Oct. 26, 2009 (#437)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 26, 2009:

Conspiracy Theory, Really?  The Common Query:

"Everyone Looks for a Conspiracy Theory,
Ignoring Daily Announcements which Should Make Them Leery,
Citizens Under Scrutiny by Those Who 'Serve' Them,
Black-Clad Battalions Should at Least Unnerve Them,
But Their World is Chaos-Fear-Trivia, Bimbos, Boobs,
Solemnity, Hysteria, Beamed from Plasma-Ray Tubes,
As Long as Routines Go On Unimpeded,
They Play in the Now, Don't See What is Needed,
They'll Wish They Participated, Wish They Knew,
Wish Others Would Help When They Come for You"
© Alan Watt Oct. 26, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 26, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 26th 2009.  For the newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  You’ll find in there hundreds of talks I’ve given in the past in audio format for download and you can peruse these at your leisure.  Also bookmark the other sites I have up there.  You should use these other sites occasionally too, especially if you find sticking when you are downloading the audio.  That means that too many people are going into the main site, the .com site, at the same time.  You can also choose from [sites listed above]. 


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Your mainstream media, that you think is free, is there to give you utter propaganda and bring you through into a new system and keep you quite at the same time by all the trivia they feed you and the misleading information and the outright lies as well.  So look into the site, see how to donate to me and keep it going.  Those who just get disks burned and passed to them because they prefer to listen on their CD players – I don’t blame them – I’ll give you the address when I come back… where you can get in touch with me if you want to help out yourselves.  Back in a moment after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Folk who get the disks burned and passed to them from people who have computers to play in their CD players, you can always write to me at [address above].  I really do need you contributions to keep me out of the hole and the hole is getting pretty deep. 


Over the weekend I was thinking about something that I’ve said so often that it’s become almost monotonous for me to even repeat it.  The fact is you don’t HAVE to look into the way-out conspiracies and conspiracy sites to try and find out what’s going on.  You’re living through what’s going on.  You’re living through it, the signs and the symptoms of what’s going on AFFECT you.  The laws that are put out there to take control of your lives basically are affecting you.  You are living THROUGH what’s happening.  You’re seeing your own government participate in the furtherance of tyranny… and it’s OPEN.  It’s in your FACE.  The only thing you don’t have really is the ultimate group that finances all the politicians and puts them in power coming out and saying, ‘Yes we do it’ or ‘Yes I did it.’  Most people truly want someone to come out and say – it’s got to be on television too, it wouldn’t work any other way.  It’s got to be a well-known face coming out on television saying, ‘Yes we did it’ before they are happy.  Before that happens, no matter if they have 100% evidence that their lives are being changed DRASTICALLY, they won’t really do anything about it.  They are still waiting for somebody to confess.  That’s why conspiracy sites are put up.  Remember too, conspiracy theories and so on and theorists were put out by counterintelligence to pooh-pooh anybody who’s trying to dig into what’s happening and who’s behind it.  Unfortunately a lot of conspiracy theorists grab that title and run with it; they’re very proud of it. 


You’re living through the greatest changes that have ever happened in hundreds of years… HUNDREDS of years.  One of the Rockefellers talked about that 30 years ago, that the system coming in would be the greatest upheaval the world had ever seen since the beginning of the industrial revolution.  They said the same thing with the internet, that would add to that.  Well, they knew then that they were going to use the internet NOT to help you, mainly to confuse you, but primarily to get you hooked on it so they could watch and monitor everything that you’re doing.  They knew the society they wanted to bring in. 


A long time ago, a long, long time ago, when certain societies officially came out into the open, again, under fronts, they had certain fronts set up that were licensed to operate, to exist and always misleading the public and always coming out with a champion for the public, such as the Fabian Society that I’ve talked about before.  That’s ONE organization connected to a myriad of other branches that make the big tree of life of the controlling system on the planet.  The Fabian Society HAD to get, just like the communist system, it had to get the workers behind them.  Many people today still think the Fabian Society is an organization out there to get workers and laborers rights.  They still do think that.  Look who set it up.  At least look who was set up to be seen by the public.  Their list is on their own web site, of famous people.  What they don’t like telling you, except if you go into other books, is who funded them.  They were funded, again, by this parallel government of foundations and people like the Astor family amongst many others. 


Getting the people behind them is important, so they always come out and say I and WE speak for YOU.  We care about you.  They say everything that’s self-evident to everyone.   We love that because we’re so used to lies and evasion from politicians that we jump into these things and before you know it, they’ve got a massive following.  They’ll keep that up for a little while and you’ll be even more stuck to them thinking ‘They really are speaking for us; I BELONG to them; they are ours.’  All the while, they are actually putting a part of a plan in, just one part of a plan.  Each foundation has its fronts.  Each one has its AREA in the great big plan, the Great Work.  Part of it tied in directly with a world society, a world government.  That’s why THEY were given the job and set up to get the workers on board for world government. 


They had international socialism, which is a nice term for international communism.  The leaders of today’s Fabian Society still belong to the Internationalists Socialists Party AS they are members of the Fabian Society LIKE Tony Blair, the ex-Prime Minister of Britain and Mr. Brown, the present Prime Minister of Britain.  They discussed in the 1800s the problems that they would face because they had to bring in a multicultural society to destroy the existing nations.  That was imperative. 


Their big boss, the Royal Institute of International Affairs that was set up really as the final stage of the creation of 2 other previous organizations:  The Rhodes Foundation – that should be Rhodes and Rothschild Foundation because Rothschild funded it; that’s in their own records, co-founder – and they merged it with the Lord Milner Society, another branch they’d set up to deal with another part.  The Milner Group also was made up of all the big banking families and international banking families based in London primarily, although they had other ones abroad.  Then they set up for NON British Commonwealth countries what they call the Council on Foreign Relations, which was the same as the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They meet together annually and sometimes more than once a year to bring in this wonderful multicultural society.  They also KNEW that problems towards the end, depending on how fast they had to bring in the immigrants, they’d have terrible outcomes of massive influxes of vastly different peoples, different cultures.  They’d have to HAMMER society through laws and the threats to make everyone just accept everyone else and accept the way it was going to be. 


If you go back into the writings and try and get the books out of there, for those who don’t have them, put out by the Rockefeller Foundation on behalf – he did the funding for all the books for the Royal Institute of International Affairs – try to get a hold of their annual meetings because they publish them every year.  You’ll find every major politician, from every country that you’ve ever heard of, attends.  Generally those in charge of their Treasury Departments attend this non governmental organization; this non governmental organization that has the biggest think tanks on the planet working on crucial elements of the upcoming society which they are guiding into being.  You’ll find they have members always within the current party in power and they have members within the current bureaucracies in federal and state organizations.  They also have many EX politicians and high-level bureaucrats and Prime Ministers and Presidents working in what Professor Carroll Quigley – who was the historian for this group – called it ‘The Parallel Government.’  Quigley was all for this big agenda. 


You go into again, this one part of it, the Fabian Society to get the working class on board.  You find that the founders have a stained glass window set up in the house, the big building that was initially their place and you can find that on the internet.  You find likenesses of the founders at the founding meeting HAMMERING the world, the whole world, on an anvil, like blacksmiths would hammer metal into shape.  That’s what it symbolizes, hammering the world into shape.  They said that the nation-state would have to GO from the very beginning, internationalism ONLY. 


They planned 3 main trading blocs… 3 main trading blocs, the same ones that Karl Marx wrote about in the 1800s as well.  See, these guys all knew each other very, very well.  They set up organizations to bring in a United Americas.  That was the job of the Council on Foreign Relations and another specialized branch called the Trilateral Commission.  For the Pacific areas including Australia and New Zealand, China, Japan and others, they set up the Institute for Pacific studies they called it, a front group for the same organization.  I’ll go through some of that and the fallout of it all as we get hammered into shape after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just as always giving a little background to something before I just read it off.  If you don’t understand the background, the whys of things, you won’t really understand what’s happening today.  I was going through some of the Fabian Society, The Royal Institute of International Affairs that are really powerful organizations that set up specialized branches to make the preparatory stages for 3 world conglomerates you might say, of BLOCS of countries.  They spent 100 years at that.  100 YEARS to set it up.  Literally, they were into geo-politics with their members IN power in every generation, getting the wars going, getting things going so that they could eventually amalgamate everything together at the end. 


They discussed how they’d bring in excessive multiculturalism.  When immigrants come into a country they generally drift in, in bits and pieces and they amalgamate into the culture of the country.  That was also the big lie they put out about the European Union.  These guys were behind that; they drafted it up in fact, the same organization.  They said that you’ll keep your culture and your way of life and your sovereignty too.  And they lied and lied and lied for about 30-40 years about that.  Now we see this monster up at the top and its run in secrecy at the top and really it would be as well as getting run from Mars it’s so remote from all the countries that it lords over, this tower of Babel. 


Here’s one of the articles that’s come out, probably on queue, at the right time.  They do love to admit sometimes how they’ve done things and it’s almost like a slap in the face of the public like ‘didn’t you notice?’  I’ve mentioned before that they guys that they pick to go into the top as Prime Ministers or Presidents are CHOSEN years and years and years before the public ever hear of them.  They are vetted and trained for the little role that they will have.  They are guaranteed in fact, I’m sure, probably 15-20 years before we ever hear their names that they will be made President or Prime Minister and here’s what you are going to do when you get in.  That far back because we are living a script, a well written, rehearsed script where they’ve gone over every possible backlash and how to deal with it.  That’s how things are done in the military.  If we did do this, the enemy will do that; how will we overcome that?  This is all done on the drawing board over and over again so that they can always counter opposition.


This is from The Mail Online.  Britain is the flagship for us all to follow.  Whatever happens there, believe you me, IS happening elsewhere at the same time.  Other countries like Canada are much more quiet about it.  It’s almost more arrogant I should say because we are really a colony of London, a colony.  The colonial leaders really lorded over the public with a form of disdain, a snobbish disdain.  They hated telling the public anything at all.  Well, they still DO in the Commonwealth countries.  It says here…


(Alan:  Tony Blair, who’s left as everyone knows and the other Fabian Brown is now in.  Tony is in the running to be the first President of this monstrosity, this EU super Parliament, this totalitarian system.  Straw is his right hand man.)


'Dishonest' Blair and Straw accused over secret plan for multicultural UK (A:  Now why didn’t they say this when he was the Prime Minister of Britain?)

By Simon Walters, The Mail Online /  25th October 2009


Jack Straw and Tony Blair 'dishonestly' concealed a plan to allow in more immigrants and make Britain more multi-cultural because they feared a public backlash if it was made public, it has been claimed.  (A:  So they made it secret.)


The allegation was made after a former Labour adviser said the Government (A:  That’s the left wing supposedly.) opened up UK borders partly to humiliate Right-wing opponents of immigration.  (A:  If you’re right wing under the definition in Britain, it means you’re a nationalist.  It means you believe in sovereign nationalism.  That’s what it now means.)


Andrew Neather, who worked for Mr Straw when he was Home Secretary, and as a speech writer for Mr Blair (A:  He’s really more important than Blair in some ways because the guy who writes for Mr. Blair, I would say he’s definitely more important.), claimed a secret Government report in 2000 called for mass immigration to change Britain's cultural make-up forever.


Mr Neather said there was a 'driving political purpose' behind Labour's decision to allow in hundreds of thousands of migrants to plug gaps in the labour market.


He said the stance was foreshadowed by a report by Mr Blair's Performance and Innovation Unit (PIU) think-tank (A:  That’s a private organization.), which said the nation would benefit from more migrants. (A:  So here again, you have this strange association of private think-tanks, like the US is run by the RAND Corporation, telling Prime Ministers and so on what to do and think and how to go about it.  It sounds so innocent too, Performance and Innovation Unit.  Who would think its job was to eradicate all sovereignty and any trace of a British history, for instance?  …and every trace of any other alternate or previous British way of living?  That’s what it is of course.  And you’re looking for conspiracies… and people come out and admit they did things.  They are doing it all the time.  Back with more after this break.)


I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading from an article from the Mail Online to do with a deliberate policy, which is basically telling you it was designed to eradicate British tradition and British history in a sense.  If you want to conquer the world, you must do this in every country. 


You must eradicate the things that would bind people together and fight totalitarian systems.  When no one has anything in common with anyone else and the culture is already ¾ destroyed – it’s been done through TV and movies and God knows what else for years and years and years until you’re not sure what you are at all, that’s the whole point of it; the BBC is very good at that – there is no one to stand up together and fight.  If they do stand up about anything and demand their rights or to keep tradition… you can’t even put a Christmas decoration up or anything to do with religion and Christianity in lots of the big cities across the UK anymore; it’s forbidden, forbidden by law.  But it’s okay to have everyone else’s cultures up there and everyone else’s religions up there just to get the tension rising a bit more.  That’s what they do at the top… and then they deal with the fallout. 


They already have gangs, Asian gangs and different gangs all fighting each other for turf in certain big cities.  There are lots of articles out now and I won’t even bother reading them because this is all intentional.  Of course it would happen.  It’s been encouraged as the last of the old British system goes down the tubes to bring in the new.  It won’t be some nice happy multi-cultural society - I keep telling people that - that will somehow emerge out of it.  We are being GUIDED THROUGH IT.  We are guided through IN to it, through it and we’ll get guided out of it at the end.  They are going to give you a NEW subservient culture, not some natural amalgamation but a designed subservient, obedient culture.  This is all about obedience ultimately… guided that way.  And the public are looking for conspiracy theories. 


We see the people who sign the laws.  We see them going into their meetings.  We see what organizations they belong to and what they advocate.  All of this is so far outside the political field even though they are mainly politicians.  They are all run by external think-tanks, PRIVATE organizations that are funded by foundations that are owned by international bankers, that the public have no ability to reach the politicians, not that they would be listened to anyway.  There is no one in politics today that hasn’t been vetted years before you ever hear of them on any party whatsoever.  The party is the greatest con game ever devised.  It’s the world because it’s happening all across Britain and Europe and everywhere else. 


As the world goes through all this strife, as cultures clash and there will be ones who ply for dominance over the old, and you’ll have the gangs fighting each other which is wonderful for the police state because they point around and say ‘Well, it’s not this group fighting that group.  No, it’s British people fighting British people so ALL British are suspect and you’ve all got to be treated like children.’  That’s how it’s handled, as simply as that.  As it happens across the world, remember, remember… the world being HAMMERED on an anvil by those who decided they should rule it.  And remember too, remember the old dictum that Mazzini, another world socialist said, ‘We have to destroy their cultures in order to rule them.’    He said that in the 1800s.  It’s amazing but people never really get it.  They are always looking for some incredible alien to come in and admit that ‘Yes, we did it; we from Zeta Reticuli where we crawled out of a swamp all scaly’ or whatever. 


We see the people.  We see the liars every day.  We have access to the organizations to which they belong.  You can see what they are sworn TO, what they have SWORN to.  But you are looking for hidden conspiracies and you still want to believe politicians and you will the next time they put some puppet in front of you.  Amazing.  Their disbelief, DISBELIEF that this is actually happening, helps this to steamroll ahead.  They can’t BELIEVE it.  It’s that easy. 


In Europe, the New York Times…  The New York Times watches Europe because it knows darn well that the US, Canada and all of Latin America eventually will be amalgamated.  Remember, the last signing for at least Canada, the US, Mexico and I think Chile as well takes place by the leaders – I hate to say that terrible word – of the countries in 2010 and everything is technically integrated LEGALLY.  Then you’ll see the machinery unroll month by month, year by year until we are the same as Europe.


Ever-Present Surveillance Rankles the British Public

(A:  Well no kidding.)

By SARAH LYALL / New York Times / Published: October 24, 2009


POOLE, England — It has become commonplace to call Britain a “surveillance society,” a place where security cameras lurk at every corner, giant databases keep track of intimate personal details and the government has extraordinary powers to intrude into citizens’ lives.  (A:  This is a blueprint really; it’s a reflection of where we are here.)


A report in 2007 by the lobbying group Privacy International placed Britain in the bottom five countries for its record on privacy and surveillance, on a par with Singapore.   (A:  Then it gives you an article telling you how bad it actually is… right down to your local level.  Remember they lie about this at every level too. ‘Oh it’s only for the federal government to do.’  Then eventually every one has got access to all the data, even your local council, who sends spies out, full time, to follow you around and watch you.  That’s what this article is about.  I’ll let people read that for themselves.)


This here falls in with the very first story I was talking about.  The 3 trading blocs that Marx and all the other boys envisaged they would have at the end.  I talked about the Institute for Pacific Studies, as they called it.  Then the other one, the Institute for Pacific Relations, as it was called, which is just the CFR for the far East because that’s who ran it, all the members of the Council on Foreign Relations/The Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They set up the process to amalgamate this by putting their guys all over the Far East and intergenerationally they’re bringing them together NOW as I said they would years ago.  I said it on this program before many times.  I’ve said too, they’d lump Australia and New Zealand in with China and Japan and others. 


Asian leaders eye EU-style bloc

Saturday, 24 October 2009  /  BBC News


Asian leaders meeting in Thailand are discussing plans to "lead the world" by forming an EU-style community by 2015.  (A:  Actually, most of the little signatory agreements have already been done over the years.  This is just to get you used to it, to the public; a primer.)


Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama argued nations should take advantage of the region's more rapid recovery from the recession than the West.


"It would be meaningful for us to have the aspiration that East Asia is going to lead the world," he said.


Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) are meeting other regional heads at Cha-Am beach resort.


Increased integration


The community would involve the 10-members of Asean with regional partners (A:  That was set up, by the way, by the CFR of the Far East.) China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand, Japanese officials have said.


Officials said the East Asian nations would carry out a feasibility study for a huge free trade zone.  (A:  That’s already been done years ago.  This is just a primer as I say, or to get you used to the idea that it’s coming quickly now.)


But there was debate at the summit over whether the community would also include (A:  Listen to this.)  the United States.


Increased integration has been a recurring theme of the meetings in Thailand, as the region seeks to capitalise on its recovery from financial turmoil.  (A:  That’s just a little bit of filler they put in there to throw you off.)


On Friday, the leaders officially launched a new human rights watchdog.


Correspondents say the new commission is in part a response to criticism that the region is soft on human rights abuses by member nations such as Burma.  (A:  They used the same sort of stuff on different places in Europe.)


Anti-government protesters (A:  If you are against any policy of government now, you are ‘anti-government’.  That was used in the Soviet system… so welcome to the world Soviet.) forced the cancellation of the previous attempt to hold the summit in April.


Around 18,000 troops and dozens of armoured vehicles have been deployed to ensure this summit passes off smoothly - with another 18,000 on standby or on duty in Bangkok. 


That’s democracy in action again.  Everything is going to plan.  People ask me all the time are they way behind?  I say no, they are right on queue.  They run it like a business plan.  This will happen in the year 1914, we’ll finish around 1918.  We’ll have a few things happen in between it and then we’ll have something about 1939 to 1945.  Then we’ll have something in Korea to start off that one.  Then maybe Viet Nam, that will amalgamate all those little tribes together to fight the Americans, then they will fit into the world order as one country.  And that’s what happened.  That’s how the world is run.  That’s how geo-politics works, a big plan.  How can you be in geo-politics if you have no final outcome of your plan?  Of course they have it. 


So they are using the same stuff to bring in this already set up – it’s already set up; the machinery is all set up – for this bloc in the Far East.  Then you’ll have the European bloc and a bloc for the Americas just like they said at the beginning, under a world government.  All these blocs really will be like provinces with a provincial leader.  Everything is going absolutely to plan.  And they tell you about it.  They DO publish stuff right in front of your face.  If you notice, there’s never any feedback from the public.  The public are not involved in this plan.  We are just the cattle that are moved from one field to another.  That’s the reality of the bogus democracy you’ve all had rammed down your throats all your lives. 


We’ve all been looted again by the bankers.  Remember too, this organization has all the big bankers on its board.  They set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Their own SONS came out of university and were the first agents to bring in the world society.  Some of them actually started wars and Professor Carroll Quigley, who was their historian, gives their names and how they did it.  No conspiracy book.  Quigley wasn’t some nutty professor.  He was right up there in the US State Department.  He was up there in the Pentagon giving lectures on geo-politics and cultures and what works in history and what doesn’t work if they wanted to pull it off again. 


As I say, we’ve been looted by the bankers again and it tells you who the little boys in power really serve as they take YOUR money and loot YOU and pay back the bankers who have already looted the cash and stashed it somewhere.  They call it ‘money heaven’ but none of us have got the key, just them.  They get rewarded for looting us because that’s how you do it in this upcoming society.  They give you 50 years, sometimes 100 at the most, but generally 50 years of accumulation of real goods or wealth and then they steal it from you.  The government then covers their ass and makes you pay up to fill the big holes in the tax base that’s been looted for a few generations.  Standard, standard procedure. 


This article is from The Mail Online.  It tells you how they are going after everyone else at the top.  The ones at the top go after everyone else to steal and rob from you in this age of totalitarianism. 


Secret court seizes £3.2bn from elderly... and even forces furious families to pay to access own bank account

3,000 complaints in first 18 months of new system

By Jason Lewis, Mail On Sunday Whitehall Editor  /  25th October 2009


A secret court is seizing the assets of thousands of elderly and mentally impaired people and turning control of their lives over to the State - against the wishes of their relatives.


The draconian measures are being imposed by the little-known Court of Protection, set up two years ago to act in the interests of people suffering from Alzheimer's or other mental incapacity.  (A:  OR just being old, the elderly.)


The court hears about 23,000 cases a year - always in private - involving people deemed unable to make their own decisions. Using far-reaching powers, the court has so far taken control of more than £3.2billion of assets.  (A:  That’s not a bad take isn’t it?)


The cases involve civil servants from the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), which last year took £23million in fees directly from the bank accounts of those struck down by mental illness, involved in accidents or suffering from dementia. 


By the way, Canada has got this too.  If you end up in an old folks home, as they call them.  I call them exit centers, not sunny fields or green fields or whatever they like to call them.  Even for a week or two, if you are recuperating from an operation or whatever, if you end up in them and you have no living will, they grab your property and your bank account FOR GOOD, even though you might be getting out in a month.  They prefer that you just simply die there, which most folk do.  That’s how bad it is.  They just steal from you.  Theft is okay as long as the big guys with the black uniforms who want to kill people are on their side and they are.  They are on their side.  They are all over the place, on their side.  Amazing eh? 


The people down below are busy running and scurrying and working and the rest of the time they are zonked out in front of the TV sets or boozing it up trying to forget how miserable their lives are.  Quite something.  Rather than go up to the bankers, that’s what they go after… folk with a few bucks in the bank, maybe an old rickety house and that’s not all.  Now they are going after your safety deposit boxes all over the place.  Back with more after this break.


I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning under this new world system, this new totalitarian system where internal armies have been formed out of police who all want to wear jackboots and smash through windows like ninjas.  They’ve grown up with games and now they’ve got the authority of the State to do what they want and they’re doing it.  It’s going to get worse and worse and worse. 


People thought that they were safe by having their valuables put into safety deposit boxes.  After all, is there anything stable about the paper currency?  Well, we’ve all been taught NO, of course not.  Traditionally people have often done that.  If they’ve got gold, silver, jewelry or whatever that is worth something and holds some kind of value, SOME kind of value, regardless if it goes up or down, you don’t lose it all hopefully.  They put it in safety deposit boxes.  Well, they are going after that now too, under the guise that most folk, you see, that’s really what this spiel is from the news and their PR firm.  Remember, all of these organizations including police societies and special teams all go through public relations which are PROPAGANDA relations, to justify what they do.  So this article…


The raid that rocked the Met: (A:  Metropolitan London.)

Why gun and drugs op on 6,717 safety deposit boxes could cost taxpayer a fortune (A:  It’s amazing everything costs the tax payers a fortune because there are so many law suits coming out of it now.)

More than 500 officers (A:  This is an army.) smashed their way into thousands of safety-deposit boxes (A:  And this is what the spiel was…) to retrieve guns, drugs and millions of pounds of criminal assets. At least, that's what was supposed to happen.

Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark investigate.

By ADRIAN LEVY and CATHY SCOTT-CLARK  /  24th October 2009


(A:  This is the lead up.)  The Finchley Road is one of the busiest thoroughfares heading out of London. It leads traffi­c north past Lord's Cricket Ground and the multimillion-pound houses of some of the country's richest hedge-fund managers all the way to the M1. At three in the afternoon it's always pretty slow going, but on this particular summer Monday the traffi­c was almost at a standstill.


This was partly because the normal three lanes going north had been cut down to one. But it was also because of drivers slowing down to a crawl so they could gawp at the massive police operation unfolding on a busy corner of the road.


Police vehicles - both cars and menacing armoured trucks (A:  This is how they do raids today on safety deposit boxes.  Did you see these going into any of the banks to find out what THEY were up to?  No.  You never will either.) - jammed up two lanes. (A:  Two lanes of armored trucks and police vehicles and 500 cops.)  Dozens of armed o­fficers in bulletproof vests were standing ready, waiting to be called inside an anonymous-looking building. From the sheer manpower and weapons on display it looked like the capital was under another terrorist attack.


But while this was the Metropolitan Police's most ambitious operation in its 180-year history, it had nothing to do with national security.


It was to do with partly PR, public relations.  They want you to say that ‘Everyone who’s got one of these boxes is a crook; they must be a crook or otherwise they’d be in a bank, obviously, in cash.’  They go to the bank and it doesn’t exist in fact, it’s just numbers, but that doesn’t matter.  Reality doesn’t matter in this world anymore.  It says here that they found a gun in ONE of them, in all these hundreds and hundreds of boxes but only 10% maybe, 10% of all those they wrecked and ruined and confiscated MAYBE from criminal proceeds.  The rest of the people, 90% of them have to put down £50,000 to sue them to get anything back.  They are stealing EVERYTHING, but it’s lawful.  They ARE the law.  They make the laws. 


From Hamish and myself in a very, very continuously wet Ontario, Canada now that they’ve altered the jet stream and spray the bejesus out of the sky, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




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"The raid that rocked the Met: Why gun and drugs op on 6,717 safety deposit boxes could cost taxpayer a fortune" by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark (dailymail.co.uk) - Oct. 24, 2009.



Transcribed by Diana



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