Oct. 12, 2009 (#427)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 12, 2009:

Causes Unseen in Going Green:

"There are Secret Masters of Revolution,
Who are Bringing on Global Destitution,
Claiming We're in an Age of Austerity,
Interpretation -- Training to Accept Poverty,
To 'Save the Planet' it's All the Fashion
For Government Agencies to Dole Each Ration,
Through Threat and Fear We will Behave,
Work Collectively, Each Learn to Slave,
While New Generation, like Mazzini's Young,
Are Organized, Given Ideals, Hymns to be Sung
To the Leader, Fuhrer, Comrade, Praise be His Name,
Blair, Brown, Obama, Techniques All the Same"
© Alan Watt Oct. 12, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 12, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 12th 2009.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and you can download hundreds of hours of talks that I’ve given in the past, for free.  On the front page you’ll also see the alternate sites, bookmark them for future use because sometimes the major sites get pulled or go down, for always strange reasons that can never be figured out, even by Yahoo, for instance.  It’s good to have the alternate sites; you can always get the latest shows if you do so.  The official sites are:  [listed above]. 


It’s a sad thing that we have to, some of us at least, have to put up a whole bunch of sites because of the trouble that we get when the big boys do favors for other big boys’ companies, on behalf of government generally, and give you a hassle.  They delay you, set you back and all that kind of stuff.  It will take me weeks to upload stuff.  If I’m one week behind, it will take me weeks due to the speed I get from the satellite upload company I use because I’m in the country.  XplorNet, they’ve given me an awful hassle.  They cut me back.  I can’t even watch a Google video for 2 or 3 minutes.  They have an automatic lock on it.  So for all those guys who fall into the trap of XplorNet, when it comes to their fair use policy, ask them to explain it and you’ll find out that they can’t.  No one at the company apparently knows what the limits are.  It’s an arbitrary thing and they put you on a lock.  You are allowed so much time before your speed plummets.  Just to let you all know out there.  I’ll stop talking about them when they take the lock off my upload time. 


Remember too, that you are the listeners that bring me to you.  It’s up to you to keep me going.  I’m not backed by any companies.  I’m not part of an NGO.  I don’t get government funding; NGOs get government funding generally.  I’ve no other organizations backing me up.  I just do what I do because it must be done.  It’s TIME for it to be done.  When I came out at first there was certainly was a big patriot movement, only pretty well in the US.  It was still going around in circles from a previous era so I really did help to change the direction completely and bring them up to date and see the WORLD involvement in this whole new world order and not just the US.  I’ve gone into some depth and the big players behind it on my talks.  So it’s more than a vocation, it’s a necessity to speak out, while we can speak out.  They say that if you don’t pass out the knowledge that you have gained, and you understand it, it will destroy you.  That’s a very old saying going back to ancient Greece.  I think it’s probably true today.  Even in the saying of it, it can also destroy you.  It can take a lot out of you, believe you me.  So it’s up to you to keep me going.  You can find out how to do it by going into the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and donating or purchasing the things I have for sale on the web site.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is a reality you might say, a concrete reality.  It’s to do with the world, the physical world, as we know it and everything within that world. 


It is interpreted in many ways by the ‘societies with secrets’ as they bring their initiates up through the different degrees.  You find that most of the Freemasonic outfits out there tend to pooh-pooh the idea of any deity.   Sometimes they will say, believe in any deity at all, even science can be your deity.  If you accept that you’re in basically, as long as you believe in something.  You can also believe that man can become God, which is pantheistic.  That’s the basis of pantheism; it’s behind all pantheism.  That suits even die-hard atheists as well because they truly believe in SCIENCE.  It’s interesting.  It’s like a nightmare.  You can suppress a nightmare or a neurosis and its pops up somewhere else.  So if you suppress one, say, natural instinct - and man does have a natural instinct into religion - if you suppress it, it pops ups somewhere else, even in atheism, but atheism with a belief in science replacing any deity.  That’s good enough too, you see. 


This is very, very ancient.  That’s why ancient philosophers wrapped up their different theories in mystical language for the ‘profane’, as they called the people who were, really, uneducated.  That’s in a sense what it means too, the base people who had no education.  I think even Plato had above his door that no one could enter who did not understand geometry.  He used geometry.  What they were looking for was the order of nature.  Believing behind everything there was an order, a mathematical order.  Numbers, so you have numerology that came out of it, and sacred geometry, as they called it.  Pythagoras and different theorists, who were quite correct in the way that they set out geometry with its various laws that they uncovered, that’s still taught in school today.  It also had other meanings behind it obviously, used in an esoteric form. 


In Pantheism too, if man could become God it also was dependent upon SELECTIVE BREEDING.  EUGENICS has always been up there in Pantheism, selective breeding to bring out the magical child of the new messiah, that’s the idea behind it… the PERFECTED child.  The same thing with Isis and Osiris and Horus, the sun; every county in the ancient world had its own version of the same story.  The profane, or the masses, are always taught to worship the exoteric and so they would end up worshipping the sun or whatever they were told to worship… while the inner boys laughed up their sleeves and knew what it really means.  So their sayings of ‘as above, so below,’ ‘as in heaven, so on earth’ meant the reflection of perfection of the heavens can be reflected in the world and perfection would come when man could literally recreate what they saw above them, in an earthly form of perfection.  Perfection meant rules and laws for everything, a world run by wise men. 


During all the revolutions from the Middle Ages onwards - and there were many revolutions - many of them failed but they always managed to sort of step up a step before they fell back and leaving the trace of that step, meaning the changes in culture, ready for the next step.  During the 1800s they went through a whole period of revolutions.  They sped right up until the early 1900s.  We saw the culminating one, that we thought was the culminating one, with the Soviet Union, and then the communist revolution in China.  The insertion of a new system which appeared as the antithesis of the old Western powers but it wasn’t really.  It was designed to blend the two together.  In the laws of nature, they use opposites and opposites always eventually clash and then combine to an extent and then give out a new offspring, another Horus if you like.  So spring will clash with winter and out comes summer.  That’s the idea of it.  The laws of nature, the simple laws of nature. 


With geometry, they could prove certain theories.  You could demonstrate them over and over and over again to any student who would come to the same answer as you had.  So fixed laws for the first time, they had actually fixed laws that you could prove by demonstration as opposed to simple theories of philosophy.  Science is the outcome of it and we are going through the biggest change, this is the sort of final part.  It might take them 100 years.  Some of them think it will take them 1,000 years up to the year 3001 - like Arthur C Clark, his final novel was called 3001 - to bring up into their perfect society, the modern utopia that HG Wells talked about. 


In the meantime, the world is being standardized because all opposing forces, or systems, are being decimated right now.  After they decimated those, they upgrade the ones they’ve already conquered for a long time; they upgrade them with a new way of believing, a new belief system to do you for the next 100 or 200 or 300 years.  This system is a form of EARTH WORSHIP, as Gorbachev said.  The man popped out of the Soviet Union and was given the green cross of the Knights of Lazarus.  Also too, remember green was the sacred color of communism; red is its revolutionary ACTIVE color.  Green would be the color of success, when the absence of all opposition - which they term ‘peace’ - was evident, the green cross.  Nature would be risen up.  Lazarus means ‘to raise up’.


There are symbols all around you and the public never know it.  I think I had a caller last week from California who asked about spirits and are their plans going along with spirit.  Well, from their point of view it would be.  Blavatsky and others were put out there to form the female lodges, as a useful tool to bring more and more women into it; they KNEW they would have to separate the genders politically, ideologically and so on and USE them.  What better way then to fascinate them than with the occult.  That was what Blavatsky was set up to do.  She said in the 1800s that the job of theosophy was to combine the Western religions with that of India basically… Hinduism. 


With the combination of the two, you have obedience, and you have an ongoing revelation of a future still to come.  And with Hinduism you also had the higher occultic system, which is really a CASTE system of those that are born and descended from God, the Brahma, the enlightened ones, the perfected ones and a different strata down beneath them.  In a sense, India is the logical outcome of a Freemasonic society you might say.  Degrees... and you’re stuck in your degree and you can’t move out of it - in India mind you - unless you become what?  A SIDE degree, or a fakir.  A fakir is a magician, some who’s learned to conquer or master certain things, including bodily functions of all kinds.  But you are allowed, regardless of the caste, to go into the higher order where all castes meet, even the Brahmanistic castes, if you become a fakir.


So every country has its exoteric and its esoteric system set up because these derive from ancient systems, ancient systems that ruled the world, at least they manipulated behind it for a long, long time.  They always wanted to bring in their perfect world where there would be only one system.  It’s well in evidence today. 


Under democracy - they’ve said in their own writings, over and over - that they would basically fool the public for a period of time because they didn’t believe the pubic, the profane, were wise enough, mature enough, intelligent enough, educated enough to run their own lives, therefore they needed WISE MEN behind the scenes to do so and we’ve really always had that.  I think the older a person gets the more you realize there are other people pulling the strings behind the scenes.  That’s what Benjamin Disraeli said.  Benjamin Disraeli, who was the Prime Minister of Britain at one point, said the same thing, that the public will never imagine who really pulls the strings; it’s far different people that rule behind the scenes than the public see.  And that’s the truth of it. 


Today it’s no different.  Money rules the world and it’s ruled the world for a long, long time.  It’s rather EVIDENT that the money system has its OWN law.  IT runs governments.  It can flatten any government by simply the withdrawing of debt, or calling up the debt, and put anybody out overnight if they need to do it.  They can do it and have proven in the past they can do it.  Every politician knows this. Every Prime Minster knows it.  When governments obviously can rob the public to pay back the gangsters who rob the public, then you’ve got one big gang at the top that just robs the public.  Who are they defending?  Why would you try and fix something that was broken that didn’t work anyway?  Why would you try… by robbing the public to fix something that had already robbed the public?  Who does the government serve? 


We can go into nanotechnology.  We can go into incredible areas of science that are so incredible, as they keep us in the dark because they are always way, WAY ahead of what the public is told, but they just can’t fix the money system.  That’s what we are told.  It’s just too complex.  Therefore, they reward the crooks who just rob and plunder the planet.  Money rules the world.  Those in charge of money give the orders.  Those in charge of money own the philanthropic organizations through foundations which comprise the parallel government, with their henchmen, the NGOs.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how the societies that still run the world - and that’s what they are, they are very HELPFUL societies to those who rule the world; those with the big money, the ones who were necessary in fact, to even create revolutions by financing them.  Nothing gets off the ground in this world without financing, nothing, especially wars and revolutions.  There is no such thing as a successful, spontaneous revolution.  It takes years to plan revolutions and set up the infrastructure to do so and the military type, internal organization to carry it out, the training and even the weaponry AND the money to pay them, pay them like a job, for years, in preparation for it.  That’s why anything that’s spontaneous is generally called a rout.  You route it; it’s because it’s a rabble who simply are unorganized and they are rioting. 


Blavatsky, the female who was initiated into the side lodges - the side degrees of Freemasonry - also talked about the combination of spirit and science.  She talked in her books about how the older alchemists were kind of foolish in some ways for their beliefs and that through modern science and the progress we were making in the 1800s - they truly believed that they would conquer all of nature, find all of nature’s secrets - through science and be able to PERFECT the world.  “Perfecting that which was left imperfect,” as they call it, relating initially, in the early days, to man himself but now to everything, hence the massive genetic engineering that’s going on.  We know where it’s all going because they’ve had enough futurists coming out in magazines and science magazines telling us where they are taking the world, into a Brave New World scenario. Something known by Huxley back in the 1930s because he wrote about it in Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited, the nonfictional version. 


We are living through that period.  We’ve seen the massive financing that’s gone into research and development, as they call it, to do with genetic research.  When they first came out it was like everything else, it was to help the poor, the infirm, the sick, and all that stuff.  None of it’s gone into that as we see, but they can certainly create any kind of virus or bacterium to kill you because war is always at the top of their chart.  The can certainly alter or create new types of humans.  They know they can do that.  They can DESIGN humans, purpose made humans.  All you have to do now is convince the public, through movies and fiction and talk shows and so on, that this is a good thing. 


The elitism at the top of this group who rule the world is astonishing.  Under this beautiful façade of benevolence to humanity, BENEVOLENCE, they really look upon you like, and talk about you like they talk about the need to put down animals.  Really.  Painlessly, hopefully, but we’ve got to bring them down.  THAT’S the kind of way they talk about the public.  We’ve served their purpose along their Darwinian theory which they put out, shoved down and out in front.  To do this kind of job they trained Darwin, his father and his grandfather in fact.  The whole idea is that we are the staging rockets to prepare them to go off into this brave new world. 


In true Hinduism you can’t bring in the OLD TYPE into the new; it takes down the new type so you must destroy the old type.  That’s called DEPOPULATION or STERILIZATION.  It doesn’t matter which, you meet your end either way whether it’s direct or through sterilization.  HG Wells, in his Modern Utopia - speaking on behalf of this same group, as a little scribbler, a writer - and promoting the agenda – he was a propagandist for them, that’s what all his books were about – heavily promoted the eugenics idea.  He talked about what he saw, coming obviously from the group that he was initiated into who let him in on a few secrets.  He saw a world where the old type had died off through sterilization rather than just kill them overtly.


We have been getting sterilized for an awful long time.  It’s been in the works because the evidence is in the medical charts for the last 50 years.  But it’s not fast enough obviously to kill us off at this speed, with cancers and various things; they’ve got to step it up.  Eventually you’ll have volunteers coming across.  I wouldn’t be surprised and I believe they could teach the public anything to be honest with you.  If they can get the children young enough, they can bring them up into a world where they will believe anything.  For instance, in the 1800s the Freemasonic Societies were set up, IN EVERY COUNTRY; a ‘young’ country, like the ‘Young’ English, ‘Young’ England and the ‘Young’ English, and the ‘Young’ Italians.  They were out there due to the fact that the Milner Group was heavily involved in that, with Rothschild, and the funding of it.  Every country in Europe had its ‘young’ whatever the country was called.  This was a deliberate attempt to indoctrinate children – who took oaths by the way, to join – into bringing on this wonderful utopia of freedom where they throw off all monarchies and come into this new age of democracy and have rights and freedoms. 


Albert Pike himself goes through the fallacy… Remember, he was the head of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  He goes through it himself and says how can any man have liberty or freedom?  So they used this SLOGAN but they never really believed the public should HAVE liberty or freedom, but that wise men should rule.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the ‘Young’ groups that were started up in the revolutionary periods all over the world.  It was actually one of the Young Hungarians I think who was sent over as a student to blow up the Archduke Ferdinand and we know that that started World War I off.  They wanted CHAOS.  Chaos could help bring out their new system.  Conflict, that’s how it works.


We’ve had many, many revolutions during the 20th century.  We’ve had wars as well, that help cement this world system which was promoted always from the beginning by the lodges.  There is no doubt about that and so-called occultic or secret type societies, or ‘societies with secrets’ as they like to call themselves.  They never know, all the workers never know the true purpose or who really runs it at the top.  You don’t have to join to see who runs it at the top because money rules it all.  It rules the entire world system, money… and those in charge of money.  They are above all laws. 


They are ABOVE all laws.  Why have they never, ever, for instance, brought a banker in to be tried for crimes against humanity for financing horrific wars?  Or any kind of wars for that matter?  I won’t happen.  You see, do as thou wilt is the whole of the law.  Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law... only refers to people who are ABOVE that.  Once you are up to that stage you can do what you want.  You can behave in any fashion you wish.  There is no law written that will ever bring you down into any court.  It just won’t happen.  Those at that phase don’t see what we see at the bottom.  We call things corrupt and corruption when we see bribes and payoffs going on all the time.  To them THAT’S NORMAL PRACTICE.  That’s rewarding each other, the workman is worthy of his wages they say.  It doesn’t matter where the money comes from; it’s always the profane at the bottom who pay up for everything. 


In other words, it’s a LIE.  It’s a lie.  They talked about a world, especially in the American Revolution that they’d bring in, where things become more fair and just for everyone… this beautiful utopia.  However, they always said there would be a hidden group behind the US government.  Francis Bacon in The New Atlantis mentions that too when he talks about the New Solomon’s Land as he called it, that would rise in the Atlantic ocean, meaning the US.  They would have a form of government for the public that would be run behind the scenes by a secret group of SCIENTISTS; he called them scientists. 


We don’t think too much about the social sciences.  We’ve got to understand that psychology and that kind of stuff really IS a science of controlling the minds of people.  It’s a science.  Remember too, that wise men, wise men were to run the world.  In other words, people who were PERFECTED.  People who could balance heaven and earth together within themselves – that’s what it means, the emotional side and the logical side – and come to JUST, impersonal decisions to affect other people.  That’s the stuff that they give out which is nonsense because they are all pretty well corrupted at the very top. 


Eventually the whole idea is shifted to the next phase once that was all through.  They realized that never, ever would you get all of the profane, ALL of the profane to become wise and able to rule themselves.  Out of the same movement came the EUGENICS SOCIETIES and the need to sterilize and kill off the inferior types.  This stuff, again, was given advocacy by the writing of Darwin.  That LAUNCHED the whole program, survival of the fittest and the best.  That’s really what it’s about.  Those who climbed to the top of the tree in the existing financial systems would BE at the top of the tree.  They’d proven their worth to get up there and if they could hold on to that through generations and pass on their treasures to their offspring who would in turn rule that system, they definitely had proven their worth to be there. 


It’s been a steady roll since then using science as a front, and lots of theories as a front to bring down the world’s population. They can’t have their utopia with the so-called multi millions of profane people at the bottom who will never really know what’s going on and who live their little lives thinking about themselves, their families or their entertainment and what they want to do and play at, what they want to be in life and so on.  They were just simply too low down the totem pole to go on into this wonderful future.  The same future that HG Wells kept describing over and over and over.  That’s what’s behind all of this. 


Now, since 2001 we’ve gone through the war OF terror.  It is a war OF terror, not on terror.  It’s a war OF terror.  They terrorize the entire public into compliance because the Pavlovian technique is far more effective if it can be enforced and made mandatory by masses of government agencies, when they’ve already got an obedient population trained to obey government and agencies.  Look at the SPEED of the taking away of all rights of the public.  The in-your-face, while we are monitoring all of you across the planet.  Everybody is being monitored.  Why would that be?  Let’s not even go in to their reasons for it.  We know it’s to bring in their own utopia.  They cannot allow anything, anything to get through which they didn’t see.  It might upset their plans, anything at all. 


The tyrant can’t sleep at night unless everyone is perfectly PREDICTABLE.  That’s why all of your habits, your whole personality profile is copied and put together in a so-called virtual reality run by the Pentagon.  That’s one place.  They have a clone of us inside some computer.  I’ve read the articles from the Pentagon on this.  They have your habits and who you phone on a Thursday or a Friday and what you have in common with that person, and what does that person’s circle also include.  They try to find mathematically different combinations of why you interact with different kinds of people.  You must be perfectly predictable. 


That’s what the whole Cold War used.  The RAND Corporation and Game Theory, they were feeding all of this kind of stuff into the old computers.  You were just a number that behaved in a predictable fashion and if you stepped out of your predictable fashion they’d want to find out why.  They would monitor you; you wouldn’t even know it.  This has been going on for a long, long, long time.  They are just making it much more easy to monitor all of us.  Really, that’s why they gave us ALL the internet.  If it was bad for them and could possibly upset their plans we would never have been given it. 


We ARE predictable unfortunately.  Collectively, we are predictable.  We can get hooked on things and they know this. The only thing I knew about computers for years, was that there was lots of porn on it.  That’s what everybody knew, there was lots of pornography.  It was the first thing to be launched by the media… lots of porn; a bombardment daily, weekly, monthly, yearly on the internet.  That was to get the schmucks in.  That’s what it was for.  They had it all laid out how far they would take it before they start reeling it back in and by that time you’d be addicted to it.  So even though you go through changes and you’d pay more money – and eventually you will pay for every site you look into and there will be authorized sites only and the mainstream media will be the only ones giving out the main information eventually, down the road, maybe not too far off – you’ll still look at it because it’ll simply take over from TV… as it’s already doing.  You’ll adapt to that and adapt to that and you’ll forget how it was in the beginning when you could see alternate sites and talk to people more freely.  You’ll forget all about it because we adapt.  We are the most adaptable species on the planet. 


Years ago, as I say, when I was traveling – I did a lot of traveling across Europe – I noticed the same laws getting passed at the same time as I went from country to country.  Often under different names but it was always the same laws.  If you didn’t know by going through other countries, you wouldn’t know this was happening in the next country and the next country and the next country at the same time.  So I knew there was already a global system set up, long before they declared, just declared, this new corporate entity called the EU Parliament, of legal status.  Long, long before that when they were still talking about ‘economic associations’ and that kind of thing they were already doing it.  The last people to know what’s going on are the general public and really, even the rituals of going through the voting farces – because it’s all rigged – is just a formalization to the public that you are now conquered, really, and it’s in the open now,  …and now they demand your cooperation.  That’s all it’s for.  And they do love rituals at the top. 


The Americas are to go the same way.  The war OF terror is the way they are really pushing it and ramming it through to protect everyone in the Americas.  You cannot have all these separate governments.  It’s just too untidy, it’s too confusing and in a sudden emergency, going through all the different laws of each country, it’s too time consuming and too dangerous.  That’s what they are using.  They’ve been using it since 2001.  They call it this ‘Fortress America’ idea; that was in the media in Canada.  Also, since 2005 they’ve had the signatories, the great signatories, coming together.   The Prime Minister of Canada, the President of the US and Mexico – the three amigos – openly always signing deeper, DEEPER and ‘closer ties’ with each other, which is the same terminology they used when they were uniting Europe year after year, decade after decade…  ‘Closer ties,’ until you are so tied together you can’t move unless you all roll together. 

Karl Marx talked about it, remember.  Karl Marx talked about the 3 main trading empires beginning with a united Europe and that’s what the Young Italians and Young Turks and all the other Young so and so’s and Young English were about in the 1800s, a world under this system and a united Europe.  They would get rid of nationalism by using anarchists, as they called them.  Anarchists were just the guys that got caught.  They were the guys at the bottom that were disposable for the secret societies, the fervent types.  To UNITE was the key to overthrow the old existing system.  Mazzini that was trained and he went all over the world really, fomenting, as an overseer, the revolutionary parties on behalf of his mentor.  His mentor was the grand commander for Freemasonry for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Albert Pike.  Mazzini said in his own writings that we must utterly corrupt in order to rule.  The corruption of society was essential to rule.  You must bring in chaos to rule. 

It’s no coincidence that chaos ruled and reigned before Mussolini came in.  What they use is a technique of what you think is a left and a right wing; it’s not really a right wing.  You have chaos brought in by what appears to be a communist party and then you give an antithesis to it which they called the Fascist Party, even though Mussolini himself was a socialist and an editor of the Italian Socialist magazine for years prior to becoming the Great Dictator.  They did the same thing in Germany.  Germany was an incredible hot bed of massive communism and the Brown Shirts that Hitler was in league with had pitched running battles, mainly in Berlin and the main cities in Germany long before war broke out and before he even came into power.  Pitched battles with thousands of people involved and lots of assassinations on both sides.  Mussolini had so much to do with Adolf Hitler by giving him lots and lots of advice.  Really, they were socialists, which was another form of the same thing. 

Quigley himself kept repeating that war is meant to change the cultures on both sides until you have a unified NEW culture.  Again, a new Horus comes out, you see, of the two oppositions.  But it’s ongoing.  The last people to ever know what’s happening are the general public.  They WANT… it’s true, it’s true.  They are so well brainwashed that if there is 1% of PLAUSIBILITY in a governmental explanation they’d rather jump at that and hang on than think the unthinkable which is:  this just really stinks and it’s wrong… and it’s a bad omen for all of us.  They’d rather JUMP on to the 1% plausibility and comply, even if they deep down in their hearts and their GUT reactions instinctively know that this means something is terrible, something really, really bad is going to happen for all of them.  They will still clutch at the one little HOPE of the lie. 

I was thinking tonight too about this big bill that has been put out by the UN and then the EU passed it to do with health foods.  The world they are brining in is to be run by scientists and through registration and licensing.  Everything is LICENSED.  That means if there is someone who steps out from their main crowd would have their license withdrawn.  That’s why with the Medical Association it’s so EASY, SO easy to control.  You must get a license.  They’re going for ALL of the alternate health foods and so.  Now, they know from intensive farming that yeah, they can grow big potatoes and all the rest of it, but it’s LADEN WITH PESTICIDES, it doesn’t have the minerals and the vitamins that you need to survive and be healthy.  They know all this.  So they are making sure, through taking away your ABILITY to get supplements, without going through doctors and prescriptions – that’s what it’s coming to, that’s what it’s all about – who will then be told to reel all THAT in too.  They don’t want a healthy population as we go through the changes.  They’ve got to bring on chaos then offer the solution which will be depopulation, there’s too many people.  That’s really what they are about right now. 

I keep saying we are the only species on the planet that HAS to be CONVINCED to go along with our own destruction or annihilation.  You try talking to any animal out there as to why you want to eat it, or get rid of it, or kill it.  I don’t think you’ll get very far.  But they talk to us and try and convince us, through scientific indoctrination and because we have this ability to almost religiously go for a religious type of idea, when they bring in the globalism.  And they are teaching young children who have these visions of the world and trees everywhere and plants and birds and animals.  They could bring this in absolutely.  Absolutely they could bring this in, where people will VOLUNTEER, that once their useful life is up, to help save the world, they will not be a burden upon the world and they will go quietly into the extermination chamber.  Back with more after this break.

HI folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the way things are always done in advance of the public ever knowing what’s really going on and that the ritual of announcing it even to the public, or something being set up, or a vote, or whatever, it’s a forgone conclusion.  It’s a RITUAL to formalize and externalize what they’ve been doing for years.

In Canada for instance, there are two bills.  I don’t know how far they’ve gone through so far.  There is Bill C6 and Bill C51 that are in line with the Codex Alimentarius Bill that was pushed across Europe and is getting pushed in the States and pushed here.  It goes in line with it, without using the terminology of Codex Alimentarius, but it’s to do with a whole bunch of things that gives power to the government to do.  Here is an example.  I’ll put up this link tonight.  It’s from the Natural Health Products Protection Association.  It says here…


Draft Discussion Paper on Bill C-6 the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

Prepared by Shawn Buckley, president of the Natural Health Products Protection Association

February 18, 2009 / NHPPA.org


(A:  It gives you the difference between the two bills and really how they are a compliment to each other.  It goes in to what it affects.  It’s everything really.  There is a summary of the points discussed in the paper…)




The Property and Privacy Rights Affected by the Bill are Broad in Scope


Context for the New Law - is it necessary to take away freedoms to protect us?


-The Hazardous Products Act (A:  A lot goes under this act.  The government can come into your home at any time, without warrants, without going through any organization, just an agency, and check for products in the home that they claim cause fires, are unsafe, etc.)


-The Criminal Code Criminal Negligence Provisions


-Civil Penalties


The Abolition of the Law of Trespass


The Right to Seize Property Without a Court Order, Without Reporting the Seizure to a Court, and for an Indefinite Period


The Private Home Problem (A:  They are getting around this whole idea of private property.  The great internationalist Pierre Trudeau was the head of the Comintern for Canada, a young communist league that went to Russia.  He was the head of it in 1952.  He LED that party over to Moscow and became the Prime Minister of Canada.  He gave us a Charter of Rights and nowhere in the charter do you have it saying anything about property or the rights of property.)


The State can Assume Control of Private Property, Including Land, Without a Court Order and Without a Safety Concern


The Move Away from the “Significant Risk” Test (A:  Because they used to have to prove, before they went through all this stuff.)


The Abolition of the Independent Review Board


Are the Powers to Take Control of Businesses and to Seize Private Property for Alleged Contraventions Legal?


The Creation of Administrative Offences (A:  New offenses for everything.)


We (A:  The public.) are Responsible for the Costs of Seizures and Detentions Regardless of Whether the Seizures and Detentions were Justified


Additional Costs and Responsibilities for Small Businesses


It’s all to do with - not just all to do with this - health foods basically.  It can also go into the realm of if someone lends you some supplements that weren’t authorized and they’re in your property, you could lose all your property.  Just like that.  There is no hearing after it.  It’s just seizure.  I’ll put this link up.  There’s a lot of links on here and PDFs and so on and you can go through it all yourselves.  Its first reading was back in January.  I don’t know how far they’ve gotten with it now.  I’ve not doubt it will get rammed through regardless, and regardless of the complaints.  And if not, they’ll bring it back into a big omnibus bill and a different name to it.  That’s what they’ve always done in the past. 


This hour has just flown in as always, so from – as usual, a very rainy, incredibly rainy and sprayed – Ontario, Canada and from Hamish and myself, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



Topics of show covered in following links:


"Draft Discussion Paper on Bill C-6 the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act" Prepared by Shawn Buckley, president of the Natural Health Products Protection Association (nhppa.org) - February 18, 2009.

• PDF Version

"Draft Discussion Paper on Bill C-51" (nhppa.org).

• PDF Version



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