Oct. 22, 2009 (#435)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 22, 2009:

Culture Weaponized -- They've Made a Zoo out of You:

"Never Underestimate, Sharp Minds Rule
Above Front-Men Jokers who Play the Fool,
With Role of Anguish over Decision Making,
Their Eyes Shed Tears, while Hands are Taking,
Protecting Master Banksters, Knowing Their Goal,
Regardless How Much, or Many Times They Stole
The Wealth of Yet Another Naive Generation,
While the Brandy Club Dine at Exotic Location,
Look at Society, Broken, De-Culturalized,
Silent A-Bomb is C.W., Culture Weaponized"
© Alan Watt Oct. 22, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 22, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 22nd 2009.  Newcomers should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and you can see hundreds of audios for download - audios Iíve done over the years - and you can download them for free.  You can also bookmark all the other sites I have up there.  If you find the next day when you try to download them off the .com site, sometimes there are so many folk going in a one time it will be slow in there.  So bookmark the other ones and alternate using them sometimes, even for tonightísí show, and youíll get through right away hopefully.  These are my other sites [listed above].  cuttingthrough.jenkness.com has been very dependable.   Sometimes it has held all the sites together when the main ones were pulled.  alanwattsentientsentinel.eu is the European site and it has all the same audios as the rest but it has the addition of transcripts of these talks and they are written in the various language of Europe.  Remember too, Iím always looking out for new translators so get in touch with me.  I donít bite your head off if you try to reword it to suit the culture and the people and the understanding of your actual language.  Tremendous problems sometimes exist getting from Basic English, which is a very basic language, and into a superior language in fact.  I donít bite peopleís heads off as long as they get the message across so that their own people can understand what Iím saying. 


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Yesterday, I talked about psychological warfare and how the systems of controlling MASS man and they always look at MASS man, everyone else comes under categories underneath that main heading. 


I read from the Parameters Magazine, which is the US Army War College Quarterly, from the summer of 1997.  This character who wrote this particular exposť on the future of really, heís talking about the New American Century, as itís called; a term that was applied openly to the public when Bush was in.  The group he belonged to, or all the advisors around him, all the top appointees, all belonged to that club.  It was established before HE came along of course.  It actually goes all the way back into the 70s Ė people donít know that Ė where the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, an American branch of the same organization and the intelligence services which are all combined by the way; all of them are combined.  The British/American OSS during World War II Ė it was created then Ė was an amalgamation of the 2 services of the US and the British Secret Service but it was already run from the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Thatís where they set up their headquarters.  They were the global spies and the spy system for the planet at that time. 


The Royal Institute of International Affairs and so on, if you read back in their writings over the years, you see whatís coming; they publish whatís coming, always.  Itís a very expensive magazine actually; its way too high-priced.  That again is to discourage folk from buying it.  Some of the best books out there, even some of the best books by Bertrand Russell.  He had two faces; one for the public to get followers to push their things they believed in, while they never knew they were getting used for other reasons.  He had another face for his own class, a very elite class.  Some of his best books are about £500-£1,000.  Thatís when they were not in demand or even heard about too much by the publicÖ to exclude people.  Itís the same thing with the nightclubs, places in London where itís £500 to get in or more.  Thatís to exclude the common riff-raff, as they call it. 


Well itís the same technique thatís used with managing the whole planet.  There are many structures or layers of information on how WE all operate.  They donít have to look upon us individually.  Theyíve got it all worked out.  Studies for hundreds and hundreds of years have been done and collected and dissected and then experiments applied on whole populations over and over again.  They teach a lower level of this to the Army War College and the intelligence services.  The thing is, they donít know that they donít know ALL of the story.  So they are very arrogant, as every group tends to be, that thinks they are professional and they know it all. 


What he is giving you in that Parameters Magazine that I read from, is a sort of lower version of it, of the really high stuff, the really high stuff.  Most of it is used to control ALL of us at home as well.  They will throw in words - because this is going to get published and the public would read it - they will put in words which are patriotic to make you think that we are included.  But if you read it carefully, youíll see you are NOT included.  When he says the US and Ďweí, he is not talking about the people.  Heís talking about the establishment that already rules the United States.  Weíve always had establishments tied together that rule every country.  They donít go into politics; they donít have to.  They put the guys forward.  In Canada, thereís a company called Power Corp.  They have nothing to do with energy supply.  They train leaders.  I canít remember how many Prime Ministers - the one family who owned this company - were put forward who became Prime Ministers of Canada.  They run Canada basicallyÖ to make sure it doesnít get into the wrong hands, which is anybody thatís not in their little club.  Thatís the reality of life. 


As we go through the shock and awe since 2001 - a series really of shock and awes - theyíve used it over and over before in different so-called recessions, as they love to call depressions.  Youíre always downtrodden.  Theyíre working on the next phase.  In fact, when we catch up to whatís happening, theyíre already working on maybe the 5th phase, 80-100 years down the road.  Iím not kidding.  This is the LOW level of it, the guys here at the war college.  Remember this is 1997.   Iím going to read another part of it because itís very important to what theyíre doing in the Middle East.  They actually mention in this article the countries theyíd go after.  They mention ĎIslamic countriesí and how theyíd crumble under the onslaught of not only their physical war but also of their cultural war, their TOTAL CULTURAL WAR. 


Hereís what he says.  Remember too, I had the link up last night.  Iíll put the link up again tonight for you to go through.  Itís well worth reading through.  Now, heís talking from his own perspective, not from the American peopleís.  ĎOursí, remember what he means by Ďoursí.


Constant Conflict

RALPH PETERS  /  From Parameters, Summer 1997, pp. 4-14.


Ours is also the first culture that aims to include rather than exclude. The films most despised by the intellectual elite (Alan:  Meaning the ones that he works for.)--those that feature extreme violence and to-the-victors-the-spoils sex--are our most popular cultural weapon, bought or bootlegged nearly everywhere. American action films, often in dreadful copies, are available from the Upper Amazon to Mandalay. They are even more popular than our music, because they are easier to understand. The action films of a Stallone or Schwarzenegger or Chuck Norris rely on visual narratives that do not require dialog for a basic understanding. (A:  Have you ever watched those things?  I mean you could put grunts in there and you would still know whatís going on.)  They deal at the level of universal myth, (A:  Universal myth, thatís very important to understand.  If you understand that, youíll know whatís driving you and you might catch on to the forces that understand that make you get driven.) of pre-text, celebrating the most fundamental impulses (A:  Basic impulses.) (although we have yet to produce a film as violent and cruel as the Iliad). (A:  Thatís his little snobbish bit saying you probably havenít read the Iliad because youíre not intellectual.) They feature a hero, a villain, a woman to be defended or won--and violence and sex. Complain until doomsday; it sells. The enduring popularity abroad of the shopworn Rambo series tells us far more about humanity than does a library full of scholarly analysis.  (A:  Thatís all they have to see.  They do surveys all the time.  Whatís most popular?  Thatís for the masses; the masses donít read scholarly analysis.  In fact, now they can hardly throw a sentence together.  As I said earlier in the show, English is a BASIC language.  It certainly is today.  It didnít used to be.  But like Orwellís 1984, every year the dictionary gets thinner and thinner.  When you can not convey a thought in pure detail, then itís in bits and pieces; it makes no sense.  Itís incongruous, itís doesnít fit together properly.  There are parts of the jigsaw puzzle missing and people just turn off.  People have no ability of concentration today for very long periods.  The young admit it.)


When we speak of a global information revolution, the effect of video images is more immediate and intense than that of computers. Image trumps text in the mass psyche, and computers remain a textual outgrowth, demanding high-order skills: computers demarcate the domain of the privileged. We use technology to expand our wealth, power, and opportunities. The rest get high on pop culture. (A:  So heís talking about the elite.  ĎWE use technology to expand OUR wealth, power, and opportunities.  The rest get high on pop culture.í  You see, one of the little secrets they are taught when they get into psy-ops, and they feel very special; thatís how easy it is to trick guys too:  You know it; youíre up at the top now, you know it all.  They know as much as theyíre meant to know.  So WE use technology, his own class.  He knows at that level at least, heís not serving the people; heís serving a system and a class, a very small class.)  If religion is the opium of the people, video is their crack cocaine.  (A:  Itís so interesting too because at one of the much-music awards recently, some actor - who I think is doing his part as a stunt to introduce a video game Ė they donít just give their little devil sign anymore, he actually stopped and had all the audience join in a prayer to Satan. 


Prayer to Satan during MTV telecast - sign of the times?

James L. Lambert - Guest Columnist - 10/16/2009


No kidding, eh?  That in itself if an image, you see... boom, itís stuck in your mind.  Also remember, as he says, the effect of ĎVIDEO IMAGES is more immediate and intense then that of computers.í  The image especially if itís repetition, remember 9/11?  For weeks and weeks and weeks every station was bang, bang, bang.  Itís like those cars, when they were doing all the experiments to see if it worked on the public.  They would have race cars that were smashing themselves.  They kept showing you the same smashes over and over and in slow motion and all the rest of it, until you say, well, thatís enough isnít it?  No.  It wasnít enough.  They were doing surveys to see how it affected you.  Thatís how they used that technique on 9/11 to make sure that EVERYONE GOT THE MESSAGE, implanted, embedded in your mind.  Because they had it all planned obviously, this whole war on terror, as a front of course for the whole agenda.  So, Ďthe rest get high on pop culture.í  Thatís for the masses. ĎIf religion is the opium of the people, video is their crack cocaineíÖ)   When we and they collide, they shock us with violence, but, statistically, we win.   (A:  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is the baser type reality that weíve all been indoctrinated in to.  We are born into it and they go into overdrive once we hit school, now itís kindergarten, to indoctrinate you into a fake belief system and make you the society.  So you grow up into a society that they have already planned that you grow up in that serves them.  Thatís always been the way; it serves those at the top.  In the mean time, they want us to go through this big world shakeup, thatís planned.  Itís a planned shakeup. 


This is 1997 and itís a military magazine.  What he is saying here isnít unique to me at all because Iíve read much more of their stuff even long before that.  They knew exactly what they were going to do with the world even during World War II.  They published so much about World War II.  IN World War II, during it, they actually published what would happen to Germany towards the end, before theyíd actually had D-Day.  How they would split Berlin up and keep them apart for a whole generation, a WHOLE generation to eliminate any possibility of them uniting into the same kind of Germany, nationalistic.  How they would indoctrinate a whole generation and everyone brought up within about 50-60 years or whatever, they would indoctrinate them into a different reality, a different past even.  Everything is done in advance.  They even published a post World War II map of the world with a new little country in it called Israel.  They didnít get their so-called recognition until 1948 by the UN. 


Everything is planned in advance; nothing is left to chance.  NOTHING is ever left to chance to those who rule the world and own the world and the resources and wealth.  They even own the lesser elites, the names that weíre used to seeing in newspapers and high society magazines; that type of stuff.  This article goes on to sayÖ


As more and more human beings are overwhelmed by information, (A:  Remember, information is a technique of warfare.  You get overwhelmed by it all, itís not by chance.) or dispossessed by the effects of information-based technologies, there will be more violence. Information victims will often see no other resort. As work becomes more cerebral, those who fail to find a place will respond by rejecting reason. (A:  So, only those whoíve got it, you know, the higher IQs in the Darwinian sense will make it; the rest are just well, youíre junk genes, according to these guys.)  We will see countries and continents divide between rich and poor in a reversal of 20th-century economic trends.  (A:  They were writing about that at the United Nations, because they are part of this whole big deal, back in the 60s, the division of rich and poor.)  Developing countries will not be able to depend on physical production industries, because there will always be another country willing to work cheaper. (A:  You better remember, thatís what they mean at home as well.  Theyíre actually telling us to compete with China, ho-oh, for the wages.  Öcompete with China.)  (A:  Now hereís a good statement, long before Bush was given it by his scriptwriter who no doubt worked for the same psy-ops team.) The have-nots will hate and strive to attack the haves. And we in the United States will continue to be perceived as the ultimate haves. States will struggle for advantage or revenge as their societies boil. Beyond traditional crime, terrorism will be the most common form of violence, but transnational criminality, civil strife, secessions, border conflicts, and conventional wars will continue to plague the world, albeit with the "lesser" conflicts statistically dominant. In defense of its interests, its citizens, its allies, or its clients, (A:  clientsÖ) the United States will be required to intervene in some of these contests. We will win militarily whenever we have the guts for it.


There will be no peace.  (A:  This is called Constant Conflict.  Constant ConflictÖ look at Orwellís 1984.  Try and get the black and white version done in Britain with Richard Burton.  Itís pretty well done.  Theyíve got a lot crammed into a movie.  Itís hard to get a whole book crammed into a movie but they got the very important parts in there.  There will be no peace, constant war.  Thatís how you hold onto power, by keeping everybody running, running, running.)  At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy (A:  Heís does not mean you, remember that.) and open to our cultural assault(A:  Remember, early yesterday I mentioned that they talked about using American culture, the debased form theyíve given all of us across the world, and making the whole world the same.  It saysÖ)  To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.  (A:  Cultural ASSAULT, very important to remember that.  I could go on and on and on with this article but I will put the link up for you on my site at the end of the show for you to go through yourself.  He tells you how they would debauch the whole planet and all the Islamic countries and anyone else that stands in their way, by the onslaught of CULTURE; the degrading culture that can only destroy the bonding that kept the culture and people together.  Itís a survival mechanism.  Destroy the culture, you own them, you rule them.  Mazzini said it: we destroy the cultures in order to rule the people.  Do you think this is a new technique?  These guys knew it long before Bernays.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading little bits of an article, one particular article.  There are many out there from the same kind of sources.  Itís from a Major Ralph Peters who at that time was assigned to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for intelligence.  Iíve got an article after that, which will follow up on that.  Youíll see how it follows right into the present conflict, how itís being used, and how theyíve conned the public again.  Part of their job, by the way, that Mr. Ralph Petersí job is and was then, was to set up a system that appears to be a separate system of propaganda for pro-war, to mobilize the public back home.  So they use all these techniques on the public, their own public first of all.  If you canít control your own publicís minds you canít go off and control the minds of other peoples across the planet. 


Getting back to the article, just to read a little bit of the last piece of it, he saysÖ


The next century will indeed be American, (A:  Remember, itís the New American Century.) but it will also be troubled. We will find ourselves in constant conflict, much of it violent. The United States Army is going to add a lot of battle streamers to its flag. (A:  Thatís your propaganda stuff, John Wayne movies.)  We will wage information warfare, but we will fight with infantry. And we will always surprise those critics, domestic and foreign, who predict our decline.


This guy Major Ralph Peters has quite the rťsumť here and a good repertoire definitely. 


Major (P) Ralph Peters is assigned to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, where he is responsible for future warfare. (A:  Theyíve got to understand the public especially because they always say for warfare, the first casualty is truth.  You must propagandize your public for war.  Thatís been going on forever, how to build up the propaganda and lies and sell it to the public to get them to kind of back you.)  Prior to becoming a Foreign Area Officer for Eurasia, he served exclusively at the tactical level. He is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and holds a master's degree in international relations. Over the past several years, his professional and personal research travels have taken Major Peters to Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Ossetia, Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Pakistan, TurkeyÖ. (A:  In other words, heís been a bit of a spy all over the place.)


 So by bringing in the debased, the WEAPONIZED CULTURE, that hits at your basic, basic instincts and drive you, the Rambo movies, the sex, the violence, you always get the female at the end and the good-looking one, and all that kind of stuff.  Thatís what they feed us, the weaponization of culture, the music, television, where pre-pubertal children are being driven into sex.  Theyíre actually copying sexual acts before they even know what it is or feel any urges in themselves.  Thatís the weaponization of culture.  Thatís how you degrade it at the bottom. 


A degraded society is so easy to control because they havenít got a clue whatís happening. They canít be cohesive together to stand up to anything because theyíve been debased.  Your culture is your first line of protection.  Itís a survival mechanism, a collective survival mechanism.  Why do you think they kept talking about how the world would get more and more violent and crime would skyrocket and weíre just adding armies of police across the Western world?  Why do you think they were doing that?  Because they PLANNED everything.  They weaponized the culture a long time ago and as always, once the farmer breaks the leg of the cow, down it goes on its side, then he kicks it because it canít get up.  Thatís what you see in the paper, oh, my God; look at these brutal people; look how debased they are, getting drunk and blah, blah, blah; look at all the violence in the streets.  Thatís the affect that was planned when you weaponized culture.  Thatís it. 


This article goes into Islam, how theyíd destroy Islam basically by introducing the same weaponized culture.  You know the fallout; everyone knows the fallout from it and in comes the whole UN system.  Youíll get easy abortion.  Give them all the propaganda: donít worry, with antibiotics, for all the diseases youíll get through sexually transmitted diseases.  They give them the music, the drugs, the BOOZE, the booze as well.  Look at the mess that some Western countries are in because of the booze promotion.  You canít turn on a TV without ads for boozeÖ and theyíre all owned by Lords, all these big companies.  Just like the media barons, they all go over and get knighted by the Queen.  Whatís new in that?  Britain was the first country that we know of, along with the US and the guys of the Skull and Bones, theyíre all descended from the guys that helped the British and prospered off of flooding China with opium as a method of warfare to destroy the culture


This article falls right in with what I am saying.  This is from Der Spiegel. 


'Good Morning Baghdad'

(A:  A play on ĎGood Morning Viet Nam.í)

Nightclubs, Corruption and Iraq's New Normalcy

SPIEGEL ONLINE  /  10/21/2009 /  By Bernhard Zand


Life is returning to the streets of Iraq as improved security has meant theater openings, packed restaurants and an emerging middle class. But violence is still an element of daily life and corruption threatens to become debilitating.  (A:  Then he goes on about the description of a guy who owns a night club, how heís dressed and how these three girls are hanging around him, kind of like you see in the West; weíve had that for years.)


Mohammed al-Rahhal wears sideburns, a white suit and a red shirt open to his chest. On stage at a Baghdad nightclub, he sings, dances and taps his boots to the beat of the music. A band is playing behind him, and four young women are swooning at his side -- three thin ones wearing pumps and full-length dresses, and a heavy, slightly clumsier one.


The audience at Khayyam (A:  One of the many clubs that the US has put through there, name after Omar Khayyam, obviously.) -- named after a Persian poet -- is drinking ice-cold beer, nibbling on Lebanese hors d'oeuvres, and swinging exuberantly to the music. A bouncer is collecting small arms at the entrance. Then a businessman stands up, walks up to the stage, pulls a stack of banknotes out of his pocket and whispers something into the singer's ear.  (A:  Itís like a replica of what we have and what weíve had for years in the West as we went down the tubes.  Then theyíve got all this stuff to aim at the youth.)


"Long live the youth of Adhamiyah!", Rahhal bellows into the microphone. Adhamiyah is one of the Sunni districts of Baghdad that, until two years ago, was firmly in the stranglehold of (A:  the fakeÖ) al-Qaida.


"Long live the youth of Madinat al-Sadr!" It's a reference to the eastern Shiite slum that has been the scene of devastating suicide attacks. Cheers erupt. The businessman tosses piles of 1,000-dinar and one-dollar bills into the air. The money is whirled about by the ceiling fans, and it slowly falls to the floor, like confetti.


"This is Iraq!" a Turkmen from Kirkuk yells over the din. "This country will never become a theocracy!" The euphoria escalates into joyful pandemonium. Young men -- Kurds and Arabs, Sunnis, Christians and Shiites -- jump up and dance in front of the stage.  (A:  Then it goes on and on and on about the night clubs and what they are doing.)


People have no idea of how that last article ties in to everything that is happening today, the weaponization of culture, the destruction of the family unit; thatís MANDATORY under the United Nations, MANDATORY. 


Theyíre building Super Cities all across the Middle East.  I think Obama put another Ė I lose track of cash once I pass about 6 or 10 or 12 zeroes Ė into building permanent bases.  These are permanent bases because thatís the New American Century.  It was decided back in the 70s, where rather than go off and fight the wars to take the oils and so on and the resources and keep their power, they might as well make permanent bases across all of their targeted areas.  They are building massive, massive, ultra-modern cities to hold the elite who will then move it.  Theyíre actually moving into these cities in some places already.  They will last for maybe 100-150 years as we go down the tubes paying for all of this by the way.  Thatís what is happening now.  Thatís the intention of it all.  Thatís the method of it. 


There is a site out there that records the wealthiest and the oldest families in Europe and America and their real estate.  The reason it is up now is because these old families that are intergenerational, very elite, wealthy families with their big, old estates, are selling them.  Guess where theyíre all moving?  The old family homes are moving of to the Middle East and into the Super Cities built FOR these special people in ChinaÖ as the rest of us go down the morass, as we go into the debased hell that they have planned.  They will work out incrementally and give us the next bit and the next bit and the next bit until weíre all dying off gradually or speedily, depending on how they want it, up to the year 2050.  They plan in LONG TERMS.  Many guys in the intelligence agencies - and itís always been this way - will work their whole life on certain projects knowing that they started it but they know - just like the old building masons that built cathedrals Ė their generation wonít see the guys who take over and that will finish it.  It might take 2 or 3 generations.  Itís always been that way.  Nothing BIG happens by chance.  Nothing BIG happens by chance. 


Everyone knows in the intelligence communities that no one can pull off a terrorist attack in this day and age without it being known about because you wouldnít believeÖ you think we are all being surveilled to the maximum; itís always been like that in every possible group that you could possibly spring up in anywhere in the world.  Nothing is by chance.  If itís allowed to go ahead, it was planned and often we know that the CIA and the FBI have supplied materials to make bombs to get things to happen.  That came out with a court case with the FIRST World Trade Center bombing.  That came out in the court case.  They created a group, through propaganda, of Arabian guys, one of them caught on that his handler was maybe setting him up.  They all thought they were going to put a fake bomb in the World Trade Center.  That came out in the court trials; look up the records of the main newspapers at the time, when the trials were going on.  This guy got clever enough so he had a little tape recorder and he got his handler, luckily enough at that very time, where the handler was sent in.  He said, well, weíre not putting in a real bomb are we?  This guy says, oh yes you are, and he supplied the stuff for it.  Just as well he had the tape recorder and it was played in court.  THINK.  THINK out there.  Nothing can happen on such a scale without intelligence services knowing about it.  You have to look in to see of the peoples who are warned not to go to work in certain areas on certain days.  That was in the papers too.  Nothing isnít known on that kind of scale. 


Getting back to this article here from Der Spiegel, it just goes on about how theyíre putting it in there, but theyíre putting it in across the whole of Iraq.  Actually, theyíve got to do the same with Iran because Iran was on the list of the countries to be attacked back in the 90s.  They had to get Afghanistan, big plans for pipelines and all that; very strategic place.  They had to get Iraq next.  Then they had to, and I mean completely, finish Iraq; theyíd already been fighting it, and we forget this, for about 10 years or so.  Then they had to go for Iran next; demonize Iran.  Then Syria as well.  Itís all part of it. 


Remember the last article I read from the War College, the title was ĎConstant Conflict,í perpetual warÖ using all techniques.  They would use hard force which is military straightforward soldiers bombing and all the rest of it.  Then they use soft force which is non-governmental organizations.  They used them in Europe; during elections too.  They provide them with uniforms, different colors, like the orange guys; that was called Soft Force.  They also use the cultural force.  Do you know all the military over there and the intelligence guys have qualified, some of them are Professors in anthropology and cultures and ethnology?  To look at all the weak points they havenít covered yet to see where they have to PUSH it more to destroy the existing cultures and what they call ĎAmericanizeí it.


What theyíre putting in isnít an American culture.† American Culture is destroyed as far as Iím concerned.  There are only people who have residues of it within themselves.  But that which is pushed upon the people was invented for them.  Back in the 60s, there was a meeting with the Royal Institute of International Affairs with its American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, and it was in the newspapers at the time, as to WHO, which country, would create the culture for the world, using the British version of Hollywood or the American version.  Of course, they decided on the American and in with it would be promoted the music industry as well.  You think everything just appears, your fashion appears and your mid-drift bulge appears to let the draft in?  Öall the girls out there with their fashions?  Nothing, nothing is.  You have a herd instinct.  You see whatís IN, what is shown by the ones youíre supposed to look up to or you idolize and fantasize about; oh, theyíre up there on stage, theyíre soÖ  thatís what I want to dress like.  Is that who you are?  IS that who you are?  Hmm?


Weaponization of culture has been done.  Itís a perfect art.  Theyíve had it ongoing for an awful long time.  It makes those at home who have already been debased, it completely segregates and divides, which is an essential part of warfare and its methodology to destroy intergenerational CONVERSATIONS; passing on of knowledge; even seeing eye-to-eye on certain points.  It completely destroyed it.  They said that theyíd have to segregate the generations.  Thatís been successful.  It was a long time ago.  That was one of the cries of, I think it was Ruben, the communist guy in the US during the 1970s, donít trust anybody over 30.  Thatís what they were chanting, chanting, chanting in music and in their rallies to the youngsters and of course they got even younger and younger.  Thatís why too, by the way, they donít like teachers anymore who are over that age.  They want them young so the children will identify with them and the new paradigms that theyíre indoctrinated with.  Everything is run, EVERYTHING IS RUN from a central command using incredibly accurate psychology, behavioral sciences.  Quite a world we live in and folk take it all for granted. 


As this guy is promoting this wonderful world that they are bringing in for themselvesÖ. Obviously they are not part of it.  They understand all that stuff they debase you with.  It doesnít apply to them.  They donít watch much-music and copy the fashions and belong to the herd, as they say.  They are just as equally watching YOU as they are an Afghanistani over yonder.  Perhaps more soÖ perhaps more so until definitely they all pull out and donít need you any more.  We are paying our last cents in taxes, through labor.  Thatís all that money is.  Tax is only labor taken from you.  If they said to you, you got to work 40% of this year for us, for nothing, youíd object.  But they just do it by taking away your labor through tax.  You donít think about it.  Itís a psychological trick.  Everything is a trick.  Back with more of the art on conology after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I let that little wail in the guitar carry on a bit longer there because thatís how you are; you feel like wailing once in a while and thatís what Iím doing tonight.  Iím showing you SOME of the very basic stuff of how the world is always conned.  Conology, the art of conology, itís always been around.  Generally it was the secret societies that just held it all to themselves as they prospered.  Itís a science.  Itís TAUGHT to those who get into certain military positions and they are not taught it ALL because there are ones way above them with much, much better data, more precise data and more extensive data.  Archives, you might call them, of the ages. 


Itís YOU they are spying on.  YOUÖ theyíve got to know what you are doing.  Thatís why they gave you the internet.  They gave you it, gave you a few years to get hooked on it.  Lots of porn out thereÖ Thatís all anybody knew, there was lots of porn on the internet and that got most of them in.  The next thing you know, they bring in their little rules and all that.  Then they tell you, oh, weíre monitoring this and monitoring that and BINGO, 9/11 comes along in 2001, right on queue to kick off the American century and here we go.  Weíre all being watched and monitored.  Here is Britain thatís always the flagship for the rest to follow. 


State spying to cost £200 million each year

to track your every online move.

(A:  How in your face can it be?)

By James Slack  /  21st October 2009 / The Mail Online


Big Brother: Social networking visits will be logged under the massive expansion of state spying. 


An astonishing £380 a minute will be spent on surveillance in a massive expansion of the Big Brother state.


The £200 million-a-year sum (A:  Weíre supposed to bankrupt here.  It shows you money is a complete farce.) will give officials access to details of every internet click made by every citizen - on top of the email and telephone records already available.


(A:  Yesterday I mentioned, or the day before, about a guy whoís putting it forward, a guy who owns a so-called spyware company.  Heís got programs out there for sale.  Heís going into the ICANN of course, with the rest of them, to DEMAND that we go cashless as well.  This is why they GAVE you the internet.  They get you hooked on the darn thing and the whole idea is to make it indispensable so they will know EVERY darn thing you are doing in this time of austerity that weíre going in to now, where they will know every can of baked beans you buy and if itís in your house.  If youíve got 2 cans of the baked beans and they know you didnít buy the other, they will want to know where it came from.  Iím not kidding.  You are going to see rationing.  I read that years ago on the air.  You are going to see rationing.  Thatís the plan.)


It is a 1,700 per cent increase on the cost of the current surveillance regime.  (A:  Then they go into the usual oh, dear, dear, tut, tut stuff that the opposition or whoever gives.)


Last night LibDem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne described the sum as 'eye-watering'.  (A:  No kidding.  Eye-watering.  Oh, ohÖ)


So it just goes on and on and on and on and on and on.  Itís going to planÖ going to plan because you see, they know what they have to do to all of us as they bring us through into the NEW world order.  This new world order, you know, where the survival of the fittest have it all and they gradually kill off all the ones that paid for them.  WE are the staging rockets to push them on into the Brave New World future that they talk about.  And guess what?  The staging rocketís fuel is almost spent. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



Topics of show covered in following links:


"Constant Conflict" by Ralph Peters, 'Parameters' Summer 1997, pp. 4-14 (carlisle.army.mil).

"Prayer to Satan during MTV telecast - sign of the times?" by James L. Lambert (onenewsnow.com) - Oct. 16, 2009.

" 'Good Morning Baghdad' - Nightclubs, Corruption and Iraq's New Normalcy" by Bernhard Zand (spiegel.de) - Oct. 21, 2009.

"Big Brother Britain: £380 a MINUTE spent on tracking your every click online" by James Slack (dailymail.co.uk) - Oct. 21, 2009.



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