Sept. 17, 2009 (#410)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 17, 2009:

Don't Procrastinate -- De-Domesticate:

"The New World Order Group, within Their Own Milieu,
Keep Extensive Data on Each Peasant's Work Value,
Your Genealogical History, Statistical Life Expectancy,
As You Slave All Your Days in Total Interdependency,
No Reasoning with These Boys, Each Interbred Fanatic,
Shafting You, Dumping You in System Post-Democratic,
True Darwinian Zealots, Elected Fittest to Survive,
Do Sigh, Surplus Must Die so Fittest Families Thrive,
Better Wake Up Very Quickly, Don't be So Naive,
Discard Domestication, 'fore Nothing's Left to Retrieve"
© Alan Watt Sept. 17, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 17, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 17th 2009.  Newcomers should look into web site and you’ll find there’s hundreds and hundreds of talks I’ve given that you can pick at your leisure to listen to.  It’s all free.  When you’re at it, you’ll see all the other sites I have up there for emergency use because once in a while the big servers just cut me off for no apparent reason.  I never get a real answer for the problems.  They don’t know themselves what happens.  It’s a big mystery.  If you bookmark the following sites you’ll see on that front page you can always download the latest shows from these other sites.  [Listed above.] is the European site and has transcripts of some of the shows for download and print up.  They’re written in the various languages of Europe and the world.  Anyone out there who fancies their hand at translating should get in touch with me and we’ll give it a shot and see how you do.  You’ll find the first one you do generally takes quite a while – quite a few hours in fact – until you’re happy with it.  Then as you go along it gets faster and faster.  I don’t bite people’s heads off because I understand the problems in trying to transfer complete meanings from one language to another because it’s vastly different the way things are worded in other languages.  As long as the content gets across, I’m quite happy.


Remember, you are the listeners and you bring me to you.  I don’t get backed by any foundations.  This is not a big enterprise, not a business enterprise.  I’m doing this because it MUST be done.  We’re going through incredible changes and literally going into a system that is the worst totalitarian system the world has ever, ever seen.  I’m sure every tyrant down through history would salivate at the kind of power that the big boys of today – their descendants who are still in charge – are wielding over the entire planet.  It’s never, ever happened before and that’s why I’m on the air.  So it’s up to you to support me and you can do it by looking into my web site.  You’ll find out how to support me through [listed at top of transcript].  Some people just send cash.  That can buy the books and so on that I have for sale on the web sites or for donation.  You can also buy the books through PayPal as well if you email me separately.  Remember, those who get the disks burned and passed along to them and don’t have computers – they get them from people who DO burn them and pass them around at meetings and rallies and stuff - you can get in touch with me at [address listed above]. 


I’m not exaggerating.  WHO really would have though we’d be coming down to this totalitarian world state?  If you look at 100 years ago, all the big ‘willing fools’ - the lesser beings who worked for the big, big movements thinking they were working for some beautiful social order where everyone would be equal and so on - these were all the fools that were used then to help the big boys get in the most tyrannical power structure ever devised and envisaged by the tyrants.  Back with more after this break. 


I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Back in the 1700s and into the 1800s there were different economists working for the British government.  Really, the British government is just a corporation.  All governments are corporations; they’re listed as corporations.  It’s all based on economics.  So they had economists and John Stewart Mill and then his son, of the same name, were high advisors on economics and so on, along with Malthus and different people like that.  They ran a world empire at that time based on economics and trade.  Trade is a very, very big thing for them. They used different people for slaves in different times in history although technically, we’re all still slaves yet.  If you don’t own anything and don’t have the right to own anything and if anything can by taken off you by a stroke of the pen by government or whoever, then you really are still a slave.  


Everyone’s been used down through the ages but it’s interesting that John Stewart Mill drew up a list of peoples that he thought wouldn’t make it through as society and economics evolved down through time.  This tied perfectly in with Darwin in the 1800s when he said that the progressive societies, the advanced societies, would eventually eliminate the lesser societies, those who were static.  They called them ‘arrested civilizations’, those who can not come into an economic system and work from whatever the hours happen to be and just accept a brand new system.  They would decline, they would fall away, they would become self destructive and so on.  This was applied… In the 1700s they knew this.  The list was drawn up.  They applied this to different people including the American Indians. 


They already knew at that time they could not bring them into this strange society were we work like robots for something called money to get the things we have to buy to survive and live with.  Whereas Indians had been self sufficient, they didn’t know what money was, didn’t need it and they didn’t see why they should give up everything and work for money and have it all taxed back from them and so on.  Therefore, they were all put in reservations.  Now, this ties in.  This is an ongoing plan.  First you get the American Indians into reservations and once the settlers have done their job of clearing the land, create an economy, go through an industrial age, made the wealthy people incredibly more wealthy – the big bankers, etc – then they would develop world government and then eliminate all those working classes that they don’t need anymore. 


That’s on the cards.  They’ve talked about that at the top, like the Optimum Population Trust backed by Prince Charles and the British Parliament and other governments as well.  So they used the Darwinian Theory.  As I say, before the tree grows, they actually give you descriptions of all the amoeba types of microbes and so on that get into the soil first.  They get the soil prepared.  Different plants and shrubs come and they grow and die and leave other minerals in the soil.  Then the tree is ready for getting planted.  They use societies and peoples the same way so that THIS ELITE must go through time and evolve higher and leave us all behind.  We are staging rockets for them.  Literally, that’s the Darwinian Theory.  When your purpose is over, you must simply die off.  It’s akin to Hinduism.  It’s actually so close to Hinduism, it’s just not funny. 


The American Indians were first to get put in reserves.  Now, Agenda 21 is here from the United Nations and WE are all getting put into reserves.  They call them ‘corridors’ or human habitat areas.  They HAVE been at this for 30 years and people don’t even know it.  There are corridors for animals, etc to live in and humans can’t go on.  There are the UN biospheres in between them.  The UN can then say which international corporations have the right to go in there, the SOLE rights to go in and mine for minerals and different things that they want.  Human habitat areas… Agenda 21.  Remember, they started first with the American Indians.  They put them on the worst lands in the US and in Canada.  The worst lands where they didn’t have all the game, terrible climates in certain parts too.  Their cultures were being destroyed.  Many of them were forced into schooling.  As a matter of fact, taken away from their parents and forced into schooling.  I’ve talked about that before.  There’s a guy out west who put an excellent video out about that and what happened, his struggle against trying to unmask all the hidden deaths of American Indians by the hands of even the United Church, Episcopal Church… and that’s still ongoing.  They’re still treated the same way yet. 


I’ve talked to people in federal government who worked with the Indians and Indian affairs and they can’t understand the Indians either.  They still expect the Indians to just adopt the white man’s way of life.  How silly it is.  Adopting a way of life where most of the white men are going to get wiped out too because they don’t need them anymore either.  Only the intelligentsia, the scientific elite can go on into the future to serve their masters, the ones who own all the rights to anything.  You wouldn’t believe the things they still do to the Indians today.  This is from that Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  That’s the government’s version of the BBC.  They call it the CBC.  It’s commonly called here the Communist Broadcasting Corporation because it’s full – always been full – of communists, international socialists and communists.  This is what they put out. 


Ottawa sends body bags to Manitoba reserves

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 /  CBC News


Aboriginal leaders in Manitoba are horrified that some of the reserves hardest hit by swine flu in the spring have received dozens of body bags from Health Canada.


The body bags — which were sent to the remote northern reserves of Wasagamack and God's River First Nation — came in a shipment of hand sanitizers and face masks.


Grand Chief David Harper (Alan:  No relation to the Prime Minister, I hope.), says, 'Don't send us body bags. Help us organize; send us medicine.'


Grand Chief David Harper who represents northern First Nations, says body bags send the wrong message (A:  No kidding.  I’ve said before, people, if only they would just LEARN.  When at first you think you’re right, stick to it… stick to it.) and no one can understand why Ottawa would do such a thing.  (A:  See, you had the idea a long time ago that you were right and you should have stuck to that.)


"It really makes me wonder if health officials know something we don't," he said. "I have a right to speak for my people. I make a plea to the people of Canada to work with us to ensure the lowest fatalities from this monster virus. (A:  They’re really getting massive propaganda there too.)  Don't send us body bags. Help us organize; send us medicine."


Harper says it's like sending body bags to soldiers in Afghanistan.


Chief Jerry Knott of Wasagamack First Nation said his community's nursing station received about 30 body bags.


"This disturbed our community members and continues to be a major concern. We had asked for funding so we can get organized and to ensure medicines, hand sanitizers and other preventative kits were in place but, instead, we are shocked to receive the body bags," he said. "To me, this is unacceptable and I am demanding an answer.


"Is the body bags a statement from Canada that we as First Nations are on our own?"


Leona Aglukkaq, federal minister of health, said Wednesday she's ordered her deputy minister to do a "thorough and immediate" inquiry into the body bag report.  (A:  That will take them a couple of months at the bureaucratic level.)


That’s ONE thing that happened there and it didn’t stop there.  A lot more has been happening too.  This article here is from CBCNews.CA.


Alcohol-based sanitizers for flu-hit First Nations

delayed over substance abuse fears

Tuesday, June 23, 2009  /  CBC News


(CBC)Health Canada delayed the delivery of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to some First Nations communities affected by swine flu because of concerns the alcohol content might be abused, the senior public health adviser to the Assembly of First Nations told a Senate committee Tuesday.


Dr. Kim Barker said the incident was only one example of the way that the measures used so far to contain the swine flu pandemic have been ill-suited to the social realities of some aboriginal communities that lack running water for hand washing.  (A:  This is the 21st century.  And yet here’s the Canadian military going over there apart from, you know, guard the poppy fields in Afghanistan.  That’s what it’s really about, and to get rid of all the competing tribes over there for power and to be the dominant minority there, the new minority… so’s we can guard the poppy fields.  Remember Bush, once into Afghanistan, he allowed them to start growing the poppy again.  It had been banned by the people who lived there for quite a few years but he allowed it to flourish once more.  Then we go around the world drilling wells for people and putting up buildings for them… BUT THEY CAN’T DO IT IN CANADA.  Why is that?  The stuff they’re doing in the Middle-East is for FUTURE development, for economic reasons.  Everything runs on economic concerns and you see the Indians are non-producers as far as the government is concerned.  That’s your real worth in life.  What do you produce?  Remember the U.N. definition of a good citizen is a producer and consumer.  That’s why they don’t have any running water out there.)


Chiefs were involved from the beginning in discussions on pandemic planning and measures such as the use of alcohol-based sanitizers, said Anne-Marie Robinson, assistant deputy minister of Health Canada's First Nations and Inuit Health Branch.


"We have had some rare experiences in our communities where we have had theft of hand sanitizers," Robinson said. "We do have communities where we have large proportions of people who suffer from addiction."  (A:  They think they’re going to grab these sanitizers and suck them for the alcohol in them.)


Chief David Harper from the Garden Hill First Nation, about 500 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, said the concern was legitimate because his community is a dry reserve, meaning they don't allow alcohol there.  (A:  But it really goes on to say what they think they’re going to do… just suck these things.  Augh.  21st century Canada.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just showing you what it’s like if you’re in a true reserve.  Remember, Agenda 21 is just reservations for the rest of us.  That’s what it is world wide – reservations.  You won’t be allowed off them, down the road. 


In the new, beautiful world order, where there’s supposed to be the free flow of capital and goods AND labor – remember it’s CHOSEN LABOR, the ones who the corporations need and authorize – we’ll all be stuck where we are.  That’s what Agenda 21 from the United Nations is all about.  They tried all this stuff out in the Soviet regions, remember, where if you’re born in a certain area, you need passes to go somewhere else even for a visit.  What do you think all this anti-terrorism rubbish is all about?  It’s nothing to do with what they tell you.  Why are YOU all suffering out there because of supposedly a caveman hiding in a cave in Afghanistan?  It’s got nothing to do with reality whatsoever.  It’s an Agenda. 


This link I’ll put up with the other links of tonight’s talk on my website.  On the right hand side of this page, this very one on the alcohol hand swipes, you’ll see another CBC archive link for the swine flu fiasco, the last fiasco they had with this swine flu. 


The swine flu fiasco

Broadcast Date: Feb. 21, 1983


Have a look at that and see what you think because it truly was a fiasco then as now.  Ordinary flu is going around.  There are more people coming down with imaginary things too at the time and when everyone’s got allergies.  Never mind the spraying from the skies that goes on every darned day.  Everything’s getting reported as swine flu with no swabs taken or anything else.  They must hype up this IMAGINARY swine flu to give themselves the right to vaccinate us all.  It’s a START of training us to get annual vaccinations for all kinds of things. 


That’s what they said at the World Health Organization 2006 world meeting.  Start the ball rolling and train the public to go for booster shots and different shots for EVERY YEAR OF THEIR LIVES.  Well, I ain’t!  I ain’t going to get trained like some animal Pavlovian style no matter what rubbish and nonsense they throw my way.  A good lesson to learn from the Indians, you NEVER allow yourself to give up your personal rights to take care of yourself.  INTERDEPENDENCE, this new world order term that Karl Marx started, means you’ll have no rights over anything which you need personally to survive.  It will all be dished out to you by those who control it on behalf of the people, mind you.  And if they consume most of it at the same time, like the elite of Russia - the Soviet Union did - but you at the bottom, under the guise of ‘we’re all equal at the bottom,’ will be lucky to see anything left at the end when it trickles down to you. 


Don’t give up your rights for INDIVIDUAL survival.  Once you do, you’re dependent and that’s really the lesson to be learned from the American Indians.  They’re dependent for everything they need now.  They’re surrounded with so many laws they can’t survive the way they’d like to.  That’s how it’s been done with all of us.  ‘You can’t grow a garden.’  ‘You can’t cut those trees down.’  ‘You can not grow livestock, oh no; they have e-coli in their feces.’  Never mind the fact the moose and the bear and everything else that flies is pooping all over the place.  It’s not supposed to make sense.  It’s supposed to encourage you to give up all your rights to sustain yourself.  You can’t have independence in this new world order.  It’s taboo.  It’s verboten. 


There are so many topics, so many, many topics.  This is a multi-pronged approach for the final take over.  It’s all being implemented as we live.  We’re living through it.  Getting back to what I said earlier, don’t ever forget Darwin’s Theory.  There was no theory whatsoever.  It was their PLAN.  Those who were the elite had studied all down through the ages civilizations rising and falling, who prospered and who didn’t.  The slaves never did of course.  So, this was not some sort of new discovery, generation by generation, to see how things worked from the top looking down.  They knew this.  There must always be masters and slaves.  Charles Galton Darwin said it himself in his book The Next Million Years; “Slavery has always existed in one form or another.”  He was speaking on behalf of the elite.  They know this. 


Even when you think you’re free or you think you’re democratic, you’re still a slave working for a system.  Your labor is taxed back from you.  You give away your labor free; it’s taken from you.  See, forced labor is called slavery.  They call it taxes.  So there’s X amount – 60%, 40%, whatever – is taken back from you and they call it taxes, you don’t think its slavery… it still is.  Then when the government can issue any decree and abscond with everything that you own – you don’t own anything – you’re a slave.  You have no rights, you see, as a slave. 


This whole new world order that’s been implemented through treaties by every government on the planet - except the ones that are getting bombed out of existence in the Middle-Eat right now - every one of these governments have signed on to the same mandate.  Very old plan, methodically worked through, all by deception.  I’ve read statements by people who PLANNED the Economic Union [EU] and the Parliament as they lied their teeth off for 30-odd years to the public in Europe saying ‘oh no, it’s just an economic agreement’.  I was telling people in the 70s, we’re getting a Parliament for the whole of Europe and it’s not democratic, it’s totalitarian.  This is for the rest of the world too, for the Americas next, happening now.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I let that little riff there wail once in a while, that guitar wail, because that’s how we sometimes feel… like wailing.  That’s what I’m doing right here, right now is wailing to those who might have ears to hear and eyes to see. 


I mentioned a few days ago about the Toronto Truth Seekers, formerly Toronto 9/11 Truth Movement, and how they’re having meet-ups throughout Toronto for information handouts on vaccines and so on to get people more informed choices on what they want to do with all this medical voodoo stuff.  You know, the potion they mixed together right from the big laboratories - the same ones, by the way, that were all part of IG Farben in World War II - they want to plant into our bodies.  There’s a lot of good data there so I’ll put this link up again tonight and another one from Black Krishna.  He’s one of the organizers down in Toronto.  That’s what he goes by is Black Krishna.  I’ve been on his show when he was at the University there too.  People should really KNOW the pros and cons about this, not just the propaganda which is PURE PROPAGANDA coming from mainstream.  That’s all you’re going to get from the mainstream is propaganda.  That’s their job. 


This is another interesting article here.  Again, a few days ago I mentioned about some British Lord in Parliament who got all of the top Christian leaders together and giving them instructions on how to get their congregations to join IN, in this new world utopian movement to go green.  Like the little, you know, do-gooders they are, they run off to do it and comply and get on board.  I can just see the parsons with their little white rings around their necks, trying to get their flocks to get INVOLVED in their community.  Here they are, they’re supposed to be following someone where you become whiter than white, whiter than snow and here they are trying to green, eh?  Here’s the catch, because this is what happened when they try to go green to please their masters.  They forget who their master is supposed to be.  Don’t they?  That’s not Christianity at all.  It’s just a social organization you belong to through culture.  They’ve missed the whole meaning.    This is from The Mail Online. 


You mustn't mention God...

council bans church from putting up notices about its meetings

By Daily Mail Reporter  /  16th September 2009


A Christian campaign group has been banned from pinning up notices about its meetings in libraries or community centres.


The activists were told their posters advertising talks about climate change (A:  They’re doing what they’re told to do, right… from the top.  What fools.  Why are they following the British government and British Lords of all that?) could not be shown in public because they mentioned Christianity and God.  (A:  So they’re supposed to just DO it without mentioning Christianity and God, even though they were asked as Christian groups to help.)


Officials declared that the flyers for a talk on 'climate change is a Christian issue' and another by a spokesman for the Christian Ecology Link (A:  CHRISTIAN Ecology Link.) were in conflict with town hall policy against the promotion of religious ideas.


The ban in Camden in North London bemused campaigners from the Roman Catholic Our Lady Help of Christians parish church - not least because they were told they could display posters advertising green rallies so long as they did not refer to God.


There was also confusion among the greens (A:  It’s amazing how they give you colors and everything to follow and people will be fighting over it.  ‘What are you?  I’m green.  Aahh.’  [Laughing] You give them sides and they join it.  They can’t think for themselves.) that while borough officials insist they cannot lend a hand to a Christian group, it provides for inquirers details of no fewer than 13 mosques, Muslim study groups, and Islamic social groups.


It is currently advertising for a £32,714-a-year youth worker to engage with 'especially Muslim teenagers' and the borough's website publishes the news that 'Camden council raises awareness of Islam', complete with assurances from a former leader that 'we work hard to spread a true picture of Islam and the Muslim faith.'


The rejection of flyers by local Christian group at libraries and community centres in Camden follows a growing number of incidents of official disapproval of Christians and Christianity.


They range from the refusal by some local authorities to allow any recognition of Christmas (A:  That’s how bad it is in Britain.  You can’t have ANY recognition…) through attempts by police forces to silence activists and authors who oppose the gay rights lobby, to disciplinary action by schools and hospitals against teachers who make their Christianity public or nurses who offer to pray with patients.


Jo Siedlecka is organising the climate change meetings for the Our Lady parish (A:  Church.).  They are part of a national push by church leaders who want to publicise their fears over the greenhouse effect (A:  oh boy, boy… I tell you.  This is Christian.  [laughing]) which involves Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams and Anglican Bishop of London Dr Richard Chartres as well as Roman Catholic clergy.  (A:  They’re all in on the act going green.  And there are all their followers…  See, you’re not supposed to follow HUMAN BEINGS, you understand?  Don’t you get it?  You’re not supposed to follow human beings that are walking, breathing today.  What are you worshiping here?  You’re worshiping political policies, agendas, con games… to enslave the entire planet.  And you go along with it because you’re TOLD to, by someone in politics, some Lord, and get in on the act to show that you’re part of the community.  Then you’re banned from mentioning you’re a Christian.  Well, silly you.  What else can I say?  Silly you. [Laughing])




TUC fears risk of riots as jobless total rises

By Brian Groom and Jim Pickard  /  Published: September 13 2009


Public spending cuts could plunge Britain into a double-dip recession, driving unemployment above 4m and threatening to provoke riots on the streets, the country’s most senior union leader has said.  (A:  Remember, on my web site in the archives section, you’ll find that 90-page document from the think tank for the British military and for NATO that predicts all this stuff.  They predicted all this stuff over a year and a half ago, maybe 2 years ago of this ongoing rioting, etc as unemployment rises, etc and then as there’s food shortages and all the rest of it… now that the 5 big agri-businesses have taken over the food supply of the planet.)


Sunday’s warning from Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, came as public sector unions told Labour and the Conservatives they would hold industrial action ballots if jobs were threatened.


Union leaders said they expected an “onslaught” against the public sector, whichever party won the general election due by next spring. Lord Mandelson (A:  What a character this is.  He can’t lose, this guy.  If you go into his history and his genealogy, it’s fascinating.  He got the exact same position that I think his grandfather had before him, EXACT same position in the British government, LORD Mandelson.  He’s got a litany of abuses behind him that some people would swing for… if they weren’t very special.  And best pal of Rothschild too, by the way.  He goes and visits him at his home in France and all that stuff.), business secretary, will on Monday say Britain faces a “period of public spending constraint” and Labour should not try to solve problems “simply by throwing money at them”.


Everything is gearing up the way it’s supposed to work out.  It’s planned that way.  Remember they put their top people in ALL positions in ALL things including Unions.  I can remember, I think it was Arthur Scargill that was a big union boss of a whole bunch of TUC for years and he was made a Sir eventually and maybe a Lord after that… as he spoke for the working classes.  His daughter wanted to get married to an Australian fella who was a miner.  Scargill told her she shouldn’t marry that guy, he’s beneath you.  He’s beneath her class… this guy is supposed to speak for all the working classes of Britain.  [Laughs]  What a joke.  Life is a joke isn’t it?  Boy. 


If you’ve noticed, apart from the eugenics program and the constant touting of the big buys, ‘there’s too many people; too many of you lot down there; we don’t need you anymore’.  It’s fascinating to see how they work it through MASS abortions… MASS abortions all over the world… regular, accepted goings-on daily.  I said years ago they’ll start at that and then go to the other end, the elderly and the infirm, which they’re doing, of course, always under the guise of helping you.  Remember, don’t forget the American Indians.  Whenever the white man says they’re going to help you, run the other way.  Run the other way.  They’re always lying.  There’s always another agenda behind it.  We’re such schmucks aren’t we?  Absolute schmucks for something that’s free.  That’s all they have to say is it’s free.  The Mail Online.


Report warns doctors snub families of the terminally ill amid growing use of 'death pathway'

By Daniel Martin  /  15th September 2009


(A:  This is what they’re calling it now when they help to ‘the pathway’ of death.  You know, when you think you MIGHT be terminally ill and they throw you in these awful wards where they deprive you of food and water until you’re dead.  This is actually what they’re doing now in Britain and in the US and elsewhere now.  The ‘pathway.’  It was started up by I think the Queen’s mother.  The Royalty always have a patron in charge of it; Prince Charles is in charge of it now.)


More than a quarter of families are not told when life support is withdrawn from terminally-ill loved ones, a report has found.


Experts warn that growing use of a controversial 'death pathway' is seeing some patients killed off prematurely.


They say the system can lead to 'backdoor euthanasia' by encouraging doctors to deny fluids and drugs to those deemed to be in their final throes.


Under the so-called Liverpool Care Pathway, which is used across the NHS (A:  Remember, in America and the US, this is what socialized medicine is.  It’s a political agenda.  Don’t forget that for a second or you’re an absolute idiot.  You can’t mix politics.  You can’t give government the power over health; it will have a political agenda behind it.)  and in many nursing homes, doctors can withdraw assistance from the terminally ill and sedate them continuously until death.


About 20,000 patients are thought to die this way each year.  (A:  There are probably a lot more.)


But a national audit of the scheme found that 28 per cent of relatives were not informed that a loved one had been placed on the pathway.  (A:  The pathway, eh?)


Researchers from the Royal College of Physicians and the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute in Liverpool (A:  That’s where it all started in that latter one.) obtained details of almost 4,000 patients treated on the scheme last year.


Thirty-nine per cent suffered from cancer, while others had conditions such as pneumonia, stroke, organ failure and dementia. The average age of patients was 81 and they were typically on the pathway for 33 hours (A:  33, they love that number don’t they?) before death.


More than a third were given sedatives, and four out of five either did not need intravenous medication or fluids, or had them withdrawn. (A:  4 out of 5!)  The study found that 76 per cent of families were told that a loved one 'had entered the dying phase'.  (A:  When they withdrew what you need to live, right.)


The audit - which examined practices at 155 hospitals in England - concluded that there was room for improvement in keeping relatives informed.  (A:  Really?!?)


Peter Millard, emeritus professor of geriatrics at the University of London, said: 'The risk as this is rolled out across the country is that elderly people with chronic conditions like Parkinson's or respiratory disorders may be dismissed as dying when they could still live for some time.


 'If patients tell their doctors that they wish to die at home, that shouldn't be taken as an excuse not to treat them in hospital if their condition deteriorates but they still might recover with proper care.   (A:  Once your economic value is over as a tax payer, you’re now a consumer.  You’re using your pension fund and the government wants that.  You know what they do with you?  You’re exterminated.  It’s all terminology isn’t it?  It’s all in the wording.  Everything is wording.  Call it what it is.  Exterminated.  Terminated.  Kaput.  No more purpose for you.)


It’s interesting too that the so-called arrested development peoples, the peoples who were ‘arrested civilizations’ as they call them - like the American Indians – were the only ones who could really be self-sufficient.  They’d always been self-sufficient.  That was totally taken away from them.  You can not be the masters over everybody when there are people out there who are self-sufficient.  You must flatten that, destroy it, destroy the cultures totally, and wreck them completely… to enslave them.  Then they’re now DEPENDENT on you.  That’s what interdependence means.  You can not give governments power over you in this fashion.  Can’t be done.  They eliminate you, terminate you. 


We live in an economic system.  An economic system such as this is not a natural system.  It’s based on Darwinian Theory, ‘Survival of the fittest.’  Who are the fittest?  They tell you who the fittest are.  You see them every day on TV, the suits and ties at the big gala affairs and all the rest of it.  Those are the richest people and are the fittest, according to them in THEIR economic system.  These people could hardly tie their shoelaces for themselves, you know.  They could never survive and be self-sufficient in anything.  They need slaves to do everything for them.  It’s an artificial system we’re in. 


The Indians were asked to sell their home, their motherland, their HOME, the dirt they sat on, the dirt that sustained them.  I think it was Chief Seattle that gave the big speech about it.  He says, ‘how can we sell our mother, everything comes from this mother, the earth’; their food… sustains their life, even the animals which they hunted and so on, lived on.  They couldn’t understand what money was.  You can’t eat it.  However, self-sufficiency like that, of course, without money, means you can’t be taxed.  It can’t be taxed from you.  They can either enslave you through physical force, and then you know you’re a slave or they can introduce this economic system and call it just that.  Civilization is what they call it.  And progress.  Progress towards what?  Progress towards a Darwinian agenda.  A Darwinian agenda where the inferior types serve their purpose to push the elite ahead, ahead, ahead in every generation and then once you’ve pushed them ahead, like a staging rocket, you must die off. 


I’ve actually got books here by Sir Thomas Huxley on that very subject.  That’s how he described the different peoples and classes of humanity.  He actually goes through that whole thing with the amoebas and different bacteria that aerate the soil, etc.  Then different plants grow and they die off and minerals are implanted for the next thing.  Then the tree comes in.  They tree symbolizes the fittest, the end product: the elite.  That’s what they all believe at the top.  They’re taught this.  Take nothing for free, there’s always a catch.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The hour has almost flown in so I’d better go to the phones and we have Alan from Australia.  Are you there Alan?


Alan (Australia):  Good day Alan.  Yes, it’s me.  I’ve just got a quick question for you.  Do you think there’s a small group, a cabal, at the very top, of the big boys that know the whole agenda to a tee or is it too compartmentalized to know that knowledge?  Is it one person that would know it all…?


Alan:  There’s definitely a group at the top that know it all.  There’s no doubt on that. 


Alan (Australia):  How much of that could it be roughly, a small group of people or like a large group of people?


Alan:  I think it would be a small group but incredibly rich though, incredibly rich people.


Alan (Australia):  Just the one family do you think?


Alan:  I think, you might say its one family that’s dispersed…


Alan (Australia):  Just generational?


Alan:  It could be maybe a dozen of them or 12 or 13 of them. 


Alan (Australia):  You get into a lot of the families, Illuminati bloodline. 


Alan:  They don’t even have to be involved in politics or anything.  All they have to do is make a phone call to any Prime Minister or President and they’ll jump when these names are mentioned, obviously.  They can crash countries, whole country’s economies just over night by one or two of them getting together. 


Alan (Australia):  Well, I’ll keep it brief.  Thank you very much Alan.


Alan:  Okay.  That’s they key to it.  You can not possibly study Karl Marx and see the history about Karl Marx and who protected him… and the whole prediction of where they wanted to take the world, including terms like ‘interdependence’ and so on.  Then you live through the era where governments are signing that into international treaties, into LAW and we’re all ‘interdependent’ and whether it’s Labour or Conservative, it makes no difference.  Maggie Thatcher was supposed to be conservative and she said the same thing, ‘interdependence’.  So it doesn’t matter about the parties they belong to.  Carroll Quigley was right; the leaders of all top parties in all countries in the Western world and British Commonwealth countries are all members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations. 


Alan (Australia):  We’ve got a Council on Foreign Relations over here as well. 


Alan:  Yes, you do.  I’m telling you Howard, the one before, made no bones about it, completely Fabian.  He came in and he says, ‘I have a mandate; you’ll be protesting in the streets.  I don’t care; don’t bother protesting.  I have a mandate to fulfill and that’s that.’  By God, he just pushed the whole socialist agenda right through. 


Alan (Australia):  As you say, the next one coming [inaudible] 


Alan:  That was a little hobby he had on the side.  [Laughs]. 


Alan (Australia):  But I get fined for not voting over here.  $50 fine last week for not voting in the local election I didn’t even know was on because I follow politics.  So I get fined $50 for every time I don’t vote.  It’s illegal not to vote. 


Alan:  Well, you should be proud of yourself.


Alan (Australia):  I am proud of myself.  I’ve also got $50 I need to pay and I’m afraid they say they will chase me but they can chase me all they like. 


Alan:  Well you take care of yourself. 


Alan (Australia):  Okay.  You take care of yourself. 


Alan:  That’s the world we’re living in.  All members or the leaders of countries of all parties are already preselected.  You see that at the Bilderbergers meetings all the time.  You know who’s going to get put in as the President of the United States.  Obama says he didn’t know if he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  He says, ‘I have spoken there quite a few times.’  Well, you can’t get to speak there unless you’re a member.  You have to be invited in.  [Laughs]  Wonderful isn’t it?  Wonderful show biz we live through.  That’s all it is, is show biz from the top and people fall for it all the time.  Nothing’s for free. 


Well that’s it for tonight.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, may your God or your God GO with you.



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