Sept. 24, 2009 (#415)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 24, 2009:

The Elective Collective:

"Each National Leader Forgets His Nation,
Attends World Summits, Global Sovietization,
Their Politburo Format Strains Credibility,
These Poor Ham Actors with No Versatility,
Each Interchangeable with Spiel They Sell,
From Same Scriptwriters, Not Very Well,
We've All to be Poor and Not Consume,
We can Then Die Off, Leaving Room,
For Those Who Declare They're Fittest to Survive,
In Their Post-Human Spacious World, Certain to Thrive,
Thanks to Rockefeller and Co., Each Foundation Laid it,
Without All You Peasants They'd Never Have Made it"
© Alan Watt Sept. 24, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 24, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 24th 2009.  For newcomers, look into web site.  You’ll find hundreds and hundreds of hours of talks I’ve given in the past which you can download for free.  You can also bookmark all the other sites you’ll see, if you scroll down the front page, for future use because the big servers once in a while give me a hassle.  I should also say too that there’s a variety to choose from.  It’s a good idea to pick one and once in while alternate them for download because most folk go into the .com site all at once.  They find that it sticks at times and it doesn’t download right away.  So if you try some of the other ones, you might find that you get through much quicker.  [Sites listed above.] is the European site.  This site has all the same audios for download but you also have transcripts of some of the talks for download written in the various languages of Europe. 


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People send me articles all the time from mainstream.  Sometimes they’re pretty good and revealing here and there.  Other times it’s the general handout.  I call them handouts to the press, the media.  You’ll see them all the time, these handouts.  Often they’ll tell you at the beginning, this agency or this government agency will shortly give a statement to the press and then they tell you what it’s all going to be about BEFORE they get up and tell you on the mainstream media.  But they give these handouts.  So in other words, everything really is scripted ahead.  That’s what tells you they’re all scripted.  We’re living through one massive script right now.  The most incredible script ever written… I think, in ALL the ages.  Because we’re going through the greatest transformation into a planned society that very rich people, international bankers, agencies, MI-6, MI-5, CIA, Mossad and a whole bunch of other ones and all the soviet ones too have been working of for an awful, awful long time.  Back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the world being scripted.  Life is scripted at an incredible level.  That’s why it works so well; no one can believe it.  All it takes is cooperation with a few very rich people who then put out foundations for charitable causes, as they call it.  Philanthropist they call themselves.  Mind you, they also have a great tax write-off by having these front foundations.  A lot of them started off that way. 


Under the guise of philanthropy, they create NGOs - non-governmental organizations - fund them to the hilt, tell them what they have to do, often give them their names and then they DEMAND - on behalf of the people - and get lots of air time on the media, press time, what they say the people want.  These unelected NGOs, non-governmental organizations.  That’s how the whole greening movement was started and is still financed today through the parallel government, as Professor Carroll Quigley called them, the big foundations and their front groups, the non-governmental organizations.  This plan was written a long, long time ago, bringing in a global society. 


You have to go into the books.  Try to get a hold of the books which are written from about 1900 onwards to do with this coming global society.  Members of the League of Nations and the big, rich bankers of the time wrote books about bringing in this world government.  They even mentioned that they would possibly need wars of an incredible magnitude to bring nations to their knees to accept global government.  They also set up the League of Nations and departments within the League of Nations which became the United Nations.  When it was called the League of Nations, they had a department of Population Control… from the very beginning. 


The top boys see the world as their own.  They already were the owners of a good chunk of the planet’s natural resources.  They’ve been putting out emissaries across the planet for a long time to find out where all the minerals were - gold, silver, diamonds, everything - and putting mines up.  In fact, where I live here, just north of me is Sudbury, named after Lord Sudbury.  It was a mining town in the middle of nowhere.  It’s still the same today.  It’s the mines that keep it going.  They mine all kinds of incredible minerals out of there and copper and sometimes they’ll hit gold, silver and various other things.  But it was the Rothschild’s’ who had the ownership, basically, of the town.  The main square there was called Rothschild Square.  In old library books in Sudbury, you can see the big building itself.  It says, The Rothschild Building, Rothschild Square.  Regardless of the changes of names of corporations to corporations, it’s still the same boys who run it and own it.  They were doing this across the whole planet.  They’d already done it by the late 1800s.  They were the specialists in one field. 


Now we’ll jump to Julian Huxley and Aldous Huxley.  Both of them agreed, coming from the same family background and related to the Darwin’s and all the rest of them, that they were part of the SCIENTIFIC elite and hinted – going about Plato’s Republic, etc – they hinted that they were bred for that, that particular area, a scientific elite.  They didn’t just have scientific elites.  If you look around you, you look at the great things that run all countries, and you have finances.  So okay, you have a BANKING ELITE.  That’s what they specialize in.  They often go into resources and that’s why they sent people out like Cecil Rhodes to take over the mines of Africa… diamonds, gold, and all that kind of stuff.  Africa is HIGH in minerals.   


They also decided to go into FOOD.  They wouldn’t till the soil of course; they simply put the small farmers out of business and put in AGRI business which they would own.  That has pretty well been done.  There’s only a small amount of farms left across the world and the ones that are still independent are getting hammered by government and government agencies for violations, e-coli and all this kind of rubbish, to get them out of the way.  That’s the reason for it.  Get them out of the way.  The United Nations Department of Agriculture said, ‘farming was too important to be left to farmers.’ 


If we look into the Cultural Industry, the same thing… you have INTERGENERATIONAL actors and actresses always promoting the same agenda.  After all, if you’re trying to lead the sheep into some new pen, you must give them ideas which they’re generally unaware of and when they’re watching fiction, they’re oblivious of the fact that they’re being propagandized.  Completely oblivious to it. 


Therefore, everything is scripted with specialized departments all pushing the public in different areas to bring them ALL together on the ONE path of a sustainable society, a sustainable world, and a greening agenda is all part of it.  Gorbachev went into that in his own books, how they would create a WORLD religion based on a form of earth worship.  That’s what he was talking about.  Everything CAN be done.  The old Masonic saying was that the reason they could get things done, including revolutions, was because if you had 4 men marching in step – meaning all together towards the SAME goal with determination – it was better and more efficient than 100 guys all wandering around, out of step doing their own thing.  Very simple isn’t it?  Very clear and simple. 


It’s only once in a while in media today that you get anyone who can get anything of the TRUTH out and say it CLEARLY to the public without it being twisted off, altered, or simply dismissed and it doesn’t appear in the paper at all.  There’s an article here.  It’s like ‘the king has no clothes’ type of idea.  It’s from the Czechoslovakian President to do with the recent United Nations climate meeting. 


U.N. climate meeting was propaganda: Czech president

Tue Sep 22, 2009  /  By Louis Charbonneau


UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus sharply criticized a U.N. meeting on climate change on Tuesday at which U.S. President Barack Obama was among the top speakers, describing it as propagandistic and undignified(Alan:  Undignified is a polite way of saying it was full of lies.  That’s how they speak up there, undignified.  Deception.)


"It was sad and it was frustrating," said Klaus, one of the world's most vocal skeptics on the topic of global warming.


"It's a propagandistic exercise where 13-year-old girls from some far-away country perform a pre-rehearsed poem," he said. "It's simply not dignified."


At the opening of the summit attended by nearly 100 world leaders, 13-year-old Yugratna Srivastava of India told the audience that governments were not doing enough to combat the threat of climate change.  (A:  You see how they orchestrate this?  They’re so pathetic.  Isn’t it really?)


Klaus said there were increasing doubts in the scientific community about whether humans are causing changes in the climate or whether the changes are simply naturally occurring phenomena.


But politicians, he said, seem to be moving closer to a consensus on climate change.  (A:  I’ve told you before that there’s even foundations out there - many, many front foundations funded by the few main ones like Rockefeller - whose job it is to go around to all the other ones and government and get CONSENSUS.  That means get them all on board on the same agenda… and promises.  They must sign their X on little treaties and so on.)


"The train can't be stopped (A:  I agree with him.  There’s been too much put into this.  We’ve already got children growing up totally brainwashed.) and I consider that a huge mistake," Klaus said.  (A:  You wonder how communism could come into being and rule the minds of people with nothing but lies… and throwing out with statistics and having meetings in the Soviet Union.  I used to actually go over those meetings at the Soviet Union and it was for all the party members… all those sort of bureaucratic types that worked for government.  They all attended these grand annual announcements when they were told that everything had gone up and the standard of living was better and they were going ahead and they had better cars and all this kind of stuff.  Everybody KNEW it was a lie.  But these little trained prostitutes would all clap and clap and clap, oblivious or simply disregarding all reality.  That’s how easy it is… and we’re right into it RIGHT NOW.  We are IN it right now.  Mainstream media across the world is exactly what this guy says here.  It can’t be stopped because it’s a MANDATE.  It was a MUST BE.  They aren’t going to backtrack on this at all.  It wouldn’t matter if God himself came into the sky there and appeared across the planet and says this is all BS – you know, bothersome stuff – they’d still go ahead.  They HAVE TO now.  They can’t backtrack.  They’ve got everything hinging on global warming, climate change, man’s the problem, we’ve got to depopulate, etc.  The WHOLE agenda is based around this.)


"The train can't be stopped and I consider that a huge mistake," Klaus said. 


U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (A:  I think he’s over the moon.) organized the climate summit to help create momentum before a U.N. meeting in Copenhagen in December (A:  That’s going to be the big one.) to reach agreement on new targets for reducing so-called greenhouse gas emissions.  (A:  Do you realize that about 80% of the population would have to NOT BE HERE to achieve their targets?  Have you ever thought about it?)


However, new proposals by China and a rallying cry from U.S. President Barack Obama did little to break a U.N. deadlock about what should be done.


Klaus published a book in 2007 on the worldwide campaign to stop climate change entitled "Blue Planet in Green Chains: What Is Under Threat -- Climate or Freedom?"


In the book, Klaus said global warming has turned into a new religion, (A:  Remember, Gorbachev said that in his own book Towards a New Civilization.) an ideology that threatens to undermine freedom and the world's economic and social order.


I’ll be back with more after this break.


I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just discussing how things are preplanned and we’re seeing charades, or shows, presented to us.  You think even of the G20 meeting; I can remember when these G8s and so on started.  It was never explained to the public what they really were except this little get-together with different heads of state, as they called it. 


The whole idea… and they announce this every year, the G8 meet here and so on, maybe a one-liner of something on a topic, maybe out of a whole bunch of things that was discussed.  What it was, was to familiarize the people of A NEW TYPE OF GOVERNANCE.  It took years of these little things going on until you’d just expect them to be there.  No one ever said, wait a minute now, these are INTERNATIONAL organizations, international; why would you vote in a President or Prime Minister that’s national - you vote them in to look after YOUR interests - when he’s off talking about world interests?  That’s what we have today.  They’re simply TRAINING us into a NEW FORM of governance without us consciously even thinking through it, getting us used to the idea, subliminally in a sense. 


Now that it’s become commonplace, we’ve heard it for 20-odd years or more, they just announced they’re having their annual G20 meeting, like it’s part of some constitution or something that nobody voted for.  IT’S DIRECTING THE WORLD AND WHERE WE’RE ALL SUPPOSED TO GO IN THE WORLD.  It didn’t start with these guys.  These guys are puppets.  It started a long time ago with the guys who set up the whole system of taking over the planet… with a PLANNED SOCIETY, the way things should be run and organized.  The ULTRA ELITE, the great philanthropic types that made all their dough, but mind you, making sure they still keep control of all the dough that’s out there.  That’s what it’s all about. 


I’ve gone through the history of the Milner Group and the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They have it all through the British Commonwealth countries.  That’s what runs our countries.  They have Councils on Foreign Relations for all the other countries that are not directly under, at least not officially, the British Crown.  That’s what runs them. 


During World War II, the house - Chatham House in England - was the headquarters for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a PRIVATE organization remember, a kind of big club of very rich people.  They were called THE Establishment.  They owned everything.  They told governments what to do.  During the war, they turned it into basically the headquarters for the OSS.  Why did they pick that?  Because they already were the only international spy agency up and running.  That’s why.  The OSS became MI-6 and it also became the CIA for America.  It’s still run by the same people.  That’s why it’s intertwined. 


In the book of declassified information about America’s Cultural Cold War… I’ve mentioned it on the air a few times, quite a good book to read.  It’s kind of boring at some spots.  Too overdone with personalities and how the author tries to give you the pictures of them, but she’s got the facts in there.  declassified information, a lot of this is IN the book.  They even ran the cultures of the country - that’s what the whole thing was about – through MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT, ART, and all that kind of stuff, for a specific purpose… to aim towards a certain direction and take the publics’ minds with them.  See, we don’t really think through things.  We take things for granted AS they’re presented to us as BEING your culture.  You don’t notice when it’s being altered… even though you go along IN and participate in the alteration. 


So a massive organization was already on the go at the BEGINNING OF THE 1900s, tremendously organized across the world.  It was THE intelligence service.  It was also the richest organization in the world because it OWNED all the resources through its members.  Its plan was to bring in a EUGENICALLY CONTROLLED SOCIETY where they’d have enough labor for the job and no more, that kind of thing.  Enough people in A certain place, or A certain country for the job and NO MORE.  They talked openly about population reduction then.  When they set up the League of Nations, they had a department for that.  They have the same thing at the United Nations. 


Through YEARS of propaganda, we’ve come to accept our NATIONAL leaders… they’re now calling them WORLD leaders, by the way.  You notice that change, world leaders?  Why would they run to be a President or Prime Minister if they’re a world leader?  Think about it.  This is an official title, a legal title.  It’s not about your interests at all.  They’re all on board with the same agenda.  They’re internationalists bringing us all into an EQUAL STATE OF POVERTY.   That’s the whole idea.  I’ve given you the quotes of many of them in the past and the web sites where you’ll find the quotes where they’ve said, there can never be another United States of America and that their job is to dismantle the industry and everything that’s left in America and return it back to basically a little plantation of United Nations Agenda 21 villages where we make baskets and stuff and trade them for shoe laces and all that rubbish.  No kidding.  I’m not kidding. 


So here’s on of the spiels that they put out for the media from the  Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Britain, Fabian Society member who took over from the previous Fabian Society member, he says… warns the next six months will TEST the world.  I’ll go into the reasons why it’s going to get tested, according to this Fabian/communist basically, an elitist and eugenicist, when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about this reality that they’re foisting upon the world.  It’s working very well; most folk haven’t a clue that all their opinions are being given to them.  They’re being LED with scientific indoctrinations by the media into forming conclusions that we’re supposed to come to.  And they all do, you know.  They all do.  It works very well.  It’s worked for a long time.  But here, I’m showing the dilemma where so-called national leaders that wrap themselves in your flag – it doesn’t matter what country you’re in – and bring out the tribal symbols of your country just to get into office.  Once they’re in there, they’re suddenly GLOBAL LEADERS, global leaders.  What they don’t tell you is they were pre-chosen at Bilderbergers conferences and different places like that.  They just go there to get the rubber stamp put on them.  They know what their role is.  They’re GROOMED for their roles as internationalists.  That’s all you have allowed today are internationalists. 


It wasn’t the great wars, the big world wars that really made these things happen; they were very essential for this society to come in, but they were used by these same people as an EXCUSE for the NEED for world government.  So the guys who created world government – and Carroll Quigley who was the historian for this particular group, where he said this group was behind every major war for the last 100 years – the same guys that blame the PEOPLE for having the wars and say we need global governance… their GOAL all along.  These are great chess players, these guys at the top.  I’m not talking about Tony Blair or Gordon Brown or Obama.  They’re little front actors.  They’ll do very well for themselves; they’ll get great paychecks; they’ll get ghost-written books and paybacks VIA the ghost-written books after they retire.  That’s how they pay them off for being good little boys. 


Remember, in all utopian systems and communistic systems, the ones at the top live INCREDIBLY WELL, incredibly well… all these bureaucratic types.  Spies who came across from the Iron Curtain during the Cold War didn’t come across – they will tell you this because they all came from the top families, again, intergenerational spies you might say, bureaucrats and government employees – they left for other reasons, not for financial reasons.  They had the equivalent - and this was in all the papers in Britain and elsewhere - they had the equivalent income and luxury goods as the bureaucratic elites living in the Western world.  So they’re paid very, very well. 


Here’s little gopher, Gordon Brown, he says at this meeting…


Gordon Brown warns next six months will test the world

On Africa, climate, nuclear arms, recession and terrorism, prime minister tells UN it stands 'at a point of no return'

Patrick Wintour, Wednesday 23 September 2009


Gordon Brown today warned that the world is entering a critical six-month period that is likely to test the resolve of global leaders (A:  Here we have the term again, they let slip in and most folk don’t notice it, of GLOBAL LEADERS.  They’re global leaders.) even more than the banking crisis of the past year did. (A:  Who are these global leaders?  They’re referring to themselves.)


Speaking to the UN (A:  I like how they phrase this.  The UN.  The UN is French for ONE.  So it is true, they’re speaking to ‘the one’, the UN…) general assembly in New York, he said that if world leaders (A:  There it is again.) showed the moral courage to meet the challenges, they would "have for the first time in human history created a truly global society".  (A:  A lot of people say, what’s wrong with a global society?  I haven’t said there wasn’t.  But if it evolved by itself, it would be a different thing.  This has NOT evolved by itself and NOT for the needs of the people.  This has been created by the elite who already ruled previous centuries.  It’s not for your benefit at all.)


He said: "The great lesson of the last year is that only (A:  Now here we go with the Masonic… ‘BOLD’, they love ‘bold’ and ‘audacity’.) bold and global action (A:  This is the sort of stuff you would have heard at a communist meeting, an annual meeting as they gave you all these lies out about how well they were all doing.  They’d all clap as if it was all true because they were all employees near the top.  Listen to this…) "The great lesson of the last year is that only bold and global action prevented a recession becoming a depression.  (A:  Now, the IMF apparently did nothing.  What’s happened so far is these guys, these global leaders as they call themselves, robbed the tax payers and maybe 10 generations to come, maybe 20 generations to come, into slavery to pay off a debt to their pals the bankers who they serve.  That’s what happened.  That’s the sort of stuff… that’s the way they would have worded it in the Soviet era.)  We have delivered a co-ordinated fiscal and monetary response that the International Labour Organisation estimates has saved 7- to 11 million jobs."  (A:  They love pulling out absolute, fantastic figures out of thin air.)


Brown was speaking much later than expected owing to the vast overrun in speeches by other world leaders, notably those of Colonel Gaddafi of Libya and the US president, Barack Obama.


Setting out his foreign policy agenda in the run-up to next year's general election, Brown defined the five new great challenges for the next six months (A:  Here’s what it is for this national leader…)  as famine in Africa, nuclear proliferation, climate change (A:  Changes in the weather.), ending the recession and terrorism. (A:  He missed the flu.)  On all five issues, he said the world was "at a point of no return".  (A:  There’s an ominous statement for you from these guys that serve the real occult, the ones behind them.  A point of no return…)


The lesson of the banking crisis was that "global challenges can only be mastered through global solutions".  (A:  I guess you just tax everybody to death, which probably will be the agenda.)


In his starkest language yet about the risks of failure at the UN conference on climate change in December in Copenhagen, he describes the talks as "the next great test of our global co-operation".


"If we miss this opportunity to protect our planet, we cannot hope for a second chance some time in the future. There will be no restrospective global agreement to undo the damage we have caused. (A:  WE have caused, he says.  The other day I mentioned all the big promoters of the greening agenda across the world.  Guess who they are?  They’re all the big oil companies, all the guys that ripped up mountains for gold.  They’re all in there.  The guys who DO IT ALL are backing the NGOs to get a whole new world and they will be into a whole bunch of different fields after all of this, but they’ll still own the present ones as well.  So they blame the public once again.)   This is the moment now to limit and reverse climate change we are inflicting on future generations."


He added: "If the poorest and most vulnerable are going to be able to adapt (A:  Again, Darwinian.), if the emerging economies are going to embark on low-carbon development paths, if the forest nations are going to slow and stop deforestation, then the richer countries must contribute financially."  (A:  In other words, we’ve got to pay for it all.  We’ve got to pay for it all.  We’ve got to eat more donuts because that’s about all they’re selling now.  Everything is passed around here… in a service economy.  We manufacture pretty well nothing.)


He also warned Iran and North Korea that "the world will be even tougher on proliferation, and be ready to consider further sanctions".  (A:  The he goes on about nuclear pacts and all the rest of it.)


It’s a farce though.  It’s such a farce how this stage is given to the public, one stage after another with our national/international/globalist leaders here all worried about other countries.  You see, there’s only ONE agenda.  There’s only ONE agenda, only ONE plan.  Different branches of it working in specialized areas, but there’s only ONE plan here.  There’s no such thing as any public input and there’s no democracy to be seen, not even over the horizon.  An interesting little statement he said here.  You got to understand the little couching, how they couch things for their OWN at times. 


On the economy, he argued the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh would have to consider carefully when to reduce the impact (A:  WHEN to reduce the impact…) of stimulus measures, but he insisted: "We must not turn off the life support for our economy prematurely."  (A:  I like how they added ‘prematurely’.  That means they’re going to turn it off eventually!  Then he goes on about…)


He hailed an agreement announced yesterday that should bring free healthcare to 10 million Africans and Asians, and claimed that the beginnings of universal free health care in Africa were emerging in countries such as Burundi, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Liberia and Ghana.


That was part of the plan too, going back all the way to the League of Nations.  They’d bring in a health AUTHORITY that became the World Health Organization through the United Nations to standardize across the world, but not just to help it but to CONTROL people.  At the top of this agenda, is population CONTROL with government backing, MANDATORY that is.  That’s what it’s about.  So these national/international/globalist leaders are all on board because they were all pre-picked by the same organization.  That’s how it’s done.  It’s quite easy isn’t it?  Quite easy once you understand it and study their stuff.  They actually do publish where they want to take the world all the time.  Nobody reads their books; they’re too thick, boring.  There’s no sex and violence in them; no one reads them.  But they do publish them.  That’s a legality.  That’s why they publish them.  Their historians in the future will say the stuff was all published, the public didn’t mind, they all went along with it.  That’s literally how they’ll write it.  That’s how they will write it. 


I’ve mentioned before that professor Carroll Quigley, the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, said that politicians never retire; they formed a parallel government. Margaret Thatcher also referred to that parallel government where they know all the ex- Prime Ministers and Presidents across the world and now they can get their REAL jobs done... of the agenda, behind the scenes and they’re not responsible to the public.  They’re called TECHNOCRATS once they’re in that position.  Like the Kissinger’s and the Brzezinski’s who wield the TRUE power, as Quigley said, more power than Prime Ministers and Presidents and he said they’re not responsible to the public.  That’s really how it’s done.   They never retire when they put them in there.  They give them cushy jobs but they always put them in charge of some big NGO, some big system to bring in the new system.


Now Clinton, what’s he into?  What did they do with Clinton… apart from giving him fantastic pay-offs through books that he didn’t bother writing before they were even put into publication.  He’s been put in charge by a foundation of NGOs and it’s called the Clinton Global Initiative.  Clinton Global Initiative.  What is it?  I’ll put all these links to these on my site at the end of the show.  President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton address the opening of the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.  Then it’s got Obama to address opening blah, blah, blah.  Now accepting press credential requests for the 5th annual meeting.  Youth tackling world ills, get cash through Clinton.  He’s actually paying cash to a lot of these little youngsters to come on board with it.  They put a lot of their findings through the schools so it becomes part of that.  The other part is the training the media, train the media how they should write about any topic for the global society.  In other words, it’s the new SOVIET system of writing that all journalists will start to get taught in college and the ones who are presently alive – they’re already on board obviously; they smell which way the wind’s going – they’re already ‘politically correct’ as they call it. 


What is it in charge of?  It’s in charge of other branches of it.  One of them is called the Global Council for Media Transformation 2009. 


Launch of The Global Council for Media Transformation, 2009

COMMITMENT BY  Molly Bingham



The Global Council for Media Transformation will develop and champion a set of media principles (A:  Media principles, you see.) and practices designed to facilitate the global community's capacity to successfully recognize, understand and manage our human interdependence.


(A:  Then they go into the cost, $5 million for this, that and the other.  For a commitment, you must go in for 5 years.  Geographic region is global.  It gives you a list of all the countries that are presently involved in it.)



-Estimated Total Value: $5,000,000

-Commitment Duration: 5 years

-Geographic Region: Global

-Countries: Argentina; Australia; Brazil; Chile; China; Germany; Greece; India; Indonesia; Iraq; Italy; Japan; Mexico; Norway; Russia; Rwanda; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; South Korea; Spain; Turkey; Ukraine; United Kingdom; United States of America


The Global Council for Media Transformation will initiate the transformation of media by introducing a charter (A:  They always love these charters; you sign on and it’s legally binding.) designed to encourage media to turn away from reporting in the national interest (A:  To stop reporting here in the national interest.) and embrace a new style and perspective of reporting that places the collective human interest as its center.   (A:  The collective human interest… GLOBAL.)  Beginning at CGI, the Global Council will collect feedback and endorsements on the draft charter (available during the conference in September) from members and other attendees. (A:  This is a bigger one than the one we’re hearing about at the UN.  The UN’s just a formality.  This is what goes on behind the scenes.)  The charter will then be shared publicly - online and through events and discussions worldwide - and endorsements by individuals and organizations will be collected from around the globe. The Global Council will collect endorsements from 10,000 individuals in the first year and will be adopted by media operating in 25 countries (A:  They’re not saying they’re HOPING it will be adopted by media.)  by CGI 2010--reflecting wide geographic and linguistic diversity. Over five years, the Global Council will collect endorsements from ten million individuals and will be adopted by media operating in 100 countries. Through the reach of those media who adopt the charter, we anticipate over 100 million individuals will be impacted.  (A:  Then it goes on and on and on.)


So it’s quite something when you really go into what’s really going on.  Here’s there home page.  It says,



Building on President Clinton’s lifetime in public service, (A:  He’s got a lifetime of service.  Did you know that?  I didn’t know that’s he’s got a lifetime of public service.)   the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) reflects his belief that governments need collaboration from the private sector, (A:  Remember I was telling you yesterday we’re going to be run by the private sector, a new FEUDAL system – according to Carroll Quigley – with the 12 wise men on top, the richest people on the planet who will be of course very much philanthropic about it all.  You know, the benevolent dictatorships in this new feudal system.) non-governmental organizations, (A:  That’s the new soviet, the ‘rule by councils’.) and other global leaders to effectively confront the world’s most pressing problems. After attending thousands of meetings during his career (A:  Thousands of meetings, really?) in which urgent needs were discussed but no action was taken to solve them, President Clinton saw a need to establish a new kind of meeting with an emphasis on results.


In 2005, President Clinton established CGI to turn ideas into action (A:  Now, he didn’t do this.  He didn’t do this.  The big foundations tell them what they’re going to do once they come out of office.  They already know and they set it up for them.) and to help our world move beyond the current state of globalization to a more integrated (A:  That means completely bound…) global community of shared benefits, responsibilities, and values. (A:  So they’re going to give you all new values and everything.)  By gathering world leaders from a variety of backgrounds, CGI creates a unique opportunity to channel the capacities of individuals and organizations (A:  That’s the NGOs.)  to realize change. (A:  Oh, change is good.)  To fulfill the action-oriented mission of CGI, all members devise practical solutions to global issues through the development of specific and measurable Commitments to Action.   (A:  I’ll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix just talking about the new sovietization of the entire planet.  They don’t use the term because they don’t want you to think about it or even realize what it is.  Of course remember, the Club of Rome said they would use the collectivist society, meaning the soviet society which they studied.  They thought it was the most suitable for the world they envisaged coming into place that they planned to bring in. 


As it happens you’re seeing the news now… it’s always over there somewhere; it’s got nothing to do with you.  Same in Europe with the European Parliament that no one wanted except the boys who planned it, again the Milner bunch backed up with the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It’s almost as though they’re decreeing from a different planet about different things that have nothing directly to do with you, that ARE going to affect you.  That’s how remote things become.  Can you imagine how remote it will be when it all comes through the United Nations, which it almost is right now, in fact?  All charters, all laws are passed FROM the United Nations TO governments who sign them into law and have been for years.  Things are going to get more and more bizarre. 


People are getting worried about this swine flu shot and all the rest of it.  It’s all pros and cons.  Are we going to get it mandatory or we’re not?  Yes we are. No we’re not.  Yes we are.  No we’re not… and all this kind of stuff.  Some countries certainly have said it’s going to be mandatory which is a disgrace in itself.  What are you when they can have access to your BODY like that and stick anything in or even squirt the mist in your face… is it Zyklon-B maybe… and you’re supposed to take it?  You’re a beast.  You’re not a human being with rights and choices, you’re a beast.  We should never allow ourselves to be trained in this fashion and we should tell them where to go with it. 


People are worried too about even chipping going in.  Where does all this fear about a chip come from?  Wise Up Journal has an article on VeriChip’s Swine Flu Chip and this is a fact.


Comprehend VeriChip’s Swine Flu Chip

Wise Up Journal  /  24.09.2009  /  By Gabriel O’Hara


The Reuters report below tells how on Monday VeriChip shares jumped 186% due to a patent on their swine flu pandemic detecting mini-microchip for the purpose of human implantation which is a massive upgrade to their current microchip already in thousands of people from children to the elderly. If your grasp of technological devices hangs from floppy disks to WiFi let Reuters inform you a little bit about VeriChip’s device (actually Reuters promotes the corporation’s stocks):  (A:  Of course they do because Rothschild owns Reuters.)


“VeriChip shares jump after H1N1 patent license win

Reuters  /  21.09.2009


 “(Reuters) - Shares of VeriChip Corp (CHIP.O) tripled after the company said it had been granted an exclusive license to two patents, which will help it to develop implantable virus detection systems in humans(A:  Now, they want us chipped under any guise at all and this is beautiful.  If you scroll down, read the article and scroll down, you’ll see even an article here from Hitachi.  It’s misspelled in this article but it has a link that will take you to Hitachi’s web site and an article from 2003 where they say it has a wireless system.


Hitachi Develops a New RFID with Embedded Antenna µ-Chip

Makes Possible Wireless Links that Work Using Nothing More Than a 0.4mm X 0.4mm Chip, One of the World's Smallest ICs-- (A:  integrated circuit.)

September 2, 2003


Tokyo, September 2, 2003-Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced that it has developed a new version of its RFID µ-Chip embedding an antenna. When using Hitachi's original µ-Chip, one of the world's smallest RFID ICs measuring only 0.4mm X 0.4mm, an external antenna must be attached to the chip to allow external devices to read the 128-bit ID number stored in its ROM (Read-Only-Memory). This newly developed version, however, features an internal antenna, enabling chips to employ the energy of incoming electrical waves (A:  energy around it.)  to wirelessly transmit its ID number to a reader.  (A:  These Wi-Fi’s everywhere, that’s what stimulates it.  Cell phone technology stimulates it.) 


They’re going to chip us one way or another IF we let them.  If we let them stick shots into us with all this gooey stuff of slaughter, then that’s partway towards it… we allow them to do the next thing and put a chip in us.  Well, I AIN’T TAKING IT.  I hope you’re not either. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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