your rights away.  That’s how they’re pushing it forward, environmentalism and this bogus carbon nonsense.  They’ve had the bogus global warming dropped to climate change, which means we’ve always had climate change but now the scientists with their knowledge are going to save us all from incredible climate changes and all that kind of stuff. 


The Club of Rome and all the big think tanks talked about methods to take away our rights and get us to behave ourselves and do what we’re told, rather than this awful, awful freedom idea where individuals really thought they had rights and freedoms.  That was just too messy.  It dragged things out in court and stuff and they want to get on with their dictatorial society very quickly.  That’s what it’s all about. 


Then we had the 2001 fiasco which really kicked it off.  That was planned.  That whole thing was planned to kick off a world using the same Stalinist techniques of enemies within everywhere, every country’s got enemies within.  You don’t know who they are.  They could be YOU.  THAT’S the technique they’re using to bring in a reign of terror.  Under fear, we tend to obey.  It’s that simple.  All the cameras that go up and all the rest of it and watch you wherever you go… it will come down to your houses as they’re doing in Britain, by the way.  They didn’t dream this up in Britain because the American Psychological Association advocated that very thing back in the 70s in one of their magazine.  Nothing’s by chance.  Nothing whatsoever is by chance.  It takes a lot of planning, money and authorization from the top to go ahead with anything.  Believe you me, the top would never allow anything to come in to society, the structure of society, without authorizing it.  It wouldn’t happen. 


Part of the whole idea of bringing in a world society where there’s masters and slaves, basically… on the road to genetic engineering too, which will create a better class of slaves as they kill us all off.  As they’re doing, by the way.  People are just dropping dead left, right and center of all kinds of strange new cancers that are BRAND NEW and they don’t even have names for the types that are appearing now, there’s so many of them and there’s no crisis about it.  This tells you that it’s meant to be that way; otherwise, obviously, it would be a crisis wouldn’t it?  They can make a crisis out of nothing like a flu that doesn’t seem to even exist AND they can ignore the spraying in the skies which does exist and anyone can see it if they get up early enough and stand and watch the skies for a little while.  They’ve been doing that for 10 or 11 years now. 


We live in a fake reality… of indoctrination.  We’re TRAINED to believe mainstream media, trained that way.  Bertrand Russell said they would bring Madison Avenue on board because they understood human nature and how to motivate people to do things they wouldn’t normally do… like buy expensive stuff they didn’t need.  You simply use the same techniques and you train the public in every other way that you want them to behave.  All these cameras and so on also are INTIMIDATING.  That’s part of it.  I’ve mentioned before how in totalitarian societies, you compare the posters of pre World War II Nazi Germany - being socialist - and the communist system - the Soviet regime - the posters and the statues of the workers and so on towering above you, they were all the same.  Probably by the same artist. 


Everything is coordinated at the top.  There are NO mistakes at the top.  If anything comes out and it’s not authorized, it’s hit and hammered immediately.  Immediately.  Part of the process they said too… Julian Huxley, the wonderful guy who said they would brainwash all children across the world when they made him the leader of UNESCO at the United Nations for educating the children, the youth of the whole planet.  He said that.  He said ‘We must dehumanize… take humanity off its pedestal and get them to accept that they’re nothing more than another kind of animal.’  Once they accept that, they won’t stand up for another human animal.  It’s that simple. 


We’ve had nothing but dehumanization - speeding up through the 60s, definitely through the 70s - through all media and entertainment until it’s blood and guts and the good guys are the guys that win.  That’s it.  That’s why all the youngsters want to not just play with the black-clad, uniformed, badged, evil ninja guys that they see or they play with as toys and they’ve seen in all their movies, THEY WANT TO BE THOSE GUYS.  To them, what they see is that these guys are the winners.  These guys have the authority over all the little people who just whimper.  They go for the side of power.  Everything’s planned this way.  It’s all planned this way. 


I’ve mentioned before how they use cadavers now, supposedly as art shows.  They started off… I can remember when it was a big to-do when they put a fetus, a baby - that’s just the Latin word for baby - in a jar of urine at an art show.  That was part of the dehumanized society.  Immediately, two categories form.  The ones who are appalled by it and the ones who think they’re intellectuals.  I said think they’re intellectuals.  They take the stance, ‘you know, what’s the big deal about it; it’s dead anyway’ blah, blah, blah and so on.  They give all these intellectual answers.  I’d like to see them intellectualize it if they were lined up - one day they might, by the way - in front of a trench and all shot in the back of the head like the Soviet Story shows you.  Another good movie to see is Katyn, about Poland and what happened there.  How literally, they killed all the officer class off, the Soviets did.  After doing it, a few years later when they took over Poland, they blamed the Germans for it.  Seeing is believing.  They rehashed all the German video of the exhumations and inserted themselves.  They were very good at putting little bits in to film, the Soviets.  They also took a lot of people out of photographs in the Soviet system.  Look at the ones that were around Lenin to begin with.  You see them gradually disappearing.  They got brushed out and literally wiped out.  Seeing is believing for the public, eh?


Dehumanizing the human body was a big thing.  It’s come to be taught as just a fact.  ‘You’re just another animal.  There’s plenty of you, so you’re not an endangered species.  So what’s the big deal?’  So they started HANGING up these cadavers that they plasticized.  It started in China.  A lot of the bodies come from China.  You get all the curious folk going in, the ones that would go to the old circuses back in the 1800s to see the elephant man, the bearded lady and the dwarves and stuff like that.  That’s the kind of people who go.  They stand there and some will howl with laughter.  Intellectuals will have little debates about how interesting it is and stuff like that.  It’s quite interesting.  It’s very true what they say too.  They say that revolution is the opium of the intelligentsia.


This article here is from Yahoo News.  The next step.  There’s always a next step to everything.  I’ve given links before on these so-called art shows where they hang cadavers and even a woman with her belly split open to show the baby inside.  She was killed and obviously so was the baby, right?  … to do so.  Plus they execute all these ones in China but that’s no problem to these creeps.  They’re authorized from the top to do what they’re doing with these shows.  Yahoo News.


Body Worlds plans cadaver show dedicated to sex

By Jason Rhodes  /  Fri Sep 11


ZURICH (Reuters) – German anatomists plan a new show dedicated solely to dead bodies having sex as part of the Body Worlds exhibitions.


Gunther von Hagens and his wife Angelina Whalley show corpses prepared using a technique invented by von Hagens called "plastination," (Alan:  It should be called abomination.)  that removes water from specimens (A:  See, the human body is a SPECIMEN.) and preserves them with silicon rubber or epoxy resin.


"It's not my intention to show certain sexual poses. (A:  This deviant says.)  My goal is really to show the anatomy and the function," Body Worlds creative director Whalley told Reuters in an interview, adding the sex exhibition may open next year.


Body Worlds exhibitions, visited by 27 million people across the world (A:  Supposedly.), have been criticized for presenting entire corpses, stripped of skin to reveal the muscles and organs underneath, in lifelike and often theatrical positions.  (A:  They have them on skateboards and everything.  It was a plan to dehumanize.  I could actually spend the whole show and another show just going through all the things I remember as they started these shows.  As I say, fetuses in jars of urine.  Then they added feces to it and so on, etc, etc down through the years.  …until it comes to this.  There’s a name for people who are fascinated by dead bodies and sex to start with.  So it tells you what kind of creeps are recruited by the big financiers that finance this into being.  There’s a psychological objective too, to dehumanize us all.  Quite simple.  It works very well unfortunately.  There’s the ones who howl with laughter and are all curious and then go and watch the Simpson’s afterwards.  Then, there’s the intelligentsia who put on fake arguments to show that they’re not shocked with anything.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going through some of the craziness that we’re supposed to experience as we go through this Century of Change.  It’s an organized insanity.  They tried it ALL out in the Soviet system.  In the Soviet system, at one time you were given a quota of miles that you had for travel every month - even taxi drivers - and no more, in order to get your permits for more fuel etc.  They were all jacking up their taxes and turning their speedometers and their odometers back… to make it work.  That’s the only way it could work.  Otherwise it was crazy. 


See, that’s all part of the total frustration.  Total frustration is a technique that’s used by the masters.  It puts you in a small box where you think that you’re helpless.  Helpless… these crazy laws that come around from everywhere.   That is, honestly, a technique that is used and written and described about in manuals even for the military.  When they go in to other countries, they hire ethnologists and so on and different specialists, anthropology, culture.  They study the people so they know how to implement changes that make them almost schizophrenic.  That’s the technique that’s used.  When you really have no confidence in your own reasoning abilities anymore, you kind of collapse and you do what you’re told.  Then you’ll accept the next crazy thing that comes along until you’re living in absolute insanity.  Like trading carbon for utter nonsense.  This is what they’re going to push.  There’s no con small or big enough.  Anything will do. 


Here’s what happening in Britain… and it will happen elsewhere too as the green Nazis steamroll ahead.  You can’t please them.  You can not please them.  You must go by their rules.  It’s all paperwork and bureaucrats run on paper.  What it says on paper must be fulfilled.  It’s their reality… no matter how mad it is.  This is from The Mail Online.


Green shop owner is fined by council...for not producing any rubbish

(A:  His garbage.)

By Andrew Levy  /  12th September 2009


With its emphasis on re-using old materials or selling them as scrap, Mark Howard's bicycle shop is a model of environmental efficiency.


So you might have imagined that his local council would be grateful to him for enhancing the area's green credentials.


But instead the father of four has been hit with a £180 fine - because officers refuse to believe he doesn't create any commercial waste.


If the charge is not paid within ten days it will rise to £300, and ultimately Mr Howard could be hauled before a court.  (A:  Who no doubt will shut his business down and fine him thousands.)


Mr Howard stores surplus materials such as cardboard boxes and old pedals away for re-use, while bent steel or aluminium frames that can't be salvaged are sold for scrap.


The dispute centres around a certificate issued by council waste contractors Cory when businesses pay them £80 to supply 50 commercial waste bags (A:  What a great business isn’t it?  You’re told by the Council you must buy their commercial waste bagsfor £80... so you don’t do it because you don’t need them, right.  That’s called blackmail.), which can be collected when full.


Five weeks ago Mr Howard, 50, who runs Sutton Road Cycles in Southend (A:  In England.), received a letter from Southend Council asking how he disposed of waste.


When he rang up to explain, no one believed that he did not use the service and he was told that someone would visit his premises.


'An officer came round a week later but he didn't look round or ask any questions,' he said. 'He just handed me another letter which said I must pay a fixed penalty.  (A:  A fine.)


Enlarge    'They didn't give me a chance to show them what I do - which is better than the council contractor's service because their waste goes to landfill.' (A:  See, it’s a con anyway.  All this recycling… it goes in to the landfill and gets buried.  He’s not doing that.  He’s actually recycling it.)


Mr Howard, who is married to Karen, 46, says he can prove what he does with his waste by showing council officials his paperwork.


But he added: 'Despite repeated calls I was fobbed off all the time. I have tried to get an interview with the director of the department but nothing has happened. This is totally stupid. The council must have money to burn because they want this case to go to court.


'I'm not some environmental fruitcake trying to save the world. I'm just an ordinary person using my brain to avoid waste. But they don't seem to care.'


Southend Council yesterday defended its actions. Simon Crowther, group manager for waste, said: 'Mr Howard is required under the Environmental (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991 to produce evidence as to how he legally and lawfully disposes of commercial waste under his control.  (A:  But they won’t go and let him show his evidence.  That’s what happened in the Soviet.  This is the new Soviet.)


'Mr Howard has been issued with a fixed-penalty fine due to the fact he failed to provide this evidence.'  (A:  Because they won’t allow themselves to be shown the evidence.  He failed to provide this evidence…. See, they get you in these situations and it’s their way or no way.  It’s protection money too; it’s Mafia… Mafioso.  It doesn’t matter if there’s guys sitting in cafes having nice meals discussing their business and threatening customers.  It’s the same darn thing.  Only they call themselves officials.  Officials… same thing.)


You understand this system has had it.  All these organizations have to be totally cleaned off the board.  The people should get a say in what they have and what they don’t have… supposedly representing them.  All these PRIVATE, NON-GOVERNMENTAL organizations that sit on all the councils right up to Federal governments have to be done away with.  Just REMOVED.  REMOVED!  Give them an island somewhere and tell them to go live there and live in their environmentally friendly way, maybe near the Antarctic where they’ll have to burn something for heat.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about reality again.  This fake reality that goes around under various guises but it’s all the same reality, a totalitarian reality.  I mentioned years ago how we’re just like…  We really are and even the ones who talk about what’s happening often in a lot of talk shows.  It’s like we’re the mice in a cage in a laboratory and every day we get up in the morning, very early, before all the staff come in with white coats.  We yap to ourselves, ‘what will they do to us today?  Will they stick us with this little thing and then kill us or will they implant things in our brains and shock us and…’  That’s how we are at the bottom.  We really are… until we do something about it.  It will just get worse and worse and worse.  It starts with the individual saying no.  Saying NO… to whatever is wrong.  You say NO. 


No organization on the planet, NO ORGANIZATION ON THIS PLANET can rule over you without your consent.  None.  Even your government can’t do it.  Can’t do it without your consent.  That’s why they want you to vote.  YOU GIVE CONSENT SO THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO, if you actually vote.  NOBODY SHOULD VOTE.  Nobody should vote… because you ARE a unique individual person on this planet.  No one has the right to tell you what to do, how to live, what to eat, how to heat yourself or anything else or what system to SERVE. 


Everything at the top is totalitarian, planned long ago and here we are going through it and people just don’t know what to do.  They look for already existent groups to join, hoping.  Or they sit back and say, ‘oh, this group’s already formed to fight this; I’ll sit back and let them do it.’  A LOT OF THESE GROUPS ARE FRONTS!  …to make you sit back hoping they’ll do it for you.


This is from the Boston Globe. 


Boston launches flu shot tracking

(A:  See, they’ve all been trying this stuff.)

City to pinpoint areas of low rates of vaccination

(A:  Which is baloney.)

By Stephen Smith   /  Globe Staff / November 21, 2008


Using technology originally developed for mass disasters, Boston disease trackers are embarking on a novel experiment - one of the first in the country (A:  Of course it’s nationwide now.)- aimed at eventually creating a citywide registry of everyone who has had a flu vaccination.


The resulting vaccination map would allow swift intervention in neighborhoods left vulnerable (A:  Meaning you didn’t take it.) to the fast-moving respiratory illness.


The trial starts this afternoon, when several hundred people are expected to queue up (A:  Like goons.) for immunizations at the headquarters of the Boston Public Health Commission. Each of them will get a bracelet printed with a unique identifier code. (A:  Isn’t that nice.  The tax payer pays for it.  The victims always pay for it.)  Information about the vaccine's recipients, and the shot, will be entered into handheld devices similar to those used by delivery truck drivers.


Infectious disease specialists in Boston and elsewhere predicted that the registry approach could prove even more useful if something more sinister strikes: a bioterrorism attack or the long-feared arrival of a global flu epidemic. (A:  Well, that’s what we’ve got now right?  Well… it’s all in the air, you might say, up in the air.)  In such crises, the registry could be used to track who received a special vaccine (A:  Because there will be special ones out there that they know.  They want to see the batch number and your name to see if it really kills you.) or antidote to a deadly germ.


"Anything you can do to better pinpoint who's vaccinated and who's not, that's absolutely vital," said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy at the University of Minnesota. "I wish more cities were doing this kind of thing."  (A:  Oh… this guy will go far.  This guy will go far… if he just cleans that brown stuff off his nose.)


Boston is believed to be the first city to embrace this particular approach to tracking vaccinations against the seasonal flu, estimated to kill 36,000 people each year (A:  I wonder where they get the figures?  Maybe it’s like Malthusian.  They just make a graph and guess.) in the United States, principally the elderly.  (A:  It’s always the elderly homes, by the way, that breaks out first because they’re the first ones to get the shots.  I’ve watched this for years.  They get the shots and then they come down with it.  Then people visit them in their homes and bring it into the community with them.  They’ve even had articles on television in Canada about that.  Strange how it always breaks out in elderly homes first.  Nothing strange about it.  They’re the first ones to get it, the injections.)


Everything is prepared.  Everything really is prepared.  In the Wise Up Journal there’s an interesting article here about this too, the swine flu.  If you don’t take it, guess what.  What’s happened to you in Ireland?  What happened to you?  This is from The Sunday Star in Ireland.



Star Sunday  /  13.09.2009  /  By Keith Falkiner


(A:  It’s just like the one that got that guy for not using their garbage disposal system and paying them 80 pounds or whatever it was, every month, for the special bags.)


Government plans to introduce compulsory vaccinations for swine flu could see people JAILED if they refuse to take it.


Stringent pandemic laws open to the Department of Health allow it to enforce compulsory vaccinations against a serious outbreak of swine flu – with stiff fines or a six-month stretch in prison for those who avoid taking the jab.  (A:  I hope they stuff their prisons full of people who don’t take the jab.)


The Department of Health has said it is satisfied it can enact legislation provided in the 1947 Health Act  (A:  See how they go through all the stuff they’ve written in the past… to find something.  Reword it, reinterpret it.) – which include compulsory vaccinations, quarantine and travel bans – to deal with a pandemic.  (A:  1947 they put it on the books.)


A HSE spokeswoman said: “The position is that the Department is satisfied that the provisions in 1947 Health Act for the control and management of infectious diseases, gives it sufficient powers to deal with a pandemic outbreak.”  (A:  They also had laws on the books in most of the countries in the Western world about euthanizing the unfit, you know, those who were a bit ‘touched in the head,’ as they called it them, below par in the IQ department… they’ll still be in the books.  They could go back to anything.  Hanging is still in the books, if we want to go back to it.  They’re creeps aren’t they?  And lawyers are used all the time because they’re very important for this new world order.  Armies of lawyers are churned out every year from law school.  I’ll put all these articles up on my web site at the end of tonight’s show.  You can read them all for yourself.  It shows you, I’m not making this stuff up. I’ve got more things to do than make this stuff up.)


A source told Star Sunday that the Department of Health is on the verge of making swine flu vaccine compulsory for everybody in the country next month.


The source said: “They are seriously considering making the vaccinations compulsory as it could be the only way to make it work.”  (A:  Make WHAT work?  WHAT work?)


Swine flu is already starting to spread in Ireland with confirmed cases found at three separate schools. A total of 91 people have been hospitalised with the virus.  (A:  They’re hospitalizing people that come in with all kinds of symptoms.  I’ve read the articles before where they were told and the World Health Organization said to actually stop doing swab tests for them.  Just anybody with a sniffly nose has got swine flu.)


Pharmacists across Ireland are currently in training so that they can administer the vaccine once the first batches become available.  (A:  Pharmacists are not supposed to give inoculations.  They’re not trained and authorized to give jabs, by the way.)


So, as I say, I hope the Irish start getting some of their old fire back and tell them what to do with it.  Remember, IF there was to be a real swine flu break out, it won’t be the one that they claim that’s going around now.  It will be mutated into another type which means the vaccine, even if it was real and really meant to deal with it, wouldn’t be effective to the one that evolves.  Otherwise, if you got a shot years ago for a flu, technically, you would have still crossover protection up till the present.  It doesn’t happen that way does it?  It doesn’t happen at all. 


Also, Wise Up Journal has another link up here where there’s a video with Jim Corr.  Jim Corr is a musician in Ireland.  This is talking about the Lisbon Treaty, this NEW treaty that’s coming in to make the EU a SuperState with literally a Soviet type government, Soviet type rulership.  That’s really what it’s about.  It was designed to be that way from the beginning. 


Exclusive Video Interview With Jim Corr - The Lisbon Treaty (video)

Jim Corr  /  11.09.2009


This video will do major damage to the yes side. Spread it far and wide. Shocking facts you never knew about the EU treaty.  (A:  Ireland’s been the only country that’s kept saying no and held them back, but they’re going ahead regardless.)


(A:  What they did here is go through all the sections of the EU Lisbon Treaty and state what it actually says in layman’s terms.)


Art. 48 TEU of the Lisbon Treaty: “The Treaties may be amended in accordance by an ordinary revision procedure or by simplified revision procedures”  (A:  That’s how they can literally alter it totally after they’ve ratified the Lisbon Treaty.)


Art. 1 TEU: “The Union shall replace and succeed the European Community”  (A:  Literally every country is then a minor province OWNED by the EU Parliament basically.  The Politburo.)


Art. 47 TEU: “The Union shall have legal personality.”  (A:  They always give them legal personalities in this corporate world of ours.  We get legal personalities of our names in capitol block letters.  That is true.  Look at every official letter that’s sent to you, it’s always in block letters.  That’s your fictional but legal personality.)


Art 37 TEU: “The Union may conclude agreements with one or more States or international organisations in areas covered by this Chapter.”  (A:  International organizations… that’s NGOs and foundations.)


Art. 21.2.h TEU: “promote an international system” and “global governance”  (A:  Global governance…Here’s Ireland come out of years of struggle for independence only to find themselves sold down the river and already half way up there… or half way across the lake of a totalitarian bigger regime.)


26.4 TEU: “The common foreign and security policy” will use “national and Union resources.”


Art. 42.3 TEU: “Member States shall undertake progressively to improve their military capabilities.” 


Art. 42.3 TEU: “Member States shall make civilian and military capabilities available to the Union for the implementation of the common security and defence policy”  (A:  Amalgamated army.  That’s what that means.  Military… and police by the way.)


EU President: Art. 15 TEU: “The European Council shall elect its President, by a qualified majority, for a term of two and a half years, renewable once.”  (A:  Qualified majority….)


It also says in here,  “promote an international system” and “global governance.”  That’s very important, global governance.  If you’re under global governance, you can’t be sovereign obviously.  You become a yes-man or a yes-boy.  Yes, yes, yes.  Yes, massa, yes, massa.  They’ll have all the police of Europe combined into this massive system taking their orders from their headquarters in Brussels and all the military as well.  You think it’s crazy now, wait till this new Soviet… THIS IS BIGGER!  THIS IS BIGGER THAN THE OLD SOVIET, BIGGER, new improved, better.  It was always the goal of it to create this NOW, after the pretended fall of the Soviet Union.  Then it goes on and on and on about all the other stuff that will take all your rights away.  By a country, not even a country, a PLACE across the water, somewhere, where your little place, your little land is just another speck on their big map out there.  So you can imagine how effectually they’ll treat any of your problems that you meet in your local area.  You can’t deal with anything except locally.  Only YOU, locally, know what you need and what the problems are.  Not some incredibly foreign thing way across yonder somewhere.  It’s amazing isn’t it?  Amazing.


Even the degradation that we’re going through now to do with the dehumanizing of the human being as such.  We’ve seen the racket that goes on even on the internet.  There’s apparently sites up there where they sell body organs and stuff.  We already went through the process of abortion and selling fetuses and fetal parts and fetal spinal columns and so on.  They pay big bucks for this in science laboratories… for fresh ones.  A little while ago, there was an article about an Israeli gang bringing body parts in to the US for sale.  Here’s another one.  In New York.


New Jewish organ theft gang busted

Wed, 09 Sep 2009


The Jewish group is said to be connected to Israeli rabbi Levy Rosenbaum, who was recently arrested for direct importing human organs.


New reports have surfaced on the arrest of yet another Jewish organ trading gang in the United States involved in the abduction of Algerian children.


Dr. Mustafa Khayatti, the head of the Algerian National Committee for the Development of Health Research, revealed on Sunday that the New York city police have arrested members of a Jewish gang who abducted Algerian children for their organs.


Khayatti said the arrests came after Interpol found that children in western Algeria were abducted and taken to Morocco to have their kidneys harvested.


Their organs were later trafficked to the United States and Israel and sold for $20,000 to $100,000 each.


The group is said to be connected to Israeli rabbi Levi Rosenbaum, who was recently arrested in New Jersey (A:  That was where the first case came up.) for the direct involvement in importing human organs.  (A:  That was from, I think, Israel or Palestine at that time.)


Following Rosenbaum's arrest, US authorities detained some 44 others, including rabbis and mayors in New Jersey, who were prosecuted for money laundering and human organs trade.


Last month, a report published in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, accused Israeli soldiers of kidnapping Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip for their organs, indicating a possible link between the Israeli military and the mafia of human organs detected in the US.  (A:  What they were doing, they were kidnapping the youth in Palestine and holding them… the parents were told these youngsters had died… under interrogation or whatever and they couldn’t get their bodies back for maybe months sometimes.  When they did get them back, they were obviously autopsied.  Why would you autopsy someone you’d killed or tortured or whatever?  They found out that the organs were missing.  Then there’s a whole bunch of related stories at the bottom on this particular macabre incident.  Society’s gone to the dogs.  It’s gone to the dogs.  It truly has and I don’t know if there’s any going back.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.   One last article I’ll try and squeeze in here.  I’ve got a whole bunch in here I wanted to talk about tonight.  All about society going… I don’t like saying going to the dogs.  Dogs are really nice creatures.  But it really has plummeted down beyond the pits of hell and worse is to come as we’re treated just like Darwinian objects.  That’s really what’s happening.


Parents protest at Ofsted inspections for children taught at home

Joanna Sugden   /  September 14, 2009


(A:  This is from Britain again.  They’re doing the same in the States by the way.  After all, we’re all interdependent and global right now.  By the way, interdependence was first mentioned by Karl Marx about 1840.  A world of interdependence.  It’s all through the United Nations and your countries have all signed interdependence agreements.  It means that you will have no personal independence in any area.  You’ll need the system for everything you need to live.)


Thousands of parents are prepared to go to court over plans to limit home schooling, The Times has learnt.


Parents whose children are educated at home do not have to register with their local authority and are not inspected. But proposals being considered by the Government would change this and threaten parents’ ability to choose the curriculum for their children, campaigners say. 


I’ll add to this - I’ll put the link up there so you can read the rest of it - that Italy - this is all the EU from the top - Italy banned home schooling and the Prime Minister said that every child must have the same indoctrination.  These are HIS words: the same indoctrination.  It has to be the same everywhere, in Britain and elsewhere, the US, Canada.  That’s the reason they don’t want home schooling.


There’s a caller there.  Yvonne are you there?


Yvonne:  Hi.  This is Yvonne calling from Nevada.  I have a question to ask you about Putin or Russia.  I have wanted to believe that there was someone decent in the world.  I’ve been following him and from what I have been able to determine, and what I know about our relationship with Russia, I believe that it’s quite possible that we would have an attack on America by Russia, of course with the blessings of the United States and Britain.  I wanted your opinion on that. 


Alan:  I can’t really see it happening, to be honest with you.  Because as you’ve just pretty well pointed out, the same people who own the US, Britain and Russia, they own the rest of the world too. 


Yvonne:  I know they do. 


Alan:  They don’t need an attack as you think of it really, with nuclear weaponry and all the rest of it.  They have enough created crisis going along pretty well as it is right now.


Yvonne:  This would be after what we’re going to go through now. 


Alan:  What they’ve predicted at the think tanks for the military is that there are going to be riots across the whole world for 30-odd years.  The entire Western world, what they say is, there’s always a possibility.  I think they should add in quotation marks, if the plans don’t go according to plan, then they might have to use another country just to get another war going to get us all on board and do what we’re told, but I don’t think they’ll even have to do that.  What they plan to do is bring in City-States, maybe about half a dozen across the whole planet and barbarians outside of the walls will simply be killed off over maybe a 100 years.  That’s the plans by the military themselves by their own think tanks that they published in the Guardian newspaper.  90 pages.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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