Nov. 12, 2009 (#450)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 12, 2009:

The Wise Men's Dream, Kill 'em All, Save the Cream:

"We're Aboard World Bankers' Ship, the 'Socio-Economic Solution,'
After Bleeding Us Pale, We're About to Sail in Greening Revolution,
Sailing Third-Class, Eating GMO Grass, We Each do Our Part,
Red Flag Unfurled, Turning Third-World, Atoning for Each Fart,
Our Leaders say We'll have to Pay because the World is Warming,
Hard to Believe, We Shiver and Freeze, More Snow than Ever is Falling,
Not too Harsh to Call it Farce, UN's Fancy-Foot Propaganda,
Their Marketing Strategy Changes Reality, Hey Abracadabra!
The Master's Craving's to have Us Slaving, Willingly in His Vision,
In the Planned Society, No-Choice-Variety, Dying Off in World Prison"
© Alan Watt Nov. 12, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 12, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 12, 2009.  Newcomers, look into web site.  That’s the main site.  Scroll down to the other sites I have up there, bookmark them for future use because once in a while the big servers go down and this way you can always get the latest downloads via the alternate sites.  [Sites listed above.]  These are the official sites.  Anything else is bogus.  There’s no MySpace out there with me on it.  There’s no Twitter.  There’s none of that stuff.  It’s all there on that site.  Beware out there, I had 3 different sites go up at the weekend that weren’t mine, with my name on them of course, and even a Twitter page as well.  So, that’s what you have to watch these days.  Make sure you know who you’re looking at and don’t be fooled by disinfo merchants. 


You are the listeners who bring me to you.  There’s nothing backing me here except YOU.  When there’s even less backing than there is, I’ll just go and do other things.  It’s up to you to keep me going.  Don’t depend upon other people doing it.  There are only the same people who donate over and over again… and thousands and thousands listen. 


We live in an age where everyone thinks everything should be free.  What they don’t realize is that everything that is free out there has a PRICE, a price down the road and the price generally is to steal your mind from you and get all your data from you as well, and do personality profiles on you.  That’s what all the free stuff is for.  That’s what the Facebook and all that stuff is for.  That’s been ADMITTED to as well, by the way.  The big group that runs the world has thousands and thousands of private corporations that front for them.  The CIA set up dozens and dozens and dozens of real corporations back in the 60s, even as far back as the 50s in fact.  The 60s and 70s, right up to the present time, REAL companies, funded them into existence, they make real products… and they are complete fronts.  They have socio-political goals, like the VeriChip, that has just combined with another company.  So you have to be very, very careful.  The same thing is happening with your information.  It’s not for YOU.  Mind you, they’ll give you lots of things to drag you IN to tempt you but you pay a price.  A lot of folk today don’t mind because they have been brought up with no real brain in their head except the one that’s been indoctrinated IN to them and they don’t mind giving out all their information.  In fact, they see no point in having any privacy.  THEY ARE GOOD, HAPPY SLAVES. 


It’s up to you to keep me going.  So you can look at my web site, see what’s for sale there.  I’ve only got a few things for sale because I don’t have time to do anything else.  That keeps me going.  Or donate to me through [options listed above].  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them because they don’t have computers and they listen to them on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address listed above].  I’ll look forward to hearing from you.  I really need the help to keep going.  Remember, all the ads on this show are paid by the advertisers straight to RBN for the radio time and their equipment and their bills and for the staff.  So it’s up to you to keep ME going.  Back with more after this break. 


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  The history of the big movement that we are going through is a history of revolutions.  I’ve said many times in the past that most revolutions are bloodless, technically.  Most are bloodless.  They always have bloody ones going on across the world under the guise of policing; but, to be honest with you, most revolutions are bloodless.  They’re cultural changes, that’s really what they’re about… changing the culture.


If you go back into the histories of the big organizations that came out just prior to the French Revolution, they wrote about it.  They published a lot of material.  Then into the 1800s, you find more and more published works by some of the so-called revolutionaries themselves.  Then towards the end of the 1800s, into the Marxist phase, into the 20th century, you find that the Fabians took over to deal with the West, the Fabian Society.  Now, I’ve always mentioned that the big revolutionaries of the past were not working class people and they were not just intelligentsia, they USED intelligentsia to front for them.  They were funded by bankers, the bankers of their day.  That’s who funded them.


The groups of bankers in those days had consortiums.  They had cartels and monopolies.  That’s the only way you can grab a hold of money and keep a hold of it, by keeping everybody else out.  The world they envisaged would be an ORDERLY society, as orderly as bookkeeping.  That’s what they did do; they were into bookkeeping:  profit, loss, estimated profits, etc.  All that kind of stuff is done by bookkeeping.  Nice and tidy.  For a future where you’re going to loan out money to countries, that might not be able to pay you back, they had to get international laws drafted up so that whatever country that they lent money to - or ALL countries who were in conflict with each other regardless of who won or lost - they were guaranteed to be paid.  So if you lost a war, you still have to pay off your debt.  That was all tidied up and sewn up really by the end of the 1800s. 


They had that through various leagues, they called them, the Concert of Europe and different big world meetings that they had.  The leaders of all the big countries and the sovereigns would sign their name down to these kinds of ideas, these treaties.  Then it went into the League of Nations for World War I.  Then you have the United Nations for the present time.  As I mentioned yesterday and I read an article from the World Trade Organization, Mr. Pascal Lamy talked about the structures of global governance.  He refers to the fact that they were set up long ago, as far back – he’s admitting to there – to at least World War II, the Bretton Woods Agreement and the signing of the UN Treaty at the end of World War II.  He refers to them as ‘structures’ of global governance. 


But what kind of governance?  As I say, it goes back an awful long way.  They used the socialist movement, many different types in fact, always to confuse the issue.  They had different varieties on the go at the same time, all funded from the same sources, knowing they would bring them all together at the end, into a big party you might say.  Throughout the 20th century, most of Europe went through – apart from the big wars that they had, which again was to change culture and that’s what Professor Carroll Quigley said.  That PHYSICAL war, the same as revolutions obviously, are meant to also change the culture of opposing parties.  And it does because government EXPANDS, massively.  They create bureaucracy after bureaucracy after bureaucracy and they get in to PRIVATE affairs like private ownership or farming.  They took over all those industries.  After wars, they never let those ministries – they call them ministries – they never let them go.  They are now part of THE authorities.  So you have changed society and the structure of society forever.


I’ve been lucky enough to have lived through some of the revolutions in the 20th century.  Even as a toddler I went through the phases of so-called sexual liberation.  It was called a revolution, the sexual revolution.  It hit society like a ton of bricks all at once.  EVERY major media - and being brought up in Britain, the major media was the BBC - it was all getting pushed from the top down.  No one IN the BBC that worked there was allowed to come from any school, any place but Eton.  Eton, that’s the only place they hired them from to make sure there was a class that was running the lower classes.  Here’s the upper class pushing all this stuff and drugs at the same time and even the fashion, as Plato said.  Everything works together… drama, fashion, movies, all at the same time pushing this kind of happy, crazy, ‘there’s no consequences’ idea… because they brought out the birth control pill at the same time. 


That’s something that they lacked when they tried this before during the 20s, the ROARING 20s when they made Booze Cans very nice places to visit.  That’s because they were BAD, they were BAD for the youth, and prohibition.  They brought in Jazz and the mini skirt too.  They tried the mini skirt too.  But they had all the fall out of venereal diseases and no penicillin’s.  They had massive deaths from the back street abortion industries.  They didn’t have the pill.  So they would literally use the tax money of the public, from the government of course, funneled it on to science to bring out something that would stop the consequences. 


They brought the whole thing back much the same.  They changed it from Jazz into what they called Pop music, then Rock music.  Everyone takes it.  When you’re growing up and you’re young and something comes along, it’s AIMED RIGHT AT YOU by experts, marketing experts.  You just jump into it thinking it’s for you.  IN fact, you think it IS yours.  They sang songs like My Generation and stuff like that… that was all written by guys who were NOT members of your generation at all.  That’s how it’s run.  That’s how you run culture. 


We’ve had a lot of revolutions, cultural revolutions, throughout the 20th century.  They NEED revolutions to be ongoing; this is how they said they would fulfill their dream of an ordered, planned society.  First they get you to literally think you are free, do as you want sort of thing… but of course the intention was to destroy something they HAD to destroy.  Something that Karl Marx talked about and many others.  That was the destruction of the family unit.  It had to go.  You can’t have a family unit there and people standing up FOR one person within that family when the government’s after them.  It’s much easier when the government comes and there’s no one to stand up for anybody.  That’s what they’ve accomplished today.  The family unit technically is gone.  It’s in its death throes. 


Revolutions are very successful when they are planned, well financed and promoted from the TOP down, as everything must be.  Anything that came out of the blue that was not planned from the top would be immediately crushed; because, as Plato discussed himself, any cultural changes from the BOTTOM would cause a kind of ripple effect through society that was out of the elite’s control, therefore it’s not allowed.  The greatest technique is to make the public at the bottom think it’s theirs, that this revolution is theirs.  It works every time.  And there is always a political end, a socio-political end that comes out of it.   Planned, worked out, strategized, implemented, and it works perfectly. 


Now we’re going through this greatest con of all and it’s called the Green Agenda, the Green Revolution.  Whenever you hear ‘revolution’ coming out from mainstream until it becomes a catchphrase and ALL the media keeps using it, and all media gets their green correspondents, at the same time mind you, then you know you are going through a PLANNED revolution… PLANNED.  Once again, it’s from the TOP down.  The green revolution is a fantastic way to divert the public from their OWN governments… as they go down the hill, paying for it all mind you.  The governments will stand up and say ‘well we can’t do anything about it because we all agreed,’ at the United Nations or at the Copenhagen Treaty, or whatever else is planned in the future.  ‘We all agreed, you see, to cut emissions by blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.’  It’s almost like they want you to feel sorry for THEM; they have no option once they’ve signed it all.  That’s how… psychologically it takes the heat off them and it tends to work with the public too.


There is nothing written in stone… although they want you to think that.  Any treaty that’s ever been made, any law that’s ever been made CAN BE TORN UP just like that, regardless of all the rubbish they give us.  ‘Oh it would take years to undo, years to unravel.’  Utter rot.  All you do, is you get a good wood stove and you tear it all up and you throw it in the fire… and it’s GONE.  Then you put other laws into replace them.  That’s what you do.  It’s amazing how we go along with these rules and regulations.  Then the leaders of different countries – I hate even calling them leaders because they are just front actors – they turn around and say ‘well, the US has demanded and the people of Britain have demanded…’  WE demand nothing at the bottom, nothing at all.  It’s just a pantomime for the public.  Back with more after this break. 


I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about revolutions.  We’ve had one revolution after another but really they were all preset long ago in sequence how they would work.  Lenin talked about it, about ‘services’ becoming ‘authorities’ eventually.  We’re at that stage now.  Every service, even police services are now authorities; they are now called ‘enforcers,’ but really, they are supposed to be a service.  They receive money from the tax payer.  They are supposed to SERVE the tax payer… but we’ve forgotten that you see.  We’ve been TRAINED to forget that in fact.  So have the cops themselves been trained to forget that.  They get into their local law enforcing and bringing in cash through tickets and so on FOR governments.  That’s what they really do is bring in cash through handing out tickets all the time and there’s always more laws put on the books every day, something to hand tickets out about. 


This green revolution we’re going through now is the final part.  Out of the green revolution and all this farcical nonsense that it talks about and all its farcical excuses that it uses, will change society completely… right down to what you eat.  There will be no meat eventually.  That’s to be phased out completely because those who designed the system a long, long time ago said that they would cut out meat all together.  It’s much easier having a population, making them… by studying different cultures and what really worked for a long time. 


The Brahmans of India have lorded over the peasants for thousands of years by pushing vegetarianism.  You make sure then that you RESTRICT what they are given access TO in that diet.  You end up with people who can work but they can’t think too clearly or well.  They certainly don’t think about rebelling and neither would they have the energy to do it successfully.  So vegetarianism is part of the deal.  All you will have eventually are the genetically modified vegetables by the big Monsanto, laced with all this pesticide.  So it will fulfill different roles at the same time AND reduce the population by poisoning you basically and giving you all these cancers, which is already happening.  It’s been happening for YEARS in fact.  They know this at the top as well.  That’s why they don’t eat the stuff they make us eat, those at the top. 


They must also bring down society.  Now, you can imagine, we’ve gone through supposedly since 9/11, attacks by terrorists.  Now there are terrorists across the whole planet suddenly.  We are now under police states basically; martial law police states… across the world.  Every country signed the same bills at the same time, meaning they were written up and agreed to many years in advance because governments work very slowly.  Then of course we had, I think it was the West Nile virus that was going to kill us all.  That didn’t happen.  Then it was the Bird flu that was going to kill us.  That didn’t happen.  Then it was this present flu… and of course the financial crash as well, that no one saw coming apparently, and we bailed out the bankers who’d looted all our bank accounts. 


Here we are in a depression, financial depression at the end of a phase where the GATT Treaty through the World Trade Organization put all your factories abroad so you’re not productive societies anymore.  You’re consumer societies so you don’t bring as much money as you used to do – anywhere near what you used to do – because you don’t manufacture.  They gave it all to China.  Therefore, we’re at the bottom of depression and we’ve been cleaned out by the banks.  We’ve all been hit with a massive tab that will claim the first-borns of generations to come to pay it off.  All okay by your government standards by the way.  That’s all okay… while they are spending on the military like crazy and forcing us to fork out cash to save the environment as well.  Think about that.  Think about that.  Would that make any sense to you?  Well you see it’s an agenda; it’s nothing to do with reality… the whole climate nonsense.  It’s an agenda.  Here we are going through the cooling period and they are still pushing global warming.  I said that would happen.  I said I don’t care if you’re standing up to your neck in snow, they’ll keep pushing this global warming until they have it all signed, sealed and delivered… chiseled in stone. 


This article here from the green watchdog for this newspaper… every newspaper’s got one.  That’s part of the agenda. 


Green home makeover will cost up to £15,000,

says climate watchdog chief

(Alan:  You’ve got a climate watchdog chief, what a farcical title.

  A weather watchdog chief.)

Larry Elliott, economics editor, Tuesday 10 November 2009


Lord Turner (A:  Another Lord.  They always end up on the right side don’t they?) said 'more of a whole house approach' is required if carbon emission targets are to be met.


(A:  Then they show you this ridiculous photograph of a house, at the front of a house, that’s painted yellow, with the older windows that it’s got.  It shows you it’s all painted green on the right after the makeover. And the windows at the bottom are at least 1/3rd less the size, smaller windows… to let in less light.  They’ll say it’s to save heat of course, but that means you’re going to have to burn more electricity to SEE inside because it’s going to be absolutely dark inside.  It’s farcical.)


The head of Britain's climate change watchdog predicted today that households will need to spend up to £15,000 on a full energy efficiency makeover if the government is to meet its ambitious targets for cutting carbon emissions.  (A:  This is BEFORE they sign the final treaty.  It’s a done deal, by the way.  All these world meetings are just formalities where they have a massive meal and slap each other on the back for conning the public.  That’s all it is.  The bureaucrats draft all this stuff up way in advance.  So they want you all to now spend masses of money that you don’t have, in an economy that’s gone, to supposedly save energy in your home… BY LAW… by law.  And you won’t be able to sell your house UNLESS you’ve done it all.  Good-bye private property.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about revolutions and how we go through one after another - all directed from the top of course - to guide us into a new type of society that’s constantly changing.  They knew where they were going to go at the very beginning before all the different revolutions.  We’re just at this present one.  This is the PHASE we’re going through, this greening revolution.  Everything goes green to save the world that’s suddenly, apparently going to fall out of orbit.  It’s all utter rubbish, but that doesn’t matter because anything will do to get it going.  Propaganda overcomes reason with most people who won’t look into any other facts that are out there.  In fact, they don’t really care too much about facts; they just want to get on board with the majority.  That’s the problem with the majority.  Most folk belong to the majority.  The majority is always managed by a tiny minority.  They just don’t know it at the bottom.  people like to be the same as everybody else and then they get on board with it. 


It says here


Warning that Britain needs to step up its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases after picking all the "low-hanging fruit", Adair Turner said radical steps would be needed for electricity generation, cars and homes.  (A:  Now, they’re going to sign this agreement – it’s a done deal as I say – at Copenhagen very, very shortly.  If you want to see how much of a hell they can bring in, you just have to wait and see till they publish the whole thing for you.  You’re going to find out then.  It’s going to come right down to population control.  That’s the big one too… population control… by law, enforceable.  That’s coming, definitely.  A vegetarian society.  You won’t be able to travel very far… because cars will be off the roads.  Agenda 21 at the UN signed years ago will kick right in there… totally, completely.  You’ll be stuck in a certain area basically, without special permits to travel outside of them.  They can not have people traveling all over the place in a totalitarian world.  It doesn’t work too well.) 


The government has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 34% from their 1990 levels by 2020 but slipped off course during the economic boom earlier this decade. (A:  I wonder when that was.)  "When we get the figures for 2008-09 we may look to be on target, but only because we have had a thumping recession," Lord Turner said.  (A:  They don’t want to call it a depression; they call it recessions.)


"There is a danger of the government saying "look, we are back on target". We will be back on target for the worst possible reason."


Turner said that the UK had made "pretty rapid progress" on cutting emissions during the "dash for gas" in the 1990s, but had not maintained the progress during this decade. Tough decisions were now needed…


It’s just amazing.  You put these characters in a role and they all love role-playing.  They can move them around from area to area.  They can be minister of the environment one year and minister of welfare the next year and minister for something else the next year… and they are sudden experts, you see.  They read their lines very well.  What am I today, boss?  You’re going to be the minister for environment.  Okay.  And they hand them this little pre-scripted stuff to read.  This is how it works in every country.  It’s all a farce.  We are living through a script.  The whole planet is living through scripts all the time and they don’t know it.  They haven’t a clue.  Very, very few people EVER, ever live in reality.  If you do, you’d better be a very good actor because the rest will turn on you… when you come out with odd statements, odd to them, that is.  ‘He’s weird; he thinks… hmm.’  And you’ll be in an awful lot of trouble. 


We always take the farces too.  Like I mentioned the other day about soldiers and wars and how they love the propaganda.  It’s good enough for them.  Young guys, really, they’re too immature to think too deeply about things.  They certainly don’t think about death, for themselves that is.  It’s impossible when you’re young; you’re going to live forever; in fact, you’re never going to get old.  That’s how young people think.  That’s why they hire young people to go into the military.  Older folk generally have a bit more sense. 


I can remember back in the Iraq pounding - the so-called policing effort - when they were at war with Iraq.  People said at the time, ‘oh they’re going to go for the oil.’  Then they said, ‘no, it’s really to get a bad man out of the way’ and all that nonsense.  Remember, they bombed all the refineries.  It was in American newspapers at the time, from statements by the Air Force that said, they were told to bomb the refineries.  The reason apparently was that they were old and antiquated, not very efficient.  The idea was that after the war the American tax payer would fund the building of refineries.  Well it’s all being done now… thanks to the tax payer as always.  Now they are handing it out – the spoils of war – to their pals.  So…


ExxonMobil-led consortium nets 'supergiant' Iraq oil field

Group wins bid to develop west Qurna as baghdad signs up slew of big contracts

Reuters   /  Friday, November 06, 2009  /  Ahmed Rasheed and Muhanad Mohammed


BAGHDAD: An ExxonMobil-led consortium has beaten rival Russian, French and Chinese groups to bag initial rights to develop Iraq’s West Qurna field, the Oil Ministry said, adding momentum to Iraq’s bid to unlock its oil riches. With reserves of 8.7 billion barrels, West Qurna is among the prized Iraqi fields eyed by Western oil majors as they face flat or lower output at home and stiff competition from Chinese and Indian oil companies in bidding for oilfields elsewhere.


“The consortium led by ExxonMobil, which includes Shell, won the contract to develop West Qurna Phase One oilfield,” Oil Ministry spokesman Asim Jihad said.


The initial deal was signed in Baghdad on Thursday but needs Cabinet approval before it can be finalized.


The 20-year contract is part of a raft of deals (A:  I love how they say it.  It’s floating, eh?)  Iraq is close to formalizing in a bid to catapult itself to the world’s third largest oil producer after decades of war and economic decline.  (A:  So they are going to continue to loot those countries.  They’re not going to get profit in Iraq… but what changes?)


There is no guarantee that Iraq’s next government – to be elected in January ­– will honor the deals (A:  It will be.  It’s the same puppet government as they put in before.), but it injects optimism into prospects for Iraq’s battered oil sector and a second oil bid-round in December, after a lacklustre June auction.


ExxonMobil, partnering Royal Dutch Shell, beat Russia’s LUKOIL – which had teamed up with US oil-major ConocoPhillips – and two other groups led by France’s Total and China’s CNPC. (A:  So there you go.  That’s the spoils of war.  It’s geo-political and it’s also economic. )


I remember the movie years ago with Robert Redford.  It think it was Day of the Condor.  The whole movie at that time – done back in the late 60s, maybe early 70s – was about these war games ongoing all the time with the CIA, on having to eventually go into the Middle East by force under different guises to grab oil for themselves for the future.  Here we are living through it.  Quite something.  Quite something, but what changes?  What changes?


I can remember Maggie Thatcher talking about in her New World Order lecture series that she spoke at Massey Hall in Toronto.   That was about 10 years before they eventually went into Iraq, at the same time.  She said the next war will be on religious fundamentalism.  At that time no one understood it.  They said ‘What was she talking about?  Is she going to after Mennonites or something; what is this?’  We know today what it is because they definitely are stamping out the last vestiges of religions… especially those whose religion happens to be their culture, such as the Islamics.  It’s very SELECTIVE.  It’s a very selective war isn’t it, on fundamentalism? 


This article here is from the Israeli newspaper called the Haaretz.   A rabbi has written a book.


West Bank rabbi:

 Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel

By Haaretz Service  /  09/11/2009  /


(A:  Listen to this fundamentalism here.)


Just weeks after the arrest of alleged Jewish terrorist, Yaakov Teitel, a West Bank rabbi on Monday released a book giving Jews permission to kill Gentiles who threaten Israel.


Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement, wrote in his book "The King's Torah" that even babies and children can be killed if they pose a threat to the nation.  (A:  You can understand when you’re brought up with the Talmud and you believe in it, why they do things like Gaza… they’re also getting rid of generations to grow up who aren’t yet a threat but they’re going to possibly be a threat.)


Shapiro based the majority of his teachings on passages quoted from the Bible, to which he adds his opinions and beliefs.


"It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation," he wrote, adding: "If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments (A:  What they mean by that is the Noahide laws that the Gentiles are supposed to follow.  The 7 Noahide Laws.  If they break any of them you’re supposed to be killed.  Ronald Reagan signed that into law for the US, by the way.  Look it up in Wikipedia.)  - because we care about the commandments - there is nothing wrong with the murder."


Several prominent rabbis, including Rabbi Yithak Ginzburg and Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, have recommended the book to their students and followers.  (A:  Then it goes on to give related articles: 


-Cases of Jewish terrorist Yaakov Teitel and Meir Amshalem bear striking resemblances

(A:  These are terrorists within Israel itself that were killing Arabs by getting on buses and shooting them down… stuff like that.)



So I guess the war on fundamentalism is a very selective war when this can be printed here… and people can publish books on killing Gentiles and their children.  And the world will be silent as everyone knows.  The world will be SILENT on this, as always. 


They had no problem looking at Saddam Hussein when we were told to look at ‘oh he’s a bad man, let’s get rid of Saddam Hussein.’  That’s what George Bush said during the inquest on the war in Iraq.  After it was all done he says, ‘I didn’t say he was responsible for 9/11,’ which is a lie.  They showed you clips on TV after that response to show him saying it over and over again.  He said, ‘I just said that Saddam Hussein was a bad man and the world was better off without him.’  That’s good enough for the public though.  When the public are told to go off and fight another war somewhere else, they’ll fall for the next spiel of propaganda, quite willingly too because it’s always over there isn’t it? 


Do you notice that almost all the news you get is somewhere else?  Somewhere so far out of your ken that it’s almost like a battle’s on a planet outside the universe somewhere that you probably will never visit, so it doesn’t affect you.  That’s how MOST of the news now is today, isn’t it, because it’s all international news.  Meanwhile, you’ll never know what’s going on in your own area.  What’s REALLY going on in your own area?  That’s a great trick too though isn’t it?  You know there are provinces in Canada that don’t know what’s happening in the next province… or across Canada in different provinces.  It’s the same in the States.  Another trick.  But we can hear what’s happening to certain women in tribes in Africa can’t we?  Boy!  What a world. 


Part of the socialist program is to kill off the ‘useless eaters.’  According to the bankers and their books on efficiency where everything must add up properly generation after generation, so many live, so many die, and blah, blah, blah, so many produce, you know.  They are killing off the elderly, under many guises.  You got to stop listening to excuses for something when it continues and use your common sense.  Those who give you your realities depend on the fact that you’ll accept the excuses given… everything is a blunder, it’s a mistake, blah, blah, blah.  Meanwhile it will continue and continue in whatever area it happens to be in. 


Here’s something and it falls right in with the definition of the United Nations ‘good world citizen’ where it says that a good world citizen is a producer AND consumer.  People who are then elderly are no longer producing, they are just consuming… that’s a bad thing in today’s world order.  You’re using up the resources of the system, you see… the PROFITS, in other words.  This article is from the BBC.


Dementia drug use 'killing many'

By Nick Triggle  /  Health reporter, BBC News  /  Thursday, 12 November 2009


(A:  Remember, when you end up in an elderly place, you’re automatically going to get classified as dementia anyway, because you’re old.  Being old today has got a bad connotation.  When they brought in this whole socialist agenda and definitely, really about 1960 or so, in the movies that they churned out since then, it’s all about young people.  Now it’s so ridiculous that they have things like CSI on TV and stuff and then different things about hospitals, these dramas, and some of the people are about 20 years old in it… to make you think that these are the ones who are active and intelligent, making all the right decisions.  It’s a reversal of reality.  Total reversal.  It’s so ridiculous now that people are terrified of aging.  Prior to that, people who were elderly were looked up to and respected and you would go to them to get some wisdom to do with problems that you would have in your own life.  You don’t get that anymore.  They knew too, when they would destroy the family unit, which they have successfully done, that eventually, if there’s no family, then who’s going to take care of the elderly?  So they created these old folks homes… or TERMINAL places, as I call them, EXIT places.  That’s what they really are.  Once again, it was started off as a SERVICE.  Police services, now it’s enforcers.  You’ve got health care service, now it’s an authority.  And these elderly services that again, come into being an authority.  ‘We can’t let them stay at home like that.  Good God, they’ve got a sink full of dishes there that are all dirty and they just leave them.’  Well, by God, I was doing the same thing when I was 20.  Anyway, getting back to what I’m saying…)


About 180,000 patients a year are given the drugs in care homes (A: This is in the UK but it’s happening everywhere; it was happening in the States before the UK.), hospitals and their own homes to manage aggression.  (A:  They’re calling it.)


But the expert (A:  Again, EXPERTS.  They don’t have to do names anymore, just experts.) review - commissioned by ministers (A:  That’s politicians.) - said the treatment was unnecessary in nearly 150,000 cases and was linked to 1,800 deaths.


The government in England has agreed to take steps to reduce use of the drugs.


These include:

•Improving access to other types of therapy, such as counselling

(A:  You can’t live your life to the end anymore without all these PROFESSIONAL MANAGERS coming in and telling you what to do.  If you get agitated, they just drug you… to death.  Back with more after this break.)


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ll go the phones now and I’ll talk to Maggie from Texas.  Are you there Maggie?


Maggie:  Hello.  I did not catch what it was that you said that Ronald Reagan signed into law.  It was in the context of a book that some Israeli rabbi has written.


Alan:  This book was written just recently but they mentioned the 7 laws that Gentiles are to follow.  Most Gentiles don’t know it.  When Ronald Reagan was in, he signed the 7 Noahide laws, Noah.


Maggie:  He signed them?


Alan:  Into law, for all US citizens. 


Maggie:  For all US citizens and not just Christians.  Is that correct?


Alan:  That’s all US citizens.


Maggie:  Where do we find them?  How is it spelled?


Alan:  It’s Noah-hide.  I think it’s N-o-a-h-i-d-e.  If you do a search on Wikipedia they’ll give you the details and Ronald Reagan and all the links that you can check up for yourself.  You can also check up, do a search for them in the newspaper columns and Google and you’ll go back into them.


Maggie:  It sounds like a completely illegal act.


Alan:  It was actually approved by Congress.


Maggie:  Really?!?  And nobody heard about it?


Alan:  Well, the important things aren’t heard.


Maggie:  Of course not… yeah.  Okay.  [Alan and Maggie laughing.]  Okay thank you Alan.


Alan:  Bye now.  The important things are never mentioned really, by Congress.  Now there’s Ray from Wyoming there.  Are you there Ray?


Ray:  Hello.  This lady is still baffled by this law that you were talking about with her.  If the Americans, or US citizens, actually knew what laws they were subject to, they would be up in arms tomorrow.


Alan:  It actually says in Noahide laws, if you break the law they can cut your head off.  That was passed by the Congress.  [Laughing.]


Ray:  I wouldn’t doubt it.  I mean, there are so many things that we as a country have been subjected to that if the normal citizenry knew it, they would just revolt.


Alan:  I know, and you know something?  It’s SO endless.  It’s scroll upon scroll.  It’s like toilet paper.  Law after law after law, reels and reels of it, that you just don’t hear until they are implemented. 


Ray:  Years ago when I first started reading some of the UN documents that we adhere to and that were proposed and which many of them now are laws that we are subjected to, it was SO unbelievable that you couldn’t fathom it.  But see, the law is passed but they haven’t enforced it.  But it exists and that’s what people don’t understand.  We basically have legislated our country out of existence. 


Alan:  You’re quite right.  And when they signed the Treaty, in fact, in San Francisco in ’46 I think it was, every country that signed on to it KNEW DARNED WELL it was for global government.  They signed away their sovereignty right there and then.  They agreed to sign every treaty the UN would put forth from then on.  They agreed to all of that absolutely.  I was to end national sovereignty. 


Ray:  I used to listen to Alan Stang and basically I was made aware of him through the Birch Society.  You know some of the things that he brought up was like ‘enforce the peace.’  How do you enforce the peace?  All these things have come to be and people do not believe it.  We’re going to perish inch by inch.  Was that TS Elliot who said that?


Alan:  We are.  We’re also the straw man.  We’ll go out with a whimper, not with a bang.  That’s true. 


Ray:  They continually assault us with these laws.  There’s going to be the NGOs that are sitting back there that just coming up with one after another after another.  I mean, you get one little victory and you think you’ve accomplished something but you haven’t accomplished anything because they’ve taken an end around it anyway.


Alan:  They have.  When you have one thing, they have 10 other similar things on the go with different names.  You’re quite correct.  The NGOs are just the fronts for the big foundations.  You’re quite right.  Thanks for calling.  That’s the end of the show and the music is playing.


So for Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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"Antipsychotic drug 'stroke risk' " ( - Aug. 28, 2009.



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