Nov. 19, 2009 (#455)

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Dedication to Legislation -- They are Legion for They are Many:

"Truth is All Around for Those Who Wish to Seek,
The 21st Century has Given Power to Every Control Freak,
Their Army, It is Structured to Boot All in One Direction,
Your Life's an Open Book, Authorized for Government Inspection,
Herd Management's What They Call It, Abolition of All that's Dear,
If You Like Making Own Decisions, Then You're a Rogue Steer,
This Control-Freak Planned Society is Coming Down the Pike,
Disempower These Goons Before Too Soon, Force Them to Take a Hike"
© Alan Watt Nov. 19, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 19, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 19th 2009.  Newcomers, I suggest you look into  web site and peruse all the audios you can go through at your leisure, for download.  There are so many topics that are covered.  There are hundreds of talks there.  You can spend a long, long time listening to them because I try and patch together the holes into the big system we are given called History.  The holes that you walk across at school that are just blanks there.  We get battles and we get dates and times and winners and losers and famous people and all of that stuff but we’re not given the reasons why and the geo-political reasons, the far-flung future scenarios that they plan way in advance and who benefits of course and again, who finances all this stuff, who profits from it all.  I try and fill all the gaps in for you. 


You can look into web site and when you are there bookmark all the other sites I have up because once in a while I get hassles from the big ones and if you bookmark these, you’ll get all the latest downloads from the alternate sites.  These are the ONLY sites I have.  Anything else you see on the internet isn’t mine.  [Sites listed above.] 


Remember too that you do bring me to you, you the listeners.  No one’s backing me here.  If I was getting backed or authorized to be here, I wouldn’t get the hassles I do get every darn day.  It’s up to you to keep me going.  You can do so by buying that which I have for sale on the web site or you can donate to me as well.  There are different methods of paying.  [Options listed above.]   You can order through PayPal as well if you just send me a separate email along with the PayPal order.  It’s up to you how you want to do it.  Some people just send cash to cut out the little fat guy with the podgy fingers that gets fatter as we get poorer.  For those who get the disks burned and passed around at meetings - they don’t use the computer - you can get in touch with me at [address listed above]. 


You probably find that I get a hard time getting the shows up recently.  That’s because the satellite company that I have to deal with because I’m in the rural areas here, have leaned on me.  Someone’s leaned on them - probably from the government no doubt - and told someone with the old school tie to give me a hassle.  Lots of hassles I’ve had in the past with them but they’ve literally cut my speed to less than half.  Once it goes below a certain speed, I can’t upload at all.  That’s what happened last night.  I can’t even record this live from the internet as I’m doing this show because that’s the poor speed they’ve given me.  I’m going to talk more about that because people should not join Xplornet when they get ripped off like this.  I’ll explain after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I mentioned before about the troubles with this particular company.  It’s a subsidiary of Hughes military-industrial bunch and they own the satellites that run across Canada here.  They sublet some of their waste, I would call it, to the population and we pay through the nose for it if we want to USE the satellite.  It seems to be that they’ve arbitrarily demoted me from the higher speed that I’m paying for into the lower speed.  They even emailed me to tell me I’m on the lowest package, even though I’m paying for a higher package.  So I had to get in touch with them again and remind them that I’m on the higher package.  Of course, I’m still waiting for any reply.  They’ll keep this going for weeks probably.  The last time it was about a month, two months.  This is not by accident.  They are not stupid.  They’d like you to think its just bureaucratic, interdepartmental bungles and there is nothing further from the truth.  This is how they give you harassment.  This is standard harassment.  Nothing you can take to court with, it’s just to give you harassment until you get off the air basically.  That’s what they are trying to do. 


In the mean time, they continue to charge me for the higher speed and they haven’t told their other department that’s what I’m on, supposedly, and they’ve got me under a lock.  So it takes me hours and hours to upload every night after the show.  Last night and today I was putting up the shows from last night and finishing it off today as well, and the speed dropped to 68 kilobits per second.  68.  You’ve got to have over 90 or it’s failure speed.  That happens continuously.  It’s been like that for 3 or 4 weeks now.  That’s the standard harassment you get.  I know if I phone them up they’ll give me the next part, part two of the harassment and they’ll tell you, ‘It’s your satellite system.’  They told me that about 2 months ago and it cost quite and arm and a leg to replace parts that did not need it because afterwards I found out I was on a lock.  That was the problem, but they conned and they lied and here they go again with the latest scam dropping me down to the lowest speed and claiming their other department has me down for that, even though the accounts department has me on the higher speed and they certainly take the cash for it.  This is the company that took two years before they sent me a receipt for anything I paid for.  Two years.  Then I got them all at once, within the same week and a half, all at once.  Sure enough, on those receipts it tells me what plan I’m on, which is the higher speed that they claim I’m not on.  So this is what they do.  They make you run from one department to the next and here they are all sitting next door to each other, probably in view of each other. 


These are the con games that are played when you get harassment from the top.  This is from the top because someone in Canada has given the word to someone with the old school tie and told them to just give him a hard, hard time.  I promise you, any more of this stuff - and I’ve told them this too in an email - I’ll put a web site dedicated to putting them down and telling folk not to go on Xplornet.  I’ll stop talking about them when they get me back up to the proper speed that I’m paying for.  That’s my deal.  That’s the only way you can deal with these people.  They’re full of dirty tricks.  That’s how they really come after people.  They don’t just bump you off left, right and center unless they really have to, but they make it so hard for you to move or do anything in the hope that you’ll just throw up your arms and give up.  That’s what they hope.  Standard, standard harassment procedure from the top so I’ll keep on at this every night until they have the courtesy to reply to me on anything at all to do with this particular case. 


I’m sure everyone out there in the audience knows that we truly are on a roll into a really totalitarian system.  You can’t open a newspaper on any day without seeing more laws passed, more CALLS for totalitarian policies from people with uniforms on, policemen and officials at the top of policing, ALL demanding more rights to stick it to the public basically.  That is all about the new world order.  Everybody who’s a control freak now seems to be deliberately put IN to place, AT the right places, to make all of this come about.  To most folk, they get lost in it.  It’s a bewilderment of barrage of attacks from so many different directions they can’t really make sense of it, either that or they shut down all together, but the plan is very, very simple.  You can look into the histories of ANY totalitarian regime in the past because they are all the same and they apply it to this one… and it’s not difficult to do. 


You always get a system, whether you are studying communism or Nazism, it’s always the same system.  You have the top clique at the very top who know the policies and the theory of their particular religion and you have all these fanatics down below them that are the enforcers of the religion.  Then you have they pyramid all the way down to the bottom citizenry who have to obey the particular system but it’s all RUN FROM THE TOP and everyone in it is WATCHED.  That’s the standard policy.  They didn’t have this ability to watch everyone so minutely as they do today back in the Soviet era or in the German Nazi era, but they certainly do have it today.  It’s no coincidence that the same big companies that worked on managing the totalitarian regimes, IBM and these kind of guys, are still at it today as well.


People think they are separate companies but that’s not true at all.  They are not separate companies.  At the very beginning of the Cold War they said that THE COUNTRY THAT WOULD WIN WOULD BE THE COUNTRY WITH THE HIGHEST TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE.  Therefore, obviously, they couldn’t allow any particular company with a good idea to come out with technology and sell it to the public that hadn’t been authorized by those at the top.  IF people had sudden access to information that it’s on, that would not do.  So they made sure that THEY would set up - the CIA and MI-6 - set up legitimate corporations - international corporations, legitimate ones - that would lead the field so to speak.  Now, you can’t lead the field unless you are getting incredible funding from the tax payer.  You can’t do it.  It’s all war-based economies where science flourishes.  Therefore, they’ve had these ongoing wars.  Wars on terror; wars on poverty; wars on, wars on, wars on, all the way back, and wars on the Reds, now it’s on those who are anti-Green.  You get very confused with the colors but it’s the same techniques that are being used today. 


The ones at the top have access to ALL the data on every single individual almost across the whole planet.  That’s an incredible power that they’ve never had before.  They have deemed it, with all their meetings over the last 40, 50 years at the top, that they would go through STAGES OR PHASES OF SOCIETY with the upcoming generations.  They planned a long, long time ago to reduce the populations.  They’d have to reduce the populations they said, to manage them.  That means dominate them.  When they say manage, it means dominate.  The power elite must always remain the power elite.  The first order of business is to protect the power elite, which most folk think of as the governmental structure but it’s higher than government.  Most of the guys who make and give the orders don’t have to BE in government, they TELL governments what to do.  In fact, everybody IN government is put there by them.  That’s the real meaning of democracy.  Just like they wouldn’t take a risk on allowing competition, say in the field of technology, they’d have to always be the advanced guard. 


The same thing goes with politics.  You could never let someone come in there that was really genuine and really can speak for the people and demand rights of the people, when you have a particular agenda that’s not very kind to the people on your books waiting to go.  So the politicians are vetted YEARS before we ever hear of the names of them and GROOMED for their positions.  I’m sure they even know… they probably even knew when Obama came in that he would be coming in 10 years, from 10 years before sort of thing.  I really mean that’s how well organized it all is.  And after so and so, it will be your turn; that’s how it’s done.  Because they’ve got to be SURE of their man.  They’ve got to be sure of them, 100% sure.  No risk at all.  They’ve got to be 100% sure of their man.  That’s how the Western democracies worked and still work today. 


We have them coming out for the first time over the last few years of the big foundations OPENLY advocating the direction that the society is to take, the world society, with their MYRIAD of non-governmental organizations.  Really, this is how the Soviet was run.  This is the new Soviet system for the planet, an updated, upgraded Sovietized system.  Sovietization was ‘rule by councils.’  The council leaders were all chosen by the Politburo and in our societies, the heads are all chosen by the foundations themselves.  This is what’s called ‘the parallel government.’  Now they’re even openly taking in the heads of the NGOs into the big world meetings with them, pretending that they speak on behalf of the people… these special interest groups.  Whereas in actual fact, they protect government and demand government pass certain laws to save the environment and cut down the population on behalf of their masters, like the Rockefellers.  It’s a beautiful cover isn’t it? 


They get the young always, always the enthusiastic young, brainwash them in a certain area, not really by giving them ALL information but SELECTED information and that’s how you mislead people, by not giving them the rest of the story.  So they use idealism and these youngsters are just like young, sovietized, brainwashed people.  The same techniques are used even within their own particular groups; they use the communist system where from the top down…  In communism, you had to study Lenin and Marx your whole life long, your whole life long if you were a member of the party.  The idea being that through repetition and repetition you would LOSE THE SELF INTO THE PARTY.  The party was the cause.  You were a cog in the machine and you would be PROUD to be so.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just explaining how similar the techniques used for the Greenies out there are to the techniques used for the Sovietized system, the so-called Stalinist or Leninist concept, and how you had to go by the book once you joined these particular organizations and only read pro-Marxian stuff. 


Now it’s all, you must read the Lenin’s of the Greening movement.  That’s all you read is that particular kind of stuff, anything else is taboo.  That’s to complete the indoctrination process by constant repetition.  That’s how you lead fanaticism.  Of course, they’re using fanaticism to bring in this so-called new world order with the promise – there’s always a lie attached to the promise – that they’re going to bring in this lovely utopia for all.  It isn’t until you look at the rest of the policies, especially the ones by Sir Crispin Tickell, the advisor on the Optimum Population Trust, he’s advisor to Prince Charles and the British Parliament.  They want to reduce the population.  So you’ve got all these willing workers who are really bringing in their own extinction because you can guarantee, like Julian Huxley said, that many would believe that they would have the right to come through into this new world and they were going to be sadly disappointed.  Well guess what?  You’re going to be, all those who are Greenies and don’t want to hear anything else except peace, love and go green. 


This is a method to literally bring in what was called The Communist Manifesto, the redistribution of wealth.  Not from those that have the wealth, but from people who are working and paying taxes.  That’s where it all comes from.  Everyone knows it.  If you’ve noticed too, they’re not going to make the big boys pay extra taxes; they never do.  It was like when they jacked up all the taxes at one point, even the Queen for the first time went along with it kind of tongue-and-cheek, to pay taxes.  Then a Man Alive program did a documentary.  They tried to find out how much she’s actually paid through this private accountancy firm that did all her bookkeeping for her and they couldn’t even get past the guards at the gate.  That’s where the wealthy go.  Of course, it ends up that she’s paying nothing.  In fact, they can actually claim more back then they put out apparently.  Elton John said the same thing at the same time.  He says, this doesn’t effect the wealthy; they always leave a loophole for us. 


So for all those fools who are always rah-rahing more taxes, they should understand that it’s a communist idea.  The redistribution of wealth is to flatten society, eliminate ANY middle classes right down till there is nothing left but a very poorly educated, by the way, working class - that’s where they’ve brought us to almost now - and the ultra elite, well educated bunch of technocrats and bureaucrats that run the system in a communistic fashion for the fascists above them.  That REALLY is it summed up. 


People don’t even realize that the amount of communist characters that still exist in society, still going along with the old ideals.  I used to wonder why the socialists and communists in Europe and elsewhere always pushed for higher taxes.  Coming from the working classes, the only people who were suffering from paying taxes were the working classes.  They were the only ones hurting, believe you me, in Europe.  These characters were always pushing for it.  That’s when I clicked into the idea that somehow there was a connection between these policies of excessive taxation and the big bankers.  I was spot on.  There’s a big tie there because every group out there really is working for the big banker at the top. 


Even in world wars, you don’t have two opposing sides.  You’ve got two opposing sides and you’ve got another one above them that kind of runs both sides - they could stop either side too - and that’s THE BANKER lending out the cash, making his terms with compound interest rates and all the rest of it.  The banking families are really a form of Royalty.  They use the same tactics as Royalty.  You can see it with the Rothschild’s and all the other ones that came into, at least the limelight, in the 1700s and then the 1800s.  They intermarry to each other, just like Royalty.  They are the Royalty of finance.  They have their own individual religion and their own individual belief system and you’d better believe it that they want to make sure that the world is going to be their great grandchildren’s in the future - NOT OURS BUT THEIRS - as it always has been. 


They use all the mealy-mouthed little prunes at the bottom, the little fanatics to go along with it all, still falling for the old Marxist ideal of just higher taxes and get the fairer society.  This is from the Archbishop of CANTERBURY in England and it’s from the Telegraph.


Archbishop of Canterbury claims higher taxes would be good for society  (Alan:  only a communist would say that.)

Higher levels of tax would be good for society, according to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

By Martin Beckford, Religious Affairs Correspondent  /  16 Nov 2009


 Dr Rowan Williams said that taxation should not be seen as a way of stifling business or redistributing wealth (A:  How are you supposed to see it?) but helping to make the world a better place in which to live.  (A:  Well, what does that mean?  It’s going to stifle business and it’s going to redistribute wealth from those who are working.  How it is going to make it a better place to live in?  See, this is the fantasy of Lenin.  It’s not meant to be understood; it was lie from the beginning.  Here he is prattling this stuff off.  And this guy IS a lefty.  He’s actually left of Karl Marx.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the communist type system that’s been used by those with the most amount of money on the planet to bring in this new world order of so-called sustainability.  Marx died basically; he just dropped dead and they couldn’t bring it in the old-fashioned way, where they were getting less people joining up and so on.  So they’d find a new way to achieve their aims and of course, global warming was the one that would “fit the bill” as the Club of Rome said.  We’d all have to change our lives to save the planet.  What a great idea.  What a great con, isn’t it?  Here you have the communists again, all prattling on about it like Dr. Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury…


Dr Williams, the most senior cleric in the Church of England and a self-confessed “hairy lefty”, has made a series of critical statements since last year’s banking crisis on the excesses of the financial sector and Labour’s attempt to spend its way out of recession.  (A:  This is the guy that wants more taxes.)


In his latest comments, delivered to the TUC Economics Conference on Monday, he pointed out that the term “economics” derives from a Greek word meaning “housekeeping” and should be about “creating a habitat that we can actually live in”.  (A:  Well, Mr. Hairy lefty, why don’t you live in your own little hut and I’ll live in mine.  These characters have never lifted a broom in their life.  He’s got housekeepers and everything lifting everything up after him cleaning up.  Its okay for these guys who’ve got guaranteed paychecks isn’t it?  I’d hardly call his job work.  He’s also a Druid, by the way.  But that’s the communist way, infiltrate everything, get to the top and that’s it.)


However he said that over the past few decades, the market has been treated as an “independent authority”, creating social disruption around the world and the “extraordinary phenomena” of debt trading.  (A:  He wants to increase taxation, that’s more debt.  That’s more debt, you see.  They governments will spend it as fast as they get it on some other project for the elite at the top.  He’s well aware of where the money goes.  They always go cap-in-hand to the bankers that this guy really, really serves.  The bankers live off debt and interest off the debt.)


Dr Williams claimed that the “fantasies of unlimited growth” had led to a “vicious cycle” in which consumers are encouraged to buy more goods, which also uses up limited energy and raw materials.


Instead, he said the economy should be geared towards creating a secure and sustainable environment for families.  (A:  Listen to their absolute hypocrite here.)


As part of this, the archbishop said: “We have to ask about ‘green taxes’ (A:  Here we go, right on queue with the Rockefeller et al agenda.) (including ‘green’ tax breaks) that will check environmental irresponsibility and build up resources to address the ecological crises that menace us.


What ecological crisis?  It’s all a fantasy dreamed up by them, but it’s actually better than communism isn’t it?  It’s a better fantasy because they can scare the hell out of the people with imminent disaster.  This is what they are doing.  Even though the world is cooling, that’s got nothing to do with it, nothing at all to do with it.  They’ll stick to that if you are up to your eyes in snow. 


So he thinks that equal taxation will build a ‘habitat,’ a habitat… these guys think like armies.  They love armies.  They love people all marching along in armies.  They love marching songs and marching tunes.  They’ve got to think of society as all going along some road together, it makes them feel safer, rather than different people going out there doing their own thing.  That kind of scares them, people doing their own thing… from these totalitarian freaks.  If this guy truly was in a religion - which he obviously doesn’t even believe in and probably never ever did - but if he still was in the religion and he did believe in it, he’d be all marching along singing Christian songs.  Now it’s ecological because his nature would never change whether he’s an atheist or he’s a religionist.  It doesn’t change his nature.  He loves this idea that we are ‘all in it together’ marching towards somewhere where the leaders have erected the Soviet system.  Enough on that stupid left-of-Marx character. 


This is the rubbish that we are getting fed from well-placed leaders at this particular time, all in the right positions at this particular time.  I mentioned last night that Holland is the first country; they’ve been chosen.  These characters don’t come out and just put on green road taxes.  How can you get a green road tax when you’re on tarmac?  Anyway…


Netherlands to levy 'green' road tax by the kilometre

The Independent - By Relax News  /  November 14, 2009


(A:  They didn’t even wait for the Copenhagen Treaty to be signed.  They want to show that they are really good guys; but they’ve really been chosen for the task.  That’s because for about 20 or 30 years now all of the world can say, ‘well so-and-so’s doing it over in Japan so we should do it too.’  So they’re cutting heads off down there in the jungle of Latin America, so we should do that as well.  That’s how they do that.  They’ve been chosen in the Netherlands because obviously they think that the people there would have less chance of really bitching or doing something about it, or protesting it than elsewhere.  That’s why they’ve chosen the Netherlands to kick it off.)


The Dutch government said Friday it wants to introduce a "green" road tax by the kilometre from 2012 aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent and halving congestion.


"Each vehicle will be equipped with a GPS device that tracks how many kilometres are driven and when and where. (A: They’re going to track your every movement.)  This data will be then be sent to a collection agency that will send out the bill," the transport ministry said in a statement.


Ownership and sales taxes, about a quarter of the cost of a new car (A:  A quarter of the cost.), will be scrapped and replaced by the "price per kilometre" system aimed at cutting the Netherlands' carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent.


Dutch motorists driving a standard family saloon will be charged 3 euro cents per kilometre (seven US cents per mile) in 2012. (A: That’s just starting it off.)  That would increase to 6.7 cents (16 US cents per mile) in 2018, according to the proposed law.  (A:  You know once they’ve got it on the books there, they’ll jack it up by about 20 cents and 25 cents and so on whenever they want to.  That’s standard procedure.)


When they’re doing that, they already had the big OPEC meeting with the oils boys and told them to hold back their oil so that prices will go up before they sell it to the public.  Here it is today.  People think that oil companies and so on are somehow independent.  Now, no country would allow itself to be held at ransom by a private business.  That tells you that you’re already in the age of feudalism, CORPORATE FEUDALISM that’s merged with banking.  Actually, it’s run by banking.  Whoever gives out the loans is the boss, believe you me.  Governments as well, they go cap-in-hand to borrow money from the bankers.  They’d never allow someone to hold them at ransom; therefore it’s all decided amongst them at the top. 


Sharks off the British coast: Oil tankers refuse to unload until prices rise... keeping YOUR fuel costs soaring

By Ray Massey  /  19th November 2009


These tankers have been parked off our shores for months, refusing to unload their oil until prices have risen even higher. The delay makes millions for speculators... and keeps your petrol costs soaring.  (A:  That’s your gasoline.)


Laden with fuel, three oil tankers sit idly within sight of the British coastline, playing a waiting game that is driving up petrol prices for hard-pressed motorists.


They are part of a flotilla of ten vessels refusing to unload their cargo until market speculation has driven up its price to the level they want.


And as the value of that cargo is currently rising by over £1million a day, driven partly by profiteering traders and speculators, it is unlikely to see a petrol station any time soon.


As I’ve said before, these things all work together at the top.  Believe you me, a government could quite easily just say ‘hey, you’re not going to import here again,’ or slap a massive fine on them for playing the dirty.  It doesn’t happen because it’s all agreed upon by those at the top, those who really run the whole system… it’s all agreed upon.  And with Holland spearheading this carbon tax on your driving - again, what a great scam, carbon tax - you can see where it’s all going.  People will get hit hardest in rural areas where they have to travel to work and their prices will all go up for all the incoming groceries, etc.  That’s standard.  You pay a lot more in the country than you do in the city at the stores and gradually, gradually they will be forced out into the major cities that are already overcrowded but that’s okay.  We’ve all to live on top of each other until this generation dies off with all these cancers and so on that we’re full of, apparently, since we got the first polio vaccines and we’ll die off very quickly over a 30-year period but we’ll riot now and then in the meantime.  That’s what they’re getting all ready for and have been for the last 20 odd years.  We’re living through an agenda, an absolute agenda.  They always give you a meme, or a thought, a way, a religion, a cause to believe in for each part of the agenda and that’s what you’re going through right now. 


It’s interesting too that Canada is going to get new uniforms for urban jungle warfare… IN Canada.  Is that a little HINT perhaps of things to come? 


Soldiers could get uniforms for urban jungle

Camo tailored for Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver -- but not Ottawa

By David Pugliese, The Ottawa Citizen, November 18, 2009


OTTAWA — Future Canadian soldiers could be wearing new uniforms designed to provide camouflage on the streets of our largest cities(A:  Our largest cities… that’s for the hard of thinking.)


The Defence Department will know by March what designs might work for what is being called a Canadian Urban Environment Pattern.


Those designs are to be based on the "unique requirements" of the urban settings of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, according to an outline of the project being co-ordinated by scientists at Defence Research and Development Canada in Suffield, Alberta.


Ottawa, the nerve centre of government and the military, was left off the list because it doesn't rate as a major metropolitan centre.  (A:  That’s true.  They do no work there.)


"We're not trying to slight any city in the country," explained Scott Duncan, head of the soldier and systems protection group at DRDC Suffield. "We chose the three largest urban centres to have baseline data in this early development project."


He said information gathered on what patterns might work best in those three cities could also have applications for other urban centres.


Duncan said the $25,000 study to come up with camouflage patterns did not necessarily mean a new uniform would be produced for the Canadian Forces anytime soon. Once the patterns are determined, the results will be presented to the Canadian military and it will be up to the leadership on how to proceed, he added.  (A:  Then he goes back to why they are doing it.  This is beautiful.)


"If you were to refer back to the Canada First Defence Strategy, one of the principal mandates that has been given to our military is that they must provide protection to the citizens of Canada and help exercise Canadian sovereignty," Duncan said.  (A:  I heard there was an army of Laplanders going to come down here sometime in the near future.  They are fed up of eating reindeer meat.)


"Given our large urban population, should any operations be required, there's a good probability that some of them will be taking place in urban environments." 


Remember, the Department of Defence for NATO and Britain gave its 90-page document of the upcoming riots for 30s years.  There’s to be a 30-year riot period as they bring in food shortages and all man-made planned things.  That was followed by the US military that came out with the SAME agenda.  I have them up on my web site under the archives section.  Canada also came out with its and lo and behold, they all agree with each other.  There’s going to be 30-odd years of riots and so on and unrest amongst the populations.  So here they are, getting all ready.  Just like the sci-fi movies they showed you where you have all these guys with their camo gear on fighting urban warfare against this bunch of peasants in rags and firing slingshots and all that kind of stuff.  They’re brazenly going ahead, getting ready for it all because that’s their orders, right, from the top.  That’s why they’re doing it, they’ve been told to.  It’s quite something. 


Then we have more Canadians.  Canada loves to portray itself as a country that’s pristine, with all that lovely white snow that’s covered with all the stuff from the chemtrails, but anyway… it tries to keep quiet and out of the major media over nasty incidents and corruption, even though there’s plenty here.  Just as it did when it kept it out of the world’s news that Canada LED the world in military bacterial and viral warfare and did so from the start of World War II right up to the present.  Once in a while something comes out and they get their faces all muddy.  It says here…


Canadians handed over innocent Afghans to torture: diplomat

(A:  A diplomat who was based there.)

Wed Nov 18  /  By Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press


OTTAWA - A federal official has dropped a political bombshell on Parliament, alleging suspects handed over by Canada to Afghan authorities were tortured - and that the government was at best indifferent and at worst tried to cover it up.


Richard Colvin, an intelligence officer based in Washington who spent 18 months in Afghanistan in the No. 2 diplomatic post, delivered the stunning revelations to a packed committee room Wednesday.


His calm, precise recitation to the special House of Commons committee on Afghanistan directly contradicts nearly three years of assurances by the Conservative government that there was no credible evidence prisoners handed over to local authorities were abused, in violation of international law. 


What they were doing there is the same thing as the US was doing in Iraq.  This is how the army runs.  It runs with the bureaucrats basically and orders come down from the top with certain quotas to fulfill and they have to go out and do it.  They just round people up that are walking in streets.  It doesn’t matter as long as they’re numbers, they’re headcounts, and they’re all put in for torture and abuse.  As long as those quotas are fulfilled, everyone in bureaucracy is happy.  Who suffers is none of their business.  They don’t care. 


That’s why they had the same kind of thing in the movie Brazil, a Terry Gilliam movie, an excellent movie about a very near future scenario where government is in total control of every aspect of life.  He KNEW the scheme because he’d been brought up and educated in some of the best places on the planet.  He obviously mixed with the people at the top who were discussing these things.  How they’d have cameras up everywhere and how they’d have SWAT teams coming into folks’ houses and kidnapping people, very efficiently, and killing the wrong people once in a while through bureaucratic blunders.  Their whole job then, the whole movie in fact is how they cover their ass and try to blame other departments for this screw-up; the people who get killed really don’t matter much at all to them.  That’s what we’re going into now.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading an article about Canada and how the troops there are doing exactly the same as the US troops in handing over prisoners, to fulfill quotas basically – people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time – and how it’s alienating the people from the troops that are supposedly out there to win the foreigners over.  Well, they’re not foreigners.  They live there.  They’re not insurgents; they’re resistance movements. 


People don’t like being invaded and eventually pipelines put across their land and all their goodies taken from them for foreign powers.  That’s what’s happening, as it’s happening in Iraq.  I mentioned last week how they’d awarded all the top oil contracts to people like Exxon and all these characters.  They got the first grabs at it all, presents if you like, of the oil fields there.  The same thing will happen in Afghanistan and by the way, the poppies are still growing and the heroin is flowing because it’s being protected BY the troops.  The first thing that Bush did once they went into Afghanistan was to allow the re-growing of poppies.  After all, Poppy Bush was not named Poppy Bush for nothing.  He was head of the CIA at one time as well as being President and that’s when they were swapping all the drugs for guns and all the rest of it to supposedly fight the lefties.  Nothing changes. 


I might manage to get Karen in from Oregon.  Is Karen there? 


Karen:  Hi.  Listen, thank you very much for what you do.  I have a question for you.  What do you think of Continental Congress 2009, aside from the fact that it’s being totally boycotted by the regular, privately paid-for media?


Alan:  I don’t even know who’s going to it or what really is going to be set up at it or whatever.


Karen:  Alan, I really want to encourage you.  Please go to it.  You can go to and you’ll find a link to it.  You can watch it live and actually its delegates who have been voted on by people in their states, from every state in the United States.  Bob Schultz is spearheading it.  Edward G Griffin has been involved.  Gary Franchi is involved.  These people are really taking the time to legally, legally document all the numerous grievances of our government gone wild and then to form a plan of action to peacefully and totally begin to withdraw support.  It would be, in my opinion it’s an awesome way for us to start to take back our power.


Alan:  I’ll tell you one thing.  Something has to be done because if it goes much, much further there will be no chance of taking anything back.  So I quite agree with you.  Something really drastic has to be done because if you can’t air your grievances, that’s the last right you have, and have people have to address them and do something about them.  They know darn well at the top themselves, there’s nothing left except riots.  It seems to me that they may very well ignore everything that’s said by the people at the bottom trying to get their rights back and they may just go ahead with this whole scheme anyway.  It looks to me as if the US was taken over quite some time ago, completely.


Karen:  Well it was taken over but I believe that these are serious steps to take it back.  I really want to encourage you, please go to  Take that link and check out what they have to say and look at some of what is happening because it’s an historic event and it’s being completely ignored by the media. 


Alan:  I will check it out. 


Karen:  Thank you very, very much.  And thank you for all you do and the happy news you give us each and every day. 


Alan:  That’s right.  Okay.  [Alan laughing.]  That’s because it’s always raining here.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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