September 29th, 2009 (#418)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 29th, 2009:

NWO Masters of Disasters:

"New World Order is Deceptive, Techniques Machiavellian,
It's No Surprise They Disguise They are Totalitarian,
You've No Rights, You're being Watched for Safety,
You'll be Scared if You've Dared to Read History Lately,
Lenin, Stalin, Hitler Set Their Sights Way Low,
The Master's Boys with High-Tech Toys Prize World as Way to Go,
The Sheeple are so Mind-Bombed, Not a Thought Inside that's Vital,
TV's Blood and Gore and Sex Galore, then on to American Idol,
To Take Down a Society, Complete Culture Must be Destroyed,
Done Bit by Bit, Masters Never Slip, On Cue Each Change Deployed"
© Alan Watt September 29th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - September 29th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 29th of September, 2009.  For the newcomers, look into website, where you'll find hundreds of hours of talks I've given over the past, where I try to fill in all the little black, blank spots in history.  The things that are really important, that are in between the pages that get published in front of our eyes, I try to put the parts in that should be inserted, and certainly do exist in higher levels of intelligence you might say, and I try to show you where it's all going, and to show you that the world is planned.  The future is always planned by power brokers, who all work together like one big mafia, and after all it's the history of the planet that powerful groups always form together.  At first they compete, and then they join together, and then you have the big club at the top.   And the reason that they have to be totalitarian now, and it's a totalitarian society we're going into, we're actually under it, is because we're going through the greatest changes in their plan, into the next phase, the New World Order where they'll create eventually screening for people who can pass on their genes to others, eliminate others that they'll say are simply inferior through racial hygiene, and all that kind of stuff.  The stuff that we saw in Nazi Germany, that they borrowed from Britain.  And this is why we're going through all these incredible changes since 2001.  The Century of Change.  So look into website, bookmark the other sites I have for future use in case the big servers go down, and remember too, that you bring me to you.  I don't get backed by any big company, any organization, any NGO foundation.  It's up to you to keep me going by buying that which I have for sale on the website  And how to pay for the books I have for sale are on the website.  There's personal check, it's fine within Canada and the U.S., there's also paypal you can use for donations or to purchase.  And you can also use Money Gram, outside of the Americas, or Western Union, or Straight Cash.  Some people just send the straight cash, and that cuts out the guy with all the triple chins.  And for those that get the discs burned and passed around to them, write to me [listed above].


And I've gone on about reality.  It's so important to understand what reality really is.  It's to most people, it's the society with all of its realisms, or topics of the day, in which they live.  That is their reality.  Reality for most people today, actually comes from television, and their education in an earlier part of their life, but television takes over.  And they're downloaded from then on, with new programs, even new terminology that they pick up from television shows.  They used to have teenager shows on at one time to do with schools.  Degrassi High was one, and lots of new terminology was introduced into the vocabulary through these kinds of shows.  That's how it's done, because children imitate what they see so easily.  They mimic it, and they start to use the same terms.  And they also emulate the behavior they see on television.  Quite something.  You have no idea, how much programming comes from television, none at all, and how it's literally changed a whole generation in preparation for what's coming up now.  As soon as television was given to the public, the Big Boys at the top were already using it from the very get-go, to gradually change an existing society with its own culture, and turn it 180 degrees, because you must destroy society with its culture completely to dominate it.  Destroy the fact that people stand up for each other; that's an essential part, and it's been done.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just mentioning how reality is constantly updated, never too much at one time.  It's done incrementally so we accept the changes.  And many of us alive today have lived through some of the big revolutions as it was called, sexual revolutions, gender revolutions, whole bunches of revolutions and women's lib revolutions.  All funded from the same big foundations in order to destroy societies so that they could be rebuilt properly, you see.  The old way was improper.  It was just too much, too undisciplined, when people made their own decisions and decided if they were going to get married, and who they wanted to get married to, and choose their own careers.  That kind of thing was too untidy.  They wanted a planned society.  That's planning how many people you want to serve you, #1, because we've always lived under a form of slavery in one form or another.  There's many kinds of hidden forms of slavery.  This is a more sophisticated one, according to Charles Galton Darwin, in his own book The Next Million Years.  It's very sophisticated.  People don't know that they're in slavery, when so much of a chunk of your labor goes back to government, your masters via taxes, you are in slavery.  You know, I've mentioned Huxley before, Aldous Huxley who was in on the big think tanks, big meetings, big world meetings, along with Bertrand Russell and many others of their ilk, at that time, back in the 30s, 40s, 50s.  So when they came out with books, they were not just dreaming stuff up out of thin air.  It's because they could tell the public so much, but not that this was actually a plan.  They could tell them groups of men could do this.  Very rich powerful men could take over the world if they wanted to by using these methods.


Of course they couldn't say it was actually happening, because it was happening.  It was already happening in their lifetime, and they were part of that control group of scientists who were used to bring in the systems and find ways to implement the systems to alter society through cultural changes, behavioral changes, mainly through what they read, through novels and all the rest of it.  I've said before that so many novels right through from the 50s onwards especially were written by people selected by the CIA.  That's in America's Cultural Cold War ["The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters" by Frances Stonor Saunders], now declassified information.  Poets, novelists, scriptwriters, screenwriters were employed by the CIA to alter the culture.  Meanwhile, back home in the U.S. mainly, people were blaming the Communists, thinking it was all the Communists, and of course then of course you have the lonely voice out there of the only guy who knew what was going on, and that was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, Professor Carroll Quigley, who says, yes, a group, a parallel group of government has been running this country for sixty years, and that was in the 1960s he wrote the book.  And he did say that they were often mistaken for Communism.  See, collectivism is only one phase of their system that they bring you through, and prepare you for the next step.  It's quite easy to do.  And the big problem they had in the 30s even, when they talked about cloning, back in the 30s, read Huxley's Brave New World, and creating perfect beings for the job.  Purpose-made beings for the jobs.  Tall ones, short ones, ones with extra arms, you name it, that kind of stuff.  They also talked about ways of conditioning and holding onto the public's minds, and the techniques they would use through suggestion and forms, forms of hypnosis.  See most hypnosis is not a guy standing with a watch at the end of a chain.  It's done through suggestion and repetition.


This is from a letter of Aldous Huxley to George Orwell.  And it's from a book that's published by Harper & Row, it's the Letters of Aldous Huxley, edited by Grover Smith, from Harper & Row, 1969.  And it says here:


"Within the next generation I believe that the world’s leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis (Alan: That's drugging) are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience.


In other words, I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate (A: To change) into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World."


And he's right.  We have to go through the totalitarian Nineteen Eighty-Four scenario, before we can go into the Brave New World totally controlled society, where it will be unimaginable for any creature that's cloned off in the future to even think of itself as a distinct individual, never mind rebelling against the system.  And remember these guys were top advisors to intelligence agencies, and world intelligence services.  Really there's only one world intelligence service, just one.  And when they were writing the Cultural Cold Wars, back in that time, during the Cold War, and hiring novelists, screenwriters, scriptwriters, they were also doing the same in Britain through MI6, they managed that side of it there too.  They were also doing from the U.S. and funding it from the U.S. the whole scene right across the whole of Europe, and hence you had what people thought was really this revolution for the teenagers, and that's when pop music exploded suddenly.  And it was a sudden thing across the whole of Europe, pushed from the top down.  At that time in Britain there was only the BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation owned by the government.  It was an arm of government, and they were the ones promoting all this stuff.  And along with it came the appropriate fashion, which they tried in the '20s, the mini-skirt, and it was sex, drugs, and rock and roll, that came next.  Sex, drugs, rock and roll.  And there was lots of all of that, all through that period, as they were taking down society, and all of the values and morality that goes with it, because at the end they knew they would have a society that could not bond.  Men and women couldn't bond for any length of time.  They could be as promiscuous as they wanted to, but they couldn't bond.  And that was the important thing, because for government to be total, it couldn't have any semblance or remnant of the tribal system, where people would stand up on behalf of someone who's been accused by government.  When government can talk directly through the screen to you, like they did in Nineteen Eighty-Four in the movie, that's when they have total power.  That's what it's all about.  Total destruction of all that was. 


Again, back in that time if you talked to the average person and said, you know, 2001 will come in and we'll suddenly all be under a martial law scenario, we'll all be getting monitored 24 hours a day, every letter you send will be opened, every email (well not email, it wasn't even known then), every phone call that you make will be monitored by government agencies, no one would have believed you.  And that's why this works so well.  No one will ever believe it will happen, even as you're going through it.  They still don't believe it's happening.  Or if they believe it's now happening because the major media affirms that it's happening, they'll believe the media version, it's done for a good cause.  Because most people cannot think for themselves.  They do expect the media to do their reasoning for them and to tell them what to dwell upon.  The media can tell you the most horrific things, but if they don't tell you to dwell and think about this they won't.  It will go right through their head, and on to the next topic.  That's understood, well understood in all behavioral courses now at university.  I read this article before to show you some of this, how this works together.  I've talked about Skinner before, behavioral psychology, and how he's a hero, this guy who dropped children, you know a foot from a bed to see if they'd cry and stuff when they hit the ground, and locked his own daughter in the Skinnerian cage as they called it, to observe her getting brought up as an animal.  They're all amazing guys, these paragons of science.  They're all psychopaths, and the elite just love them.  They pick them well. 


Anyway it says here, and this is from The Telegraph, the 19th of September. 


EU (A: That's the Economic Union.) funding 'Orwellian' artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for "abnormal behaviour"

The European Union is spending millions of pounds developing "Orwellian" technologies designed to scour the internet and CCTV images for "abnormal behaviour". 


(A: And I've got to find the articles I read in the 1970s from American Psychological Association, when they said they wanted all these cameras in then, throughout America, and also eventually in the homes in every citizen, so that professionals could study them and intervene before there were any aggressive things happening in domestic disputes.  And this says:)


A five-year research programme, called Project Indect, aims to develop computer programmes which act as "agents" to monitor and process information from web sites,


(A: Now here you are, all you folk who blab everything out there in discussions and forums and all the rest of it.)


from web sites, discussion forums, file servers, peer-to-peer networks and even individual computers.


(A: You know they've already been doing it when they announce something.)


Its main objectives include the "automatic detection of threats and abnormal behaviour or violence".


(A: Now there's many ways to interpret violent behavior, it can be a tone of voice, a certain adjective used before a noun, there's many, many ways.)


Project Indect, which received nearly £10 million in funding from the European Union, involves the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and computer scientists at York University, in addition to colleagues in nine other European countries.


Now I read that one before, but just to recap on the topics to follow.  And remember, these sites I'll put up at the end of the show, on, these links will be up there for you.  If you go into for instance, the Stanford Institute, the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, did you know there was a technology lab for persuasion, run by a top university?  Well hold, on, and we'll go into this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and showing you how your reality is managed basically, where you get your reality from, and how you're updated with new realities without even noticing it, and how you'll emulate what you see and you hear, or you'll even speak into existence the new words that you hear in coupled phrases, and all the rest of it.  This is from the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab:


The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab creates insight into how computing products — from websites to mobile phone software — can be designed to change what people believe and what they do.

Yes, this can be a scary topic: machines designed to influence human beliefs and behaviors.

(A: But then they tell you a spin you see, and tell you why it's good for you.  It says:)

But there's good news. We believe that much like human persuaders, persuasive technologies can bring about positive changes in many domains, including health, business, safety, and education.

(A: So it's okay to brainwash people as long as you're doing it for the right reasons, and they'll decide what's right, and what your education will be, in fact.  They go on to say:)

We also believe that new advances in technology can help promote world peace in 30 years.

(A: Remember what the definition of world peace is, absence of all opposition.  It says here:)

With such positive ends in mind, we are creating a body of expertise in the design, theory, and analysis of persuasive technologies, an area called “captology.”

(A: Isn't that a nice word.  Captology.  We are captivated, I guess.)

By arriving at this page, you've reached the main website for our research lab, directed by Dr. BJ Fogg.

(A: Who sees rather clearly.  I added that last bit.  That's my little joke for the night.)

On this site you'll find an overview of captology, learn about examples, have access to captology resources, and be invited to receive our lab's free newsletter. We also share some insights in our blog, Captology Notebook.

(A: They also go on about their videos and their TV sites, and all the rest of it.  It says:)

This site has dozens of short videos showing how companies use the web today to influence people's thoughts and behaviors.

(A: That's from Captology TV.  Then they give an overview of it.)

Captology is the intersection of computers and persuasion
Captology is the study of computers as persuasive technologies.  This includes the design, research, and analysis of interactive computing products created for the purpose of changing people's attitudes or behaviors.

(A: I'll read that last part again, for the hard of thinking.)

This includes the design, research, and analysis of interactive computing products created for the purpose of changing people's attitudes or behaviors.

As the graphic shows, captology describes the area where computing technology and persuasion overlap.

This area continues to grow quickly. Each week more computing products, including websites, are designed to change what people think and do. We expect this trend to continue, especially as mobile phones become more capable of running software from third parties and the Internet.

Captology is global

Beginning at Stanford in the 1990s, the study of persuasive technology is now a global area of research and design. In the early days, we were doing research, conducting classes, and organizing events at Stanford. But we did not organize the first global conference. We appreciate our colleagues at the Eindhoven University of Technology for organizing this in 2006:

(A: They even have world meetings about it.)

First International Conference on Persuasive Technology for Human Well-Being.

(A: Isn't it amazing, to brainwash you through ways you don't even know are happening, which is the best kind of brainwashing.  They call it for Human Well-Being.  Right?)

Since then, the conference has been an annual event, bringing together researchers and practitioners from around the world:


There's a whole bunch of links on this site.  And I'll put this link up too, to their major site, at, and you can check it out yourself.  It's interesting to see one area, and this is just one, from one source, that really is responsible for a lot of the stuff you're now thinking.  And they also prepare your minds for the next big changes in culture and society, without you even knowing it, before they happen.  They prepare you for it.  It's quite, quite something, really. 


And this other one here is called. 


Mobile Persuasion Cover, v2 (A: It's a paperback apparently too.)


The Stanford University Persuasive Technology Lab has created a new book about how mobile phones are becoming platforms for persuasion.


I'll put this link up as well, for you to look into that.  They have a book out, I guess you have to buy it.  Mobile phones are becoming platforms.  Now they use that terminology in weaponry now for the military.  Platforms.  Weapon platforms.  A platform for persuasion.  Which is a weapon of course if it's done through scientific, devious means.  And there's also Captology TV.  I've mentioned that before, I'll give you the link for that too, that's from their same people. is a place for sharing insights, observations, and new ideas about persuasive technology through video. Some of our favorite videos are below, but please explore the rest of the site through the categories above.


They've got various themes, etc, and you can look into that, all from the same place.  Now that's only one place in one country from a university.  And I've gone through Captology, there's also this one.  This is again to do with how cameras are being used for many different reasons that they give us.  Often they're misleading, they have other reasons behind them.  Cameras everywhere really is meant to intimidate you.  And I've mentioned this before.  In totalitarian regimes, you generally see the face of the big boss at the top, everywhere you go, on a poster or a wall staring at you.  Well now it's cameras meant to intimidate you.  Science you see is the new master, and they're watching you.  Back with more after this break.


I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going through a series of articles to show you how you arrive at what you think are your conclusions about things.  And you won't have a clue they've been put into your head by others.  It's even worse than that.  It isn't just that, they're also watching you like crazy, putting incredible money into more and more cameras to intimidate you.  That's what cameras do, they intimidate you.  When you know you're under camera whether you're driving or walking, you won't behave the same, you won't feel the same, you won't feel as physically or mentally well, either, knowing you're being observed all the time.  It causes a form of stress that builds up, and it's continuous, that's intentional.  The same technique was used as I say in totalitarian countries when they had the pictures of Lenin and Stalin, and Adolf all over the place, and it works, very, very well.  You couldn't go into your apartment without passing them in the hallway.  There's opposite posters, the guy is watching you everywhere.  Until you end up literally in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, where there's a camera in your room, in every room in your place, watching you, and a big screen, a big screen, to make sure that Big Brother, when he appears on that screen to talk down to you, is really going to appear like a Big Brother, bigger than you.  All psychology in the working, you see. 


And here's what they're doing in Britain.  Britain is the flagship for everything that happens across the world in this new Brave New World scenario.  And this article is from the Telegraph, it's 23rd of September.


Artificially Intelligent Cameras could now prevent crimes before they happen


(A: What's interesting is they call it ISIS. Oh, they love to rub it in your face.  The goddess Isis, right?  The ISIS program.  There's a little thumb up at you or maybe forefinger, one of the fingers up at you, that's how they do it, these creeps at the top. And it says:)


The CCTV technology identifies suspicious individuals and behaviour and then acts to stamp out crimes before they happen.


When a crime looks like it is going to occur, the system will verbally warn the perpetrator and then if necessary alert the nearest police officer.


(A: Now they already have these cameras up in Britain, and big screens in shopping malls, where if you drop a bit of litter, you, your image will appear on this massive screen, for all to see, to humiliate you, you see.  Then a voice will tell you to pick it up.  Yes, you, you down there.  You know, and you pick it up, and meekly go along and put that caramel wrapper in the trash can where it belongs.  So they're going a step further you see.  So they predict crime and then warn you before something happens.)


ISIS, short for Integrated Sensor Information System, (A: Oh, aren't they clever, these little boys.) is being developed by a team at Queen’s University Belfast at its Centre for Secure Information Technologies.


(A: And actually they're getting the funding again from the EU, from the first article I read.  And the EU is not a democratic institution, any more than the new parliament for the Americas will be when it's put up.  And it will come: It says:)


It is designed to work with the extensive network of CCTV cameras already installed on buses and trains as well as in stations, airports and on the street.


It centres on specially developed “computer vision technology” that analyses images picked up by CCTV and is able to profile individuals to see if they pose a risk and then to check for patterns of behaviour that may be suspicious or anti-social.


(A: Boy, they've come, in legal terms, anti-social, the field is wide open.  They can drag you in, well, we saw an anti-social grimace on your face there.  You're guilty, that's it.)


The computer constantly assesses the situation and if it becomes a major risk alerts a control room who can send out a verbal warning or alert officers nearby to stampout crimes before they occur.


Criteria that ISIS will look for are likely to include clothing such as hooded tops, sudden movements, odd behaviour such as moving seats and verbal aggression.


(A: Moving seats?  Imagine in a public place, you get off the seat, well I've done that, I've moved when I realized that someone had a few too many beers, in that particular area, before I got on that seat.  You know what I'm saying.  Now you're going to be a suspect if you move.  And verbal aggression.  Verbal aggression.)


Metal detectors, motion detectors and even microphones could eventually be added to sharpen the system further.


(A: Well, that will definitely all be added, because they use mikes in all the cameras they put up already.  They didn't tell the public that in the beginning, but I knew it, and sure enough they can listen in 200 to 300 yards away as you're talking in a doorway of a shop for instance.  Boy, this is the home of democracy here, eh, Britain.)


“We have four million cameras across the country at present but their impact on anti-social behaviour is actually fairly negligible,” said Dr Paul Miller, who is part of the 50-strong team.


“We aim to develop a system which helps to make crime-free buses, trains, stations and airports a reality. We think it will be a strong deterrent.”


(A: It puts me in mind of Eleanor Roosevelt, when she went off to see her hero, Stalin, and her other hero, Pavlov.  She said that in her own book, when she came back and wrote it, or had it ghost written for her.  And she talked about the school children going to school, she said you know, they're all kind of lifeless as they sort of all march along to school quietly, compared to American children, who are noisy and kind of boisterous and verbal.  And she says, but she preferred the Soviet system, because the children, although there was no sort of happiness present, they were so well disciplined, and so well behaved.  This is what this puts me in mind of.  Because everyone is going to be trained by knowing they're on camera, that it stops spontaneous natural behavior.  Including happiness, folks.  Can't have any joy in this Brave New World.  That joy could mean in fact that you're exuberant, and you think you have rights and freedoms and stuff.  Far better when you're glum, and you wear grey clothing that they did in the Soviet era, and stare at the sidewalk as you walk along.  That way you don't offend anybody, especially spies.


This is a Brave New World.  You know, I've said before, this is an incredible agenda that was worked out years before 9/11.  With all countries involved, long before 9/11, because they're all going the same system at the same time, everywhere.  And we're all allowing it to happen.  And who's paying for it all?  Your labor and taxes are paying for it all, as this prison is being built up around you.  And you say nothing.  This is disgusting.  A prison is being built of the whole planet Earth, and we say nothing.  And they can use this rubbish of preventing crime and terrorism for anything that they want to do to you, if you allow it.  It says:)


The science fiction film Minority Report, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, revolves around a “Pre-crime” police unit that is able to identify and prevent crimes before they happen. 


And that's why they sort of modeled this after that, or the other way around, no doubt, because the guys in Hollywood are always in the know of what's coming up.  Quite something, eh.  And I always tell people try and get the black and white version of 1984 that was made in 1984 as a tribute to Orwell, and it starts off with Winston, the main character, in his apartment, having to go round a little corner in the room, to get away from the camera so he could write in a diary what was really happening, because he was spied on.  And there's the face of big brother in the next room, staring at you all the time.  And now there's a massive campaign to put these cameras in the homes of people in Britain, starting with people targeted mainly by Children's Aid.  Or anyone accused of any kind of infringement of the multitude of laws over there to do with children, to see if you're taking care of your children properly, as the State wants you to take care of them.  Putting cameras in through law, to spy on you 24-hours a day.  And it's a pilot project that will be spread to everyone's home eventually.  And they'll tell you, it's for your safety.  They'll even have ads on TV of the elderly, saying oh, thank goodness, I collapsed there and they saw it.  They do that with identity bracelets on the ads on television already, so they'll use that for this as well.  We'll be so well taken care of, no one can commit any crime because we'll be manacled to the walls by the time they're finished.  If we let them.  Disgusting.  Disgusting the people who call themselves humans will allow this to happen to them.  Disgusting.  But again too, it's at the right time you see, because society has had a war on it for over a hundred years through culture, culture war and education war.  And they've destroyed the cohesiveness within society that held it together, and made people stand up for each other, and stand up for their moral rights.  They had common morals at that time, believe it or not.  And they did stand up for the little guy getting picked on.  And now no one will stand up for anyone else, because they've all been divided, as they live in their own little personal head space.  They haven't had a clue that there was a war ongoing on them, for a long, long time.  Grandparents, parents, themselves.  Hadn't a clue.


And then, now of course, even in the UK, and again this is the prototype for all countries.  I mentioned an article again the other night there where you have to be vetted now to even ferry your neighbor's child to the school, even if you're taking your own children to the school.  You must go through a government agency now to get vetted.  Millions of people are already getting vetted right now, millions of people.  The Mail Online, and this is from September 26th. 


Two working mothers have been banned from looking after each other's toddlers because they are not registered childminders.


The close friends' private arrangement had let them both return to part-time jobs at the same company.


However, a whistle blower reported them to the education watchdog Ofsted and it found their informal deal broke the law.


(A: Isn't that wonderful.  Just like they have these dirty little spies all through your communities.  And I've warned people before, anyone who's around you in your neighborhood, you tell them nothing, nothing about yourselves.  Did you know they've been collecting data through gossip at police stations for over 50-odd years?  Jacques Ellul wrote about that in one of his books.  Gossip.)


…a whistleblower reported them to the education watchdog Ofsted and it found their informal deal broke the law.


Two working mothers have been banned from looking after each other's toddlers because they are not registered childminders.


This was because little-known rules say friends cannot gain a 'reward' by looking after a child for more than two hours outside the child's home without agreeing to a number of checks including one from the Criminal Records Bureau.


(A: We're way beyond the Soviet system here.  This is the Soviet system on steroids.)


Although the mothers never paid each other, their job-sharing deal was judged to be a 'reward'.


(A: Oh, boy, these lawyers eh.  We should give them their own island, preferably one that sinks after they're all on it.)


Campaigners fear thousands of working families could be innocently breaking the rules by relying on close friends for informal childcare.


Amazing, eh.  But remember too, under the new laws at the United Nations, the children aren't yours anyway.  You're just there to make sure that you pay for their upkeep.  Their conditioning and their brainwashing will be done by the state according to Bertrand Russell.  It's far more economical.  You just pay for their clothing, and give them a place to live, and feed them.  That's about the only right you have left anymore, under the United Nations law of the child, literally.  Remember, Plato said the same thing too, and the big boys really did believe that eventually they'd have to take children away from their parents because the parents could contaminate them with obsolete moralities.  That's what Bertrand Russell said.  That through his experimental schools, he said if we could get the children as young as two years of age, at kindergarten, scientific indoctrination will overcome any parental input on that topic.  These guys always thought, right up to the 20th century, they'd have to eventually separate to get one generation totally separated from their parents.  They wouldn't even know who they were, then the State would brainwash them.  That was always the collectivist, Sovietized ideal, all paid for by the big bankers of London and New York.  Capitalism ran communism.  The great experiment they called it.  And it was an experiment, because we're now taken over, and it's a more expanded version for the world, this is what this is all about.  And lawyers are having, isn't it amazing, whatever new thing is happening there's another tier of lawyers to interpret it.  Another tier.  Always jobs for the boys, eh, who quibble over words, and get round things by using other words.  It's all to do with words.    In the beginning God spoke the world into existence.  What they're telling you there, is this system, it's an allegory for this system.  You speak reality into existence.  You speak it.  The spoken word.  Spoken word.  And then they go and reinterpret everything to suit themselves in law.  That's why they tell you to shut up in court, let the lawyer do the speaking.  And it's a joust, that's what they have, a joust between knights on the battlefield using legalese and knowledge of the law.  Nothing to do with what's right and wrong, or even the victim sitting over there, or the guy that's accused sitting over there.  You're just bystanders as these two guys go at it with their little quips and winks and nods, and masonic stance and gestures.  That's all it is.  But they never fail, do they?


And also, from the Times Online.  You've got people in Britain are selling their kidneys now to pay off debts.  Now the last time I heard about this it was in the Philippines, they did television specials on the poor in the Philippines getting ripped off mightily, I think they were getting about $500 a kidney, and the guys who were buying them were of course selling them for thousands of dollars to the person, the recipient.  And it was all going into the United States at the time.  And the ones who were getting their kidneys taken out, it cost more for treatment for infections and various things that set in than the money that they were given all together for their kidneys.  Now they're selling their kidneys in Britain.  And this is from the Sunday Times, September 27th.


British victims of the credit crunch are offering to sell their kidneys for £25,000 or more to help pay debts, an investigation by The Sunday Times has revealed.


(A: Now it's very interesting how they word this as well, because you'll see how they play it as also wanting to help people.  They're giving you used to cannibalization.  More and more cannibalization.)


At least a dozen adverts have appeared on the internet offering kidneys for sale from British “donors”. Five of the sellers corresponded with undercover journalists, (A: So they're putting sting operations up.) who posed as friends and relatives of sick patients to negotiate sales.


One person willing to sell a kidney is a 26-year-old mental health nurse (A: I think he's mental all right) who said he needed the money to pay debts after a business he set up went bankrupt. Another is a 43-year-old taxi driver from Lancashire, who wants to raise cash to pay off some of his mortgage and buy a new kitchen.


(A: Boy, oh boy, oh boy.  He won't be eating much there of steak and kidneys, will he?)


This is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going through the Progression of the New World Order, as it goes exactly where it predicted it would go, because they plan it all after all.  And it's astonishing how the public just accept it.  I guess, as I say, they've had so many years of preparing the minds of the people, and making them feel downtrodden, especially in Britain.  It's a perfect place to try it out, because they've had years and years of financial depressions and job losses and factories closing down, as they're getting ready for amalgamation with Europe, and here they are.  They're ready for it.  And I think it's a breaking of the spirit of the people, is what they do to be honest with you.  That's what they do, and then they bring out their totalitarian regime openly in your face.


Now I'll go to the phones and there's Brian from Alabama there.  Are you there Brian?


Brian: Hey, Alan.  I just wanted to say I appreciate everything that you do.  And for new people that are wanting to study the New World Order, if you could break it down into six or eight categories, what would they be?


Alan: The categories of the New World Order?  It's a complete system, that's the whole thing.  It's every facet of life, purpose as well, function, in fact, you won't exist without a function in it shortly, that's a big part of it.  And of course, it's to do with eugenics, and eugenical, a new eugenical breed.  If you go back into the early 1900s, and even into the woman who brought out planned abortion, that was Margaret Sanger, a fan of Hitler and Stalin, and odd too because she was Jewish and she admired both of them.  She wrote a book called The Coming New Race of Women.  And she called it the Race.  A race of women, as though they'd be separate from men altogether and specially bred and created in fact as a separate distinct race.  This is a very old agenda.  It's funded by the richest people on the planet.  It'll use everything that you need.  That's food, water, shelter, clothing, heat, everything.  They'll be in control of all of that, and they'll have you going cap-in-hand to them for all your basic survival needs.  It's totalitarian in every possible respect, right down to if you're going to get born, do they need you?  And if they're going to let you get born, by predetermining your genes, they'll see what you'll be trained to do.  That literally is what it's about.  A scientifically controlled society from even preconception into conception and work life and all the rest of it.  It's a hell on earth is what they're bringing in.  Hello?


Brian: No, I'm still here.  I was just.  I'm trying to actually, you know, break it down into categories so I can. 


Alan: Are you talking about control mechanisms?  Is that what you're talking about?


Brian: Yes.  We know the Federal Reserve, our monetary, is one of their main tools.


Alan: It's probably the prime tool, because money was the first con trick to get people to work in a system dependent upon that system.  You're now dependent upon it.  So you're quite right.  Money is the kick.  Anything that exists outside of money is under the control of money, including whole governments and nations, so you're quite right.  Food is the other thing.  The five Agri-Businesses are no coincidence that they're out there, and they've taken over almost all of the world's food supply.  And they're on the final legs for the last of it.  And we now have water companies.  Companies that were literally born in Britain, that will own the World's Water supplies.  Fresh water, everything.  It's complete ownership of all natural resources, but you will not be allowed to participate or have any of that, unless you go along with their system.  It's the most evil system ever devised on this planet, and it can't be allowed to succeed.  From Hamish and myself, in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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