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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 26th of November 2007. For newcomers, look into for lots of downloadable material you can get from the archives lots and lots of shows, talks on histories et cetera and look into where you can get downloadable transcripts that you can copy and pass around to your friends in the various tongues of Europe, because, true enough, we're all in this together. The whole planet is on a course right now towards a form of totalitarianism, which doesn't just have one end in sight. It has a continuum and a step after another leading to a Brave New World. A Brave New World where many people have already been conditioned mainly through science fiction and books in between as well to mold our minds into an acceptance of this gradual slippery slope into oblivion, because that's where ultimately it would lead.


Government has more to do with just handling people and managing economics so you can lead your lives. Government is in the business of maintaining power and control over people. That's its main purpose and we know from the talks I've given and citing the books from guys who certainly were in on the know that there are two governments on the go and there have been for a long time. The one that you elect or you think you elect and the real ones who are the bosses who have the real power as Carroll Quigley said, those who go behind the scenes who are not elected who have, at least they know they have real power and not just the appearance of power.


These are the real movers and shakers, sometimes referred to as the grey men. Those who go between the world of light, meaning the ones that you see, your presidents, prime ministers and so on; and the ones you don't see, the big managers of the world. This is an intertwined system, completely intertwined where you have military and the military itself is split up into so many sections: psychological warfare, chemical warfares and almost a psychiatric side of it, too, where they go into the manufacturing of specific drugs which will affect your minds, make you very calm. I'll be reading some of that later on just to backup something that Rumsfeld said after 9/11. It was Rumsfeld who talked about the possibility of aerial spraying over large cities with aerosolized Valium and Prozac in times of emergency to keep the people calm. Here's another little article come out recently along the same lines and it might give us an idea of what's already been happening to us because of the aerial spraying that’s been going on for 10 years solid now.  I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix.  Before I go on to a little bit about spraying and what the real boys are up to and they've been up to for a long time in fact, I'm going to mention something from the Home of Democracy, Britain, England, and this is an article from the "Daily Mail" 23rd of November and it says here:


             "Children are to be tracked in school via radio chips sewn into their uniforms. The manufacturer is marketing the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) surveillance system nationwide, following a trial with 19 pupils at Hungerhill School in Doncaster this year. The chip is embroidered into school uniforms using conductive 'smart threads'."


Alan:  That gives a whole new meaning to “nice threads, dude.”


             "…A teacher can then scan these to view the pupil's identity, photo, whether they misbehaved in lessons and their school attendance record. Hungerhill headteacher Graham Wakeling said the pilot was "not intrusive to the pupil in the slightest" because tracking would not go beyond the school's gates."


Alan:  And I'll add "not yet" to that one.


             "However, the chip has drawn criticism from civil liberties groups. David Clouter, from LeaveThemKidsAlone, a campaign group, was appalled by the idea. "To put this in a school badge is complete and utter surveillance of the children. Tagging is what we do to criminals we let out of prison early," he said."


Alan:  It's also what we’ve been doing to animals for a long time. That’s really what it is, it’s a sort of farming and farmers must ID their property.


             "The chips were developed by Danrbro Ltd, which was set up by Andy Stewart, an ICT teacher at Hungerhill School, and a school uniform company. Schools could fit scanners to doors or give teachers hand-held scanners to identify pupils entering or exiting rooms. Darnbro said their product can "trace a pupil's every step during the school day" and that the system can be set up to limit access to doors, such as shutting the main doors of a school to pupils during class time. Mr. Stewart, 36, said the system would cost about £2000 for a small primary school and up to £14,000 for an average-sized secondary, according to the Times Educational Supplement. The Department for Children, Schools and Families supports the use of electronic registration to improve safety and security and reduce truancy."


Alan:  So there we have it. I mean we all expected this because it's a done deal. It's a done deal. In fact, in the '90’s on CBC television in Canada Wendy Mesley had a show, an interview with different heads of corporations that were going to make the new ID card, long before 9/11 came along. The one that is coming out next year with the active chip in it and all the rest of it was shown on television then, in the '90’s, and when she said to this particular manufacturer, "what makes you think the public will accept this?" He said, "they'll be given no choice." You see all the big plans and all these big things are made at the top levels outside of the realm of what we think of as politics. It's a form of fascism because fascism technically when your government leaders are all in bed with big corporations. That's the definition of it you see and we've had this for quite a long time, quite a long time.


The guys who you vote in are simply allowed competition for brownie points to get up the ladder to higher positions within government, but they're not the bosses and Professor Carroll Quigley said that in his own books, "The Anglo-American Establishment" and "Tragedy & Hope," that they always put their own boys in at the top of all parties. They're vetted before the public even hear their names.


However, this ID has been on the go for a long time and whenever technology comes along it's always used on the public. This should really raise an alarm for the people, if they were fully functional people, but most folk are not. They are not fully functional. They've gone through an incredible life of inoculations where everyone has been squirted with this stuff, all kinds, and even the doctors that give you these inoculations don't even know what's in it. It's all based on faith, all the way from the manufacturer, but you don't know what's in it. We can certainly see the effects of it. That's a whole different story in itself.


When you see the scientific indoctrination we've all grown up with, it was on the go in the '50’s onwards the scientific indoctrination and improving with every generation, every few years really, from kindergarten onwards, then you see the effects today and especially when the people have been trained that the media is literally some kind of partner with you. It's there to use logic on your behalf. It's there to reason on your behalf and tell you all the things that you should really, really know. Most people really believe that. When I was young the news used to come on the one television station we had in Britain. At the time it was the BBC and they had one newscast and that was at 6 p.m. every night and eventually they started to step it up and it became at 9 o'clock and then it became 10 and then 11 o'clock, because they knew that when you're staying up – that's behavior modification, by the way, you're changing your pattern of behavior to stay up for the news. That's behavior modification and you're in a somnambulistic state when it's late on at night and the censor part of your brain is in slumber land and you're being indoctrinated in a heavy, heavy style and you don't question what you're hearing, but that becomes your conversation pieces the next day. You talk about what you heard on the news but you don't question what was downloaded into you and that's why they chose 11 p.m. newscasts.


First they change your behavior – behavior modification. Now remember what Skinner said, the behaviorist in psychology. He said, "to alter a person you must alter his surroundings," and that also means your routine in those surroundings during the day. As early as World War I the BBC radio had found out they could change peoples behavior making even housewives dash home to hear their serials they have on daily radio and they always left you after the hour with a cliffhanger so you'd tune in the next day. That's behavior modification.  You're changing your behavior in order to get downloaded with something that they wanted you to be downloaded with. Very, very simple stuff and you realize that's how most people are. They all have their favorite radio television stations and their serials and their soaps and they tune in every day at the same time in case they missed something and some people get neurotic almost when they're late to see their favorite soap or serial. They get hyper. They've already been conditioned and their behavior has been modified.


That goes with fiction and non-fiction. We live in a world today where fact is measured with fiction. It's mixed with fiction and so most folk today really can't tell the difference and if you look at your standard newspapers you can see the most horrific stories and the most ridiculous trivia down the sides of the pages. That puts you into a state where everything is surrealistic. Surrealistic so much that the horror that you're reading, the main story, gets mixed with the fantasy and the trivia and the divorces and the affairs and all this kind of stuff. That's intentional. That's an intentional format and that was first brought out and pushed in Britain again with what they called tabloid newspapers, the shorter newspapers. That's where they first used these techniques on the people and it worked very well.


Now even at that time you started to see big bookseller stores changing too, because books used to be labeled under fiction and non-fiction and the non-fiction was further subcategorized into romance and drama and so on. If you've noticed when you go into most bookstores today and you'll find where the biggest religious section used to be you'll find New Age and sometimes there's more aisles of New Age. They're not even labeled as New Age and you can get complete religion, which is New Age religion, without the title of religion on the book, so people swallow this stuff thinking it's fact. This is all intentional as well. It's all intentional because they didn't want a society who could separate fact from fiction and unfortunately that's been tremendously successful today when people will read the most outrageous stuff and be swayed by it and they'll actually alter their lives again around something they truly believe is true.


I've even had people talk about history and they gleaned their history from historical romances where modern authors are making a big killing on this. Lots of money to be made in that where they blend period settings and use real peoples’ names and real events that happened and weave it into a story, generally around a hero and a heroine. That's where their history comes from, and when they don't get it from there they get it from Hollywood. Hollywood has rewritten history in all of its movies, so we're under constant bombardment and today we live in an age where confusion exists because people have a hard time, very hard time. In fact most people don't even think about it, separating the fact from the fiction. They swallow it all.


If you were to get a person around 1900, 1910 and showed them a modern television with the programs that come on and the ads that flash at you and the hype and screaming and the fact that they don't ever tell you what the product is or the good points, they just sell you a dream – these people would go into shock, utter shock. I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Allen in Devon from the UK on the phone. Are you there, Allen?


Allen:  Hi Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Allen:  Yes good. I've spoken to you a couple of times before. Just before I ask you a question, I do agree with you when you say that 85 percent of the people just don't want to know. They're in complete denial and they just switch off and they either just don't want to think or they're just dumb I guess. But Dr. Bill Deagle, I don't know if you've heard of him, he takes it even further. He says 99 percent of the people are completely in denial with only one percent either psychopathic greedy takers as he called them or avatars bubbling up to the surface, and I'm quoting. I know you're absolutely right that people are always looking for answers outside of themselves.


Alan:  What they're looking for is a hero to fix it all for them.


Allen:  That's right, like Jesus or extraterrestrials or--


Alan:  Aliens.


Allen:  Aliens and things outside of themselves, when spiritually things work inside out and not outside in. But I did ask you before about exopolitics and you indicated how you felt a lot of it was heavily infiltrated, but what's your take about all of this sort of disclosure stuff, you know the Dr. Steven Greer with all these 500 ex-military intelligence and all those sorts of people working all sorts of black projects and things like that?


Alan:  I'm always weary about them. I'm always weary of them unless they end up in the high court because I think the only person who is genuine was Peter Wright. Maggie Thatcher dragged him into the high court and grabbed his second publication, "The A to Z of Spy Catching," and had it all pulped back into pulp and she threatened him with Official Secrets Act. You cannot leave these organizations and just come out and spout out to the public what you know. It doesn't happen. They don't have to actually technically even bring you into court for that. They can just dispose of you, if need be, so I'm very weary of them unless they're talking about things that are current like the spraying that's happening, like the inoculations.


Allen:  Oh yes. It's happening here.


Alan:  And how we have been dumbed down and most of them, well none of them actually go there. Why wouldn’t they go into the things that have been happening our whole lives to us and are happening now?  Yes, we can all be mystified. This is the beauty of it. They come out with some mystifying stuff that really it's past tense and there's not much we can do about it now that it's past, and so it's almost time for that kind of disclosure. It doesn't cause any waves. The next generation growing up they don't care, but they don't talk about what been on the go now and what's being done to us now, even though we have other information that has been declassified. Why aren't these guys talking about it? If we lose the capacity to think cogently we're goners. It doesn't matter how many books we've read, how many of the series of aliens are coming stuff we've read or anything else, it isn't going to do us any good at all if we have the inability to consciously think and be cogent about things.


Allen:  It's interesting, I mentioned Dr. Steven Greer and the disclosure project and it's had a lot of publicity. In particular, they actually came out with a big news conference on May 9th I think it was 2001, six months before 9/11. Quite a lot of them came up and said I will swear in front of the Congress what I know. We don't know how many of these things are black operations. I'm sure most of them are man-made things and they also compartmentalize it on what's going on anyway.


Alan:  It's true. See all they're told is what they need to know for their position.


Allen:  And that's in everything, isn't it?


Alan:  It is.


Allen:  But I have noticed strange things in the skies myself. I mean I'm not talking about UFOs and strange lights but strange sort of chemtrail things.


Alan:  They’re all over the world.


Allen:  That's right and early in the morning at very high altitude and crisscrossing and it's getting to the point where I feel like I need to get a hold of my local politician because it surely effects everybody, all of us, politicians as well, because we're having to breathe the air and find out what on earth is going on here.


Alan:  The police have been told not to engage the public if the public start mentioning what's above their heads. They'll walk away from you.


Allen:  Wow, that's extraordinary.


Alan:  Even if they're questioning you about something, they'll walk away if you bring it up.


Allen:  And they're in the same boat as you. I mean they haven't got gas masks on, have they?


Alan:  They're probably told that some how it's to help save us from global warming or some spiel and they won't question it any further.


Allen:  If it was, why wouldn't they tell us about it?


Alan:  They'd probably say there will be some deaths due to this probably with the very young and the very old but we have to save the rest of the people. That's good enough of an excuse for them.


Allen:  I am also noticing some very significant shifts in mindsets and paradigms in a good way. I mean here in Britain recently Webster Tarpley was here on BBC Bristol Radio. There's a lot of anti-neocon type talking. There's a lot of anti-war, anti extension of the war, Iran and all the rest of it. It just all seems crazy. I don't think the big boys are going to get their way. I mean don't get me wrong. I think they'll be a fight, but when the sleeping giant awakes and people start to learn about the 9/11 myth, a monstrous myth behind that, when they learn about free energy, when they learn about all sorts of other things, I've no idea what they're going to do.


Alan:  We do know what they're going to do because they've preparing for over 20 years to deal with the public in such a situation.


Allen:  It's absolutely extraordinary that they treat us with such contempt.


Alan:  They do. They're contemptuous of the public.


Allen:  That's right and I think your ideas is that the psychological angle--


Alan:  Hold on until after the following break. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. We're talking to Allen from Devon in the UK and discussing the state of the world and the state of people’s minds and how people are always looking for a heroes to come and do everything for them. We're talking about the fact the governments been preparing for over 20 years just to stop what they know will come, and that's a stage where the public will be forced to ask questions; and they're never forced to ask questions until things are really pretty bad. That's why the Department of Defence published the scenario of the next 30 years with flashmobs and riots and all the rest of it without mentioning why on earth the average person would be rioting and having involvement in flashmobs. However, it's quite evident we're in for big stupendous changes and they are ready for it, right down to even using mini nukes and so on on large mobs. This has been published and this is the top think tank for the British military and for NATO, all NATO countries. What do they know that's coming down that we don't know is coming down? Are you still there, Allen?  Okay. We have Jeff from Iowa here. Are you there, Jeff?


Jeff:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello. Go ahead.


Jeff:  I had just a little tie-in with the corporate end of this. There's a program and the interesting thing when I read this is that I asked a few people what they thought of it and you get shoulder shrugs. They don't even think about it and it's from an organization that was sponsored by a company I worked for called Keep America Beautiful and the acronym is interesting, KAB. It was a leading community beautification organization and it strongly supported my company because it's mission fit squarely within our environmental stewardship and community partnerships strategic objectives. It's interesting the research that they do. KAB is commenced an internet based public awareness campaign and needs your help to promote it. The campaign features a new super hero KAB man and it's targeted particularly at the 20-something generation. KAB's research shows that this generation is a heavy online user for information, identifies completely with community beautification and anti-littering et cetera but knows nothing about KAB or its leadership roles and will identify with KAB man, the little superhero they have.


Alan:  They've done a whole indoctrination process, because even Gorbachev had a book out on the creation of a new religion. At least that was part of the book and the book was "Towards A New Civilization," and he said, "We are creating a new world religion based on a form of earth worship,” so the society they're bringing in will be atheistic basically, except that we all must look after Mother Earth type deal. They've been brainwashing the children for years on this whole agenda so that you won't raise yourself any higher than any animal or a tree or a blade of grass and life will become even more cheaper. I've no doubt they'll be part of the sterilization process too, and people will probably volunteer to be sterilized if they get enough indoctrination to save the poor old planet.


Jeff:  Yes, because you get comments like someone will say, gee, I've got to get recycling or my son will think I'm a criminal, and that type of thing.


Alan:  It's quite interesting here. I watched when the recycling business started up and the public paid for all these bins to go round all the towns and cities and everyone knows especially in the U.S. here the mafia are the ones that dump all the garbage down to the U.S. side. Everyone knows this. They do it big time. Well, we're giving money to the same business to then get all this material for free that we package for them that they put back into basic plastics or basic metals and they can resell it, so it's a great booming business for these organizations and we're funding the whole thing ourselves with our tax money. It's not bad when you get the taxpayer to pay for all the basic structure, setup, machinery and equipment for your business to get started up.


Jeff:  Yes and it is. You pay and they get the raw materials at a big discount and then sell it back to you.


Alan:  That's right. There's always a con behind everything that's pushed on the public and they have the public trained now to actually do all this. The public are very easily and quickly trained.


Jeff:  Yes, absolutely.


Alan:  We're very adaptable.


Jeff:  And they do refer – and it's easy if you just listen to people or when you read this material, if you want to check it out, listen to the people around you and just bring something up to them that they would not be familiar with that wasn't in mainstream and it doesn’t have to be anything nasty. It could be – I read a book, I raise bees and I read a book bees don't get arthritis and there's research going on with bee venom and muscular sclerosis and you get stories of certain things that happen and raw honey is a big antibacterial. In fact they used to use it for surgical dressing. My mom was a nurse and she did, and I mentioned this to this lady and she gave me the goofiest look like I was insane.


Alan:  It wasn’t on television, was it?


Jeff:  No, and she goes, well, then why don't the pharmaceutical companies put that out, like if they find something good for you you're automatically going to get it from them. The bad thing about this, even if you go back to people that were indoctrinated that might be in their 60’s or a little older they'll understand the basic question of why the pharmaceutical companies wouldn't touch that. They'd keep it stopped down because they can't sell it. But you come down 20 years and people even understand that.


Alan:  I know. It's quite easy again to alter by the generation into a completely different way. I mean most people think they've got to get antibiotics to clear up a skin infection or something and yet hot poultices generally kill all bacteria and viruses quite safely.


Jeff:  Yes, and I ended up testing this just because I didn't have anything else and it was amazing. It pretty much cut healing time in half. There was no infection. It went immediately and it healed much cleaner. But the look I got was just astounding and then it was like, “I haven’t seen that on my TV. It can't be true.”


Alan:  What is propolis, they’ll say. What's propolis?


Jeff:  That does kind of the same thing the honey except it might be a little more potent.


Alan:  That's right and it is good. Thanks for calling.


Jeff:  All right. Thank you.


Alan:  Bye. We've also got Dan from Kentucky on the phone. Hello.


Dan:  Hi Alan. How are you?


Alan:  I'm getting by.


Dan:  Good. I've had a question and then I'll get off the air so I can listen. We all have exposure to psychopaths at some time or other on all kinds of levels, but what do you think is their greatest weakness they have that we could use against them? Thanks a lot for all your work.


Alan:  Yes. It's a pleasure. The greatest weakness with psychopaths – psychopaths cannot tolerate frustration. They have to work it off through other people and stand back and smile. That's how they get rid of frustration. They can't handle it but they also have a tremendous ego. It's the ego because psychopaths run on pure ego. That's why politicians when their past is dug up and thrown at them during their campaigns, no matter what they've done or what skeletons come out of the closet, it doesn't phase them. You or I would blush and run off in shame, but because they are pure ego they easily – it just flows off of them like water off a ducks back. If you don't play along with their ego and bolster them up, that will deflate them; or if you simply ignore them. They cannot stand being ignored and anyone who challenges their power of course will make them go berserk. There are different ways to get to the psychopath but non-compliance is the best way.


Now we also have Tim in North Carolina there. Are you there, Tim?


Tim:  I've got a couple of comments and then a question. It's seems like these guys are run on a different time clock and they've got a play book and my question is this, then I'll hang up and wait for your answer. They seem like they're racing to this New Age of Aquarius and they're like salmon that are going back to their breeding ground and why do they seem to be that way? Thanks a lot.


Alan:  They're like that because if you go into the old Bible even you'll find in the Book of Job. These are all allegories for what they knew back then and Job explains even the movements of the houses. They called them houses of the zodiac and that's why they called the tribes the house of this and the house of that. They're talking about the zodiac, not real people. Everything is taken from much older stories and just recycled down through the ages and at the end of an age when a main part of the zodiac is in ascendancy and predominates every 25,500 years or so, then they claim that they have the Great Leap Forward. That's the term they often use to couch it as the Great Leap Forward, where we suddenly transform or evolve into a new direction, so when Christianity came along for the first time people had the chance for a very, very short time to begin to be individualistic.


Most folk up until then had always been group people, group think under the command of high priests and all the rest of it. For the first time they had the chance to obey a deity, at least the laws of a deity, or their conscience, and you can decipher it as you wish, and not that of the king. There was the ability to begin individualism way back then. It was quickly suppressed when Rome that already was a superpower, an empire in its time, took it over and meshed it back into laws and rules and regulations and kept the group mentality and put them backwards in a sense. The next step is this great evolution. It's really taken from Hinduism. They call it the waves of theosophy, from the theosophy groups.


They explain that time comes in waves or great houses of zodiacs and so on, and at the end of an age the old type of man must die off or be killed off, because if they're allowed to come through with the elite who've evolved, the higher intellect ones and so on, then they'll bring down the higher intellect. Therefore they have to be eliminated at the end of an age and that's what that's all about, so that's why you have in the New Testament the allegory written in a story form of Jesus telling them to go and get a colt and the man will be carrying a pitcher of water. That's talking about Aquarius. The ride will last until Aquarius comes in. Aquarius of course pours out the water. Aquarius comes from an old story, a Greek story. It's the Roman name you're using there, Aquarius, because technically in Greece this young boy was raped by Zeus in the water, who I guess had a great time because he deified this young boy and put him in the heavens, as the story goes, is almost a god like, but technically it's showing you there's going to be a new type of man and really it's coming to the stage it will be neither male nor female. That was the ancient allegory behind it all. It's quite a story. I could tell you more but it would take forever.


We have Ken from Texas here as well. Are you there, Ken?


Ken:  Yes, this is Ken down in Fort Worth. Hey, there's a new book coming out next year. The author is Abraham Bolden. It's called "Echo from Dealey Plaza" about the JFK stuff. He was the first black secret service guy. I guess he was in Chicago when Kennedy got killed and they swept him under the rug and he's come out with a book pretty quick. His name is Abraham Bolden. At Amazon you can locate it and his story needs to be told. Sherman Skolnick mentioned it years ago and I completely forgot about it but I ran across this story just lately. Are you following this Leo Wanta story about the bank?


Alan:  Not really.


Ken:  You're not?


Alan:  No.


Ken:  People should hunt Leo.


Alan:  I don’t scour the internet on all the – there's a thousand things you can scour. What I try to look at is what's happening on a big scale to everyone.


Ken:  Need to hunt Christopher Story the guy, I think he's got in England he's got a report and he's putting out the reports and he's talking about Robert Rubin and Citibank in New York and he's not coughing up the money and but Leo Wanta you can track – he's an ambassador. He needs to be brought before the Senate and the House and talked to immediately.  Leo Wanta, you can track the stories down.


Alan:  I'll look into it. I try to look in the bigger picture of things because as I say there's a billion distractions and many of them are genuine and worth following up, but we have to change the main things that are happening because the time is getting short. The time is really getting short, where we're getting sprayed and we're going to get our ID cards with active chips and tracking and all of this police state stuff. We have to stop this for everyone or it's game over. It truly is game over. Everyone knows the money scam has been rotten from the beginning. It's always been – money itself is a scam, training the people, again behavior modification, to throw away things they could trade and giving them something else to replace it that someone else controls. That's silly in itself.


Now we have Maggie from Texas there too. Are you there, Maggie?


Maggie: Mr. Watt, my question is a little bit tangential but you've just been talking about the zodiac now and also I've finished reading your Cutting Through the Matrix books which doled on that at great length. It just occurred to me there has been at least one major civilization south of the equator, although most of the action takes place north of the Equator, but in Peru for instance there was the [Moche] and other cultures culminating into the Inca. Now they don't see the same constellations we see. Do they have a zodiac equivalent or do they have some system completely different?


Alan:  They have an equivalent to it but they have the southern ones with southern cross and the other ones that you can't see except from places like Australia and so on.


Maggie:  And is it also 12?


Alan:  Yes, they go by 12.


Maggie:  They go by 12 too.


Alan:  You see at one time the world – there's no doubt about it, long before Columbus, that was the big trick. Column in Rome, basically, Columbi and so on, means the dove. The dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit.  Even before the Christian version of the Holy Spirit, it was always the dove. You'll see it even in ancient Egypt coming down above the pharaoh and so the name is used in Latin, of course, and often they talk about bringing the five senses to fruition, and that's why the Columbine School was used, too, the five points of the flower, the five doves. These are all occultic symbols but absolutely there was definitely contact in the ancient world and we know there's been different equators at different times in history as well. At one time the equator went across Siberia in a previous age. However, there's no doubt when you look at the stone buildings that go across the whole planet the way they are constructed and the standing stone types et cetera, these Neolithic ones and megalithic structures, they're built in the same fashions. Even in the way the stone is placed within stones like the walls in Peru and how well they're shaped. You don't need cement or anything and it withstood earthquakes.  I think the music is coming up. I'll be back after the following messages for a little bit more on this.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and just to finish up what Maggie was talking about there. The ancient priests I'm sure certainly long before the histories were given traveled the world because they have the same types of standing stones and circles and interlocking of hand-hewed granite type stones. Massive construction and the way they did it is similar in different countries all over the world and you were give so little information on this, but they were into astronomy big time and they had alignments of the stars and the planets to work out the seasons of the year et cetera. They went to an awful lot of work to build these things long before what we're told is civilization because civilization did not begin at Sumer. They did use the constellations of the north and the south, different ones and they wrote stories in the heavens to parallel the system of government over the people from royalty on down to the people at the bottom; and that's really what it is. It's all to do with forms of control over the public and the hierarchies that rule us and that's why you have the noble orders based really on really stellar symbols and planetary symbols and you have your gods of war, Mars and all this kind of stuff. These are all symbols of the powers that rule over us, not heavenly bodies but people who mirror the allegories in real life on earth. That's what it's all about.


Now remember I depend on the people to buy the material I sell. It's not much. I'd have a lot more to do if I didn't do so many talk shows and bring in money, but I think it's more important to get the information out as fast as I can. I do need you to purchase them, hand them out and also to help donate. That helps keep it all going because I don't get paid for the shows I'm on. I've never asked for money for any of the shows that I've been on.  All I have really is the people to back me up and when they're bored with what they hear or they're not hearing enough I'll know it's time to quit and go and teach small groups and live better than I'm living now, that's for sure.


The winter is coming on too and I have to buy extra wood in for instance because I've been so busy doing this all year. I didn't get enough in, so that's how life really works. It's an ongoing battle. I'm not selling you fiction. I'm not selling you antidotes to the system. I'm telling you the hard facts – facts that have been kept hidden from you. You've been led merry dances, merry, merry dances by certain people out there over many years, because you'll find it's much easier to entertain people and mix fact with fiction and to make them even sillier than they already are and then control them very easily, rather than give them the plain truth.


Giving the plain truth makes them make decisions for themselves because now they have to make choices. Every person who is alive today, you're going through the biggest time ever that any generation has faced because we either come through this retaining our capacities to think as sentient individuals or we become a type of Borg – a Borg like Star Trek where we're just robotic types of machines that are chipped and run by computers.


Personally, I think it would be a terribly sad thing to see us come all this way to lose the one thing that we have over all the other creatures and that's the ability to create wondrous things rather than destruction and control; and that's the choices that we have and it's not pleasant to hear all the bad news, but it's imperative. There are people out there who are glad to receive it even though it hurts. There's nothing that hurts more than to realize we've been conned and rather stupid for a good part of our lives. It's hard to face up to that. It's hard to face it that we've followed people perhaps. I haven't but others have followed people that have led them on circles and circles like the pied pipers, round and round in circles but never giving them answers. The answers are within yourselves and you are the ones who are going to decide what happens in the future, what kind of future there will be.


From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, on a cold night, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)