Sept. 21, 2009 (#412)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 21, 2009:

Euthanasia, No Tears, We Want Volunteers:

"News from Above, it's Something They Said,
I'm Getting the Feeling They Want Us All Dead,
The Quickest Way to Reduce CO2,
Is to Eliminate the Chance of Producing More You,
With Statistics and Graphs, This Bunch of Comics (O.P.T.)
Has Teamed with the London School of Economics,
The Elite are Saying in Their Own Polite Way,
Our Use is Now Over, We've Outlived Our Stay,
Given CO2 Fairy Tales with Future of Gloom,
Unless We Bite the Cyanide, Go to Our Doom,
All in Good Cause so Those 'Better' People
Will have a Bright Future Without 'Lesser' Sheeple"
© Alan Watt Sept. 21, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 21, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 21st 2009.  For the newcomers I always suggest you look in to web site.  Scroll down and youíll see all the other sites I have up there and bookmark them for future use in case some of the main servers go down.  Youíll see a whole bunch to choose from [listed above]. is the European site which has the same audios for free download but it also has a lot of transcripts of these audios for print up and theyíre written in the various languages of Europe.  For those who want to try their hand at translating around the world, give it a go.  You can get in touch with me via email [listed above] and weíll set you up with something to try out.  Donít be afraid either.  Itís more important to get the essence of whatís being translated in to your own language so that your own people can understand whatís being said.  You donít have to be precise.  Itís very difficult.  You can lose the meanings in translation.  Iíd rather you keep the meaning there by doing it any way you can to the best of your ability.  So give it a try if you want to. 


For the audience out there, you bring me to you.  I donít get backed by anyone.  The ads you hear on the show, the advertisers pay straight to RBN for their time, the bills, staff and so on.  Iíve got nothing to do with that at all.  So itís up to you the listeners to keep me going.  You can do it by buying the books and disks I have for sale on the web sites [items listed at end of transcript].  Remember, you can pay through [listed above].  Some people just send cash.  That cuts out the middleman with the triple chins and the expensive suit. 


For those who get the disks burned and passed around at different meetings and so on, who donít have computers, you can get in touch with me at [listed above].  Lots of people donít have computers.  Theyíre wiser.  Iím only using it because I have to at this time until I know itís game over and Iíll just chuck it out the window.  I can do without it.  At the moment, itís the only essential tool we have.  Itís the fastest tool that we have to communicate.  It will come down to being censored big time over the next 2 or 3 years or maybe even sooner.  Theyíre already implementing whatís politically correct and what isnít and theyíll get you through one means or another if they want you off.  Itís very simple. 


This whole system in which we live, I talk about reality.  What is reality?  Reality is simply the system into which youíre born, a system in which your parents accepted without question.  Most parents donít know any other reality except the one that theyíre given through their indoctrination or their education, same thing, and itís reinforced by the media as they grow up, and entertainment as well.  More messages will change you through entertainment than through nonfiction.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about reality and how we simply adapt into the system and adopt it, which our parents lived in, because they donít know to warn you that thereís so many cons in life, big cons from the top.  I think it was Goebbels that said, ĎIf youíre going to tell a lie, tell a really big lieí because people canít believe that anyone would pull such a big con over a WORLD.  They can understand the small lies to get something you want or get away with something but not the big ones.  Nobody would do that.  Thatís exactly why it works so well.  We canít believe them. 


I talked about Agenda 21 from the United Nations, the Agenda for the 21st Century, which theyíre already implementing and they have been for quite a few years.  Theyíre going to start to demolish a lot of the urban areas which they call Ďsprawlí because they donít like so many people living on the outskirts of the cities.  I mentioned that Obama is setting in motion right now a plan to knock down a lot of the old suburbs Ė suburbia Ė especially the working class areas now that thereís no more work.  The only problem is now, what do you do with the working class?  Thatís the only problem they have.  Of course, they have all that figured out too. 


They do it over a period time.  Itís incremental.  Those who run the world and the economy work far in advance of what youíd think.  Look at any major corporation, international corporations, and they have investment portfolios for 50 years ahead, 80 years ahead and that kind of thing.  Thatís exactly how the British Empire was ruled from London in England which really is a corporation if you look at their government.  All governments are.  At least in Britain they admit in their history books now that all the big corporations that flowed out, from London, were part of government.  Itís the same boys that had the shares in it and that sort of thing.  The British East India Company was one of the first major ones to be formed along with the Dutch East India Company.  They were really twins.  Youíll find that they had their own armies. 


We donít realize that when they said Ďfor Britainí and all of that in the Hollywood movies...  Youíd see the pirates attacking the ships, those guys in the uniforms that were getting attacked and fighting back Ė generally in the modern movies they win Ė these were actually PRIVATE armies and navies they had, the ones with the uniforms.  They were given the protection of the British government.  We donít seem to realize much of our history.  Weíre going back to the same system right now, the new feudal system that Professor Carroll Quigley talked about. 


RealityÖ all mammals will teach their young what to be scared of, what they should be weary of.  If the parent mammal doesnít do it, that animal is prey to things it doesnít even know are after it.  Itís the same with humans.  The greatest thing with the new world order plan is that you CAN read the books by the big players.  They put a lot of information out from the early 1900s and actually the 1800s onwards - especially since Darwin onwards - about WHERE they wanted to take the world and HOW theyíd have to do it over 100 to 150 years or so.  Whatís beautiful too is when you know what theyíre after, you can always predict what theyíre going to do in different areas. 


Since theyíre eugenicists at the top and theyíve already planned a beautiful utopia to merge at the end of this century, pretty well, with a vastly reduced population of all the useless eaters, the junk gene types and the kinds who maybe, just maybe will have allergies and asthma to pass on to their children.  These are all the same things that Hitler was after AND the Soviet Union.  Thatís where Hitler learned it all from, who to go after.  They both learned it from those in London.  The Eugenics Society was up and running long before they came along in the Soviet Union or in Nazi Germany.  Even the lists of the peoples whoíd have to be erased had been drawn up in London. 


When you can tell what theyíre after, and they make one move, you know what the next one will always be.  All this carbon nonsense and greenhouse gases nonsense Iíve gone through before.  The whole idea of the global warming scam Ė which is now climate change because global warming isnít doing to well Ė was dreamed up by they Club of Rome, a very elitist, private foundation that spawns Ė like they all do Ė their umbrella underneath them; little specialized units underneath them.  The founders of the Club of Rome, they call themselves THE PREMIERE think tank.  Their job is to come out with the big cons for 50 years down the road.  Then they must implement at least the basics of how to implement it and pass it on to other think tanks to work on the problems of implementation, through propaganda, education and those kinds of methods. 


We know they want to vastly reduce the population.  The Club of Rome said it.  There are just too many people and the wrong sort.  If you read between the lines and sometimes right on the lines, theyíll tell you they want to get rid of Ďthe wrong sort.í  Charles Galton Darwin also said the same thing in the 1950s.  Being a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project because he loved humanity, he said it quite blatantly.  ĎThereís too many of the lower classes; theyíll outbreed us.í  According to their traditions and their religion, which really is very much like Hinduism, they do believe in survival of the fittest long before Darwin came along to put it into a pseudo-scientific terminology.  Theyíd always believed this.  Theyíd used people in wars and now they have a global society coming up, they wonít need all of those people especially when they can have robots and all this kind of stuff to do a lot of the killing, unmanned aircraft and all that kind of stuff. 


Theyíre always looking towards the future where THEIR utopia for THEIR offspring will come into place.  In the meantime, they must convince everyone on the planet that they are the problem and make you really, really pay for it into utter poverty through carbon taxes and that kind of stuff, but also to reduce the population.  Thatís getting drummed into children now in Kindergarten basically, who are growing up in schools learning that THEY are the problem and donít have children.  Hereís an article just to push it on. 


Iíve said before, most folk Ė like Jacques Ellul said Ė do not learn by thinking anything through.  They get bombarded with media in bits and bytes and they learn by osmosis.  Itís almost like it sort of melts through their skull into little pieces and bypasses the conscious reasoning part.  They do not reason through things, therefore it becomes familiar with them over time when they hear it again and theyíve never really started on the problem from the FIRST download they had.  Itís just sitting in there familiarizing you with the idea.  Thatís how they come to conclusions.  Then the experts on television debate it for them and leave them with a conclusion.  Worldwide this system is now. 


This article is one of them.  Itís from CNET News, from the London School of Economics.  All these links I put up on my site at the end of the show so you donít have to rush off and look it up now.


Should contraception qualify for climate funds?

by Candace Lombardi  /  September 17, 2009


Contraception (Alan:  Remember, within contraception they also mean abortion.  Theyíve always meant that.  They used abortion in the Soviet Union more so than giving them birth control pills.) would be the cheapest and most effective way to reduce carbon emissions worldwide between 2010 and 2050, according to a study by the London School of Economics.


The report, "Fewer Emitters (A:  Emitters are PEOPLE, folks.), Lower Emissions, Less Cost," (PDF) determined that if contraception was made widely available between 2010 and 2050 to women and men around the world who wished to use it, the reduction in unwanted births could result in saving 34 gigatonnes (one billion tonnes) of carbon emissions. That's roughly 60 years worth of U.K. emissions or 6 years worth of U.S. emissions.  (A:  Itís like balancing prayers isnít it?  All this stuff is like the ancient times when the high priests would get you up with sins and stuff and theyíd put their hands out, very much like Egypt as well.  When you went to die your heart would get weighed.  Thatís what itís like, an imaginary thing where your right hand is weighed down with this bunch of imagination called carbon emissions, the other one is basically your common sense.  Unfortunately propaganda generally wins over common sense.  So the new religion of carbon emissions tends to weigh it down and thatís it.  Thatís how simple it works.  So theyíre convincing the public that youíre the problem unless people will bring it downÖ by giving you all these fake statistics of the fake stuff on the scales.)


The cost for supplying, and distributing contraception over those 40 years would cost an estimated $220 billion, or $7 for each tonne of carbon emissions avoided.  (A:  Isnít that amazing?  Isnít this amazing rubbish?  They pick these figures out of the air to sound impressive then they draw up these shocking graphs.  They put the graphs up and point to the spikes and stuff and itís supposed to really impress you.)  It's cheaper than the next most efficient low-carbon technology, wind power, which would cost $24 per tonne or $1 trillion to prevent the same amount (one billion tonnes) of carbon emissions from being produced, according to the report.


In its per-tonne cost analysis, the report also calculated $51 for solar, $57 to $83 for coal plants with carbon capture and storage, (A:  capture and storage!) $92 for plug-in hybrid vehicles, and $131 for electric vehicles.


The contraception as carbon reduction conclusion was based on United Nations statistics  (A:  Theyíre wonderful at making up BS - Bothersome stuff - BS.)  that 40 percent of worldwide pregnancies are unintentional. If contraception was made available to people who wanted it, those unintentional births could be reduced by as much as 72 percent.   (A:  I tell you, these guys at the London School of Economics must be awfully promiscuous if thatís what they come up withÖ 72% unwanted.)  Between 2010 and 2050, that would result in curbing the world population growth by half a billion people, according to the UN statistics.  (A:  What IS the UN?  The ONE, you know, in French.  What is it?  Itís an UNelected body that was put into existence by every leader of the world at the end of World War II.  Itís a corporation.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article for CNET News which is a public relations Ė meaning propaganda Ė piece to depopulate the world down to a manageable level by the experts.  So theyíll be left at the end of it and maybe theyíll create new slaves to tie their shoelaces for them and till the soil and all that kind of stuff.  Here they go.  This is from the United Nations of course.  The UN is an umbrella organization.  It was set up to be world government.  Right now, as we live, itís getting put up to its FULL status military-wise and through its regulatory process.  It has departments IN the United Nations to deal with EVERY department that your national government would haveÖ to do with building, traffic, all that kind of stuff.  They have their parallel one set up.  Theyíve always had it there at the United Nations ready to take over.  In fact, most of the laws that are passed in most countries across the world for the last 20-30 years have come directly from the United Nations and signed into law in your country, right down to your building codes.  It goes on to say in this article that they want to bring the population down by 72%. 


That is a conservative estimate, according to the report, since the UN figures are based solely on the lack of contraception access for married couples, and did not include unintended pregnancy statistics for unmarried women.  (A:  Here you go.  You see, they all work together.)


The study was funded by the U.K. environmental group (A:  Iíve mentioned this so many times.) Optimum Population Trust (OPT) (A:  Who describe themselves and Iíve put the links up, as a bunch of very rich, old, white people, meaning the better bred type, the aristocracy.  Thatís what they mean by that.  Sir Crispin Tickell, a guy with no sense of humor with a name like that, is in charge of it and heís the best pal of Prince Charles.  He backs him up.  Heís also got a board or a panel on the British government telling them what to do.  Theyíre all unelected too.), which has argued that a more responsible attitude toward reproduction could be the answer to many environmental issues such oil, food, and water shortages.  (A:  Do you know it rained all June and July here? Öevery darn day.  Like last year, same thing again. Itís incredible to hear thatÖ water shortages.)


The group has said that family planning programs in poor countries should qualify for environmental aid (A:  Environmental aid theyíre calling it now.), since fewer people result in less energy use and fewer emissions.  (A:  I love their double-speak.  They were going to call abortions and all the rest of it, environmental aid.  Oh, theyíre clever, clever with their double-think and their twisted logic.  Unfortunately it works.  Most folk canít sit and figure things out.)


Someone actually wrote to me and I advised them to read the United Nations Agenda 21 and they did.  He and his wife didnít see anything wrong with it.  It seemed quite nice.  Iím sure they were very nice people.  Really.  Nice people who probably saw every Disney movie ever made and watched all the politically correct movies on how wonderful everyone is to them and the world is a wonderful place and all that and little animals talk to each other.  Iím sure thatís what gave them that kind of attitude. 


They could not SEE the fact that people are already getting forced off rural areas.  They have since World War II, actually before it.  The whole idea is to bring them into these overcrowded, run-down cities.  By the way, thatís why they havenít been fixing up these main cities weíve all to be crowded in to, as you go down like Soylent Green, crammed together as the rubble falls in on you.  Thatís why they wonít upkeep them.  They actually said in Toronto, which is a good example for other major cities.  They said it would cost more to fix all the infrastructure in Toronto - with all the pipes underneath the cities and water and sewage and all the rest of it - than it would be to build a new city and theyíre not going to build a new city.  So they want to dump us all into these quagmires.  The corridors are all ready.  People donít realize the UN corridors are already there for the animal and for biospheres and no human shall set foot on them unless they belong to the United Nations or an international corporation thatís given the rights to go in and mine there and thatís what they do.  Everything is a con. 


They hit on this beautiful thing.  Remember, the Club of Rome came up with the idea that Ďman was at war with the planet.í  They needed a war so weíd all go along with it, the rationing and all that kind of stuff, and being monitored.  Like a Soviet system.  In fact, in their book The First Global Revolution, the two founders said that in the 70s they looked at all these possibilities, came up with the idea of global warming and ďThat would fit the bill.Ē  They also had said the man was therefore at war with the planet, therefore man was the enemy, and humanity was the enemy.  ďThat would fit the bill.Ē 


There out in the open with it really, if people really know whatís going on.  All this stuff about rationing and rationing, a war type scenario, we will all work together thinking, Ďweíre saving the planet, and weíre saving each other arenít we?í  NO.  Theyíre going to reduce the ability to get stuff.  Remember what Orwell said.  ĎYou know youíre under tyranny in a totalitarian system when those who own the means of production also have the right to distribute it to you OR withhold it from you, and whatever you GET to survive and live on will be taken as a privilege.í  THATíS THE SYSTEM, the very system the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Fabian Society, Council on Foreign Relations, The United Nations and all the other big think tanks that work with them are bringing in to play.  Thatís what itís about. 


Itís done through CONVINCING US first.  Weíre the only species on earth that has to be CONVINCED to do ourselves in.  You donít go out to an ant hill thatís trying to invade your house Ė the carpenter ants Ė and have a little tÍte-ŗ-tÍte with them and say Ďplease ants, if you go on like this youíll eat through my house.í  You donít.  You just put the poison down and thatís it.  With humans, itís much better and itís a legality too, when you do it yourself.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  There are two other articles Iíll just mention before I go to a caller.  One is from Reuters.  I call it Routers because they route the news to all the other newspapers who then parrot them.  This one saysÖ


RPT FEATURE   Greying Britain looks to assisted suicide reform

Mon Sep 21, 2009   /  By Farah Master


(A:  This ties in with the other end.  I always say they start on the unborn and they finish up with the ones that are too old.  The UN has said a good citizen is a good producer-consumer.  If you become a pensioner, youíre now consuming.  They donít see all that money you put into the pension fund as yours.  The government could use that to bail out bankers and things like that, pay themselves off.  So they want the elderly to feel depressed and get them into a squalor state and theyíd be quite happy to probably just throw in the towel.  Thatís the idea of it too.  Make it miserable and down they go.  This kind of article, by the way, is like a blitz.  When you see a blitz across newspapers across the world at the same time, itís organized.  Itís organized to get the idea in our heads, Ďoh, itís true, you know, who wants to get old and infirm.í  Then you think of ALL elderly people as being infirm and sick and ready to die and of course, thatís not the truth.  Remember too, the same guys who gave us the United Nations, the entertainment industry and all the rest of it, also gave us the YOUTH culture.  Youíre supposed to be always eternally young.  If you start graying a bit, people are panicked now and they run off to get their hair implants and face-lifts, men and women, now.  Theyíre terrified because weíve lost that intergenerational link.  Theyíve destroyed the family unit.  At one time granny and grandpa was often living in the same home, they looked after their grandchildren, taught them the history they should REALLY know to make them streetwise and thatís been destroyed.  Government steps in with its services and the next thing you know, you toss granny and grandpa in a bin somewhere and theyíre taken care of for a short time.  The government then seizes their property Ė thatís what happens in Canada and socialized countries Ė they take your property in exchange for your CARE.  You donít live very well so they make a good deal.  For all your property, you only live a few months once youíre in there.  Anyway, thatís another story. So here it is.)


LONDON, Sept 21 (Reuters) - It used to be an issue just for the terminally ill. Now as populations around the world age, governments are increasingly being confronted with the taboo idea of dying as something people can volunteer to do.


"The demand for the option, if not the practice, is growing rapidly," said Dr. Philip Nitschke,  (A:  Itís almost like Nietzsche isnít it?) 61, founder and director of the pro-euthanasia group Exit International.  (A:  So why are they giving this guy top billing here?)


The Australian doctor -- nicknamed Dr Death for his work on suicide -- is travelling the world to teach people how to end their lives safely with a suicide drug-testing kit.


"Very few will go down this path, but almost every 75-year old I meet now sees merit in having their own bottle of Nembutal in the cupboard as an insurance policy, in case things get bad," Nitschke told Reuters, referring to the barbiturate used as a sedative. 


So thatís from Reuters.  Then you look at this other one here.  Itís in all the papers.  Itís just a coincidence that theyíre all on the same stuff on the same month.  I read this last week.  News Week:


The Case for Killing Granny

Rethinking end-of-life care.

By Evan Thomas | NEWSWEEK  /  Published Sep 12, 2009


My mother wanted to die, but the doctors wouldn't let her. At least that's the way it seemed to me as I stood by her bed (A:  Itís written like a soap opera.  I wonder who in Hollywood wrote it for them.)


Again, itís all to get US used to the idea that this is inevitable.  You will no longer live a certain amount of years and then die in your bed.  You should really be thinking about getting bumped off once youíre retired.  Then youíre saving the world.  By the way, you wonít be using all that carbon or breathing it out either, that CO2 once youíre dead.  See, youíre helping the world by giving your life.  Sacrifice has always been a great part of this high religion, as long as itís others that get sacrificed.  Quite something. 


Iíll go to a caller now.  Thereís Alan in England.  Are you there Alan?


Alan (England):  Hello.  Hi, Alan itís Alan.† Alan calling from Devon.  How are you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Alan (England):  I havenít rung in for a while.  If you remember, Iíve called in but not for some time.  Both of us were in the music business.  I did ring in before.  Let me get straight to the point.  On topic, there is this Liverpool NHS [National Health Service] deal going on that the Laurouch people have been reporting widely, Prince Charles backed idea thatís going through the NHS.


Alan:  Thatís Ďthe pathway,í they call it. 


Alan (England):  Thatís right.  There are some very strange things going on here in, what do you want to call itÖ  Britain, UK, I donít know, EU.  Have you heard of a group called Common Purpose?


Alan:  Yes I have.  Common Purpose.  Theyíre an incredibly well-funded group.  They have infiltrators in the military high positions and the police, which is illegal actually, but they have permission.  They are also run by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they use their same techniques.


Alan (England):  Thatís right.  Have you heard of TPUC.  These are good guys.  The Peopleís United Congress, the work of John Harris and others.  Theyíre a new web site, I think.  Theyíve only been up and running a couple of years.  What theyíre doing most importantly is they are helping people to understand the difference between common law and statutory law which is very important I think.  It goes back to the Article 61, The Magna Carta, 1215 ad.  Itís all to do with lawful rebellion and sovereignty and so forth.  Thatís very important information.  Other people like Ian Crane are also doing lectures like this.  So thereís lots of good news going on here.  Thereís lots of paradigm shifts going on with people becoming more and more aware, particularly here.  I know youíre in Canada, is that right?


Alan:  Yes.


Alan (England):  There are lots of really good grass roots things going on here.  I think theyíre going on in America as well.  So that is the good news.  I wondered if you had heard of Common Purpose because in my area, I know that over 70,000 pounds of tax payerís money has been used for this very insidious source of training of these elite groups and how to be leaders in the EU state and all the rest of it.


Alan:  What youíll find is the tie in with the Fabian Society and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  The Fabian Society said they would get to a time when they would take over through infiltration of all organizations AND governmental organizations and civic organizations with a particular group which they said then they would CHOOSE AND TRAIN the FUTURE LEADERS they will present to run not just Britain but the world.  Thatís exactly what Common Purpose does.  They bypass all traditional government organizations but they USE governments.  That tells you from the very top theyíve been given permission because they can actually use tax money to get their agenda through.  Theyíre all for the EU.  Theyíre all for having the world run by an educated elite.


Alan (England):  Mobilization or what they callÖ is the same as empire, really.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Alan (England):  I just thought your listeners might be interested.  If thereís anyone listening from Europe, check out TPUC in England., theyíre doing fantastic work.  Itís to do with common law as opposed to statutory law.  Iím going to get off the phone because I think that you can give us a bit more information about the difference between when youíreÖ for example, if youíre addressed by a police officer and youíre going in the darkÖ military sort of maritime law, going into the dark, and that sort of stuff.  Iím sure you know all about it so I just wanted to make that point.† These are very important things that we can turn things around with so weíve got to think positive and get people educated, which is what youíve been doing for years.  But if we can do that, thenÖ  Thereís already very, very big signs Alan, that thatís changing.  I go into the pubs in England even though theyíre empty because of the smoking apartheid law.  Nonetheless, people are really now talking, beginning to wake up to all the scams and the frauds and everything thatís going on, because itís affecting them in their pockets.


Alan:  Itís going to affect them a lot more when they come through with the next G20 and the complete personal carbon tax, believe you me.


Alan (England):  Well, I know but letís see what the Chinese do and what they do with the petrodollar and all this.  Letís see what they do.  Letís see.  We have to wait and see.  But people need toÖ the whole idea is to educate people.  The common law thing is a very big thing because I think it applies to all of the, of course it applies to all of the British Empire countries.  Is it 52 countries?  Whatever it is.  If people understand those basic things, they can also understand their basic rights.  Then they can take that to the voting box and make sure that thereís no fraud and take it from there.  You know, from the ground upÖ as they say.  Okay.  Nice to talk to you.  I hope the wee dogís fine.


Alan:  Heís doing well.


Alan (England):  Thanks for having me.  Cheers.


Alan:  Bye now. 


Itís important too.  Itís not a matter of losing hope.  Itís a matter of the more you learn the more you can put out there and you can win your argument by giving correct, verifiable information.  Thatís the key to everything.  Thereís no doubt about it, these insidious groups are well funded, well funded.  Common Purpose literally came out of nowhere and by the time it was discovered, it had infiltrated just about everything, even all the way to Ireland.  Itís pushing for this EU totalitarian state AND saying that theyíre training the future leaders that will be presented to the public.  I believe them.  I believe thatís true.  Youíll have completely indoctrinated children who are picked, selected for their ability to be indoctrinated.  True believers, little fascists and we canít have that.  We canít have that anywhere in the world.  We canít have it at all. 


Alan:  Thereís Karen from Oregon.  Are you the Karen?


Karen:  Good evening Alan.  Itís always a pleasure to talk to you.  You are such a happy guy and you deliver the good news.† Actually, I really appreciate all the work that you do.  It is difficult, to say the least, to do all the research.  I have a question for you about the flu scam and nongovernmental organizations.  Dr. Rima Laibow and her husband who are very against this flu shot and have web sites and stuff, belong to an NGO.  Theyíre funded by an NGO.  Do you know anything about that?


Alan:  I donít to be honest with you.  I do know Ė Iím not saying they are Ė but I do know that there IS a lot of controlled and funded opposition to every, EVERY major thing in this world to make sureÖ  Thatís how it works.  The public sit back thinking, theyíre doing it all for us, we can sit back and let it roll.  But I canít say anything about this one because I havenít looked into it.


Karen:  Is it possible that some NGOs are actually taking the money and working against the new world order?


Alan:  What Iíve noticed before, is most NGOs come out saying all the right things but they end up being affiliated with the United Nations.  Thatís your first clue that itís a setup.  When you become affiliated and accept the United Nations and you agree to sit on their board as an NGO, it also means Ė and they tell you this Ė YOU MUST ACCEPT ALL OF THEIR MANDATES as well.  So that means youíre utterly compromised.  You can not be compromised.  So you have to see if theyíre actually affiliated with the United Nations or not.


Karen:  On their main page it does say that they are an NGO and that sent up warning signs even though they are very loudly speaking against Codex Alimentarius.  Also Dr. Ian Crane who I think your last caller mentioned as well was against it, has made remarks that seem to question just exactly what side they are on. 


Alan:  Itís very possible.  Youíd really have to see who their co-sponsors are.  They generally have it on their sites.  People will say who their cosponsors are, where their funding comes from, who their affiliates are.  But definitely look in to see if theyíre recognized by the United Nations. 


Karen:  I will do that.


Alan:  I tell you something people forget.  A while ago a guy came out.  I think it was Dr. Horowitz, his name was.  He churned out one book after another - it was very suspicious I thought - kind of mixed with the New Age and the coming new world order and all that kind of stuff.  He went all over the Patriot Radio and he was a star wherever he went.  Then he got knighted by the Knights of Columbus after that.  Then he belonged to an organization, I think it was him, affiliated with the United Nations to do with the demilitarization of space.  We had the same thing with the guy who first came out with the HAARP, Dr. Nick Begich, and he was pushed by CBC Canada.  Thatís the BBC owned by the government.  They launched him.  No one had heard of him before.  He became the instant expert on HAARP technology.  They actually showed you interviews with people who worked at HAARP, the main character, and they showed you the aerial photographs for the first time.  Then he was made into a Patriot star.  The next thing you knew, he belongs to a United Nations organization and he becomes the head of the deweaponization of space, which is like 60 years too late.  So, Iíve watched this for years, the controlled opposition.  Iím always very careful of people who are LAUNCHED as stars. 


Karen:  Actually today, Dr. Horowitz was on Alex Jones and he had a lawsuit connecting the Rockefellers to the flu scam.  I do understand what you mean because on the web site, he does haveÖ heís got ideas about channeling energy.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Healing energies and good vibrations, I call them, like the Beach Boys song.


Karen:  We could all use more of those.  But our essence is energy, so some of that to me makes sense.  I try to be open to different points of view because we definitely arenít going down the right path now.  I think part of it is because we donít acknowledge the essence that runs through all of us, our equality.  Weíve been so suppressed for generations due to the lie of inequality because those in power recognize that we would intrinsically, instinctively know that we belong to something greater, that weíre part of something greater.  So if they could label it and give us books and rules and regulations and put us against each other, they could remain in power.


Alan:  Iím very suspicious of people who are basically using Cabalistic methods, mixing with the new age to get people on board and then have odd affiliates behind them.  Iíve watched this for years and years.  I can even remember when Colonel Bo Gritz was put out.  He was on Patriot Radio station for years.  He used to say that he had hip-pocket orders from the Pentagon, which was like him saying that he was still under their orders.  He roped in thousands of patriotsí names and even was telling them where to apply to get a US military weapon because in the militia youíre all entitled to a weapon or rifle or something.  So he had all the names and addresses.  Right after 9/11 happened - it was shown in Canada - he was on television on the steps of the Congress going up there and he said he was going to talk to the Congressmen.  He says, ĎThis was probably caused by those crazy right-wing militias who bombed the tower.í  Thatís what he said.  ĎWho see black helicopters and stuff like that and listen to shortwave patriot radio.í   I thought, hereís the guy who didnít tell the audience just now, that he RAN that side for the patriot radio for 4 or 5 years.  Youíve got to be very, very careful, very careful because Iíve watched this for years.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíll try Alex in Toronto.  Are you there Alex?


Alex:  Hi Alan.  Iíve been listening to your program for some time now and youíve woken me up and I love listening to your program.  Yet, Iíve come to believe as youíve mentioned in the past that this is not a mass enlightened movement.  That the elites will probably have their way.  All I have to do really is put myself in their shoes and when I do that itís scary because I become an elite myself.


Alan:  I understand what you mean.  When you understand how THEY view the world, as opposed to how the bottom view it.


Alex:  Thatís right.  That really scared me.  Iím really, I become in favor of my own demise because Iím at the bottom myself.  What I want to ask you is that, I have this knowledge.  Iím one of these base people at the bottom.  I want to really know, is there any merit in knowing all this information if Ė and I really truly believe this Ė that nothing can be done?  I see myself in their position and then Iím like, thereís no way this war can be won. 


Alan:  Youíre correct that these guys are totalitarian.  Theyíve always been totalitarian.  They have given us our reality.  Theyíve done a damn good job of making sureÖ Weíre now conditioned at this stage we are for the next part of reality which theyíre now introducing to us.  They used to say weíre despondent and oh, lifeís pretty cheap anyway and so on.  And youíre right except, as I say, the one thing that they need is always THE COOPERATION OF THE PEOPLE.  It doesnít have to be ALL of the people.  Theyíd like it to be all of the people but theyíre scared of the small minority who can speak logic and facts to the rest and Ė Iím not joking Ė itís just like ďThe King has no clothes.Ē  You can snap people out of this spell if you present it in a correct way to them for the first time.  It doesnít take much.  Most people overdo it.  They overdo it and you lose them.  You just hit them at a few points like a boxer and you walk away and theyíre reeling because youíve broken through for them.  Theyíll never see the world again.  Itís a MINORITY that always changes the course of the world.  You can only do it through knowledge and telling people, ĎDo you realize thereís nothing they can do to you without our cooperation?í  Thereís nothing at all, without cooperation.  If the public could just understand that, enough of the public understand that, they could NOT go around arresting you ALL.  They canít do it.  Apart from that, we have no option.  They have declared WAR on us.  This is what all this is about with this carbon stuff and too many people.  Theyíre telling us that itís a full-scale war ON the population of the planet.  Not only the population, itís all you lesser types - thatís how they say it to you - the lesser types who havenít made it to the top and youíre not in the academic field, the scientific field so youíll be useful to them, therefore, youíre the junk genes.  Theyíre telling us in no uncertain terms with all these articles Iím reading here, thatís really what theyíre telling us.  But they need our cooperation to go along with it.  Now, itís true weíve been running backwards since we were born, through the indoctrination and the follow-up of incredible media campaigns and the entertainment industry to convince us through fiction and mainly nonfictional works, emotive types of responses and conditioning, that we are less then useless.  Weíre just another animal.  Weíre not really special after all.  Well, if thatís the case, neither are the elite and they have no more right to tell us non-special people how to live.  We have to tell them.  We have to tell them to get off our backs.  Thatís what we have to tell them. 


Alex:  Alan, with the knowledge you give me, I see a really challenging future ahead for myself.


Alan:  Youíve got it.


Alex:  You got to speak out and do all those things.  Itís going to be a rough road.


Alan:  It will be rough but you can certainly do it.  You can do it.


Alex:  Thank you Alan.


Alan:  Thanks too.  Iíd rather know whatís going on than be ignorant and watch teen idol or something like that. 


Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




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