Nov. 13, 2009 (#451)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 13, 2009:

Terrify the Sheeple then Roll Out the Needle:

"T.V. Infantile Marketing can Surely Bring Tears
When Government Employs Marketing, it Creates Fears,
Stampeding the Herd into Non-Thinking Mode,
By Threats of Doomsday They Incessantly Goad,
The Now Sweating Breathless Herd in Guided Direction,
Where Sleeves are Rolled Up, Arms Bared for Injection,
With Every Stab, See Fat Pharma's Face Gloating,
As Taxpayers' Shekels Fill His Pot 'til it's Bloating,
Marketing Fear is a Strategy Always in Season,
It Makes People Compliant, Giving Up Reason,
Like Giving Up All Rights to Stop Planet Fryin',
From Al Gore et al, Coached Experts in Lyin' "
© Alan Watt Nov. 13, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 13, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 13, 2009.  Newcomers go into  Thatís the main web site.  Scroll down, look at all the other sites I have up there, bookmark them for future use.  These are the ONLY official sites I have; anything else is bogus.  [Sites listed above.] is the European site.  It has all the same audios as the rest for download, but it has the addition of transcripts for download and you can print them up and pass them around to your friends.  They are written in the various languages of Europe.  There are quite a lot of my talks that have been translated and more to come.  Remember, anything else out there is utterly bogus.  If anyone else is out there selling stuff with my name, let me know because it happens all the time. 


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Tonight, again, Iíll be going in to some of what is REAL and what is fake out there.  We live in an age where mass marketing is used by government and government departments and the United Nations to terrify the publicÖ terrify them into going along with agendas that are very, very misleading.  The flu shot and all this hype about the flu isnít just about big money.  Thatís a big part of it certainly but itís for something to come down the road.  Itís the same with the climate change thing.  Itís going to change our ENTIRE ways of living.  A completely preplanned, structured society from birth to death on how you can live; thatís what itís all about.  Thatís why if youíre standing up to your neck in snow, I donít care, theyíll still be saying itís global warming like parrotsÖ global warming, rah, rah, over and over and over regardless of the facts.  Facts donít matter when it comes to marketing.  Look at your ads on television.  They never TELL you any truth, they just say Ďyou want this; it looks nice.í  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before I go into my talk tonight, Iíll just mention that Waiting for the Miracle, my fourth book, is available now in Spanish and Portuguese for anyone whoís interested.  Youíll see it in the site for sale. 


Marketing is an incredible science, incredible science, very old too and even taught through the 1800s and LONG before Iím sure, by merchants to merchants on how to sell their wares.  It developed into office towers eventually, like Madison Avenue.  They deal with the MIND of the general public.  Bernays was famous for understanding Ė and he was taught this stuff Ė understanding the populace, what makes them tick, what makes them purchase, what motivates them.  He used it FOR the politicians as well as for the private companies that wanted to sell things.  He was often in to see the President of the US - all through his life with different Presidents Ė to find ways of even promoting wars and stuff like that.  Very good at it. 


Yet they have utter contempt - according to his daughter - for the general population, for the masses.  He had total contempt.  I understand why because you can image if you want to get women wearing mini skirts and smoking cigarettes in the 1920s and you do your promotions by getting society, young females in society to dress that way and smoke in public and announce it with publicity and getting it through all the cinemas of the day, then you see that the population is copying it, just like thatÖ eventually you become disdainful of the publicÖ as if they have no ideas of their own and they DONíT have any ideas for themselves.  They emulate what they see and what they think the wealthier people are doing and wearing and speaking about or reading or whatever.  Thatís what they emulate.  So itís an old science but itís been used all through Bernaysí lifetime right up to the present time by governments to a great extent.  They spent a lot of money on marketing strategies to convince the public of this or that or whatever. 


Remember, in marketing FACTS DONíT COUNT.  They spew out false facts.  They spew them out and theyíll stick to that regardless of the cost because they know the propaganda with mass marketing will overcome logic and rationale eventually.  If you just keep at it long enough, it overcomes reason.  Weíve seen this with the so-called Swine flu nonsense thatís been pushed out there where they try to panic the whole planet.  A lot of people HAVE been panicked, even though the CDC has done reports that after panicking the public and after billions being given to the drug companies - for many shots to come in subsequent years by the way - they admitted that 97-98% of all the swab tests that were sent in as suspected H1N1 Swine flu variety were actually not the flu at all.  Thatís almost 100% that are neither the common yearly flu nor Swine flu.  They put it down to probably some other virus or bacterium, or I would add to it hysteria because everyone with a snotty nose was running in to get a swab test done. 


Itís interesting too that halfway through the year, the FDA and the CDC and all the rest of them who were all involved in this said to stop actually taking swab testÖ just put everyone down with Swine flu.  So you got to alter all the facts to FIT the marketing strategy.  Personally, I believe through the information Iíve gone over throughout the years to do with vaccinations, that they have more sinister purposes.  I donít believe itís just money and profit.  I donít believe it really helps anyone at all.  I can certainly say with confidence and all the stuff Iíve read, that it has tremendous effects on the human body, ill effects, and long term, generally chronic.  You get, apart from the Guillain-Barre syndrome, thereís a whole bunch of syndromes.  They even admit that a lot of the early vaccinations for children WILL damage localized parts of the brain, throughout their different studies.  Iíve got SO much information from the official sources themselves which they donít advertise at all. 


I still believe that itís part of the fertility agenda, bringing down fertility.  I really believe that.  When you study the sudden drop in fertility, according to the United Nations since 1950 to the present, itís been plummeting AS mandated inoculations were rising.  Itís the same with autism.  Thereís no doubt whatsoever.  The graph starts soaring along with the mandated inoculations for children.  So thereís definitely a correlation there.  Absolutely. 


When you understand it as well, from a rulersí point of view, you see government does not work in the way that people THINK it does.  It really doesnít.  Most people in government are preselected.  They are also vetted for certain qualities you might say, the ability to see the things that theyíre told to see and look away when theyíre supposed to look away from things.  Most of them are corruptible and have been corrupted before they got in to politics.  They donít mind the occasional money passing their way.  THATíS MY OPINION of politicians, the world overÖ by studying them and by watching how much money they had when they went in to politics and how much they had when they left politics and then the directorships they get put on, the boards of directors, maybe 12, 15, sometimes 20 of them, right after leaving politics.  Why do you think they go on with all these free shares involved?  Itís a pay off. 


Institutions run governments.  Disraeli in the 1800s in Britain said the same thing.  He says, the public have no idea who really runs the government.  He says itís not the people that you see.  No idea at all.  You probably find even that the CIA has far more input on how the society goes than any politician or even all of them collectively.  They look upon the people as a herd, in the CIA and the military-industrial complex.  They go through all these future scenarios, Ďwhat ifí scenarios.  What if we ran out of oil?  They had this going in the 60s and practiced war games with taking over the Middle East.  What if there are too many people?  How would we bring them down?  Well, there would be riots in the streets if they made it mandatory to sterilize the people so therefore youíd have to do it STEALTHILY, with stealth and cunning and always with deniability.  How do you introduce it?  Through inoculations and different means of introducing things into the body to do so. 


The UN also had studies going and people like Arthur Koestler that worked for MI-5 at one point and churned out all these left wing, Trotskyite novels, also was a part of it.  He wrote about that in his own bookÖ ways to lobotomize that part of the brain that made you an individual.  Because the big problem of governments has always been to keep the people placid and going along with everything that they want them to go along with.  Then we saw Kissinger with his bill in the 70s coming out with Ďthe greatest threat to the state was overpopulation.í  Massive amounts of money went to finding ways to stop them, the birth rate, from rising.  To find ways, especially in the third world countries, to stop them from becoming healthy, from growing into productive societies because they did not want competitionÖ AT ALL, from any of the third world countries.  So keep them in POVERTY, keep wars going.  When wars are on the go, no one is working in the fields.  When they are not working the fields, people starve. 


You had all through the Cold War this ping pong game of the US and Britain supplying the right-wingers and Russia supplying the left-wingers.  They sat back and they watched them fight for years and years and years in different places in Africa.  This is all geo-politics, you see.  Whenever you see plans for a country outside your own, thatís to be brought down in some way or another BY your country, donít ever think that you also are exempt from that, whatever tactic theyíre using, depopulation, fertility dropping and all that stuff.  NO.  You are included in it.  Eventually, the big eating machine comes around TO YOU.  NEVER FORGET THAT. 


With this global warming rubbish that they now call climate change Ė which means changes in the weather, which used to be normal, growing up for me.  Thatís why you had the weather man on TV that actually was a climatologist.  Now they fired them all since they started this farce and just get these young guys in who just read the dummy board and they donít know why things are happening the way they are.  The climate bill at Copenhagen WILL be signed.  Itís already a done deal.  Whenever they meet at these things, itís just getting the signatures on it.  Itís all been done in advance at previous meetings by the bureaucracies involved. 


You will NOT be able to sell your home unless it is thermal efficient, as theyíll say.  To get it thermal efficient will probably cost more than the house is worth.  And youíll find - guarantee you, you will find this because theyíve done this before in similar areas - if you canít upgrade it and afford it, then you canít sell it, then you also canít live in it because they will fine you 1 to 2 to $5,000 a day until you comply, you see.  This will drive lots and lots of people into the AUTHORIZED cities - already overcrowded of course, but that wonít matter - where the landlords with thousands of apartments get benefits to upgrade from the government.  Thatís where youíre going to live.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the big, big agenda and really nothing is going to stop this apart from destroying every treaty ever made with the United Nations to be honest with you.  There are so many it would take a while to go through them and burn them up.  This is a big, big agenda planned intergenerationally for an awful long time by the big boys who basically run the world.  But theyíll stick to their guns to get any lie through and once itís through, then theyíll go quiet again because once the law is on the books they can stretch any law to wherever they want to go and they know EXACTLY where they want to go with every law. 


Even in the southern hemisphere itís colder than normal.  It says here,


It's official: October was frigid

By Rebecca Fox/Created 04/11/2009 /  Published on Otago Daily Times Online News (New Zealand)


Chilly weather kept temperatures down to record low levels across Otago last month, with Dunedin experiencing its coldest October since records began about 60 years ago.


Nationally, it was the coldest October in 64 years, with an average temperature of 10.6degC (1.4degC) below the long-term average) and record low temperatures recorded in many areas, including Otago, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) climate summary says.  (Alan:  Then it goes on to tell you that they are down all over the place, in the lower hemisphere.)


Then, you go on to this articleÖ


Church bells to ring out warning on climate change

Nov 12  /


(Alan:  The World Council of Churches - I donít know if they explain that here - was Rockefellerís method of getting all the big churches in his clutches basically. I think David started it up, was the first chairman of it.  The idea was to bring ALL the Christian groups together and then gradually feed them data they would feed down to their congregations in the different churches and then give them booklets to read.  So theyíre all on the same track, politically correct and all the rest of it.   Thatís what you do.  Bernays was the guy who suggested they use these techniques WITH existing organizations, especially Christian groups.  The World Council of Churches is a Rockefeller owned and operated organization.)


The World Council of Churches on Thursday called on churches around the world to ring their bells 350 times during the Copenhagen climate change summit on December 13 as a call to action on global warming.  (A:  Now I just read that one about the southern hemisphere.)


The leading council of Christian and Orthodox churches also invited places of worship for other faiths to join a symbolic "chain of chimes and prayers" stretching around the world from the international date line in the South Pacific.


"On that Sunday, midway through the UN summit, the WCC invites churches around the world to use their bells, drums, gongs or whatever their tradition offers to call people to prayer and action in the face of climate change," the council said in a statement.  (A:  Can you believe thisÖ dribble?  Can you believe it?)


"By sounding their bells or other instruments 350 times, participating churches will symbolise the 350 parts per million that mark the safe upper limit for CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere according to many scientists," it added.  (A:  What a joke.  I love when they always say Ďscientists are all agreed.í  Theyíre not.† Only the paid-off ones that work for the United Nations are agreed on anything; theyíll accept any lie that helps them.)


The chimes are meant to start at 3.00 pm local time in each location.


The WCC brings together 348 Protestant, Orthodox and Anglican churches representing about 560 million Christians in 110 countries.  (A:  Theyíve also got the Catholic Church in it as well.)


The Council of European Bishops Conferences, which gathers Roman Catholic bishops and archbishops, is also supporting the campaign, according to a letter released by the WCC.  (A:  Everyone is getting in on it.  I tell you, this GROUP that runs the propaganda stuff for the philanthropic Rockefeller Foundation is quite something.  They know their stuff.  They hire the best marketing strategists to come up with these ideasÖ and you know the schmucks go along with it, at the bottom.  They do.  They do donít they?  You just canít stop them at the bottom.  They will go all the way with their bells and their drums and all their little instruments and stuff and do their little thing all thinking theyíve done a good thing.  They have no idea what itís even all about or what the long-term strategy is for.  They donít even know that there is a long-term strategy.  OohhÖ you canít help those people at all.  Canít do it.)


Then, on The Mail Online it says hereÖ


The giant iceberg that went walkabout... towards the coast of Australia

By Mail Foreign Service  /  13th November 2009


Australia is known for sunny beaches, surfers, and blistering Outback heat.


So scientists were a bit taken aback when they spotted this giant iceberg floating near an island Down Under.


Australian Antarctic Division researchers were working on Macquarie Island when they first saw the iceberg last Thursday about about five miles off the island. It is rare to see an iceberg floating so far north of Antarctica, researchers said.  (A:  Then he goes on to explain how icebergs form and how they sort of lop over at the very top and come off in massive, huge chunks; all quite normal.  The reason itís going so far north and Iíll tell you why this is happening.  Itís because from other reports, THE SEAS ARE COOLING.  The seas are cooling.  Thatís why itís going so farÖ otherwise they would have melted long before.  But here they are with their little bells and their symbols, all these goody-two-shoes people with the waxed, shiny faces going to pray - I guess to their God Al Gore - to save the world.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.   Someoneís asked if Ron Paul and Peter Schiff are on OUR side and if they are, is there any hope they can at least slow down the implementation, I guess, of the agenda.  I donít know whose side they are on but the fact is that TWO guys couldnít do it.  TWO guys could not do it.  Theyíd be DEAD before they got up the steps of the Congress hall BECAUSE so much is riding on this.  This is ABOVE government.


There is a REAL parallel government that does not run by using democracy.  In fact its members SAY it does not believe in democracy.  They get the big jobs done by bypassing democracy.  Margaret Thatcher said that when she left government and joined what she called the Ďparallel government.í  The same parallel government that Carroll Quigley talked about and he was the historian for the American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations.  Heís a guy who filled in all the blank spots in history and told you why they happened.  They were behind it, this particular group that eventually became the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Thatcher said, we can get things done.  She says that too many parties bickering in the democratic system, nothing can get doneÖ and they have their big plans to do.  All these ex-Prime Ministers and Presidents are PART of it.  She says, ĎWe all know each other; we can get things done behind the scenesí because theyíve got the power to do it.  That was confirmed again by Carroll Quigley.  Thatís also confirmed by the Club of Rome that said the system that they were bringing in, and remember, the Club of Rome was just sponsored and paid for by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  The Club of Rome said that they favored collectivism to run the world.  Thatís basically a new sovietized system.  So this will not be changed by one or two men.


Every time an election comes up they always give you a middle man that says all the right things but canít get in.  He canít get in.  Youíre GIVEN middle men.  I know about Ron Paul and Iíve read some of his speeches.  He even said, donít be afraid of world government or free trade, global free trade and so on and donít be afraid of it.  I know he trying to push gold and silver again.  You have to look at one of his main sponsors to find out WHY that is.  Personally, I donít care if itís porcupine quills or sea shells, whoever has the monopoly on them and says what they are worth, their purchasing power, is the guy that runs you.  Thatís how itís always been. 


The Rothschildís are the guys and they have been for about the last 200-odd years, who get up in the morning in London, stick a finger out the window and feel the wind and tell youÖ they set the gold standard for the day.  The Rothschildís set up the London gold standard headquarters and the metals trading place as well in London, England.  All metals go through the RothschildísÖ all metals.  Thatís everythingÖ goes through the Rothschildís in London.  Thatís the Metals Exchange.  When someone else can decide how much itís worth, what the value is, then what chance do you have?  What chance do you have to make it ahead?  They can devalue that just as much as they can devalue paper currency.  Any commodity, any commodity, itís no different than sugar or toilet paper or whatever Ė itís the demand for it.  At the end of the day, if youíre starving and Iíve got a loaf of bread and youíve got a bag of gold there, you can present me with a gold coin and technically I can say to you, okay I want the whole bag for this loaf of bread; take it or leave it.  Itís a deal between two people. 


In fact, gold and its exchange for dollars or for any other currency can only work when someone declares its present value at the top in an economy thatís functioning and another currency is issued.  Thatís why people will buy it at the going rate.  In a crisis situation, the going rate is out the window.  Itís up to the purchaser and the seller to agree upon what this is worth for that which is being sold.  Personally, if I could build a massive warehouse and if I really thought the end of the world was coming - at least the system as we know it - Iíd stock up on toilet paper.  That would be a fantastic thing to trade.  Believe you me, if all hell broke loose and nothing was getting produced for a long time, in different hygiene products, theyíd be in big demand.  Commodities are commodities.  What the US would have to do definitely is have its own mint and mint its own coinage.  Donít farm it out to anybody else.  That should be illegal.  If it wants to print its own paper, it should do that too.  They shouldnít be borrowing some strange thing, a check to print from some other international banker across any waters or even within your own country. 


Governments too, will never let that happen because they depend on the system.  They always spend MORE than they take in.  They want to go cap-in-hand to these international boys.  In fact the whole socialist SYSTEM depends on this very technique.  I used to wonder, if socialism was for the people, how come they were always pushing for more debt?  Just borrow, borrow, borrow and create debt.  Well thatís for the bankers.  Bankers live on debt and interest.  They are the bosses.  Governments should live within their meansÖ which would mean, as you all well know, that every government in the so-called first world countries would have to slash its government by about 9/10ths.  That would be a darn good thing, but that wonít happen.  It wonít happen.  Never happen. 


We havenít had so-called democratic governments, I donít think EVER to be really honest with you.  When you look at even right after the American Revolution and the very facts they put in their different draftings that those in government shouldnít hire their own relatives.  Well they were already doing it in the first generation.  Even Franklin tried to get his Temple - one of his sons - a job in government but there was already quite a few that had done that for their own offspring.  You have dynasties, you see.  Itís inevitable.  Dynasties arise within governments.  If you look at the history of the US especially, itís like Payton Place.  Itís just a succession of family dynasties, well known family dynasties.  Not just the Presidents but the ones behind them as well, the big players.  Thereís your reality there. 


They way you stop something is you stop something from starting at the beginning.  You canít stop things once they are well on the way.  You canít do it.  Thatís why you canít negotiate with tyranny of any kind.  You cannot come to a compromise on anything that youíre not quite sure on; something smells with it.  You just donít compromise.  You canít go that way.  Theyíve bypassed all this with Executive Orders.  Every country uses them.  Proclamations are another way too to do it, proclamations - thatís legal, by law - and various other methods.  Then creating agencies within government, like the Food and Drug Administration or the CDC, it bypasses anything going on in Congress; they just go ahead and do their own thing.  Thereís no comeback on them at all.  They pass laws all the time. 


Iíve got a caller there, Lorilee from Alberta.  Are you there Lorilee?


Lorilee:  I understand your toilet paper comment because Iíve actually bulked up.  My boyfriend thinks itís kind of funny. 


Alan:  Itís a good idea.  [Laughing]


Lorilee:  Iím thinking so.  Iím thinking so.  The reason Iím calling is I noticed in the past and I hate to bring up H1N1 because it drives me crazy but it seems to be the primary topic on the news whether itís paper or television.  Iíve noticed in the past that youíve made quite a few comments about MS.  Now, I have MS.  Iíve gone through the internet and Iíve been trying to do research and finding out the connection that youíre making with H1N1 and MS.  Iíve spoken with physicians; everybody seems to be supportive of the vaccine.  I just want to hear what youíve come across because I canít seem to find anything. 


Alan:  Well, muscular sclerosis, also called disseminated sclerosis, first really was studied in the Hebrides in Scotland.  What they noticed was that people who worked with the sheep often got muscular dystrophy or sclerosis and there was a similar thing that sheep had called swayback.  They wondered if there was a viral connection.  We know, for instance, the symptoms of it; theyíre unmistakable.  With multiple sclerosis you have inflammation along the myelin sheath nerves of the nervous system.  They eventually become massively inflamed and then after a while they become sclerosed, they become fibrous tissue, scar tissue.  They end up with getting different kinds of partial paralysis, sometimes total, sometimes thereís a remission for a little while.  But itís hard to get it cleared up all together and they donít know how to do it to be honest with you.  You get spontaneous remissions.  When you look at the symptoms of the coming down with the shots, and theyíre alreadyÖ thereís woman in France now being reported that now has the Guillain-Barre syndrome as theyíre calling it.  In the States too, a guy just came down with it and thereís different people.  These are the ones that have hit the news; other ones are being suppressed.  For that to be is basically a reaction against something that was put into their body.  It causes the exact same symptoms eventually of muscular sclerosis or disseminated sclerosis.  The same thing; the inflation in myelin sheath, the paralysis, including speech at times as well, and with the vaccination type you seem to go almost into a latter phase of it immediately.  In other words, something massively inflames the myelin sheath much, much faster than any other way of contracting multiple sclerosis. 


Lorilee:  Okay.  Alright then.  Well, that makes sense.  I can see that, just because of who I am, my disease and I do have other friends that have it as well and none of us are getting it because we are all getting so many mixed stories.


Alan:  What they put it down to too, the multiple sclerosis and so on, theyíll often say itís some kind of auto-immune disease.  Whenever they donít know whatís causing it, at the bottom level of medicineÖ from that I mean the professors down; thatís the bottom level of medicine.  The higher levels of medicine are up in the warfare departments because these are they guys who make a lot of nasty concoctions to wipe out whole populations and so on and they really, really do.  Thatís what they work at.  They know darn well what the effects of inoculations are.  Itís well understood that there is something that they are putting into the body that causes an auto-immune problem in the first place.  Now, all these vaccines are meant to do is what?  Itís to do with your immune system.  Itís like a detective story.  If I was okay before this, what happened recently?  Well, have you changed your diet?  Have you gone off on holiday abroad and caught some strange exotic disease?  Or did you get the injection?  And the injections come up every single time


Theyíre altering your immune system and with this time, the squalene which is in it by the wayÖ  They got approval to put quite large quantities of squalene in all these shots, for the US for the first time in particular Ė weíve already had it in Canada.  Squalene, itís an artificial type squalene.  Ordinary squalene is found in the body, but itís found in your joints primarily.  This weaponized Ė and it is weaponized squalene they put into you Ė to supposedly make your immune system go to war with the traces of virus they put into you.  What happens with most people, your body doesnít stop going to war once itís attacked all this lab-created squalene.  It goes looking for your natural squalene in your body and you end up with rheumatoid arthritis, and other auto-immune problems as they call it.  So this is all well understood at the top but facts wonít matter.  When they spend billions of dollars on marketing strategies to terrify a public worldwide, you know there is something BIG behind it. 


Whatís happeningÖ Iíve got some links Iíll even put up tonight from vaccine sites, very, very good vaccine sites by the way.  One is the NVIC.  They go through the panic creation that was done with this.  They go through the facts that came out.  They even admitted, it says here, a veteran investigative journalist at a major new network published an interesting report about the fact that 83-97% of all specimens of suspected H1N1 cases that were sent to the CDC by state departments for lab confirmations from the spring to the summer came back negative.  Not only for H1N1 Swine flu influenza but also negative for ANY kind of type A or B influenza.  Thatís when they told them - when that study came back and that was published at the time; I did mention it on the air - thatís when they told them to STOP taking specimens, just classify everybody with a snotty nose as having Swine flu. 


Lorilee:  Okay.  Well, thank you very much for answering my question.  Thank you for all your hard work and take another caller. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Lorilee:  Thank you.  Bye bye.


I should also say about this NVIC, itís a good web site because it goes into some of how the FDA got involved and how even the CDC got really started up and how they used early cases from the early 1900s to establish their authority over the American people.  It was the same in every other country by the way, all through the British Empire as well. 


They also have a site here and I linked up to it and itís from the Food and Drug Administration to do with the implantable medical chips and Iíll put that up tonight.  Implantable medical chips, they call them electronic transponders.  Thatís why they even use these names soís you do a search and you canít find anything unless you have the exact right name.  How they are allowing anybody, any manufacturer of these chips to go ahead and start selling them without testing them as long as they fulfill certain criteria for the FDA.  They could actually just go ahead and start selling them.  They mention the different types of chips they have. 


It ties in with this other site, the NVIC on inoculations and vaccinations and the history of it - very good site - including the one about the present, supposed flu which seems to be more bogus than anything.  Itís to get - down the road - into mandating everyone to get health chips, health chips for our safety, our collective safety.  Thatís what it really, all this - apart from all the money thatís getting thrown at the pharma - thatís really going to be the end product of it all.  You see there already IS - from Bill Clintonís time on - an electronic register, medical register of everybody in the US, everybody that visits a doctor and so on.  It was set up then.  This chip will just be an extension of that, and the ultimate purpose for it.  Itís going under Ďelectronic registryí for health, on a database.  Thatís already up and running by the way. 


Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff - Class II Special Controls Guidance Document: Implantable Radiofrequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information

Document issued on: December 10, 2004


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  This site, the NVIC, is an excellent web site.  It has so much of the facts in here.  There is no speculation.  They give you the data.  I remember reading the article at the time.  83-97% of all specimens, nasal specimens and so on, suspected of H1N1 cases sent to the CDC by state department for lab confirmation from the spring to the summer came back negative NOT ONLY for H1N1 Swine flu but also negative for ANY kind of type A or type B influenza at all.  That confirmed, it says what the CDCís influenza experts said at an FDA meeting in 2003.  That 80% of all flu-like illnesses every year are not actually influenza but viral and bacterial infections that look like influenza.  Iíd add to that hysteria because thatís what theyíve been drumming up is MASS HYSTERIA, mass hysteria.  Itís quite something isnít it?


Thereís another article here too.  Sanofi, the big vaccine company that actually was a front for Rockefeller too.  I donít know if people realize that these big companies, the majority shares in them ALL are Rockefellers, across the planet.  The holding majority shares are Rockefeller and a lot of them are started up by his organization.  Sanofi has decided, oh yeah, theyíre going to NEED 2 Swine flu shots now; theyíve decided.  Now that they are on a roll, you see, and theyíre getting cash from government and theyíre going to get more cash. 


Youngsters will need two swine flu shots, Sanofi research shows

By HOWARD FRANK  /  Pocono Record Writer  /  November 12, 2009


SWIFTWATER ó New test results of Sanofi Pasteur's swine flu vaccine confirmed that children under 9 will require two doses to be protected from the H1N1 infection.  (A:  Remember, before they said that one was okay.  But theyíre on a roll now, why not just grab as much as you can when the money is flowing.)


The company announced the results of a 42-day clinical trial Wednesday that tested the vaccine on 849 adults and 474 children. The results showed the vaccine produced an effective immune response in both children and adults, (A:  Now listen to thisÖ) according to a press release issued by Sanofi Pasteur.  [Alan laughing.] 


(A:  Iíve also got a web site, the big pharma company has gotten together and put up to answer all REPORTERíS questions for the newspapers and television.  So hereís the pharma putting it up.  Iíll try to find it for you and put it up as well.  It will show you where all these brown-nosing journalists get their data from.  Itís from the big pharma themselves.  But there you go.  They want you to have 2.  It saysÖ)


The results of the trial confirm earlier data reported by the National Institutes of Health.


The antibody responses, which measure the vaccine's effectiveness in encouraging the body to protect itself from the virus, doubled in children under 9 after the second dose was administered. (A:  This is from Sanofi of course, the guys who make the stuff.  Beautiful isnít it.  Oh boy, Iíll tell you, medicine is beautiful when itís all controlled from the top.  As I say, the VeriChip too, VeriChip ties in with whatís comingÖ


VeriChip Buys Steel Vault, Creating Micro-Implant Health Record/Credit Score Empire

By Jim Edwards | Nov 11, 2009


VeriChip (CHIP), the company that markets a microchip implant that links to your online health records, has acquired Steel Vault (SVUL), a credit monitoring and anti-identity theft company. The combined company will operate under a new name: PositiveID.


Positive ID.  Weíll all be getting one of them at the end of all these series of scares. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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"Implantable Radiofrequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information" [FDA-Guidance to Manufacturers of Implantable Transponders] ( - Dec. 10, 2004.

"Youngsters will need two swine flu shots, Sanofi research shows" by Howard Frank ( - Nov. 12, 2009.

"MedImmune Social Media Press Room" [Where the Press gets their Vaccine Info, from Pharma Companies' Media Outlet] (

"VeriChip Buys Steel Vault, Creating Micro-Implant Health Record/Credit Score Empire" by Jim Edwards ( - Nov. 11, 2009.




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