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Masters of Matter Under Philanthropies Gather:

"Philanthropists Running the World it Seems,
Guiding Governments, Education Along Certain Schemes,
Well Planned by Robber Barons, Long, Long Ago,
Advancing Well-Paid 'Experts' Who Put on a Show,
These Cunning Crooks with Psychopathic Vitality,
Follow Crafty Plan which Alters Perceived Reality,
Pretending to be Born to Help World Heal,
In Reality, Got Rich from Ability to Steal,
Allowing No Competition, Rigid as Deuteronomy,
The World is Their Asset, Masters of Monopoly"
© Alan Watt Nov. 5, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 5, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 5th 2009.  Newcomers should look into web site.  Scroll down; you’ll see the official sites I have.  These ARE my sites and anything out there with my name on it, is not mine if it’s not on that front page of my site of  Also I should mention too, that anything that’s being sold under my name from any other place except on these sites is bogus.  So you have to be very discerning in this day and age, especially when you have a lot of enemies out there.  You can see all the other sites I have [listed above]. is the European site.  It has the same audios for download, for free, as all the other sites but it has the addition of transcripts of some of the talks that I’ve given, written in the various languages of Europe. 


I always mention that it’s up to the listener to keep me going.  I’m sure I should stagger this throughout the show because people skip over the first 5 minutes, they know what’s coming.  They don’t like to hear this part, most people.  There’s thousands and thousands out there that use this stuff but they never donate anything my way at all.  That’s the modern society we live in.  It’s up to you keep me going by donating to me or buying that which I have for sale on MY web site.  No one is backing me.  The ads on this show are paid by the advertisers straight to RBN for the air time and for the equipment, their staff and bills and all the rest of it.  Therefore, there’s nobody funding me.  I don’t make money off advertising.  That’s how hosts generally do make their cash; it’s from the advertisers.  Each time they bring them on or they mention the names, they get paid for it.  That’s how it works.  But then you’re sort of compromised if you go that way because there are certain things… maybe along the line, you’ll be asked about a certain thing or even a product and you can’t answer honestly about it… if you’re compromised.  You’ll be biting the hand that feeds you. 


So it’s up to you to keep me going.  It’s always the same people too that just make me crawl along here… thank goodness for them.  It’s up to you to keep me going by donating to me and you’ll see how to do it on my web sites.  [Options listed at top and bottom of transcript.]  You’ll also see a lot of people getting disks burned and passed to them.  They don’t use computers.  They play it on their CD players.  Once in a blue moon, one manages to get in touch with me when they find out where I am.  They also like to order the books or donate.  So you can do that by writing to me at [address listed above]. Remember, as I say, outside of MY web sites, I have NO OTHER SITES AT ALL.  I don’t have any chat rooms or anything like that.  So, beware out there.  There are a lot of malicious people out there in this day and age… and crazy ones too. 


We’re going into this… we’re not.  We’re well into this new world order actually, this PHASE of it.  We’re actually coming out of the OLD phase of the last new world order and going in to the NEXT new world order.  It’s a time predicted back in the 1800s when they tossed about the idea of democracy and what it would mean for the people.  They knew back then that democracy really could only be won by those with the largest organizations.  If you weren’t in the big organizations, you’d have no voice.  Back with more on this topic after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about democracy.  You have to go back into the 1800s really to find out how the media was managing the minds of the people at that time.  The media at that time of course made its money primarily through advertising.  They gave a lot of free ads under the guise of write-ups, like NEWS, to the big, big clients that they had.  Towards the end of the 1800s, they talked about democracy, democracy, democracy and how it would affect the power structures.


At that time, the US was run by what they call the Robber Barons.  These were the big barons of industry and money, commerce and banking.  Once in a while, these guys would get together at that time, towards the latter part of the 1800s, and they’d collapse the economy.  Sometimes just to get rid of competitors.  Then they would buy up the stocks for peanuts.  They’d become worthless and they’d buy them up.  Well, along with that comes now a vacant factory or a factory fully stocked to produce or whatever.  They kept building up their wealth.  They got such a bad name that they had to remake themselves.


They brought in PR specialists basically to give them a good image to the public.  Suddenly, these crooks, crooks that would get the militia turned out on miners for instance, like Rockefeller did.  Overnight, he was transformed into a great philanthropist.  Then they all became philanthropists.  They banded with the other philanthropists that already ruled London and a good part of the world through the empire and they all became philanthropists, all these big money barons.  It’s worked so well because this is the parallel government that the Royal Institute of International Affairs is comprised of, the big banking boys really.  Very old, old families. 


They came about because of the merger of two groups and that was a Rothschild/Cecil Rhodes organization that became the Rhodes Foundation, for world government, that sent out people to literally to get patents and take up the resources of the world, especially in diamonds, gold, and all sorts of minerals and goodies.  They teamed up with the Alfred Milner Group - Lord Alfred Milner, a guy who was born in Germany in fact, who headed this British system - with the Roundtable society which belonged to the Milner Group.  They merged and created the Royal Institute of International Affairs that IS under a Royal charter to exist.  Therefore, it’s responsible TO the Royalty which is not responsible to the people or government.  In fact, even today a lot of bills go through that are orders in council basically.  They go right to the Queen and she’ll sign them into law.  Similar as to what the President of what the US can do or the Prime Minister in Canada. 


They made themselves over, a total makeover, these barons of industry.  They never stopped.  They decided they wanted to transform the world into what THEY wanted.  Being economists and all, they decided on an ideal population for one thing.  Already having conned a lot of the public by, again, they owned the media.  So they could put great reports out about their charitable organizations.  They could start STEERING the public along certain ways of thinking and so on.  They were responsible for giving us the TYPE of educational system that would create a particular culture.  If you go into the history of the media, into the 1800s, you’ll find all of this stuff accounted for, what they were doing. 


They’ve never stopped.  They really run the world, this parallel government with their MASSIVE foundations… because the guys who own the foundations ARE the internationalists; they ARE the big banking boys.  They fund HUNDREDS of FRONT organizations and other foundations specializing in different areas of social control really.  Yet they have such a wonderful time.  Just like them, today they get great write-ups in the general, authorized media… which are really just big ads.  They call them puffs.  They used to call them puffs when they gave them free ads, a whole page; a beautiful write-up about how wonderful they were.  It was actually called a puff.  And they still do it. 


The problem is that it’s conned a lot of the people of the world who can’t tell fact from fiction.  They can’t tell what really the agenda is.  They can’t tell that these wolves in sheep’s clothing have big plans for them.  They bypass all parliaments except when they put their own men in on the boards of Parliament.  They’re unelected by the people.  They shape all policies.  They have massive lobby groups.  This is what they mean.  When they talk about democracy, THIS is what they mean by democracy.  Those with the biggest bucks and the biggest organizations and organizational ability and who can lobby government full-time… and even put their own boys in government when they want to.  That’s what they mean by democracy. 


When these characters that RUN on economics look at populations, they want to REALLY bring them down mucho quicko.  They go into action and get laws passed.  These are internationalists too.  They have their branches across the whole planet.  I always get a picture of a tugboat… a tugboat that pulls the ships with all these different chains behind it with all the other countries in tow… all going in the same direction.  That’s how they organize things.  It’s the ONLY organized organization on the planet, beyond even governments.  Many of their top members are members of intelligence services.  Many of them HAVE been members of intelligence services.  You can’t have a nation today and have a secure intelligence service because they are all infiltrated by each other.  So they’re one big intelligence service at the top. 


The Old-Thinker News is a good web site.  They have written an article about the foundations and their impact and where they’re taking us. 


Elites Launch "Global Impact Investing Network"

Rockefeller Foundation to head the group, J.P. Morgan, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Al Gore, Deutsche Bank, others band together

Old-Thinker News | November 2, 2009  /  By Daniel Taylor


Tax exempt foundations, banks and philanthropic organizations have been hard at work in the United States for decades (Alan:  It’s actually over 100 years.) molding the country to their liking. (A:  True.)  The schooling system, media, medical institutions, and foreign policy of the United States have all been influenced by them. Today, these foundations are partnering with global banking powerhouses (A:  They ARE the powerhouses, banking.) in order to create the "Global Impact Investing Network" (GIIN) (A:  GIIN, gin… what they are drunk on… your money.) which aims to spearhead a new form of investment.


The GIIN, headed by Antony Bugg-Levine, the current director of the Rockefeller Foundation, will "help solve social and environmental problems" by encouraging investment that will bring both profit and produce real world change. (A:  Now, these are the philanthropists remember; these big investors who own banks.  You’ve always known they’ve really been into helping you, right?  You all know that… right?)  According to the GIIN website, "The Global Impact Investing Network was conceived in October 2007, when the Rockefeller Foundation gathered a small group of investors to discuss the needs of the emergent impact investing industry." The website states,


"In June 2008, a broader group of 40 investors from around the world met to discuss what it would take for the impact investing industry to be able to solve more social and environmental challenges with greater efficiency. (A:  I know what they mean by that.  I hope you all do too.  They already have stated time and time again, there are too many people.)  They organized behind a number of initiatives, including the creation of a global network of leading impact investors, the development of a standardized framework for assessing social and environmental impact, and a development of a working group of investors focused on sustainable agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa."   (A:  They use the IMF.  No.  These are all part of the big same clique.)


In other words, the establishment is seeking to direct the wealth of the world's most powerful foundations and individuals towards the realization of their agenda. This has already been happening for decades in a shrewd and veiled manner, but this new initiative is an open gathering of these globalist interests. The GIIN will undoubtedly be used as a public relations stunt for banks and moneyed elites to brush up their stained image through "socially conscious" investments. If it succeeds, GIIN will attempt to mold industry and business by "screening" out investments for Co2 emitters and others deemed to be unworthy.  (A:  Remember too, these are the guys who are in charge of the carbon emissions and the carbon taxes and the carbon credits and all that stuff.  Remember that.  Don’t forget that for a second.  So they’re eliminating all, all competition that’s not theirs.  Everything that’s not theirs is getting eliminated.)


A few of the banks and organizations involved with GIIN include: Acumen Fund, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Calvert Foundation, Capricorn Investment Group, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Equilibrium Capital, Generation Investment Management, Gray Ghost Ventures, IGNIA, J.P. Morgan, Lundin for Africa, Lunt Family Office (Armonia), Omidyar Network, Prudential, The Rockefeller Foundation, Root Capital, Shorebank/NCIF, Trans-Century, Triodos Investment Management, and Wolfensohn & Company.


Some of the same individuals and organizations involved with the Global Impact Investing Network recently met in New York in May of 2009 at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, president of Rockefeller University. According to the London Times (original link no longer active), the meeting was so secret that, "...some of the billionaires’ aides were told they were at 'security briefings'". (A:  Now, it first broke out in the Irish newspaper and I read that on the air.  It told you who attended as well and their whole agenda was overpopulation and they’ve got to do something about it.)  David Rockefeller Jr, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey were all in attendance. The Times reports, "Over dinner they discussed how they might settle on an “umbrella cause” that could harness their interests." The article continues, "Taking their cue from Gates they agreed that overpopulation was a priority."  (A:  The people who give you your thoughts, like Oprah, what do you think she’s there for?  Who do you think PUT her there?  Back after this break.)


HI folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading from Old-Thinker News, a very good article on the big boys, the ones who run the parallel government and shape the opinions of the public and even get millions of youngsters all working towards an agenda they THINK they understand but haven’t a clue about.  They certainly don’t know the real purpose of it or where it’s really to take them.  That’s always the way with followers isn’t it?  You must create a kind of religious feeling and get them all to work for you. 


The Times interviewed a guest at the meeting, who said that the group wanted to meet in secret because they didn't want their statements ending up in the media, "painting them as an alternative world government."


Indeed, this group has and is currently acting as an "alternative world government." While these foundations aren't busy partnering with global banking institutions (A:  Which they are part of.), the Secretary General of the United Nations is praising their influence in supporting the activities of the UN. In an interview with the Seattle Times, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was asked, "Some say the emergence of super rich philanthropies like the Gates Foundation has undermined the effectiveness of the U.N. and its member organizations, like the WHO." Moon responded,


"On the contrary that is what we really want -- contributions from the business community as well as philanthropies. We need to have political support, but it doesn't give us all that we need. NGOs and philanthropies and many foundations such as Bill Gates Foundation -- they're taking a very important role. (A:  I’d say!)  The United Nations stands in the center of mobilizing and raising awareness of climate change..."  (A:  So here you have overpopulation, climate change, and at the bottom you’ve got all these banking boys.  You know, the guys who LOVE to invest in things because they love humanity… dealing with the carbon credits and all the rest of it.)


For some of the groups involved in "raising awareness of climate change", altruistic motives seem to fade into the background when we find that significant financial gain will be reaped from carbon trading schemes and other new financial programs. In 2004 Al Gore  (A:  Mr. Allegory himself.) teamed up with David Blood, former head of Goldman Sachs asset management, to form Generation Investment Management, appropriately deemed "Blood and Gore". (A:  You couldn’t make this stuff up, eh?  You couldn’t make this stuff up… in a sci-fi…) The firm, which Gore chairs, is involved with various "green" investments (A:  Green… maybe it’s moldy.), including carbon credits. Gore's promotion of a carbon tax system carries obvious conflicts of interest. Additionally, GIM is one of the top 10 shareholders of the Chicago Climate Exchange. Gore's Generation Investment Management - which is a founding member of GIIN - is listed in the GIIN report, Investing for Social & Environmental Impact, as a prime example of impact investing.


It’s quite a good article here but there’s so much on these characters.  They’ve run the world for such a long, long time with a technique that most folk were oblivious of… through charitable… or fronts, you see.  Always under the guise of ‘we’re here to help you’.  Kind of like Freemasonry that once in a blue moon stages some charitable event.  Same idea.  It’s all connected in actuality, but the public haven’t a clue.  The public haven’t a clue. 


Really, it bypasses all democracy at the same time.  All these NGOs come out and march when they’re told to march and wave their banners - all factory made and all identical across the planet - and demand from the governments the very thing that the governments are waiting to hear them demand.  Then they say ‘the people have spoken… and we have to answer them’ and they then sign something into law.  This is how it’s been done for an awful long time, bypassing the people all together.  That’s how it’s done. 


People say ‘well there is no conspiracy.’  Well, yeah, yeah.  Technically there isn’t a conspiracy.  HG Wells said it was the OPEN CONSPIRACY [book of the same title].  They published stuff in very old books that no one reads.  They TELL you what their goals are.  They told us in the 1800s what their goals are going to be and objectives are going to be… in no uncertain terms.  They also told us in their own writings back in that time what they really thought of the general public, but the public are oblivious.  They are too busy watching American Idol or whatever else is the latest fear thing that’s getting put in front of them.  Quite something. 


This falls right in with


Gore’s spiritual argument on climate

Posted on 02 November 2009 by Editor  /  Suzanne Goldenberg  /


 Nobel winner adapts fact-based message to reach those who believe they have a moral duty to protect the planet in Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis


Al’s Gore’s much-anticipated sequel to An Inconvenient Truth is published today, with an admission that facts alone will not persuade Americans to act on global warming (A:  [Alan laughing] I got snow today.  They had it in New Zealand too, I hear, in some places.) and that appealing to their spiritual side is the way forward. (A:  See, it is a religion.  I’ve read the article yesterday about the judge and how he said that this idea, this whole thing on ecology is a faith-based thing; it’s a religion.  That ties in with Gorbachev’s saying we’re creating a new earth based religion.  It had to be earth based, based in nature and so on.)


In his latest book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, the man who won a Nobel prize in 2007 for his touring slideshow on disappearing polar ice and other consequences of climate change, concludes: “Simply laying out the facts won’t work.”  (A:  By the way, that’s all been exposed as utter rubbish.  Disappearing… it’s actually getting thicker.  But facts don’t matter when you’re preaching a religion.)


Instead, Gore tells Newsweek magazine in a pre-publication interview, that he has been adapting his fact-based message – now put out by hundreds of volunteers (A:  The NGOs)– to appeal to those who believe there is a moral or religious duty to protect the planet.


“I’ve done a Christian [-based] training program; I have a Muslim training program and a Jewish training program coming up, also a Hindu program coming up. I trained 200 Christian ministers and lay leaders here in Nashville in a version of the slide show that is filled with scriptural references. (A:  See, they’ll USE everything.  That’s what’s beautiful about holy books.  These characters are the past masters – and I mean that, past masters – of using religions for their own agenda.  They’ve been doing it for centuries and centuries and they’re at it still.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I hope people realize that the big organization that really runs and owns the planet owns all the politicians across the planet at the same time.  They have for a long, long time.  That’s why EVERY country is on board with… make us all poor as they fight climate change which doesn’t really exist at all.  Even Al Gore had to come out, apparently in his new book, and say that CO2 wasn’t the main problem.  This is the same guy, Gore remember, that said we have to OVERSTATE OUR FACTS.  Well, we’re supposed to believe him NOW… that he’s telling the truth now?  They guy who constantly lies?  [Alan laughing.]  …because it’s a battle for the mind isn’t it.  That’s what everything is about… a battle for the mind… ongoing. 


They certainly have enough press because they own it.... all these boys connected with it OWN the press. 


George Soros: China a 'positive force' / June 7, 2009: 12:45 PM ET


(A:  George Soros… what a history this guy’s got.)


SHANGHAI (Reuters) -- Financier George Soros said on Sunday that China's global influence is set to grow faster than most people expect, with its isolation from the global financial system and a heavy state role in banking aiding a relatively swift economic recovery.  (A:  Then he prattles on about the glories of China.  This is a guy who thinks that China is the model state for the world.  We’ve all to copy them… and their one-child policy.  The one-child policy, by the way, is not written in stone.  If you can afford a second child, meaning that you’re one of the better types, you’ve proven eugenically you’re better because you’re richer, then you can have a second or third child or more.  You get a little fee you have to pay.  It’s a fine, a fee you have to pay to allow yourself, because you’ve been naughty… as you wink to each other from the government to them.  That’s how it’s done.  It’s all Darwinism… for survival of the fittest, you see.)


Apart from that, these boys really, all these big boys OWN the economy of China.  They OWN the economy of China.  It was just the same as the Soviet Union.  Technically, it was supposed to have its own bank really, that coined everything and there could be no competition, but that’s not true.  They allowed private banks.  The only thing that was stipulated in fact, was that they could not make profit off people’s labor.  Now, you can image a bunch of lawyers – and that’s what runs this world in a sense – getting something like that and going to work on it.  They’d redefine everything, wouldn’t they?  And they did of course. 


Then when the Soviet Union decided to move into its partnership and MERGE with the West – and that’s what it was all about when the Berlin Wall just suddenly fell down – there was article appearing in the mainstream media.  One was a Mr. Solomon, who was a cousin, I think, of Rothschild, who ran the biggest bank all through the Soviet era.  He was making off with millions and billions of money - of US dollars too, in the Soviet Union - and going over to London at the time, surrounded by a private army. 


China is the same.  China did not pull itself up from nothing by its boot straps.  Didn’t do it.  It takes money and power in this world to bring them up.  They were GIVEN technology by the GATT Treaty.  They were given the opportunity to have ALL the industries of the West transported to them, set up and production starting there.  They were given all the loans to get everything happening through the GATT Treaty.  They borrowed that money.  They signed deals you’ll never even hear of… with the big boys.  That’s why the big boys have no fear of them at all… they OWN China.  They own it lock, stock and barrel. 


You would never have an elite of the West giving away its ability to rapidly change over manufacturing into war machinery to protect you.  They would never give away that right unless they were absolutely, 100% convinced that China would never be a threat to them.  How would you do that?  You OWN China; you own it lock, stock and barrel.  You have people up at the top of China making sure that they’ve got a finger in every pie; they’ve got their ear in every conversation that goes on… because they micromanage everything.  They always have.  They micro manage the West too.  So you can read that article.


It’s interesting too, from


U.S. Needs Hit Squads, ‘Manhunting Agency’: Spec Ops Report

By Noah Shachtman / November 3, 2009  /


CIA director Leon Panetta got into hot water with Congress, after he revealed an agency program to hunt down and kill terrorists. A recent report from the U.S. military’s Joint Special Operations University argues that the CIA didn’t go far enough (.pdf). Instead, it suggests the American government should set up something like a “National Manhunting Agency” to go after jihadists, drug dealers, pirates and other enemies of the state.  (A:  Now, I don’t know if you’ve looked at Britain recently.  Everything follows Britain because they always start it there first and we all copy it secondly.  Now you have local councils getting into data.  They can confiscate your house and everything.  They can bypass the police, under terrorism laws.  So never take something at face value as the reason they want to GIVE you something.  Every law that gets put on the books is meant to EXPAND into what it was REALLY set out to do… NOT the plausible one that you will accept.)


America’s military, intelligence and law-enforcement agencies already devote thousands of people and billions of dollars to tracking down top terrorists and insurgents. But even the most successful of these efforts — like going after Iraqi militant leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi — have been “ad hoc” efforts, with units cobbled together from different corners of the government. Report author and retired Lt. Col. George Crawford instead would like to see a permanent group with clear authority, training, doctrine and technology to go after these dangerous individuals. These “manhunting teams would be standing formations, trained to pursue their designated quarry relentlessly for as long as required to accomplish the mission,” he writes. 


Then it just goes on and on with these kind of incredible draconian things that are being put out today for the government to do.  Remember, every law that gets put on the books HAS AN ULTERIOR PURPOSE... every one of them.  There would be mayhem if they just went out and did it.  There would be some sort of backlash at least from the sheep out there.  Even the sheep get a little ticked off once in a while.  So you’ve got to give them something that is plausible.  We FLOAT through our lives in a hypnotic state, bombarded with data, most of it trivia and useless.  This is just another bit of information that passes through their heads.  ‘Oh, it’s to go after terrorists and stuff like that.  That’s what it’s really for isn’t it?’ 


Here’s an article to show you where it goes.


Councils get ‘Al Capone’ power to seize assets over minor offences

Transport for London could go after assets of fare dodgers or ticket forgers

Sean O’Neill, Crime Editor  /  From The Times October 28, 2009


Draconian police powers designed to deprive crime barons of luxury lifestyles are being extended to councils, quangos and agencies to use against the public, The Times has learnt.


The right to search homes, seize cash, freeze bank accounts and confiscate property will be given to town hall officials (A:  That’s your local councilors.) and civilian investigators employed by organisations as diverse as Royal Mail (A:  the MAIL!), the Rural Payments Agency and Transport for London.


The measure, being pushed through by Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, comes into force next week and will deploy some of the most powerful tools available to detectives against fare dodgers (A:  Dodging your fare… they’re going to confiscate your home and property… on a bus.), families in arrears with council tax (A:  They are on the list as well.) and other minor offenders.  (A:  They don’t even need the police now.  They’re all BECOMING their own police forces.  That’s really what I see.)


The radical extension of the Proceeds of Crime Act, through a Statutory Instrument which is not debated by parliament (A:  They don’t even go through Parliament for these things now.), has been condemned by the chairman of the Police Federation. Paul McKeever said that he was shocked to learn that the decision to hand over “intrusive powers” to people who were not police was made without consultation or debate.


 “The Proceeds of Crime Act is a very powerful tool in the hands of police (A:  Would you think that someone who is broke and couldn’t afford their taxes for their property would go under Proceeds of Crime?  Well, that is what they’re going for.  See, it’s nothing of what they tell you on the bill.) and police-related agencies and it shouldn’t be treated lightly,” Mr McKeever said. “There is a behind the scenes creep of powers occurring here and I think the public will be very surprised. (A:  I wish they would.  I’d LOVE to see the public surprised.)  They would want such very intrusive powers to be kept in the hands of warranted officers and other law enforcement bodies which are vetted to a very high standard rather than given to local councils.”


His concerns are shared by leading legal figures, who believe that there is a risk of local authorities abusing the powers to search people’s homes, seize their money, freeze their accounts and confiscate their property. They also see parallels with the spread of counter-terrorist surveillance powers to monitor refuse (A:  That’s garbage.) collections and school catchment areas.  (A:  I’m not kidding.  It’s getting utterly… this is the dictatorial age that Lenin said we would go into, after the dictatorship of the so-called proletariat.  There would be so many agencies all standing on each other’s toes, each other’s territories, all going for the booty out there, the loot.)


Wide ranging confiscation powers were given to police and law enforcement bodies in 2003 to seize the cash and property from drug dealers, people-traffickers and money launderers. They were viewed as “Al Capone powers” — a means of getting at the Mr Bigs of organised crime by seizing wealth accrued from criminality.



What are they going after… people that can’t afford tax?  People who have put too much stuff in their garbage bin?  You’re now a felon.  And they are training children to report on all this stuff.  And people think somehow we can go back?  HOW are we going to go back to any other lifestyle?  HOW?  Tell me.  Since this is backed by those at the top of government… Then it tells you who those guys at the top of government really work for.  It certainly has never been the people… NEVER, EVER been the people.  Never will be for the people either.  The Tower of Babel is SO crooked and corrupt and always was.  It’s held together by crazy glue and Band-Aids that you can’t fix it.  It’s rotten from its very foundation.  Always was.  It’s only getting so high now in its corruption that it’s teetering a bit.  You can’t fix something as badly busted as that.  It can’t be done.  It can’t be done.  YOU HAVE TO DEMOLISH IT… before it falls on all of us. 


There’s another article too. 


Irish Independent promotes eugenics and depopulation again

Irish Independent  /  By Kevin Myers  /  30.10.2009


It all fits in with the articles that are coming in about the advocations of culling the populations in Africa.  That’s coming out openly now through ‘they’ll have to be taught a lesson.’  I’ll put up the article on that.  Again, these are all happening.  These are HANDOUTS to the press… emotional things to get us used to predictive programming that people will argue in their homes about it, like I mentioned the other night.  They’ll get emotional and someone will say, ‘well, maybe they’re right; I’ve watched all these David Suzuki programs and you know…’  They don’t realize they’re getting their opinions through lying.  They never go into the whole story of why there’s famine here or famine there.  NEVER.  NEVER.  They never tell you that most of the famines they’ve had in Africa were always due to wars funded by the West.  Divide and conquer, divide and conquer. 


They said it when Kissinger put through that bill on the greatest enemy to the state was overpopulation and they targeted a whole list of countries.  They said they could never let them emerge into economically viable countries like the United States.  So they’d always have to divide and conquer, but they’re pushing overpopulation as the problem. 


Here’s an article on euthanasia.  It comes out at the same time.  Everything comes out at the same time.  That means there is an intelligence behind a lot of the releases of a kind, that are related. 


Doctors admit to practising 'slow euthanasia' on terminally-ill patients

By Daniel Martin  /  October 2009


One in five doctors admit to keeping the terminally-ill heavily sedated until they die, in what critics have dubbed 'slow euthanasia'.


A poll of nearly 3,000 doctors found that 18.7 per cent had administered drugs to keep patients suffering from painful conditions such as cancer unconscious for hours at a time.


Subjected to 'continuous deep sedation', many slip into a drug-induced coma before dying - perhaps days earlier than they would have done. It is often given without the patient or the family being fully appraised of the consequences.  


Now, the way this is presented is making you think, ‘well it’s a good thing really, isn’t it; they don’t wake up.’  They’re not telling you they can keep you going for an awful lot more time than a few days… with a lucid mind and without pain with other medications… if they want to.  This is meant to get you to side with them.  You can never read an article at face value.  You got to ask WHY is here?  What are similar articles appearing across the world at the same time, in major media? Why is it all there at the same time?  There’s always a reason for it.  It’s to really end up through people at home having arguments and the predominant THEORY being chosen as your opinion.  That works so well. 


Again, it’s a technique that even Bernays talks about.  Remember, Bernays was the one who GAVE the consumer society to America.  The guy who helped to degenerate the society of America too, with full intention – it wasn’t just for money or for advertisers either.  He worked WITH governments AND the culture industry.  He went through these techniques of how you CHANGE society to sell your product OR IDEA; in other words, opinion.  An opinion is a product when it’s peddled by the mainstream media… and people don’t realize that.  We are GIVEN our opinions. 


I’ve quoted the ones from Aldous Huxley, Lord Bertrand Russell, and other big player players who said that.  “We shall GIVE the people their opinions.”  Brzezinski, in Between Two Ages, says “shortly the public will be UNABLE to reason for themselves; they’ll expect the media to do their reasoning for them.”  He meant giving you your opinion.  Huxley went on to say too in his book – many of his books in fact – that the people have no idea that how or why they are arriving at their opinions, or who’s giving it them.  I’ll be back with more of this after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve got a caller there.  We’ve got Megan from Pennsylvania.  Are you there Megan?


Megan:  I just wonder what’s the deal with spies?  You hear of Israel and Chinese and other countries stealing information from the United States and I just wondered if we are all global, is this a joke?


Alan:  It is a joke.


Megan:  I’ll take your answer off the air.  Thank you.


Alan:  An awful long time ago…  It was the same with Masonic groups as different groups infiltrated other Masonic groups to make sure there’s one standard Masonic group.  It’s the same thing with spying agencies.  Spies, when they set up, their first job was to infiltrate the opposition spies and become one of them.  This has always been the way of it.  Therefore, when you look at how they set up the OSS for World War II, they combined the British secret service basically, that was really the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It was their headquarters they used in fact, because they were the HUB of all intelligence gathering for the whole of the British Empire.  Still are actually, I think. 


They formed the OSS and they brought all the other guys in from Europe who primarily had been communist in those countries… from the OSS.  That became split up again after World War II supposedly, but they were tied at the hip under agreement to share intelligence.  The ones who were basically Trotskyites, brought in from Europe as spies, went back off into the European countries.  Some went into Israel; some went to different places, back to the Soviet Union even.  They were all sharing intelligence.  You can not have a secret society today at that HIGH level and remain secret; it’s impossible.  It’s absolutely impossible.  They’ve signed agreements and agreements and agreements all throughout the Cold War which really bound them closer and closer and closer together. 


We have been global for a long time.  In fact, you have to go into the treaty that they signed in San Francisco after World War II.  If you really, really read it all, if you can get it available, get it all actually, if you can get a hold of it all, you’ll see that every leader signed away his country’s sovereignty.  EVERY LEADER that signed that agreement signed away sovereignty.  The only thing is, the public weren’t to know really, for an awful long time. 


Initially, they tested it out with the public.  A lot of the signatories wrote books on how wonderful it would be.  They were even writing it DURING World War II BEFORE they signed the deal and saying they were going to bring in world government.  In fact, the Royal Institute had said they were going to bring in world government back in the 1930s.  I have their books here.  So you can’t have world government with countries going off on their own.  Everybody that signed that MUST share ALL high intelligence… or you’re called a rogue nation. 


A rogue nation is someone that signed their agreement and then changed their mind.  If you change your mind, they go after you with a vengeance and destroy you.  So you can not have independent countries when your whole purpose is to bring in a world government.  That was always the intention of the setting up of the United Nations and its precursor The League of Nations… a world government run on economics, population reduction… from The League of Nations back at the end of World War I and followed then to the UN after World War II and they’re on a roll since.  So the public are not ready, we’re not ready, you see, to start getting culled off and being sterilized, as they want to eventually mandate.  They said it would take maybe 50 years before they could come to full power and the public - through massive conditioning, education… brainwashing - would be ready for it.  And here we are.  But no, there are no individual spy systems today.  You can’t keep secrets.  It can’t be done.  That’s why you KNOW when they are going to blow up buildings way in advance.  You can’t not keep secrets.  Everybody is infiltrated. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.


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