Nov. 17, 2009 (#453)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 17, 2009:

Followers of the Sun, Plan Shape of Things to Come:

"You Must Struggle through Old Dusty Books, the Info is So Dreary,
Biographies of Long Dead Men, The Journey Makes You Weary,
They Drone on about Utopia, Darwin and Great Enterprise,
Highly Advanced Hi-Tech City-States, Masses Reduced in Size,
Then Beyond Where Elite are God-like, the Fittest to Survive,
Lower Masses Perished Along the Way, Not Allowed Through Alive,
Yet Back to Present Times We Live 'fore All These Things to Come,
All Nations to be Under the U.N., and Masses Train as One,
Every Economy, Culture, System, Ruled Under Single Centralization,
International Game Conditions Us the Same into Collectivization,
Altering the Course Planned for Us Will Take Those Who Care,
To Hell with the Cost When All Seems Lost, Future's for Those Who Dare"
© Alan Watt Nov. 17, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 17, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 17th 2009.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into  Thatís the main site and on that site scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have because once in a while the main one goes down and if you have the bookmarks you can always download the latest shows from the other sites.  Sometimes those who find that they are trying to download and it is sticking or constantly reloading, try these other sites anyway; itís good to scatter the bandwidth around.  Everyone goes into the .com site at the same time and there are thousands of folk who do that, and that causes some of the problems.  [Sites listed above.] 


Remember, this is probably the only show out there where Iím not backed by anybody.  I donít bring on guests to sell products.  There is no foundation, no big group backing me at all.  Itís up to you, the listeners, to back me.  You can do that by looking at the web site, see what I have for sale there.  There are books and disks.  That will maybe help me take over.  You can also donate to me as well.  There are different methods to donate or buy the books including PayPal.  [Options listed above and below.]  In the US, you can use and INTERNATIONAL postal money order.  I think they are the only country left in the world where you can actually use an international postal money order.  Every county used to have them but theyíve all canceled them now.  But they are still good from the States to Canada, as long as you buy the INTERNATIONAL one.  Thatís for people who donít use bank accounts.  Other people just send cash and thatís good too from the rest of Europe.  For those who just get the disks burned and passed to them at different meetings, you can get in touch with me at [address listed above].  Itís important that you donít just skip over this every day Ė this first 5 minutes Ė because thousands out there listen, only a few support, and one day Iíll just go off and do other things.  I canít live on fresh air. 


This whole reality business that we are born into, weíre conned with one con after another beginning with the parents conned.  The parents give you what they think is reality.  They generally donít know either that they have been conned all their lives long.  By the time they are older, they will definitely gripe about politics and politicians.  They get kind of jaded.  Hopefully, hopefully they learn to be jaded after voting for different parties at different times in their lifeÖ but they still pass on this idea that everything is just developing day by day throughout their lives and they pass it on to YOU, to make YOU think YOU are on the cutting edge and there is nothing further from the truth.  Everything that is happening today, the Copenhagen Treaty and the whole lot was planned 100-odd years ago.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how reality is presented to us, as soon we can understand words and meaning.  Our parents pass on their reality, what was real to them but remember too, they were also conditioned in turn, every generation is.  Yet you can go back 100 years or more and find people were talking about global government, even long before that - all the revolutionaries were talking about it - with a kind of SOCIALISTIC/COLLECTIVIST society; everyone pulling for the WHOLE, losing yourself in the mass.  In other words, the ďall in it togetherĒ idea, all paying and sustaining the planet and each other basically.  INTERDEPENDENCE, if you like to call it that. 


Karl Marx, even before that, was talking about that in the 1800s.  Thatís what all the socialist type movements were about in those days.  Weíve got to remember too, these guys werenít just collecting money in tin cans to keep their massive organizations going.  They were getting money from already existing foundations.  They were generally owned by people like the Rockefellers in the late 1800s - they already had their foundations up Ė and other so-called philanthropists.  Many of them were international bankers, the rest were the heads and the owners of big international corporations, very wealthy people, incredibly wealthy people.  That was all part of it.  


Itís interesting to go into the study of Albert Pikeís ideas and his associations of Freemasonry because Freemasonry in their own writings admits that they were involved in different revolutionary planning and organization in that particular period.  We know that Albert Pike, who was the Pope of Freemasonry in the late 1800s, taught Mazzini.  Mazzini went off into Europe to create the OTHER TYPES of revolutionaries for each society to first UNITE every country.  Even ones like Italy Ė which was made up of different little provinces or kingdoms you might say Ė to unite them through revolution and centralize governments.  That was the same system as Karl Marx was talking about, centralization of government.  Then, through links and associations, they would make an INTERNATIONAL society.  Thatís exactly what they did with the League of Nations and now the United Nations. 


They are ALL working towards the same end, a society where we all Ďpull togetherí to sustain the WHOLE.  We LOSE our individuality in the process.  That was Marxism.  Thatís what that was ALL about, losing yourself, youíre a cog in the machine.  In China, during the Cultural Revolution, they put out lots of propaganda movies for the people.  In one of them, the main character, this soldier Ė who was totally fictitious of course Ė epitomized what every youngster was supposed to be.  He said he wanted to be the bolt in a gun.  What a great ambition, a bolt in a gun; from a human to a bolt in a gun.  THAT is the concept that we are going into now for sustainability. 


This sustainability is a very old idea OF the so-called revolutionary type groups that have always been elitist at the top with the Darwinian belief of survival of the fittest, meaning themselves, those ones already in power.  That is what that means.  They truly believe that the masses help bring all this about and then the masses die off.  See, thatís the end.  But the part that they never told the rest of the Marxists, the whole idea is they will die off when they bring in this perfect system. They work through sciences to make a perfect society and then they are no longer needed; they are obsolete.  Anything, in the Darwinian Theory, that becomes obsolete has no function and MUST perish.  If itís even KEPT alive, it brings down the elite themselves.  Thatís what they truly believe. 


All we are at the moment is cannon fodder and workers to bring IN the perfect system.  As they are going it, weíre already dying off in fact, with massive cancers everywhere.  We have been for many, many years accelerating through the 70s, 80s and 90s to the present time, until they donít even bother finding new names for particular cancers because they find new ones all the time.  There are TOO many that didnít exist before.  Neither is there any tremendous investigation into what they are or whatís causing them.  Why is that?  Itís because the ones who fund them for investigations know darned well whatís causing it all.  It isnít just the inoculations and the fact they destroy your immune system and various other things, itís also the massive pesticides and herbicides theyíre using on all of the foodstuffs and have been for years.  Weíre being poisoned from so many different areas itís just amazing. 


Everything is working according to like a bio-warfare technique.  There is nothing happenstance about any particular disease that comes along and starts killing people or the fact that people are becoming sterile.  There is nothing happenstance about it.  Thatís exactly how you conduct a particular warfare.  You find what you want to achieve.  You find the age groups that you want to target.  You go for itÖ and you have all the funding in the world. 


Last night I touched on the fact about the bisphenol-A and the different kinds of artificial estrogens that are in the foodstuffs, etc.  Hereís another article about it from Wise Up Journal. 


Professor of Biology Facts On Containers Leaking Out Cell Altering Sex Hormones

Wise Up Journal  /  12.11.2009  /  By Gabriel OíHara



Itís worth finding out why the Canadian government has started banning the widely use chemical BPA in containers that hold products for human consumption. The scientific data highlighted in this report is one of the most significant pieces of evidence to explain what is causing the plummeting fertility and skyrocketing cancer rates worldwide along with other reproduction defects. Frederick Vom Saal, Professor of Biology at the University of Missouri Columbia, accommodated Fox News in performing tests on plastics, in particular food cans with plastic linings. (Alan:  Now, they never used to put plastic in tin cans and so on.  Now they do even in beer cans.  People donít thinkÖ they donít even ask why.  They just accept everything and adapt to it.  Isnít that amazing?)  The popular food products in cans tested were purchased at an average supermarket. The professor of biology tested for the chemical BPA (Bisphenol-A) to determine how much is leaked into foods or liquids from the unstable plastic lining on a microscopic level. Plastics manufactures add BPA to their products as it can create a glass like surface and are less prone to crack. (A:  This is their excuse.)  The implications are significant as in the news broadcast professor Vom Saal explains that the chemical BPA is known as a synthetic female sex hormone mimicker and in ď1936 (A:  As far back as 1936) was considered for use as an oestrogen drugĒ.  (A:  So theyíve always known EXACTLY what it does.)   It is an unstable chemical that leeches out at very low but powerful levels.


ďWe started testing it at levels tens of thousands of times below what any body has ever tested before and found it profoundly damaged the male reproductive system. We know it causes brain damage and it causes breast cancer and prostate cancer,Ē said Professor Vom Saal.


This test involved the purchase of different canned products right off supermarket shelves. The food was removed from the cans. The cans were rinsed with water until clean and left to dry. Then ultra pure filtered water was poured in to the cans. The test was to determine how stable can linings are with merely water being in contact with them for only 24 hours (A:  Just water.). Professor Vom Saal explained, ďevery single product here put out an amount of Bisphenol-A that would be in the danger zone. This is a chemical that can alter the way your cells function at below a trillionth of a gram. One million times lower than this.Ē


If one trillionth of a gram is dangerous and can alter your cells then it is easy to conclude that with a dose one million times higher weíd defiantly see high fertility drops and sperm DNA damage in exposed populations. One millionth of gram is expressed as a microgram. Cans of peas were scientifically tested at over 18 micrograms by the professor of biology. Cans of Tomato sauce were tested at over 30 micrograms. People who buy juice and tomato sauces are getting an even greater dose of the female sex hormone as citric acid causes larger leeching of Bisphenol-A.


This particular test was for 24 hours unlike the food products and drinks that sit on the shelves of grocery stores and stockrooms for months. Most peopleís daily diet has levels of the female sex hormone many times higher. Even the inside of paper juice cartons are lined with plastic.


So where are the human population fertility and DNA damage statistics to backup the findings of these tests?


The Centre for Disease Control, a U.S government agency, performed tests on the public and concluded that ď 95% of Americans have detectable levels of Bisphenol-A in their urineĒ .


Of course an over supply of the female sex hormone oestrogen is not good for boys or the developing foetus. Last years Canadaís semi-state run (A:  Thatís actually completely state run.) broadcaster the CBC reported that since the 1950ís there has been massive damage done to sperm in the general human population. (A:  Thatís true.  Itís been plummeting from the 50s onwards, across the whole Western world.  Also, thatís when the mandatory inoculation of children was started in a lot of countries too at the same time.  That goes together by the way.)  The CBC stated: ďEighty-five per cent of the sperm produced by a healthy male is DNA-damaged. Damaged sperm have been linked to a 300% increase in testicular cancer (A:  Thatís an awful lot.  300% increase.) - a form of cancer that affects young men in their 20s and 30s. The average sperm count of a North American college student today is less than half of what it was 50 years ago.Ē  (A:  Itís actually much less than that.  Back with more after this break.)


HI folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading from the Wise Up Journal just to give more data on ONE of the ways we are all being poisoned, by design.  Thereís no accident about this because they have always known at the top what these particular chemicals did to the human body.  Remember, even going back to the League of Nations at the end of World War I, they discussed ways of bringing down the population because population control was even THEN a very important part of it.  They had a division of the League of Nations dedicated to that problem.  When they went into the United Nations, they set up their department of population, but itís actually population CONTROL.  They donít sit and just dream and give up wish lists to Santa Claus.  They actually, obviously, implement certain agendas. 


We know they have done it in the past.  The scandal that broke out when millions of African and Indian women had been given supposedly free tetanus shots quite a few years ago there.  It turned out that they werenít really tetanus at all.  What they were was a bio-warfare designed, particular inoculation that carried a damaging agent right to the ovaries of the women, caused fibrosis and sterilized them.  That was a plan.  That was ADMITTED to.  So to think itís just the third world thatís getting hammered under the old Kissinger plan Ė he drafted a bill up for dealing with this kind of problem of what he called overpopulation which was a danger to the State Ė remember, they mean the people back home too because in the new world order, they donít care for any particular peasant group whether itís American, Canadian, British or Chinese or anybody else.  Itís a WORLD order. 


These guys at the top are the most evolved, you see.  So the most evolved supposedly, from every nation have one big club at the top.  They have all congratulated each other to ensure they are all IN.  They get all their guarantees from each other of a future for THEM and their children and the rest of us have to simply work to bring it all into being and make it all happen and then we all die off in turn, at the right times.  That really is how simple it is.  Thatís really how simple it is. 


The average person out there, who is so naÔve and brainwashed that they truly believe that the mainstream media is there to tell them everything that they should know, hasnít a chance.  They havenít a chance.  Brzezinski himself, in his own book Between Two Ages, said that.  He said, ĎShortly the general public will be UNABLE to think for themselves; theyíll EXPECT the media to do their REASONING for them.í  The media was viewed with suspicion by the general public until about the 1930s. People KNEW that the media was owned by media barons, big corporate barons who were up there with other barons of industry and politics and so they didnít trust them.  They are PRIVATE organizations.  Itís amazing, in the age of television, how just through massive propaganda and the fact that they have created an ADDICTION to television, people truly believe when the news comes on that they are telling you the truth.  That it somehow is an appendage to your brainÖ doing some altruistic humanitarian thing by telling you all the things you should know.  Thatís why when you present evidence to the brain dead Ė and they are brain dead Ė to show them whatís happening, you see the glazed eyes.  They truly do glaze over and they become agitated and look left and right and they want to get AWAY because they havenít seen or heard about it from the mainstream media; itís not been on television.  That technique has worked.  It has worked.  They are now brainwashed. 


The beauty, if you look IN to the science of brainwashing Ė there is a lot of data out there Ė tells you the last person who will ever believe it is the person who IS brainwashed.  Thatís why it works so well.  People have gone through the psychology of people, and the sociology, to do with how they rationalize their own sanity.  How they do it is by bouncing off the topics theyíve heard about and their views on those topics, which were given to them generally by people doing the dialectic on television playing left and right, and they bounce it off other people who have ALSO have seen the same kind of news and heard the same news from the media.  If they all AGREE on what they were told, then they all think they are sane.  Really, thatís the whole dilemma.  Thatís how people are if they live in Platoís cave.  Everyone in the cave will agree with each otherÖ ĎYeah, thatís true, thereís the wall, thatís the back of the caveí and so on and so on.  Thatís how it is.  So perfect brainwashing truly does work.


Iíll put the links up tonight that I mention, these stories, on my web site at the end of the show and you can look them up for yourselves.  ID cards are back in, in Britain.  Now, Britain tried to bring in the ID cards back in the late 1990s and there was a row from the public at that time, rather astonishing, but I guess they still had some testosterone left then.  They couldnít understand why.  Here the Cold War is over.  They never had ID cards for Britain during the whole Cold War.  When nothing is happening, they couldnít figure it out.  ĎWhat is all this about; why do you want ID cards now?í  So it kind of went back underground and they let it cool for a while but kept on, in the background, working away towards it.  They tried to introduce it a few time since and now they ARE introducing it starting with Manchester in England.  Iíll be back with the story after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the ID cards and how theyíve tried to bring them in a few times.  Itís interesting that Canada already had them.  If you wanted to apply back in the late 90s you could actually go to special offices near the border and apply for them then.  Wendy Mesley had a show about that back about 1998 I think it was.  So they tried it on this voluntary type basis.  Even her show was a kind of an ad for the thing in the first place; ĎIt will help you speed through border crossingsí and all that stuff.  They had iris scans and finger prints and all that done with it there too.  That was the precursor of what they called Clear Pass thatís now evolved into something else. 


Britain has tried this a few times too and here they are introducing it again to see how it goes, to see if the public will fall for it.  They donít want to PUSH it in a mandatory fashion.  That will be a last resort.  They might do it yet that way but they want it to become voluntary.  Once enough people accept it, theyíll make it mandatory because Ďeveryone else is using it, it becomes such a great ID for everything.í  Thatís how theyíll do it.  Everything starts off voluntarily until enough people take it. 


ID card scheme gets underway - November 16, 2009


RESIDENTS in Manchester will become the first people in Britain to be able to apply for ID cards.


They can now directly apply to attend appointments from November 30 to have their photograph and fingerprints taken for the £30 cards at Manchester's passport office.  (A:  They have to pay £30 for it.  It makes them feel betterÖ itís YOUR PERSONAL card you see, like the PERSONAL computer and all that.)


Junior Home Office Minister Meg (A:  HitlerÖ oh sorryÖ) Hillier said the cards would be particularly useful for students and young people as they would 'save the cost and hassle' of getting into clubs and bars.  (A:  So theyíre targeting the youth hoping they are going to be really naÔve.)


Anyone over 16 in the city with a UK passport can apply for a card.  (A:  So this is outside of your passport.)


Ms Hillier told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Really for a lot of people it's a day-to-day convenience thing.  (A:  So itís being sold as a convenience thing.)


"For a lot of young people (A:  This is from the Home Office.  This is the overseer of Britainís security services like the CIA.) ... they often take their passports to prove their identity in nightclubs and bars and the Passport Service sweeps these up every week.  (A:  Oh, my God.)




"So for a lot of people it'll save the cost and hassle of taking your passport, risking losing it and instead you've got this very convenient little credit-sized card.  (A:  Which no doubt youíll hopefully tear up or lose as well.)


"I've got one and it's very useful."  (A:  Thatís absolute ROT because working in the Home Office, everyone has got the highest, incredibly highest security you could ever imagine.  Itís like the old series Get Smart, from palm prints to everything.  They had that back in the 60s for goodness sake.  So this person here is just promoting their stuff and talking to the folk as children and thatís how they see us all.)


The ID cards were very hard to copy and were very secure, with biometric information stored on a database, she added.  (A:  Britain has had so many thefts with data from the government databases that folk have no trust whatsoever in anything that the government does or tells them in that particular line.)


"This is not a database that can be downloaded onto disks," she said.  (A:  Whoís kidding who?)


"It's going to be held in different places so there'll be fingerprints and your picture on one database and your biographical information (on another), which is I must stress just the same as what's held by the Passport Service anyway ... and they will be linked together by another database."  (A:  Come on.)


The database would only be used for 'serious crime issues' or identity concerns at a border.


Former shadow home secretary David Davis said: ďThe lack of confidence the Government has in this scheme is evident by the fact that they have made no estimate of the take-up of this trial.




ďThis is hardly surprising when the minister believes it is only useful for getting into nightclubs and collecting parcels. (A:  At the post office.)† This is a far from robust defence of one of their most expensive follies.Ē


ID cards will be launched nationwide from 2012 but they will not be compulsory.  (A:  Thatís to begin with.)


The Liberal Democrats pointed to ďstaggeringĒ official figures which showed the Government was spending nearly £230,000 a day on developing ID cards and biometric passports.


Between April 2006 and September 2009, the Identity and Passport Service spent £216.1 million on future development projects for ID cards and biometric passports.


Spending so far for 2009-10 (between April and September 2009) is at a record high of £42 million - £229,508 every day.


In 2008-09, £81.5 million was spent, in 2007-08 £61.7 million and in 2006-07 £30.9 million. 


Amazing.  Do you wonder why the governments always claim they are broke?  Do you ever wonder why?  And do you wonder how much of that money ever goes to what they say itís going to?  How much is just siphoned off into pockets along the way?  We all know too that the card is just again, training the animals to keep grazing, donít be too scared, and get used to that and once you are used to that, whatís the problem about taking a little chip with the same thing in it?  Remember, I mentioned that VeriChip amalgamated with another company.  They now call themselves PositiveID.  Thatís for a CHIPÖ positiveID.  So I guess in Britain theyíve got to just give them the step by stepÖ card first, get them used to it, and then get the chip onto it.  Thatís how you train an animal not to be scared of something.  Thatís how we are treated, like animals and stupid ones at that.  Most folk donít seem to mind these days though, about having no privacy, etc.  They are already too far gone. 


Itís interesting too that they have an Identity COMMISSAR.  See, we are all sovietized in the world, the new, upgraded, Sovietized system.  They have an Identity CommissarÖ a brand new position.  


Identity Commissioner appointed to oversee ID cards

Watchdog to monitor National Identity Register and use of cards by business and public sector

Bryan Glick, - 14 Sep 2009


The government has taken another step towards the introduction of ID cards with the appointment today of the first Identity Commissioner.  (A:  Itís a COMMISSAR.)


Sir Joseph Pilling (A:  I donít know where they find people with these names.) is taking on the role of watchdog for the National Identity Register and monitoring the use of ID cards by public and private sector organisations. He starts in the new job on 1 October, ready for the first rollout of the controversial scheme, to people in Greater Manchester.


ďThe public has the right to expect the National Identity Service to be run to the highest standards. (A:  Of WHAT?  Of what?)  The Identity Commissioner will champion their interests (A:  Itís like the Privacy Commissar.  Every British Commonwealth country has a Privacy Commissioner.  They always come out once in a while and say, Ďoh, youíre losing all your freedoms and all your privacy.í  And the people will say ĎDo something about it.í And this guy who works for the Feds says, ĎWell, I canít; I have no actual power.  All I can do is tell you.í  [Alan laughing.] So this guy will be much the same for this particular area and he will say, ĎThere, there nowí when you complain; Ďthere, thereí and maybe kiss your hand better because itís been chopped off with somebody stealing your card.)


Thatís the farces that we live through today.  We are treated just like children and you get rather sick of it at times donít you? At least you should get sick of it at times.   We never get the truth on anything, anything at all.  Thatís the reality. 


Hereís one here to do with, we were talking about cancers and things.


Biotech crops cause big jump in pesticide use: report

Tue Nov 17, 2009  /  By Carey Gillam  /


KANSAS CITY (Reuters) - The rapid adoption by U.S. farmers of genetically engineered corn, soybeans and cotton has promoted increased use of pesticides, an epidemic of herbicide-resistant weeds and more chemical residues in foods, according to a report issued Tuesday by health and environmental protection groups.  (A:  Now, why do you think that is too?  Itís just like the bisphenol-A and so on in the food, from the plastics.  Whatís the difference here?  Theyíve had these things for years.  They know exactly what they are doing.  They know itís killing off so many people, sterilizing people and all that kind of stuff, so why do they promote more and more use of it?  Companies like Monsanto canít even be taken to court.  There is not a judge on the planet that is going to touch them.  That means theyíve been given the RIGHT to pass through.  Kind of like picking Bill Gates and saying weíre going to make you a front man for an organization.  Itís going to be very famous.  Just read your lines, be a good boy and weĎll put you to the top.  Thatís the same with Monsanto and so on.  Itís like pathways CLEAR for you; everything is CLEARED for you to be successful.  Itís the same thing with these companies because itís a MUST BE to take over the entire food supply of the planet.)


The groups said research showed that herbicide use grew by 383 million pounds (A:  In weight.) from 1996 to 2008, with 46 percent of the total increase occurring in 2007 and 2008.


The report was released by nonprofits The Organic Center (TOC), the Union for Concerned Scientists (UCS) and the Center for Food Safety (CFS).


The groups said that while herbicide use has climbed, insecticide use has dropped because of biotech crops. They said adoption of genetically engineered corn and cotton that carry traits resistant to insects has led to a reduction in insecticide use by 64 million pounds since 1996.


Still, that leaves a net overall increase on U.S. farm fields of 318 million pounds of pesticides, which includes insecticides and herbicides, over the first 13 years of commercial use.


The rise in herbicide use comes as U.S. farmers increasingly adopt corn, soy and cotton that have been engineered with traits that allow them to tolerate dousings (A:  Heavier dousings.) of weed killer. The most popular of these are known as "Roundup Ready" for their ability to sustain treatments with Roundup herbicide (A:  Which is also owned by Monsanto.) and are developed and marketed by world seed industry leader Monsanto Co.


Monsanto rolled out the first biotech crop, Roundup Ready soybeans, in 1996.


Monsanto officials declined to comment on the report. But the Biotechnology Industry Organization, of which Monsanto is a member, said the popularity of herbicide-resistant crops showed their value outweighs any associated detriments.  (A:  So all the deaths that are caused out there and massive cancers are simply outweighed by the fact that they are very popular crops by farmers.  Farmers like them.)


"Herbicide resistance crops are incredibly popular with farmers. They help them manage their weed problems in ways traditional crops don't," said Mike Wach, BIO managing director of science and regulatory affairs.  (A:  Maybe, you have to remember, maybe the farmers will like them but when they are killing all of their customers off, theyíll start losing some business.)


"If a farmer feels a crop is causing them more trouble than it is worth they will stop using it," Wach said. "Farmers are continuing to adopt these crops because they provide benefits, not liabilities and problems."  (A:  Thatís why they havenít had a lot of lawsuits yet, because there is nobody organized enough amongst the public to take on a mass case.)


BIO officials pointed to a report issued earlier this year by PG Economics Ltd that said the volume of herbicides used in biotech soybean crops globally decreased by 161 million pounds, or 4.6 percent, from 1996 to 2007.


The report by the environmental groups states that a key problem resulting from the increase in herbicide use is the emergence of "super weeds," which are difficult to kill because they have become resistant to the herbicides. 


"With glyphosate-resistant weeds now infesting millions of acres, farmers face rising costs coupled with sometimes major yield losses (A:  So why are farmers liking this stuff when itís actually cost them all these problems now?), and the environmental impact of weed management systems will surely rise," said Charles Benbrook, chief scientist of The Organic Center.


The groups additionally criticized the agricultural biotechnology industry for claiming that higher costs for genetically engineered seeds are justified by multiple benefits to farmers, including decreased spending on pesticides.


The group said biotech corn seed prices in 2010 could be almost three times the cost of conventional seed, while new enhanced biotech soybean seed for 2010 could be 42 percent more than the original biotech version.  (A:  So everything is actually going up and up and up - I donít care if the farmers like it or not - so is the death rate and all the other problems itís causing.  Quite something eh?)


Big business but itís more than just big business, itís a mandate to take over the food supply.  Youíll find in that book that was written, I think it was EcoScience.  Iíve mentioned it quite a few times and Holdren was involved.  They talked about that, taking over of the entire food supply of the planet.  They went right along with the United Nations agenda, the Ministry of Agriculture; this was in their agenda.  Holdren and Paul Ehrlich said that this group that could take over the entire food supply could then distribute it to each country and never put the quota up, FORCING each country to bring down their populationsÖ or youíd starve.  These people are all in power right now, RIGHT NOWÖ as they are heading off for the Copenhagen agreement.


The agreement, donít believe all this rubbish about the Copenhagen agreement where they are telling you, Ďwell, you see, we donít have anything ready yet.í  Well, what they have got ready is an agreement TO AGREE on everything that will be in the NEXT agreement.  Thatís what itís about.  A PROMISE TO AGREE with everything that they put down on the next agreement.  Thatís what itís all about right now.  Boy are we going to get hammered with incredible costs that no one saw coming on everything and punished for every joule of energy you use, on everything that you buyÖ a carbon tax on everything that you buy.  PERSONAL CARBON TAXES also will be sent your wayÖ and youíll have to pay up or else Ė theyíll burn you into the ground and release that carbon into the air.  Thatís the kind of world thatís used.


All this rubbish about global warming and carbon taxes is just the old communist method upgraded to take over the entire planet.  The communists are not the little guys with dungarees and working boots; they never were at the top.  Itís a high, very stinking rich intelligentsia that runs it all; the ones that already run the banks and own them as well.  Back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll go to the caller now.  Is Steve from Connecticut there?


Steve:  I just started listening to your podcast recently so I donít know if youíve already covered this.  I see you have a big background in the music industry.  I was just wondering if you ever did a show on the involvement of Aleister Crowley.


Alan:  Iíve done quite a few, in the archives section.  You might need to go back even a couple of years but Iíve gone through a lot of Crowleyís history and his influence on the supposed music industry.  Really, itís a form of Freemasonry that they had to bring into the youth culture especially those that were helping LEAD the culture.  The culture is guided at all times by music and movies and so on.  It goes in a deliberate direction, itís not happenstance.  Crowley, his whole thing was to do with mysticism.  That was to get the youth into the O.T.O. basically.  It was so prevalent.  Iíve also done a lot on how the U.S. music industry started, where it started and that Laurel Canyon in the States to show you that even some of the biggest guys there, the biggest people who were put up there as music stars were actually the children from high military families themselves, even though they were pushing all the radical, anti-government stuff.  They were allÖ even Madonna for goodness sake.  Her whole family was all into the higher echelons of military intelligence. 


Steve:  Werenít the Beatles sort of like involved inÖ


Alan:  Iíve gone through the Beatles too because they were part of the phenomena.  What they did was give 2 particular sides as they always do.  The dialectic.  They gave the Stones for one type of youngster that was still into the sort of yelling, angry kind of stuff, or the show-off stuff.  They were kind of immature.  Then they gave the Beatles for the other group, the ones that thought they were more intellectual.  They actually had stuff in the newspapers at the time about the two kinds competing but they werenít competing at all.  They were just put out to lead their own groups.  They were the pied pipers.  Theodore Adorno was the guy who owned all the rights of the Beatles songs up until his death and then Michael Jackson bought over the rights to them.  Paul McCartney in fact tried to buy the rights when Adorno died but it was Jacksonís bid that outbid him.  Now that Jackson is dead, I guess Paul McCartney will be back in again and trying to get them when they go up for auction, which they will go up for auction again.


Steve:  Whatís your opinion about as far as 2 battling factions within the Freemasons because ofÖ I guess Andrew Jackson was a Freemason.  He went after the banks.  He had a contradiction there.


Alan:  Thereís no real contradiction because youíve got to understand that Masonry really goes into Cabalistic techniques where itís essential that you USE the opposites to create conflict.  Itís the dialect in motion in fact.  Things would be static unless you have conflict and out of the conflict comes a synthesis.  Then the synthesis becomes the new thesis and then you go on forever.  Thatís what they call progress but itís directed progress.  So they create the battles, they create the outcomes, then that gives you a NEW thesis to go on with.  Thatís what communism was based on as well.  Same thing.  Thanks for calling.  Thatís the end of the show.


For the other ones I couldnít get around to, please call back tomorrow.   From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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