September 28th, 2009 (#417)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 28th, 2009:

Logan's Run -- Termination's Fun:

"It's TV Reality in the Land of the Dead,
No Interest in Warnings or What's been Said,
No Interest in Rulers Who Call Each Shot,
By the Time You've Spoken They've Already Forgot,
They Love Their Trivia and Little Routine,
The Latest from Hollywood They've All Seen,
Avoiding the Negative as Trained to do,
Going for Flu Shots, Lining in Queue,
They'll Line Up for Extinction if it's a Party Affair
And Cheer for Each One Turned to Puff in the Air"
© Alan Watt September 28th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - September 28th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is the 28th of September, 2009.  For the newcomers look into the website, scroll down, you'll see all the other sites I have up there.  Bookmark them for future use, and that way if any of the big servers go down, you can always download the latest shows from the other sites, if you have to.  And there's a whole bunch to choose from, you'll see that when you scroll down.  There's,, .us, .ca, there's, and there's  The last one is a European site, it has all the same audios as the rest, but it has the addition of having transcripts for download in the various languages of Europe, of quite a few of these talks that I've given.  You can print them up and pass them around to your friends.  And remember, I always start off the show, I should really scatter it throughout the show, because people skip over it, where I tell the listeners, that's you out there, that you bring me to you.  It's up to you to keep me going, by buying the things that I have for sale on my website, it's the books and cds and discs, and so on, and you can also donate to me as well, and personal checks are fine, for the U.S. and Canada.  Outside the U.S. and Canada you can always use Moneygram, Western Union, or just send cash.  Western Union is too expensive to be honest with you, I don't recommend it.  Some people will use it, it is dependable, but they charge a fair whack for a fee, for sending cash off somewhere else.  And, as I say, there's always paypal.  You can order the books, etc, through paypal as well.  There's a button on my site, just email me if you want to order and use the paypal, and that will get to me.  For those who get the discs burned and passed to them, and don't have computers, they play them on their CD players, you can write to me [listed above].


And this last week or two, I've been talking about reality, and how most folk don't know what reality is because they all agree on a common reality, but it's the one that's been given to them, it's their Plato's Cave that's been constructed for them by, you know the big priesthood up in the clouds with the angels called the experts.  They said they would do this in the time of John Dewey, and many others of his ilk at the time, and they've actually implemented it.  They've given us a fake reality.  Most folk think that everything that comes from that television set on the news is true.  They don't question it at all.  In fact they'd be astonished, and they are astonished to think they could be lied to, because no one could go to such links to create such incredible big, big lies.  That's why it works so well.  They understand themselves, their little white lies, etc, but they can't imagine people pulling out these massive whoppers and big foundations and NGOs all protesting for weather and climate change and so on, they can't imagine people would go to such lengths, but that's how it truly is, because you see the followers of the Greening Agenda, the followers I say, are even more brainwashed than the general public.  They've had a more selective directed indoctrination for this new Green World Religion that's to rule us all, in the place of all the old religions that ruled us all.  Science is behind it of course.  And the new priesthoods of the Greening are the experts, the scientists.  They don't have to even name them anymore, just experts, and that's good enough, and the public accept it quite happily.  It's a world where they're going to bring in all of the Soviet and Hitler eugenic plan, that they didn't create, it came from Britain long before they turned up, and we'll go into some of this when we get back from this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about reality again, and how people all believe the same thing really and that's their download from television and media.  And that is why you have news anchors who are kept on the job, way past retirement age, because you grow up with them, and they're sort of father figures, sometimes mother figures, and they'd never lie to you.  A great amount of propaganda, image making, image building, has gone into creating these personalities as trustworthy.  They even have ads on, even the CBC government-owned station has ads on telling you that Mr. Mansbridge is the most trusted newscaster in Canada.  Well, no one that I know has ever met the guy.  We don't even know what he's like.  We have his TV persona, and that's it, but that's how you create images for television.  Everything today is for television imaging, including Presidents and Prime Ministers with their sound bits and their little photo-ops, that kind of thing.  Nothing is really real, it's all rehearsed, planned by, again, their experts in that particular field.  A world run by experts.  And the untidy part of the problem is, we're the leftover of the remnant of an old age, and they're bringing in the new age: the planned society, and upgraded Stalinism, an upgraded type of Nazi system, combined together.  A new, it's actually a form of feudalistic society that Professor Quigley talked about.  He says the CEOs of international corporations which are on board with government, completely tied together, they're the new overloads of this new system.  And they must get a tidy society, they must eliminate the weak, the infirm, those with hereditary diseases, all of the things they've been talking about since the days of Darwin and Thomas Malthus.  In fact Thomas Malthus's name has been resurrected in major media as being a hero that was misunderstood, by big foundations like the Optimum Population Trust.  They idolize him for his foresight, his early foresight, and ways to stem off what he called overpopulation of basically the "useless eaters," those who they don't need anymore for a post-industrial society.  It's out in the open and the public haven't got the message yet.  They'll get it eventually.  And they'll come to the right decisions that they've been planned to come to, and they will have no idea that they never even reasoned through it for themselves.  Their opinions are given to them, by experts once again from the mainstream media. 


The problem really in this world is not the elite who do this, it's not all their helpers who push it forward, it's not just them by themselves; it's also the bulk of the brainwashed population that is the problem.  They're like a symbiosis at work together, masters and slaves.  Many at the bottom, and I'm sure everyone out there knows them.  You'll meet them in the streets and so on.  If you get into anything to do with politics or the future, how things are going affect them, they don't want to know.  See these are the happy, governed people.  It doesn't matter what flag you're flying, what system you're under, they're happy, and they're governed.  They're domesticated.  So that massive group is necessary for the elite to get their way.  That's why they choose democracy, because they know that they can always count on that great mass of people to go along with any agenda they push forward, so the problem really is for those who are awake, and they're always in the minority, in all ages, in all ages.  If you look at the ancient times in even the New Testament of the Christian Bible, Jesus refers to the people who think they're alive, because they walk around, but really they're under the dictates and the mind control of the priesthood.  That was their complete reality, what came from the priests.  And he called them the dead.  That term has always been used down through the ages, to the present time.  Those who have never thought out anything for themselves, and are quite happy with that situation, are literally the dead.  And they're like clones of each other.  It doesn't matter what country you go to, they're interchangeable. They'll talk about what's one television, they'll talk about trivia, American Idol and all the rest of it, but they don't want to talk about anything that's heavy, man.  Oh, that's heavy.  I don't want to hear about that.  And of course all of the new agers have been carefully trained and indoctrinated from a central capstone, that regardless of the names of the organizations they've joined, are all trained to look away at the negative, and only look at the positive.  Same thing, you see, for a different group of people. 


Now, there's not an animal on this planet, not even an insect, that doesn't have survival instincts.  They're called wild.  Now trying to get near a wild animal is difficult, because the wild animal senses you, senses you are foreign to it.  It can also sense you have evil intentions to it.  And they vamoose rather quickly away from you, but always on the watch for other predators.  When you look at domesticated animals of today, farm animals, that took hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of years of selective breeding.  Special breeding and mating together to get passive animals to be easily managed, and not too bright.  And that's really the same as the general population.  Those who accept the world as it's been handed to them, and they like Plato's cave, are the dead, and they will go along with anything, including their own extinction.  That's what happens to domestic creatures.  Domestication. 


There is so much in the news now, about again, all the fake stuff we're getting.  The Global Warming again, dreamed up by the Club of Rome, as a means of bringing the world together under their thumb, not just them, but the Big Boys at the top, the big capstone at the top, to bring in a New World Order.  It had to be a warfare type scenario, so they blame man.  Man was against the planet, therefore they'd have to rule the planet better and rule man better, minutely, to save the world.  That was the idea of it.  And that's been implemented everywhere, all through education, through academia, and every little brown-noser going into any kind of bureaucratic position, education, whatever or politics, knows the agenda, they smell the wind, and they learn their lines very quickly, and once again, they're all like clones of each other, because they want to get up there, and they will not rock the boat because it means they're out.  It's that easy to understand.  Out, because this new system is just like the Soviet system, where anything can be pushed.  George Orwell put all of this in his book, 1984, this whole scenario.  Read the book itself, because he goes through the mindset of the bureaucrat and how they can adapt to a new meaning per day, often on the same topic, and literally disregard the previous day's holy writ, and learn the new day's holy writ, as though the previous one never even existed.  Today they call it being on board with consensus.  Consensus.  They talk a language.  And it's no different than any other religion, you see, because they use the religious techniques.  At one time you had to say all the right things when you were in religious groups, all the right things.  They still do, in some.  Amen, from Amon, and Praise be, and all that kind of stuff.  Terminology that's acceptable, that also makes it easy for all the Big Boys, including Al Gore or anybody else, to walk into these groups, give them a talk.  Throw in the Praise Be's, and Praise God's, and all that, and people will accept them as one of themselves, and they'll also accept the propaganda, their download that goes along with it.  Every group is targeted, but they used this now as I say, for the whole of the bureaucratic and managerial class, and that's what it is.  We have a managerial class across the world that go under the guise of governance. 


The term governance was used by Karl Marx.  Interdependence was used by Karl Marx.  Free trade was used by John Dee long before for the British Empire, including most favored nation trading status, hundreds of years ago.  So you think this is a spontaneous thing that's happening day by day?  Not on your nelly, as they used to say, when people were more polite, and we're living through it.  Generation after generation have been living through it.  The major world wars were all part of this too, to bring us to this stage.  Why do they know that, because the main authors working for the Royal Institute for International Affairs, said, in their own books, they would need world wars to bring the world to its knees.  The public they're talking about, the public, so they'd give up national sovereignty and allow themselves to be ruled in a new fashion, a new fashion, not a democratic fashion, by the expert community, the scientific community.  Now we've seen all the farces, and all the rest of it.  Weather modification has been under the go for years now, daily, across the world.  I've got thousands of photographs, I gave up after my computer was full of them.  And it's the same story, people with bronchial problems after heavy spraying.  The weather manipulation, rain or drought, they can do both.  They can disperse clouds or create them.  And we've been under this for years.  We're living in Disneyland if you listen to mainstream media.  You're taught to disregard your own senses and what you see yourself.  And then they give us since 2001, one shock-and-awe technique after another, because that was to kick off the century of change, that they talked about in academia.  Change is good, right?  That's something you used to say to the shopkeeper when you got something back from a dollar.  Change is good.  This change, no one asks what they mean by it, they just parrot it like sheep. 


One crisis after another.  So we get the terrorism attack.  There's terrorists everywhere, there's terrorists under the bed, replacing the Reds under the bed.  We're all suspected terrorists.  With the West Nile Flu nonsense, that didn't go anywhere except for a lot of fines for people who had puddles accumulating in their eaves troughs, even when they live in the swampy areas like Canada.  Back with more on this, after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the crisis, after crisis, the shock-and-awe techniques we've had since 2001.  From the Towers going down, oh, the terrorists are everywhere across the world suddenly, and it could be you in fact.  And then we found that almost albino grannies with white hair were being searched at airports, and bend over, and all this kind of stuff.  Training the whole world to be humiliated, that's part of it, of totalitarianism; you have no rights.  And we get guys walking through airports, holding up their belts, another humiliating technique you see, that they use in prison camps.  And we're all suspects, therefore everything we do has to be monitored, watched, monitored, photographed.  They're even putting cameras up, massive campaign in Britain to put cameras up in a lot of people's homes now, by law.  And if they pick on you, then you can't stop them, in they come, and they put up the cameras in every bedroom, your bathroom, your living room, to watch you all the time.  Big Brother, Orwell is here, alive and doing well.  That's to come to America shortly because they wanted that back in the 70s, it first came out in American Psychological Association, they said they'd like to monitor all the people for pre-arrests.  They could prevent arrests by seeing if there was any hint of possible aggression coming, like a bad look, or a frown, or something like that.  It's all coming down now, under the guise of terrorism.  And we've had, as I say, the bank crash, we're all plundered by the big bankers on cue, because it was planned, even the time I'm sure was planned too, and then the governments across the world reward the bankers by our tax money, and generations to come to pay it off, and it's all one happy family once again, as they keep the same system going, and now, we must now give ourselves up to the scientific community to inject full of poisons and stuff.  The same scientific community that has been used for biowarfare, because the big pharma companies that deal with vaccines have the most information on viruses and bacterium; that's why they're always used for bacterial warfare purposes.  And I've read some of the articles, and mentioned some of the Big Boys and stuff that was released by the Pentagon.  I've read that before on the air.  That's what they're used for.  So they want to now stick stuff in you for a flu that if it exists at all, is definitely very mild.  So mild you won't know you've have had it, according to most of the doctors out there.  So why all the incredible overreaction?  It doesn't make sense.  It stinks.  Especially if it hasn't mutated into a killer virus, which would mean the present inoculations, the ones they're coming up with will be useless.  So something else is going on, and it could be another training exercise to get us all used to just taking whatever they want, year after year.  That is what they said at the world meeting at the World Health Organization, another private body by the way, unelected, back in 2006.


This article here, is from the L.A. Times, September the 25th.  It says:


Germ-spreading schoolchildren are expected to be the focus of a massive U.S. vaccination campaign against the novel (Alan: I'd say it's novel all right.  It's rather farcical) H1N1 flu.


But if their parents are hearing the rallying cry to have their kids vaccinated, they're not buying it, says a new national survey.


In a poll of 1,678 U.S. parents conducted by the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, 40% said they would get their children immunized against the H1N1 virus -- even as 54% indicated they would get their kids vaccinated against regular seasonal flu.


Among those who said they do not intend to have their kids vaccinated against H1N1, almost half -- 46% -- indicated they're not worried about their children becoming ill with the pandemic virus. Twenty percent said they do not believe the H1N1 flu is a serious disease.


(A: You see, that's roughly the percentage of the people that are awake to other things, too.)


There were differences along racial and ethnic lines in parents' responses, which were collected Aug. 13 to Aug. 31. More than half of Latino parents said they would bring their kids to get vaccinated against H1N1. Among white parents, 38% said they would do so. African American parents were the least inclined to vaccinate: 30% said they planned to do so.


About half of the parents who said they'd pass on the H1N1 flu shot for their kids expressed concern about possible side effects of the vaccine.


See, people are thinking, you see.  Thank goodness about that.  They're thinking about it.  Now one of the big players in this is making money, isn't it amazing too, this is exactly the system that Quigley talked about, this new feudal system, where big pharma, big private international corporations dictate to government and government mandates something into law on behalf of them.  What a great deal, if you're a manufacturer and you got the government to mandate that everyone must wear your shoes or your clothes or whatever it happens to be, isn't it?  A fantastic deal that would be, win/win situation.  Fascism they used to call that, you see.


Mail Online, and it says here, this is September the 20th:


Paralysed cancer drug girl to be put on at-risk register ‘to shut her up’


A mother who is planning legal action against a pharmaceutical giant – claiming her daughter was left partially paralysed after having an anti-cancer vaccine – has been told the teenager is to be put on the social services ‘at-risk’ register.


(A: I've read this before.  So here's someone complaining about it, taking an action out, and the authorities are whacking you.)


Cheryl Cave says allegations that she is abusing


(A: This is how they came back.  Oh, you must be abusing your child.  As soon as she put the lawsuit in against the big pharma and the government.) 


that she is abusing her 13-year-old daughter Ashleigh are an attempt to ‘shut her up’ as she is demanding an investigation into the safety of a drug used to protect girls against the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer.


(A: Now it's always so misleading because, they haven't proven that it works, number 1.  And it's only to cover two or three of the hundreds of papilloma viruses that are out there.  Back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Going through how governments now are targeting parents who come out, trying to sue the pharma or government when their children get paralysed with this supposed, and I say supposed, anti-cancer vaccine that's been mandated again, mandated.  You know, mandates are different from laws.  It's their new governance system, where they'll say it's our policy that you must take this, you see.  That's how government is getting round all the laws, you see, they're just mandating things.  This is the new governance system, where experts mandate, and you obey.  That's it, that's what it is.  So, as I say, this particular girl:


Ashleigh collapsed shortly after being given the jab at school and has spent nearly a year in hospital.


Ashleigh Cave, seen in the photograph with mum Sheryl, was left paralysed from the waist down after taking a cervical cancer drug


This is happening quite frequently by the way.  And here is Mail Online, September 28th:


Schoolgirl, 14, dies and three classmates taken ill after being given new cervical cancer vaccine


(A: It's getting monotonous, isn't it?  And even though it's monotonous mind you, being the new Soviet system they are, under governance, they'll keep at it, and at it, and at it, regardless of facts.  They love to try to smash square pegs into round holes.)


A 14-year-old schoolgirl died hours after being given the controversial cervical cancer vaccine today.


The teenager from Blue Coat Church of England School in Coventry died in hospital after receiving the Cervarix jab.


The tragedy marks the first reported death (A: No, she's not the first.) since more than 1.5 million doses of the injection were given to young girls as part of a National Vaccination Program since last September in the U.K.


A number of her classmates have reported side effects to the vaccine.


Critics say their case highlights the risk of mass vaccination because no testing regime can pick up the rarest and potentially most lethal side effects.


Now, how they rationalize this at the top, is how you do it under socialist governments, where they say, the maximum good for the greatest number.  That's their policy for everything.  If you happen to be in the minority, of a slightly different physiology or whatever, then you're an acceptable write-off.  Literally, you are an acceptable write-off.  It doesn't matter how many hundreds of them there are, or thousands, you're an acceptable write-off.  They'll say look at the rest, they're okay.  Mind you, the rest won't show symptoms right away, until years down the road, like bursting out in cancers all over, and different things like that.  Sterility of course is a favorite amongst the elite pharma companies, and you'll see that happening down the road.  These are the ones who get bumped off quickly, and that's called acceptable risk, under Socialism.  That's how it is.  Not difficult to understand.


And here's from Mark Baard's TimeNauts.  I'll put all these links up on my site at the end of the show,  And this is from September the 25th, 2009.  It says:


This is huge and historic: the first attempted mass vaccination to be rejected by the masses.


Even parents planning to get their kids the seasonal flu vaccine will say no to the swine flu jab.


Germ-spreading schoolchildren are expected to be the focus of a massive U.S. vaccination campaign against the novel H1N1 flu.


But if their parents are hearing the rallying cry to have their kids vaccinated, they’re not buying it, says a new national survey.


In a poll of 1,678 U.S. parents conducted by the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, 40% said they would get their children immunized against the H1N1 virus — even as 54% indicated they would get their kids vaccinated against regular seasonal flu.


And it's pretty well verbatim from the previous one that I read.  The word's got to get out there to people, because there will be a lot of side effects of this.  And something stinks. As I say, this is a mild flu, if it even exists at all outside of the media.  I think that's the only place it truly exists, to be honest with you.  And that happened with the last swine flu.  Outside the media, it didn't exist.  And once the media stopped talking about it, guess what, it was gone.  And I think this stinks, when they go to such amazing lengths to get something into our bloodstreams.  Incredible lengths to get something into our bloodstreams for something that's very mild or doesn't exist at all.  Something really stinks.  Especially when every other person, who's been trained in medicine agrees, that this vaccine is of no use for the mild flu, because if it mutates into the killer they're talking about, you would need a vaccine specifically designed for the killer one that hasn't broken out.  It's quite something, eh.


Now farmers too, remember food, in warfare you go after food and water first of all, that's what they did in ancient times to the present.  In total war scenarios, as we have today, and the U.S. has shown what they did in Iraq.  They go after what they call infrastructure, that's your wells, that's food plants, that's farming areas.  Even poisoning them if need be.  That's what you do.  And even over in Afghanistan when the Soviets were doing the job of trying to annihilate them over there, they put cyanide in their water supplies, they even made movies about it.  And don't think it's stopped today with our boys, because our boys are good boys.  You see, warfare is warfare and their object is to win by any means possible.  And in total warfare, all the population are fair game.  Under warfare it's food and water primarily, and we have watched, as I say, mainly since WWII the farmers having restrictions put on them, one after another, until thousands and thousands of farmers in Canada, the U.S. and Britain, and across Europe were put under.  Put under by red tape from government agencies.  That was intentional as part of long-term strategy.  Long-term strategy.  Because under this new Socialist World U.N. system we're going into, they are to be in charge of all foodstuffs, but they'll still be in the hands of the five big agri-food businesses that almost control all of it today.  And there will be no choices in what you eat; it's whatever you are given. 


In fact, the U.N. has said the Department of Agriculture will be responsible when they get lifted up to their proper status as part of the world government.  They will dish out to every region, they call it regions these conglomerates, like the American region, the European region, and so on.  They'll dish out the food to every region and we'll be rationed.  And part of the reason for it will be for you to force your own populations down inside those regions.  And you know darn well it will start off a certain limit, and then they'll say, well, we don't have enough food this year, so there's a bigger ration.  You'll have to find ways of dealing with your population problem.  I guarantee you, you're going to live through seeing this.  And then you have the Council on Foreign Relations own website, where they've had whole teams working for about 15, 20 years on the coming food shortages.  They just knew it was going to happen.  Why?  Because all their big members are part of these big businesses and agri-businesses that run the world's food supply.  And they'll make it happen, that's why.  And now they're whacking the farmers, not only with oh, ecoli in your cattle and all the rest of it, but they're responsible for letting "carbon" into the atmosphere.  Now here's an article, it's actual a Pro, getting an idea, Carbon Credit article, and it's from the Des Moines Register.


Tim Kaldenberg, who farms in Monroe County, already participates in a carbon-credit program started by the Iowa Farm Bureau. Kaldenberg earns credits for 410 acres of land, some of which he farms without tillage and the rest he seeded to grass. Those two practices store carbon in the soil.


(A: This is the theory, you see.)


Utilities and other companies that want to offset their carbon emissions can buy credits from farmers such as Kaldenberg.


But without regulations on carbon yet, the credits have little value. Kaldenberg's last payment was $50. There are also questions about whether existing contracts, such as Kaldenberg's, would qualify under a pending climate bill.


Whether he and other farmers get involved in offset projects in the future will depend on how much it costs to comply with the program Congress enacts, he said. Such a program will include some regulations to verify that farmers are doing what their contracts require.


In other words they're telling them, you see, if they let it just sit there and grow grass, and don't farm it and grow food, you're a good boy.  You're a good boy.  Do you know how many farmers there are across the whole world right now, who are getting paid by their governments, including Canada, not to grow stuff?  It's been like that for years.  Do you think they can't create a food shortage?  Of course they can create it, they're in the process of doing it.  And they want meat eliminated completely under this new world religion they're bringing in.  After all, people who are healthy and think a lot, are a danger to society.  So meat will be banned and phased out.  It's already getting put up to incredible prices.  And every one of the Green Giants, the Jolly Green Giants, like Al Gore and all the rest of them, have said that.  Oh, it's so, it's so energy intensive to raise cattle, that will have to be phased out.  Then you're left with Monsanto's heavily pesticide laced GMO products, and we're supposed to live in this happy, cancerous utopia.  Amazing what we'll swallow, isn't it.  As though this was some kind of, and they all say this with straight faces, carbon credits.  A complete abstract nonsense, carbon credits.  Complete bogus abstract nonsense, that is to be the whole economy.  That's what they're telling us in all the other articles in the newspapers.  This is to be the global economy, and what does it do?  Right down to the personal level, you are going to be a slave as you pay, and pay, and pay for every mouthful of food you eat, everything you wear, everything you buy, you're going to be whacked with carbon taxes, because that's the carbon.  They will tell you, these experts with their slide rules and guesses and fingers in the air, they're going to tell you how much carbon it took, energy, to make that product.  And you're bad for having it all.  No, I'm not kidding you.  That's what it's all about. 


Slavery exists in many forms, and one of the big masters of that was the descendant of Charles Darwin, his name was Charles Galton Darwin, and he said it, in his own book, The Next Million Years, when he talked about eliminating all the masses, gradually, gradually, and giving them diseases, gradually, gradually.  Read the book, The Next Million Years.  All the unfit ones, the ones that are post-industrial, the ones who were meant to work on benches and conveyor belts, you have to get rid of them.  He put it all out there.  He says, we are in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery.   That's after he said there's always been slavery in one form or another, and he's quite right.  It's quite true.  Money and taxation create a form of slavery.  You either own something or you don't.  Which is it?  It can't be one or the other.  It's got to be one or the other.  I own this, I don't own this.  Well, I sort of own this.  And then you get a knock on the door for property taxes or whatever, then you're out, then they seize your property, steal your property.  They call it seizing.  They have lots of names for theft.  Impounding is another thing for your vehicle.  They love using different terminology for stealing what you have, what you supposedly own.  So, now you're going into all of these climate credits.  And believe you me, you're going to see SWAT teams coming into your home one day, if you didn't pay all your carbon credits.  And they'll say, here's a telephone here, that's worth x-amount of credits and blah, blah, blah, blah, and they'll wipe out your house, clean you out, right down to a pencil.  Gone.  As they count up these abstract carbon credits that you didn't pay.  Slavery can exist in many forms.  And this carbon thing and global warming is a beauty.  It's a beauty, because the whole planet now, you see this is world governance and slavery, the whole planet is to go under this.  The entire world and everybody on it. 


It's funny how the animals can go out there and fart away, and poop in the fields and all the rest of it, and that's okay, they pay nothing.  It's funny too, they've got all the rights, and we have none under Maurice Strong's various treaties for the United Nations.  It's just us, you see, the nasty people, who get taxed on it all, for every breath that you take.  Beautiful con scheme, isn't it?  What a beauty.  Who would have thought of this?  What kind of mind did this come out of?  It came out of the minds of a people who have ruled the world for a long, long, long time under other cons.  That's where it came from.  And the reason they know it will work is because we've swallowed every previous con, every generation did.  That's why they know it will work. (Chuckle)  And you can make the people believe anything with enough propaganda and a serious face, with law enforcement to back it up.  You truly can.  Here's an article from the New York Times:


E.U. Alone and Lonely on Carbon



September 27, 2009


BRUSSELS — Carbon trading put the European Union in the environmental vanguard.


Since 2005, the trade bloc has operated the world’s only continent wide system that puts a cap on greenhouse gas (A: Greenhouse gases, another big abstract thing) emissions and that requires major polluters to hold tradable allowances.


(A: Well, what they actually did at the E.U., they gave the big corporations, international corporations, millions of dollars worth, or euro worth of free carbon taxes, to start the trading off, and they've been making profits on it since.  It's only the public that are paying all the differences off.  Of course it's the public that pays any real energy towards anything, via money.  It says:)


But the system has also been the most “costly climate policy program in the world,” according to Jürgen R. Thumann, the president of BusinessEurope, a powerful confederation of industry and employer groups.


Mr. Thumann said European business leaders are desperate to expand the system (A: Did you know that?  I've never heard one of them say they're desperate to expand the system) to the United States and eventually across the globe to reduce the “dangers to our ability to compete internationally.”


(A: So we've all to compete with invisible nothing.  Invisible nothing.  This new economy, what a beautiful con.)


But with talks on a new global climate treaty seemingly at a stalemate, and with climate legislation delayed in major polluting countries like the United States and Australia, those prospects look increasingly distant.


Meanwhile the E.U. shows no sign of abandoning the system, leaving business leaders like Mr. Thumann with little choice but to speak out at home and to press developed nations abroad to match Europe’s efforts when they gather at the U.N. summit meeting on climate change (A: You know, changes in the weather.) in December in Copenhagen.




(A: Can you imagine a world trading nothing?  There's nothing here.  Nothing.  This carbon trading.  What do you do, pump it all into a tank somewhere, so you can see all these big tanks full of carbon?  What, what?  No, there's nothing.  It's nonsense.) 


Carbon trading was supposed to be the least costly way for Europe to cut emissions. The idea is that industries buy allowances to emit greenhouse gases if they exceed a certain quota or sell them if they have too many.


And as I've said before, this is to come right down to the personal level.  Because everything really, always, always, gets passed right down to you at the bottom, the consumer.  Everything.  Slavery is what it is.  I used to look at this, see if you study the Soviet type models, they would get everybody, all the youngsters, and they had to do so much time in the fields and the farming to get, you know, used to the soil and in touch with nature, and how food is produced, except for the Politburo children who got to go there and have parties.  That's all they went and did, for the elite.  But the rest of them had to learn how it was done.  What we're getting trained in now is do you realize how much carbon you're putting out, and greenhouse gases, every breath that you give out there.  You're going to pay for it, and pay for it, and pay for it.  Back with more after this break. 


I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I say, the same policies to exterminate the farmers where put across the world, years and years ago.  Here's an article here, it's called Small Farm Extermination.  It was sent into a radio show, by Thomas Linzey, Esquire from Pennsylvania.  It says:


Multinational agri-business corporations set out almost forty years ago to exterminate family farmers and take control of food production in the United States. That chilling proposition, which has been asserted by farming communities across the Country over the past decade, gained support last week with the release of a document authored by several agri-business corporations.


The 1962 strategy memorandum, entitled "An Adaptive Program for Agriculture", was drafted by a group of multinational corporations called the "Committee for Economic Development" (A: And by the way, that's a UN Department, every country has, a committee for economic development.) and it lays out a detailed plan for the decidedly un-American corporate takeover of an American institution - the family farm.


Chapter 6 of the memorandum calls for a two pronged strategy, either "(a) leakproof control of farm production by agri-business corporations" or "(b) a program, such as we are recommending here, to induce excess resources - primarily people - to move rapidly out of agriculture."


(A: Do you hear this?  This is from the U.S. government, 1962.  Two methods of doing it, the second one was to induce excess resources - primarily people - to move rapidly out of agriculture.)


One of those "excess resources" - an Illinois hog farmer named Keith Bolin - was one of the farmers who read the paper. In an interview done shortly after Farm Aid, Bolin spoke of the absolute control being exercised over hog prices by agri-business corporations. He explained that "Many factory farms are packer owned and packer controlled. (A: That's the ones who do all the meat cutting.)


And when the packers are short of hogs and they don't want to bid up for my hogs, they flood the market with their own and drive the price down. They force me to chase the market down. They use their own hogs to drive the price lower." Last year, Bolin lost thirteen months of net worth. Last month, he canceled his health insurance to cut his operating costs. Next year, he sees himself taking a job off the farm.


In blunt testimony before the Senate Ag Committee, he stated that "this is not about efficiency or inefficiency. It's about control of our food supply by a few multinationals who are not loyal to Main Street, or rural America, or the American flag."


What do the Bolins of the Midwest have in common with Franklin County farmers? Plenty. The "get bigger or get out" or "go corporate or go bankrupt" sentiment has pervaded all facets of farming - whether you live in Illinois or Pennsylvania. Whereas fifty head of dairy cows used to put food on the table for the family, a hundred head is now necessary to make a living. Hog-growing contracts leave the family farmer holding the bag for water pollution. Poultry farmers find themselves squeezed into building capital-intensive animal factories.


Under this new global free-for-all - with rules written by a small handful of powerful agri-business corporations - hog, poultry, and beef farmers are forced to compete with corporate factory farms in the Midwest and overseas competition using cheap labor and lacking any health or safety protections. Combined with homegrown corporate franken-food endeavors to splice artichoke genes into chickens, to patent seed supplies to force farmers to buy new seed corn every year, (A: That's Monsanto) and to control the basic genetic building blocks of life, eating itself has become a hazardous affair.


And that was decided back in 1962.  You're living through a well-planned script that covers every facet of life.  Well that's it from Canada, from Hamish and myself, where it's pouring mightily after a day's spraying.  It's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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