September 30th, 2009 (#419)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 30th, 2009:

Humanity -- Progress Means Less:

"The Architects of the Route of Progress
Wish to Reduce Population to 2 Million or Less,
Replacing the Slaves with Better Breeds,
Through Cloning and Splicing to Best Serve Their Needs,
From the Mass Propaganda We're Living Through,
All They Need is the Co-operation of You,
To Accept You're Inferior, Not Much Contribution
To Society, So Please Accept Final Solution,
Don't be a Spoilsport, Let Mankind Progress,
Same Old Eugenics is My Better Guess,
Over Methods Employed They Bicker and Wheedle,
Lord Bertrand Russell said 'We'll Use the Needle'"
© Alan Watt September 30th, 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - September 30th, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 30th of September, 2009.  I always suggest that newcomers to the show look into website, scroll down, you'll find all the other sites I have up there, bookmark them for future use because the big sites give me trouble once in a while, and that way you'll be able to download the latest shows without any problem.  And there's a bunch to choose from, there's, there's, .us, .ca, there's, and there's  The last one is the European site, which also has the same, it has the addition of transcripts of a lot of the talks I've given, they're written in the various languages of Europe, and you can download them for print up.  It has the same audios as well as all the other sites.  And that way too, if you find that you're downloading and it's taking time or it's sticking somehow, try one of these sites, alternate sites, because you might get through quicker then.  When everyone goes through to the .com site, and that's generally what happens, they get problems sometimes downloading straight through.  That should help it out.  Remember now, you are the listeners who bring me to you because there's no one backing me here at all.  And this is not a job, it's not a career, there's no foundation behind me or NGO behind me at all.  I don't believe in right wing or left wing, I know there's only one agenda, that's what I've experienced my whole life long, and that's why I'm out here telling you as much as I know about it.  And giving you lots of the history that built up this New World Order system, that's openly talked about today by the Big Boys themselves, the same Big Boys that pooh-poohed it when people like myself talked about it years ago.  So, enjoy yourselves when you go through all these different audios I put out there.  There's hundreds of them to choose from.  And as I say, you can keep me going by buying that which I have for sale on the websites.  And you can find out how to, when you go into  You can also donate to me.  You can also use the paypal buttons for purchases if you want to, or personal check is good within the U.S. and Canada.  There's also international postal money order for those who don't have bank accounts in the States.  Lots of them avoid the banks, they have allergies to them, and I don't blame them.  So you can always get an international money postal order at your post office, and that's acceptable in Canada.  Outside the Americas, you can use paypal again, you can use MoneyGram and Western Union, it's up to yourselves how you do it.  Or simply send cash, that's what some people do, and that cuts out the little guy with the expensive suit and the triple chins.  Lots of people get the discs burned and passed to them to play on their CD players, and you can get in touch with me too if you want to [listed above].


The New World Order is amazing.  It's been so talked about by the Big Boys themselves, for well over a hundred years, well over a hundred years.  In fact, you go back into the 1700s and find traces of it then even around the time of the French Revolution, and prior to it.  And some of the big players of this utopia that they wanted to bring into the world were writing books, just churning them out at the time it seems, and you'll find even the Masonic groups were doing it through the Encyclopedists as they called themselves in France, and people like Voltaire were just churning them out, and the Rights of Man, and all that kind of stuff.  It sounds so wonderful because they always have to use the masses to bring in their system, so they can dominate the masses.  That's how it works so well.  You promise them a wonderful life and a future, more freedoms, and they go and fight for you, so you can dominate them.  Just like the Soviet Union, and here it is, across the planet.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I say, it's astonishing to see how people think they're progressing.  It's like the word progress itself, people don't stop to ask who decides what progress is even.  And what are the outcomes or side effects of progress.  They do this with science; in other words, every invention that comes along through science will alter our behavior in some way or another.  And it does.  And in behavioral psychology schools, they teach the same thing, if you want to alter behavior of any animal whatsoever, including humanity, they say that all you have to do is alter something in their environment.  Put something in their environment that wasn't there before.  And you go into the average home, and everyone's got the same things.  The computer is there, the TV screen, the radio, and the cell phones, and all that kind of stuff.  Their behavior is altered because of what's given to them, and this is called progress. 


Remember along with that come all the different studies in society and sociology and social politics to do with what you do with society, the sciences of society, and who rules it; what kind of society should you have.  And once again, it always ends, this road always ends up at eugenics and survival of the fittest, the Darwinian idea, and the right of the few who decide that they are elite and they have the right to rule, to decide eventually who's to get married and who shouldn't get married, and who should be sterilized and all that kind of stuff.  And they tried their full frontal assault on the publics of the Western World especially from about the 1800s onwards, really took off in the 1900s and the eugenics bills were put into effect in some countries, including the United States of America, through the Rockefeller foundation, and the Carnegie trust, who funded the first openings of eugenics experiments.  And they got lots of the U.S. states to start on the so-called feeble minded.  Anyone could be classified eventually as feeble minded.  You could actually argue about different things until a group of them, you know, the ones that are better than you, claim when they get together that you're simply feeble minded, you just don't understand things, and you should be sterilized.  But it didn't work too well, and there was a backlash over, it took years and years to stop them sterilizing people through the courts.  They came back at it again, through another idea, through the big foundations which are ruled by the same peoples, like the Rockefellers still today in America, and all the other foundations to which they are attached, because it's one big club at the top, you see. 


And they came back through, how do we convince the public to reduce their numbers, the wrong kinds of people.  Well, once again, they did it through an infiltration of academia.  Academia is beautiful because after all, the leaders of society come from academia.  They don't come from the working classes.  They come from the universities, especially select, Ivy League type universities.  And they go into positions of power, either in industry or commerce, or they go into politics or bureaucracies.  Therefore, they're already conditioned for what's to come in their lifetime, when it comes to promoting new forms of eugenics that are disguised. 


Remember the Club of Rome hit upon the idea, they were given the task to find ways to unite the world with a common enemy for a global society in a time of globalization, when there were no enemies left.  And they came up with the idea of Global Warming, man at war with something, because under warfare conditions we put up with ID cards, we put up with rationing of foods, and various other things, gasoline is a common thing.  Well, all these things are now coming into effect under different guises, under different guises as we try to save the planet.  Man is the enemy of the planet, according to the Club of Rome.  That's the new prattle across the academia and politics.  They have their members of various societies on board, with government all appointed, advising them, how to bring this in.  Of course it boils down again to eugenics.  And once they have us convinced step by step, oh, it's the planet you see, the planet is dying because of us and there's Global Warming.  It started off with a hole in the ozone layer that only NASA could see.  No one else could see the hole in the ozone layer and it's astonishing to me too, that they weren't looking for it, they suddenly discovered it because of technology. 


Well, it's kind of like getting a pair of binoculars, and you've never moved from your house your whole life, and you look out the back with the binoculars, and there's a mountain there, and well, it would never spring into your mind that you caused that mountain to erupt there, and stand there, would it?  Simply because you saw it for the first time.  But they see a hole in the ozone, and they immediately say, well man must have caused that.  Utter bumpkin. 


Well that died away as well, the whole hole in the ozone, and then it came to global freezing.  The coming Ice Age was the cry from the United Nations, and mankind was causing that as well.  And that didn't take off because nature didn't cooperate, you know, on global warming, because they'd predicted we'd go through a small mini warming phase for a while, they jumped on that bandwagon, and then we went back into cooling.  So now it's just weather.  It's the weather, you see, it's climate. The climate is always changing, always has changed, but it's good enough, it will do the trick.  And at the same time, we see the big Agri-food businesses taking over the entire planet, and there's not a government in the world really that's been able to stand up to Monsanto, who is taking the patent rights on existing genes, and existing crops, that have always been around in different parts of the world.  They get their patents on it, they own the darn thing.  In fact if they get the genes from you, they own you.  It's incredible what's happening, but it's all mandated from the top by the same small capstone you see that rules the world. 


And we have Prince Philip again, coming out and saying, oh, there's too many people, too many people, it's a people problem.  He never criticizes the government that's underneath the crown in Britain.  The government, they made it an open door policy for immigration for over thirty years, especially from select countries that belonged to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, because they decided back in the 30s that when the right time came, and this is in their own writings, this is the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute on International Affairs, they'd eventually allow India to get priority immigration into Britain.  It would take years to prepare the public to accept it.  And they did.  They gave them years and a lot of propaganda.  They gradually brought them in and then flooded the country. And then they point around, well there's too many people, there's too many people.  What was behind all of these things?  What was behind the logic, if there was logic at all?  Well, the logic is, that to convince the population of the world, to go under global government that is also going to deal with eugenics and depopulation, you have to make sure that even those countries that are not overpopulated become overpopulated, especially when you mandate that they all go to the big cities that were not built for massive immigration.  And that's what's happened across the Western World.  Why again?  Because part of it, part of the reasoning is that nationalism causes wars.  And therefore if you get internationalism and multiculturalism, you destroy the cultures, therefore you can bring the society into a global society and there will be no more wars.  That's the basic reason they give to their low-level workers, the armies of workers.  And that's good enough for them.  To a lot of people that makes sense, who read the standard schoolboy history books, and think, well, we just have one war after another.  Britain against France, Britain against Crimea in the Crimean War.  And so on and so on.  It isn't until you get behind who caused the wars, who financed the wars, you get the connections, because they truly are international bankers.  It's not a conspiracy, we know who they are, they're listed who they are. 


And then we have other professors like Professor Carroll Quigley, coming out openly with his books.  Actually they grabbed them eventually, destroyed the plates, but thank goodness it got published first.  And he wrote Tragedy and Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment, two books that are a must-read, that fill in all the blanks in history.  And he took the blanks from the records of the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs, being the official historian for them.  And he tells you that they've been behind almost every major war, right through the 1800s into the 1900s.  And he tells you what their goals were and the techniques that they used, names a lot of the people involved. He names the Kissingers of the day, back in the late 1800s into the early 1900s and onwards.  The Big Players, the guys who moved across the world with incredible power, technocrats, who are not responsible to the public because they were unelected, but they wielded the true power to get things done.  And you'll find too that the Royal Institute for International Affairs is the end product of the Cecil Rhodes/Rothschild group that merged with the Alfred Milner group, a London banker, and other bankers, and formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  The bankers were behind it.  You can't have wars without bankers.  They discussed ways to get a world war going to bring everyone to their knees so everyone would say, oh this is terrible, we can't go on like this, we've got to give up all our rights and go under a higher authority, a global system.  And this has gone on and on and on, and out of the same bunch, through their foundations that they also front, with all their NGOs nongovernmental organizations, they run the parallel government, the one that really gets things done.  And ex-prime ministers and ex-presidents join it.  As Quigley said, they then belong to the elite.  They are now unaccountable to the public, and they can get the real work done.  The Club of Rome also says the same thing, democracy is too untidy, you just can't get anything done, there's too many conflicting parties, all demanding different things.  And after all, they have their written agenda, their time plan, and democracy gets in the way. 


We often think we're all on the cutting edge, because we're born and living right now.  Therefore, we know it all, that's what we think.  And yet, we're really living in the past, because the inventions they have in science are light years ahead of anything that gets dished out to the public, or mentioned in popular science magazines.  That's how they keep you in a false state of reality.  All the gear you're getting dished out now, the high-tech stuff, was developed during the Cold War to spy on you.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just recapping a little bit of history to show you how we got to where we are, how the big boys have to do everything by deception, and that's the only way they treat us, because after all we're children.  They have to treat us like children, because we'd object to what they're up to otherwise.  And they gave us a form of democracy as well, which we believed it was true.  Most folk believe it's true, and then they go through a death experience when they find out it was all bogus, and they get sad and depressed and angry, and all those phases, to realize that democracy never existed.  Why would an elite who ruled the world, give up their right to rule the world out of a change of heart of some kind, and possibly lose all their power that's going to be redistributed across to everybody else?  They'd never do it you see.  Power has never given itself up.  And when they gave people so-called democracy, they were just fooling them.  Fooling them.  Politics, left, right, it's all nonsense.  Utter nonsense.  They both work in concert.  In fact, as I say, my whole life I've watched the United Nations dish out laws and getting countries to sign treaties and these treaties basically go to the bureaucrats, and then they're redrafted, signed into law by every country, and often never even mentioned in any congress or parliament.  They just happen into law.  That's how it's really run.  And the politicians are interchangeable, left and right.  Quigley himself said the leaders of all parties for 60 years had been chosen by the Council on Foreign Relations.  Nothing has changed. 


It's funny too, you go back into, ancient times, contrasting the fact that we think we're living on the cutting edge and we know it all, compared to these old fogies from ancient times, and yet Plato goes through the systems, the different systems that existed and had existed before his lifetime.  And he said eventually you go into a form of democracy and then out of democracy always comes a form of dictatorship.  Today we'd call it a totalitarian sort of communistic dictatorship, that always follows what we call democracy.  And we see the signs of it all around us.  There's no doubt about it, the United Nations is based on the Sovietized form of literally dictatorship.  Eventually there will be a king of the world, given a different title of course, a supreme, grand hutzpah of the U.N. and he'll be the king of the world, the first king of the world, and everything else will be subservient to him.  That's where it's all heading, and that's where it's all supposed to go according to the writings all about the United Nations and how they set it up and what their hopes were going to fulfill.


And they always use the masses to get what they want.  It's a simple thing, it's like hurting you or burning you, and then showing you how to avoid the burn.  And sure enough, you turn the other way and you thank them for giving you that little hint.  Move away from what's burning you.  And they always show you the path that's going to burn you even further, and worse in fact.  You see that's how they do it.  This or that.  What do you want, this or that?  And we always take this or that, don't we, one or the other? 


There's an article out by people who've lived to a good old age.  And this was from the Times Online, and it's about Gore Vidal, and he says:


‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’

The grand old man of letters Gore Vidal claims America is ‘rotting away’ — and don’t expect Barack Obama to save it


(Alan: Then you get through all the stuff about his lifetime and where they meet him, and where he's at right now and all that kind of stuff, and it says, he's)


in the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair, where he has been coming to stay for 60 years


(A: And then they describe what he looks like and all the rest of it.  And then:)


He points to an apartment opposite the hotel where Churchill stayed during the Second World War, as Downing Street was “getting hammered by the Nazis. The crowds would cheer him from the street, he knew great PR.”


In a flash, this memory reminds you of the swathe of history Vidal has experienced with great intimacy: he was friends with JFK, fought in the war, his father Gene, an Olympic decathlete and aeronautics teacher, founded TWA among other airlines and had a relationship with Amelia Earhart. (Vidal first flew and landed a plane when he was 10.) He was a screenwriter for MGM in the dying days of the studio system,


(A: Etc, etc. written 24 novels, blah, blah, blah.  It says he has crashed many barriers through his lifetime.)


Last year he famously switched allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama during the Democratic nomination process for president. Now, he reveals, he regrets his change of heart. How’s Obama doing? “Dreadfully. I was hopeful. He was the most intelligent person we’ve had in that position for a long time. But he’s inexperienced. He has a total inability to understand military matters. He’s acting as if Afghanistan is the magic talisman: solve that and you solve terrorism.”


America should leave Afghanistan, he says. “We’ve failed in every other aspect of our effort of conquering the Middle East or whatever you want to call it.” The “War on Terror” was “made up”, Vidal says. “The whole thing was PR, just like ‘weapons of mass destruction’. It has wrecked the airline business, which my father founded in the 1930s. He’d be cutting his wrists. Now when you fly you’re both scared to death and bored to death, a most disagreeable combination.”


His voice strengthens. “One thing I have hated all my life are LIARS [he says that with bristling anger] and I live in a nation of them. It was not always the case. I don’t demand honour, that can be lies too. I don’t say there was a golden age, but there was an age of general intelligence. We had a watchdog, the media.” The media is too supine? “Would that it was. They’re busy preparing us for an Iranian war.”


(A: That's what they're doing right now, preparing us for an Iranian war using the same techniques of "weapons of mass destruction."  Back with more after this break.)


I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, reading an article from Vidal, Gore Vidal, who is bewailing the fact that the media is completely, a bunch of liars, basically.  And remember the articles I read, I'll put the links up on my website at the end of the show,, and you can look them up for yourself.  The rest of the article he goes on about the right wing being fascist and so on.  So he's still stuck in the twilight zone of parties.  And it took him 80-odd years to discover that the media is a bunch of liars.  That should show you how hard it is to come through this world and start to really learn some truth.  It's pretty good if you can sort of learn rather early.  Stop blaming yourself when you don't fit into the system and then go in and check the system that you can't fit into, and you'll find out, it's no wonder, you haven't been brainwashed enough to fit in.  That's generally the difference.  Don't drink yourself to death, or go into drugs, be thankful you're awake and start learning.  Start learning very quickly, that's how you overcome this. 


What's interesting to is all the scientific yahoos out there, because this is an age where scientists and experts are supposed to rule on behalf of the dominant minority that rules them.  They have to rule herd through science, now that they've pretty well abolished religions, except the couple of authorized ones left.  That's about all that's left.  The rest of the religions are abolished basically, demolished, a constant war on them.  Because you have to destroy the culture to bring in the new system.  And that's what's happened.  We've got a universal culture where we worship science, and people do worship science.  They grab a hold of every little gadget that comes out there, to stick in their ear or whatever else they do with it.  And they praise the god of science, which now rules their lives.  Makes it easier too when the dictates of science say what they want to do with your body. 


And we've all been through this weird fanatical push to get everyone vaccinated against what is either a nonexistent or very mild flu, and it's been more and more confusing in fact because of the names they give this flu.  The media especially have deliberately had a campaign of making the public completely confused with the regular flu shot, and the swine flu shot, because the media is calling them both the same, H1N1, rather than slash-dash 9, etc.  They're completely different supposedly.  And lots of people have already gone to get the flu shot, thinking it was the swine flu shot, only to find out afterwards, and some of them don't know yet, that it was the common flu shot that they got this year, they were fooled into getting it.  They were tricked into getting it, and the swine one is still to come.  And now they've found in Canada that if you get the ordinary one first, it could actually make you more susceptible to getting the swine flu.  So now they're up in a quandary about it.  What to do, what to do?  All these experts, what to do?  I think some of them are looking to their astrologers for advice.  Other ones are running off for channeling, because they certainly can't figure it out with all the contradictory statements they're putting out there.  These guys who are so self-assured, they know exactly what they're doing and what's best for the public.  If you knew what's in their heads it would terrify you.  Terrify you, the mayhem that's out there. 


The Calgary Herald has an article out there about British Columbia:


B.C. to limit seasonal flu vaccines


British Columbia is suspending its annual seasonal flu shot program amidst emerging concerns the vaccination could make people more susceptible to catching H1N1. The suspension — which limits the seasonal flu vaccination mostly to the elderly — puts B.C. in line with many other Canadian provinces, but means most people will not have access to any type of influenza vaccination until at least mid-November. The decision was announced Monday morning by provincial health officer Dr. Perry Kendall, who characterized this year’s flu season as an “emerging and complex scenario.” “Obviously this is a complex decision,” Kendall said, adding it was “not one that is being taken lightly.” Kendall said the decision rested in part on a new Canadian study — which has not yet been peer reviewed or published —that found those who receive the seasonal flu vaccine become two times more likely to get H1N1.


Because, as I say, they found out that if you get the seasonal flu, the regular one that's made up of three different prevailing flus, generally in the Far East somewhere, that's how they pick them every year, combine them together, if you get that one you can be more susceptible to getting the swine flu.  Why? they haven't explained.  That's another big mystery.  This is what the story is.  And then the CBC, the government Communist Broadcasting Corporation Network, has this article here.  25th of September, 2009


Flu shot plans vary across Canada


(A: It says, it starts off with:)


The antiviral drug Tamiflu shouldn't be used to prevent H1N1 infection in people exposed to the virus but not sickened by it, WHO says.


The antiviral drug Tamiflu shouldn't be used to prevent H1N1 infection in people exposed to the virus but not sickened by it.


(A: So figure that one out.)


Provinces and territories appear to have no standard approach to flu vaccinations as they examine preliminary research suggesting people who have had seasonal flu shots might be at greater risk of catching swine flu.


(A: If you've had the seasonal flu shots, you're at greater risk of catching swine flu.  Boy, they're there to help you.  Now all those folk who know this now will be biting their nails if they got that shot, eh.)


Ontario's chief medical officer of health announced a three-pronged approach to flu vaccination in the province Thursday:


Seasonal flu vaccinations for people older than 65 and residents of long-term care homes will take place in October, (A: So the regular flu shot is going to go ahead for those groups in October.) since those groups are considered to be at greater risk from that flu than from swine flu.


(A: Now what I've noticed over the years too, by just watching the news, and I've lived in between different places, it's always the same.  The common flu breaks out in old folks homes, and then it's spread out into the community by visitors.  That's generally broadcast on the news here in Canada every year.  And the only connection with that and the flu is the flu shot that they get, and then they break out with the flu.  And then visitors go to visit them in the old folks homes and carry it into the community.  They actually admit this on television, but they don't admit the fact that the flu shot gave them the flu, but they are always the first ones to get the shot, and it's a coincidence, they're always the first ones to get the flu.  And I say, the media does say it's carried from the old folks homes out into the community.  There's a connection there somewhere isn't there?  Maybe we should try to get through into this strange logic from those masters of health that can't figure this out for themselves.  It says here:)


• A wider swine flu vaccination campaign (A: They're going to launch a massive propaganda campaign with our tax money because we're democratic in Canada) for the rest of the population starting in November, when a vaccine becomes available against the H1N1 influenza A virus, (A: they don't say nine, see even they don't get it right in this one, because H1N1-A influenza virus covers the common flu as well as the swine flu.  So even here they're deliberately confusing you.) the swine flu strain that has been spreading worldwide since April. (A: So the media says.)


• Seasonal flu vaccinations for people younger than 65 — but only after the H1N1 shots have been given.


(A: Doesn't that confuse you.  Seasonal flu vaccinations for people younger than 65, now that's also H1N1, but only after H1N1 shots have been given.  You see, they can't figure it out themselves at that level, to distinguish the two different types.)


A similar approach in delaying seasonal flu vaccinations has been adopted by Quebec, which will hold off seasonal shots until January, as well as by Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Other provinces, including British Columbia, are also considering it.


Because they don't want to eventually give the folks swine flu.  This thing is so confusing.  As I say they must all be in a flurry at the top out seeing their channelers and so on, trying to find out, get advice from out beyond, somewhere, because they sure as hell don't have any advice to give each other on any sensible basis.  Mind you the whole thing is nonsense to begin with, isn't it?  Why would you go to all this length, when your economy has crashed supposedly, to spend all that money, all that money, for something that's mild or non-existent?  So mild they say in their own writings that many people have had it and didn't know it.  Why do they go to all this length?  Something else is going on obviously, and personally I don't think you should really get anything stuck in you, from any laboratory, especially when you read the history of vaccinations.  But it's up to you of course, what you do.


Now, this whole U.N. system, this wonderful world system, it's wonderful how you can read their documents from 30 years ago, and then see when they introduce part of that document into a particular country, how they reword something for the novices, that's the general public, as though it's something spontaneous they've just arranged, you see.  When really, every country signed on to these policies thirty, forty, fifty years ago because they had the world put up in regions, even before World War II was over.  I think Bill Cooper at one time showed you, he actually sold them, it was photocopies of a corn flakes package that was out in the U.S., with the world as it would be post World War II, with the world split up into regions, various regions.  Well, these are United Nations regions.  And it even had the place for Israel there too, which wasn't there at that time.  Everything is planned way ahead of time, you see. 


And it's the same with all of their policies as well.  Because they planned to give human habitats, we've only heard about this human habitat thing for the last five to ten years, and in reality they were talking about them back during World War II.  And what they would do is sandwich the people in these little habitats and give corridors, animal corridors, where no human was allowed, except of course the government authorities, no other humans would be allowed to encroach upon, or even walk upon.  And they've been implementing this steadily in most countries already for years, without the knowledge of the populations in fact.  They don't know why they're getting crowded in, and in, and in towards the cities from the rural areas.  And this article here is from the Independent, it says:


UK to get 'motorways for animals'


(A: They're calling it motorways to throw them off what it is.  Motorways for animals, like it's a brand new idea.)


Corridors of greenery that will allow endangered species to migrate form part of comprehensive review of country's wildlife 


27 September 2009


Some of England's most endangered species could be brought back from the brink of extinction as the result of a year-long government wildlife review to be launched tomorrow, which will focus on "rewilding" – returning land to its natural state – and extending habitats. (A: This is for animals you see.)


The review, to be announced this week by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Hilary Benn, (A: I guess that's one of the relatives of Wedgwood-Benn, of the Wedgwood family.) is aimed at expanding "ecological corridors". These will allow animals to migrate across the country when climate change threatens their existing homes, and will slow the dramatic loss of species caused by decades of intensive farming and urban development.


(A: They've been doing, they've been putting farmers out of business since World War II.  So there's hardly any intensive farming going on.  In fact the government itself, another part of the same government was talking a few months ago about the need to get more farms, because they've put so many farmers out of business.  And as far as urban development goes over there, it's been dwindling because you see, back in the 50s, again under treaties with the United Nations, every country signed on to not build outside a certain area around the cities.  And you couldn't build new buildings except where old buildings had existed.  That's what they've been doing for years, and years, and years in existing cities.  But what does the truth do when you want to put a few lies across, when you've got a good agenda to get through to the public.)


According to Natural England, the English countryside has suffered over the past 50 years, with biodiversity loss widespread across the country. Only 3 per cent of grasslands remain rich in native plants, while a decline in the quality of wetlands has led to a 90 per cent decline in breeding snipe, and a lack of woodland management has contributed to a 50 per cent decline of woodland butterflies.


They always throw this rubbish in, all the time.  I've even put up links there where you'll find people from the big eco movements coaching students how to go in and get developments stopped by claiming some frog or something lived here before, according to something you've read that's a hundred years old.  Anything will do to stop development, and they're still at it yet, as they basically squeeze us into our little habitats that have to get smaller and smaller and smaller, up until the year 2050, when the population will be vastly reduced.  That's the plan, but again, you can't tell them the real plan because, after all, we're children.  We might object. 


G.M. Watch is an excellent website to go into for the modified food and the Monsanto battles and all that kind of stuff, and what's happening across the world, as this giant that's obviously part of the military-industrial complex, and it is, it's heavily involved in the military, has been.  They were involved in Agent Orange, and the different chemicals, not just as defoliants, but into other realms as well that can affect the mind.  They've been given the go-ahead obviously to be one of the big groups to take over all the seeds of the world.  Because, after all, in warfare, you must control water and food.  If you control the patents on all vegetables and greeneries, and you make sure there's a terminator gene there so the seed can't reproduce itself, you must go back to them for the seed every year, you're the master of the world.  Master of the world.  Kissinger said that too, about food.  If you control the food, you're the master of the world.  So G.M. Watch was heavily hacked, their website.  Heavily hacked by professionals, and now they're back up again with a new site, I'll put this link up on my website, at the end of this show, and you can go through the different topics they have there.  And they certainly do their homework here.  They don't overblow things either, they don't understate things, they simply state the facts as they find them.  And it's very, very interesting as to what's happening, because right now, Monsanto is across the entire planet.  There's another link here from this site, to the African Center for Bio-Safety, and they've got an article there on Monsanto going in, and I like the way they word this, they say:


Patents, Climate Change and African Agriculture: Dire Predictions


(A: It's from the African site.  It says:)


Uncertainty and apprehension often afford opportunity to the cunning. This is certainly the case with climate change. The multinational seed and agrochemical industry see climate change as a means by which to further penetrate African agricultural markets by rhetorically positioning itself, even if implausibly, as having the solution to widespread climate concerns.

(A: So they use this concern to steal everything that you have.)


Their so-called “final solution” to deal with the impact of climate change on African agriculture depends on mass adoption of GM seeds and chemically intensive agricultural practices. This model poses serious biosafety risks and demands the surrender of Africa’s food sovereignty to foreign corporations and the widespread acceptance of patents on life in Africa.


Despite its obvious pitfalls, this model is being aggressively promoted by multinationals, private philanthropy (A: That's the Rockefellers and so on.) and some African national agricultural research programmes, often funded by the first two.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  We're racing through the Matrix here because I have so many other articles to read, but I don't have time.  I'll just finish up by saying that on this website African Center for Biosafety, and I'll put the link up on my website.  You can also download a PDF, about more stuff do with Monsanto and what it's doing to African foods, and what they're taking over.  Quite interesting.  And we'll go to the callers now, and there's Chris from Toronto there, are you there Chris?


Chris: Hi there.  Good Evening, Mr Alan Watt, how are you doing?


Alan: Not so bad.


Chris: Good, good.  It's Chris Schivia, I've communicated with you a few times, I'm from Toronto Truth Seekers.  I just want to let everyone know out there that the CBC did a piece with us today, and it should be airing on the National very shortly in about 10 minutes.  We're trying to raise awareness about the swine flu vaccines, stuff that you've been saying that's information that we're getting out, and I just want to say that's going to be shown for all Canadian audiences.  And I want to thank you personally, for what it is you do.  And to let everyone know to get this man's book, Cutting Through the Matrix, the series, it really breaks down how our world really works.  It gives you another paradigm that you can easily access and know how this thing works.  So thank you very much for all that you're doing, and keep doing what you're doing.


Alan: And thanks for calling.  And I'll look into the CBC tonight to see it on the news.  Let's hope they don't censor parts, they're awfully good at censoring different parts, but they might be in there.  We'll wait and see.  And there's Daniel from California.  Are you there Daniel?


Daniel.  I first discovered you back in around 2006 on Coast to Coast, when I used to be into that comic book stuff, that hocus-pocus stuff.  I've come a long way in my, I'd say awakening. At first when you discover and you read like Jacques Attali's books, the Brzezinski books, the Kissinger books, it opens you up to what's on the surface.  But now I've found I'm at a different stage of my awakening, and I'm interested in the religion of these religious fanatics as you would call them.  And I'm not a Christian myself, and I'm not here to verify or deny anybody, hey, what you believe is your business.  But the religion is very interesting.  I actually just found Aleister Crowley's book at a thrift store for a dollar, Confession.  And it's funny on the cover, there's an idealized self-portrait of him.  And he spelt his name with an A; the A looks like a penis.  The generative form, correct?  The knowledge, wisdom.


Alan: He says in his own book that he took a group over to, I think it was Sicily, over that region, and one of his guests, they all went around naked in this house that they lived in, and he said that his friend always walked around with a magnificent erection.  That's what he said, so yeah, he had penis worship there.  There's no doubt about it. 


Daniel:  It's funny because it means so many things, you know.  And I think the word penis, and even the genital area, especially to Americans you know, we're so childish down here, that you know, the genitals just makes people blush.  So when you hear words like the penis, it's kind of offensive to some.  To me, once I got a different way of looking at things, I understood.  And I understood that it means a lot more than that.  That's what you see on 2001, the obelisk, correct?


Alan: It's amazing what you just said, because the U.S., what do they think that the George Washington monument represents?


Daniel: I know, it's pretty funny.  But I just wanted to throw that in there Alan, and give you thanks for everything you do.


Alan: And thank you for calling too.  Thanks very much.  And maybe tomorrow we can get Mike from Ohio back.  I couldn't get around to him.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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