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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 6, 2009:

Rich Elites' Bright Prism -- Utopia for Themselves, for the Rest, Communism:

"This Century of Change Contains Communist Commonalities,
Micro-Managed by Social Scientists, Guiding New Realities,
If You Study Players, e.g. Kissinger, You'll Find Some Honesty,
He said 'Military are Dumb, Stupid Animals, Used for Foreign Policy,'
U.S. Soldiers are so Famous for being Sent 'Over There'
While the Home was being Blitzed, by Wolves within Their Lair,
And Adults Grew Up as Children, a Few Bucks and Entertainment,
Family Life became Dysfunctional by Socialist Estrangement,
Cultural/Sexual Revolution, Well-Promoted from On High,
Booze-Party-Drugs, Degradation, under Psychedelic Sky,
Now that Phase is Over, the War has Taken Toll,
Ultimate Centralization of Government, U.N. is on a Roll"
© Alan Watt Nov. 6, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 6, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 6th 2009.  For newcomers, I always suggest you look into web site.  Scroll down and you’ll see all the other sites I have out there.  Bookmark them for future use in case the big ones go down again, which they will, and that way you can always get the latest audios for download.  There is a bunch to choose from [listed above]. is the European site where you can also download along with the audios, transcripts of a lot of the talks I’ve given in the past and they are written in the various languages of Europe. 


I should also mention too, one of my books now is also in Spanish and Portuguese and that is Waiting for the Miracle.  ["Esperando el Milagro....." (Español) & "Esperando um Milagre....." (Português)].  Anyone who wants to get a copy, you’re welcome to get in touch with me.  Remember, you bring me to you.  You are the listeners.  No one backs me here.  I’m sure everyone knows this… money goes like water now; the expenses are so darned high.  It’s called ‘quantitative easing’ which means inflation.  In Canada, even the foodstuff has gone up about 30% because of government interference with the farming over the many years PLUS the so-called quantitative easing, inflation, and also because they are paying farmers NOT to grow food.  They are growing bio-fuels.  So this is really the outcome of it.  We’re all going to suffer.  We are suffering.  At the same time, Canada being part of the British Empire – yes, there still is a British Empire – you pay extra for all energy.  It’s going up and up and up for everything, all the time. 


So I appreciate your help for those FEW who donate to me and for those who buy the books and the disks and so on that I have for sale.  THAT keeps me going, very important.  One day, if I can’t even… if I have to go back in and… I don’t have the savings to go into to be honest with you, but if I have to go in and try to borrow money to keep going, I’ll just go off the air and go and earn money somewhere else.  Quite easy.  Or take small groups again, who are willing to pay thousands… and just for a weekend, to teach.  The reason I’ve been doing this is because it’s IMPERATIVE that the knowledge that I have and other people have who’ve studied this their whole lives gets out to the public.  There are people, individuals, scattered across the planet, who know there is something awfully wrong, they just don’t know what it is.  They blame themselves for not fitting in.  It’s because they are THINKERS and they see and observe and they use their own perceptions and come to their own conclusions.  That will not fit in with the brainwashed mob.  It doesn’t happen that way.  So they blame themselves.  So I try to get through to those people to show you, NO, YOU’RE NOT CRAZY.  It’s the world that really has been pulled over your eyes… just like wool pulled over your eyes.  We’ve all been hoodwinked and brought up in a scientific indoctrinational system. 


So keep supporting me.  I need it definitely right now.  If I had to bring advertisers on, you would just have another one-hour ad as I bring on a guest who will scare the bejesus out of you and then offer the solution - or whatever they are selling - at the end.  That’s a bit deceptive, but it would certainly pay me.  So it’s up to you to keep me going the way it is.  [Donation and purchasing options listed at top and bottom of transcript.]  It’s up to you.  Back in a moment, after these messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is the big system, the reality, the Plato’s Cave in which you’ve been born.  Everyone IN that cave, that’s your neighbors, your friends and so on who’ve had the same PERFECT indoctrination will never figure out the big picture.  Everything has to relate to what you’ve been TAUGHT to see and believe in that cave; and that’s what Plato went on about.  An old, old technique… because realities are GIVEN to the populace to suit those who rule.  The realities of those who rule, compared to what they give YOU to believe in, are worlds… in fact, universes apart.  Universes!  Of course, there are multi-layers in between to manage the people at the bottom.  Then you have the media in the middle.  They pass on the propaganda to the public; tell you what to talk about.  It even tells you, what they think about you.  Everything to them at the top is a joke.  Everything is a joke. 


You have to look into what a Yahoo MEANS, for instance.  Look at what yahoo means… in Gulliver’s Travels.  Technically, they are telling us we are yahoos.  Then, Google, something a baby splutters out… gooo, gooooogle… you see.  That’s what they give you.  Then they give you something to Twitter with.  Birds twitter, chatter and twitter.  It means nothing; it’s just noise.  It keeps you busy.  It keeps you obsessed into different kinds of chat.  Plus, you’re giving all of your info out all the time on your state of mind… and THAT’S ALL BEING OBSERVED.  That’s what the internet is for.  A net is something you catch fish in.  It’s also called ‘the web.’  You get stuck on a web… and there’s always a spider watching.  It puts you in a cocoon and you can’t move.  It’s hypnotizing and you’re stuck on the web. 


It’s quite the world we truly live in.  It reminds me too of what Kissinger and Brzezinski and others have written about and spoken about in their interviews.  They are geo-politicians.  They are into LONG TERM and LONG RANGE strategies of how to take a whole bunch of countries down, one at a time.  Almost like dominoes.  You start here, weaken that one, get that one fighting that one, then you support one of them or the other, then you weaken the mightier one.  Then the one you’ve helped to weaken them and you’ve got armed becomes a problem, then you’ve got to take them down with another one.  That’s standard procedure.  Britain was famous for it.  It was called ‘balance of power.’  Always finance the smaller guy and overthrow the bigger guy and the bigger guy is no threat to you, you see, he’s no threat at all.  He is conquered.  Old, old strategies.


Brzezinski and Kissinger, these strange guys.  And they ARE strange guys, there’s no doubt about it.  When I was small watching Kissinger on television, he struck me almost as some sort of ominous type, a very dark person, very, very dark… to see where his mind was at.  He was dealing with things like killing masses of people as a matter of course in his career.  That’s what they do… in order to achieve long-range objectives to which the public are never allowed into.  At the top, above even Kissinger, the realities are universes apart, universes apart.  Kissinger said that the American military, the military, the soldiers and all of the military – and these are his words – he says ‘they are DUMB, STUPID ANIMALS to be USED for foreign policy.’  I’ve said that over the years, that same quote and it’s always struck me as very apt. 


It’s very apt because you take the average person coming out… it’s generally the working class that fill up militaries.  As I say, the Tammany Riots in New York in the 1800s, Tammany said, ‘you can always hire half the poor to kill the other half.’  In times of financial depression, they pour in.  Other ones want to get a name for themselves.  They think they want to be part of the team and BE somebody.  That’s what the ads for the military are always on about… in every country.  You can BE someone.  BE all you can BE… buzz, buzz, buzz.  For the first time in their lives, once they put a uniform on, they are suddenly somebody.  They are respectable and get people noticing them in civilian life with a uniform on, that would never look at them otherwise and they are treated differently.  They are given the most basic, lowest form of propaganda as to what they are actually involved in.  They have no idea.  To most of them, it never even occurs to them that this is only PART of a long-term strategy.  In other words, they are LIED to.  Completely lied to… as to what they are sent wherever for. 


In reality, police keepers or peace keepers - who are dressed like the military with rifles and grenades and machine guns – ARE SOLDIERS.  I don’t care what they call them, peacekeepers, policing, whatever, they are still soldiers.  Soldiers are sent off to war.  That’s their purpose.  They always start off in every country - and the US was one of the last really, to do this because the Founding Fathers KNEW by the history of Europe – THAT THE MILITARY IS ALWAYS TURNED ON ITS OWN POPULATION.  They debated the problem of having a standing army.  They KNEW that the war wasn’t over with the Revolutionary War.  They knew it would never be over; it would be ONGOING.  That’s one thing that you find about the agenda behind all of this, it never gives up.  So they debated the standing army and they got around it eventually, afterwards by bringing in ‘well, we won’t really have soldiers, we’ll have Marines.’  So you equate them with ships.  That was still the formation of an army basically, a full-time army. 


Armies are never told what they are really fighting about.  They are given the basic propaganda.  I’ve seen some of the stuff that the Pentagon, which admits to putting them out to all kinds of newspapers through different names, as little write-ups but they are actually disguised ads for the military.  Where they talk to Miss so-and-so who’s Corporal-whatever in the military who wants to get over there and fight for her country and all that kind of propaganda nonsense.  They have no idea what they are over there for, really.  They are kept in the dark.  Most of them unfortunately today, don’t care.  Because with young people, especially with the young guys, they’re not too bright.  You’re not too bright.  You don’t know much.  When you’re about 18 or 19, you don’t know much at all.  You’ve had no world wisdom.  You haven’t been knocked on your ass enough times to get respect… wisdom, in fact.  In fact, you rebel against it.  We’ve all gone through it.  But that’s the ideal age to recruit. You’re young.  You’re egotistical.  You want to wear the gear that you’ve seen through all the movies that you’ve been brought up with.  You want to go and kill the bad guys… and whoever your government targets, is suddenly the bad guy.  But YOU’LL NEVER REALLY KNOW THE LONG-TERM AGENDA OF THOSE WHO PLAN THESE WARS.  They never tell you the truth, never, ever. 


To me, an invasion is an invasion.  I don’t care WHAT it’s called.  When an army leaves the shores to go somewhere else, you have an INVASION going on.  That’s what they do.  Don’t go into psycho-politics or the psycho-linguistics, the use of psycho-linguistics… ‘We are going to police this country.’  Nonsense.  You don’t send a military off to police.  They go there to make war.  That’s what they are for.  It’s so interesting, I’ve always said that as the US finishes off and pays for and polices the last… or I really should say, invades the last of the countries that they are meant to invade - I said that years ago - they’ll be pulling the rugs from underneath the U.S., back home, at the same time.  That’s how they work, these big boys who run the world.  THE U.S. HAS TO BE FLATTENED INTO THE VERY SYSTEM THAT IT’S HELPED FORCE ON OTHER NATIONS. 


Because the peasant of America, to those at the top… who are internationalists by the way, completely internationalists, have been all their lives and their parents before them.  They have no allegiance to a country.  They have no allegiance to the American peasant or the British peasant or the Canadian peasant or the Chinese peasant.  We are all peasantry.  Anyone who’s profane and in the dark - IN THE DARK, who laps up the reality at the bottom level, from TV and the newspapers, the profane, as they call them, is in the dark - is just a peasant to them.  Complete peasant. 


The attack, especially in the Western world, Western culture, was mandated as far back as the League of Nations; they’d have to DESTROY THAT CULTURE for this internationalist world they were going to bring in.  They didn’t want a culture and a people who were TOO strong, who COULD stick together and go off and fight for righteous things if required, at least defend their own countries.  That had to be done away with too by DEculturalization.  We’ve had a massive process of deculturalization going on as a new type of culture emerged.  I’ve quoted before Mazzini and different people in the communist sectors who said that in order to rule the people, we must destroy their cultures.  Well guess what?  We’ve all lived through the destruction of it.  Your parents did too.  They didn’t know it. 


There’s hardly anything left of the family unit.  In fact, most of the planks of the Communist Manifesto have been attained.  The rest of it you’re going to see shortly.  In fact, you’re hearing about it, they just simply use different wording.  It’s the same thing.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.  That’s the collectivist system that the Club of Rome and the Royal Institute of International Affairs said they’d bring in.  It’s a nice name for a sort of communistic bureaucracy with NGOs being the new soviet or being given to their foundation leaders.  Back after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just discussing how everyone is conned in this world.  To understand that, you must understand the different levels and layers of reality that different factions or CLASSES of society have been given.  This again, was well understood in the 1800s by the Marxists because they looked at all of society and they initially wanted to bring societies down and make things as bad as possible to get people to rebel.  They even told their members NOT to help those who were begging on the street.  Make it as BAD as possible, as worse as possible, as miserable as possible in order to get people to rebel and revolt.  But then, they had a different tactic eventually decided on for the West… because they realized that there was still enough work to go around especially after World War I came along, then World War II and they changed their tactics on HOW to get the people changing. 


They used some of their famous leaders’ writings, when they studied society and how reality was formed by those who rule.  The idea being, they’d get their people to overthrow the system or infiltrate gradually, like the Fabian technique, which has been very successful.  All the guys pretty well across the Commonwealth of Britain now – that’s Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere – are all Fabianists.  They belong to the Fabian Society.  They basically knew that once they were in power, they would give the public a NEW reality based on the same technique that the old rulers had used to keep people in their reality.  In other words, they’d become dominant at the top.  They’d get us used to having a SCIENTIFIC elite dictating to the public and guiding their lives and managing all of their lives.  And after a generation, it would all become quite normal and the past would be erased and forgotten. 


They had to destroy the family unit.  Since the 60s onwards ESPECIALLY, a full-out attack was made to destroy the family unit.  It’s been incredibly successful.  You’ll hardly see a functioning family, functional family today.  You’ll hardly see one.  There’s very few around now… because everyone is bombarded with messages, mainly through the fiction that they watch every day and the novels they read.  I’ve talked about America’s Cultural Cold War.  How the CIA RAN the culture industry along with Bernays and all these boys.  Well they never gave it up.  You still promote the next part and the next part and the next part of the culture.  The fashions, as Plato said, the fashion works together with the stage play which is now the movie, the drama and through emotional stories, they IMPRINT IDEAS AND WAYS OF BEHAVING INTO YOUR MIND.  Including music… music was very, very powerful, even in Plato’s day, especially on the minds of the youth.  That’s what he talked about. 


Getting back to the present time, we are at the end of really a long-term war and most folk are oblivious to it, what’s actually been even happening.  They still think of communism or collectivism as a bunch of guys with pitchforks - that’s their big fable that they give you - or lady liberty in the French paintings storming the Bastille with all these little peasants around her.  Yet they never go into the fact that every single rebellion and revolution took an incredible amount of PLANNING, COORDINATION and HIGH, HIGH FINANCING, run by the intelligentsia, not by the guys down there doing the fighting.  And nothing has ever changed.  Not only was there a cultural war going on and believe you me, the CIA was NOT there to protect the US.  It was there to ALTER the US on behalf of the elite that they see as their masters, not the American people, to fit into this global system. 


Yes, we’re under attack, not just through culture, not just through all the so-called Lefties being heavily funded, through the nongovernmental organizations, by the big foundations, the parallel government, the so called philanthropists, but they were also attacking you through food and denaturalizing THAT until there’s hardly anything left in it that’s of any substance to you, altering it so much that so many people now have diabetes…  With all the oils that they are using now too, they can’t really work them out of their body.  They end up in fat which cannot be reabsorbed by the body and broken down.  We see the effects of it everywhere, everywhere.  AS, at the same time, they bring you down financially with their ‘quantitative easing…’ or inflation.  As you pay for the wars that are going on right now and supply the men, troops and everything else with your tax money and plus you’re going to now, in December, pay BILLIONS AND BILLIONS, maybe TRILLIONS of dollars through carbon taxes to supposedly – it will never get there – third world countries.  It has to pass through the hands of Gore first and the banking boys and the Rothschild group of banking boys who are taking charge of these carbon credits with their bank in Switzerland… before it gets anywhere.  Some might get trickled down to somebody somewhere, but it won’t be to any guy in a village in Africa. 


It’s a new way to rule the world.  When they are in charge of everything that you NEED to LIVE, food, energy, everything, you’re in big trouble.  They call that INTERdependence.  It means you are totally dependent on your masters for those things to live, the essentials.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s astonishing how quickly even recent history can be ERADICATED.  More so now that everything is going up on the internet and e-books and all the rest of it.  I quoted the Club of Rome quite a few times with their First Global Revolution and apparently there’s a book up there and the valid pages are missing, there’s about 30 pages missing.  They didn’t even bother to sort of fill them in to make it look continuous.  They just aren’t there.  That’s how easy it is to alter reality for those who can’t read books anymore, paper books. 


Getting back to the cultural wars that have been going on until we’re base level, base level in fact.  Of course, it was designed to come to here and that’s why for 20-odd years, 25 years, they’ve been building up internal armies to deal with the problems.  The elite don’t plan to have us all around for too much longer… not too much longer.  We still have to go through the transition phase where we’re to get CRAMMED into the already overloaded cities as we go down the hill and die off, up to the year of about 2050. 


That’s supposed to be helped along by Agenda 21 from the United Nations, this unelected body, this PRIVATE Corporation that people accept as being somehow normal in their lives, like gravity.  They have no idea that it’s a private corporation that’s always shouting about democracy while no one has ever had the vote to put anybody in there, and we’ll never see it either.  THEY ARE DICTATORIAL. They have an agenda.  They appear to be communistic; but then again, Carroll Quigley said, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations are often mistaken for communists because they have the same agenda.  THEY WANT THE WORLD TO BE RUN ALONG COLLECTIVIST, SOCIALIST, SOVIET TYPE LINES.  They thought that was very efficient. 


Meanwhile, it’s mainly the US that pays for it all.  Massive debt.  They’ll never pay the debts off, never mind the last crash.  It cannot be done.  It’s not intended to be done.  It’s only intended to keep using this money system until it’s over and then you get credits… issued by government to you.  That’s what Bertrand Russell said.  You cannot save up your credits, so you’ll all be equally poor.  It will start at the same rate every week.  You can’t save them up.  You will have no private property.  That’s another thing that they ALL agree with, all of these boys.  And no private transportation because in totalitarian regimes, they don’t like you to travel.  In fact, you’ll eventually have ID cards – very shortly – that will actually RESTRICT YOU INTO YOUR LOCAL AREA… maybe to your work and back, in that area.  The collectivist system. 


Meanwhile, we keep supplying the troops.  Every year there’s another bunch turned 17 or 18 and they are into the military as naïve as the last bunch… learning to say all the right things.  ‘I want to go and fight for my country and bring good to the world’ and all that nonsense.  All that nonsense.  They are disposable.  Remember what I said?  Kissinger said this.  He says ‘the military are dumb, stupid animals to be used for foreign policy.’  From his position, he means it.  I see his logic because they aren’t told any truth at all on anything.  To Kissinger, they wouldn’t understand the truth; it’s TOO complex for them to understand long-term geo-politics and big business and oil and economics and all of that stuff.  So they’re told the usual stuff, they’re fighting for their country.  And that’s good enough for them at that age. 


Meanwhile, on USA Today, here’s what they’ve done.  In this war on America and the Western world, knowingly with their GM food and all the rest of it…


Pentagon: A third of U.S. youth too fat, sickly to serve

Nov 04, 2009  /  /  (Posted by Doug Stanglin)


More than a third of American youth of military age are unfit for service, mainly because they are too fat or sickly, the Army Times reports, quoting the latest Pentagon figures.


Most of the rest are too dumb or have used too many drugs to qualify, the study shows.


The report says 35% of the 31 million Americans aged 17 to 24 are unqualified because of physical and medical issues.  (Alan:  What’s happened since the 1950s?  Speeding up from the 1970s and 80s?  Massive inoculations.  Auto-immune problems.  The food supply has been utterly changed and managed… processed foods, de-mineralization of all the soil where they keep growing the same stuff over and over again and just shove chemicals on top, massive pesticides.  GMO food with again, even more massive pesticides, all these different oils and sugars, which they cannot handle.  The body is not meant for it.  It’s not meant for it.  You body is meat to break down ANIMAL fat… not margarine.  They know this too.)


 "The major component of this is obesity," Curt Gilroy, the Pentagon's director of accessions, tells the Times. "We have an obesity crisis in the country. There's no question about it."


He also said young people, by and large, can't do push-ups.


"And they can't do pull-ups," Gilroy says. " And they can't run."


The Times says the Pentagon gets its data from the Centers for Disease Control (A:  Ha… they CONTROL diseases, you see.), which has found that the percentage of youth 18 to 34 who are considered obese has jumped from 6% in 1987 to 23% now.  (A:  That’s when they REALLY altered the food big time.  From 6% in ’87 to 23% now.  Don’t think they are getting greedier.  Don’t think that for a minute.  It’s the stuff in all the food has been altered. YOU USE FOOD AS A WEAPON TO TAKE PEOPLE DOWN.  I hope you understand that.  They’ve had bio-chemists working on these things to destroy other countries.  Do you think they wouldn’t use it on your own?  Obesity was one of them, the failure to absorb and work with these oils and sugars, loaded with pesticides.  GMO.  Do you think they got hundreds of different animal, insect and vegetable genes, put them together to make a bigger potato?  Put together by guys in the BIO-WARFARE INDUSTRY?  To make a better potato because they want to please you?  I don’t think so.)


Here's the Pentagon's breakdown of the ineligible population, according to the Times:


• Medical/physical problems, 35%

• Illegal drug use, 18%.

• Mental Category V (the lowest 10% of the population), 9%.  (A:  Everybody’s IQ is dropping.  You think this is a normal phenomenon?)

• Too many dependents under age 18, 6%.

• Criminal record, 5%.


(A:  Medical and physical problems is 35%, the highest percent.)


The Times reports that Education Secretary Arne Duncan and a group of retired military officers will issue a report on Thursday warning that the situation is so dire it amounts to a threat to national security.


That study will show that when all factors are considered, 75% of military-age youth are not eligible to serve.  (A:  That means 75% have been attacked and put out of action.  That’s another way.  You must always look at other ways of looking at the same thing.)


We’ve been taught from school onwards to have LINEAR thinking.  A wild animal does not have linear thinking.  The so-called primitive peoples do not have linear thinking.  They look at things from many angles, not just this goes to here, which leads to here, which leads to here.  That’s called programming.  YOU’VE GOT PROGRAMMED THINKING.  You have been made into the so-called Masonic ashlar, you’ve been squared.  You should be round and roll like a stone; a rolling stone is natural, it gathers no moss.  Everyone’s been brought up in a scientifically constructed reality of perfect indoctrination.  Well understood in certain quarters.  WELL UNDERSTOOD.  There’s nothing in the planet that’s been so studied as WE have. 


I also read about ANOTHER part of the warfare program, many times actually, pretty recently as well, from the United Nations and how they are really ramping ahead to get the children into becoming obsessed in PRE-PUBERTAL SEX.  That’s the idea.  That’s the REAL intention of getting them obsessed, getting this in their heads at such a young age.  They call it sex education.  It’s not really sex education.  IT’S THE INSTALLATION AND THE IMPRINTING IN THEIR MINDS AND THE FORMATION OF OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOR WHICH WILL CONTINUE THROUGHOUT THEIR LIVES TO DO WITH SEX.  These are techniques which CAN be instilled very easily and in the sciences, they understand this.  They want them ALL, of course, like Bertrand Russell wanted them too.  He tried it in his experimental schools that were authorized by the British Crown to promote pre-pubertal sex.  They encouraged it amongst the students to see what would happen, WITH THE HOPE that it would stop bonding with a particular mate down the road.  The more partners they would have, the less chance they could have a relationship with one… and the less chance there would be to have children. 


If you think that UNICEF and the United Nations is not… They are right at the TOP of this whole program.  This is from The Telegraph.


Parents lose right over sex education

Sex education will be compulsory in all schools, it was announced today, as thousands of parents lose the right to opt their children out of the lessons.

By Graeme Paton, Education Editor  /  5 Nov 2009


Pupils in England (A:  This is all over the world.  It came from the United Nations.  So if it hasn’t hit your country yet, it’s going to shortly or it’s already being introduced and you don’t know it yet.)  will be given classes in sex and relationships from the age of five under Government plans to cut teenage pregnancies.  (A:  It’s amazing.  They push you with a sex culture.  You can’t look anywhere… What do they have out for the children?  You’re little teenyboppers dancing to Much-Music that’s nothing BUT sex, nothing BUT sex.  You’ll see the little toddlers GYRATE trying to copy the dancers.  Doesn’t anybody think about that?  You think that’s all just entertainment?  Really?  No, it’s not.  It’s an agenda.  If, as Mazzini says, we want to rule the people, we must destroy their culture!  It’s that simple.  It’s that simple.  It’s nothing to do with just cutting teenage pregnancies.  The reason they get pregnant is because they are obsessed with sex before they even have puberty coming in.  Once it comes in, there’s bang, gone, that’s it.)


Children will learn about parts of the body, the facts of life and puberty in primary school.  (A:  Starting at 5, they’re actually going to bring it into Kindergarten.)  At secondary school, they will be taught about pregnancy, contraception, HIV and homosexual relationships, it was disclosed. (A:  In other words, they are getting ALL the different alternatives.  In fact, some are getting pulled in already.  I’ve gotten this from a few that have emailed me.  Their teachers or their counselors at school will ask them if they’ve ever tried homosexual relationships.  If they say no, they say well, ‘maybe you’re inhibited; did you ever wonder if you are inhibited?  How would you know unless you’ve tried it?’  This has been taught FOR YEARS in school.  The parents generally are totally ignorant of what’s going on.  This is directed from a very top organization WELL financed through the foundations and through your tax money called the United Nations.  It’s meant to bring in a totally different world than anything that you can remember or even perceive of coming.  Very different world.)


All mothers and fathers will be able to keep children out on moral and religious grounds but will lose the right of withdraw when they turn 15. The ruling will affect 600,000 pupils a year.


The controversial move is designed to ensure pupils get at least 12 months of sex education before finishing compulsory schooling.


But parents’ groups said the decision risked “infringing parents’ rights” and claimed the Government was attempting to legislate in family life.  (A:  Well, of course they are.  What do you think this is?  But they already HAVE because technically, Children’s Aid has more rights over the children than YOU do.  I often wonder if people really are conscious at all, at times.  I really do.  Gradualism, planned gradualism, Fabian style bringing down of the culture… all aimed at destroying the family unit, which the United Nations has stated; Albert Pike stated it as well.  The Communist movement stated it as well, the destroying of the family unit, destruction.  Bertrand Russell, LORD Bertrand Russell, said the same thing, they’d have to destroy the family unit.  They used to think they’d have to take them away from their parents at birth but Russell found out with experimentation that through SCIENTIFIC INDOCTRINATION, if they can get them at the age of 2 in Kindergarten MEANS that whatever input of moral culture the parents try to pass on to the children will be NULL and VOID.  It would be just ignored by the child; they wouldn’t even hear it.  They’d get ALL the new culture from their teachers.)


Faith schools will also be forced to teach all aspects of the new-style curriculum, including same-sex relationships, contraception and abortion, although ministers insisted they could stage lessons within the “tenets of their faith”. (A:  How can you compromise on that?  You either have your faith and your tenants or you don’t. 


Oh God, here’s this character again.  He’s well named for it, he’s… It’s such a joke.)


Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary (A:  for the whole UK.), said: “You can teach the promotion of marriage, you can teach that you shouldn't have sex outside of marriage, what you can't do is deny young people information about contraception outside of marriage. (A:  Believe you me, that’s the part that’s all getting pushed.)


“The same arises in homosexuality. Some faiths have a view about what in religious terms is right and wrong – what they can’t do though is not teach the importance of tolerance.”  (A:  Tolerance…tolerance… being compromised… meaning rolling over.  Back with more after this break.)


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and I’m reading some articles.  I’ll put these links up on my site at the end of the show.  This next one is from The Mail Online.  I won’t read it but I’ll just mention that it tells you about how the parents will be FINED if they take their child out of the sex lessons.  So, there’s government that is there to SERVE YOU… blackmailing you by threats… because they don’t want your morality, if you have any, taught to the child. 


Parents to be fined if they take their children out of sex lessons

By Laura Clark  /  6th November 2009


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I’ll go to the phones and there’s Andrea from New York.  Are you there Andrea?


Andrea:  I’ve persistently been reading something about Jean-Paul Sartre and he had a falling out with Albert Trumeau because of he was a communist sympathizer.  That he denied the purgings of Stalin and that he was involved in this tribunal, war crimes tribunal with Bertrand Russell about Viet Nam and the US.  I was just wondering what you think of him?


Alan:  Of which one? 


Andrea:  Sartre.


Alan:  They play games, these guys at the top.  They even stage oppositions to each other along the way.  So you’ve got to really look behind it and what their final philosophies actually were.  To me, communism is communism.  The only difference that some of them had was either the Trotskyite system or the Stalinist system.  That really was where the difference came with some of them.  Most communists today are Trotskyite.  The UK and MI-6 and the CIA employed lots of the Trotskyite ones.  They were for perpetual revolution, incessant revolution to take the whole world over, whereas Stalin kind of dug his heels in once he’d got the basic Soviet Union together and he was going to take it much slower.  I’ve seen arguments before between the different leaders of different, slightly different doctrines, literally stage shows for the public.  They’ve done this along the road.  So you can’t really… you’ll never really get the whole story on anything except what you glean for yourself.


Andrea:  What about existentialism?  I don’t know very much about existentialism really.  Somebody was talking about it recently to me and just meaninglessness and atheism.  I thought of Sartre and that and his sympathies with communism… and the new world order.  It’s really a new secular order, right?


Alan:  Technically in a sense, it is for those near the upper management level, but not the bosses.  They are Humanists and Existentialists.  Now, when you go into the Humanist websites - and you should look into them – they give you the tenants of their beliefs so they do have beliefs like a religion.  They are also falling right in with the Communist Manifesto, communist agenda where the intelligentsia have the right to manage all the lesser peoples beneath them.  THAT’S WHAT THEY ALL AGREE ON.  All of them agree with that.  But they do have a religion at the top, above even the Humanists and maybe sometime I’ll come out into that and explain it.  That’s a deep, deep subject.  Thanks for calling, Andrea.


Andrea:  Thank you.


As I say, it’s up to you to keep me going.  You can donate through PayPal or check, it’s up to you.  Look into the web site From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




Topics of show covered in following links:


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"Parents lose right over sex education" by Graeme Paton ( - Nov. 5, 2009.

"Parents to be fined if they take their children out of sex lessons" by Laura Clark ( - Nov. 6, 2009.



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