Sept. 25, 2009 (#416)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 25, 2009:

Oligarchy on Roll Against the Prole:

"Soviet Scientific Dictatorship Unfurls its Plan
To Direct the Lives of Woman, Child, Man,
Under Various Guises, Sustainable, Ecology,
Treating Us like We'd Each had a Lobotomy,
Behind Philanthropists' Smiles is Eugenicists' Sneer,
Terrifying the Lessers, Always Hyping the Fear,
More like Robots, Showing No Soul,
Graphs and Statistics, Means to Their Goal,
No Depth to Deception, No Lie's too Low,
No End of Force to which They Won't Go,
They're On a Roll, No Negotiation,
They Get the World, You're Just Earth Compostation"
© Alan Watt Sept. 25, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 25, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 25th 2009.  Newcomers have a look at web site and you can download hundreds of hours of talks I’ve given in the past and it’s all for free.  On the front page you can see all my other sites.  Bookmark them for future use because the big servers do give me a hassle on and off.  [Sites listed above]  There’s also which is the European site and has all the same audios as the rest but it has the addition of transcripts of a lot of these talks I give, written in the various languages of Europe so you can download those for print up and pass them around. 


Remember, you are the listeners who bring me to you.  I don’t get backed by anybody.  This is not a career.  There’s no empire building.  This is purely out of necessity.  Necessity to say what HAS to be said at the time of greatest change.  This is what it is that we’re living through.  The greatest changes into a new world order as the big boys have said, where nothing will ever be the same again.  NOTHING will ever be the same again.  That was stated right after 9/11 by one of the big boys.  I think it was either Cheney or Rumsfeld and they meant it.  The 21st century was to kick off the Century of Change, planned long ago.  All of the top of academia has been IN on it and teaching youngsters to prepare for this century of change for an awful long time though indoctrination.  Always bypass the older ones and their old culture and re-indoctrinate the new ones with the new culture.  They’ve been doing this for over 100 years. 


You can buy that which I have for sale on my web site.  That keeps me going.  I just makes me tick over and no more.  I’ve no time to write more stuff.  I could churn stuff out, really churn it out if I had nothing else to do, but just doing this takes up all my time, 7 days a week.  So it’s up to you to keep me going by buying that which I have for sale or donating to me.  [Instructions are at bottom of transcript.]  For the US, use the INTERNATIONAL POSTAL money order.  Canada does not accept the international postal money orders from abroad now, outside the Americas.  They used to but it’s all been stopped.  For those who get my disks burned and passed around at meetings, and play them on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


A new world order that bypassed most people; as they lived through it, it bypassed them.  Beautiful technique where you’re kept really in trivia and you get almost drugged with certain medias in certain times of the past like the 70s and 80s.  For most folk, nothing much really happened.  They were allowed to consume and they were getting more of their paycheck than they are now and during that time, that’s when the big boys were really moving and getting their big organizations into full gear for the present, WHAT’S COMING UP NOW and shortly.  Back with more after this break.


HI folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just mentioning how the big plan works.  It’s not difficult to see because if you go into the writing of Beria who was the top NKVD official for the entire Soviet Union at one point – that became the KGB.  Back in the 30s he put out their kind of plan and how they could alter society through scientific means and UPDATING them, update them, program them towards something else EVERY 5 YEARS.  He said that it used to take them 70 years, a whole generation, a complete generation to do any change at all because people were resistant to change.  However, by the time that he was in office in the Soviet Union, they were putting children through Pavlovian-style schools and they could literally indoctrinate them by increments into more acceptance of particular issues every 5 years.  He said it would become even faster and faster as science and their techniques improve. 


We’re literally updated by the day.  You’ll find the same techniques were used by the educators in the United States and across Europe.  It’s all the same system, by the way.  If you go into the writing of Bertrand Russell, he also – he knew Pavlov, as did HG Wells – they used the same systems.  Russell said, we can actually indoctrinate the children SO well scientifically with this technique that any parental input on morality, old-fashioned ideas, whatever – they call it contaminated thinking – would not take with the child because their scientific indoctrination would overpower it, overcome it.  Literally, when you have children going into Kindergarten at 2 years of age, they’re getting a little bit more into the globalist agenda and all that goes with it.  That’s the transgender and all that kind of stuff.  Its gets started right off the bat.  They’re getting prepared for the big changes that will happen when they hit about 20 or 30 and they’ll accept them as though it’s all quite natural.  That’s the scientific indoctrination for future planning.   Refined by the Soviet system and actually more refined now by the collective world soviet society run by the same boys who set up the Soviet Union, the big bankers and the aristocracy of the West. 


What a hell they’re bringing down, really.  People don’t realize the hell they’re bringing down.  They’ve been doing it for quite some time.  In the 70s and 80s, they gave people this credit card era.  Every company threw credit cards in the mail out to everybody and told them to go and play and enjoy themselves.  That’s what they did.  They went and played and partied and bought stuff, the real consumer society.  Again, who was giving them this?  The bankers were giving them this.  The same boys who are now telling you that we’ve got to go into sustainability and less consumerism.  Same people. 


What was the intent of it?  Just to spoil you?  NO.  It was to keep you playing while the big forces, the organizations with their NGOs were moving ahead and intermeshing and spreading out across the planet into every area of government and social policy making areas, right down to even social groups and hobby groups and everything… through everything… like a cancer.  That’s what they were doing.  And nobody noticed because they were too busy playing.  The media did their part by keeping quite about these organizations.  Now of course, they’re bringing them to the front because it’s a done deal.  That part is over.  It’s a done deal.  We’re in a new type of society and this is the new soviet.  The New World Soviet, the rule by councils, which is non-governmental organizations and councils unelected by the public, put out by the parallel governments of the foundations that are owned and run by the big international banking families.  A long history behind it. 


As I mentioned last night that all you saw at the globalist meeting recently at the G20 was a term over and over:  global leaders, global leaders.  Not national leaders, global leaders.  So every nation leader is now a global leader.  That’s to see what feedback there will be. There will be very little from amongst the public at all who don’t notice the changes.  They actually parrot it themselves without thinking but it’s really to help to FIX their indoctrination, to FIX it more securely, more concretely in their minds that everything is global now and we think globally. 


These national leaders are over at their meetings and the United Nations after that, talking about their worries, about Uganda and different places like that.  The last place they talk about is their home countries… where unemployment is going through the roof.  You see, now we’re supposed to think of the whole planet and everyone else’s problems.  Don’t you believe for a minute they’re going to bring in some kind of equal utopia.  They will bring a utopia in.  They always talk about utopias. 


I mentioned that site a couple of nights ago from Ralph Nader with his new book, Only the Rich Can Save Us, the EXACT agenda the elite planned where they’ll bring in the wise men, you know the big philanthropists, and they’ll say ‘look, democracy hasn’t worked, it’s full of corruption and awful stuff like that’… which they’ve made sure to let us know about over the last few years.  ‘These philanthropists, they have nothing to gain because they’re sticking rich, they don’t need any more and are just out there to help the world and run it for us.’  That was always the plan in the first place.  Post-democratic plan.  That part of the plan was planned a long, long time ago, before people even had democracy.  Democracy was a useful tool for a while. 


The hell they’re bringing in is one of TOTAL OBSERVATION.  I can remember after 9/11 when all the countries went into action with the SAME plan at the SAME time because they’d all agreed on it long, long before, obviously.  They talked about TOTAL INFORMATION NETWORK.  People would call me up on the phone and say things they perhaps shouldn’t say.  I’d say, you know they’re monitoring all the phone calls… They still couldn’t quite BELIEVE that they were doing it.  I’d say to them, what do you think TOTAL information network means… TOTAL, INFORMATION NETWORK?  It meant all faxes, all phone calls, all everything.  They’ve been at this for a long time, but it’s not enough. 


Here’s an article from the Telegraph.  The Economic Union, this great non-democratic super-government…


EU funding 'Orwellian' artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for "abnormal behaviour"

The European Union is spending millions of pounds developing "Orwellian" technologies designed to scour the internet and CCTV images for "abnormal behaviour".

By Ian Johnston  /  19 Sep 2009


(Alan:  I said years ago and I read the article from Psychology Today by the American Psychology Association and back in the 70s I think, they said that they would eventually push to have cameras in everyone’s homes to monitor people for signs of possible coming aggression.  You think they’re just coming out with this now?  You don’t realize there’s always been a parallel government… all through our lives and long before we were born.  They use the big professions, especially in the BEHAVIORAL professions, psychology, and psychiatry.  Psychiatry is born out of Darwinism... BORN out of it.  They’re all in bed with the geneticists now too, talking about BAD genes, etc.)


A five-year research programme, called Project Indect, aims to develop computer programmes which act as "agents" to monitor and process information from web sites, discussion forums, file servers, peer-to-peer networks and even individual computers.  (A:  This is already up and running.  Whenever they tell you they’re working on something and I’ve found this all my life long to be true, they’ve already done it.  This is them getting you used to the IDEA and then they sit back and watch to see what kind of feedback they get.  They already do that.  They don’t need permission from us for anything… so they don’t wait for it.)


Its main objectives include the "automatic detection of threats and abnormal behaviour or violence".


Project Indect, which received nearly £10 million in funding (A:  That’s the start.)  from the European Union, involves the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and computer scientists at York University, in addition to colleagues in nine other European countries.


Shami Chakrabarti, the director of human rights group Liberty, described the introduction of such mass surveillance techniques as a "sinister step" for any country, adding that it was "positively chilling" on a European scale.


The Indect research, which began this year, comes as the EU is pressing ahead with an expansion of its role in fighting crime, terrorism and managing migration, increasing its budget in these areas by 13.5% to nearly £900 million(A:  Isn’t it odd that we’ve all been bankrupted and yet they’re throwing more money than ever at big pharma and at the military-industrial complex? …with all their high-tech weaponry for crowd control, non-lethal weaponry and a few neutron bombs they want to put on flash mobs down the road and stuff like that.  No problem with money from the tax payer.)


The European Commission is calling for a "common culture" (A:  A ‘common culture’… I can remember when they came out with the economic commission and it was all to do with trade.  Signed right there, they said, ‘oh your cultures will remain the same; you’ll all still be sovereign and independent; it’s just a trading thing.’  They lied their teeth off year after year.  It didn’t matter what politician was put in at the top of what party.) of law enforcement to be developed across the EU and for a third of police officers – more than 50,000 in the UK alone – to be given training in European affairs within the next five years.  (A:  Remember, this is the prototype for the US, Canada and Mexico and the rest of Latin America to follow.  That’s why I’m reading this stuff.  Britain is always first, we do it a year or so later.  Back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, the totalitarian matrix that truly is on a rampage.  They KNEW they’d really have to push it quickly towards the end of this phase of it… while the public are shell-shocked and shock-and-awed with all the farcical terrors that are all coming down.  That’s why they’re pushing it now.  They’re not messing around any more.  They don’t want our cooperation any more.  They don’t want us to willing cooperate and go along because they’re giving out so much propaganda through novels and movies.  That’s where we get our ideas from.  That’s how it happened in the past. 


Even HG Wells said towards the end of his life that ‘we novelists have helped shape society for the world to come.’  A planned society.  But he says, ‘it’s too slow, we don’t want to just get their cooperation.  We’ve got to push them now.’  We’ve got to push them.  See, they have a time table here and they love their time tables.  So they’re coming out now and just pushing things ahead and disregarding the general public all together.  It says here…


According to the Open Europe think tank, the increased emphasis on co-operation and sharing intelligence means that European police forces are likely to gain access to sensitive information held by UK police, including the British DNA database. (A:  That’s an abomination by itself because the DNA database had thousands of people on it and youngsters too that weren’t even charged with anything.  The cops said they’d take you off it and lied, of course.  They keep it on.  They lie about everything these days.  After all, it’s just the public they’re lying to.)  It also expects the number of UK citizens extradited under the controversial European Arrest Warrant to triple.  (A:  They’re going to listen to ALL conversations.)


Stephen Booth, an Open Europe analyst who has helped compile a dossier on the European justice agenda, said these developments and projects such as Indect sounded "Orwellian" and raised serious questions about individual liberty.  (A:  Of course they do.  But what are you going to do about it?  Do you realize you’d have to dismantle the whole system?  If you don’t dismantle it, it’s still going to be there right?  If it’s still going to be there, it’s just going to keep rolling over you.  What are your options?  Just complain about them?)


"This is all pretty scary stuff in my book. These projects would involve a huge invasion of privacy and citizens need to ask themselves whether the EU should be spending their taxes on them," he said.


"The EU lacks sufficient checks and balances and there is no evidence that anyone has ever asked 'is this actually in the best interests of our citizens?'"  (A:  Well it’s post-democratic.  It literally is almost a secret society at the top.  It literally is.)


Miss Chakrabarti said: "Profiling whole populations instead of monitoring individual suspects is a sinister step in any society.  (A:  No kidding.) 


Remember, these articles that I read, I put up on my web site at the end of the show so you can look them up for yourself and read all the rest of the stuff that I don’t read about them.


It’s astonishing.  Here’s another one out about Europe.  Europe is the premiere for the rest of us to follow now.  We’ve all to amalgamate the Americas next.  It’s underway.  We’ve got ONE more signature to go in 2010 and Canada and the US and Mexico and a whole bunch of them down in Latin America are all amalgamated under the one system.  That was ANNOUNCED on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television OWNED by the government - that’s a government station – in 2005 with the FIRST open signing for the amalgamation of the Americas.  2010 is the last one.  They’re going to bring all… they’re already doing it.  They’re doing all the invasive stuff here too.  Why wait for laws to get passed to allow them to do it?  They just go ahead and do what they want now anyway.  The public don’t mind.  The majority of the public don’t mind.  They’re still playing and watching American Idol. 


This article is from the Register. 


Euro project to arrest us for what they think we will do

'Positively chilling' says Liberty

By John Ozimek • Posted in Government, 23rd September 2009


(A:  This is called pre-arrest.  Remember, that came up with the anti-terrorism bill?)


Radical Think Tank Open Europe has this week exposed a study by the EU that could lead to the creation of a massive cross-Europe database, amassing vast amounts of personal data on every single citizen in the EU.


The scope of this project also reveals a growing governmental preference for systems capable of locking people up not for what they have done, but for what they might do.


Open Europe (OE) researcher, Stephen Booth, has been reviewing projects currently in receipt of EU funding. Last week he identified one of these - Project INDECT (A:  The one I just mentioned [in the article above.]) - as having potentially far-reaching effects for anyone living or working in Europe. The main objectives of this project, according to its own website, are:  (A:  The links to the web site are on this page.)


To develop a platform for: the registration and exchange of operational data, acquisition of multimedia content, intelligent processing of all information and automatic detection of threats and recognition of abnormal behaviour or violence, to develop the prototype of an integrated, network-centric system supporting the operational activities of police officers.  (A:  You’ll now be trained.  You have to be trained and train yourself to have a complete blank expression when you’re passing all these cameras.  If someone mugs you and runs off with your wallet, learn to quietly smile, quietly smile as though you’ve just downed some heavy tranquilizers and be happy looking, like so what… while they look at you.  Otherwise they might drag you in; you’re going to get aggressive and angry and who knows what you might do.  They’ll have to arrest you before you do.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading about the totalitarian system that we’re living through as they set it all up and expand it into other areas of MORE totalitarianism.  You see, in a totalitarian society every individual must be utterly predictable.  If you’re not predictable, you’re not safe according the big boys.  That’s why they’ve been monitoring all your cell phone calls, who you chat to, what interests you have with them, what clubs you belong to.  They must have ALL the data about you.  Remember the Pentagon article I read last year?  The Pentagon has a sort of artificial world set up with computers, with a little clone of YOU in there somewhere with your personality and what you do on a Monday and a Tuesday and a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  That type of stuff.  They are constantly feeding this data into these computers.  This goes on about that too. 


Stephen Booth added: "The problem with the EU funding these types of projects is the lack of accountability. Citizens are left completely in the dark as to who has approved them and there is no way to ensure that civil liberties are being duly respected.


"The absence of any political debate about the use of these new surveillance technologies in our society is a very dangerous trend, which is especially acute at the EU level."  (A:  Sure.  Because the ones who decide all of this are the parallel government, the ones who are the real government, the ones we don’t elect.  They’re not accountable to the public.  They just tell the cops and the spooks what to do.)


However, the idea of punishing potential criminals is not just an EU notion. As El Reg reported last year, the Home Office has certainly considered the use of automated profiling to check travellers at points of entry to the UK. This has been controversial, both because of the veiled racism implied by such a policy, as well as evidence provided to the Home Office that it might not actually work.  (A:  They don’t care if it works.  They just want data.)


However, the Vetting Database - which is due to go live later this year - will take decisions on whether people are fit to work in millions of "regulated" positions on the basis of a scoring system, designed to "predict" likelihood to offend.  (A:  This is all combined too with the old eugenics psychologists association where they went in to, ‘is it a gene that causes people to become criminal’.  Think about it.  We’re all criminals.  You’ve broken so many laws just walking out of the house and you didn’t know it.  Same as the Soviet Union; if they ever want you, they’ll get you on something.  That’s why they put so many laws on the books.  So we’re all potential criminals but they can make ANYTHING a criminal offense, anything at all.  Technically, when you didn’t hand your gold in when FDR told everybody in the 30s to hand all their gold in to the Feds because of the depression, if you didn’t hand you gold in, technically you were a criminal.  So you can become a criminal over night.  What you did yesterday, which was legal, can be illegal tomorrow, at the deem and whim of our masters.  This is what this is about too.)


The introduction of predictive models into society appears to be carrying on apace, with very little public debate as to how desirable they are, or how the state should compensate citizens where mistakes occur. (A:  It will be just like the movie Brazil.  They come and kill the wrong guy because of a typo error and then they spend the rest of the movie trying to cover their tracks.  That’s what they do in government.  No kidding; that’s what they do.  Quite something.)


You got to understand that people are brought up in Britain, in a socialist system, it doesn’t matter what party that is in, everywhere you go in towns and cities, all you see is Ministry of this and Ministry of that.  All government departments… Ministries.  It was like the Soviet Union.  In fact, that’s what they used to model the Soviet Union on; I’m certain of it.  That’s why they beat the people down through years and years of uncertainty, depression, and all the rest of it, economic depression, and joblessness.  Crowd them all together in the cities, open the floodgates to immigration to totally destroy the culture, what’s left of it.  That was the intention of it… to bring in a world society you must destroy nationalism all together.  That was stated right at the League of Nations when they set it up… and the United Nations too.  This is why they accept so much in Britain.  It’s decrees coming down from on high.  You don’t know who’s up there on the high hill.  The decrees just sort of filter down to you… the little amoebas down at the bottom, the people. 


The Mail Online.  [Article altered as of Sept 12, 2009.  [Unable to copy and paste due to MASSIVE alterations.]


Ministers (A:  That’s what they call politicians.) use Soham murders to justify putting 1 in 4 Britons on a Big Brother Child Protection database

[New headline]

Big Brother database to protect children against paedophiles has gone too far, says Soham report chief

By James Slack, Home Affairs Editor and Matthew Hickley  /  12th September 2009


The Children’s Minister claimed today that millions (A:  All you need to do it put commissariat… same thing.) claimed today that millions must be placed on a Big Brother style child protection database to stop a repeat of the Soham murders.  (A:  Remember I mentioned the other day about how the Soviet/Communist system, collectivism… one person shoots someone somewhere across the other side of the country and collectively you’re all punished.  Take the firearms from everybody.  No one can protect themselves now.  This is what you see in socialist systems.  So some murders occur and everyone suffers.)


Under the plan, parents could face a £5,000 fine for driving their children’s friends to a sports club event or Cub Scout meeting if they’ve not been vetted first by the massive new government agency.  (A:  For countries that are broke, they keep these cancers… federal bureaucracies are just expanding like crazy.  So you’ve got to get vetted by a new government agency.) 


An astonishing 11.3 million people, one adult in four, are likely to come under the watchful eye of the Independent Safeguarding Authority.  (A:  This is beyond Orwell.) 


Launched next month, it will be the biggest vetting and clearing system in the world.  Every person who comes into regular contact with children or the elderly through work or volunteering must be approved by ISA officials checking for criminal convictions, disciplinary action and even unproven allegations. 


The scheme was recommended by the Bichard Report into the Soham murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman by school caretaker Ian Huntley. 


Huntley was given the job because allegations of sex with underage girls were not passed on. 


Child Protection Minister Baroness Morgan said the new database would help avoid another Soham.  (A:  So here you have 11.5 million people must get checked now because of one murder.)


The new Vetting and Barring Scheme that’s come into place is not about regulating agreements between parents in their own homes (A:  I’ll put YET.) or running children to and from clubs.  It’s about ensuring that people in a position of trust in an organization who work frequently and intensively with children are safe to do so.  (A:  I advocate we should put all the politicians in this.  They’re supposed to be in positions of trust, aren’t they… and you know what they’re all about too.  Boy if you want some deviants, you have no end of them in there… and crooks.  They always use children, remember, to introduce something that get applied on everyone.  These guys are the guys behind abortions.  They don’t want us all around.  They don’t really like children, but they always USE children all the time.)


Ultimately safeguarding children is this government’s priority and we must move forward because if we have a repeat of an event like Soham, I think we would quite rightly be asked why we didn’t do more, she said.  The plan goes way beyond the current criminal records bureau system which covers only 6 million people.


For the first time, 300,000 school governors, dinner ladies and parents who visit schools or nurseries to read to children will be involved.  It will even apply to parents who at the request of organizations like junior football teams or the guides, give their children’s friends lifts to or from events.  (A:  Remember the whole idea too was to split up the family.  Remember that?  Split up the generations, get them all paranoid of each other.  They first started that with all the dads.  If a dad now holds his little girl’s hand or lifts her up for hug, you’ve got all these children’s aid looking… ‘Is he touching her up?  Is he touching her up?’  That’s what they say.  That’s what these guys see… with their brainwashing.  So dads are scared to touch their children at all.  That was all intentional. Believe you me, that is all intentional.)


If they do so without first being vetted by the ISA’s 200 staff could be fined up to £5,000 and given a criminal record.  (A:  There you go.  So if you do any of that, like give someone a lift for say your next-door neighbor’s children… even if you got permission by the parents, without being vetted by the ISA’s 200 staff, you’ll be fined up to £5,000 and given a criminal record.) 


Amazing… but not really.  See, anything goes now.  You’re really, really IN the world of Big Brother where the scientific elite have the right to dictate our lives for us because we’re just too dumb and stupid to decide for ourselves how to live.  You see.  Isn’t that what the Huxley’s said?  IF there’s going to be a dictatorship, it would be far better to have a scientific dictatorship; even though a scientific dictatorship they said, would be absolutely brutal.  Well, hello scientific dictatorship, working on behalf of the wise men, you know, the philanthropists that know how to run the world best.  The benevolent dictator types.  Quite something. 


In the Wise Up Journal there is an article here about the Economic Union.  This is what this next big vote is all about.  If it goes ahead with the post Lisbon Treaty, it establishes the Union as a CORPORATE entity in a legal sense, literally, that no one can touch because its top departments are utterly secret.  SECRET!  No democracy in it anywhere, whatsoever.  The members of the European Parliament have no rights to even put votes forward for new laws.  They can COMMENT on laws that come down from the top but they have nothing to do; they can’t even change them.  They are there for show.  SHOW.  That’s all.  Eventually they’ll do away with them too.  They won’t need them once the public accept they’re being ruled by a form of dictatorship… which is going to come pretty soon. 


Long Live The New Union?

Wise Up Journal  /  25.09.2009  /  By Gabriel O’Hara


Article 1 TEU of the Lisbon treaty shows that a new union will be established. (A:  If this goes ahead for YES.) The word community has been removed. The communities are dissolved.  (A:  Then it shows you the wording, the legal wording to make it into an actual corporate entity.)


Article 1: “By this Treaty, the HIGH CONTRACTING PARTIES establish among themselves a EUROPEAN UNION , hereinafter called ‘ the Union ’ , on which the Member States confer competences ”


Article 47 TEU of the Lisbon treaty gives the new federal Union/state the authority to make commitments by itself; to have legal personality. (A:  That’s very important.  They’ve never had that before.) It states,” The Union shall have legal personality .” The European Community called the EU never had legal personality (A:  prior to it.); the new Union would have a seat at the UN for the first time (Art. 27.2). 


It’s almost like a new country, this collection of states, this new soviet.  In fact it is a soviet.  Many of the soviet leaders now and ex-soviet leaders are actually saying that this is the new soviet and it is.  It’s like Gorbachev, when he was leaving office and I think it was Eric Margolis at the Toronto Sun at the time, the foreign correspondent, wrote an article and he gave us the speech that Gorbachev gave to the politburo and the up-and-coming young commies.  He said, that you’ll hear shortly that communism is dead; don’t believe it.  Then he went on to expound and extrapolate what their next step would be and how they’re moving now into the next phase.  The next phase was always to join with the West because the bankers of the West had funded the Soviets from the beginning, including their revolutions.  That’s what the Reece Commission was all about too.  It shocked Normal Dodd to find out the purpose of the big philanthropic organizations, as he was told from the CEOs of them, was to change the culture in the West so much, especially in America, that they could then blend it with that of the Soviet Union.  Well, VOILA folks.  It’s happened.  IT’S HAPPENED.  That’s the reality of the world you live in. 


I’ve mentioned before about how people are always given their heroes.  There’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of heroes out there that are lifted up into the limelight for the public to see… like Jacques Cousteau, the man who liked fishes and well funded by the big foundations.  Jacques Cousteau gave his talk about what he really was all about and that was pushing for the depopulation of HUMANS across the world.  He gave that interview in, I don’t know if it was Chatamain they call it or something… one of the magazines anyway.  He even had a figure to what the human population should be reduced to.  They’re all really ecologists.  They get you on board by being involved in nature and the world and isn’t it all wonderful and then they’re really pushing for you demise.


They’re all elitists too.  They’re top eugenicists.  They belong to the higher scientific community.  All the lesser type have not evolved, these are the ones they must start killing off.  And they’ve been doing it, by the way.  They have been killing us off for a long time through different diseases and cancers and injections and all the rest of it. 


We all know about Jane Goodall.  Jane Goodall was at Sudbury of all places giving a talk there about how wonderful it was that they started to green Sudbury again.  At one time the two main chimneys from the mines were there and nothing grew… when Rothschild openly exploited it.  Then they reseeded it from the air by firing pellets of seeds into the ground all over the place.  They raised the towers much higher so the pollution – of probably still Rothschild owned corporations – blows all the way to North Bay.  We don’t get it here now.  So they get the cancer over that way.  But she’s going on about how wonderful and green it was.  It was a commitment for all, for young people to help green the world, green the world.  So she’s a great, great person who loves hairy animals and things like that.  But you don’t know what she’s really all about do you? 


The Optimum Population Trust, look into it in Wikipedia.  I’ve put the link up for you.  It’s another organization she belongs to.  She belongs to the Optimum Population Trust.  You know, the guys who’ve stated openly, ‘We’ve got to reduce the population.’  They even admit they’re a bunch of rich, old, white people and it’s all the lesser types they want to start to depopulate.  Well, Jane Goodall, the person who loves to dance with apes, is one of their people too.  She’s also friends with Michael Tobias and other ones on family planning who praises in his own books, China’s one child policy for the world.  She’s involved with him too, etc.  That’s what they’re really all about. 


First you make them famous.  Throw them off the track by how they’re made famous… oh, they just like animals and fishes and stuff like that.  And here they are going around the world talking to organizations, on their behalf, of depopulating, you know, all of usI’ve never seen one of them ever volunteer to show by example where we should all go… and they won’t because they ARE the evolved, scientific elite.  That’s why.  Don’t hold your breath.  Jane Goodall, there’s far more organizations she belongs to.  These are just some that I’m mentioning of the more, better known depopulation associations and radical forced abortions, etc.  That’s what they’re pushing.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just pointing out that life is never what you think it is and neither are the big heroes that they give to you to follow; the ones who talk to your children throughout the schools.  I was mentioning how Jane Goodall is a member of various societies for radical depopulation of humans.  Here she is, going around to the schools talking about furry animals and how children can change society… CHILDREN can change society, same thing as Al Gore, whom she knows very well, by the way.  There’s an article in the Northern Life Newspaper September 24, up my way, Sudbury.  It’s quite something.


She says, ‘Goodall inspires youth to move mountains’.  I think that would upset the environment actually, moving mountains…  That’s quite something, but no one’s going to criticize her.  Then, another acquaintance of hers and others, you’ll find John Holdren’s good buddy he wrote books with on ways to sterilize the populations of the world including America.  He said they would do it more covertly in America because they’re better educated.  You couldn’t treat them like India.  He suggested bringing down the populations through injections and various means of putting hormones and stuff in their foods to alter them, sterilize them… and in their water as well.  Here he is, Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich still at it. 


Population: Enough of us now

25 September 2009 by Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich  /  New Scientist Magazine issue 2727.


GLOBAL population growth has slowed significantly, but it hasn't stopped. By 2050 there may be about 35 per cent more people on Earth than there are today. (A:  Remember too, the UN has told them all to blitz and terrify the public and really exaggerate.  This is one of these articles.)  We are already seeing increasing shortages of food, (A:  No we’re not. NO we are not.  They put the farms under and the big agri-businesses now control the food and use it as a weapon as the UN said they would.) water and other resources (A:  You know in South Africa they have to pay for their water now. They went into democracy.  It went right through the other end to find out it didn’t exist and that the big international corporations own their country.  That’s the reality of it.  The new feudal system.)  and growing numbers of hungry people.


I’ll put this link up too with Paul Ehrlich giving his spiel on it… too many of YOU basically.  Not of his own creed and his own particular class and scientific bent and any other kind of bent.  I’ll put these links up for you to see and you can take it from there. 


These guys never stop.  Remember Holdren helped write that book that REALLY put it all out there on behalf of Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich.  He wrote the darn book, the science Czar of the US, the advisor to Obama on all scientific matters.  We should all toss these guys out because they are dangerous.  They are dangerous, dangerous people.  They should not be in government.  They should not be appointed to government positions.  They’ve already made it clear where they stand on things and they are radically fanatical about their beliefs and their agenda.  EcoScience was the book.  Try and get a hold of it and see what Mr. Holdren really believes.  And don’t think Obama doesn’t know. 


Pravda had an article in the paper talking about how isn’t it strange how America’s gone all the way into Marxism now… even though it’s been a failure everywhere else, they say.  Here they are and America is going all the way through into Marxism.  That’s not a coincidence because under their theory – and they really believe this is a science – you must eventually go through a Marxist phase to come out into the new globalist society, the NEW type of human, the new type of society.  That’s why it’s happening now.  It’s TIME now.  It’s time for change, as they keep telling you… and all the simpletons out there didn’t ask ‘What does he mean by change?’  They just say, ‘Change is good.  Change is good.’  Like braaaa, braaa, change is good.  Like a parrot.  Orwell’s sheep said the same thing.  ‘Four legs good, two legs bad’ until the pig changed it and he said, ‘Two legs good, four legs bad’ and the sheep said the same darn thing.  That’s what people do with slogans; they don’t think.  They’re airheads, airheads completely.


That’s it for tonight folks.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




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