Oct. 29, 2009 (#440)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 29, 2009:


"Government Hands Move Slowly, Except at Meals,
Yet When New System Accelerates, You Know it Feels
As Though We're Living a Pre-Written Script
Of Organized Agenda where Each Part does Fit
In Synchronized Harmony of Pre-Organized Planning,
The Evidence of Such is Overwhelmingly Damning,
Of Course to Those of Study, it's Nothing New,
But Unfortunately the Enlightened are the Few
Who Try to Warn and Bite Frustration
Due to Conditioned Cerebral Constipation
Of the Brainwashed Stunting of the Masses
Fed by Authorized Media, which Correctly Passes
Authorized Info from Those Who Rule,
Which Ensures Each Recipient is a Fool,
And Fools We Are if We Do Not Test
The Information, That's Our Quest"
© Alan Watt Oct. 29, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - October 29, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on October the 29th 2009.


I always start off the show, I should really spread it throughout the show, because people just skip over it of course because it’s routine, but I start off by telling newcomers to look into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and scroll down and you’ll see all the sites I have up there for future use. Bookmark them, because once in a while the main site, the com site, will stick there’re so many folk going into it at the same time and if you could take the other sites I have out there and sort of spread them around, you’ll find that you can get straight through usually. If the big sites get pulled as they occasionally do, again you can get alternate sites to get the latest downloads of the talks I give and as I say, there’s www.cuttingthrough.jenkness.com, a very good, quick site, very fast. There’s www.cuttingthroughthematrix.net , .us , .ca , there’s www.alanwattcuttingthroughthematrix.ca,  there’s www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.


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You know, last night and before last night’s show I talked about reality. Reality is something we take for granted. Our reality is really how you bounce what you think is reality off those around you and they bounce it back to you, the answers, and if you pretty well agree on most things with them of how the world is as you see it, then you think you’re sane and that’s really just mass conditioning. Everyone’s had the same indoctrination from birth into a fake reality. A reality where you think you’re democratic. Where you think things just happen and crises happen out of the blue, major crises and governments suddenly go into action. Now governments couldn’t do anything suddenly if they tried, even with all their multitudes of bureaucracies and levels. It takes years to get the big square wheels of government to move in any direction and we’ll talk about that when we come back from this break in a few minutes.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix trying to bring some reality back into personal lives because it’s a hard process for people to really ‘bite the bullet’ and realise that most of the things that they thought and believed and thought they understood and even some of the things you love in fact, are all given to you by those who know how to rule whole nations, and a whole world in fact, because they’ve studied humanity for thousands of years.

We’re the most studied species on the planet, not the little insects they’re hunting down in Brazil or the Amazon or anywhere else. We are the most understood of all creatures. That’s why they’re onto all the other ones now, all the other creatures. They know everything they need to know about us. They know how we act as a mass, how we think as a mass group and they also know the categories of the individual sections you might say there are and categories within that too, subcategories and all that and they know how to motivate people into action. They know for instance that in every generation there’s always the ones with the chips on their shoulders, the misfits, who also want to protest something and they give them the things to protest once they think they’re going to fight something and fight the bad guys and they swallow the propaganda that fits them and leaders are sent out to them basically to round them up, give them their primary indoctrination, get them into a cheering group and they stage demonstrations across the planet and this is always presented on the politically correct news. They’re always guaranteed attention where other grass roots ones get no attention at all in fact. So these miniscule groups get attention to get ideas into the general public, to be on board with certain issues that the government wants passed.

These groups actually demand that the government passes these things. That’s how the real world works. The parallel government funds, through their foundations, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, actually ‘a thousand points of light’ are what they call themselves now. Bush senior called them that too, and they appear to speak on the behalf of the people. They are the new Soviet. The Soviet was rule by councils, NGOs and they demand from the government to do the very thing that the governments want to do anyway, because the general public sits silent, so they must get groups who demand it and they come say “oh the people have spoken” and they pass laws.

Well, the whole agenda, as you know, is towards a new society. A new society across the board, a whole new way of living and this is just one phase of it as we get taken down, food restrictions, Agenda 21, get them off the rural areas, get them out of cars and they’ll eventually ban cars altogether except for essential vehicles only. That’s in Agenda 21 and no private property so we’ll all be under the thumb as they take us down over 50 or 60 years into what they call a manageable level of humanity for the new society.

Then of course, they’ll clone you. They’ll clone you as a reward for being ‘goody two shoes’ and politically correct and (if) you’re very good and if they need you that is. That’ll be the only way you be able to have a child of some kind or another even although it’s artificially created from stem cells, your stem cells. That’s what they’ll tell you and you’ll be sterile otherwise, you see? You’ll be sterile personally. We are becoming sterile in the West by design.


There’s so much information I don’t even go through that I get from very good sources about all this and I can’t even cover it. There’s so much.


Anyway, getting back to the main topic, how the NGOs are up there demanding we all go along with and force through this Copenhagen meeting at the United Nations where it gives the United Nations total power over all economies, over all energy supplies, over everything in your life in fact really. That will be implemented, once signed, in 2012. That was always the year, and I’ve said this for years, the UN would be brought up to its proper place as a world government basically. It’s a front of course but so are these NGOs. It’s the same boys that run and set up the UN that funds them.

This article here gives you an idea how this works; a simple idea because it’s all over the place. This is from The New American and it’s the 27th Oct. 2009.



It says,


“All across the world, collections of global-warming protesters financed by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gathered on Oct. 24th to call for forceful ‘climate change’ action at the United Nations summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, this December.

Most of the gatherings were miniscule, even in big cities, but the effort did receive widespread publicity.


(Alan: And that’s a fact. Even in little Sudbury near me, they had that on their local news as well, their global television station. See they’re guaranteed press reports because the media is part of the parallel government, an essential arm of government. It says)


“According to organisers cited by Agence France-Presse, over 5000 demonstrations were held in more than 180 countries.”


(A: That’ll be a gross exaggeration, mind you, but they use this all the time even with their figures on, you know, carbon, and CO2)


“The protestors milled around the motif of ‘350’ – the supposed level of carbon dioxide in parts per million that some scientists


(A: The ones that work for the I.P.C.C.)


claim is an acceptable ceiling. They carried signs and unfurled banners,


(A: And it’s true. They’re probably mass-produced in the same factory. See, these aren’t piddling little ‘grass roots’ organisations. They’re funded by the Rockefeller boys. They have full teams of PR publicity experts and advertising agents who come up with all these ideas for them and get everything ready including the clothes they wear, their t-shirts, the banners and they put them across the world you see? And it says)


even forming themselves into giant numbers to illustrate their point.


(A: And that’s all they are for the big boys, a bunch of little numbers).


We had no idea we would get the overwhelming support, enthusiasm and engagement from all over the world that we’re seeing,” explained Bill McKibben,


(A: Now who’s Bill McKibben? Bill McKibben, at the moment right, is a climate change activist who founded the Rockefeller funded organisation 350.org. He’s founded other organisations for and on behalf of the Rockefeller funded organisation. These are the guys who are trouble shooters in a sense and they’re sent in to stir up the youth who are into all this already and to become their leaders and show them how it’s done. He’s an organiser. It says)


It shows just how scared of global warming much of the planet really is, and at how fed up at the inaction of our leaders.”


(A: And that’s nonsense too, we’re not scared enough yet.)


Ironically, recent surveys indicate the most Americans don’t believe that global warming is a serious problem or even caused by human activity at all. And several other ironies in this saga become immediately apparent as well. The continual charge of so-called “deniers” are financed by oil companies should finally be put to rest, considering that a significant share of the Rockefeller family fortune came and continues to come from oil. Several oil companies have financed past McKibben efforts as well.”


You see, these followers know nothing about who’s sponsoring them, they know nothing. They’re ignorant. All they know is the beef they’ve been given, so they can get their, you know, they can get all their chips off their shoulders in some direction or other. These groups are used all the time. It’s an old, old technique and they’re funded by the big boys themselves, the corporations and the oil boys who supposedly ‘fight’ pollution and people don’t see the irony in that. It’s because the big boys, who are also ‘philanthropists’, you see?


In other words, they’re the parallel government through funding through their foundations, are guiding the world into the plan where they will have total control over all the world’s resources and there will be no competition and that will be the public/private deal. It already is by the way, in other areas that they’ll have with the United Nations.

So the Rockefeller boys and all the big boys in the oil industry will have these public/private deals where they can go into their national parks, they already got that, and no human being otherwise is allowed in and they can go for mineral rights, oil rights, everything else.

That’s what all the schmucks, like you, who get all these t-shirts and wave your little mass-produced banners that are given to you, are helping along. So, that’s what’s really happening and it’s just a farce. But to the public, you know, Joe and Jane public, who sit and watch this on their television sets, on the news and swallow it all and think ‘my god, it must be true, the people are getting really concerned. Look at these demonstrations’!

No, they’re choreographed like ballet plays. No kidding. That’s how professionally they’re done. It’s like the same nonsense when they train young girls at school generally from other countries like India and all that other stuff and they give them speeches. They memorise the speeches and then they bring them to the United Nations to give a speech to kick off some meeting on climate change and all the rest of it and how bad humans are and how they’ve been, especially adults. It’s disgusting. There’s no level they won’t stoop to. No level at all especially by using children to get what they want. And believe you me this hell on earth they’re bringing in is going to be the worst hell we’ve ever seen. The control freaks will be in charge of every part of your life right down to what you think. They’ll know what you think. They’ll correct your bad thinking, wrongthink. Believe you me, they will. They’re already doing it with certain types of classes; sensitivity training and all that kind of stuff.


There’re always followers and followers are the ones who are used to get big movements to get laws passed that affect all of our lives and they’re all funded. The leaders get pension plans and everything and whole office staff and their computers and they live at the highest of standards of living. But all the silly followers with their tin cans? No, they’re just the stupid followers, always will be.


To show you what’s happening as we go into this whole New World Order, it’s to be an order, remember, that Lenin described. He said part of the phase towards the end of the 20th century and into the 21st he said, there will be so many government agencies that they will be stepping on each other’s toes all the time, conflicts with agencies, because these agencies all start up as services. That would be promoted. Then they’d become agencies, then they’d become authorities, over every aspect of life and I’m going read about what’s happening in Britain, Canada and elsewhere, as we speak, and show you how it’s going.

Back after this break.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix bringing some reality back that’s been absent for an awful long time and even when we think we’re getting into reality we’re often waylaid by other groups and so on  because, believe you me, those who manage the world have all sides covered.


I used to describe (it being) like coming out of a tunnel and you see a field in front of you and there’s a forest at the other side and that’s where you want to get is into that forest. But on the way there, you’ve got all these different signs ‘this is the way, that’s the way’. This is a minefield to see which way to go. ‘We’ve got the truth, we are the truth’. That’s what’s set up because those at the top are no dummies. They’ve run the world for an awful, awful long time.

It’s a history that’s kept separate from the general public. You’re not taught this in school, how to govern people and how to control the minds of people, how to even give them culture, how to alter it down through the ages, how to get them to rebel when you want them to rebel and fight for another cause. It all sounds so appealing to everybody and they’ve even supplied people who’ll point out the obvious to them for revolutions. Then they fund them of course and then they win their battles and you don’t realise it wasn’t the system that you’d planned in the first place. It ends up completely different. It’s like how the Soviets used, or the Bolsheviks used the Soviet system. The Bolsheviks were a different party than the Socialists who were already in after the first revolution in Russia. It was a planned takeover, well financed actually from New York and London from the banks and given the biggest backing, well organised before they hit, and suddenly all the people who had fought for all these other groups to bring in Socialism, were out of the picture and executed, in fact. A totalitarian regime was then in place.

Planned all in advance but they always need the masses to do the final push. It’s never necessary that the masses understand the real reasons for the overthrow, so you often end up with a worse system than the one you just left behind.


What you find if you study history, what they give to you for history, at least what’s available to us, are some of the techniques they use. If you look at the Cultural Revolution that they had in China, it was a system that came in, not suddenly, because they were already trying to indoctrinate the youth. You always indoctrinate the youth who will grow up into the new system. You bypass the elderly, pretty well, and you control the older ones through fear of physical harm or imprisonment or whatever, but the youth you literally mollycoddle until the youth think the teachers in the schools are basically better than their parents. That’s the system they’ve had across the Western world for a long time now because we’re bringing in Collectivism, a nice word, also like Socialism and it’s really an ultra advanced, Soviet type system where funded, guided and even created NGOs will become the spokespeople for all the people. They’ll demand from government, as they’re doing, that which is exactly what the government wants to hear, so they’ll pass the laws sitting waiting for them that are ready for them to sign and they’ll say ‘the people have spoken, the people have demanded’, and that’s how it works. But in the Cultural Revolution, this Cultural Revolution of China, it’s been copied here for a long time and of course no reporter is going to use that term here.


It’s so wonderful how they can bring us to the same system but they don’t use the term and if they don’t use the term then people won’t know. Just the word itself makes all the difference, rather than say you’re under communism or socialism, same thing. In fact, that’s what Lenin said and Stalin said it repeatedly, that ‘Communism is only Socialism in a hurry’. Communism comes in through revolution. If you don’t tell them that, they’ll never connect it, never connect it, when the state runs everything. The STATE runs everything, but this is a super improved type.

This is really what their final outcome was supposed to be according to Lenin. Not quite Communist, not quite Capitalist, it’s called Public/Private. The corporations are the new feudal overlords according to Professor Carroll Quigley and that’s what’s working you see? And we will all be incredible slaves to save the planet, we will serve the planet. Who first said we’d serve the planet? The Royal Institute for International Affairs, set up by the Rhodes Foundation, the Lord Alfred Milner Group who were the founders, they were the banker boys. They formed The Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations. Every major reporter, every media boss, of all kinds of media and most politicians at the top; all politicians at the very top, are members of it and the public don’t even know. If anything happens, presidents slip up, or prime ministers slip up, whatever, they’re not called up in front of parliament, or congress, they’re called in front of The Council on Foreign Relations to explain themselves. That’s what happened to Bill Clinton remember. And the public don’t even ask why or who. Who is this Council on Foreign Relations? Who are they? They ask nothing and the media explains nothing.


So, using the cultural revolution of the Soviet type and the Communist China type they’re using here, where they try to create a distancing in the minds of the youth and the minds of adults. They had to separate the generations so that the youth would not be contaminated by the old ways of the adults. The adults thought that making a bit of money and eating well and stuff like that, the old memories they had weren’t too bad at all, they were quite nice things, having entertainment that wasn’t always political was kind of nice, but you see that was corrupting the youth so they had to separate them and here it’s happening across the Western world and it’s been for years but they don’t say Communist or Cultural Revolution do they? And you’ll never really connect it unless people like me say, this is what it is.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.

Just explaining how every big, major move forward into this big regime, this world regime, planned a long time ago, even all the stages of it and how it would be implemented. All the machinery was set up a long time ago too to bring on stages you haven’t seen yet. You always find that they create machinery; they employ the people. They have organisations that are working on buildings, working on these projects and once they pass laws you find out they’ve already been doing it for a long, long time. That’s always been the way in every direction. But they had to separate the children from the parents and they’ve done this for an awful long time, an awful long time using the same system and techniques they used during the cultural revolution for China, where eventually the youth grew up into teenagers and dragged their parents through the streets by the scruff of the neck and killed a lot of them because they were contaminated with old ideas of individuality and things like that when they’re supposed to be a collective working together for the greater good. It’s always for the greater good, isn’t it? It’s funny how the big bankers always sit up fat and happy for the greater good regardless of all the bad they cause every so many years when they plunder you. But propaganda works over memory and logic and that’s the beauty of Bernays and public relations or propaganda techniques.


Here’s an example of how they’re doing it too, one example of many examples. I’ve given lots in the past of how they separate the generations. It wasn’t invented, this idea, in China or Russia. You’ll find it in the writings, even in the Fabian Society, going back into the late 1800’s funded by the biggest millionaires on the planet.


This is from www.guardian.co.uk Henry Porter’s Blog. It says:


“Paranoia In The Playground:


(A: Now they talk about a British mayor of a city.)


Listen to Mayor Dorothy Thornhill.


(A: Now remember that mayors belong to the National Mayor’s Association, it’s like the Police Chief’s Association, same as in the US and Canada and they’re international organisations now. So it’s a movement you see. It isn’t just a job for your local area. These belong to international movements.)


Her council has just banned parents from watching their own children at two council play areas in Watford. Quoted in the Watford Observer this evidently simple-minded woman says, "Sadly, in today's climate, you can't have adults walking around unchecked in a children's playground."

Instead of parents being able to watch and play with their own and other people's children at the Harwoods and Harebreaks recreation grounds, vetted council staff known as "play rangers" will be in charge.


(A: Now, I don’t know if you realise that anyone who’s got anything to do with a child now, and this is to go global, starting in Britain. Anyone who’s got anything to do with looking after children at all has to go through tough, top MI5 type security checkouts. See they want to move it out to the parents themselves. Everyone has to be analysed under the microscope, every single person. Because, you see, you might contaminate that child with some strange comment you make about history or something you’ve experienced in life that you’re not supposed to pass onto the youth with the version, the new version they’re getting now you see. It says)


The mayor says that this enforces government policy.

Actually that's not true because no government policy has yet determined that parents may not supervise their own children


(A: That’s what he thinks.)


in a playground. It seems possible that the mayor and her appalling council may be in breach of article 8 of the Human Rights Act


(A: Well that’s out the window now.)


the right to family life.


(A: That’s out the window because as I say, another one’s already been passed, and people, it’s so broad you see, that anyone who looks after a child, and people think ‘that’s babysitters and stuff’ you hire. No, it’s also the adults. So it says here)


A mother of three named Rebekah Makinson was quoted by reporter Neil Skinner as saying: "Banning parents from an open access playground, I feel, is a breach of our personal freedom."


(A: Well, I tell you, if you haven’t noticed yet, you have no personal freedom, you haven’t had it for a long time. Look at all the laws that have been passed, especially since 2001. It says here)


She is right. This is a fundamental breach of rights, but almost as serious is the offence to common sense. The council pretends that it is forced into this position to protect children under the new vetting and barring scheme


(A: That’s what it’s called. The Vetting and Barring Scheme.)


but as parents point out, the number of children using the play areas and the range of ages means that some parents want to keep an eye on their own children. Makinson said: "We have used Harwoods since I was a child and my mother stayed with me. It has always had a fantastic community atmosphere.


You see, they want to destroy the old ways and bring in the new community. It’s called ‘Commutarianism’. George Bush senior was the first to openly use that term after the United Nations promoted it, ‘Commutarianism’. One day actually, they’ll have all these little local events and if you don’t turn up at the fair or the green day or whatever it happens to be, they’ll come to your house to ask why you didn’t attend. I’m not kidding, this is all coming up. You’ve to be part of the community whether you like it or not. And they’ll say “Are you antisocial? Is that what it is?” That creates social approval and social disapproval. If you don’t turn up you’ll be disapproved of by all the fools that do turn up, all the PC people. These are all psychological techniques that are well in place.

This is what they’re doing for parents, one of the many things they do for parents and now everyone has to get vetted by the government. Everybody’s got to get vetted by the government, you see?


Interestingly enough in www.examiner.com, a routine, obviously a routine bill, was signed. I say routine because nothing is really debated. Everything is PC, everything is preplanned and when the other countries have done the same things you know darn well that it’s a ‘must be’. I call it ‘must be’ you see?


The ‘Hate Crimes’ bill was passed by Obama, he signed it. It says:


Today, President Barack Obama is expected to sign the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill into law


(A: That was on Oct. 28th. This is yesterday. It says here during a ceremony, a signing ceremony. They have ceremonies to sign things now)


Shepard's murder became a cause célèbre when his killers were accused of attacking and killing Shepard for being a homosexual.


(A: Now they always pick something like that to push something through that’s much, much broader in scope and eventually it’s applied to everything that’s politically incorrect including, by the way, if you criticise government because in the Soviet Union, that’s what happened. You know, that was the first law that Lenin signed was a ‘hate’ law, to stop people asking why only certain people seemed to be in charge of all groups? Then eventually, if you criticised any policy of Communism at all, that was called ‘anti government’. ‘Anti government’, and where do you hear ‘anti government’ today? It’s every other day in the papers, new laws, watching and looking, monitoring people who are ‘anti government’.

Logically it would mean that any opposition party in power, if it was not in power in the top, opposition parties right, are technically ‘anti government’ because that’s all they do is criticise the other side, isn’t it? So if you ever get caught in that, use it as an excuse because that’s going to be a big one, ‘anti government’. Any policy you criticise “Oh that’s anti government. You say “I’m only criticising the one policy here”, “it doesn’t matter, that’s ‘anti government’”.

Remember what they said from the secretive committee that runs the EU parliament that we’re all copying by the way. It’s not democratic at all. They said that anyone who criticised the EU is a heretic. It’s a religious term, isn’t it? You know what they do with heretics. It says)


However, those who support this new federal law ignore the overwhelming evidence that Shepard's killers were unaware of his sexual orientation when they attacked him.”


Well, it doesn’t matter; they always use a poster boy you see? They’ve got to make the propaganda to make the public think ‘this’ is what it’s all about, nothing to do with homosexuality, nothing at all. You wait and see as this is expanded across the board. There’re actually cases in Canada, you see we’ve had it here for a while here in Canada and they, boy do they come down on you where there’s even guys who mugged somebody, to rob them, and the judge said “what were you thinking? What was going through your thoughts when you robbed this particular person?” To see if there was any hate involved, not just a robbery. No kidding, this is how stupid it gets and how silly it gets. What were you thinking? Thought crime you know.

This is the new world order that Lenin talked about where they’re all stepping on each other’s toes, all these agencies. There’s so many agencies you can’t, I don’t think my hard drive could keep count of all the agencies watching us all and are out there for government, there’s so many. Never mind the United Nations ones. You know how many thousands of agencies they have?

Now we’re going through all the nonsense too as they bring down the immune system of the public and believe you me I really did not want to come to the conclusion years ago that they were killing us off with vaccines until really, I went into the medicine of it all and realised I couldn’t deny it.

Looking at the pre 1950’s levels of certain diseases and the post 1950 levels of diseases and sterility and then to the 70’s when you look at the incredible, skyrocketing, escalation of something that was incredibly rare such as autism and like any detective story you say “oh what’s changed? Is it just the food diet? What is it?” Well, they certainly used a lot more processed food but it was inoculations that were getting pumped into them and you tie that together with depopulation and the need to reduce the population, spoken about at the League of Nations which was founded right after World War 1 that became the United Nations; it was one of the prime mandates of the department of population control. It must reduce the populations by all means possible.

Obviously they couldn’t tell the public how they were doing it because they wouldn’t get any volunteers I’d imagine. But they certainly have been doing it. And everyone would love to think it’s just the big greedy pharma. No, pharma, the pharma industries belong to the same international bankers who lend the money to every country. It’s only about twelve, thirteen banking families that do this. They also have the major controlling interests that started up all the major big pharma companies. They own that too and there’s always a political motive for it just like Rockefeller, one of the biggest oil men on the planet funding something that you would think would go against his own industry. Well, he’s already, he’s planned the future. He plans the future, what society will be.


This article here is from the Philadelphia Bulletin Archives and it’s from Oct 25th 2009. I’ve read it before from a different newspaper source but I’ll reinforce it again, and we do need reinforcement. That’s a technique they use on us, repetition. Repetition is sometimes what we need to get the truth out too, and it says:


“Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell”


(A: And it’s from Susan Brinkman for The Bulletin)


Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of two human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, said the controversial drugs will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates and, even though they’re being recommended for girls as young as nine, there have been no efficacy trials in children under the age of 15.


(A: And governments are mandating them down to the age of about 12, (with) no trials on children under the age of 15.)


Dr. Harper, director of the Gynecological Cancer Prevention Research Group at the University of Missouri, made these remarks during an address at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2-4. Although her talk was intended to promote the vaccine, participants said they came away convinced the vaccine should not be received.

“I came away from the talk with the perception that the risk of adverse side effects is so much greater than the risk of cervical cancer, I couldn’t help but question why we need the vaccine at all,” said Joan Robinson, Assistant Editor at the Population Research Institute.


(A: A very important institute by the way)


Dr. Harper began her remarks by explaining that 70 percent of all HPV infections resolve themselves without treatment within a year.


(A: 70% of all human papilloma virus infections resolve themselves without treatment within a year)


Within two years, the number climbs to 90 percent. Of the remaining 10 percent of HPV infections, only half will develop into cervical cancer, which leaves little need for the vaccine.

She went on to surprise the audience by stating that the incidence of cervical cancer in the U.S. is already so low that “even if we get the vaccine and continue PAP screening, we will not lower the rate of cervical cancer in the US.”

There will be no decrease in cervical cancer until at least 70 percent of the population is vaccinated, and even then, the decrease will be minimal.

Apparently, conventional treatment and preventative measures are already cutting the cervical cancer rate by four percent a year. At this rate, in 60 years, there will be a 91.4 percent decline just with current treatment. Even if 70 percent of women get the shot and required boosters over the same time period, which is highly unlikely, Harper says Gardasil could still not claim to do as much as traditional care is already doing.”


Well you better ask what it is really for. What is it really, really for? We know that girls are already dropping dead with it and the same Dr. Harper who also worked on the experimentation with these drugs admitted in a previous article, which I read, that it’ll do no good at all and that the danger of taking it is worse than that which it would prevent.


Anyway, it won’t stop them because propaganda, for most people, propaganda, Bernays was right, will overcome reason, logic and people will not seek knowledge. They’re content with propaganda. That’s why the world is so easily controlled by the big boys who can beat you and starve you and what you do, as one of the big boys said themselves and what do we do, do we turn round and fight? No, they turn round and eat their dead. And when you do fight it’s just because you’re getting starved or you’re kicked out your homes en masse and there’s nothing left to hold on to and then you’re just a rabble. That’s what they say at the top, ‘then you’re just rabble, an organised rabble.’

Boy, do they understand us!


Now this whole ‘green tax’ nonsense now, I mentioned an article last night, where the US is already in agreement with the EU to sign a tax bill so that US citizens, Canadian citizens and European citizens, this massive new Soviet, that’s what this new Europe is, will all share the same tax base to save energy and be more efficient and finding green solutions to the planet and all that stuff you know. And this is from the Telegraph, this is what’s coming and this is what’s already coming in Britain.


"Green tax proposals 'would increase household energy bills by £800 a year' "(A: That’s over $1600)


A proposed green tax to cut carbon emissions would lead to an £800 increase in the average annual household energy bill.


(A: And that’s per year by the way, and this is 27th Oct 2009)


Plans put forward by the Green Fiscal Commission, a Government-supported think tank,


(A: You see we’re run by all these independent, private think tanks which by the way are also owned and run by the foundations.)


would see the tax on gas and electricity rise every year.”


(A: Every year, up to 2020. Yep, better keep your old clothes, folks and lots of patches because you’ll be needing them because that’s all you’ll be wearing.

Back with more after this break)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, just showing you what’s lined up and not just lined up. As I say, whenever they announce something they’ve already set up the institutions. The bureaucracies, they’re already working, they have everything in place and it’s a formality when they actually sign something, we’re already into it.


It’s like they’ve been spraying you for years using HAARP and weather modification of all kinds and then they tell you 10, 11 years later ‘Oh we’re thinking of geo-engineering the planet by spraying the atmosphere’. This is how they do it with everything because governments believe you me, don’t work quickly on anything. They can’t with the square wheels they have. It takes years in preparations to set up any part of any part of an agenda and I’m talking here about the taxation and how this greening is going to cost everybody massive amounts of money, that’s going to be the same and go up every year for the next 20, 30 years because you see, they’re signing this bill in Copenhagen shortly and Britain and the US and all these countries have said that they’ll cut back by 80-odd percent on emissions.

Do you understand you are an emitter? That means 80% of you have to be off the planet. That’s what it really means and Maurice Strong, the big man at the UN, is pulled across the world as the biggest technocrat that you know of, he’s got incredible powers and he has never been elected to any office by the public; the man who set up the ’92 meeting for the Earth Summit that bound us all under these amazing charters and the agenda. Maurice Strong when they pulled him into Canada, he was pulled in, off the UN and World Bank, and brought into Canada to privatise the electrical systems that the public had paid to have built and operated and that was back in the ‘80s and he said then that the world we’re bringing in here will be one (where) we’re not going to fix any nuclear reactors, we’re not going to build any new ones, we’re not going to maintain the old ones, you had to get used to using less and less energy. Only essential businesses and so on will have power supplies eventually given to them. Peasantry he’s talking about bringing the rest of the public to.


Back to this article, we’re just going through an agenda. We’re going through script here, that’s all we’re going through; it says that:


“This tax forms part of a £150 billion package of proposed measures,


(A: it’s amazing how they’ll spend spend spend while we’re all supposedly broke)


including a tripling of fuel duty over the next decade and a tax of up to £3,300 on new cars.


That’s over $6000. This is to dissuade you from buying news cars because under Agenda 21, for the 21st century, the United Nations, you will have no private cars just essential vehicles only. See it ties right in. And the rest of it is just the PR against it and so on and how poor we’ll all be and ya de ya de ya which we’re already supposed to figure out for ourselves.


I might just squeeze a caller in so is Dan from California there? Are you there Dan?


Dan      “Hi Yes Alan I’m here, can you hear me?”

Alan     “Yes”

Dan      “Ok, yeah, I wanted to thank you for your broadcast. I downloaded everything that you have from the iTunes as podcasts and I carry those around with me on my iPod and listen to you on the public transportation to and from work and so I wanted to thank you for that and I want, I had, a quick comment and a question or two if we have time. I wanted to say first today I was walking outside, every day from work I’d go and take about a two mile walk to clear my head and I listen to your broadcast while I’m doing that and kind of as a break. I saw some people protesting the new tax increase in California and there was a huge crowd of people going down the street and they were being escorted by the San Diego Police Department. And so I kind of (thought) it seemed kind of nice that the police were allowing that and helping there.”

Alan     “You’re right. Certain things are allowed other things are hammered by the cops so it’s politically correct to do this kind of stuff you see. But that’s the way it’s set up. It’s the same in the newspapers. All the right ones get all the exposure they want in the media and yet there’re protests against all the tax increases all the time that don’t get mentioned.


That’s the end of the show, there’s the music. So from Hamish and myself, from Ontario,

Canada it’s goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.”



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