Oct. 16, 2009 (#431)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 16, 2009:

The Symbol -- For the Few, Correct Point of View:

"The World's Always been Run by Secret Societies,
Capstone Boss at Top, Beneath, Lesser Varieties,
The Wasteland around Base, the Cattle are Lowing,
Term for the People, Profane, Never Knowing,
The Lion King is Respected, His Prey Fearful,
The Shepherd King Loved, Herd Baa-ing, Tearful,
As They Look to the Master, Respected and Able,
Who'll Dine Well Forever with Their Meat on His Table,
How are Minds Follied with Distorted Perception,
Study Wise Men of Old, Philosophical Deception"
© Alan Watt Oct. 16, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 16, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 16th 2009.  As always, I suggest the newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site where you will find hundreds of hours of talks Iíve given in the past where I try to cover the big picture of this supposed reality and poke through all the little holes that weíre supposed to neglect or not see or simply ignore and show you that the world is run by, really, organized crime.  Itís always been that way, under the cover of nature and the laws of nature.  Thousands of years ago, people who had risen to the top with their cunning formed societies and itís been that way all down through the ages up to the present time.  You might even say that governments themselves are really a secret society since their job is never to tell the public the truth, just to goad them along like a herd and lead them and shepherd them into a pen at the end of the day. 


On cuttingthroughthematrix.com youíll see all these audios for download and you can also see the alternate sites I have there in case the big sites get pulled, which occasionally they do.  [Official sites are listed above.]  You can also help keep me going by looking at the web sites.  There are ways to buy my books, CDs and DVDs for sale or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation option listed above.]  Youíve got to help me keep going because itís expensive to do what Iím doing.  Iím not backed by anyone.  Iím not flogging a bunch of merchandise either.  The ads on this show are simply and purely to pay for RBNís air time, their staff, equipment and their bills.  That is paid directly to RBN, not to me.  Also, there are people who get disks burned and passed to them to play on their home CD players because they donít use computers, you can get write to me at [address above]. 


Getting back to what I said at the beginning, thatís exactly what weíre living through.  There is only one big, organized criminal bunch on the planet.  Theyíve held power down through agesÖ ages, because we live in a commercialized system, an economic system, as Karl Marx said it.  He said that all wars have been economic wars.  We think of wars as simply men fighting men on a battlefield somewhere; we donít realize there are many ways of creating warfare and fighting warfare.  Often the enemy doesnít even know they are the target of warfare.  Weíve got a lot of that today; thatís primarily how weíre managed today.  Warfare was announced on the public, by the elite, a long time ago.  And they mean it.  I'll be back with more after this break.


I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to show people, really, that it doesnít have to be a tremendous shock at waking up to reality.  You can go through it gradually.  I think as folk get older - hopefully, it should be this way - they start to at least suspect that something is awfully wrong and they get rather disgruntled and jaded when it comes to politics and the same old cons, one after the other. 


Itís so odd that, with all the think tanks and planning committees across the planet, thousands and thousands of them all interconnected, that every major disaster, everything that happens, always benefits the eliteís agenda.  By the law of averages, accidents should at least benefit the public half the time but it never does, never, ever does.  It always benefits an agenda thatís always been discussed beforehand and often published as well.  The financial crash fits right in with the new global economy and the rising up of the International Monetary Fund, which they said would need to happen years before it did happen.  This kind of stuff, you see. 


Getting back to what I said, in ancient times to the present time we live in an economic system where the shysters get to the top.  Itís quite simple.  There are peopleÖ Iím sure everyone knows someone who can walk in your house and have a 10-minute conversation and afterwards evaluate, tell you what everything in your house is worth.  You didnít even see them noticing things.  Itís nature with them; itís nature.  Thatís how they are.  These are types that get on.  They notice everything instantaneously, like a walking computer or with a camera in their head.  They get up to the top in commerce.  They generally have a loss of affect, meaning emotional bonding with people.  They donít really relate to people emotionally but they certainly are egosyntonic and egocentric.  They have a world running around themselves.  They are in the middle.  They are psychopathic.  Itís always been this way.  Always. 


Therefore, in ancient times they formed secret societies amongst themselves because often the public would turn on them for being ripped off, robbed, and conned.  Secret societies used to be secret because they didnít want the public to know who they were.  They would meet secretly as well.  Today the societies are really more open.  There are different LEVELS of them, of course.  The bottom ones everyone knows about are the open-type societies, are a front cover, a portico as Albert Pike called them.  Those at the bottom donít know much more than the general public in fact, but itís always been that way.  The idea of an elite living off of the herd is nothing new.  People think, for instance, Ė and they go into mysticism to try to find the answers Ė they think that if they just find the Keys of Enoch they will understand everything, past, present and future, instantaneously.  Some magic box is opened and voila, there you are.  Thatís not the case at all. 


What it is, really, is that you have to use your ownÖ and Albert Pike said this.  He said that, we believe in the laws of nature and nature itself.  If you are really seeing and hearing and reading what heís saying, just read between the lines, you gradually get the impression of elitism and thatís exactly what it is.  Heís talking to his own kind, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  He does go on eventually to say that those who will not use their own brain, their mind, their own perceptions, and come to their own conclusions, he says, they are nothing more than meat on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  Thatís the trick of it.  Thatís the trick of managing the world.


We are taught from a very early age to disregard our own instincts.  We are taught to disregard our own suspicions about things.  We are given politically correct, authorized versions of histories and even whatís happening today via the media.  Youíll have people too who wait for the media, like Brzezinski said, and thatís why he could say with confidence that the public will shortly be unable to reason for themselves, they will expect the media to do their REASONING for them.  That gets back to Albert Pike: if you canít think for yourself and you wonít think for yourself, you are meat on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  You donít have to go into the occult; all you will find is codingÖ and yeah, there are thousands of codes out there.  All you will find - and remember there are two before you even start - what you can discover, means that MAN can discover, means that MAN put it together not some supernatural power.  Donít forget that part as well.  All you will find is elitism.  That gradually gets the candidates in who join these things, into higher groups IF you are worthy - thatís what the true meaning of what worthiness means Ė and you are then in amongst a bunch who talk about the profane down at the bottom, BEING beasts of burden by choice and consent.  Therefore, thatís nature. 


They will use all the allegories of different wild beasts and animals and how they live, even wolves and how there is a head of the pack and all the rest of it.  Would the pack vote that leader in if they could speak and have a sort of democratic vote?  They generally would say no.  But do they NEED that leader of the pack?  And they say yeah, well, they are the leaders of the pack by their own decision, by their own grasping of power and therefore you canít tell the public how you are really run.  You give then what they think is democracy and in reality you are run by a super elite with lots of wannabes always joining and working their way up the ropes of politics trying to get up there to join the bunch at the top, the masters who are all corrupt.  However, from their point of view they are not corrupt; they are simply following the laws of nature.  Thatís all it is.  And yes, they use all these different symbols because symbols strung together form sentences, and paragraphs, and whole stories.  Symbols are also symbols of power.  Thatís what flags are about, and logos youíll see on big corporations.  How you string them together, you can find the lower stuff; thatís easy to do.  You use your own brain; itís not difficult, not with the internet today. 


Again, all that is showing you is what MAN put together to stop you from realizing that yeah, there is this super elite group at the top, this intelligentsia, who have incredible financial and commercial wealth.  And they lend to whole governments across the planet, which means they are above governmentsÖ ABOVE governments.  The mediaís job is to ease the herd into each stage of change by giving you the dialectic approach, the pros and cons and this guy says oh, we shouldnít and this guy says we should until youíre punch drunk and then you cave in and go along with the experts anyway.  These are ANCIENT techniques that are still in use today.  They work well, why change them? 


So many people out there truly, and I can remember when I was really small, when the propaganda campaign via entertainment began to glorify doctors for the first time.  People donít realize that, really, until the advent of penicillin doctors were like witch doctors; they were called at the last minute, just before the coroner, and it was basically like the same thing because there wasnít much they could do for you, apart from setting bones and things like that. Thatís really what they could do.  When it came to medicine they didnít haveÖ they were still using the same stuff with a little bit of alchemy involved.  Theyíd mix little potions together, make them fizz and change color in front of you.  You would be very amazed and theyíd hand you a bill.  After all that fizzing and amazement, youíd kind of hand over the cash; you were kind of impressed.  Thatís really as far as theyíd got. 


Antibiotics came along and SUDDENLY they had something that worked.  They suddenly had something that worked; they didnít invent it but the STATUS of them was skyrocketed, elevated by the massive advent of MEDIA DRAMA.  Doctor Kildare and Marcus Welby MD and on and on they went, and movies about them and all the rest of it.  Thatís gone on ever since.  Remember Jacques Ellul said, whenever you have a system of an agency being glorified, especially when they start off as SERVICES, like police services, or health services and so on, they will become authorities.  Karl Marx said the same thing and so did Lenin:  they will eventually become AUTHORITIES.  Itís done by propaganda and thatís what Ellul said, you are listening to PROPAGANDA, but it works.  It works.  People:  yes doctor, okay, Iíll bend over and in goes something you havenít a clue of, all based on trust and faith.  All based on trust and faith.  And you think they donít go to incredible lengths in a multi billion and trillion dollar industry to fool the public?  Ho-oh, then go back to naivetyÖ because thatís where you belong. 


The world is utterly, UTTERLY corrupt from the bottom point of view.  From the top, as I say, they view it differently as their right to do as they wish with the herd, including profit off them.  Thatís what farmers have the herd FOR.  Look at all the allegories you are given through all the big books and text books and all the other books as well, churned out by Freemasonry, not the little guys at the bottom.  You are supposed to use your own meatloaf, your head.  If you canít do it, youíre a goner. 


Today, as I was out cutting the wood there, I was thinking about the spraying in the skies.  I mean, it rained here all June and July, every single day, and most of August and September as well.  Today it should have been one of the nicest days of the whole year.  This is the second year in a row, by the way, of the same weather.  And there they are, just slobbering across the sky leaving trail after trail thatís one massive misty mush and the end of it all.  Everybody I meet is wheezing.  And you wonder why asthma is up.  Suddenly, weíve got a perplexing epidemic of asthma across the world and allergies and no one knows what causing it.  Do you think your governments are the top boys?  No way.  Remember, itís a degreed system and there is a global government above them and above the United Nations.  The UNís job is just to find ways to implement the policies from the big boys.  I'll be back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just before the break I mentioned about the incredible aerial spraying thatís been going on since 1998 full time, basically, in Canada at least.  I literally could fill up hard drives, one after another, with all the photographs from across the planet, where other countries are getting it too, really badly.  You talk about it to people who, again, they canít use their own perception.  They never look at the sky.  If they do, they will literally dismiss what they see because these are the people who really believe if there is anything that concerns them that the media would tell them and if the media doesnít say anything about it then itís irrelevant and they dismiss it from their minds all together. 


However, when the same media tells them that they are going to bioengineer, shortly, in the futureÖ  They are talking about bioengineering the whole atmosphere to save the planet from global warming, cooling, or things in between, and you bring up the topic and theyíll say, Oh, yeah, they are going to do that.  The same people who denied it all together, oh, yeah they are going to do that because it was in the news, but they are not doing it yet.  So they wait again for the media to tell themÖ and that wonít happen, of course.  Those people you have to write off.  They are GONE.  They canít use their own eyes or their own minds.  They have to look for the experts to confirm something for them or tell them something.  As soon as they do, they will believe it, even if the stuff is bogus they will believe it, like a swine flu pandemic across the planet.  They will believe whatever the media tells them. 


Unfortunately, the majority of the public are there.  Thatís whatís called Ďthe dead.í  In every religion, ancient religion, they talked about Ďthe deadí.  There are many allegories of it given in story form of Ďthe deadí.  ĎThe deadí werenít people who were in the grave.  ĎThe deadí were people who walked around and did what you thought were normal, everyday things but really they were oblivious of a reality around them, or who was running them, or who benefited from them, from ruling over them, and they were oblivious to the techniques used to control them.  They are the dead.  They have always been the dead, down through the ages because the techniques are ancient, absolutely ancient. 


The dead, unfortunately, will go into, never at the vanguard of a novel religion; they will tag in towards the latter end when it becomes an authorized religion.  Then they tag in and it becomes customary.   They are really cultural religionists.  Whatever the culture is and the present religion, they adopt it for that timeÖ because they donít want to be left out of the group, you see.  Thatís why, also, they create religions today.  They create them, like Gorbachev talking about creating this new religion, this earth-based religion where people will worship a form of earth worship.  A FORM of earth worship which ties in sustainability, depopulation and all the rest of it.  This is a guy who admits he is an atheist, in the same book.  He says, we are creating a new religion for the people.  And it works.  They can be honest as can be about certain things, occasionally, and people will never retain that.  They want to think something else about these people.  Itís the strangest phenomena; it really is. 


Whenever Little Red Riding Hood pulls the hood back from the face and itís a wolf, you should remember that is a wolf, even when it puts the hood back on top of its head.  And you can see why Pike said what he said.  Those who will not use their own minds, intellect, perceptions, brain if you like, are meat in the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  Thatís a truism.  Itís a truism. 


Here is an article to show you how corrupt just one part of it is, but itís incredibly rich so it wonít matter me saying what Iím saying.  Iím tiddlywinks compared to guys theyíve gone after in the past.  Here is a site that talks about it.  Itís called Child Health Safety.  Iíve read an article before in the newspapers at the time, maybe earlier this year, but here itís on this site here and a lot of interrelated topics to do with this particular drug company.


Drug Giant Merck Ė ďDestroyĒ Critical Doctors (Alan:  doctors who were critical of their studies.)  ďWhere They LiveĒ

(A:  This came out in the court cases, by the way.)

Posted on October 12, 2009 by childhealthsafety


Court evidence now available on-line at the University of California library shows drug giant Merck systematically targetted ďhit-listsĒ of doctors to discredit, neutralise or destroy critics of the safety and effectiveness of Merckís drugs.  (A:  This is out in the open in the courts.  It wonít make any difference with the present propaganda campaign because propaganda wins over most peoplesí intellect or reasoning.)


You can read the documents yourself at the links below [see heading at end "Merck Documents Revealed in Court Evidence"].  (A:  They have all the links here; incredible amount of links, all with no guessing involved here, no conspiracy.  Here is the stuff out in the open, major newspapers, major stories, CBS, all the major mainstream and so on.)


One memo stated:  (A:  This came out in court because they had audio tapes of these guys talking.)


We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they liveÖ.Ē (A:  Thatís the doctors they are talking about.)


Dr Andrew Wakefield said when interviewed by CBS:-


This is not conspiracy.  This is corporate policy.  Ė [CBS News Ė Research Links Kids Vaccines & Brain Damage - October 9, 2009 childhealthsafety].  (A:  Iíll be back with more after this break.)


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from childhealthsafety.wordpress.com web site.  Lots of great links on here, publicized stuff from major mainstream cases that have been in the media, the mainstream media.  There are no conspiracies or guessing involved here but it wonít, unfortunately, do too much good at the moment because people succumb to propaganda.  It overcomes facts, propaganda, and creates obedience too.  Donít forget the obedience theory that people have been taught to go along with so many things from the top.  We bow to Mammon and we bow to what we are taught are superior people, experts, special types that came out of different wombs than you did.  That unfortunately works.  But this site saysÖ


This is not conspiracy.  This is corporate policy.  Ė [CBS News Ė Research Links Kids Vaccines & Brain Damage - October 9, 2009 childhealthsafety]. 


Wakefield is the British medical doctor who put child health safety over autism (A:  Meaning the affects of the injections, inoculations.)and the MMR vaccine before his career  (A:  So he stood up for the children and safety before going ahead and having all these things happen to the children.) and has been hounded by big money ever since: Sunday Timesí Claims ďDiscreditedĒ Ė Wakefieldís Autism Research Verified.


Governments expect parents to trust the health and safety of their children to drug companies like Merck, a manufacturer of the MMR and other vaccines.  (A:  Lots of published data that they are trying to suppress is on this web site.)


Other recent examples of blatant Ďfixingí of the published scientific evidence base includes that by Merck and by drug maker Wyeth.


Merck paid medical journal publisher company Elsevier [whose CEO Sir Crispin Davis sits on GlaxoSmithKline's board] to publish a fake medical journal with articles favourable to Merckís drugs: [Merck published fake journal - Bob Grant - The Scientist - 30th April 2009]. (A:  Canada also did a documentary; it was CBC, a couple of years ago on that very thing.  They showed you these ghostwriters, never showed you their faces.  They were doctors and laboratory technicians, etc, who churned out these favorable reports and dismissed all the negative stuff.  Thatís how it is always done.  So Merck publishes a fake journal and that was covered by The Scientist Magazine.)


Drug maker Wyeth flooded medical journals with some 40 ghostwritten articles penned by prominent physicians who sold their name for cash, in an all-out effort to offset the scientific evidence linking its female hormone replacement drug, Prempro, to breast cancer: [Judge orders Wyeth papers unsealed Ė Associated Press Ė July 25, 2009].


Covert lobbying and manipulation is endemic:-


ĎThe use of PR (A:  Public Relations.) to counter negative publicityí


Ď221. ÖÖÖ. Considerable resources are invested into building long-term, sustainable relationships with stakeholders and Ďkey opinion leadersí and journalists. These relationships are used to promote the use of certain brands and counter concerns relating to safety. Efforts to undermine critical voices in particular were identified, under terms of ďissues managementĒ. (A:  This is from the court case, by the way.) In later evidence, in response to the ISMís memorandum, Pfizer stated that PR is entirely legitimate and can ďhelp to educate and informĒ. According to the PMCPA, PR activities may include ďplacing articles in the lay press, (A:  You know, the press for the profane, the Ďlayí press.) TV documentaries (A:  Yeah, the TV documentaries you see too.), soap operas etcĒ.í  (A:  I told you, all this entertainment stuff is nothing but propaganda.  And this is from the court case.) [p60 'The Influence of the Pharmaceutical industry' 2004 - English Parliamentary Health Select Committee report [emphasis added]]  (A:  The links are all there.  Here are these big companies putting it all in, paying people to write it into soaps and the names of their brands and what they are on and what pills are good and so on and so on.  Itís in the movies too.)


Merck Documents Revealed in Court Evidence


Email from Green to Gertz re: William Harvey research conference


To: Gertz, Barry J.

From: Greene, Douglas Alan Cc Bcc:

Date: 2001-10-15 11:12:34

Subject: RE: William Harvey Research Conference


ďwe may need to seek them out (A:  The doctors, the ones that werenít going along with this agenda; they werenít taking the bribes.) and destroy them where they liveÖ.Ē  (A:  Howís that for the honest business man that weíre all trained to believe in?  And we are trained to believe in them.)


Email re: list of physicians to neutralize (A:  By different methods and techniques.  This is standard practice, by the way.)


To: Johnson, Sherrin E

From: Baumgartner, Susan Cc ZZYarbrough, Caroline (A:  I guess that was the agent for the big pharma.)

Date: 1999-07-23 18:44:43

Subject: Physicians to Neutralize


Attached is the complete list of 36 physicians to neutralize with background information and recommended tactics. You will notice that some have already Ö


Then it goes on to say what theyíve actually done.  Now, this will also include blackmail and everything else.  There is report after report of more and more doctors to neutralize and discredit, generally to the same woman, this Susan Baumgartner.  Quite amazing.  Quite amazing a page, this.  It also has all the other links to these reports on the so-called safety studies on vaccinations from MMR to right up to the present flu vaccinations, stuff they donít want you to know about but it is available.  It is available.  As I say, it wonít make any difference, UNFORTUNATELY, and good luck to people with these sites.  We need this but this kind of stuff takes, it would take generations to work through. 


Itís like George Orwell, when Winston the character in 1984, when he meets OíBrien who was torturing him, this guy who was bringing him into what Winston thought was a secret society but actually he was setting him up.  OíBrien says to him, what makes you think you can change anything?  He says, oh the people, the proles, they will overcome you eventually.  OíBrien says, no that wonít happen; however, maybe in a thousand yearsÖ he thought and he drifts into another topic.  Thatís what youíre up against, INCREDIBLE WEALTH of the ages and those intergenerational families who know how to USE it.  And they do use it.  Ancient techniques. 


If you want to control people, you have to understand power, the power of the mindÖ and how it works.  We have been studied.  We are the most studied species on the planet.  Nothing else, nothing else has been studied as much as we have.  Itís only NOW, in the last 100 years or so, theyíve been getting into the insects and the turtles and all the other stuff they show you on television as they bring you down to the level of the animal, because they are very smart people at the top.  If they can dehumanize you and you believe it, youíll say, well, I guess they have to do this with us and I guess they have to do that with us, weíre just us.


Organized crime runs the worldÖ and they donít call it crime.  People keep demanding from government answers and solutions to fix problems.  They never figure out that the history of the world is that government IS THE PROBLEM.  This article is from 2008.


US Lawmakers Invested in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

Published on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 by Inter Press Service  /  by Abid Aslam


WASHINGTON - U.S. lawmakers have a financial interest in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, a review of their accounts has revealed.


Members of Congress invested nearly 196 million dollars of their own money in companies that receive hundreds of millions of dollars a day from Pentagon contracts to provide goods and services to U.S. armed forces, say nonpartisan watchdog groups.


David Petraeus, the top U.S. general in Iraq, is to brief the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services committees on Tuesday and Wednesday. The latest findings are unlikely to have a significant impact on this week's proceedings (A:  Thatís true; it wonít make any difference because theyíre not out to expose themselves.) but could stoke anti-incumbent sentiment in this year of presidential and legislative elections.


Lawmakers charged with overseeing Pentagon contractors hold stock in those very firms, as do vocal critics of the war in Iraq, says the Centre for Responsive Politics (CRP).


Senator John Kerry, the Democrat from Massachusetts who staked his 2004 presidential bid in part on his opposition to the war, tops the list of investors. His holdings in firms with Pentagon contracts of at least five million dollars stood at between 28.9 million dollars and 38.2 million dollars as of Dec. 31, 2006. Kerry sits on the Senate foreign relations panel.


Members of Congress are required to report their personal finances every year but only need to state their assets in broad ranges.  (A:  Isnít that amazing?  But for YOU, you had better be exact or, you know, you get the big slamming log on the door as they batter your door in with a battering ram.  Corruption runsÖ so naturally they make it different for themselves donít they?  Donít they?)


Other top investors include Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen, a New Jersey Republican with holdings of 12.1 million - 49.1 million dollars (A:  Thatís what he has to declare. Well, itís between 12.1 and 49.1 million.); Rep. Robin Hayes, a North Carolina Republican (9.2 million - 37.1 million dollars); Republican Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin (5.2 million - 7.6 million dollars); and Rep. Jane Harman, a California Democrat (2.7 million - 6.3 million dollars).  (A:  Not bad, war.  Itís a good business.)


Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the Democrat and former governor of West Virginia who chairs the Senate Select Intelligence Committee (A:  He runs it all.), invested some 2.0 million dollars in Pentagon contractors, CRP says.  (A:  Believe you me, Iíve got other stuff from here from the Rockefeller family and itís astonishing trying to find out how many investments they have in these kind of deals and they go through different departments of their family.  There are different names for different part of their family and theyíve got all these front companies and it takes forever to get through all the front companies to see who actually is behind it all.  It eventually is the Rockefellers.)


Other panel chiefs who invested in defence firms include Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the Connecticut Independent who presides over the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (A:  Well, heís obviously a peace man isnít he?  Heís a peace man as he rakes all this cash in.), and Rep. Howard Berman, the California Democrat who heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


In all, 151 current members of Congress -- more than one-fourth of the total (A:  Thatís the ones they know about, right.)-- have invested between 78.7 million dollars and 195.5 million dollars in companies that received defence contracts of at least 5.0 million dollars, according to CRP.


These companies received more than 275.6 billion dollars from the government in 2006, (A:  See how it works?  Itís your tax money folks.  They invest their own stuff in private shares in these companies, then they pass bills, and then they use your tax money to fund the corporations that they got money sunk in.)  or 755 million dollars per day, (A:  Thatís not bad, $755 million per day.) says budget watchdog group OMB Watch.


The investments yielded lawmakers 15.8 million - 62 million dollars in dividend income, capital gains, royalties, and interest from 2004 through 2006, says CRP.  (A:  ArghÖ well, whatís new eh?)


You know, during the Viet Nam War, I remember reading in the British papers how the officer class of the US army going through their training were advised to put shares in the war industry and they had all the different companies including corporations and they got special deals in buying shares and stuff like that.  So I guess once you get over there they say, well, how much napalm is here.  And they say, oh, 500 gallons or tons or whatever.  Oh, use it this morning and then order another batchÖ because itís good for business, right, theyíve all got shares in it.  [Alan laughing.]  I mean literally, thatís what was going on.  Thatís the real world.  Thatís the real world.


Isnít it astonishing though, when they have these little closed hearings and then someone comes forward to the public with his suit and tie on and that waxed polished face, you know, of purity and everything but the halo, and they tell us a lot of gibberish which we are all so willing to swallow up rather than believe the harsh truth, that they are all corrupt.  But thatís what they do every time.  Propaganda and image making and presentation overcome reality.  Itís simple, rather, rather simple, quite simple. 


Totalitarianism is the system we are going into now, OPEN totalitarianism.  Before we had this idea of democracy that kept us from rebelling every 4 or 5 years, they gave us elections instead.  In democracy we donít vote new guys in because we like them.  We vote the new guys in because we come to hate the last group so muchÖ and so we donít rebel.  We live in hope.  That is what democracy is all about, giving you hope that somehow some human being, whoís gone through the same schools as the last bunch, will somehow be different.  But all he has to do is to say what you want to hear during elections and then does what he wants when he gets in.  Thatís all democracy is about.  I hope people out there have learned that in their lives.  I hope youíve learned that and seen it.  Youíve got a memory there havenít you? 


They favored this form of collectivism to be post-democratic, a collective society where they can get ahead with their business much quicker and weíd all simply obey them and not grumble and moan and object and form committees and organizations to demand justice and stuff like that.  Itís a nuisance.  It takes time away from their adding up their figures and profits for themselves.  So collectivism is a system where the people obey, because they will TRAIN you to obey using Pavlovian and improved Pavlovian techniques, and technology.  So they will just state to you what they want and you will jump to it.  Thatís collectivism.  Collectivism is to destroy the last vestiges of individuality and definitely the family unit.  If you havenít noticed the war on the family, even with all the drama and movies youíre soaking up, then you havenít noticed much at all.  Nothing is in a movie or a drama by accident


They train us into this new system.  Iím going to read an article that is like something you would expect out of Fascist Italy when Mussolini was in.  Of course, as we know, Mussolini has now been declared to be set up by MI-5 in Britain. 


Benito Mussolini Recruited by MI5: the name's Mussolini. Benito Mussolini

Documents reveal Italian dictator got start in politics in 1917 with help of £100 weekly wage from MI5

Tom Kington in Rome guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 13 October 2009


Thatís been made public by the new books from declassified information.  Iím waiting for the next one to tell us that Hitler was also one of their boys, but we might have to wait another few years for that one; it depends if the public are ready or not, or if anybody remembers who he was.  This article shows you how they are going to just use this new fascist technique of indoctrination, just mass indoctrination on the children to give them a completely new version of how the past was, a different past, a veryÖ well, almost a Disney past I suppose.  Itís about the European Union, now that theyíve basically steamrolled over everyone, they are doing all the way for indoctrinating all of the children into a new society, with new realities, not the old-fashioned stuff of their fuddy-duddy parents.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix, just showing that corruption is normal; itís always been this way but itís just that youíve been taught to perceive it differently.  Youíve been taught that there are holy people up there with suits and ties with lots of letters behind their name and doesnít matter if theyíre real or not; thatís irrelevant.  Youíve been trained that somehow they have halos and they walk on water and theyíd never tell a lie, something like George Washington.  Unfortunately it works with most people.  We canít believe that theyíd go to these lengths to con everybody, but thatís what psychopaths do; itís a gift they have and they use it all the time.  They canít help but use it. 


This article is from the Telegraph.


 (A:  MEPs, Members of the European Parliament.  Remember, thatís the parliament that weíre based on in America too; we have to go into the same amalgamation of the Americas AND weíre going to amalgamate WITH the EU after that.  Itís actually in process now before they even confirm the last part to the general public.)

MEPs call for compulsory 'EU lessons' in schools

MEPs are calling for school pupils to be forced to take European Union lessons to counter "lies" about Brussels.  (A:  Thatís where itís based, that parliament.)

By Leigh Phillips in Brussels  /  15 Oct 2009 / Telegraph.co.uk


Leaders of the centre-right EPP grouping in the European Parliament say there should be compulsory classes for 14-year-olds in all member states.


The calls are being led by Mario David, a Portuguese MEP who was chief of staff to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso when he was the country's prime minister.


 He claimed the controversy surrounding the Lisbon Treaty demonstrated their was widespread ignorance of the EU's work. (A:  This is the same EU that published itself that the executive branch at the top make all the decisions, all the laws, and they have working committees which are done in secret and the committees themselves are kept secret from everyone else.  So he says, widespread ignorance of the EUís workÖ  I wonder why weíre in ignorance.)


"All the debates about the constitution and then the Lisbon Treaty showed a great deal of lying, cheating and mistrust about the EU," he said.   (A:  This is, again, the organization that was set up, and all European countries after World War II, they made a delegation for each country, kept it secret, and they said in the stuff they released in the late 90s, that THE PUBLIC WERE NOT TO KNOW the reality of the free trade agreements would lead to complete unification of Europe.  They said, the public were not to know until it was done.  So here he wasÖ.† "All the debates about the constitution and then the Lisbon Treaty showed a great deal of lying, cheating and mistrust about the EU," he said.† Heís rather peeved.)


"In Ireland people were told there was going to be abortion across the EU, that young men would be conscripted into a European Army. This was a bunch of lies.  (A:  Iíve read the report here about the European Army, from the mainstream press.)


"Knowing and understanding, from a young age, the principles, the procedures and the successful history of the European Union, (A:  Which was all done, by the way, in secrecy.) the generations of tomorrow will be immune to any distortion of the perception of the role of the EU and will much better embrace the advantages of this unique project of voluntary sharing of sovereignty."  (A:  [Alan laughing.]  Itís something, as I say, you would expect to come out of the mouth of a dictator, as he changes one regime to the next regime and then abolishes the past.)


Oh, itís astonishing isnít it?  Iíll put these links up on my web site right after the show and go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can see.  Plus support me.  Use PayPal to donate, etc to keep me going.  Also, on TV Ontario, next Friday at 10:30pm watch Tagged, they are starting the debates about should human beings get the microchip.  Back with more next Monday.


From Hamish any myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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"MEPs call for compulsory 'EU lessons' in schools" by Leigh Phillips (telegraph.co.uk) - Oct. 15, 2009.

"Recruited by MI5: Benito Mussolini - Documents reveal Italian dictator got start in politics in 1917 with help of £100 weekly wage from MI5" by Tom Kington (guardian.co.uk) - Oct. 13, 2009.



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